Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Makes Shocking Case for Hunter Biden

Center for Strategic & International Studies, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – The late President Ronald Reagan’s daughter, Patti Davis commented about Hunter Biden’s trial that his legal case was not so much about politics but more about systemic drug addiction and the effects of that pressure on addicts, regardless of social, political, or economic status. 

On Monday, the New York Times published Davis’s op-ed in which she claimed that its core Hunter Biden’s case was about a drug addict who had made “careless choices.” She added that it was about the tragedy that drug addicts invite into their lives and the lives of those around them, as the only thing they think about is themselves and how to best procure drugs. As she pointed out, they often lie to get their fix. 

President Joe Biden’s son is currently on trial for gun charges relating to the illegal purchase of a firearm while he was addicted to crack cocaine. Hunter Biden is also accused of having lied on official forms to procure the gun, which is perjury. On Monday, the jury started deliberations following the testimony and evidence that has scrutinized Hunter Biden and his drug addiction. 

Davis recounted that in her youth, she had also been addicted to drugs, and expressed sympathy to Hunter Biden, pointing out that she knew what it felt like to be under the constant scrutiny of the spotlight. She also encouraged others to show him sympathy rather than just viewing him as a soulless political figure. 

She pointed out that many people in the world have found themselves in positions like Hunter Biden’s, where they fall “in way over their heads” and are looking for others who will support them so as to rebuild their lives and start living differently.

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