Ron DeSantis Hosts Dinner With Who?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is scheduled to hold an “intimate dinner” with many of his top donors over the weekend. This further increases the speculations that he is preparing to announce a 2024 presidential bid. DeSantis is currently running on a high after his extremely successful reelection and campaign in the Florida midterm elections in November.

According to the Washington Post report, this may be the first of a series of invite-only meetings that DeSantis will host with donors. In the report, it is also mentioned that on the dinner invitations there was no mention of indication regarding the 2024 presidential elections.

Instead, it was presented as a way for the governor to celebrate along with some of his larger supporters.
DeSantis is currently trying to brush off any speculations about possibly running against former President Donald Trump. Trump has already called out DeSantis as prior to the midterm elections he dubbed the Florida governor as “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

However, the midterm elections helped to elevate DeSantis, while Trump-backed candidates greatly underperformed and lost in some key areas throughout the country. In the end, this meant that Republicans were only able to win the House with a slim majority, while the Senate remained under Democratic control.

DeSantis himself won his own reelection with 20 points. Following the election results, Trump criticized DeSantis again calling him “an average REPUBLICAN Governor with great Public Relations.”

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