Romney: My Family Wants Me to Jump In the Race

Last year, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was serious about making one last bid for the White House. Only after realizing that Jeb Bush had already secured pledges from most of the top Republican donors did he decide to sit out the 2016 election. Of course, as it turned out, Bush – even with a reported $100 million war chest – could barely make a blip on the electoral radar. In the year of Donald Trump, the former Florida governor was just another victim.

Since then, Romney has become one of Trump’s biggest and most outspoken detractors. When the primary field had winnowed to three, Romney delivered a scathing speech attacking Trump, encouraging voters to support whichever alternative candidate had the best chance of winning in their state. Asked at the time if he might consider throwing his hat into the ring, though, he insisted that it was out of the question.

Romney hasn’t quite gone back on that assertion, but a new interview has many thinking that he’s leaving the door slightly cracked.

“My wife and kids wanted me to run again this time,” he said at the Aspen Ideas Festival last week. “I got an email from one of my sons yesterday saying, ‘You gotta get in, Dad – you gotta get it.'”

Would he? “The door is closed,” he maintained, “unless both candidates come to me and ask me to please save them. I think that’s unlikely. I can’t imagine the circumstances that would lead me to be in the race.”

Romney, of course, knows as well as anyone that he stands no chance of winning the presidency this year. As an independent, he probably wouldn’t even be able to get on enough state ballots to make a serious bid for the White House. And if the delegates revolt in Cleveland and nominate someone other than Trump, that someone will get trounced by Hillary Clinton.

In the meantime, he’s just another bitter Republican making it more difficult for the party to unite around the presumptive nominee. It was apparently not enough for him to personally cost the GOP an election; he wants to see to it that they lose in 2016 as well.

No doubt, Romney’s problems with Trump are heartfelt. No one’s suggesting that he put his concerns aside and endorse the New York billionaire.

But for God’s sake, put a lid on it. The voters have chosen. Deal with it.

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  1. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Rick Romney,. STAY OUT OF IT! DON’T SCREW IT UP.

  2. I voted for him 4 years ago , I had to hold my nose that time since he invented
    Obama care. Now I know him so much better he is a loser and a turncoat. I would
    never vote for him again.

    • I voted for him because he was the only one running against obama, and I did not want what we have endured the last 7 plus years to happen. He truly is a loser. His stupidity is unbelievable.

      • We both should have stayed home on that election. I think a lot of people feel the same way as we do. Obama was a failure and Romney could not even beet a 4 year failure. Now we have 8 years of failure and more damage to our country.

        • Millions of Americans did stay home those elections. That is how obama got elected. Now romney is doing it again.

          • He is a piece of crap, and a loser. He is the best Democrat
            in the republican party.

          • UROK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I get what you are saying, just don’t know if I can agree when there are people Ryan, McAmnesty, Gramnesty, McConnell and many many more. He is making a bid for most like a dem but I just don’t know if he has cinched it yet.

          • The only thing he will accomplish is to give the democrats
            the election. Then the republican party will probably be dead for a long time maybe forever, no great loss. But the supreme court will shift left for generations. Thank You
            loser Romney you piece of crap.

          • My biggest concern is SCOTUS. A liberal in the WH will completely destroy the country from the inside out. If a liberal gets in then the senate MUST be strong and vote down ALL commie nominees.

          • If you are talking about Romney you should be worried.

          • Actually I was talking about the hildabeast but romney does fall right into that category also.


          • I cant believe the nerve of Romney. After losing to a failed
            potus now he wants to trash Trump who supported him during that race, and cause another republican Loss.

          • Obama and his minions have already done a pretty good job but the job isn’t done yet. The SCOTUS is huge. They will rewrite and destroy the Constitution if the Hildabeast is elected. Morons like Mr. “StupidConservativeValues” don’t have a cluie what they are wishing for. They may get a clue when they are actually living what they wish for. The leftist indoctrination centers paint a pretty picture full of unicorns that fart rainbows but it won’t be that pretty. The idiots who think the Hildabeast will be good should be forced to live in Venezuela or some other socialist/communist shithole or a muslime country for a year and if they live through it, they can come back. I wonder if they would have a change of heart.

          • Very well put, I totally agree. Stupidity and criminality runs rampant in the democrat party.


          • people like him live in la la land they have no grasp on reality they are weak minded and easy to manipulate which is pretty much a requirement to be a pansy liberal

          • So True….Romney could be the death of the GOP….He, Ryan, Graham & a few more like him.

          • Sadly I Know that I hope they do to.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You’re fucked! Ha HA!

          • What a jerk. Are you lost

          • StupidConservativeValues

            When you go out to your garage late at night to masturbate, do you sometimes get lost in the ecstasy and pass out, only to wake up and your boyfriend is kumming on your face?


          • No, if the Hildabeast gets elected, we’re all fucked dumbass. Wow what a total moron.

          • Robert E Boltz

            stupid your look says much regarding the failure of your Brain to function if you have one.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Hey alien, you can’t even write English that is understandable. I think you’re illegal and need to be rounded up and deported.

          • The RNC/GOP are already facing their demise if they block or play tricks on Trump. They know it. They would not even cover Trump’s costs for run to the WH, which they have always done, but only a portion so donate to Trump’s account because we need him and not an illegal 3rd party. We want no rule changes, RNC/GOP because your end will speed up!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            They’re fucked! Ha HA!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            The GOP, what fucking laugh of a party!


          • hey you little weak minded coward don’t you have any friends, do you really have to come here to get attention. You are a sick little man, seek help

          • StupidConservativeValues

            “weak minded coward,” as opposed to a “strong minded coward.” You’re a fucking typical con…no brains whatsoever!

          • Filthy mouth liberal.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            My asshole is cleaner than the shit you Republicants come up with you racist fucks!

          • Has it been reamed out by your girl friend Obama?

          • IQ 16 , no military for this ?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Ed, you are one stupid individual!


          • StupidConservativeValues

            Ayn Rand was a carpet munching dyke.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Let’s hope they die a horrible, painful death.


          • Exactly right. As long as there are turncoats like Ryan who refuse to enthusiastically support Trump, Crooked Hillary Clinton might win.

          • It would be interesting if Romney changed his party to democrat and jumped into the race against hillary.

          • It would be but it is to late now and the democrats already had it rigged. The general is also probably totally rigged.


          • I don’t believe he is the best of anything. Certainly not the best Demo in the Repub party, there is an awful lot to chose from.

          • I agree , I was just being sarcastic.

          • Robert E Boltz

            Linda I agree with you and all who have told it like it is with ROMMNY he is a born loser and has no backing .

          • don’t for get about all the illegal voting that the dem. wouldn’t do anything about that and Romney running senched it for obama

          • UROK!!!!

          • The worst thing is to stay home on Election Day. People will gripe and complain about how dreadful things are and then not get off their lazy butts to make it to the polling place where their choices will be reflected. It is an abrogation of citizenship not to vote and those who don’t vote should be ashamed of themselves. Thousands of people have died ignominious deaths in order for us to have the right to vote.

          • EXCELLENT!

          • Definitely right, Richard B, we must remember: UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL and a fall would be right into communism. So, wake up, pinch your nose if you must, but vote for America and Trump. He is actually the only one around that loves America and can actually get the job done.


          • Sparkitus_Maximus

            Get everyone you know to vote Trump!
            We have to overwhelm the immigrant factor.

          • Don’t forget the dead, mentally ill, felons, pets, kids, etc. I assume you meant the illegal immigrant factor.

          • No that’s the democrats that do that.


          • Millions have died for this country. It’s unfortunate the leftist indoctrination centers don’t teach true history anymore so the idiots who “graduate” don’t respect or value what this country stands for. They are taught the U.S. and capitalism are evil. Most of them can’t even answer basic history questions.

          • TRUMP IN 2016……………..BO & HC IN PRISON IN 2016/2017

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Get used to losing….loser!

          • With a face like that,,,,I would not be talking or commenting. I would not even go out in public.

          • Go away you ignornant turd. Do you have any clue at all or do you just come here to troll and sound like the moron you are? I haven’t seen anything even remotely close to intelligent you have posted.

          • For it to post something intelligent it would have to have some intelligence! It has shown that it has none!

          • Although Romney was an easy one to beat for the WH, Ovomit had people voting 2 or 3 times and we can’t forget the Dead that voted. AND Hitler-y is more vicious than Ovomit was.

          • Lawlessness is prevalent now in America. Have you notice how they smile and smirk when Congress questions them.

          • Just think, all those people that stayed home voted for obama. Let’s don’t let it happen again. Vote Trump.

          • Maybe the turn coats will get this message soon.

          • There was massive voter fraud that elected Obummer to a second term plus lots and lots of people on the dole. A vote for Romney, Clinton or the Libertarian would mean another 4 years of week kneaded, socialist, destruction of America. As much as I don’t agree with everything Trump says, he is the only person who can get us back on track. But that means we need new blood in Congress. McConnell, Ryan and others need to leave. But I am optimistically positive, that if the voters get out and make the change to a businessman with instincts that have lead him from $1M investment to a multibillion dollar company, we can get our people back to work, our military stronger, our vets taken care of, energy independence and business back with reduced government strangling red tape that has been encouraged by the current administration.

          • A lot of Voter Fraud and 30 days to vote helped Obama and Somalians voting with their bus driver for a pizza

          • The State of our Nation rests on the citizens who votes. You vote wise-you get wise. You vote stupid-you get stupid,,,,like the last 7 plus years.

        • Those who stayed home turned their backs upon our Nation and allows the muzzie
          invader from Kenya to continue the destruction of our Constitution, our Freedoms and
          our Civil Right not to mention spreading Terrorism around the world and even here at
          home in the United States.

          • I agree with you 100% and that is the only reason I voted for Romney in 2012. Not for love of Romney.

        • You forgot 20 years of the Establishment agenda – 28 years of doom for the USA.

          Trump is the antiEstablishment candidate – why do you think they are spending $billions to stop Trump? The Establishment will lose control of the goose that lays the golden eggs.

        • So maybe the evangelists were right by not voting for him. Wish I had thought the same way.


        • Romney in 2012 got no votes in Cleveland if you think it’s wrong , Go use sorros Voting Machines

          • We all no democrats cheat in elections its called their ground game. Republicans have to learn to be better at
            it then the democrats because the democrats wont stop

      • A natural born American

        His stupidity is only surpassed by his arrogance!

        • Timothy Raffety

          Romney is an unadulterated ass, who’s only in it for his narcissistic self. When he was running for POTUS he couldn’t say enough good things about Trump, he bragged that Trump was a great man and a good friend. My,my how turn coat he is now, all he can say is what a crooked man Trump is, and how he’s (Trump) not qualified for the position of POTUS. Somebody needs to take Romney out and give him a good school yard ass whipping. Go Mr. Trump, you’ve got my vote and full support.

          • Yea Trump should take his ass in the back yard and show him what its like to be a real man. Trump was a brawler in school that’s why his Dad sent him to Military school !

          • He’s pissed, because he wound up with an African grandchild.

          • So! Two cymbals and a tin cup and he will have a bread winner!!

        • A trait most of them have.

      • He’s not “stupid,” he’s a mormon globalist. They’re not quite the same.

        • You got that right. Still stupid.

          • LOL… well, being a mormon globalist and being stupid aren’t mutually exclusive, so we’ll compromise and say “Both!” :>)

          • I like you Bill. You are probably an all American Bloody Patriot itching for a fight.

          • “Itching for a fight?”

            No, but I’m not going to run from the one that is inevitable.

            Best to do it now and that way our children won’t be left with the mess.

          • LOL. You are brave. Wish more people would have that mind set. Many do. Always will be that battle of GOOD and evil.

          • No, I’m not brave, nor am I a coward… life/death just doesn’t matter much to me.

            I’ve done everything I thought was necessary, and a fair amount of things that I just wanted to do.

            When there is nothing you want, you are free from the wheel.

          • He who does not fear death: Patriots and terrorists.

          • Patriot / Terrorist — it all depends upon your point-of-view.

            I’m an American.

          • Many Patriots~Americans have given their life freely so that our Nation can live FREE. They had no fear. Many terrorist are cowards, punks, and gangsters. They have been brainwashed and doped up to have no fear of dying while in the act of suicide bombing.

      • Him running against Obama. How did that work, now that he is embracing Obama. Romney had a good chance of winning and he sat down and did nothing. He is a whimp.

        • A smiling face loser.

          • His true character has come out as I see how he berets Trump. I am so glad he did not become president. Would he have done better at president then he did with Staples?

          • With all that has happened lately,,,,,,,,,who knows the ways of politics. We keep going down that River further and further without paddles.

          • His super pacs against Trump prove that he doesn’t think of our country, only himself. I don’t care whatsoever what he thinks of Trump. I love Trump and he won’t choke! Romney should bow his head with disgrace.


    • A natural born American

      Either you or someone you know/love must be from/living in MA. We left Boston’s South Shore before he had time to put romneycare into effect. I know people living there who can only afford to eat whatever is put out for employees at work. By the time the governments and unions have taken their ‘fair share’ of these people’s earnings, and after rent and utilities are paid, there isn’t enough left for those people to buy groceries. Welfare is NOT an option for them as they are not parasites leeching off the system.

      • Not everyone is a leech on Welfare. Many have no choice. But then the vast majority of welfare recipients CAN CHANGE THEIR LIVES! BUT WHY SHOULD THEY?

        This country needs Welfare Reform where those on Welfare are using the funds to buy food and survive not for cell phone upgrades or the latest hot skechers or music, etc.

        It’s the real scum leeches who abuse the program and this idiot president sits in the Blockhead office grinning like a fool about his “change” in Welfare. It was NEVER to help anyone who is impoverished but to bleed our Financial coffers dry feeding/clothing/babysitting those capable of working but now have lost all desire to make better people of themselves. They would rather let the govt take care of them. LOSERS IN EVERY WAY!

        For those readers not familiar with this type of govt control — it is the BIRTH of SOCIALISM (a highly destructive form of govt that destroys countries, brings REAL POVERTY to everyone’s front door and kills entrepreneurship with apathy). This IS THE LIBERAL’S WET DREAM…having no extraordinary genuises, having everyone a clone of each other, NO diversity, no intelligence allowed — just a country with mindless robots as its population.

        Those of you thinking the LYING MANIPULATIVE LIBERAL CANDIDATE hillary really wants to help you, PINCH YOURSELF HARD TIL YOU BLEED! She isn’t there to make America better, she is here to steal your brain, life, your kid’s lives, your potential, etc and make you HER robot while she rapes America over and over again (actually she is a worse predator than her husband – he just loved young pretty women and had NO moral compass. Hilliary hates and uses “everyone” and never had a Moral Compass).. She will be smiling as the knife separates your brain from your body; because, well, you just won’t need it any more when she is through with you — she will tell you what to do, how to live, how many kids you can have and then she”ll introduce you to America’s new faith – Islam via the Quoran.


        Are you the next killary robot or do you actually have a brain and know how to use it?

        • The LAST thing these parasites want is a job.

          How ’bout instituting a different welfare system. I call it the

          • A natural born American

            That’s in the Bible.

          • That works for me! No work, no pay. Several states have implemented a Drug testing procedure for Welfare recipients. If they show positive for drugs, no check for 3 months. If tested again and show positive, no check for 6 months. If tested a third time and shows positive, dropped from program.

            Too bad all states don’t drug test. Eventually it would clean up the Welfare participants to just those who really need it – because there are people who really need the extra help.

            Count California out because there is so much pot growing here you could get high from just taking a hike by some pot growers!

        • A natural born American

          I hear many young people suggesting that all the states put an end to welfare and turn it back over to the churches. Historically, the churches have always provided for the poor in their parishes. The churches paid for rents, utilities and food. The bare necessities. They didn’t buy Nikes, Levi’s or Nintendo. Nor did they buy computers, iPads, or smartphones. However, many did help people to buy cars so they could expand their job search and have transportation to and from work once they found jobs.

          • I think that is a much better solution than having this federal govt just handing out money, cell phones, etc and not knowing what those leeches are doing with those funds. Most of them are using the $$ to update phones, biy Nikes, etc like you said. If the churches were handling these people they would be able to more throughly check out the backgrounds and what the money is actually being used for.

            Now this makes the most sense!! Let the churches take care of the impoverished, the really poor, not the “pretend” to be poor and jobless.

          • A natural born American

            I do believe that what the churches actually do is make out vouchers in the landlord’s name and to the utility companies. They also make out food and clothing vouchers for specific stores that the recipients had named. At least they used to do it that way to discourage misuse of parishioners donated funds.

          • It has to be a better plan than just arbitrarily giving monies without checking what those monies are being.used for. Vouchers assure that the people get the services needed. With cash, there is no control. We must change this!

          • The government, especially this administration, is not going to do anything to straighten the situation out. It’s simply called buying votes using working taxpayers money to further lock these people into the system.

    • same here.

    • Romney is a loser! Where did that come from. Romney is a Mormon pope and therefore Republicans and TPs should listen sermons and vote for him. We are told once he gets in the WH he will have all his 5 sons each with a wife and 6 children. The WH bill to feed and take his grandchildren to schools will be $1 mil a day. We are told Ann Coulter will be the Press Secretary. Good luck with Romney.

      • Romney sucks but he he was a better choice than Hussein Obama. Too bad he choked.

        • YA. PAL,

          Hr didn’t choke,,, He willingly, with malice and forethought THREW the election.

        • I have told you not to write your postings while holding that baby. You may contaminate her with your dirty brain. You know Repubs and TPs are hypocrites and liars. That child does not need to be around hypocrites and liars.

          • She has a masters degree in education and she’s a republican. The hypocrites and liars are left wingers. obama, bubba and hillary “corrupt”clinton. Take a hike, Bozo.

      • No one is going to vote for Romney…no one. Even the Mormons are embarassed by his actions. The only support he will ever get is from an audience judging his “stand up comedy” and that is exactly who he is — a comedian think he even.has a chance to change this election. Give it up Romney! You had your chance and you.blew it…you are done!

    • Don’t worry, you’ll get used to that odor. Our two party system and MSM almost insure that no truly honorable man ever even tries to run for political office, if the MSM can’t assassinate his honor, his party will destroy his campaign finances.

    • I guess being a 2 time loser isn’t good enough for him he wants to become a 3 time loser. I did the same only my vote was against obama rather than for Romney the RINO.

    • Mitt vs Hillary – Hillary would get my vote – we all recognize that she is a snake – with Mitt we would get the same thing but the deniers would keep saying that he really didn’t mean to do that.

      Let’s be honest – Hillary and Mitt are both Establishment Puppets and would follow the 28 year agenda.

    • I voted for him and it wasn’t a “hold my nose” moment. I genuinely thought his was a good guy, and I’m sure he still is. Problem was he was TOO nice. He wouldn’t go after Obama for that reason. If he had shown the same fire in his belly 4 years ago, he’d be IN the White House and running for re-election instead of trying to keep Trump OUT of the White House. . . . .

      • That election was mainly about Obama Care and Romney was
        the inventor of Obama care.Romney care was being subsidized
        by the rest of the country. Who is going to subsidize the whole

    • He is a McCain, Dole and a loser. A typical establishment clown that has no chance of winning. I guess he would end up with his family’s vote for sure. probably no one else’s.

  3. Your fellow Americans do NOT want you to run again. Stay home, don’t run and for goodness sake keep your mouth shut!

  4. Without the Trump movement, Millions of votes that were formerly republican will vanish, loyal to anything that is the most distant from this corrupt elitist filled mess we call the republican brand.

  5. I can’t imagine a Romney run. Because of him the American public endured another 4 years of Obama. Just quit and go back to Morman country.

    • And stay there.

    • NO ONE is perfect but because the people who didn’t vote for Romney in 2012 but instead stayed home is the reason that Obama is in the Oval Office practicing his putting while Hillary Clinton is pounding on the Oval Office doors with both fists and screeching “Let me in”. There could of been a better outcome to the 2012 election and frankly Vladimir Putin would be a better American President than either Obama or Hillary Clinton is capable of being.

      • The election was rigged, just like this one will be. It is impossible to have over 100% voters, yet they did in several states. One of the election commissioners admitted to voting for Obummer more than once and she got a slap on the wrist. We are living in the “wrong is right” era.

  6. Tell your family no,you’ve already made an ass of yourself.Suport Mr Trump and shut up.

    • Rodger K. Shull

      I agree, he did not fight back hard enough back in 2012, an was way to over confident, an OVER CONFIDENCE, loses elections an sporting games, when you think you have it whipped , you be the one getting whipped, an he did. be a good party member, an support who is running, an live with it. HAPPY 4th of JULY an GOD BLESS AMERICA. an Trump 2016

      • Get real America

        And he’s really annoying

        • Can you believe this guy? Some losers never see the handwriting on the wall.

          • It’s the GOP trying to cause trouble because they hate being made fools of. However, the GOP IS just a bunch of fools to begin with. Look who they originally selected to have run.

          • When did they release you, maxx. I know it has been quite a while, but the Republican are against abortion which is murdering innocent BABIES. Democrats are for abortion. Republicans are for vetting immigrants to make sure they are people who want to truly live in America, the democrats want all of them to come over without any checks (Courts struck down obama from doing this). Republicans fight each day to protect and uphold the Constitution. The democrats??? Look at the democrat judge that said the Constitution was not any good anymore. Look at all the scandals we have had the last 7 years. Yeah, you are right alright. The walking dead demos march our Country to destruction each day.

          • Then why is Obama still in office? No, the Republicans are in Obama’s corner.

          • Apparently a lot of walking dead voted. And several million patriots stayed home because they felt romney was no better.

          • What republicans do today is a lot of talk and Kabuki Theater performances. Ryan and McConnell are two words you should know very well. If you have people like this as speakers in both chambers holding your breath until they actually do something positive for “we the people” will only get you expired. You don’t seem to understand that a rino is even worse that a democommie because we know what to expect from a democrat but we just keep expecting rinos to be on our side. They are not.

          • That cuckoo harry reid and pelosi was a 100 times worse. You don’t have a clue what is going on,,,,do you? If you can not see the corruptness of the democrats, then you are a losing cause. You would not be able to see the TRUTH if it stood in front of you and slapped you.

          • You are the one that hasn’t got a clue. The democrats are absolutely corrupt. But who passed the Obama budget as his first act as Speaker of the House behind closed doors without even consulting other House members? That would be Paul Ryan. We know exactly what to expect from the democrats in Congress. What we don’t exepct is to be betrayed time after time by Rino republicans like Ryan and McConnell. Still think you know the truth? If you do you are delusional.

          • What you say is true. I do not care for the turn coats who claim republican. And I sure do not care for the terrorist democrats. The USA is to great to be just getting by the last 7 plus years. Our Nation was built on laws that made us respectable and strong,,,,where people would kill to come live here. We have people loathing on the government at over 50% and the government leaders are good for that,,,,when the leaders should be making this Country great for everyone,,,,,great for everyone who wants to work. We need leaders that can make the USA great again.

      • Will this man ever understand the word NO

        • A natural born American

          But the people have spoken and WE DON’T. Grow up Romney family and vote TRUMP. He’ll be a much better potus than your father.

        • The horse race of course. Its the only fitting place for a horses a88.

      • He wasn’t over-confident – he laid down and threw the election. Did you notice that he was the only candidate in 2012 who couldn’t run against Obamacare? The “powers that be” don’t want they’re Obama-scheme messed up now.

        • How can he throw the election again of he doesn’t steal the nomination?

          Mitt Witt – RINO supreme.

    • I could not say it better.

    • Romney was always an a88hole even before he screwed the people of Massachusetts. Then he ran away from all the crap he caused to screw everybody over with Olympics. Remember? GO TRUMP 2016

  7. Romney has turned into one huge disappointment. A two time loser who refused to go after obama during the 2012 election and is now bad-mouthing Donald Trump…our only hope for America’s future. No loyalty to our country, Romney should just stfu.

  8. Romney needs to wake up and realize that he had his chance in 2012 and blew it. The sad reality is that he would have won if he had just gone after Obama like he is going after Trump. Unfortunately, since he ran a lousy campaign and acted like a typical Republican wimp he lost an election that should have been easily won.

    Whenever Romney speaks he is constantly talking about the conservative values of the Republican Party, but try as I may I can’t figure out what Republicans is he talking about? Could it be the ones who have been nothing more than another arm of the Democrat Party and have failed their voter base miserably over the past two and one half decades. Maybe he is talking about the Republicans who helped create a mountain of debt that we can never hope to repay, stood by and allowed the destruction of our health care system and were involved with the passing of legislation that led to the losing of about 55,000 US manufacturing plants, resulting in millions of our jobs being lost to other countries. Are these the Republicans that he wants Trump to emulate? I certainly hope not.

    In reality the Republicans and so-called conservatives we have elected haven’t done one single thing to help improve the future of this country for our children and grand-children. Instead, they have worked side by side with the Democrats to aid them in their agenda, which is destroying our country. They have been a total embarrassment to those who elected them and if Trump doesn’t want to go down the same road of destruction that they have chosen for us, all I can say is, “Thank God”.

    It is time for Romney and the rest of the Republican Party to accept the fact that Trump won the primaries and that it is time to rally around him. If this election is lost to Hillary, one of the most corrupt, inept people to ever run for the presidency, it won’t be Trump’s fault. Instead, it is going to be due to people like Romney and a long list of
    others from his own party, such as Jeff Flake, Nikki Haley, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Susana Martinez who have fought him every step of the way.

    • You write a very good comment. Wish romney could read this. This is how most of America feels. Landslide for TRUMP!

    • They fight against Millertrump because he’s the most corrupt, inept, dangerous, self serving candidate to ever seek the office, they’re trying to protect us, impressive. The Scottish called Miller a “toupeed fuck trumpet” and “cock splat”; and British, “clownish fool”. The next time the Republicans have a candidate of substance I’ll vote for them, just to say thanks.

      • How much do you get paid by the RINO/Democrat establishment to be a troll.

        • That would be a cushy job right? Sorry to disappoint but $0. I gain understanding here about opposing views here and has in some issues pulled me right in my thinking. Politics is about compromise after all. I have talked with a few open minded intelligent people here and we may never agree but its constructive , and enjoyed . What’s to be gained by any of us by talking to people with similar philosophies ? No pay needed , I gain in bigger ways.

  9. Please don’t! We already have enough problems.

  10. get lost ya loser, Rat, Rat, Rat

  11. He will lose even worse than the last time. He certainly can’t beat Trump anyway, so he will have to steal the nomination, he won’t win on popularity that much is certain. Is he insane. With all that money I am sure there must be a doctor out there that can help him.

  12. C’mon Willard, you wanna get your butt beat bad, a third time? Settle back, enjoy the fruits of your labors and stay out of the political arena!

  13. If you ever got the nomination, Hillary would finish the neutering process.

  14. Don’t bother. NOBODY CARES.

  15. Francisco Sperandeo

    I really in retrospect hate to tell people that I voted for him, however it would be far worse than telling people I voted for the Muslim n Chief! I really thought he would have been a top president, but boy his COLORS sure came out in this election! All I can say is thus simple statement! Donald Trump has garnered more primary votes in US history!! Let that sink in for a moment! Now listen to the GOP statement that 50% of Republicans want a different candidate! Where do they get these figures?? Does this mean that there are twice as many republican voters than what voted for Trump? If so where have they been? Better yet if he did this well with only half of Republicans voting for him that must mean he is carrying a TON of Independents and DEMOCRAT CROSSOVER voters that any GOP would need towin in a General election!!! So WHERE is the problem??? Then depending on what poll you get, Trump should just quit because he has no chance against the most corrupt family in politics! Unfortunately Polls Like in business Neilsen Ratings can be SKEWED to look like whatever you want just by changing parameters and tweaking here and there! BOTTOM LINE! The voters have spoken, they have what they wanted with more people voting GOP, and someone according to POLLS is tied with Hillary and has only spent a fraction of the money! WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM???? Glad you asked, MONEY-POWER-CONTROL the DC Elites on both sides do not care about the people of this country, PERIOD! As long as their CASHFLOW continues to line both their pickets and war chest! This is why the GOP is willing to Sabatoge their own candidate and let Hillary win! If their actions on the political stage is not proof enough, simply look at the latest issues to rock the election, LORETTA LYNCH-BILL CLINTON “CHANCE ENCOUNTER” where is the OUTRAGE and FURY from the GOP with the LAWS, PROTOCOL, AND GOOD JUDGEMENT that has been broken??? Where is speaker Ryan? Matter of fact where is MITT ROMNEYs statement on this and his condemnation? Instead he says, my family wants me to run!! Truth is he OWES a lot of people that gave him money and he has to pay them back by committing political suicide by trying to derail Trumps run! It’s all about MONEY! It could be a pop song, “it’s all about da cash, bout da cash, not people!” Just look at the news recently hi lighting Rx prices in this country vs others where our prices are so over priced! BIG PHARMA and their lobbyist have been screwing the American people for years without controls! Why? Well Duh! MONEY! Just think about how many people have died by not being able to afford the needed medications! If Congress wanted they could make the argument that they have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS! Fat chance of that!! Sorry this rant has gone this long with my SIMPLE STATEMENT title above, but this ELECTION I feel is way to important for the survival of our Great Nation! We are not fear mongering! We may never see it happen but we know the direction we are heading and the foundation they are laying right now for ous destruction either willing or not! Right here is the reason Trump is not only surviving but winning, SOCIAL MEDIA! Where mainstream media use to control the narrative, like they are obviously trying again, in past elections the TRUTH, INFORMATION, AND FACTS are getting out by all types of SOCIAL MEDIA! So let’s keep the lines open and the TRUTH SHARED!!!

  16. Retired Marine

    Well romney, no one else does. You blew it against the odicktaster, and you would blow it against the traitor also.
    GO AWAY.

  17. BS…I am sure your wife is much smarter than you. Mitt, are a fool and for your recent position on DJT are a total AHOLE….Remember the saying, “If you cannot say something nice about someone, say nothing at all>”
    Well YOU blew that big time. Head back into your hole Mitt, WE THE PEOPLE don’t want YOU any more!

  18. If Romney, the “Elites”, Democrat and Republican Establishments, special interests, lobbyists and totalitarian liberal media, think for one moment defeating The Donald at the Republican Convention and or scuttling his Presidential Campaign causing him to lose the White House, THINK AGAIN.

    This IS A MOVEMENT. A growing movement crossing all demographics, including a growing cadre of pro-Trump minorities.


    If the aforementioned successfully sabotage The Donald’s election, as they are now blatantly and overtly attempting; thus, engineering The Donald losing the election; so as forcing their will on the people at the close of election day; people will “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” That is, HOPE The Donald’s has given them to improve their lives and country.

  19. You go to hell Romney. You are nothing but a has been, choking TROLL

  20. the changing of the 2012 convention rules to handicap ron paul left a lot of folks bitter and they stayed away from voting. As for his family, his wife objected to him running in 2016. the only thing he has done is complain, complain, complain. I have lost all respect for this man. Lead or follow, if not just get out of the way. Maybe i gonna think real hard about running and wish i can do a better job is not a strategy. Too late.

  21. Jump in Hell you looser.

  22. hey idiot…you’re like a persistent annoying rash that just won’t go away…please do us all a favor and don’t ’em-bare-A$$’ yourself again.

  23. Stay the Hell out of it, Mitt!! You cost us the last Presidential election, we don’t need your interference in this election cycle to cost us yet another Presidential election!! WE DON’T WANT YOU, WE DON’T NEED YOU, AND WHAT’S MORE, WE DON’T NEED HILLARY CLINTON AS OUR NEXT POTUS!!!! WE NEED SOMEONE STRONG (DONALD J. TRUMP) AS OUR NEXT POTUS, AND YOU, MITT, DEFINETLY DO NOT QUALIFY!!!!

  24. no one else does—you have proven yourself to be a loser so why would we want you to run agai?

  25. Get real America

    My dad wanted me to be President of the United States too, but instead I’m a general contractor. My dad isn’t too let down by it and yours won’t be either Mitty boy. Because I have just about as much of a chance as you do to become elected. Your family might want you to, but not 1 single, individual American voter wants you to. Please stay out of the scene of politics. You only annoy everyone.

  26. Hasn’t he joined every party so far. and never won yet. And besides that he is a oath breaker. Never stand by any party he lost ,then move to another.

  27. Albert L Biele

    To really do a good deed for America, instead of jumping in the presidential race, he would probably serve us better if he jumped of a bridge, but than again, maybe he can pursue other steps that are less violent, like get some psychiatric to make him realize that he is not the last word in all matters, and that God is still in charge.

    • When I heard he was going to jump in again, a very tall bridge came to mind too. Any way his religion believes he is becoming a god. But we know the God who is really in charge and His plan will be done.

  28. el stupido.

  29. Throw support to Trump. You can not possibly win. Give it up.

  30. Sherrie Gillman-Sobel

    Voted for him 4 yrs ago, now I wouldn’t waste my time pushing the lever for him. What a sniveling, back stabbing person he is! He had the opportunity, decided not to, Romney to me is as In Trump fashion would say, “you’re a loser” get lost. You didn’t have the backbone then & you certainly have it even less now.

  31. romney: no one wants you to run anywhere except AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Liberal GOP wing of the Uniparty is that desperate for another “designated loser” candidate, eh?

  33. I distinctly remember his wife saying “never again” after the 2012 fiasco. I don’t believe this for a minute. He has NO support except maybe from the GOP the party that seems to know how to snatch defeat out of jaws of victory better than any. As governor of Massachusetts was there even a smidgeon of conservatism in him? He needs to just go away since he doesn’t seem to understand he is a complete loser.

  34. Your family maybe the only ones that want you to run. Not many more do!! You lost, your done, now go fade into the forest of never going to be’s!!

  35. Look Mittens, even Jebby knew when to shut up and pack it in. Take a lesson from another loser and crawl under the same rock.

  36. The gop leadership – the Grand Ol’ Progressives – are all in a tizzy because an outsider threatens to upset their – THEIR – apple cart. I’m sick of the Billy Kristals, the Lipp Romneys, the George Wills, the Mary Madeline’s, and all the other NEOCON controlled opposition CRY-BABIES. The Experts (Natural Superiors) so mad at the amateur citizen Republican who actually CARES about our heritage of LIBERTY!! They are actually willing to sell us out to a CRIMINAL-BITCH who should already be tried, convicted, and on death row for Murder and Treason.
    Well thank you, LIARS, frauds and traitors for finally showing us your TRUE colors! I’m not the least bit surprised!!!

  37. We should run that scum bag out of the republican party

  38. A natural born American

    So what you’re saying, Romney, is that your family wants hillary to be the next potus.

  39. Vivien Peterson

    I would never vote for him again, either !! He is a Loser & back stabber !! Have no use for back stabbers.?

  40. Sore looser…STFU….you miss-understood your families request to run…..they meant to the mental ward.

  41. What a change of heart! Four years ago, he didn’t want to run, it would take too much time away from his family. His son was quoted that Mitt didn’t want to run. Now the family is saying “go ’em daddy”? Right. He was a shill just like McCain was before him. The fix was in from the gate, both times. The GOP did not demand a recount, when the fraud was so obvious that even a liberal could see it. The GOP knew McCain had no chance in hell winning! An old white man up against a young hip black man…right. Now the GOP will do anything to put another runner in the game. Another runner that will lose against hillary. Hillary has a killer machine and a propaganda machine working for her!

    When this is over, we’ll have Trump in the driver’s seat (by The Grace of GOD) and then we need to get rid of every socialist-commie on both sides and become –again–the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

  42. Theoline Isaacson


  43. He should just run straight into a wall head first

  44. Romney has shown his colors, now he wants to run? He has shown that he’s not worthy to be a Conservative, He’s just another Rino that sees his influence being diminished by Mr. Trump. Go back to your family and tell them that the Conservatives don’t me!

  45. Loving America

    Romney tell your Family to shut up…You are a traitor to the Republican Party and We the People willnot Vote For You! You are told to runnOW since Jeb Bush got the
    Big Funds so you do not have t spend your millions? Doubleinded People willnot inherit the Kingdom of God and liars and thieves will not make it either and it is a “Real Miracle how you fit in both categories at one time!

    Americans We need to make sure that Hitler Hillary and Romney or anyone else that wants to move in the last days and steal Our Votes and takes them from Mr. Trump”
    and jumps into the Race at Convention Time….We need them stopped! Voters stand by and help with this..We the Voters for Trump needs to stop everyone of them!

  46. The Republican Party and the states need to back off on trying to get Trump out. States that Trump won should require their Delegates to vote for him on the 1st ballot, some are trying to prevent that.

  47. Family would like see Romney jump into race ,, And lot people i know would like see Romney jump off bridge

  48. Mitt? I have a better idea….why don’t you jump on a ship and take a long world cruise. Have it last until after the November elections. That way you can be serving the political party and the nation, you claim to love so much. Take Kristol with you.

  49. What an IDIOT…I am so sorry I ever voted for him…He sure had me deceived..and if the Republican party and his family think that throwing him in the race is a good idea, they are going to be SHOCKED…because people are not going to vote for him..HE TURNED OUT TO BE A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT

  50. Romney: You had your chance, now go away. that is unless they are paying you a lot to run? You can’t get the nomination. Trump has out done you. The republicans have lost their credibility in their idiotic ways. Are they just wanting to give it to the Democrats? You got my vote once but no more.

  51. Romney, your progressive socialist beliefs have truly risen to the forefront. I wondered then, I know it now! What were you given or promised back then to throw the election? You’re nothing but corrupt SCUM! Just like the majority of DC ruling elite, pro politicians.

  52. Is it really family or is the the political class that want you to run and divide the ticket to guarantee HRC the win?

  53. I never thought he was this kind of person and to think I voted for him in the last election.

  54. We have our Republican Candidate. He won the Primary. No he’s not my first choice, No he’s not Conservative, But Mitt is neither either.

  55. So just because his son wants him to run? WTF? Who give a sh!t what his son wants?

  56. His family wants him to run it they’re the only ones. Don’t fall for it Mitt.

  57. Forget it! It’s Trump all the way. Only Saint Peter could upset the cart and then the Devil would fund the Atheists to sue the Gov for the Separation BS. Then the Devil would install Al Sharpton as the nominee for the Dems and as President he would even appoint Rev Jackson to the Supreme Court..And exile Trump to Saudi Arabia

  58. The man is delusional at best and totally nuts. No one is going to vote for a proven loser. All he would be accomplishing is to try to guarantee that Hillary gets elected. What an egotistical piece of wasted humanity!

  59. Run Romney, run as far away from the United States as possible!! And take Obama or what ever his real name is, with you!!! You are really a loser and you are even one more reason I am voting for Trump!!! Trump all the way!!!

  60. meangreenMarine

    Your family are the only ones who want you to “jump into the race!” You failed twice as the Republican candidate and you would fail again, this time because you wouldn’t get behind the choice of the People!

  61. SickofPoliticks

    Your family don’t mean jack and neither do you. Go home and keep your mouth shut you traitorous loser.

  62. Joseph L. Light

    Poor loser could never beat Clinton, and we don’t need another idiot in the

    White House who would cringe in terror if anyone said boo.

  63. LOL… but what Romney didn’t say is that his family meant for him to go jump into Lake Racine / Lac Racine

  64. Hey Romney don’t you think you have embarrassed yourself enough at this point ! Open your eyes everyone thinks you are a narcissistic fool. You failed to beat Obama and disappointed us all so now that we have someone that can win you should get behind them instead of whining and crying. You had your chance !

  65. stay out of it Romney!!! you weren’t man enough last time to combat obama so stay your little wussie self out of it or you’ll cost Trump to lose to clinton

  66. Then, Mittens,
    Your family is even more nuts than you.
    Your family can’t possibly understand just how despised you really are.

  67. Do us ALL a favor mittie, take a LONG walk on a SHORT pier, remove yourself from OUR misery!!!

  68. Hillary will be Indicted, democrats are looking for a replacement and Romney will fill her void. Which would provide them with another loser.

    • Hilliary will not be indicted. The fix is in. After Bill’s cozy, secluded meeting with Lynch the other day it was a done deal. This morning the FBI head came out in public and said he’ll not prosecute. Talk about total corruption!

  69. Pathetic MORON!!!

  70. George E. LeFebvre

    He can run but if he does, HITLERY WILL BEAT HIM TO A PULP. Tell Romney to stay out of the this race unless he does in fact want the DUMBOCRATS TO WIN AGAIN AND FINISH DESTROYING OUR COUNTRYL.

    • There are many republicans who want the Secretary to win, In case you haven’t been following along there are now 14 former republican administration members who have formally endorsed Secretary Clinton. Millertrump is not an option.

  71. Mr. Romney, do not even try to run again…you will be humiliated. I voted for you in 2008, thought you had it then, you were trounced and you would be again if you run. You’d be taking votes away from Mr. Trump, and you really can’t do that…stay home and back the Republican candidate. I wouldn’t vote for you again.

  72. stay your crooked ass out of politics …we didn’t want you the last time and even less this time

  73. Drop dead you filthy traitor! Go back to the cult. Get out of our lives and stay out. We dont want your treason.

  74. Romney is a gutless coward and in a testicle-to-testicle match-up with HRC he would most definitely be the loser. In the testicle-size contest that is the presidential race, only Trump gives this country a fighting chance against the combined Clinton testicles.

  75. I bet Killary wants Romney to jump in the race also.


  77. Romney I don’t give a damn what your family thinks. I am a conservative who wouldn’t vote for you for dogcatcher. You lost. You ran a feckless, incompetent campaign. You grovelled at Obama’s feet. You are a loser. Go away.

  78. Romney can jump off the world. If he does this he will be giving the presidency to Clinton and that would make him a traitor and we would have to deal with that.

  79. EnemyoftheState

    We don’t. Now please go away as you did not want to win then and you do not want to win now: your only aim is to make Hilary President.

  80. The writer is absolutely right on>>>>>>PUT A LID ON IT ROMNEY>>>>>you are the mud that is muddying the
    water. But if you insist on being a media whore….say something nice when the camera is on you.

  81. Hey Mitt, Your Family history of ‘destroying’ patriots is well documented.
    Your Dad George scuttled and besmerched Barry Goldwater.
    The Romney’s / Bush’s / are for ONE WORLD ORDER………….always have been, always will be.

  82. Romney family is so touch with America . I supported Romney in 2012 and was so disappointed in his meek approach and behavior. I would never again support him. He continues to make a fool out of himself. You would think his wife or family would advise him to go away!!!! I am for Mr Trump! As for the Bushes, Paul Ryan and McConnell, they are turncoats and will forever be small, weak, jealous men in Americans eyes.

  83. Romney did all the wrong things trying to get elected, running against who turned out to be the worse president, ever, in America. He didn’t fight back when accusations flew so people believed them. He was Mr. Nice Guy and way above dirty politics and name calling while Obama and the Dirty Democrats lambasted him. Obama badgered Romney into releasing his tax returns. Instead of replying with, ” I will as soon as you release your sealed college transcripts,” Romney just let it pass. So many times he could have put Obama in his place with accurate information but wouldn’t because it would shatter his “nice guy” image. Democrats are well-known for dirty politics and will use every means, real or lies, to accomplish their goal of getting and maintaining power. They are doing this with Trump today to get Crooked Hillary into the White House. How many of you out there reading this believe all of the media crap about Trump from the blathering idiot left-wing biased media editors? Even if Trump is a small percentage of what Liberal media says, we could take a 4-year term of him because he would not do irreparable harm to our country. On the other hand, Hillary would appoint possibly up to 3 Liberal Supreme Court justices to add to the 4 already seated. Since the Court already legislates from the bench we could kiss our beloved Constitutional rights good-bye, especially the 1st, 2nd and 5th Amendments as she has already stated she will attack. Stick to Trump he would do less harm, is honest and cannot be bought, as Hillary has already been, by big donors.

    • LMFAO !

      • You must be a Liberal and Hillary supporter.

        • Pretty soon Obama will be gone and you will have to face up to the fact that you will have lost a whole decade of your life passing around conspiracy theories and whipping yourself into a frenzy of hatred. All of you lost friends, severed relationships with family members, and some of you even lost your job or your marriage due to your unhinged behavior.

          You lost that decade wailing about Obama the gay Communist Muslim narcissist dictator who was going to let the UN invade America and various hoaxes like “death panels,” birth certificates, Iraq’s WMDs, and the “Ground Zero Mosque” (remember how you wasted two years of your life over that?). Just think of what you could have accomplished if you hadn’t wasted all that time. You could have gotten a college degree, you could have written a book, you could have run your first marathon, you could have built a boat and sailed it around the world. You could learned to speak another language – oh wait, you never would have done that.

          You kept waiting for Obama to be impeached or for the GOP candidates to “take off the gloves.” But they never did because your favorite stories were hoaxes, and the GOP can’t impeach or win the White House based on hoaxes. No doubt you were waiting for someone, anyone, in the White House to be indicted or arrested, like all those people under Nixon and Reagan and Bush, but no dice.

          Many of you will never recover from this experience. Physically, your health is no doubt worse for having lost a decade watching television and whipping yourself into a frenzy of hatred. Your ability to reason is probably permanently damaged, and nobody really wants to listen to your opinions anyway. Yes, you can successfully annoy the waitress at the diner, because she can’t run away from a customer, but that doesn’t mean she agrees with you. Some of you will be going into nursing homes because people gave up on you a long time ago and nobody can stand to listen to one more day of you babbling about Saul Alinsky (who died in 1972, by the way).

          Some of you have no doubt suffered financially from all the time you wasted hating Obama. But some of you have actually done very very well under his “anticapitalist,” “communist,” “dictatorship.” You do know that the economy usually does much better under Democrats, right? And that the best four years of job creation in the last 50 years was under Jimmy Carter, right?

          The next two years would be a good chance to start making amends to your families and trying to rebuild relations with people in your life. Yes we know there’s another election in 2016 and you’ll be falling down the next rabbit hole of insanity, but try to leave your families with a few memories of you acting like a normal human being.

          And the next time there is a GOP president, just remember that there will be fatal embassy attacks under the GOP president, just like the dozens of fatal embassy attacks that occurred under previous Republican presidents. Except Democrats won’t be working themselves into a frenzy of conspiracy theories when it happens, they won’t be cheerleading for the terrorists, and they won’t be trying to overthrow the US government every time something happens.

          • I am not a conspiracy advocate but a pragmatist. I look, read and listen to both sides of issues. I am not obsessed but take a deep interest in our country. I probably have lived much longer than you, served 30+ years in the military and have held meaningful jobs and WORKED for what I have. Of course I resent elected bureaucrats taking my money and doling it out in the form of welfare checks, food stamps, rent assistance, free medical care and prescription drugs, schooling and education, tax rebates when none has been paid in,
            political correctness, taking prayer out of schools but allowing Muslims carte blanc to pray at any tome so they won’t be offended, not allowing American flags to be shown on T-shirts becaus eiot might offend someone

          • But did you speak out when the W Bush white house destroyed 22,000 e-mails? No one spent millions of your dollars on a witch hunt over that, perhaps they should . Dirty politics is expensive these days. As far as lying, if we run we find that per 1000 words Trump lies at 59%; Clinton 26%, not good for either. You mention the supposed weaknesses of Clinton so no need to list them again for comparison . Mr. Trump and 3,500 law suits pending, his connections through dad with the KKK, the wall, his past illegal wheels and deals and his many insane antics puts me more willing to vote my small town mayor/DJ than for president rather than Millertrump. At least with Clinton I know of her many good works throughout her career . I appreciate your calm candor. I understand your concerns and respect your thoughts but, we disagree .

          • I do question some of your figures and we can agree to disagree. Still my main concern, as yours should be, is the make-up of the Supreme Court. That is a game changer. Supreme Court Justices should have zero political affiliation, be strong Constitutionalists and render decisions fairly and impartially with Constitutional interpretation. Today’s court is made up of 4 Liberals, 3 Conservatives and Rhino (Roberts) who not only legislate from the bench they interpret law to favor their political leanings. When Justice Scalia was alive and serving we had a balance with Rhino Roberts casting the deciding vote and one never knowing which way he would go. So some fairness and restraint from the court was possible. With Hillary stacking the court with Liberals, who all have decided that our Constitution is a “living” document, our very freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution are at peril. Hillary has already stated, if elected, she will attack the 1st and 1nd amendments in spite of her oath to protect and defend the Constitution and may not stop there, With a complicit Liberal court just imagine what kind of decisions they will render. Just look at the voting records of these Liberals on any legislation to see where they stand. Not fair and impartial but lean toward a Leftist agenda. This is what scares me most, Our country’s founding document rendered useless. Then what will we become? Do you not value your freedoms and rights? Would you allow a biased Supreme Court take them away to further the Liberal agenda of the government taking care of you from cradle to grave and us become socialist state? This to me is the most important reason to not elect Hillary. As I stated earlier, we could survive 4 years of a Trump presidency and repair any damage. Hillary’s damage would be un-repairable for decades. Choose the lesser of 2 evils.
            I enjoyed my exchange with you.

    • What really galls me is that the debates were being broadcast to the whole nation.. At the time only Fox was reporting BO’s past which, if revealed, would have cost BO the election. But he remained mum. I was aghast with disbelief. I saw that the election was lost at the first debate.

  84. He is stupid to think he would get voted in this time. Apparently his family is just as stupid as he is for even suggesting he get into the race.

  85. Do “We The People” a favor Romney…, stay home and don’t listen to your family. We’ve seen to many America’s Got Talent episodes where someone was encouraged by family only to be embarrassed on national TV because they in fact were talentless and out of their element….. The same applies to you…!

  86. I voted for him the last time he ran. I won’t do it this time. He didn’t have the strength to fight to win! And now he’s bad-mouthing his “friend” Trump who has fought the fight. Stay out of the race Mitt. If you wanted in, you should have started at the beginning, not come running in at the end. Because you didn’t fight, we got BO, the mooslim traitor.

  87. omney needs to shut his piehole & stay home !!!

  88. So many of these people who call themselves a Repub. are going to elect The WickedWitch President She will be as bad as Pinocchiiobama., another lying piece.
    Romney would have been better than the lying alien Hussein Locobama. Who wouldn’t?

  89. What I don’t understand is if al these high echelon Republicans that bad mouth Trump won’t vote for him then who are they going to vote for? Are they going to vote for Hillary or not vote at all which is a vote for Hillary? Suck it up buttercup and vote for the who the people chose. If you divide your own party you will be handing Killary the election and putting the final nail in America’s coffin. Give trump a chance. The only reason you are all bucking him is you know you can’t buy him to promote your own agenda. Trump is che closest thing we have seen to an honest politician in years.

  90. martin j fruge

    Romny is one of the elite that want to rule the world.He had 2 chances and lost, let those of us who are true republicans elect the person who got the most votes

  91. He is a really a thin skin dude, not a gentleman. If Trump criticized him, he did so rightfully. Millions of us voted for him and he lost because could not connect with people and take on failing Obama. He went against Trump who supported him 100% in 2012. Disgrace! He cannot stop, he is still going with his never Trump movement. Stupid man! Never seen like this awkward person. His family means nothing. it is not America. Family may want much more.

  92. I did not vote for him the last time, and will not vote for him this time. He is a RINO and as far as I am concern they are the problem. If I have to vote for the lesser of two evils, I will vote Independent as long as that Independent had my interest. The way Romney has gone after Trump is disgraceful. He takes Trumps money and then stabs him in the back. He can run, but he better have enough family to win.

  93. Romney, your family doesn’t have our best interest at heart. I will not hold my nose and close my eyes anymore for the republican party…

  94. Go back to sleep Mittens!! Just like you did in the second debate with Ovomit!!! Thanks for nothing!!! You may even be a bigger loser than he is!! Get the hell out of town!!!

  95. And then you woke up, RIGHT??? Mitt, sweet, delusional Mitt, you are wasting your time, money and energy if you’re seriously thinking about jumping in the race at this point. Trump will schlong you like he did everyone else and just like he’s going to do to $chittlery. Go back to your country club and continue regaling your buddies about how you were almost President, in your own mind.

  96. Well, at least the family will vote for him. Is that enough votes to get elected???

  97. Hey, Me and my family and my friends here in Cleveland want Mitt Witt to jump in the LAKE!

  98. HopeandChange2016

    Trump calls it for what it is, the way it needs to be called, “nuts”.
    I would vote for Trump before Romney again.
    If Romney wanted to be “in” he should have been on stage to let us Americans to choose.
    Trump will not choke during the debates.

  99. Turncoat with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for Pool. Yeah, Romney a “bitter republican” who needs to “put a lid on it”. could not have said it better myself. DO NO MORE HARM ROMNEY!

  100. Forget it, your not qualified!! Your just another Rino.

  101. The logic of his family escapes me. When he was on the ballot before the vote wasn’t even close: Romney lost. His positions seem to be static so one wonders what changes have occurred that would make him into a more desirable candidate now.

  102. ROMNEY , I voted for you 4yrs ago and you blow it. You were up against criminals like soros and his voting machines. You didn’t dig deeper into the back ground of these criminals and bring out in the open. We the people can’t afford for you to lose again. And you hear that the American’ people want Trump –don’t blow our chances to get someone in there that is honest and want to see America back where she belongs. This muslim that we have in the WH has been praying 5 times a day and got in on a disquise that he was a Christian. And alot of people bought into that I’m sure, especially the black people. Well they are awake now and know what hillary did to them and want nothing to do with her at all. And also from some you tube knowing people are after obama like the NSA for his crimes. World Courts in Hague. also. He has an arrest warrent out for him along with Bush 1 &2.

  103. Pleeeease! Spare me this truck load of bull fertilizer. Romney made a tepid run at Obamanation in 2012. He “choked”. For all we know the “the fix” was already in and Romney folded so that we could endure another 4 years of this Usurper in the White House. And now he wants to get into this competition without one single vote! What kind of breucratic hog wash is this? Legally, Trump is our candidate, like it or not. All the Demonic-Rats have is Hitlary! The “She Devil” who should have been in prison 15 years or more ago.

  104. His family are as dense as he is.


  106. Don’t do it!

  107. Gov. Mitt Romney had his chance in 2012, and he royally blew it up. Where were his sons to campaign for him, as do Trump’s children? Instead of working the phones as Obama did on the day of 2012 election, Romney and his family were in Massachusetts waiting for the election results. Now they want to ruin Trump’s chance of winning & give Hillary the free rein to ruin the country.

  108. Mr. Romney, you had your chance, and you blew it. Do you want Hilary to name several Supreme Court Justices? Tell your family it is too late for you and support the Republican nominee. I’m a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer who swore to uphold and defend the Constitution. I don’t want liberal Justices to trample upon that document. You shouldn’t either. Please, don’t fail us again, by feeding your ego. Fair winds and following seas.

  109. I also voted for him 4 years ago. Now, at this late hour, he wants to jump on the wagon again? Sorry, you will not get my vote this time. You had your chance and you messed up. What assurance do we have that you will not screw us up again? Stay home and watch the results on your TV with your family.

  110. Your family is as delusional as you. You had a chance and didn’t have the backbone to fight for it (not that you’d have been all that much better than what you ran against…). The people you disappointed last time didn’t want you this time. Listen to them, and go quietly into well-deserved obscurity.

  111. That’s kind of like Dumb and Dumber, isn’t it? Both of them as disastrous. Donald Trump is all about himself and what he can get out of all this. Mitt Romney is just a silly man with a nice smile.

  112. … and most of “US” out here on the Right want you to jump off of a cliff, you punk-^ss fall guy “Nit-Mitt Romney” – go spend your money and leave us alone, you chicken-sh^t SOB!

    • StupidConservativeValues


      • Your picture, as your comment reveals the simpleton that your are! Your being enslaved and are too fuk’n stupid, big time, to realize it! You useful idiots on the Left will cry like babies when you get the TYRANNY that you deserve – simpleton!

  113. Romney should tell his son to butt out, and stick to his guns. Demand to be drafted by all concerned.

  114. His family was be absolutely stupid. I wouldn’t vote for that turkey if he was running for dog catcher.

  115. Stephen Errol Brown

    As a republican, I say no to Romney !

  116. Pathetic,maybe he should read his Facebook page

  117. If the #NeverTrump crowd thinks it’s a good idea to replace Trump, why hasn’t JEB or Mitt stepped up to the plate, or any of these other cowards who talk the talk but can’t walk the walk?

  118. Looser…

  119. Romney is obviously thinking of his own ego, not the best that can be done for the country. Grow up, Mitt, you lost your own campaign. Don’t try to sabotage Trump’s.
    It’s grossly uncouth.

  120. Go back to Utah, you useless, rino prick!!

  121. Richard Trundle


  122. Fuck you Romney!

  123. When he ran last time He literally said after he lost that” it wasn’t his idea to run in the first place. That his wife and son ask him to run. ” He simply wasn’t trying to beat Obama, and everyone that I know that voted for him- myself included say it was a toss up of Obama or him and they picked him instead of Obama because it seemed the lesser of two evils at the time. I do know now that hell would literally freeze over before I voted for him or Jeb Bush, or any number of Rino cry baby hypocrites that have been angry about Mr. Trump being the leader of this campaign now. I stand for Donald J. Trump 100% by choice ! Trump 2016.

  124. Hey Mitt, you can certainly bring your classic style of debating successfully in the first debate and then take a nap for the remaining debates. OR…..were you just doing your NWO buddies a favor and clearing the way for their fair-haired boy BHO?

  125. senior watcher

    His family might want him to return to run again, but the people sure as heck DON’T want him to run and give it to Hilary. He just can’t get over losing.

  126. Time for Mitt has come and gone. He could not do anything except erode the GOP further. It’s almost destroyed now. The establishment has done a good job at destroying the Republican Party. Romney would finish the job.

  127. Look fool, tell your idiot family to butt out!!! You do the same. No one wants a failed has been that never was.

  128. Mittens needs to shut his face and get with the program. The program is to not have Hilary win the election.
    He just cannot get his head around the fact it is vote for Trump or Hilary gets elected

  129. Archie Cogollos

    Pathetic…..had he been as forceful and aggressive and sure of himself when he was running… he would of won…but he choked….he now understands how to fight…but tooooooo late…go away….lead follow or get the hell out of the way….if that Crooked criminal gets elected…it will be a historical failure of the Republican Party…and it’s possible demise…

    • StupidConservativeValues


      • Archie Cogollos

        Typical…all the signs of a fuckin idiot…who only knows how to bash …inarticulate asshole…without a lick of sense…a wannabe who just struggles to be noticed…go yell fire in a theater…if you don’t have anything intelligent to say or should just shut the fuck up and learn some respect..of which have none for yourself you show none for others…and you look like a fuckin should rethink your fuck you to the world headshot…and grow the fuck up….

  130. davesnrakleberger

    go home Romney, and shut the hell up. You didn’t have the guts to go after Obama and you don’t have the guts to go after The hildebeast. Get out of the way of a real man and let him beat the crap out of the beech.

  131. He was going to vote for Hillary over Trump? Terrible rep of conservatives; guess I would vote for Hillary

  132. I hope Mr. Romney is being truthful when he says he has no plans to win. I have a message for Mitt.

    Mr. Romney –

    You had your chance to
    be President Romney. For some reason, you declined and, as a result, we have had
    four more years of an America-destroying president.

    I thought you would have
    done a fine job had you not bowed out and let Obama win.

    Now, while I am still
    sure you would have been better for America than Obama, I am mortified by your


    The Republican Party is recycling the trash as usual and yes I voted for him. I believe they have a LIST of people who are “in line to be nominated for President” no matter what their chances are to win!

    The real losers are U.S.!

  134. A vote for this loser is a vote for Hitlary,We need to wake up and make America great again.Trump 2016

  135. I’d rather … he jump off a bridge or just shoot his dumb azzzzzz!!!!!

  136. No way would I ever vote for Romney again, in fact, I avoid saying I ever voted for him……His family isn’t saying this (lie)some of the elites are trying to pull something so they don’t lose their cushy jobs …..I think the elites really want Hillary to win.

  137. Michael Dennewitz

    Dude…. You failed once! Don’t even think of jumping in there to screw up the odds…..or are you suddenly on someone’s payroll? ???

  138. Hey mittie, MOST Americans want you to JUMP into a lake, take yourself OUT of OUR misery!

  139. The rest of us want him to jump into a river! Go lay down and get out of anything to do with running and keep your thoughts to yourself and your mouth shut.

  140. Didn’t he already loose to Trump in the primaries? Stay home Mitt..

  141. He can forget it, he is a looser. Many times over.

  142. Loser—you lost twice Romney isn’t that enough—please exit the Republican Party—we don’t need a loser !!!

  143. Based upon his lack luster candidacy last time it would be another failure that would only guarantee the
    Democrat Socialist HILDABEAST Da Corrupt would be in office and not need for an election. She would
    win without even breaking a sweat. But of course the “FIX” is already in and from what I’ve seen so
    fare the GOP Elitist will do all in their powere to insure she is elected by corrupting their convention to
    stop TRUMP 2016 and have a coordination ceremony for her as they roll over while she throws them
    doggie treats.

  144. No way Mitt. I’ll stick with Mr. Trump.

  145. Mitt, you already struck out, no do-overs.

  146. He had the chance four years ago and lost because he did not have the fire in his belly and did not go for the jugular, so it his time for him to get behind the Donald and support him instead of rehashing sour grapes.

  147. I think Romney is a Democrat.

  148. I don’t know what he has been smoking lately. He had no plan, no balls and no rebuttals to the Demos personal assaults. He actually got on a guilt trip after being accused by a non citizen Demo with no history open to the public and George Soro’s money backing him. He couldn’t pull out of the rut he put himself into. Romney is history as “Also ran off”

  149. Your “family” may want you to “jump in” BUT “We the People” need you to stay your ass at home.
    Too little ..too late. Mr. Milquetoast. Go away and stay there.

  150. He should jump off a high cliff instead

  151. Elizabeth Davis

    He failed miserably the last time.Is he wanting to give Hillary the Presidency? Sounds like it

  152. That’s one sure way to hand Hitlery the election!

  153. Forget about it Romney stay the Freak Out we’re tired of you mamby pamby Republicans

  154. I voted for Romney notwithstanding the dismal campaign he ran. Anyone or anything was preferable to Obama. I will not vote for him should he manage to get on the ballot in 2016. I support Trump because he is the only viable alternative to four more years of nation destroying Democrat Socialist Progressive policies.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Blow your buddies

      • You clearly are brilliant. I’m certain your parents are very proud.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Not as much as your two-mommies are proud of you.

          • You are one amazingly quick and glib individual. Maybe you should contact Hillary Clinton and offer your services in her coming administration. I’m certain she could find a place for such a fine person as yourself.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            She already has.

          • Great now all American can breath easier. If the world is truly blessed the next crazed Muslim will take all of you out in one last gift to Allah.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Well, as you’ll find out, quite a bit of America is repulsed by Republicants. If I am the last gift to Allah, I’m gonna be fucking white blonde virgins. What color is your daughter’s hair? She not one of those mid-western porkers is she? It can be really gross trying to find their nuchies.

          • Well I’ve never been a Republican but I feel certain they have nothing on you. You’re illiterate, disgusting, uninformed and quite typical of what passes for an Obama/Clinton sycophant. Would you like me to define that big word for you?

  155. StupidConservativeValues


  156. StupidConservativeValues

    No buddy but Trump Buttoswski

  157. Sparkitus_Maximus

    Romneys family wants him to run? Is that the reason? What family? The crime family?
    I can’t believe I voted for this arrogant a-hole. But what was the alternative?
    If Romney was as adamant about bozos second term as he is Trumps first term maybe Romney would have won.
    Would have could have should have.
    It’s a little late now Mittens!
    You’re a CHOKER!

  158. Romney couldn’t get it right then and all he’s going to do is screw it up again. Go back in the hole you crawled out of.


  160. I think that he’s a very honored member of the Clinton team. In fact, they’d probably be willing to help finance any last minute run that he makes for office.

  161. meangreenMarine

    Here’s a Thought! Why don’t you spend your time getting the Republican Party back together so that Hillary Clinton won’t become the next Obama! That’s much more important than you losing another attempt to be the. Republican Candidate!

  162. Your family wants you to jump into the race, the rest of us want you jump in the lake and take deep breaths till you can no longer bother intelligent voters

  163. His wife and kids are the ONLY ones who want him to run. His pasty faced, limp wristed last bid condemned us to four more years of the fundamental changer. If every conservative/Republican/sane person gets behind Trump he’ll win in a landslide despite what the mainstream media, otherwise known as hillary’s drooling liberal groupie horde, tell you. Why do you think they’re falling all over themselves to paint him a racist, nationalist, islamaphobe.
    That little trick has carried them through eight years and there to stupid to realize we’re on to them.

  164. Don’t even think about it, your a loser.!!!!!!!

  165. Romney is a three time looser and let Obama win in 2012 because the money people behind him told him to back off. It was Obama to win period. I would trust that Rat, Romney as far as I can spit. He attack Trump but didn’t have the guts to attack the magic Negro Obama when he had the chance. The American people were right not to vote for this coward.

  166. Republicans need to get off their high horses, the people don’t want them, they already showed that with the votes. They need to get behind the Peoples candidate or I for one, will NEVER vote for a republican again.

  167. Mr Romney , Please be your families president and stay out of the way of American Citizens. We have made our choice, Donald Trump… If you do this you will garuantee Killary the white house, Please be quiet.

  168. Crawl back under the rock you were under 4 years ago Romney you loser POS!

    • I can not understand why he hates Donald Trump so much , Mabe he is jealous and that is Not the way of a true Christian, so he must be of the worlds antichrist.

  169. Romney again? Never, never, never, not in this lifetime!!!

  170. IgnoreTheFools

    I also voted for Romney over Bummer, I might have voted for Goofy over Bummer. Romney had no backbone during that test and now he d rather vote for that b:::h BroomHilda. He needs to shut his mouth and the American people need to vote for securing the border, throughly Vetting Anyone entering this country, putting people back to work

  171. The war is against Hillary, you idiot Mormon.
    Get behind Trump, or simply disappear with your special underwear.

  172. Egor von Johnson

    We don`t need no fuggin pussy in OUR HOUSE. Romney would`nt know a chicken turd from a tootsie roll.

  173. Egor von Johnson

    Trumps wife is better lookin and not chronically ill. Her legs go on foreva and eva. These are 3 reasons why that dumb dick hates Trump.

  174. Romney, go to sleep. You had your chance. If you had run from the start we might have voted for you. Using Bush as an excuse is not an excuse. Bush wasn’t even on my radar screen.

  175. You had your try and you f–ked it up!.

  176. Mitt Romney:
    Do this nation a favor and stay out! This coming election is not about what your family wants, it’s about all of the rest of us! You had your turn and blew it, we cannot afford you anymore! AND, stop sniping at Trump. This is not about assuaging your feelings, mister!

  177. 1-2-3…you’re out Mitt!

  178. Don’t bother Romney you’re a loser. If you tried as hard to get elected as you’re trying to get hilliery elected you might have done better against the great pretender.

  179. Why? Because you did so well last time? If you couldn’t beat Obama, you SURE as hell can’t beat Hillary. Give it up, Mitt. Go to Rio and run the summer games. . . . .

  180. He should stay home and spend some time with his dog instead of keeping him in a cage on top of his car. He’s just another establishment phony.

  181. Raven Catherine Feher

    Romney, no one wants you so get lost.

  182. TexanForever29

    Mitt, don’t go away mad…just go away!! PLEASE!

  183. Egor von Johnson

    What a dumb POS thinking this announcement is a feeler, Jump into the crocodile pit if jumping anywhere. Walks like a Penquin as well. Think milk and cookies. sugar and spice with everything nice. No BALLS! PERIOD!!

  184. His family might want him to run but he don’t stand a chance in Hell to beat out Hitler-y. He disappointed those of us that voted for him before and there’s no chance anyone would vote for him again especially against HER. I also remember his wife stating on one email that if he ran again he would be the first President that was divorced. And for sure the rest of us consider we are “divorced” from him because he was such a poor nominee and wouldn’t stand up to Ovomit. This action would only for sure put HER in the WH.

  185. Dont even try Romney, I voted for you before never ever again.

  186. Robert A Hartman

    A FAILURE is trying to run again?? Is his family REALLY telling him to run?? I don’t think so, he’s just making it up. His family knows what a loser he is. Can you picture him a president, I don’t and neither is the whole country!

  187. Must be he doesn’t get his share of the proceeds as the country is destroyed unless he helps the Democommies destroy it even more than he already has.

  188. Gloria Bouillion

    I doubt if his own family would vote for this LOSER. He’s delusional, if he thinks America wants him, we are not slow like this Rino TRAITOR. Can’t stand to even see him on the news. I also held my nose for this LOSER when I voted in 2008! Unpatriotic Romney can’t support the Republican nominee. Go home Romney we don’t need another Ryan.

  189. He and his family have to be kidding. He hasn’t got the testicles he lost the last time so no way could he win against anyone and has none of the truly great skills and abilities of Trump. Stay home, Romney, and do whatever you do there because no way would any of us have voted for you ever again when you let us down the last time. To many of us you are the typical bought and paid for establishment creep and we have had way too much of them and why we are voting for Trump, the only reasonable and viable candidate to win our America back. You are not viable!

  190. best thing for to do is to sideline himself.we don’t need a asshole like him running.

  191. Instead of ROMNEY jumping in the the race, he should shut up and jump into the lake.

  192. He had his shot…now he needs to get lost!

  193. No, you had Obama on the ropes and choked !!!!

  194. He must have Alshimers, not spelled correctly, Why would a man want to give the election to Hillary if he was in his right man. The American People want Trump. His family needs to have him commited.

  195. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!

  196. “…he’s just another bitter Republican making it more difficult for the party…” Author of this article–You’ve got that right!! Why can’t Romney be a better man than that? Back off!!

  197. He’s a little late to enter the game now. Looks to me like he wants to help Hitlery!

  198. disqus_e1rjNMkUay

    Only the Family. Wouldn’t work anyway.

  199. Romney had his chance & blew it. After Trump supported him, he turns on Trump. if this is the way Romney works, I’d hate to be his friend.

  200. Robert Kahlcke

    Is it true Romney is running michelle obama ?

  201. If you have any sense at all you will stay out of it. No one will vote for you!

  202. Mitt, you are a laughable moron, has-been. The ONLY reason your family would want you to run is that they’re so tired of looking at that stupid face all day long.

  203. If you did Romney, you would cave at the tough questions and hillary would win. We do not need hillary and we surely do not need you. Your time has come and gone.

  204. MITTENS ROMNEY,it’s NOT what you or your family want, concerning the U.S. Presidency, but ALL about what the American people want which…..IS NOT YOU!!!!!

  205. Oh hell no, Loser. “We the People” want NOTHING to do with you. When YOU refuse to support the Republican nominee, why the hell would Republicans or Independents support your dumb asz.
    Go away, Romney. NOBODY wants you.

  206. You are delusional Mr. Romney. You had your chance, leave it in the past and get on with your life. You aren’t strong or tough enough to handle the mess this country is in.


  208. It’s simple–the people want Trump– start accepting that–it’s reality

  209. I regret that I voted for him… unless it would have kept Barack Hussein from being re-elected. But, for the fact that this man of no integrity… lost his testicles in the third debate… when he could have put Barack Hussein away with hitting him, on what the public had started to become aware of Barack’s lies about the real reason and the lack of integrity on the part of Barack and Killary to allow for the murder and gang rape of the Americans in the Embassy in Benghazi… BUT HE DID NOT EVEN BREATHE THE WORD BENGHAZI… HE IS A COWARD… AND HE NEEDS TO SHUT THE F*** UP! YOU JERK… AS THE COWARD YOU ARE… YOU GAVE US FOUR MORE YEARS OF BARACK HUSSEIN AND ARE NOW IN THE PROCESS OF TEEING IT UP FOR KILLARY. SHUT UP. GO AWAY. EITHER ENDORSE THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE OR SHUT UP!!!!!!! YOU ARE A COWARD.


  211. Camille Gilliam

    I agree with Louman, totally. Romney gave the election to Obama, I sent an email that if he would have used it , it would have really helped him. It was about Socialism, a woman that lived thru Austria being taken over by the Germans and what happened. It really showed what Socialism is, and it is not fun.

  212. Stay as you are. I voted for you once and you fizzled out.

  213. His family wants him to run? What about the REST of the country!

  214. After your defection of what the American People want, and your attempts to undermine Trump’s run, you will not get one penny from me.


  216. Say good night Mitt. We’re all trying to forget you.

  217. Rom is a wanna be 3 time loser. He did not have the guts or drive to run last time and now he thinks he can just walk in and be crowned? He likes Obama more than Trump, some Republican.

  218. Milton W. Lowe

    The fact is your family is just as stupid as you are…you were a miserable failure in 2012 & you are a meddler now…you should just take your family on a long vacation & get this notion that anyone in the USA wants you to be our leader…Kapish?

  219. I voted for him for less reasons than I would vote for Trump! Romney should wake up and stop dreaming about his family electing him to anything!

  220. Nice piece. I couldn’t agree more. It’s beyond time for Mr. Romney to ‘put a lid on it’. Many of us have had to swallow it and get with the new program and if Mr. Romney is unable or unwilling to do either, he needs to take a good look in the mirror and ask himself why he can’t find a productive hobby. I feel so inadequate now that I remember how excited I was to vote for him in 2012. Suck it up man, and get with the program or fade out.

  221. Are you proud of your self you made your family as stupid as you are and back stabbing trash

  222. Many politics are afraid if Donald Trump Win, because he will clean this Country. I will vote for Trump!!! Mr. Romney has to let Mr. Donald Trump do his work to save USA

  223. There is NO race for him to “jump into”. That race is over & it was won-fair & square, by Donald Trump! The only thing you could do, is hand this country to Hillary, for which you would NEVER, EVER be forgiven-by America, or God! You aren’t stupid, & you know what would happen, so STAY HOME WHERE YOU BELONG! We didn’t want you last time, although many of us voted for you, just to get Obama out. But we HAVE a candidate this time, who can & will do, what you couldn’t & wouldn’t!!!

  224. What a jerk Romney is. Self-aggrandizement does not become him.

    As if ANY regular citizen voter would give him a second glance…conservatives I know gag at the mention of his name.

  225. I can’t imagine enough Republicans would vote for him to get elected a dog catcher. He had his chance and didn’t care enough about it to “fight” the lies being spread about him. In other words he has already been proven a loser. During the primary’s the “establishment” candidates lost badly, all of them, to Donald Trump. That should tell them all they need to know but they won’t listen and they will alienate the millions who voted for Trump. The Republican establishment, as much as Democrat’s, will elect Hilary Clinton. God help us all.

  226. Vangie Martinez

    Understand this I AM VOTING FOR TRUMP. PERIOD. You had your chance and you choked. I won’t make the same mistake again. Plus you are a back stabbing Judas. Need I say more? I think not.

    • The only JUDAS here is you, Christ-killer.

      • Vangie Martinez

        When you say that to me, remember, to look in the Mirror and see you have 3 fingers pointing right back at you. If you didn’t read in the Bible it was every ones sins who killed Christ, but, again it was JESUS who is a Jew, that gave up HIS Life as the Sacrificial Lamb. And to note, you can not hurt me with your foolish words, I know that I and my sins are Washed in the Blood of the Lamb. I know who I am in HIM and I know that I stand Clean Before HIM, so, you and the enemy can not use condemning words against me, because, I know HIM and I know the Bible and I know THE TRUTH. Which brings me back again to your Witchcraft spirit that you are allowing to rule and reign your life. Another Curse that you have opened your self up to, Read it in the Book of Deuteronomy and Leviticus as well as the Book of Acts too, as well as you violating Genesis 12: 2-3. Sad Very Very Sad. I would suggest that you Repent of your Sin in Witchcraft and Renounce your dealings in Witchcraft and change your name to a more suitable True Blue Christian Believers Name instead of taking on something that is truly Demonic and that you have opened doors to the Demonic World.

        • The only demon worshiper is you, and the proof is that you couldn’t refute a single one of my arguments.

      • Vangie Martinez

        No I WORSHIP THE ONE TRUE AND ONLY SON OF GOD AND HIS NAME IS JESUS THE CHRIST. And THE ONLY SPIRIT IN ME IS THE HOLY SPIRIT OF THE ONE TRUE GOD THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB ie JACOB who was named ISRAEL who are JEWS. Who GOD gave the Land of Canaan to which is now called Israel. Really is that all you got? Pitiful very very Pitiful but that’s what I can expect from one who tries to mix Witchcraft in with Christianity and thinks that you can get away with it. Sad:(

        • If you are right then post some scripture that proves it. I have done nothing but provide the truth as provided in the word of the LORD. You have only provided dubious claims with no cited references.

          • Vangie Martinez

            Sit down with THE HOLY SPIRIT and a Bible A New American Standard Bible it’s in Plain English and A Strong’s Concordance, Ask GOD, JESUS and THEY HOLY SPIRIT to show you if I am wrong or not. Look up the information your self. I don’t need to Prove anything to you if you want the Truth, which you don’t, you will look it up yourself and do the Research, Your self.

          • So you cannot post any evidence that backs up your claims? None at all? If so then it can only be assumed that you are lying.

            Also the ‘New American Standard Bible’ is based on the annotations of C.I. Scofield, who was a LAWYER, not a theologian, priest, or even a deacon, who was divorced several times and was disbarred for his dishonorable and criminal conduct. He was paid by Jewish Rabbis and rabid Zionists to essentially rewrite the bible with notes that painted Jews in a favorable light. His depraved and demonic ravings cannot be trusted. The only translation that a Christian should ever trust is the King James Version.

            Also, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit are all one and the same, so you shouldn’t speak of the LORD of Hosts as if he were 3 separate entities. That is extremely blasphemous.

          • Vangie Martinez

            Sure I can, but, I am not going to do your home work for you. And they are ONE but they are also THREE DIFFERENT ENTITIES. If they Weren’t how come in the Book of Genesis that they said “LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR OWN IMAGE”? That there tells you GOD is a PLURAL, MORE THEN ONE. And how come FATHER GOD AND THE HOLY SPIRIT was in Heaven and JESUS HIMSELF said that when HE goes Home HE will send Another After HIM ie THE HOLY SPIRIT? How come THE HOLY SPIRIT is here on Earth with those who have JESUS in their Hearts and THE HOLY SPIRIT is here with us until the 2nd Coming of JESUS, when THE CHURCH ie TRUE BLUE BELIEVING CHRISTIANS who are Both JEWS AND GENTILE’S are taken away and THE HOLY SPIRIT IS GOING WITH THEM? You know I don’t think you really know the LORD JESUS or FATHER GOD or THE HOLY SPIRIT. You have no Personal Relationship with HIM or THEM Individually, you only have your Legalistic Pharisee Religious Witchcraft Mindset. Which also explains why you are mixing Witchcraft with Christianity. Can’t do that very Dangerous. Like I said you do the Research I am not doing it for you. I already know THE TRUTH THE LIFE AND THE WAY and I have a Personal Relationship with GOD and HIS SON and HIS HOLY SPIRIT because they are all three the Same but yet Individual Entities ie Individual Personalities of the GOD HEAD, No blasphemy here. But again when you sit down and ask HIM and Look it up your self in the Bible and a Strong’s Concordance then you will get it. Until then keep being in your Ignorance because you are not interested in THE TRUTH your only interested in using the Bible as a Sword to hurt People with, not to Help them or to Heal them or to Deliver them from Sin and Hell.

          • So, instead of providing any evidence of your LUDICROUS claims, you simply continue to lie. I cannot say that I am surprised.

            It is also typically Jewish of you to accuse me of witchcraft – when or where did I promote witchcraft? Don’t you know slander is a mortal sin? Also, how can you deny the oneness of God and the Holy Trinity whilst proclaiming to be a Christian? This also proves that you are a blasphemer and a heretic.

          • Vangie Martinez

            No not lying, but, you on the other hand would prefer to live a lie instead of seeing if all that I have told you is the Truth. You know I had a very good Preacher that would always tell us, “Don’t believe what I tell you up here in a Sermon, do the Research your self and Prove it to be Right or Wrong”. I gave you a lot of good information to do your own Home Work and I know I am right, I don’t have to Prove it to you or any one else, but, you have to look for it your self and see that I am right. I already know I am and I am not afraid for you to sit down with your Bible and a Strong’s Concordance and look it up your self. Even to sit down with the Bible and Read it from Front to Back or to Read each Book in Chronological Order ie the way it was suppose to be in Order until King James switched certain Books of the Old Testament around where they are not in Chronological Order. Funny how that is, I wonder why he did that. Any way the New Testament is in the Chronological Order, but ,not the Old Testament. Any way read each Book by Book and Chapter by Chapter do a word study like Witch Craft from the Old Testament to the New Testament and then you will get into GOD’S Head and see what HE was really thinking and why HE did certain things or allowed certain things. Gee you might even learn about HIS LOVE , MERCY and GRACE and may be, how to treat other People, like the Jews for instance with LOVE instead of a Heart of Hate. Enjoy your Journey of Studying to see that I am Right and you are Wrong. But again I won’t hold my Breath on it.

          • Still will not post so much as a single verse to prove your FALSE doctrine, Jew? More proof that you are lying, because I have posted plenty of verses, cited and referenced, and it only took me 3-4 minutes to do so each time. Also, you haven’t provided so much as a single reference or verse for me to look up, just a bunch of dubious claims that Jews are some sort of master race. You are a heretic and a blasphemer and anti-Christ.

          • Vangie Martinez

            Deal with it I am not doing your home work for you.

  227. I do too, Willard…except I spell ‘race’: L-A-K-E.

  228. His family may want him to jump in to the race, little willy Krystal would like Mr. Romney to jump in to the race, I do NOT want him anywhere near the race.

  229. The Donald is ‘racy’ enough for anybody.

  230. You gave us Obama Romney and now you want to give us Hillary! Stay home!

  231. Gary Von Neida

    I voted fro You the last time;but refuse to again. I will vote for a winner, Donald Trump. If You run it will help that witch Hillary.Don’t be another R.I.N.O., please.

  232. I guess his family is the only ones wanting him to ran. He’ll be giving the election to Hillary. He’s a loser and UT. need to vote him out.

  233. The office of the President is not a road trip or a family vacation. Whether your wife and kids want you to run is of no importance but whether Mitt himself wants to run. More important is whether America wants him to run for President. On the later I think not. For better or for worst the rise of Trump is in direct proportion to Romney’s feckless campaigning style.

  234. His family is just as arrogant and stupid as he is to think the people want him.

  235. Hey mittens I would suggest you JUMP off the nearest bridge

  236. Karen Samulcek

    I want you to jump off a bridge.

  237. Go ahead mitt. It won’t make any difference in the final outcome. We all know who wins. You getting in the race just makes the cover up of fraud so much easier to spin! We have less than 2 years to prepare for what is coming. Why is it that TRUTH is so hard to understand and a LIE is so easy for people to accept? Those who will survive will be those that take heed to the truth!!!

  238. So his family wants him to run… Hmm Its pretty clear America wanted him to run. A long Run off a short Pier with Leg weighs attached.

  239. Then either jump or shut up. Become a part of the family problem that helps Clinton to win.


  241. No way Jose would I vote for him (you) again

  242. Romney as a politician is a loser. Shut your pie hole go home & stay there.

  243. well your family might but most of the rest of America wants you out of politics all together we have the nominee we need and he’s the president America needs …go TRUMP 2016 go hillary to prison 2016 and obama you no where you can go and you can take Romney with you

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Your Hillary dreams of her going to prison are just that…dreams. Take a deep breath and calm yourself.

  244. i wonder how much money the dem. and killary is paying him to jump in the race to try to beat TRUMP so killary would have a chance of winning

  245. Hey Mitty how about you jump in a lake with a sewer grate around your neck instead

  246. Romney……can’t say it doesn’t run in the family…………….

  247. Hey NEWS FLASH Mitt….your family are pretty much the only ones that want you to run you Rino jack azz!

  248. Linda Abernathy

    Romney is part of the group for “Never Trump” along with Lindsey Graham and McCain. So those traitors would rather have Hillary as president than follow Trump, so stupid! I never voted for Obama, he appeared to me then as he does now except worse. He MUST think we are idiots, does nothing to stop terrorism and letting refugees but blames it all on gun violence, obamacare is pathetic. I absolutely feel he was in total cahoots with Hillary on the Benghazi death lie and the emailgate! I know I love my country but I certainly am not feeling love right now!
    Trump 2016™

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Yea, John McCain is real traitor. You have the temerity to call a former prisoner of war who was tortured or otherwise a traitor!?! Although I’m a Democrat and no fan of McCain’s political positions, I certainly don’t wish him ill…that’s absolutely sick even for a conservative! You F*UCKING SUCK!

      • Here he is again with another classy potty mouth comment. If only you could articulate without interjection foul language! No, too much of a challenge?

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Hey “Fucker of your mother’s puckered anus,”
          No matter what shit I write, whatever foul words and disgusting things I write, none of it is as profane as what conservatives stand for. Now do you get it you dumb shit goat fucker?

  249. Does Romney mean “save them” like when he ran against Obama, slaughtered the slug in the first debate and then took a vacation on the moon or Mars.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      That’s what Republicants do, they turn tail and run like the fucking wind at the first sign of trouble! It’s LIBERALS who ALWAYS have to come and effectively clean up the little children’s (i.e. conservatives) messes.

      • Oh! and another liberal heard from with a mouth like some sewer and, it appears, a mind to match one. Do you all go for cursing and vulgarity coaching at the same school? Don’t worry about cleaning up honey, you’ve got so much dirt to work on around you that you’ll be busy for a good long time to come?

  250. Get lost you lost it last time!

  251. I also vote for him the last time because I did not 4 more years of Obama. I saw him as another Obama but not as bad. Hell would freeze over before I would ever vote for him again.

  252. Romney, PISS OFF you choking lying, LOSER! You won’t get on iota of my support. You sucked 4 years ago and you a$$ hole, you SUCK NOW!

  253. I guess the saying “once a loser, always a loser” – but how many times do you have to be a loser before you finally admit – they don’t like me. Suck it up – Trump doesn’t want you either. You’ve stashed enough money away for you and your family to be comfortable – you don’t need to make another couple million running for President again – even if the Establishment wants you to run.

  254. Stay the hell out. We don’t want you.

  255. Don’t listen to your family….you already proved you are a loser….couldn’t even stand up to Candy Crowly

  256. You lost Romney. Your 15 minutes of fame are done and gone. BTW why does your son command your action? Who is he anyway? Less notorious than you Mitt. Don’t go away mad just go away and let the world go on without you!

  257. Your family might but the rest of America does not want you in politics in any way, shape or form. You were a spineless wimp when we needed you, this time we are voting for a man with real courage. We want a man who has proved himself and that is NOT you !

  258. Donald J. Trump is working to unite the Republican party and to fix what has been broken so badly in our Nation. He is tirelessly working and sacrificing to make America Great Again . Mitt Romney is whining while Donald J. Trump is winning. That dear fellow Americans is why Romney was a looser last time, and the time before. He is a weak , petty ,whiner ,with illusions of greatness floating in his head. Mitt Romney should grow up and either get on board and work to help Mr. Trump and the American people that support Mr. Trump and the party , or get the heck off his rear end and admit that he supports Hillary Clinton. Any Republican that can not put aside their own pitiful wish’s and see that they can’t continue to play politics as usual now unless they plan to retire from politics, or they support Hillary and the demo Rats .

  259. Mynickelsworth

    The family may want you, be thankful for that because the Country does NOT want you in Washington. You are a RINO Loser politically.

  260. I hate to admit I voted for this looser in 2012, Just go back to your Utah Cult and leave a real American have a Chance.

  261. If Republicans slick Romney in as the representative, you will see the lowest turnout of voters in modern times. These power brokers will do anything to wield power and authority – in both parties, Socialist party A or B care not what constituents want.

  262. I am sorry I ever voted for Mitt after the way he has treated Mr. Trump. I have lost all respect for this guy. He is certainly not a Godly man as he portrays himself. I have hundreds of friends and they all feel the same way. He would lose miserably if he ran again after the way he has acted. Go vote for Hillary and stay away from all of the American people.

  263. mittens shows us that all Mormons do not have real integraty but do have massive ego problems

  264. I would vote for him again, but not as a spoiler for those that are currently in the race. He lost the last race because he didn’t engage the populace effectively, and I would not see that changing in this environment.

  265. I too voted for Romney, one of the wussiest guys you could ask for. He was too weak and was not a fighter. He should have won that election….and although just an overblown pussy, he would still be better than BO. If he gets into the race again, a very stupid move, he will be mince meat against Clinton. Could be wrong. I certainly would never vote for him again either.

  266. I agree with Louman. I voted for him last time but he showed his britches when he went against Trump. I would not vote for him again if he were the only one on the ballot.

  267. Romney would not make a good sized pimple on Trump’s ass.





  271. But I just want him to go jump in the nearest lake and don’t bother coming back up!

  272. your better off jumping into a swimming pool

  273. No, no, and no! This boob could not and would not even argue with Obama. He is a GOP squish.

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