Romney Heading to the Senate with an Anti-Trump Attitude

Well, it’s (all but) official: Mitt Romney is heading back to Washington. Or, at least, he will be if he can secure a victory in the 2020 race to replace the retiring Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah. And, given Romney’s popularity in the state and the lack of meaningful Democratic competition, is a very probably scenario.

According to The New York Times, Utah Governor Gary Herbert has confirmed that his pal Romney will indeed make a play for the Senate. “Let’s not be coy about this,” Herbert said to one of Romney’s friends. “If he’s going to run, let’s go. If not, we need to find somebody else to run, and there’s people that have been trying to queue up for the opportunity.”

Romney directly texted Herbert shortly thereafter with a simple message: “I’m running.”

As the Daily Wire points out, we don’t really even need to take the governor’s word for it:

If his electronic communications didn’t confirm his intentions, however, his schedule for this week certainly does. Romney is expected to attend two high-profile events – a meeting of the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce and a local Utah tech conference – something the private citizen Romney is not typically interested in.

When Hatch announced his retirement several weeks ago, most pundits speculated Romney would jump into the race. After all, Hatch has said several times that he wouldn’t leave the Senate seat he held for three decades in the hands of just anyone. He openly declared Romney to be his successor, even though at around 70 years of age, Romney isn’t that much younger than Hatch.

In their piece, the Times wondered if Romney would run as a Trump “friend or foe.” But if there was any doubt about that question – and there wasn’t much – then Romney himself cleared it up with a tweet on Monday.

“The poverty of an aspiring immigrant’s nation of origin is as irrelevant as their race. The sentiment attributed to POTUS is inconsistent w/ America’s history and antithetical to American values,” wrote Romney. “May our memory of Dr. King buoy our hope for unity, greatness, & ‘charity for all.’”

Super duper.

Just what this country needs: Another lame Republican who thinks it’s his mission in life to “save” the party from the evils of Trumpism. Romney has already proven to be one of Trump’s most outspoken GOP critics, and we’re sure he’ll take that post seriously when and if he arrives on Capitol Hill. We suppose Utah voters have the right to pick whomever they want to represent their state, but it would be nice if they could find someone who won’t throw a wrench into the agenda we’re all trying to accomplish here.

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  1. Once an Elite Politician, always an Elite Politician.

    Romney is proof of that. I like Romney but I no longer trust him to do what the people need over what the Elites want.

    So here is my prediction. The election results in Utah will be similar to the Hillary/Bernie results in CA. 100% of the people could vote for an Unknown Tea Party candidate (think Bernie in CA) and Romney (Think Hillary in CA) will win by a margin of 52% to 48%.

    I hate to be so skeptical but that is how the Elites role. The Elites count the votes…

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    • davesnrakleberger

      i’d support a primary candidate running against Romney.

    • I’ve been at this for YEARS and I have still no clear idea who you mean by “Elites.” The people who RUN things? Then everyone who gets ELECTED, whether to the local city council or as President, is an “elite.” But that city council member COULD be a BUM (so could a President, come to that! Just look at Obama, or Clinton!). Anyone who EARNS more than the average worker? Well, OK, Romney does — BUT WHAT ABOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP (who is several TIMES as rich as Romney!)?

      This is a republic. We ELECT our government, although I am willing to agree we have WAY too many UN-elected bureaucrats telling us how to run our lives. But compared with…almost ANYWHERE…we STILL have more control over our government than most people around the world ever do. Sure, most of us take orders from someone at work. There’s not a business in the world that doesn’t have a hierarchy of SOME kind, no matter HOW democratic they think they are. But it has been proven many times that there’s no more efficient way to RUN a business, so what are you going to do?

      Start your own business — and build your own hierarchy? And somewhere down in the bowels of your company, SOMEONE will be thinking, “I’ve gotta get OUT of this nest of ELITES and go out on my own!” And some day as a business owner, you’ll have to face the reality that SOME divisions of your company are top-heavy and SOME employees are going to have to go. Terrible, but either you let 10 people go or the business goes under, and maybe 100 people lose THEIR jobs. And anyway, whether you have to fire anyone or do “attrition” or what, SOMEONE will think YOU are part of “the Elite.”

      In other words, those big, bad “elites” may one day be YOU, or your spouse, or the guy/gal you report to at work….THERE IS NO ESTABLISHED “ELITE.” It RE-CREATES ITSELF ALMOST EVERY DAY, certainly every year.

      As to counting the votes, that’s usually done nowadays by computers, not people. Now THAT’s a whole different KIND of elite! And election fraud doesn’t happen at the vote-COUNTING end of the process. It happens (and it DOES happen) in the REGISTRATION process, where some people register at several addresses, or political organizations do it for them, and in the process of getting voters TO THE POLLS (or to vote by absentee/mail-in ballot), which is the MOST susceptible to cheating. POST-VOTING fraud is pretty rare these days (thanks to all those computers!).

      • Excellent post and excellent questions. Let me be the first to admit that I do not have all the answers.

        Who are the Elites? It is so hard to tell isn’t it? We keep sending good people into DC and at some point they turn into an Elite Politician. I even had a hard time naming them. As both Republicans and Democrats turn into Elite Politicians and they hide behind the labels of Democrats and Republicans.

        So when does a Republican Politician turn into an Elite Politician? I think it is when they quit working for the People that sent them there, and start working for the Elite Political class that is hell bent on controlling the people.
        I have posted this many times..

        Elite Democrat Politicians = Elite Republican Politicians = Elite MEDIA =
        Liberal Progressive Big Government Communists.

        Big Government is just another form of Communism. Both the people work for the Government.

        The Elites have fundamentally transformed our country from:

        Of the People, By the People, and For the People,


        Of the Elites, By the Elites, and For the Control of the People by the

        This is Communism. The elites are the traitors.

        There are still people within our Government that are still working FOR the
        people, but we must root out all the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

        • Good reply, but I don’t think it’s possible to pinpoint when that grand transformation — from working for the PEOPLE to working for the “political class.” To start with, the “political class” IS the people; just those who got elected to public office. But if we decide EVERY elected politician is part of the “elite,” HOW DO WE CONTINUE AS A REPUBLIC?

          We’re SUPPOSED to be able to elect people we approve of and then put our faith in THEM to do what we elected them FOR. Otherwise, the “Republic” is GONE. Also, you have to recognize that what looks to YOU like an elected Republican is putting the “elite” ahead of the ‘people,” he or she may see their actions as BEST FOR THE PEOPLE. Unfortunately, there’s no guidebook or manual that identifies the point at which a politicians’s will replaces the public will. And of course the PUBLIC WILL covers a LOT of ground, because the public WILL NOT ALL AGREE on much of ANYTHING. You or I may think — oh, let’s say illegal immigration — is AGAINST the public will, but someone else MIGHT believe that we have a DUTY to accept as many immigrants, legal or not, as we can squeeze in the door. Of course they’re WRONG, but SOME official might think they’re RIGHT. So HOW do we impose OUR version of “right” over theirs? (Remember, the people fighting to bring the illegals in are NOT, themselves, illegal. They’re often natural-born citizens, maybe with guilt complexes.)

          I don’t agree that “big government is just another form of Communism” — I spent some time in Eastern Europe in the Bad Old Days (mostly Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania) and I can tell your even “soft” communism in the last years before the USSR fell was MUCH worse than ANYTHING that happens HERE, or ever DID. Big government may be a STEP ON THE PATH toward Communism, although today there’s a cliff at the end of that path and those exploring it just FALL OFF into the sea (or something: metaphors aren’t my thing).

          Again, “Of the Elites, By the Elites, and For the Control of the People by the Elites…” is NOT communism, and since every American is entitled to express his/her own political opinion, however outrageous or wrong-headed, it’s NOT TREASON, either. PLEASE don’t throw terms like those around — you make ALL conservatives look like lunatics when you do. Communism is something VERY different, and Treason involves ONLY an effort to OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT BY FORCE OF VIOLENCE, not just having stupid economic thoughts in one’s head.

          • Again you are correct, it is very hard to pinpoint when the “grand transformation” happens, if it is possible at all.

            I would say that if we find that EVERY Politician has turned to the dark side then I would say it is time to throw the baby out with the bath water and start over. But I did say that there were still good people within the political ranks that are still working for the people and not for the control of the people, and I hope and pray that we do not come to that fork in the road.

            I did not say it would be easy, but then again, rooting out spies within an organization is a very hard thing to do and basically that is what I think needs to be done.

            While I am sorry that you don’t agree that big government is just another form of Communism I am heartened by your recognition that big government leads towards Communism and that the transition sometimes happens as fast as falling off the cliff.

            There are many slippery slopes and this is one cliff that I hope to avoid. My posts are no more than a warning, an attempt to wake people to what I feel is happening to us.

            So until you or someone else comes up for a better term for what is happening to America, and a better way of explaining the transition of our government from Of the People, By the People, and For the People, to Of the Elites, By the Elites, and for the control of the people, I shall continue to call Big Government just another form of Communism… I apologize if this makes you uncomfortable.

            If you have better terms for what is happening, I am listening.

            God Bless, this has been a very informative conversation.

          • Ha, ha, ha! It’s Star Wars are you Luke or Jabba Binks? I suspect the latter.
            America is stuffed because some idiots repealed the Glass-Steagall Act which led to moronic lending practices as regulation went out of the window – sensible countries will only lend three to four times income or 80-90% of value of property. america hit eleven times and 200% of value.
            This mistake will cost the population two generations to fix – no matter who is in power. suck it up buttercup! America is now the world’s joke, influence has disappeared, respectability has been buried. At least America will not be sticking its nose into none of its business, nor funding despots and dictators because they think it is a good idea.
            On the bright side America is giving everybody a good laugh having elected a complete buffoon who acts like a hill-billy, red-neck ingrate. He’s officially funnier than Kim of N Korea. Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. America does NOT NEED ROMNEY…one more RINO is too many!! UTAH find another candidate and help MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN… Romney is a loser and Elite…part of the Swamp…

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    • AGREED! “lester Milquetoast” need to GO AWAY. We need a FIGHTER not an anti-TRUMP “covert” DEMOCOMMUNIST (RINO) BUTT-KISSER.

    • Hopefully, somebody will have the courage to run against him.

      • And IF someone runs against him, it will take MUCH more than courage — mostly MONEY (which Romney is willing to spend on his own campaign, as President Trump spent his own money on HIS campaign). For another candidate it would take financing by the national Republican party — which means money that might otherwise go to help a less-well-financed candidate in a state we BADLY NEED to win. It will also take TIME for another candidate to build an organization in Utah, where Romney HAS one but nobody else does.
        As a SENATOR (not as a candidate running for President AGAINST Trump), Romney will probably support President Trump 80% of the time — the Democrat who is likely to win if Romney DOESN’T run would support the President maybe 10-20% of the time. Which is better? 80% support or 20%?
        Don’t always look for the “perfect” candidate — he/she almost never EXISTS. Look for a candidate WHO CAN WIN and will appreciate the support of conservatives who didn’t think he WAS perfect, but supported him anyway. That’s Romney. That’s why the White House political operation is ALREADY in his corner. That’s also why NOBODY ELSE (no Republican, anyway) is going to run unless Romney says “No.”

        • The Establishment who support Romney does NOT support Trump at all. They begged everybody and gave money to everybody to beat Trump. They didn’t support Trump even during the general election, so why would Romney who didn’t support Trump then either???

          • You’re WRONG. During the 2016 campaign, the so-called “establishment” — which NOBODY has successfully defined! — was SPLIT. SOME supported Trump, some DIDN’T. ROMNEY was a candidate in the SAME race, so OF COURSE he supported HIMSELF before Trump. But he’s NOT a sore loser, and he was prepared to make peace with Trump once he’d won the nomination. Trump was a bit slow to take his support and run with it. Then, frankly, Romney — who NEVER uses bad language or curses — was appalled by Trump in person, and said so. Maybe that was impolitic, but he (Romney) IS a Mormon and takes that kind of thing more seriously than most of us do nowadays. But Romney DID support Trump in the general election campaign — Trump didn’t ASK him to make speeches.
            BTW, what the HELL is the “Establishment” nowadays? Rich people? — What about our President, who is FOUR OR FIVE TIMES AS RICH AS ROMNEY? Business leaders? Again, WHAT ABOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP (he surely qualifies as a business leader!). The old Yankee aristocracy? They’re mostly DEAD. Party LEADERS? Well, then, PRESIDENT TRUMP is THE party leader, bar none, so HE must be the leader of the Establishment. The word is used all the time, but NEVER DEFINED, and it COULD mean almost ANYTHING.

          • Bullshit Mitt Romney is a sore loser and hates what President Trump stands for Mitt Romney does not nor will he ever stand up for America and I would never vote for the Rino POS.

          • Romney quit on America before and he will again. If he won’t support Trump 100% of the time we don’t want him.

          • If you know Romney so well, why don’t YOU know that Romney was never running for President against Trump??? Romney ran for President in 2008 and 2012, and Trump has only run for President in 2016. So now why did Romney go after Trump AFTER Trump gave him a big donation in 2012 and supported Romney then. But, NO, Romney didn’t care one bit about how much Trump supported him when he ran, he was going after Trump because he is in cahoots with the Establishment to stop Trump. Who are the Establishment? Just look at all the top people in the House and Senate, McCain, Corker, Flake, the Senator from Oklahoma. All these people and many more are part of the Establishment who want to control our country. They are scared to death of Trump because they cannot control him and they are still trying to take Trump down. They will and have voted for Democrats, including Hillary the horrible, against voting for Trump. That is how scared that Trump will find out all the corruption they have been involved in and that Trump will go after them. He has already started, thank God, and that’s why we need Donald Trump and definitely no RINOS who are in the hands of the Establishment because they believe the Establishment will always win. Too bad you haven’t read all the flip flop comments Romney has made in his political past which means we cannot trust his word at all. He says whatever it takes to get elected, and then, like I said, he in conjunction with the Establishment will run against Trump in 2020 to stop him They will do whatever it takes to beat Trump and Romney will be part of it because he learned in 2008 that if you are not a favorite of the Elite Establishment, you cannot win the nomination., We all saw the Establishment trying to steal the nomination from Trump and used Ted Cruz to do that which means that Ted Cruz will do anything to win too and his word cannot be trusted. YOU need to learn more about the Establishment, the RINOS and the Democrats and learn that they will do everything they can to make Trump look bad so that he wion’t win in 2020. I believe God put Trump in office and pray that He will do so again in 2020 to save our country from Democrats, the MSM, and the RINO ELITE REPUBLICANS in Congress.

          • mornan thats why he sas more than one wife ,by the way romney how many wifes do you still have to day ,what about the mexican woman ?

          • I would define the ‘Establishment’ as those affiliated with gov’t making politics their lifelong career and consider gov’t the leader of the people instead of the people the body of the gov’t.

        • Mitt Romney will never support President Trump he’s more RINO/democrat then anything else.

          • “… he’s more RINO/democrat then anything else.” The word “then” is a time signifier; “than” is the comparative word. When will Republicans actually get smart enough to use their native language correctly? “…he’s more RINO/democrat THAN anything else.” is the proper English usage. You are just the one I’ve singled out. There are many many many more Republicans and even some Democrats who don’t know their own native language. Sad.

          • So, you are an English teacher? Nobody cares how it is typed, we don’t want Mitt anywhere near DC.

          • sence you spell so good and put every thing in tex so good why dont we just call you and let you t ype it all for us wise gye.

          • This is not English class demwit. Go teach the English language to some immigrant.

        • Romney is a joke.

        • RightWriter, you are full of it! Romney would do everything possible to sabotage Trump! We would be better off with a real Democrat than fight with Romney! Do you people forget what Romney did when Trump was in the primaries?

      • Lets hope so.

        • UTAH please get rid of romney hes trying to kill your state with over running it with illegals to pull youre city to its knees,you will half to pay for all there welfair whines that wont work and your kids will starve.

    • Well said,

      Elite Democrat Politicians = Elite Republican Politicians = Elite MEDIA = Liberal Progressive Big Government Communists.
      Big Government is just another form of Communism. Both the people work for the Government.
      The Elites have fundamentally transformed our country from:
      Of the People, By the People, and For the People,
      Of the Elites, By the Elites, and For the Control of the People by the Elites…
      This is Communism. The elites are the traitors.
      There are still people within our Government that are still working FOR the people, but we must root out all the wolves in sheep’s clothing.
      I feel the MEDIA is the Elites most powerful tool, that is why I started

      • Oh …Good grief…the parrots back….ahahahahahhahahah

        • oh…. Good grief, your posts are made out of desperation. If you could have refuted me by now you would have… but alas, you insult and ridicule.
          You are boring… Be warned that old dead Alinsky said not to boring and you being boring is a sign of weakness. And you know what happens when a Lefty gets weak? They are eaten by other Lefties…

          • As are you – never refuted am I. You? Always!!!!!!!!!!!

          • More crap from the libtard.

          • Never voted center-left and you remain dumb as a box full of hammers.

          • Nice one you up vote yourself. Who cares about you. Ignore the ignoramus. Besides hammers are smarter than you and they also have a purpose.

          • I’m here to correct the ignorant with facts – I’ve never been refuted with a reputable reference. Thanks!

          • You are demented. A narcissist of the highest order. Ignore the ignoramus.

          • you are an ignoranus…..

          • Nah in case you have not noticed the country is doing great under Trump. Economy is stupendous. Look what Apple just did. Follow the money.

          • economy was well under way under President Obama-Trump should thank Obama-

          • Ovommit never grew the economy over 2% in his 8 years. He was technically a dumb ass when it came to running a real business and he couldn’t even run the govetnment business but he knew a lot about the business of community agitator!!! I am thanking Trump for finally seeing my investments swell, which never happened under ovommit.

          • Delusional much. Funny but it never happened under Obama’s watch but keep thinking that way. It happened when Trump reversed everything that Obama did by executive order. You are not paying attention but that is typical of your kind.

          • “my kind” Bigoted much?

            BTW-Here’s the real story of the stock market which President Obama seldom mentioned because he wasn’t a blow hard ,bragging con man…


          • You are OFF THE WALL. so uninformed…pitiful…

          • Bigoted with politifact much? Posting the facts makes one a bigot? Hardly.
            BTW Obama was only President in the last 70 years the did not maintain above a 3% GDP for over a year. BTW he never had anything to brag about but he sure did brag about the the supposed number of jobs that were created. No bragging, in you dreams.

          • That’s irrelevant – what power does a President have over the economy? What power does any President have? None! Duh!

          • Sir…what rock did you crawl out from under? OBAMA being responsible for the Economy now? Good grief. Trump just unleased all the dumb things Obama did to destroy this country and NOW with things going great…YOU are claiming it is because of OBAMA?? Come on………………….

          • Economy is dire – nearly $21 trillion in debt. Imports outgrowing exports by 8% and the tax cuts according to the Republicans will add another $1.5 trillion to the debt. Whooo, let’s go bankrupt!
            Apple – got a deal on bringing money in, tax-wise, big deal. They are setting up more technical business which they have always done in the US, everything else is off-shore. Follow the details!!!! Dummy!

          • yep! sledge hammers!!

          • I noticed that the only up vote you got is still you.

          • Amuses me, confounds the retards – you’re on the list.

          • Only a retard would up vote themselves. OK come back with another stupid comment like it really matters.

          • What stupid comments; aside from my occasional irreverence and sarcasm I still remain never refuted, with reputable reference. Seems like I’m not the dummy – look in the mirror!

          • So you claim the only problem is that you are not smart enough to know if you were refuted or not. So anything you say is taken with a grain of salt.

          • No, I’ve never been refuted. No it’s or hat’s. It’s a fact!

          • Delusional much. So you claim, you and you alone.

          • Should be easy to disprove then. Duh!

          • Duh for your mentality. I would not waste my time.

          • So, you got nothing. Is that because you are a nothing, you amount to nothing or you have nothing? Or, all of the above?
            Ha, ha, ha! I just love you imbeciles, you crack me up. Go Trump, have a dump! Funny as!

          • Just in case you have not taken the time to notice, and I would never expect you to do that because you like to live in your delusional world. You liberals are losing and losing big time. But continue moving backwards. People are quickly becoming tired of what you have to offer.

          • Again, I represent no party -just pragmatic reality.
            However, am curious, what are they losing? Surely they lost the election, what can they lose mid-term? Xmas presents, a car, a wife, socks?

          • You are so smart, I thought you knew everything but I guess not.

          • You still have nothing and I remain never refuted. Whoop!

          • Stupid is as stupid does.

          • Never refuted – works for me. What you got …………….. nothing!

          • like a worn out record.

          • … having nothing or being a nothing like yourself. Whoop!

          • I figure your IQ is below 80.

          • I’m amazed you can spell it.

          • Hi mrpoohead-why do you think nobody on his comment section is giving props to this news?There own media is reporting it…they appear to be in some form of denial.


          • Are you referring to the article above or your link? Both are meaningless drivel.

          • well, there ya go….

          • I’m with Rich Girod — you haven’t SAID anything needing to be refuted, because nothing you’ve said is MORE THAN A SLOGAN. CALLING someone a communist doesn’t MAKE them Communists, and you obviously have NO idea what Communism really IS. The “elites” in this country are often LIBERAL, but NOT communist — and IF THEY’RE SHOWN why their liberal ideas don’t work, they’re SURPRISINGLY EASY TO CONVERT TO CONSERVATISM. That would NOT be true if they were really communists, or even dyed-in-the-wool socialists.
            BTW, if you recognize (accurately) that Saul Alinsky was a socialist, WHY ARE YOU QUOTING HIM SO APPROVINGLY? Shouldn’t you, obviously an anti-socialist, be REFUTING his axioms? Or CAN’T YOU?

          • All right, where should we start.

            You are correct, calling someone a communist does not make them a communist. But when you recognize their actions as supporting and promoting a Communist State, then you can call them a Communist. Do you agree?

            I believe that Elite Politicians on BOTH sides of the isle are Communist for several reasons. Note, that I am not calling Liberals communist, nor am I calling Democrats communists, nor am I calling anybody else that identifies themselves as left leaning communists.

            First lets define Communism,

            I see that Big Government is just another form of Communism. Communism being a form of Government where the people end up working for the State, and the State distributes back to the people. Note that this form of Government ends up with an Elite Ruling class that is very wealthy and a poor working class that is not, with very little movement between the two. Examples Russia, China, North Korea… Cuba… Venezuela…

            How is Big Government just another form of Communism? The more a society is taxed, the more enslaved they are to that Taxing agency. So a society that is taxed 30% is 30% enslaved to that state. Estimates have half of what we are currently making going towards taxes, fees, etc.

            Big Government is just another form of Communism. Agree or Disagree?

          • you define the definition of words by your own personal definition-No one can engage in a linear conversation with you because you definitions conflict with reality.

          • If you have trouble with my definitions, you can voice them here.

            But as usual, you do not offer alternatives. If I am wrong, tell me how I am wrong, if you choose to insult, I will assume that I am right.

          • Disagree, because you’re WRONG on the FACTS. Communism has to do with 1) OWNERSHIP of means of production (in the US most means of production are PRIVATELY owned, so there’s Error #1);
            2) COMMUNAL ownership of what for us is PRIVATE property (homes, cars, household appliances, even — in the strictest versions — CLOTHES, books, computers & phones, and all that stuff — obviously we are a LONG way from that; and 3) availability of “public services” (education, health care, transportation, etc.) ONLY from government-sponsored providers (WE DO have public schools, but we ALSO have private & parochial schools, charter schools, and home schooling; you might live in an apartment building but I bet you and your family are the ONLY OCCUPANTS of your APARTMENT, and if you live in a house, I bet you don’t SHARE it with another family — especially STRANGERS. And do you share your refrigerator or stove with another family? (Well, maybe your apartment building has communal laundry facilities, but I bet you have your own kitchen!)
            Even under Obamacare (bad as it was, and I fought it tooth and nail — as I had fought Hilllarycare 20 years earlier!) you had a choice of providers (doctors, hospitals, etc) and now you have MORE.

            And of course employment under communism is ALL BY THE STATE (government). NOBODY works for a private company, because there ARE none. Nobody works for private individuals (housekeeper, nanny, etc) because it’s ILLEGAL for individuals to hire anyone for ANYTHING.

            If this sounds draconian, it IS. Or WAS, because there’s hardly a TRUE Communist society remaining on this planet. In Cuba, they discovered that privately owned restaurants did a better job of preparation and serving food than those owned by the State…ditto in Vietnam. Even North Korea, I understand (haven’t been there) is allowing SOME private ownership, though not much (nobody has any money to buy things with, anyway). China is almost as much capitalist as Taiwan.

          • If you do not like the word Communism, what would you call it?

            In the case of the United States, we are not talking about ownership as much as CONTROL of the means of production.

            I realize Communism isn’t the perfect fit, but I lack for a better term.

            2) As I understand it even in countries like Russia, China, North Korea, the serfs own property. Yet each society is called Communist.

            How many people actually OWN their Property, cars and appliances these days? Are they not a slave to their debt? So we MUST work to pay for the things we got, but WHO is taking their share first? The Government takes their share OFF THE TOP.

            So the deeper in debt that you go, the more money that you must make, and the Bigger the Government is, the more money it takes off the top… Sure sounds like you are working for the Government eh? What form of Government is it that the people work for the State?……. The Answer is Communism….

            Do not Unions control public schools? Are not the Unions in bed with the Left? Does not the Left control both political parties?

            I think you split hairs. You have admitted that there are no TRUE Communist societies out there, and Russia, China, North Korea are all called Communist States, and each of these Communist States is a little bit different, yet you think it is wrong for me to call our Big Government a form of Communism…

          • I think you’re an idiot and amusingly I’m correct. Russia is not communist, China may be led by the Communist Party but has evolved into socialist/free market, n Korea is a dictatorship. Duh!
            Big government is not communist – ideology make them communist not operations. Duh!
            See, you’re still a moron!

          • China, North Korea, and Russia evolved after the exterminated dissenters…

            I think you are really stupid.

          • What does that mean? Nothing – you’ve descended into total drivel now. Funny as!
            N Korea is a dictatorship on its third generation – nice! America is a plutocracy of even longer duration – funny as!

          • I am just saying that you inhumanly ignore the loss of life associated with Communism…

            Fucwit is as fucwit does.

          • …………and fascism or the over throw of any tyranny or the fall of democracy to a coup. What was your point? You didn’t have one.
            Communism in both China and Russia removed tyranny – the result may not have ended up any better, but generally initially it was better for the masses. Fail!

          • I’d call it market socialism. That was Milton Friedman’s phrase for it, and anything Milton said is OK by me!
            Yes, private property ownership (they’re no longer called “serfs”, even in Russia) allows the peasant class to own SOME private property. That they’re still called “communist” merely indicates that the MEDIA can’t think of a better term, either (they don’t like Friedman’s, because of course they don’t like conservative economists — even Nobel Prize-winners).

            Your next paragraph throws me. Yes, people are likely to be “slaves” (I think that term is a little strong) to our debt for consumer goods, furniture, appliances, etc. BUT…WHO BOUGHT ALL THAT STUFF? So if the buyer is “enslaved” by his/her purchases, IT IS VOLUNTARY SLAVERY. Nobody FORCED them to buy cars, furniture, appliances. They decided they needed that stuff NOW, not next year or whatever, so THEY WENT INTO DEBT — VOLUNTARILY. I don’t think SLAVES had the right to make such decisions.

            And I’m not sure I get your meaning when you say “the government takes its share off the top.” WHAT share? Sales tax? The income tax you pay on the income you used to buy … whatever you bought? Other than that, I can’t see where the govt. comes into it. And again, whatever tax you may be paying, the EXPENDITURE is VOLUNTARY. I can’t get too worked up over money the individual chooses to spend to improve his/her own life-style. (You’re talking to the wrong person. I’m 74, and I’ve NEVER owed or leased a car. I decided long ago I’d rather spend that money on vacations, and that’s what I did. I used public transportation or taxi cabs, and more recently Uber or Lyft, and RARELY have I missed having a car. So don’t tell me it can’t be done! :0)

          • You know what the Left is really good at? Motivating people though fear. They have vilified Capitalism to the point that people fear it more than Socialism. And while the people are looking over their shoulder and running away from Capitalism, they are running into the arms of Socialism/Communism.

            Yes I am one of those persons that draws a straight line through Socialism that points directly to Communism. So much so that I often interchange the two words. Pure Socialism doesn’t exist, and every society that has attempted to obtain a socialist society fell into a communist society or dictatorship.. Do you see any difference between a dictator and a Communist society? I suppose you do, but really Communism requires a dictator or at least has always had one.

            I can see that I simplify things too much for your tastes.

            I see several problems with calling Big Government market socialism even though it may be technically correct. First, few understand the term. Second, many do not fear socialism anymore. Just look at the Bernie followers.

            Tell me which has more impact? Big Government leads to Market Socialism, or Big Government leads to Communism? If you don’t want someone to go down a road, which is a better warning? Don’t go there, you will stub your toe, or don’t go there you will hit the slippery slop and fall off a cliff and be a Communist? Or something like that… 🙂

            I beg to differ, I don’t think we HAVE to be precise, our enemy isn’t, heck, they aren’t even honest… Climate Change, instead of man made climate change. Think of all the Government oxymoron’s. Affordable Care Act, just about any law passed in CA…

            I will attempt to weave your intelligent words into my narrative. Thank you for the clarifications.

          • Right on again, MAHB001 many just don’t understand..or refuse maybe is a better word. The Republicans being a Party of SELF-THINKERS…IS the problem with the GOP. Too many THINK they know all the answers individually…WRONG.
            That is why there is such a problem getting issues and laws passed. As of now, good examples..The Thinkers want to get their names in The Congressinal Record for their Egos. The Democrat Party..makes the decision how they all will vote..and they get the job done. Whereas the Republican THINKERS just have a way of losing the votes. It is laughable but also sad. On the Commie issue. Socialism FIRST then on to Communism..That’s how the ball bounces.

          • Cherie,

            Of course you are correct, Socialism first, then right to communism. If I implied that, it was a mistake.

            Ultimately, what the Left has done is change the rules of engagement. They are using our politeness and morals like strict adherence to innocent until proven guilty to buy time while propelling their ideology forward.

            For instance, 0bama flat out lied to us about 0bamacare, and while we took it at face value as the truth, the 0zero implemented as much of that cancer as he could in our society. 0zero and the Lefts lies bought them plenty of time to get socialized healthcare entrenched.

            The polite and proper thing to do was to believe him until it was proven beyond a shadow of doubt that he was lying…. Now the SMART thing to do is assume everything out of their mouths is a lie.

          • Well, folks…I WAS enjoying the conversation here…but you are now dealing with discussions that the RightWriter is a complete THINKER..too many of those in the GOP…but now I’m not so sure he IS A PART of the GOP. So…I’m out of here it was good while it lasted. Socialism never worked in any country. It evolved into Communism…which went into Dictatorship. Finally rioting and throwing over dictator and beginning anew. Bye bye

          • Cherie,

            RightWriter has been technically correct on just about everything he has spoken about.

            I too thought long and hard about the consequences of using the term “Communist.” But that was years ago and I kind of figured that it was political correctness that was stopping me, and our enemies wouldn’t even think about it if the roles were reversed.

            God Bless and thanks for the kind words.

      • Good post. I maintain..the Democrat Party TODAY is NOT the one of yesteryears. Back in the old days…there wasn’t ALL THAT MANY differences. Some different issues between the GOP & DNC…BUT today…there is a difference as DAY & NIGHT. The Progressives today want to totally turn this country upside down with socialistic ideas.
        Socialism hasn’t worked anywhere in this world and it certainly will not in America. The DNC needs to CLEAN OUT THEIR SWAMP too.. and maybe good things would come together in this country.

        • Cherie,

          I couldn’t agree with you more. The people that vote Democrat are just as betrayed as the people who vote Republican.

          The Elites keep us divided. I guess there really is truth to “United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

          • Again I ask, WHO THE HELL ARE “THE ELITES”? Rich people? — like President Trump? People who run businesses? — Again like President Trump? People who have other people working for them? — and again, like Trump?
            They “keep us divided”? Huh? WHO is dividing you from WHOM? Apart from personal preferences for some people over others, I can’t think of ANYONE who’s dividing ME from ANYONE else.
            If “the elites” are the MEDIA, or anyway the mainstream media, I might agree, except I don’t think THEY keep us apart — they try to BRAINWASH us into believing what they tell us, but we can still unite with people we WANT to know, people we LIKE. And we can watch Fox News or read only conservative media, so again, we’re not actually DIVIDED by that “elite.”
            Anyway, what keeps YOU or ME from being part of “the elites”? I have a pretty good education; I’m literate and reasonably cultured; I read widely and know what I like/think. Does THAT make me “elite” or is there something else? If so, WHAT? I am SO tired of people ragging on about “the elites” and NOT BEING ABLE TO DEFINE OR IDENTIFY THEM. Jeez, in a WAR the first thing you LEARN is HOW TO RECOGNIZE THE ENEMY.

          • Have you not seen my reply? I am trying to catch up to you.

            There are obviously several classifications of Elites. Elite athletes, elite mathematicians, Elite race car drivers, Elite Rich people, and Elite MEDIA..

            The Elites I refer to are Elite Politicians that have broken their promise to serve the people, and Now SERVE THEMSELVES and their interests…

            While Trump is an Elite rich dude, he is NOT an Elite Politician, that is why the Elite Politicians HATE and Elite MEDIA him.

            Elite Politicians whom I believe are Big Government Communists are colluding with the Elite MEDIA in an attempt to Control Public Opinion… Note that ALL Communist States CONTROL the MEDIA…

            What is pathetic about our Elite MEDIA is that they gave up their free speech to follow an ideology… You are correct, the Elite MEDIA job is to brainwash us into believing what they tell us. And more and more obvious the only thing they tell us these days supports their liberal ideology.

            Remember the Tea Party, their original message was Taxed Enough Already. The MEDIA attacked and slandered that message to what you think of the Tea Party today. They are very effective at dividing us. Who isn’t Taxed Enough Already?

          • Ooooh, you might get an extra supporter. That’s still 0.001%. Whoop!

          • black is white -white is black- typical commie response ….you can”t fool a democratic capitalist.

          • THANK YOU MAHB001… you answered the question EXACTLY CORRECT…(I’ll give you a GOLD STAR…LOL)
            Trump is NOT taking a salary, Trump is paying for many, many things, unlike Obama who even had taxpayers pay for ice cream..carried no money or credit card…just because he was President. Trump often flies in his own plane…things like that..the OTHER Elites like Nancy P. flew back and forth to/from California with all food and booze on board and had friends and family ride along at government expense on a weekly basis. Well, THAT finally got reminded and now she flies FIRST CLASS…? right? She is another Elite…there are many others..They come into DC poor folks and leave multi-millionaires…That is also Elites. Clintons claimed they were so poor when leaving the WhiteHouse…took furniture and other things but were caught and made to return…but Hillary said they were poor…not so today…Another Elite couple. Got the message??

          • “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.”
            —–Harry Truman

          • Garbage – pay is good as are the benefits and tax loop-holes. Plus if you make it to the top you get a book deal, get paid to speak and even just turn up. Duh!

          • OK, I left out the media “elite,” and I admit they’re a BIG part of the problem. Rich people? I don’t know: I know rich people on BOTH sides of the political fence, including (obviously) President Trump (AND Romney, AND such as Betsy De Vos, and more). I tend to ignore the “elite athletes,” though I realize many Americans worship them. I really didn’t think we had a problem with race car drivers or mathematicians, though! 🙂
            The problem with the elites who have “broken their promise” to “serve the people” is complex. 1) WHO SAYS they broke their promise? Maybe they think what they’re doing and how they’re doing it DOES serve the public: WHO ARE YOU to say otherwise, and how is YOUR judgment better than anyone else’s (I don’t mean to be rude, but the point is that NOBODY is empowered to MAKE THOSE JUDGMENTS unless they cross the line of legality, in which case the matter goes to court.)
            2) What about those “elites” who think they’re serving BOTH THE PUBLIC AND “THEMSELVES AND THEIR INTERESTS”? Again, nobody is empowered to make that judgment unless it crosses the legal line. Or did you want a whole new level of federal courts to MAKE those judgments? I sure as hell DON’T!
            3) I agree with you about the “elite media” trying to control public opinion, but I wish you’d get that “communist” out of the discussion (the reason I am so hyper about that word is that every time someone misuses it, the Left points to the misuser and screams that he or she is “bringing back the Cold War” or just a “Red-baiter” hiding from “commies” under the bed. It just diminishes our standing in the view of the unaffiliated public.)
            4) It’s arguable that the “elite media” is dividing “us” from the Tea Party folks we fought for…BUT it’s also arguable to say that the bulk of the Tea Partiers fell into Boston Harbor or something — that is, took leave of their senses. Yes, everyone IS “taxed enough already,” but is it really the “elite media” that’s dividing us? OR are WE dividing us? I really don’t know: what I DO know is that the Tea Party COST US SIX SENATE SEATS in 2014, and two more in 2016. At that rate we’ll be down to 1965 levels in less than a decade. President Trump will get NOTHING done in the next three years, and then he’ll LOSE his re-election battle BECAUSE he got nothing done. It’s a vicious circle, and I DON’T want to see him caught in it.

          • This is where I came up with my theory. Are you familiar with the book “The Naked Communist?” It has a list of 45 agenda Items that the Russian Communists created to attack and weaken America’s institutions of Family, Faith, and patriotism.

            The list can be found here:

            When you read the list it becomes obvious that the Left in America has adopted each one of the items on the list. They pretty much have completed the entire list.

            15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States

            I believe they have taken over both. If you think about it, there was MANY years of the 0bama era where the “Republicans” controlled the house. Yet 0bama got everything he wanted and/or more importantly needed. I believe Boehner was one of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. He was an Elite. Ryans actions show me that his allegiances lie with the Elites as well. Even TODAY, they have not funded the wall, fight everything that Trump suggests, etc. The Elites HATE Trump, both sides.

            The more I think about it, the more similarities I see with determining the Elites to finding a spy. It ain’t going to be easy, the Enemy is within…

            I understand your concerns about the use of the word Communism.. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about because the Left has hit me with their insults over and over again. They are following Alinsky’s playbook and the use of Ridicule. Their insults no longer have an effect on me. I just keep reminding myself about all the bad things that have happened throughout history when the people turned a blind eye and thought that it would never happen here. I still believe it is happening here.

            I have a different take on why we lost those seats and it wasn’t the tea party. I think the Election process is rigged.. By the Elites. But that is for a different post..

            God Bless


          • I would like your opinion on a slightly off topic question I have.

            I am struggling with the new kind of racism that the Left is displaying. The new racism isn’t based on race, it is based on ideology.

            For instance, the second a Left leaning individual finds out they are talking to a Conservative, they immediately bring up, you are a moron, you are a neanderthal, idiot, uncle tom, KKK, Hitler, etc…

            The word racism doesn’t fit, because this bigotry is based on ideology. Both sides do it, but I would say that the Left is far more vicious about it.

            Do you know what this form of racism is called? and do you have any suggestions?

          • Romney IS AN ELITE POLITICIAN who only cares about pleasing the Establishment who will fully support him when he runs for President. It’s bad enough that Romney will be in the Senate going against the President, but Romney REALLY wants to run for President and beat Trump for the Establishment so they don’t have to change their evil, crooked ways.

          • Well they are the same bar LGBT, abortion and gun regulation – none events elsewhere.

        • I see the DEMS & THE GOP as kissing each others rump and stroking each others backside…..They both want to continue the corruption they have enjoyed for too many decades………

      • Bias by omission-

        • This is EXACTLY the type of stuff that when levied against Bill Clinton, the MEDIA called hearsay and ignored..

          You have got to ask, why the double standard? Bias by Omission is the answer.

          • This is not about Bill Clinton. Can you ever deal with an issue without deflecting to someone else albeit “the Clintons”, Barack Obama, etc.?

          • The answer is NO, Not when it comes to dealing with double standards of the Left.

            As far as I am concerned you have no right to hold Trump to a standard that you DID not hold your own politicians to.

    • Cherie Overbaugh, In my opinion, Romney is used crap and does NOT qualify to be our President OR hold any other office in government. He REALLY NEEDS TO HANG UP HIS DANCING SHOES AND GET LOST. WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT HIM IN ANY OFFICE OF OUR GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! TIME FOR THE IDIOT TO GET THAT IN HIS BRAIN!

      • I agree, I voted for him when he ran for President, but if I knew then, what I know now, I wouldn’t have voted for him. He is in there to stop President Trump from doing anything, so he doesn’t need to be there. I’m on the Trump train!

        • Diane McMenamin-Corr

          His message being, “we’ll just send the citizens to the back of the line; as in “not quite measuring up to the freeloader”.

          • A message in a campaign debate is one thing, ACCOMPLISHMENTS are another. As a Senator, Romney would support Trump MOST OF THE TIME (I’d guess about 80%); the Democrat who may otherwise win the seat would back the President maybe 10-20% of the time. WHICH IS BETTER: 80% support or 20%? Why on EARTH would you want to RISK LOSING the seat and ending up with a liberal Democrat (the Senator who held the seat before Hatch was Frank Moss, VERY liberal Dem, and there’s NO guarantee the Dems couldn’t win it again — EXCEPT if we have a GOOD Republican candidate who ALREADY HAS A BASE OF SUPPORT & is willing to spend his own money to win.
            (BTW, what’s WRONG with financing your own campaign? DONALD TRUMP DID.)

          • How often does mccain back the president. He is running as a republican because of people like you. He will go against anything the president wants just because it is what the president wants.

        • When he walks it looks like he has something stuck up his ass,his head maybe

        • so you would have voted for President Obama?…really?

        • Luckily I never voted for him and after watching his pathetic attempt at debating the racist America hating despot Obuma…..I knew that this mental defect was way too ignorant to become president.

          • Romney’s IQ is probably around 135-140 — hardly a “mental defect”! As for “ignorant,” I bet he’s better educated than YOU are.
            OK, he’s not a star debater and Obama IS; as a Utah Senator he won’t HAVE to debate (and he MIGHT even get a free ride – no opponent – to the Senate because the Dems won’t want to waste THEIR funds opposing him).

            Romney will probably support Trump’s policies 80% of the time; a Democrat would do so maybe 10-20%. So which is better: 80% or 20%?? (And if he were really as stupid as you think — he’s NOT — he’d just vote with the Republican leadership ALL the time, because he wouldn’t be able to think through opposing views. Either way, he’ll be in the GOP camp MOST of the time as opposed to almost NEVER.
            BTW, the White House political shop is already preparing to SUPPORT Romney in Utah — if he’s good enough for President Trump, WHY ISN’T HE GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?

          • WOW, he can do arithmetic , knows the number of States in the USA, knows the names of past presidents, and can make babies……..Gives big bucks to the Mormons, and knows where to find Obama’s rump……..ROMNEY is no better than the traitor McCain……..

            His IQ was pulled out of BO’s rump……..

          • That’s disgusting and untrue. He has a JD (law degree) AND MBA (business degree) from Harvard, neither of which is a give-away and in combination are a heavy lift. I don’t know what the heck you mean about arithmetic, the number of states, the names of past presidents, or whatever.
            HE WAS NOT AN ASS-KISSER to Obama. He LOST (a campaign aide, later discovered to be disloyal, suggested ways of handling the debates which were, on reexamination, the wrong way to do it), but he didn’t EVER kiss ass.

          • The Democrats wants him there because he will vote with the DEMOCRATS!

          • The Democrats DO NOT want Romney in the Senate, because HE WILL NOT vote with them! You fail to understand the role of political parties in determining what HAPPENS in Congress, but I can assure you they DON’T want Romney: they want to ELECT A DEMOCRAT — one who will take his ORDERS from Chuck SCHUMER — not someone who is likely to be more loyal to TRUMP than Schumer.

          • Trump wanted Hatch to run again because he doesn’t want Romney. Do you remember the terrible things Romney said against Trump during the campaign???? Romney is pro-illegal immigrant and pro-abortion and he had Republicans meeting with him because this Establishment are colluding to beat Trump in 2020. They support Romney all the way. They and Romney are planning for Romney to win the Utah Senate campaign and then announce he is running for President in 2019 against Trump. Romney might win NY, CA, and IL and those are the biggest delegate votes in the country. He could give Trump a run for his money because Romney has millions he would spend of his own money and most of the money in the RNC (they didn’t give Trump hardly any money when he ran for President in the primary and even during the general election. They would have used this money to make Trump lose, but Trump used his own money to win…..he didn’t depend on the RNC.

            These people even backed Cruz, who they hated, to beat Trump. If it wasn’t for Reince Priebus, Cruz would probably have stolen the nomination from Trump if Reince Priebus hadn’t stopped Cruz!!! I will NEVER vote for lying, stealing, corrupt Ted Cruz for President no matter how many years he runs. Cruz went after Trump’s delegates even though Trump soundly beat Cruz in their states. He tried changing the rules so that delegates didn’t have to vote for who won their state. He cannot be trusted at all!!

            Of course the WH is supporting Romney, what choice do they have? Trump already showed he did NOT want Romney to be in the Senate because he knows that Romney will be calling Trump names and voting against him all the time. The RINOS, and Romney is definitely one, want Trump to lose in 2020 even if a Democrat would win. They even voted for Hillary which EVERYBODY knows is the biggest liar, corrupt person in the U.S. That is how bad the Establishment wants Trump out of there, so they don’t have to stop taking all that money from lobbiest.

          • Yes, I remember the “terrible things” Romney said about Trump DURING THE CAMPAIGN. IT WAS A CAMPAIGN. They were RIVAL candidates. Rival candidates ALWAYS say “terrible things” about one another: that’s called POLITICS. It’s not always a clean game: people play DIRTY. And when the “game” (election) is OVER, they shake hands and get on with WORKING TOGETHER. THAT is what Romney and Trump WILL DO, if you purists don’t DESTROY Romney and thus deliver the Utah Senate seat to a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT (there ARE such creatures in Utah: the guy who held Orrin Hatch’s seat before Hatch, Frank Moss, was one of the MOST liberal senators EVER.)
            Romney is a big boy and he knows who WON in 2016. He’ll WORK WITH TRUMP whenever he CAN, and avoid friction even when it might exist. STOP WORRYING ABOUT ROMNEY and concentrate on the importance of our BEATING 10-15 DEMOCRATS so we can have REAL control of the Senate.

          • I thought Romney would make a good President at the time, but I was WRONG!

        • I’ve been on the Trump train since it started, but I see NO reason not to support Romney FOR THE SENATE (he’s NOT running against President Trump; he’d be running to HOLD A REPUBLICAN SENATE SEAT without costing the party a fortune or using up staff who could be more useful elsewhere? What’s the big, horrible thing you learned about Romney AFTER you’d voted for him (I assume in the early 2016 primaries)? He’s NOT running to “stop Trump,” he’s running to provide Utah with a competent Republican (and pretty conservative) Senator. Why is THAT so BAD?

          • I understand your thoughts RightWriter..and I wish it would be so. I’m just not that sure about Romney now. He just doesn’t like Trump’s agenda and makes no bones about the fact. He just sounds like McCain, Graham, and others. Get on TV and make waves. The lamestream media would love to see him go up against Trump and have him on TV at every opportunity; just as they do with McCain & Graham. So sick of all of them.

          • Romney probably doesn’t like ALL of Trump’s agenda, but much of it would suit him fine. HE didn’t like Obamacare. HE doesn’t want the nation overrun by illegal immigrants. HE wants — especially — conservative justices on the Supreme and other federal courts.
            I also dispute that he “sounds like McCain, Graham…” First, considering that he is probably about to get into elective politics again this year (the Utah Senate race), he’s making VERY little of his opportunities to be on TV. I watch news pretty constantly, and I’ve hardly SEEN him, whereas Graham is all over the tube — and McCain’s absence is only because he’s in the hospital.
            Keep in mind that elected officials (or those who WANT to be elected) HAVE to keep in mind the political views of the people in the state or district where they HOPE TO BE ELECTED. In other words, their constituents or prospective constituents. Or they won’t GET elected, no matter WHAT. That means, if they’re running (or have run) in, say, Maine or Massachusetts, the candidate is going to sound a bit more liberal than a candidate in Texas or Alabama or (maybe) even Arizona or Utah.
            Romney’s decision to run in Utah came just a couple of weeks ago, when Sen. Hatch announced his retirement. Romney could BUY A HOUSE quickly, but CHANGING HIS POLITICAL STRIPES may be a little slower: he had last run nationally, but before that in MASSACHUSETTS, which is a LONG way from Utah in terms of politics. I suspect his pronouncements will reflect that change as time goes on: they’ll HAVE to. But the Republican Party (unlike the Democrats) allows individuals TO HAVE THEIR OWN OPINIONS. Democrats march in lockstep and take orders from “Party Leaders”. WE don’t. We value INDIVIDUALITY.
            BTW, PLEASE stop being mad at John McCain. (I can’t STAND him, for much deeper reasons than his RINO-ism, but I’ve cleansed my heart of hate.) The man is DYING. Like, any day. It’s not too soon to stop thinking in terms of the old maxim, “Don’t speak ill of the dead.”

          • I can understand your thinking;however, that is the problem with the Republicans in DC…they don’t vote lock-step with the GOP like the Democrats do. To bad if they run as Republicans that SOME cannot get with the GOP Agenda and are nothing more than RINO’s. I don’t know WHERE you live..but sounds like the Eastern Seaboard area. Those people THINK differently than the Midwest or the Southern States. Eastern seaboard and California to think and vote alike on many issues. But…having said that: TO EACH HIS OWN. Enjoy your comments even if some I do not agree. lol

          • That’s an arguable position, but our STRENGTH as a party has ALWAYS (since LINCOLN!) been our open-door policy for anyone who shares our BASIC PRINCIPLES, not necessarily EVERY ELEMENT of our platform. Let the Demos march like little NAZIS across the National Mall, and WE will open a big tent to welcome Americans WHO CAN THINK FOR THEMSELVES. I think we win in the long run, and if not we can at least rest assured that WE took the principled position.

          • “…the problem with the Republicans in DC…they don’t vote lock-step with the GOP…”

            Until trump they did.

          • They didn’t do squat when Obama was there.

          • huh? This makes no sense relative to my comment-

            Read this ….your “boy child” is goin’ down…

            Michael Cohen really didn’t want people to know that Stormy Daniels allegedly spanked the president with a copy of Forbes.

            BY BESS LEVIN
            JANUARY 19, 2018 11:24 AM
            Michael Cohen
            Mr. Fix-it, a.k.a. Michael Cohen
            By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call.
            A month before the 2016 election, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, reportedly paid a porn star $130,000 to keep quiet about her alleged sexual affair with the man who would become the president of the United States. (Cohen has said that Trump “vehemently denies any such occurrence, as has” the adult-film star in question, Stephanie Clifford, a.k.a. Stormy Daniels.) But here’s the thing about paying off a porn star to bury an alleged affair with the man running for the highest office in land: you can’t just deliver a duffel bag full of cash, or write a personal check. Instead, you must use the time-honored method of rich people attempting to shield their financial transactions from the public eye: the Delaware LLC.

            Per The Wall Street Journal Cohen did just that, establishing Essential Consultants LLC on October 17, 2016, according to corporate documents and people familiar with the matter. Cohen almost certainly chose to form the company in Delaware because, unlike other nosy locales, the state doesn’t require companies to reveal the names of their managers. From there, Cohen reportedly sent the payment to Clifford’s lawyer through a bank account linked to his shiny new company, taking pains to further mask the parties involved by using pseudonyms—Clifford was identified as “Peggy Peterson.”

            According to multiple outlets, the payment was precipitated by Clifford/Daniels/Peterson’s talks with ABC‘s Good Morning America about making an appearance on the show to discuss Trump. News of the payment kicked off a fresh round of stories that seemingly confirmed the affair, including an InTouch interview that Clifford gave in 2011, and that was published on Friday. In it, the adult-film star told reporter Jordi Lippe-McGraw that during her first dinner with Trump, which took place in a hotel room, he “kept showing me he was on the cover of a magazine that had just come out” and “just kept talking about this magazine that he was on the cover of, like, ‘Look at this magazine, don’t I look great on the cover?’” She went on to describe another of their alleged encounters:

            “You could see the television from the little dining room table and he was watching Shark Week and he was watching a special about the U.S.S. something and it sank and it was like the worst shark attack in history. He is obsessed with sharks. Terrified of sharks. He was like, “I donate to all these charities and I would never donate to any charity that helps sharks. I hope all the sharks die.” He was like riveted. He was like obsessed.”

            In a separate report, Mother Jones described a series of e-mails between a political operative representing Clifford—who at the time was considering a Senate run—and a Democratic consultant. In one exchange, the consultant asked whether Clifford was friendly with Trump. “Yep,” the operative reportedly replied. “She says one time he made her sit with him for three hours watching Shark Week. Another time he had her spank him with a Forbes magazine.” Presumably it was with an issue that grossly underestimated his net worth.

          • You are so right, I agree with you.

          • ROMNEY IS A RINO………No better than McCain the traitor of the USA……..

          • You’re WRONG about Romney, but since I don’t know what it is you don’t like about him I will refrain from a more detailed reply.
            DO stop thinking/speaking ill of McCain, though. (I have a 35-year fight with him, but even I have put my animosity aside.) The man is DYING, and if nothing else, can’t hurt anyone any longer. Remember the old maxim about “not speaking ill of the dead.”

          • McCain needs to resign.

          • I’d agree with you that resignation might be in order, but I’m not sure he CAN resign: he may be in a coma (his family isn’t talking, which is pretty suspicious). There’s no 25th Amendment for Senators (or Congress members); their colleagues can’t force, or even officially encourage, their resignation. So we will have to wait, as patiently as possible (PANTING for someone’s DEATH is, well, impolite!) for a week or two, or a month…I’d bet he’s gone before summer.
            And since the governor of Arizona is a solid Republican with good judgment, the timing of McCain’s…er, “departure”…really isn’t that significant.

          • Well when he does die, he can officially vote DemoCrat!

          • He is not dead yet

          • Because he is against President Trump, just like McCain, Jeff Flake, and a lot of others that pretend to be Republicans that votes with the Democrats! I’m sick of these Rino’s and want the swamp drained! We don’t need them!

          • Amen Jo Melcher. This is how a majority of Americans feel today.

          • And when we LOSE CONTROL of the House AND Senate because “we didn’t need” those people and got rid of them, will “a majority of Americans” be happy to see SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI and SENATE LEADER CHUCK SCHUMER again? Because THAT is what will HAPPEN — if we lose JUST ONE MORE Senate seat or a dozen in the House. Would THAT make you and your “majority of Americans” happy? It sure would’t please ME!

          • Great then they can install a daycare at the WH and get their blood transfusion for their entire life time!

          • So when we LOSE CONTROL of the Senate AND House because “we didn’t need” those people and got rid of them, will “a majority of Americans” be happy to see SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI and SENATE LEADER CHUCK SCHUMER again? Because THAT is what will HAPPEN — if we lose JUST ONE MORE Senate seat or a dozen in the House. Would THAT make you and your “majority of Americans” happy? It sure would’t please ME! But you can BET on it if you insist on “100% pure” conservative candidates in the primaries WHO THEN LOSE THEIR GENERAL ELECTION RACES IN NOVEMBER. This is just plain STUPID, but it’s gonna happen AGAIN (just like it did in 2012 and 2014, when we lost a total of EIGHT (count ’em) Senate seats and about 20 in the House.

            And YOU think “we don’t need” to hold those seats? CAN’T YOU COUNT? We DO need them, because we NEED 60 seats in the Senate and 250 in the House to be safe. But you and your damn purist pals will make sure we don’t GET them, and then cry because we can’t do all the wonderful things we WANT to do — but NEED THOSE VOTES.

          • Let’s see how it works out? We held both houses the last four years of O Bummers Rain and it was like the Demo-Trurds held both houses. O Bummer never met any resistance but from one or two Republicans We have both Houses and a president and these Republican FCR’s give Trump more resistance in one year then O Bummer got in eight!

          • Just remember — the MORE people we “get rid of,” the FEWER we have LEFT. That means FEWER SENATE or HOUSE SEATS with Republicans in them. That means FEWER VOTES in the Senate or House, to pass legislation (tough enough with that 60-vote rule in the Senate) OR confirm people (like new Supreme Court justices: we COULD have one this summer, but we might not have the VOTES to confirm a conservative nominee — AND WE TAKE YOUR ADVICE, WE DEFINITELY WON’T have enough votes. So the more people “we don’t need,” the FEWER we HAVE and the WORSE our position is in Congress. I don’t think President Trump would agree with you: HE recognizes we NEED the NUMBERS, even if the individual members aren’t ideal.

          • He mouths off about Trump all the time just like McCain.

          The president’s alleged tryst with a porn star was buried for over a year by The Wall Street Journal.
          (A version of this column originally appeared on

          JANUARY 17, 2018 1:30 PM
          2017 Adult Video News Awards – Arrivals
          Adult film actress/director Stormy Daniels attends the 2017 Adult Video News Awards at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 21, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
          By Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images
          Slate unveiled a new logo, home page and font, with an explanation from Julia Turner, editor in chief. Meanwhile, her boss, Jacob Weisberg, details his 2016 dealings with porn actress Stormy Daniels about her intimacies with Donald Trump. She wanted a play for pay deal:

          “I told Daniels that Slate did not pay sources but encouraged her to come forward without compensation. I proposed interviewing her on Trumpcast and writing her story. She never said yes and never said no. Late in the discussion, I asked a Slate colleague to help me verify her account. We both spoke to Daniels and to Gina Rodriguez, a former porn actress turned agent, who Daniels was using to negotiate with media organizations. I gathered that Daniels was also discussing going public on Good Morning America. At one point she considered holding a press conference in Dallas, where she lives.” It didn’t happen.

          Daniels stopped responding to calls and texts and Weisberg very brief mulled running a story about her even without her cooperation. The Wall Street Journal ran a story on how American Media and the National Enquirer were in the tank with Trump on the Daniels matter. Now it’s reported that a top Trump consigliere “arranged a $130,000 payment to [Daniels] a month before the 2016 election as part of an agreement that precluded her from publicly discussing an alleged sexual encounter with Mr. Trump.”

          Wonders Weisberg: “Why is the story coming out now? An intensified, #MeToo-inspired effort to report on sexual abuse allegations against Trump and others is likely one factor, but beyond that I have no idea. The Journal’s report about Trump paying for Daniels’ silence came out of the blue, and the attribution to ‘people familiar with the matter’ is extremely vague. I can’t guess who the Journal’s sources are or why they are speaking up 15 months later.”

        • Not much choice in that election with Romney/Obama……..He failed miserably to convince JOHN Q PUBLIC that he was a better choice than Obama……Voting for Romney however, was a better choice than what we wound up with for 8 years…….AN illegal muslim dicktator.

      • What on EARTH is the source of such HATRED???? The man saved the Olympics, ran for and WON the governorship in Massachusetts, an almost impossible state for ANY Republican, and in between made a pile of money (he also GAVE TO CHARITY an even LARGER pile of money). Is earning a fortune BAD? What about President Trump’s fortune?

        OK, he ran for the nomination in 2016 and lost to Trump. So did a lot of other people! Why are you singling out Romney as “used crap” unwanted in ANY office? He’s NOT running AGAINST TRUMP, but for a SENATE seat which Republicans NEED to HOLD (and COULD lose: the guy who held it for almost 20 years before Hatch was a DEMOCRAT, and VERY liberal!). As a Senator Romney would almost surely back Trump’s legislation at LEAST 80 PERCENT of the time; a Democrat would give the President maybe 20% support. Which is BETTER: 80% or 20%?

        So WHY so intensely opposed to someone who can HOLD a Republican Senate seat, FINANCE HIS OWN CAMPAIGN (making more $$ available to candidates in other states), and then give President Trump 80% support?

        • ROMNEY Never gave any support to our POTUS from DAY ONE………He gave plenty of support to the illegal muslim dicktator………..He is a RINO……..a snake in the grass……..

          • Oh, for pete’s sake, so he opposed Trump. There were SIXTEEN candidates in that primary free-for-all: NONE of them supported Trump EXCEPT TRUMP. Do you have the same intense HATRED for Cruz and Rubio? For Carly Fiorina? For ANYONE else?
            As for supporting Obama, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. He RAN AGAINST Obama, for heaven’s sake — HOW CAN YOU THINK HE WAS SUPPORTING HIM?
            “RINO” means Republican In Name Only. Romney is NOT a RINO. He is a LIFE-LONG and dedicated Republican (unlike President Trump, who only BECAME a Republican in 2015!). He has NEVER supported anyone who WASN’T a Republican (again, unlike President Trump, ,who has supported MORE DEMOCRATS than otherwise). Mind you, I SUPPORTED and STILL support Trump, but I have no illusions about his Republican credentials. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day he negotiated a “deal” that put him back in the Democrat party.
            “Snake in the grass”? Well, see above, maybe. I’ve never been sure what this phrase actually MEANS: SOME snakes are GOOD for the garden, for instance; others are poisonous. WHICH snake in the grass? Since the phrase is supposed to mean a traitor, though, I have to say it DOES NOT apply to Mitt Romney. If he “betrayed” YOU, perhaps you were just MISTAKEN about HIS principles. He’s never betrayed ME, and I’ve known him since I worked on a project for his father almost 50 years ago. (His father DID betray me, but Mitt NEVER did!)

          • Romney said he would not vote for Trump in the 2016 election and a lot of Republicans voted for Hillary and even received money from her and Soros too.

          • He said that in the middle of the PRIMARY campaign. Primary campaigns are INTENDED for candidates in the same party to display themselves to the voters. When ONE wins, the others CLIMB ON BOARD the campaign train — and Romney DID. Trump didn’t USE him in the campaign, possibly because of mistrust, but that was TRUMP’s decision. Romney DID NOT say “NO, I won’t campaign for you!” Ever.

            Trump and Romney ARE very different personalities. Romney is Mr. Good Manners; Trump is (by his own description) a “tough guy from Queens,” a tough area in NY City. Trump calls HIMSELF a “fighter,” Romney is more a “pacifier.” Maybe you don’t like Romney’s type. Maybe TRUMP doesn’t. But Romney is RUNNING FOR A UTAH SENATE SEAT — he’s NOT running against Trump, not likely he ever will in the future. AND TRUMP NEEDS ALL THE HELP HE CAN GET IN THE SENATE, where it takes SIXTY VOTES to accomplish much of anything and right now, we have just FIFTY-ONE.

            PLEASE define “Establishment” for me: do you mean RICH people (like President Trump, who is worth about FOUR TIMES as much as Mitt Romney)? Old families? There really AREN’T any nowadays. Big businessmen? WHAT DO YOU THINK TRUMP WAS? Belongs to the “right clubs”? Well, SO DOES TRUMP — in some cases, the SAME clubs as Romney. The FACT is that President Trump is JUST as much a member of the “Establishment” as Romney is!

          • AMEN, Granny_for USA!

        • One of the reasons is when Romney ran for President in 2008, he said things that were so many changes from what he actually did in MA as Gov. He was all over the map because he would do and say anything to win. He is not a Republican, he is a Democrat in Republican clothing. Why do you think he was elected in very Democratic MA? Romney told the gay people that he would be a better Governor to them that the Democrat. Now how would he do that??? That’s right, he would govern like a Democrat just like all the Establishment and RINOS do now.

          • When you’re running for office (especially in a state like Mass.), you want to get EVERY VOTE you CAN. You tell EVERYONE what they want to hear. IF he told gays he’d be a good governor for them (I don’t recall that, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt), it was because he wanted their VOTES. Yes, it’s terrible, but THAT’S POLITICS. There’s NO other way to WIN an election except to ask people for their votes.
            Romney is 70 years old; he has been an ACTIVE REPUBLICAN all his life, and involved in politics all the way (as a college kid he campaigned for his father, who was running for Governor of Michigan, and WON: AS A REPUBLICAN). Contrast THAT with PRESIDENT TRUMP, who BECAME a Republican only in 2015 and was NEVER much involved in politics before that. So WHO is “all over the map” and WHO is the FAITHFUL REPUBLICAN?

        • Why does Romney keep jumping from state to state? Not because he has any love for Utah or Massholechusetts.

    • Romney is a Mormon, running in a Mormon state. There is no other candidate available that will run against him. Too bad the Mormons don’t have a candidate that is not a die hard Trump hater. We already have enough of them.

      • Andrew Kent Jaussi

        Wrong!! There is Mia Love. Long live Mia Love!! You go girl!!!! Now everyone…send these letters and posts to the Salt Lake Tribune.

        • I’m a BIG Mia Love fan, too, but SHE says (privately) she’s not ready for a Senate run this year and it’d take a LOT of money to give her even an OUTSIDE chance of winning. I wouldn’t want to see her run and LOSE, which would mean losing her House seat, too — and probably any chance of making a comeback.
          Romney is 70 and likely would want to serve only one term, giving Mia Love a clear shot at the Senate in 2024.

      • Romney (and other Utah Republicans) are NOT “die-hard Trump haters”. Like many other good Republicans, they don’t agree with President Trump on EVERYTHING, but they DO support the Republican platform (which now means Trump’s policies) MOST of the time — roughly 80% — whereas a Democrat (in Utah they tend to be VERY liberal) would support the President maybe 10-20% of the time. WHICH IS BETTER? 80% support or 20% support? Are you SO stupid you can’t figure THAT out?
        There are diverse views within the Republican party, much more than among Democrats (WE believe in INDIVIDUAL thinking, not “group-think”). We DON’T always agree with each other on everything, but when it comes to the votes in Congress, it’s “Aye” or “Nay,” and you can put money on it: ROMNEY WILL BE MOSTLY WITH TRUMP AND THE GOP. Not always: he’s not a Trump-robot. But MOST of the time.

        AND Romney can WIN — which it isn’t clear ANY other Republican CAN do in Utah this year (the Senate seat being filled this fall was a DEMOCRAT seat until Orrin Hatch came along: it COULD happen again if we don’t have the strongest possible candidate — and that’s ROMNEY). Also, Romney can mostly self-finance, saving the party a boatload of cash that can be put to use in other states. (Don’t like self-financing? What about Donald Trump? HE mostly financed his own campaign: was THAT BAD?)

      • It’s not that the Mormons don’t have a pro-Trump candidate. It’s that the State of Utah is just not full of people who want to run for jobs that will require them to live in WASHINGTON, DC (that den of iniquity) or, worse, COMMUTE (at least weekly) between Salt Lake and DC. It’s a hell of a trip (I worked for a Utah Senator, now retired, some years ago and I can tell you from personal experience).
        The reason nobody wants to run against Romney, though, has more to do with REALITY: he can self-finance a full-scale, all-bells-and-whistles campaign. That eliminates the need for fund-raising, which is the bane of ANY candidate’s existence. WE conservatives were the ones who demanded that people be able to donate funds to help the candidates they support — well, that has its downside, too. It means a rich candidate starts out with a BIG advantage over the one who has to hold coffee hours (well, not Mormons) and go door-to-door to raise funds, or run a bare-bones campaign when the other guy is spending like … well,, like Hillary did last year.

    • He needs to return to his sister wives.

      • And children-wives.

        • You’re watching WAY too much television, most of it pure fiction. Mitt and his wife, Ann, have been married (each JUST to the other) for almost 50 years. Neither has ever been even peripherally involved with child-marriage, and to suggest otherwise is rude, untrue, and bordering on the obscene. Can YOU claim 50 years with ONE spouse? If not, shut up!

          • What makes you think you have earned the right to speak to anyone like that. You don’t know Mitt Romney any better than I do. He’s a snake. I’ve been to the Utah massacre, and know of multitude wives, and other things practiced in their religion, obviously you are for Mitt Romney. That’s your opinion. I question everything about him. Now it’s time for you to shut up. One more of your responses and I’ll have to block you.

          • I do know Mitt Romney (since I have no idea if, or how well, you do, I can’t compare my acquaintance with yours). I once worked on a project for his father when he was Nixon’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and I got to know Mitt and at least one of his brothers quite well. I’m from Arizona, so I also know something about Mormonism and the (almost NON-existent) practice of polygamy.
            Go ahead and block me. I find people who use that feature are those who think they know everything, but ACTUALLY know very little!

          • Sometimes you’re gonna block me, sometimes you’re commending my posts. I give up: I don’t have to EARN a right to speak to anyone any way I want; I’m exercising my First Amendment right to SAY WHAT I LIKE. You don’t like it, don’t READ it. But it seems like you WANT to read my posts, and then hammer me for some of them. Be my guest: I’m a grown woman and I can take it.

          • #release the documents

      • That is untrue, rude, and borders on obscene. Mitt and his wife, Ann, have been married (each JUST to the other) for almost 50 years. Can YOU top that? If not, apologize and SHUT UP!

    • Bernard Bredbenner

      The NRC abandoned Mia Love. HOW STUPID CAN THEY GET???

      • Now Mia Love would be GREAT!!!!

      • They didn’t abandon her — SHE said (privately, to NRCC officials) that she’s not ready for a Senate run this year. I’m a BIG Mia Love fan, but she doesn’t have a statewide organization or enough cash in her campaign account to make a credible try this time around. 🙁
        Romney is 70 and will probably want only one term, leaving Mia with a clear shot at the seat in 2024. Another 6 years of fund-raising will give her a campaign fund sufficient to the need.
        She’s SMART enough to know she’s not ready yet…the sign of a savvy politician (to know when a race isn’t realistic, and when it IS).

    • we don’t need somebody that walks like a Penguin

    • You got that right,he caved when he ran against the other guy

    • The people of Utah are NOT stupid and will vote for anyone else but Romney. He is split on too many issues and will be a hindrance to the effective operation of the US Senate, always pushing to get his way.

      • The polls suggest you’re wrong about Utahns not voting for Romney, but time will tell. He IS the strongest candidate GOP has for the 2018 race (and only one who can self-finance).

        Sure, he splits on some (a very few) issues. SO DOES EVERY SENATOR AND CONGRESSPERSON. The Republican Party (unlike the Democrats) does NOT demand 100% perfect support from every member or candidate on every issue — WE RESPECT INDIVIDUALITY. And EVERY senator of either party can be said to be “always pushing to get his way” — that’s WHAT SENATORS DO.

        The point is that once they put forward THEIR OWN VIEWS, they find colleagues with whom they can make common cause and COMBINE to promote bills that give them MOST of what they want. The final vote on every issue is “Yes” or “No,” NOT “yes but I liked my version better” or “no but I’ll support X if you give up on Y.”

        Members (of either house) HAVE to go one way or the other, not down the middle of off in another direction.
        When the chips are down and the FINAL vote is taken, you can BET ROMNEY WILL BE WITH THE GOP — AND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP — 80% of the time. A Democrat would MAYBE give us 10-20%. Which is better: 80% or 20%?

        Besides, there IS nobody else. Utah is a small state and there’s NO big House delegation waiting for a chance to move up to the Senate. Mia Love is the best prospect in the House, but SHE says she’s “not ready” this year. Jason Chaffetz (who resigned from the House last year) is eyeing a run for GOVERNOR in 2020, not Senator (his family hated the 5-hour commute back and forth to DC every week, and his Fox News gig pays better than either Congress or the state house). Gov. Gary Herbert is in mid-term and seems to want to stay put. House Speaker Greg Hughes is retiring from the State house, but has shown no interest in running for the US Senate. (Also, even as speaker of the State House, Hughes has faced voters in one TINY legislative district. He’s hardly known statewide.)

        So….ROMNEY. AND he can (and will) self-finance, which is a BIG plus in a year GOP is aiming to pick up 5-10 Senate seats. If we can save some money on the Utah race, we can SPEND it on non-incumbents who need HELP.

    • 1)_ Romney can WIN without costing the Republican Party a fortune for his campaign — or requiring the party to field a huge army of staff or volunteers. In a year when we’re going to have to field large campaign forces in more than 20 states, that’s important.
      2) Romney was RUNNING AGAINST Trump and said things an opposing candidate might be expected to say (see Cruz, Rubio, others as examples),, but ONCE ELECTED he WILL support President Trump most of the time (say 80 percent). A DEMOCRAT who might otherwise win that seat wouldn’t support Trump even 20% of the time. Which is better: 80% or 20%?
      3) The White House’s political operation is ALREADY mobilizing to support Romney if he runs. Would THEY be backing a candidate who was guaranteed to OPPOSE the President? Not unless you think they’re STUPID — in which case how the hell did TRUMP get elected?
      4) Utah might indeed “find another candidate,” but he/she wouldn’t be as strong, would need MUCH more money and staff (all of which, with Romney as the candidate, COULD go to candidates with tough races in other states — money isn’t unlimited, and neither is trained staff), and would be in MUCH greater danger of losing (that seat hasn’t been Republican forever: the guy who held it for nearly 20 years before Hatch was Frank Moss, a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT).
      5) Romney lost to Trump, but so did 16 other people, many of them top-rated Republicans (and not RINOs). Romney ALSO won the Governorship in MASSACHUSETTS, a VERY tough state for ANY Republican and NOT one where he had family or tradition on his side. That makes him mostly a WINNER, NOT a loser. And if someone is “elite” just because he’s rich, WHAT ABOUT TRUMP HIMSELF? He could buy and sell Romney TEN TIMES and never miss the cash. Don’t confuse slogans with reality!

      • Interesting post here….your thoughts may have worked years ago but in this case regarding Romney; times have changed. He may have the backing of the GOP but that doesn’t mean much anymore as there are too ‘many’ has beens in that party today. And the others that LOST to Pres. Trump are STILL angry today. New blood and Conservative thinking are needed today and Ronmey isn’t one of them as his EGO will get in the way. Clean the Swamp and the Sewers.

        • Well, on the Utah scene, Romney BRINGS “new blood” and, I assure you, “conservative ideas” too. Yes, some of the also-rans in 2016 ARE still mad, though most know how politics works and that if you want to stay in the game, you make peace with the guy who won. Romney is the LEAST likely to hold a grudge.

          He WAS appalled by some of Trump’s conduct — SO WAS I, and so was every single Trump voter who has any MANNERS or likes DECENT BEHAVIOR (I still voted for Trump, without hesitation, because like MOST ADULTS I can separate my personal liking or dislike for someone with my RESPECT for what he/she is DOING or trying to do. And I learned a long time ago that the ONLY way I will ever find a candidate with whom I agree on EVERYTHING is to RUN FOR OFFICE MYSELF (which I have chosen NOT to do, for personal reasons).

          But PEOPLE DISAGREE, often, and THE REPUBLICAN PARTY (unlike the Dems) ALLOWS different thinking among its officials. The Dems want everyone to march in lockstep and do as their TOLD; REPUBLICANS value the FREEDOM to stake out their own positions within the party framework. That’s why WE tolerate some RINOs but the Democrats DO NOT TOLERATE any DINOs.

          Romney’s EGO is pretty normal; he doesn’t think anywhere NEAR as well of himself as, for example, President Trump does of HIMSELF.

    • Utah has a problem having good politicians!

  3. RINO Romney is no more a Republican than Kim Jong Un or the Ayatollah.

    • That’s nonsense. Your comparisons are beyond ridiculous. Romney IS a Republican, and his actual RECORD is surprisingly conservative. Sure, he (and 16 other people) were running AGAINST DONALD TRUMP in the primaries in 2016, and each of them had to stake out his (or her) position(s) and make them SOUND unique, even if they were removed from the next guy/gal by an inch (or less). Romney staked out a position that was AGAINST TRUMP, but NOT FOR ROMNEY. It was a strategic error, but it didn’t tell us much (or ANYTHING) about his real positions. Believe me, they’re a LOT more conservative than you realize — and his “opposition” to Trump remains a matter of strategy, not philosophy. (He also dislikes Trump’s manner of expressing himself, and has — in my view — made too much of that. But Romney’s a strict Mormon, which may explain a LOT. And other people, even some who LIKE Trump and support him, feel much the same.
      But to compare him with Kim Jong Un or the Ayatollah is just RIDICULOUS and outrageous. Why don’t you borrow Jeff Flake’s charge that he’s like Josef STALIN? Just about as absurd.

  4. OH NO NOT AGAIN!!!!! Geeze we go from one looser to another. Do us all a favor Romney ,STAY HOME. You will only vote DEMOCRAT so don’t do us any favors,please!!!!!!! Just what President Trump needs,another Rhino with an axe to grind because he LOST and Mr. Trump WON.


      • Absolutely. Besides Trump there is no one!

        • Well, President Trump CAN run for re-election in 2020 (and I personally hope & expect he WILL), but WHAT are you planning on doing in 2024???? He won’t be ELIGIBLE for a third term! There’d BETTER be SOMEONE else.

          A political party is MORE than ONE person, however wonderful that person might be. We made that mistake with Reagan, in not grooming a team of Reaganaut (the REAL Reaganites) successors, and we ended up with VP George H.W. Bush, who everybody KNEW was NOT really a Reaganaut, or even a Reaganite. Took him barely until the INAUGURATION to prove it: “A new breeze is blowing…a page is turning…” — from Bush’s inaugural address: in other words, “don’t expect ME to act like Reagan, whatever I might have said in the campaign!” Lesson learned: EVEN THE BEST POLITICIAN NEEDS PEOPLE TO BACKSTOP — AND EVENTUALLY SUCCEED — HIM (or her).

          Some people on this site seem to think the talk about Romney is about him running for PRESIDENT. That’s NOT what’s happening. He is CONSIDERING a race for the SENATE in Utah, which is his family home state if not his current/previous home. The Senate seat will be vacant because Orrin Hatch, who has held it since 1974, is retiring. Romney’s NOT running against Trump again and likely never will. So RELAX, people! He’s not planning to usurp the President, OR his authority!

          • He has already bought a home in Utah…and he is already planning to run. He is pulling the same old story being his own man (for Democrat votes) and he is NOT a Trump supporter. He is a Romney supporter and one of the Elites. I just hope someone from Utah with Conservative thoughts will come forward and Hatch support that candidate.

          • Don’t dismiss Romney so quickly. First. he probably has the 2018 Senate nomination sewed up if he wants it: he’s got WAY more money than any other potential candidate and is VERY popular in Utah.
            One assumes Mitt Romney WOULD be “a Romney supporter”! As for those mysterious “elites” — do you mean rich people? If so, what about our VERY wealthy president???? Is HE “one of the elites”? Romney isn’t NEARLY as rich as Trump!

            There are plenty of people “with conservative thoughts” in Utah, but they’re not positioned (or wanting) to run for the Senate this year.
            Utah is a small state and there’s NO big House delegation waiting for a chance to move up to the Senate.
            * Mia Love is the best prospect in the House, but SHE says she’s “not ready” this year. (I think she means she hasn’t raised enough money.)
            * Jason Chaffetz (who resigned from the House last year) is eyeing a run for GOVERNOR in 2020, not Senator (his family hated the 6-hour commute back and forth to DC every week, and his Fox News gig pays better than either Congress or the state house).
            * Gov. Gary Herbert is in mid-term and seems to want to stay put.
            * House Speaker Greg Hughes is retiring from the State house, but has shown no interest in running for the US Senate. (Also, even as speaker of the State House, Hughes has faced voters in one TINY legislative district. He’s hardly known statewide.)

            So, it’s Romney or … Who? Romney has deep roots in the state, even though he hasn’t lived there; he’s prepared to self-finance (which leaves more money available for states in which Republicans are HOPING to GAIN a Senate seat, not just hold onto one), and believe it or not, he IS pretty conservative. Chances are he’d support Trump policies or Republican leadership proposals 80% of the time — whereas the Democrat who might otherwise WIN the seat (it WAS held by a Democrat for YEARS before Orrin Hatch came along) would very likely NEVER support Republican/Trump policies, or certainly NOT very often. Which is better? Someone who votes right 80 percent of the time, or someone who NEVER does? I don’t think you’ll need help with THAT calculation!

        • You seem to be talking about candidates for President in 2020. The REST of us are talking about the SENATE race, specifically in Utah, in 2018! Assuming Trump doesn’t screw up, there probably WILL be NO ONE in his track to the REPUBLICAN nomination in 2020, but HE’s NOT running for ANYTHING in 2018.

          And in that Utah Senate race, there really IS nobody but Romney (oh,, someone might put his name in the hat, but it’d be more ego trip than serious campaign).

          Utah is a small state and there’s NO big House delegation waiting for a chance to move up to the Senate. Mia Love is the best prospect in the House, but SHE says she’s “not ready” this year. Jason Chaffetz (who resigned from the House last year) is eyeing a run for GOVERNOR in 2020, not Senator (his family hated the 6-hour commute back and forth to DC every week, and his Fox News gig pays better than either Congress or the state house). Gov. Gary Herbert is in mid-term and seems to want to stay put. House Speaker Greg Hughes is retiring from the State house, but has shown no interest in running for the US Senate. (Also, even as speaker of the State House, Hughes has faced voters in one TINY legislative district. He’s hardly known statewide.)

          So, it’s Romney or … Who? Romney has deep roots in the state, even though he hasn’t lived there; he’s prepared to self-finance (which leaves more money available for states in which Republicans are HOPING to GAIN a Senate seat, not just hold onto one), and believe it or not, he IS pretty conservative. Chances are he’d support Trump policies or Republican leadership proposals 80% of the time — whereas the Democrat who might otherwise WIN the seat (it WAS held by a Democrat for YEARS before Orrin Hatch came along) would very likely NEVER support Republican/Trump policies, or certainly NOT very often. Which is better? Someone who votes right 80 percent of the time, or someone who NEVER does? I don’t think you’ll need help with THAT calculation!

          • I was talking about as president, now and back in the primaries. As far as Mittens, I don’t trust Romney. RINOs have worked hard to obstruct President Trump. I hope you’re right. We will see, won’t we?

          • Yeah, we’ll see. A very small coterie of RINOs in the Senate HAVE tried to obstruct the President, with limited success, but the longer we go on and the more successful President Trump IS, the less intra-party opposition he’ll have.
            Remember, too, Senators & Congresspersons have to get ELECTED & re-elected IN THEIR OWN STATES (or districts), not nationally or in your district/state. They HAVE to reflect the preferences OF THEIR CONSTITUENTS, or they’ll LOSE their next election. That means a Senator or Congressperson from, say, Maine or Massachusetts, which are fairly liberal states, is GOING to be MORE LIBERAL than someone from Texas or Alabama or Arizona (though AZ has its own schism). That’s just THE WAY IT IS. If real conservatives RAN in those more-liberal states, they’d LOSE and lose BADLY. Then we’d have even MORE LIBERAL Democrats in those seats, and we’d LOSE CONTROL of both the Senate and House. What would THAT accomplish? Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer! NOT a happy picture.

          • True. Spot on. Thankyou.

          • Wow, one minute you’re thanking me for a “spot on” post and in another you’re threatening to BLOCK me because I dared to disagree with you about something. It’s hard to know which tack to take with you, except abject agreement, and I don’t give THAT to ANYONE.

          • I take exception to your rudeness. End of discussion.

      • He has my VOTE in 2020, President Trump that is. This man has guts and knows how to do things for this country, besides take away from this country. Maybe his language is not the best, but he knows what he wants for the USA and the citizens of this country.

      • Assuming President Trump does reasonably well in THIS term, he will almost undoubtedly run again in 2020 — but DON’T assume there IS nobody else. There’d BETTER be other people! A party is a BIG GROUP of individuals, NOT one person, however terrific he may be. (We made that mistake with Reagan: he was so much what we wanted that we failed to encourage a “next generation” of leaders to take up the baton after he’d served his two terms. So we wound up with VP George H.W. Bush, who was NOT another Reagan. (And who LOST his bid for re-election in 1992 to a guy named Clinton.) 🙁
        So we CAN rely on Trump for a second term BUT we’d better start thinking about WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT. Four years goes by very fast.

    • You obviously know VERY little about Mitt Romney. He is NOT likely to vote with the Democrats, and WILL vote for Republican/Administration legislation probably 80% of the time. Since the alternative would probably be a Democrat who’d barely vote 10% of the time with Republicans (maybe NEVER), you have a CHOICE: A Senator who is 80 PERCENT LOYAL or one who’s 10-20 PERCENT with us? Do you REALLY want the LEAST likely Senator to vote for Trump (or any Republican’s) programs? THINK about it!
      Romney (and 16 other people) ran against Trump in the PRIMARIES. Primaries are INTENDED to show up minor differences between the potential candidates of ONE party so voters can choose the one they like BEST. When you get to general elections — and even more when you get to GOVERNING — the primary rhetoric evaporates and MOST Republican end up voting MOST OF THE TIME for Administration policies. (Dems almost ALWAYS vote as a bloc, ,but Republicans ALLOW their members the FREEDOM to express their OWN positions. We don’t require Republicans to march in lockstep to the tune played by anyone, even a President. That sometimes makes for confusion, but it’s CALLED “FREE EXPRESSION”!)

  5. It’s bad enough we have 1 SHIT HEAD Repulican against Trump now we have another 1 ?

  6. Little Mitt doesn’t like Trump! Trump became president because he has BALLS, unlike you, Little Mitt! Oh but you will become such a friend of the liberal media, if you will say something critical about Trump whenever they stick the mic in your face, just like those idiots, McCain, Jeff the Flake, etc. do!

    • Susan Short, you are SO right. In my opinion, the low life morons: Romney, McCain, Flake, need to hang up their “dancing shoes” and UNDERSTAND THAT WE, THE PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE YOU; NOR WANT YOU AS OUR PRESIDENT OF THESE GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. GET LOST! We have had ENOUGH of you losers! We need a President with BALLS; like our great Donald J. Trump. At least HE calls a spade a spade while you losers are always groveling for hand outs!

      • Romney is NOT, repeat, NOT, running for PRESIDENT. He is contemplating a race for the SENATE from Utah! That’s ALL. And McCain is almost certainly in HIS LAST TERM in the Senate; he’s not “up” for re-election until 2022, but he’s not likely to last even THAT long. As for Flake, he’s not running for a second term THIS YEAR, so HE will be GONE by year’s end.

        Before you panic about someone running against the President, you really should check on who’s actually LIKELY to run. Otherwise telling them to “Get Lost!” is a waste of time and energy. SOMEONE has to hold those Senate seats, and it’s MUCH better that it be a REPUBLICAN — ANY Republican — than otherwise. (You want Chuck SCHUMER as the Senate leader? In 48 hours you’d be WISHING you could have Mitch McConnell AGAIN!)

        Yes, it’s possible some Republican might be contemplating a run against Trump in the 2020 primaries: not likely, but possible. IF Trump does a reasonably good job — and so far, so good — nobody in GOP will take him on. If he flubs it, or if his polls are REALLY dismal, he WILL likely have primary opposition. But running against an incumbent president in HIS party’s primaries is usually an exercise in ego gratification: it seldom works. The presidency, even if one isn’t doing too well, is a pretty tough advantage for ANYONE to overcome.


      • This would have cost him the Presidency—

        The president’s alleged tryst with a porn star was buried for over a year by The Wall Street Journal.
        (A version of this column originally appeared on

        JANUARY 17, 2018 1:30 PM
        2017 Adult Video News Awards – Arrivals
        Adult film actress/director Stormy Daniels attends the 2017 Adult Video News Awards at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 21, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
        By Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images
        Slate unveiled a new logo, home page and font, with an explanation from Julia Turner, editor in chief. Meanwhile, her boss, Jacob Weisberg, details his 2016 dealings with porn actress Stormy Daniels about her intimacies with Donald Trump. She wanted a play for pay deal:

        “I told Daniels that Slate did not pay sources but encouraged her to come forward without compensation. I proposed interviewing her on Trumpcast and writing her story. She never said yes and never said no. Late in the discussion, I asked a Slate colleague to help me verify her account. We both spoke to Daniels and to Gina Rodriguez, a former porn actress turned agent, who Daniels was using to negotiate with media organizations. I gathered that Daniels was also discussing going public on Good Morning America. At one point she considered holding a press conference in Dallas, where she lives.” It didn’t happen.

        Daniels stopped responding to calls and texts and Weisberg very brief mulled running a story about her even without her cooperation. The Wall Street Journal ran a story on how American Media and the National Enquirer were in the tank with Trump on the Daniels matter. Now it’s reported that a top Trump consigliere “arranged a $130,000 payment to [Daniels] a month before the 2016 election as part of an agreement that precluded her from publicly discussing an alleged sexual encounter with Mr. Trump.”

        Wonders Weisberg: “Why is the story coming out now? An intensified, #MeToo-inspired effort to report on sexual abuse allegations against Trump and others is likely one factor, but beyond that I have no idea. The Journal’s report about Trump paying for Daniels’ silence came out of the blue, and the attribution to ‘people familiar with the matter’ is extremely vague. I can’t guess who the Journal’s sources are or why they are speaking up 15 months later.”

    • AMEN, you are right on this one! We need to get McCain, Jeff the Flake etc. out of there. I also want Ryan and McConnell gone too!

      • McCain is DYING (which is a pretty good way of getting him out of the Senate). Jeff Flake is quitting at the end of this term (next Jan. 3, or in practical terms whenever the Senate adjourns at the end of this year).

        Ryan? The MOST LIKELY REPLACEMENT for Paul Ryan as Speaker is NANCY PELOSI, because Ryan’s not going anywhere unless Democrats take over the House. Do you REMEMBER when Pelosi WAS Speaker? Go find some film clips — they’ll make you a RYAN FAN in a MINUTE!
        Same for Mitch McConnell — except HIS replacement as Senate leader would be CHUCK SCHUMER. You want HIM? I bet in a month you’d be wishing you could get McConnell back!

        The FACT is that both Ryan and McConnell are doing the BEST job possible under the circumstances they face — having VERY small Republican majorities. This is especially true in the Senate, where the Republican margin is now JUST ONE VOTE (50-49 & 1 Socialist) thanks to Alabama voters nominating a MORON for the Senate in the special election last year: he LOST, but that shaved a badly needed vote from the Republican total. And those 50 include about 4-5 RINOs who can’t always be trusted to vote with the party. The Senate usually requires SIXTY votes to pass legislation, so you can see it’s just about IMPOSSIBLE for Republicans to get anything through. NO leader could do better than McConnell.

        You also should remember we owe McConnell a HUGE debt of gratitude for blocking Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court in 2016, when the MOST conservative justice, Antonin Scalia, died, and holding the seat open until Trump could name conservative Neil Gorsuch. That’s MUCH more important than you may realize, because while Cabinet members quit or are fired after a few years, and Senators or Congressmen may retire or be defeated, SUPREME COURT JUSTICES USUALLY SERVE THIRTY YEARS OR MORE. So having a conservative instead of a liberal THERE means THREE DECADES of better decisions than we’d have had from Obama’s court.

        FOR THAT ALONE, we should THANK McConnell — AND he’s been a damned good leader, given what he has to work with (that 1 vote margin!). You don’t HEAR or read about all that the Senate has actually DONE this year, because the media don’t want to cover it, but it’s a much more impressive record than you imagine (including not just Gorsuch but a whole BUNCH of federal judges on Circuit and District court — most of whom will ALSO be around for 25-30 years!)

  7. Who wants a proven looser to represent their state? Utah, that’s who.
    We can’t expect a state who keeps the same senator for over 30 years to help drain the swamp……….
    Just like in Alabama the RINO will probably win, due to an uneducated voter base, or a rigged election.

  8. davesnrakleberger

    he should go back to business and quit tormenting the GOP.

    • I imagine he would but he only knows how to tear down businesses not build one up?

      • That’s nonsense. Romney BUILT private sector businesses — big ones — throughout his business career. You may not like his politics, but to say he only knows how to “tear down businesses” betrays TOTAL IGNORANCE of his record, and just hands the Democrats ammunition to use against him.

        • I would have preferred Romney over O Bummer, at least if he closed down a company he would have salvaged it instead of letting it rot! Besides I bet he has a birth certificate.
          His loss wasn’t totally his fault it was planned by their handlers. I’m sure his handlers told him he couldn’t go after the Muslim an impostor? Don’t worry he now has a grudge to settle in DC, so he’s now RINO establishment!

          • I’m with you up to the last sentence, but I fail to see how “having a grudge to settle in DC” makes him “RINO establishment.” First, he’s NOT really a RINO. He’s a moderate conservative, and I expect this performance over the next few months will prove it. I don’t think he carries a “grudge” against anyone, even those who killed his campaign by pushing him into NOT going after Obama as an imposter: Mitt Romney isn’t one to hold grudges (it may be an element of his faith, with which I admit I’m only slightly familiar). Yeah, he’s “establishment” in the sense of being one of those fortunate people who has no economic worries, but you may not know when Romney INHERITED a fortune he GAVE IT TO CHARITY and then went out and EARNED HIS OWN (even bigger) FORTUNE. Not exactly what one THINKS of as “establishment!”

  9. Hey Mitt, how many times do we have to tell you NO, for you to get the message. Move back to Mess-of-twochits and live under your form of government.

    • Hey not all of us in Mess-of-two-shits like this trash heap. We don’t want him here! Let him stay with the rest of the Morons, I mean Mormons in Utah. Trump won around 35% of the votes. We are not all devil-worshipping, God-hating libtards here!

      • Ya, I know, I realize there are people like Me living there who are trapped and wish they could escape. I live in Jersey and face the same thing you guys do. Christie handed the Governorship over to the Dems on a silver platter. We, like you get these (Republicans ?) who are total failures and are no more than Democrats in sheep’s clothing. Christie is a big bag of hot air and a BS artist. Couldn’t even carry NJ in the primary.

        • I imagine that there’s going to be a run on big U-Haul trucks leaving the Garden State soon.

          • What with the tax reform legislation signed by Trump killing a lot of people’s property tax and/or state income tax deductions, you’re probably right! When states like NJ (and even worse, NY or Calif) losing some of their upper-income residents BECAUSE of those tax changes, not only will THEY lose revenue (and maybe electoral votes!) but MAYBE their state legislators will see the problem and start CUTTING TAXES a little! Could happen, although I wouldn’t hold my breath.

          • My property taxes are running about $7500 this year (up quite a bit from last year) but here in Washington state we don’t have a state income tax (they hit us with lots of levies to more than make up for any tax). I imagine that most Blue States will increase taxes (they never know how to roll them back) if my state is an example.

        • I don’t much like Chris Christie, either, and never supported him in the primaries, but I think it’s unfair to blame HIM for heavily-Democrat NJ reverting to its usual form in the 2016 governors’ election. For NJ to go Democrat is NOT unusual; what WAS unusual was Christie getting elected and then RE-elected! The state just reverted to type last year — would have done so no matter WHAT Christie did/said or if someone else had been the outgoing governor.

          • Chris Christie was, like most other (Republican ?) Governors we’ve had in the past. They do great for a few months in their first year, then start to go done hill. Whitman, Kean, they did the same thing. Christie had a Lt Gov. and he should have had her out there getting name recognition, he didn’t do that, he sucked up all of the oxygen in the room. He signed a 20 cent + gas increase just when we were finally getting a break at the pump. Last but not least he helped that Obamination get re-elected and then got the thanks shoved right up our Kazoo with Sandy relief. When he road through our town on his Kiss-a** trip with Obama we were told we had to face away from the hi-way, we couldn’t watch them go by. Christie was a failure in so many ways. With gun control he waited till the last minute to do anything, yes he pardoned people who made a mistake in thinking that N.J. was an American State, but he waited until 11:59pm to do it, he also did this with other things, waiting to see what way the wind was blowing. This is why we love President Trump, he does what is right and lets the chips fall where they do. Christie couldn’t carry his own state.

          • I pretty much agree with your comments on NJ politics (my family did live there for a time, but quite awhile ago, but we knew Christy Whitman and I met Kean a few times). I agree about Christie, too, ,but I do think he deserves to be cut SOME slack because NJ is, basically, a STRONGLY DEMOCRAT STATE. For a Republican to win a statewide election borders son miraculous, whether it’s Christy or Christie or Tom or someone else. But you’re right: it’d sure be nice to have a REAL conservative at least TRY to govern the state without collapsing like Christie did. Maybe some day!

          • Yes but a real conservative can win Jersey by a huge margin and Ronald Reagan proved that. When he ran for his first term he didn’t win N.J. but when he showed the people that he meant what he said and would do what he said he took N.J. in his re-election run. Christy Whitman won as a conservative and proved that she was not one in her first term and she almost got beat by a no body from Newark when she ran for re-election. When Whitman gave the speech at the Republican National Convention, I was never so proud to be a N.J. Conservative Republican then she turned on us and showed her true colors. Christie played the conservative drum just loud enough to get re-elected and then he turned. And he didn’t help Kim get any recognition during the whole 8 years.

          • Reagan ran in a VERY different state from New Jersey TODAY. (AND he did NOT carry NJ in 1980, just in 1984 when he won EVERYTHING). NJ has been heavily Dem as long as I can REMEMBER, and THAT goes back to the 1960s. When Republicans won people shook their heads and wondered what kind of earthquake or miracle (depending) had taken place.
            My family lived there 1964-1972, but I’m a political junkie so i’ve been paying attention to election results since roughly 1960. And still am. But THREE Republican governor in 55 years doesn’t exactly demonstrate a trend, as I said. (OK, also Sen. Clifford Case, a REAL RINO, in the ’50s-70s. Nicholas Brady as an appointed Senator in 1982 (for 8 months), Jeffrey Chiesa as an appointed Senator (by Christie) for FIVE months in 2013. And that’s IT. All others, elected OR appointed, were Democrats. Thus, the EVIDENCE shows that NJ is much MORE likely to go Dem in any given election than it is to go for a Republican. And the odds get WORSE every election: even with Bob Menedez possibly headed to PRISON, he WILL WIN reelection this November. Simple fact.

          • If you read my post again you will notice that I NEVER SAID that Reagan won the first time, but when he showed that he meant what he said and did what he said he took N.J. And I disagree with you about today, if President Trump does what he said he would do and runs again I’ll bet he can win N.J., there are a lot of Conservatives here but we never get the chance to vote for one of proven metal, Christie won as a Conservative and P’ed in our face.

          • Don’t forget there have been more than a MILLiON immigrants to New Jersey (many illegal, but they end up voting in just a few years) since 1984 . I promise you they have NOT been voting Republican. I haven’t examined the election results carefully, but I’d bet that accounts for the fact that Reagan could WIN big in 1984 but Christie couldn’t get a successor elected in 2016.

      • Ahhhhh, not all of us are Mormons…… in Utah… and NOT all of us like Mitt Retard Romney.

    • That’s good and he could snuggle in with Fauxahontas for the winter!

    • NOBODY told him “NO” until now because until now he was NOT talking about running for the Utah Senate seat. A SENSIBLE voter who didn’t support Romney for PRESIDENT might look at the 2018 situation and see that HE IS THE BEST CANDIDATE for the Senate, but then SOME people are so blinded by bitterness they can’t even get that far. Sorry you’re among them.

      • Mitt was the Governor of Messa2sh*ts, if that isn’t enough to make him persona-non-grata then what is ? you must not want President Trump to be able to further OUR agenda. Mitt Romney will be a stumbling block to that. He will be a swamp creature the day he’s sworn in. Don’t forget he helped institute Obama Care. Guess you don’t support OUR president, to bad, there are lots of countries where your kind of government already exists, go there.

  10. Yes indeed–a “very probably scenario,” as BizBac’s insufficiently proofread post states. Welcome to the fray, Mitt. Since the very blue state of Utah is destined to keep a Republican in that Senate seat, it is highly preferable to have a Republican who understands the inanity of the Trumpian regime and can possibly inject some common sense and gravitas into the maladministration of the Tweeter-in-Chief.

    • Shut up liberal! We don’t like your kind!

      • Your crude, rude, useless, non-substantive brain fart is duly noted.

        • I’m sorry, I almost forgot. Democrats don’t use that kind of language. Only Republicans are crude, rude, blah, blah, blah. What’s wrong? Do you need your safe space? Are your parents kicking your sorry, 38 year old butt out of their basement? Are your taxpayer funded benefits set to expire? I wish you would do us all a favor and drive “headonstraight” into oncoming traffic.
          We put up with Barry Stalin for 8 years. When he won in 2008 & 2012, were conservatives flipping over cars? Destroying public & private property? Not going to “school” because we needed therapy? Wearing vagina hats? Smearing menstrual blood on ourselves? You are useless to a society who tries to better itself. Instead, you blame others for your failure like spoiled children.

          • Congratulations! That little piece of canned right wing nonsense earns you the M.I.B.T. (Master of Irrelevant Bogus Tripe) degree!

    • Get Lost You POS Commie Libturd !!! The Communist Obama Is The Worst President In The History Of Our Country.. Obama Is A Traitor And I Can’t Wait For His Arrest….

      • Your babbling, inane, asinine, unsubstantiated comment is duly noted for what it is, namely the blithering brain fart of a disordered, gullible, naive Trumpanista DUPE!

  11. If the peoples of Utah elect a man who didn’t have the courage to stand and defend himself, for or against, statements he made in the 2012 Presidential election, and lost to the “worst President” in the history of this Republic, well, the people of Utah will soon learn what the principal of “Bending over to be serviced” is all about! All that is wrong with our nation is that the last 4 Presidents had only the requirements of “Themselves”, Period! And, the Congress fell right in line!

    • One of the problems is that Ted Cruz showed the picture of Melania that showed her almost naked so that the people in Utah would not vote for Trump. Romney would further demonize the President to the people of Utah. Also the Establishment think they can get Romney to win NY and CA in a primary against Trump which would make it hard for Trump to win the Republican nomination.

      • Don’t rock that money boat baby, Soros is back!

        • Which is, come to think of it, ANOTHER reason that Romney has close to a LOCK on the Utah Senate nomination if he wants it. He’s the ONLY candidate who can come up with the bucks needed to forestall a Soros-backed candidate’s challenge.

          • I’m sure he’s got the stamp of approval, I doubt it’ll cost him anything? I just hope he’s smarter then the back stabbing fool McCain and Paul Ryan, or I’ll have to start calling for his X communication!

      • That was a really over-the-top trick that Ted Cruz pulled (with Melania Trump’s picture), but it didn’t cost Trump the state of Utah (which he carried by a comfortable margin). But WHY would that “further demonize the President” to the people of Utah? It’s “old news” and if nobody cared in the presidential race, why would anyone care NOW?
        Second, Romney is THINKING ABOUT running for the SENATE from UTAH. He is NOT thinking about another race for President. I don’t know who you mean by “the Establishment” who might be thinking of running Romney in NY and CA primaries, but (1) HE won’t do it; (2) under Republican party rules, it wouldn’t take enough votes away from Trump to deny him renomination; and (3) who says Romney would BEAT Trump in those primaries (NY & CA) anyway? Remember, NY is TRUMP’s home state, Romney has NO ties or roots there (and there are what, a few thousand Mormons in the whole state?).

        Also, incumbent presidents seeking re-election almost ALWAYS win renomination, no matter HOW they’ve done and how many “enemies” they’ve made. Usually nobody even runs in primaries against them, or at the most they’re “ego candidates” whose message is “aren’t I WONDERFUL?” — to which almost everyone answers, “NO, you’re NOT!” And the people who may TRY to run against them almost always end up with a shattered political career.

        • Trump won Utah in the General Election, but lost badly to Cruz in the primary campaign. You are wrong, Romney is definitely thinking and planning for his run for President again and this time against Trump. Romney even said after Trump won the Republican nomination that he should have run for President. Those stupid Establishment people all believe that Romney can beat Trump and tried their best to talk Romney into running before Trump won the nomination. All the politicians say they aren’t thinking about running for President when they run for the Senate, and a month after they win, they start running for President. I guess you didn’t know how much Romney has lied about his positions and about who he really is. But we saw who Romney REALLY is when he called the President a Fraud, a liar, and a cheat because Trump wouldn’t give up his taxes. I never saw Romney say anything near that bad against Obama when he ran for President. Trump even supported Romney and gave him a huge donation when Romney ran in 2012 and even met with Romney to fully support his campaign. That’s how Romney repaid Trump when Trump ran with all that garbage. You really think Romney can be trusted to support Trump???? I’ll believe it when I see it and would never support Romney any farther than I could throw him, and I can’t throw him at all!!!

          • I thought that was what I SAID — that Romney won Utah in 2012 and Trump won in 2016. I left out the datum on Cruz; sorry. I know Mitt Romney pretty well, and I DO NOT BELIEVE he is interested in running for president again in 2020 (or later). He’ll be 73 in 2020 and doesn’t NEED a new challenge.
            It’s true that SOME politicians run for the Senate and then a month later decide to run for President, but I really DON’T think that’s going to be the case with Romney (unless Trump stumbles REALLY badly and it looks like he’s a dead issue for reelection, WHICH I DO NOT EXPECT). But if Trump does reasonably well in this first term, NOBODY (no Republican, that is) will want to challenge him for the nomination in 2020 — he will, of course, still have to face the Democrat.
            However, ONLY ONCE in all our HISTORY has an elected first-term president (as opposed to one who got to the White House because he was VP to a president who died or resigned) not been re-elected. That is, if he wins ONE term he will win the SECOND, almost without question. So buck up!
            As to the fractious primary battle between Trump and Romney in 2016, PRIMARIES ARE ROUGH. They’re like the games athletes play to QUALIFY for the Olympics: they’re INTENTIONALLY as difficult as it’s possible to make them so that the “athlete” (or politicians) get well trained BEFORE the big game(s).
            YES, I think Romney CAN be trusted to support Trump UNLESS Trump is in really “deep doo-doo” (to use the only memorable phrase George H.W. Bush ever uttered) and we NEED to make a change. Even then, I’m not at all sure the change would be to Romney: he’ll be a FIRST-TERM SENATOR with little federal legislative experience and there are a long line of senators who think THEY should be running for President if Trump falters. (it is said of senators that ALL 100 of them look in the mirror every morning and SEE A PRESIDENT LOOKING BACK AT THEM.) So if I were President Trump I wouldn’t be nearly as worried about Romney as, say, Rubio or Cruz or maybe a new face: maybe Joni Ernst of Iowa (hey, maybe WE should be the ones to shatter that glass ceiling!)
            Well, after you’ve made such a strong statement about never supporting Romney, EVER, I can hardly wait to see what happens…you’re familiar with the phrase “Famous Last Words”?

    • Many people have been GREAT Senators but lousy Presidential candidates (see Robert A. Taft, candidate defeated for the nomination by Eisenhower in 1952). It’s NOT unusual for someone to have strong administrative or legislative skills but not the other. And since Romney hasn’t STARTED campaigning in the Senate race, HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW HE WON’T DEFEND HIMSELF on statements he made in 2012???? You DON’T, you’re merely ASSUMING and you MIGHT BE WRONG.
      You’re also simply wrong when you say “Congress fell right in line” in support of “the last 4 presidents”. WHAT did you WANT Congress to DO? The CONSTITUTION doesn’t ALLOW Congress to have much control over any President under ANY circumstances; lacking “high crimes and misdemeanors” committed WHILE IN OFFICE (thus overlooking Bill Clinton’s shenanigans except for Monica and almost ALL of Obams’s game-playing), there IS nothing Congress can do because a President is an idiot or a liar (that’ NOT a “high cirme”) . So WHAT WAS CONGRESS SUPPOSED TO DO in your view?

  12. We need “washcloth” Romney like we need the Muslim we had for eight years. We need real conservative Americans.

    • I don’t know if you mean we don’t need Romney as President (FOR WHICH HE IS NOT — REPEAT, NOT — RUNNING) or as a Senator from Utah (for which he may actually BE running). I also think you’ll be surprised at just HOW conservative he IS — much moreso than you obviously expect. He’s never served in a legislative body, so he has no voting record to hold up to show that he really DID vote conservative. And as Governor of Massachusetts he had a 100% liberal legislature to deal with. So WAIT AND SEE….

      • So I am supposed to accept an individual with a moderate agenda who is a globalist and hope I am wrong? He could poison the well for at least 6 years.

  13. Just what we do not need another anti Trump rino like Romney. We want republicans that take their leadership responsibilities seriously from the leader of the United States and his name is Donald J. Trump. We elected him for very good reasons and he has shown America a light in the sea of darkness we were living under failed administrations like Obama before but not any longer this president did not forget his campaign promises he is actually trying to keep every promise he made but the rinos in his own party have tried to block and hinder instead of doing what Americans want. We are the country and we say unleash Trump and let him do things that are making America Great Again.

    • AMEN, Barbara! You are right, President Trump has tried so hard to fulfill his promises he made to us, he’s done an excellent job under the circumstances he works under. When I watch the news, I get so angry at the stupid Democrats, they act like they don’t have a brain, and I don’t think they do really! They act like idiots, that Maxine Waters needs to be locked up!

  14. Surely Utah has better candidates than this RINO. Hard to criticize, however, as living in Washington state we have two of the worst Senators in the nation. Only California and New York have worse ones.

    • Yeah, if you live in Washington State you really can’t complain about anyone else’s Senators being too liberal. 🙂

      Utah is a small state with the usual two senators (Hatch, who’s retiring, and Mike Lee), a Governor (Republican, but apparently happy staying where he is), and FOUR members of the House, all Republicans. None of the House members feels ready to run for the Senate: Mia Love, 4th District, who has the distinction of being the only black Republican in the House at present (there HAVE been others, all male) AND would be the first/only black Republican woman in the Senate, is likely to run at a later date, but doesn’t feel she’s ready (that could mean not sitting on an adequate PAC) to do it now). (BTW, she IS a conservative, too!)

      Anyway, given the small number of likely candidates AND the fact that getting from Utah to Washington and back — often weekly — is a heck of a trip (Salt Lake City doesn’t have super-good air service!) and very hard on families, they really don’t HAVE another candidate-in-the-wings for Hatch’s Senate seat — except Romney.

      BUT Romney really is NOT a RINO. He’s pretty conservative, and likely to support Trump and/or Senate leadership MOST of the time; I’d guess 80%. You’ll be pleasantly surprised — unless of course you’re one of those purists who can’t STAND having ANYONE disagree with you on ANYTHING. In THAT case, I’d advise you to forget politics and concentrate on, maybe, sports. NOBODY agrees with ANYONE else ALL the time in politics. It just doesn’t HAPPEN.

  15. Richard Bagenstose

    i hope he is running as a democrat , because he ain’t no republican , just another oboma troll , he should go back into hidding after the way he screwed us in2012

    • Yeah, he really did screw us in 2012. Talk about a collapse! He disappeared in debates #2 and 3, after squashing Obama in the first one. He lacked the stones to go in for the kill. Instead he displayed the feckless qualities of a loser… We don’t need him, we have enough of those already in the GOP.

      • I can’t tell if you think “we don’t need him” for President in 2020 (I agree), or if you are talking about the actual office under consideration: a Senate seat from Utah, now held by Orrin Hatch (who is retiring this year).
        While I agree that Romney messed up the 2nd and 3rd debates in the 2012 presidential campaign, I strongly DISAGREE that it was a “lack of stones” or “the feckless qualities of a loser.” Actually, it was BAD STAFF ADVICE, no more and no less.
        And we DO need him in the Senate from Utah, not because he’s perfect but because there ARE no prospective Republican candidates for that seat who would be BETTER. And that’s a ruby-red Republican seat which we CANNOT afford to lose. If Romney runs, he SHOULD (and likely will) get the votes of EVERY THINKING REPUBLICAN in Utah (possibly only those who THINK, but they should be sufficient in numbers!)

        • We don’t need him for either, RightWriter. He’s almost too old to run for POTUS again and, besides, the GOP electorate doesn’t want him. Also, Utah’s a solid red state, and while the Mittster will win if he throws his hat in the ring, we don’t need HIM. Any non RINO will do. When we really needed Romney was in 2012 when we desperately needed a business man to re-set the economy and guide the nation through tough economic times, even as Obama was practicing his “leading from behind strategy” and intentionally creating political chaos throughout the body politic. Who can forget Obama’s inane, “the police acted stupidly” comment and instructing his brand new NASA Administrator – a retired USMC General – that his main objective should be “to make the Muslim nations feel good about their past contributions in math, science and technology” back around the 700’s AD!

          • We need a conservative WHO CAN WIN (losing WON’T help us hold the Senate!, and there is NO reason to feel confident ANY other Republican among those in the state CAN win. Romney is not only very popular in Utah, but he can SELF-FINANCE, which is going to be VERY important when we’re defending 8 or 9 seats and trying to pick up others. You say “any non-RINO will do” but Utah is a small state and there aren’t a whole bunch of potential Republican candidates — even excluding RINOs (who usually aren”t IDENTIFIED until they’ve GOTTEN elected!).
            I am not spending 10 seconds on approving Obama’s stupid remarks or skewed view of history. I agree with you completely. BUT SO WHAT? The point is, we NEED A GOOD CONSERVATIVE FROM UTAH to replace Orrin Hatch, and ROMNEY IS THE BEST WE HAVE (again, from Utah!). Find me someone AS GOOD who can ALSO self-finance, and we can talk about alternatives. B UT THERE IS NOBODY ELSE IN UTAH who can fill the bill as well as Romney. I want WINNERS, because if we LOSE THE SENATE (and we very well MIGHT), PRESIDENT TRUMP MIGHT AS WELL QUIT RIGHT AFTER THE 2018 ELECTION — HE WILL NEVER ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING MORE THAN HE HAS ALREADY DONE. That’s a lot, but it’s NOT 8 or even 4 years worth of achievements. I don’t give a DAMN about whether Romney is perfect — it’s a LONG time since I looked for a 100% perfect candidate, because THEY DON’T EXIST. I want a WINNER, and Romney (in Utah) WILL BE a WINNER. We can work the rest out later on!

          • I’m not really an expert in Utah politics. I know they’re a Red state and can be counted on to support the GOP agenda. My concern with Romney is that when the going gets tough he’ll fold like a cheap suitcase. Before the 2016 Presidential election he called the Trumpster a “fraud and a phony”. Yet, after the election he went, hat-in-hand, for an interview with the President-Elect for a job as his Secretary of State. If elected, I fear that Romney’ll take every opportunity to stick his thumb in Trump’s eye just to prove how smart his pre-election comments were. In other words, I trust Romney about as far as I can toss Chris Christi.

          • Romney is ONE YEAR YOUNGER than President Trump (I just looked it up), so don’t give me that “too old” crap. And HOW DO YOU KNOW the “electorate IN UTAH doesn’t want him”? Maybe the NATIONAL electorate doesn’t, but HE IS NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, he’s running (maybe) for the SENATE.
            Utah may LOOK like a deep-red state, but it IS one ONLY because some VERY good conservatives have worked VERY hard for 30 years to MAKE it look like one. Sen. Hatch’s predecessor in the Senate was Frank Moss, probably one of the MOST LIBERAL DEMOCRATS EVER to serve in the Senate — what happened to all that RED PAINT?
            Yes, Romney made some mistakes in his campaign for President – which may be why it’s good that HE IS NOW RUNNING ONLY FOR THE SENATE. But he learned (it’s NOT clear President Trump has learned all the lessons HE needs to learn from HIS First Year mistakes). AND HE CAN WIN IN UTAH — and pay his own bills while he does it. THAT would free up funds to be used in states where we NEED a boost to GAIN Senate seats, not just hang on to seats that were previously Republican (like Utah’s).

            I agree with all you said about Barack Obama, but WHAT HAS THAT TO DO WITH ELECTING A REPUBLICAN SENATOR IN UTAH, be he Mitt Romney or someone else? NOTHING, that’s what!

          • Your beating a dead horse, RW! It sounds like you might be one of his failed advisers. Did you ride along with Fido on the top of his car all the way to Utah? Enquiring minds would like to know?

    • I agree with you, let him run as a Democrat, he sure isn’t a Republican. He and Paul Ryan are big buddies.

      • He IS a Republican, has been all his life. He’s NOT going to change parties. I don’t know where you get that he and Paul Ryan are especially close (my impression is that they’re friends, but not big buddies), but SO WHAT? Ryan has pushed MORE REPUBLICAN AND CONSERVATIVE LEGISLATION through the House in 2017 than ANY speaker has for EITHER party since the speaker’s power was cut back in the 1960s. The reason you haven’t heard much about it is that it’s still waiting for action in the Senate — where it takes SIXTY votes to move legislation, and we don’t have 60 votes. THAT’S NOT PAUL RYAN’S FAULT — it’s the fault of REPUBLICAN voters who voted for whacko crazies who COULDN’T WIN in 2012, 2014, and a few in 2016 and last year — so we ended up with a 51-49 and now 50-49 margin in the Senate and couldn’t move legislation.

    • As I said before—-rumor has it that he is joining a party (started in 2017) called “United Utah Party” which is neither Republican nor Democrap—–its a middle of the road party. The Mormons here ( I live in Utah) are not the “brightest” bulbs on the porch…..

      • I think that’s more rumor than reality. The idea came out of the “independent” campaign of Evan McMullin last year. The poor guy was “drafted” by some “never-Trump” conservatives to give them a place to put their votes, but outside of Utah it didn’t amount to a hill of beans in terms of votes. But if you live in Utah you probably know all about that!

        Anyway, McMullin says (privately) he’s not going to make a habit of losing elections, and has no interest in doing it again in 2018. If there’s another “middle of the road” party in Utah, I don’t know about it, but such efforts rarely win more than 2-3% of the vote — NOT, in a state like Utah, enough to make a difference. There’s nothing in the middle of the road but a yellow line and roadkill.

    • NO, he’s NOT running as a Democrat, for the simple reason that HE IS A REPUBLICAN and has been one all his life. He’s NOT an Obama troll. He DID screw up in 2012, but NOT by design. And he’s NOT running for President again: the office in the cards now is Orrin Hatch’s Senate seat (from Utah). Quite a different matter!

  16. Unfortunately, Utah is filled with Mormons who will vote this POS in. They will vote him in because he is a Mormon. They should change the name of their cult from Mormon to Moron.

  17. Romney is just another one of the swap this worth millions and millions of dollars that all they care about is there one world order billionaire club to control the 99% of the people in the world, which is nothing less than global slavery!

  18. Romney is a moron and his only fault of Trump is that Trump won and he lost. If he runs and wins, he will fit right in with all the other RINOs in Washington.

    • Jim Colon, We the People, will NOT LET ROMNEY WIN. In my opinion, he is as useless as “tits on a bull”! We, the American People, deserve MUCH better — AND we WILL GET IT. Would like to see Trump win again. In all my life, TRUMP IS THE ONLY PRESIDENT THAT COULD NOT BE BOUGHT. THAT IS WHY THE LIBS DO NOT TO SUPPORT HIM. THE LIBS ARE LOSERS AND WE DO NOT NEED THEM!

      • Makes me wonder if Romney paid Hatch to not run again. I would not put it past Romney to do that. Romney has been having many meetings in the last month with other Republicans. It is rumored that Romney will agree to run against Trump for President in 2019 after he gets to be the Senator.

        • The one thing we can count on with Romney and that is the Demo-Turds approve of him!

          • Actually, they DON’T. As you will see if he runs for the Senate. THEY recognize him as a moderately conservative Republican, and they don’t like him at all.

          • They pretend they don’t like ‘em! Look at McCain and Lyndsey the butt hurt amigos. I’ll add McConnell to that team!


          • I’m not even going to ASK who “pretend they don’t like” WHOM? McCain and LIndsay are two of a kind, but DON’T KNOCK Mitch McConnell. He has been one of THE MOST effective Senate leaders EVER. You haven’t SEEN the results of his work yet, but you will.
            First, he was SOLELY responsible for the decision by the Senate GOP to delay consideration of OBAMA’S nominee for the Supreme Court after Justice Scalia died; by putting off the Senate’s action, McConnell (HIMSELF) was able to ensure that PRESIDENT TRUMP, not President Obama, would have the chance to name the new justice — and as we know, he named Neil Gorsuch. That was a REALLY important move, because while Cabinet members, for example, usually hold office for 1-2 years and then go home (either with honor or in disgrace), and Senators or Congresspeople either lose their elections or retire, usually after 6-12 years (sometimes more), Supreme Court Justices CAN SERVE FOR LIFE — sol they can be there maybe THIRTY YEARS. (Same is true of judges on lesser federal counts). This means appointing Gorsuch instead of…I think Obama’s candidate’s name was Garland … gives us A QUARTER CENTURY OR MORE of service of a brilliant, dedicated, CONSERVATIVE justice. One or two more like him…. 🙂 And IT WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT MITCH MCCONNELL’S LEADERSHIP.

            Also, McConnell has a STACK of a couple HUNDRED bills that have passed the House and are waiting for Senate action — but they need SIXTY VOTES TO PASS, and Republicans have FIFTY-ONE SENATE SEATS. Why? Because a lot of good conservatives, who THOUGHT they were staging a “Tea Party” like Boston in 1773. actually nominated such far-out radical right-wing goofballs (pardon me, but THEY WERE goofballs) that they ALL LOST the GENERAL ELECTION, and our control of the Senate sailed out the window. our margin falling from 56 to 52 and then 51. So we’ve got all those bills READY TO PASS, but WE NEED SOME SOLID — NOT NUTTY — CONSERVATIVES to get elected so we can pass them.

            That was NOT Mitch McConnell’s fault: it was the fault of some well-meaning but politically NAIVE conservatives in half a dozen states in 2012 and 2014. God knows WHEN we’ll get those seats back, hopefully in 2018 and 2020, but who knows? If the same LAME-BRAINS triumph, we’ll get MORE radicals who can’t win the general election, and those bills will NEVER pass.

          • How long has Mitch been in congress???


            It obvious he doesn’t like confutations and I’m sure Mac Daddy and his girl Lindsey can pull something good out of their azzez that looks good? McConnell has to go, for me he’s still on the amigos. too little too late!

        • If he runs against President Trump, we have to get people to vote for Trump, we can’t allow him to win. I don’t think he could win against President Trump. President Trump is the best President we have had since Ronald Regan, he is great, I love him!

          • ROMNEY IS NOT RUNNING AGAINST TRUMP. He is running (maybe: no actual decision yet) for a SENATE seat from Utah, which will be vacant because Sen. Orrin Hatch is RETIRING. We’re talking about TWO ELECTIONS in two different years (the Senate race this year; the presidential race in 2020). Don’t confuse them!

            Presidents who were ELECTED for their first terms (as opposed to those who inherited the Presidency when their predecessors died) have lost re-nomination JUST ONCE: Democrat president Franklin Pierce (elected in 1852) was considered too pro-slavery and pro-South in the run-up to the 1856 election, and the Dem party nominated James Buchanan instead. I think three times a president who had inherited the job was denied renomination: John Tyler in 1844, Millard Fillmore in 1848, Andrew Johnson in 1968 and Chester Arthur in 1884. And then in 1976 Gerald Ford, who had become President after Richard Nixon was forced to resign, ALMOST lost the nomination to Ronald Reagan. But not quite (Reagan came back 4 years later and DID win the nomination.)

            Anyway, denying renomination to an elected president is NOT something that happens very often: one president of 45, in fact. Romney would be a fool (and he’s NOT a fool) to think he could oust Trump (unless, of course, Trump was on the verge of being impeached — but then the party would probably choose a “new face”).

        • I’m sure you heard rumors about Romney paying off Hatch to clear the way for a Romney Senate run, but I can assure you that ORRIN HATCH is NOT that dishonest OR petty. HE wouldn’t take a bribe to retire: he’s 82 and decided it was TIME That’s ALL.
          So he’s having meetings with other Republicans. Whether he runs for the Senate this year or NOT, he’s STILL an active Republican with, whether YOU like it or not, the status of an “elder statesman.” He’s EXPECTED to talk to other Republicans, even if you and some others think he should be shmoozing with DEMOCRATS instead. Sorry, but Mitt Romney is a second-generation Republican former official (his father was governor of Michigan and a member of Nixon’s Cabinet) and neither you nor anyone else is going to get him to change parties!
          As for running against Trump (assuming he wins the Senate seat in Utah), if he were 10 years younger, it might be in the cards. But Romney is 70 NOW, will be 73 before the 2020 election, and while that’s not ANCIENT anymore, it IS time to consider whether it’s a good idea to take on a NEW assignment (especially one that would last 4, maybe 8, years).
          Besides, Romney knows perfectly well that if Trump has done at least REASONABLY well (as he is doing now), running against him would be an exercise in futility — presidents running for a second term DO NOT lose their party’s NOMINATION. The president, whoever he/she may be, has too much control of his/her party.

    • My guess is Soro’s gave him a calling!

    • Boy, you have that one right! I agree with you 100%.

    • Romney is certainly NOT a moron. He ran against Trump (briefly), sure, but so did Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and lots of other good people. He is NOT a RINO., and if (when) he wins he will vote probably EIGHTY PERCENT of the time WITH President Trump.
      If idiots like YOU — the REAL morons — keep looking for candidates who please you 100% of the time, you will KEEP ELECTING DEMOCRATS and LOSING REPUBLICAN SEATS. We’ll be down to 35 Republicans and 65 Democrats- — and just HOW do you think President Trump’s programs will do with a Senate like THAT?
      You WON’T FIND 100% ‘perfect’ (by YOUR standards, that is) candidates very often (that is, EVER), so you’d better LEARN TO SETTLE FOR PEOPLE WHO VOTE YOUR WAY 80% OF THE TIME. Every time you refuse to back someone like Romney, YOU ELECT SOMEONE LIKE CHARLIE SCHUMER. Is THAT what you want? MORON!

    • Your syntax is so screwy I can’t be sure what you’re trying to say (“Romney’s…only fault OF TRUMP?” WHAT does THAT mean? Are you trying to say the only reason Romney dislikes Trump is that Trump won? I don’t think Romney is that much of a child — he can TAKE loss and move on, like MOST adults (including Trump).
      He’s NOT a RINO, and you have no reason to think he is except a few ideas he put forth in the campaign debates last year that were really just IDEAS, not POLICIES. When you’ve got 16-17 candidates in a debate, you can ONLY stand out by floating ideas you likely KNOW are nonstarters. That’s what Romney was doing. It’s a DEBATE TACTIC: those “ideas” were NOT policy and would never have BECOME policy.
      The other complaint against Romney seems to be that he said some impolite things about Trump during the campaign and since Trump took office. SO? Nobody is REQUIRED to bow down and worship at the candidate’s — or even the President’s — FEET; when someone disagrees, they have the right to SAY SO, whether they’re former (or current) candidates or not. ROMNEY DOES NOT WORK FOR TRUMP. His freedom of speech is NOT curtailed by the boss-employee relationship. TRUMP is a big boy and HE can take it; guess YOU and the other infants here today are the only ones who CAN’T

  19. The romneys own voting machine companies.
    google it.
    ANY repub but romney, utah, please!

  20. no way! Romney is a danger to this country – traitor

    • Yep. He got filthy stinkin’ rich by downsizing corporate America and shipping thousand upon thousands of jobs to China.

      • ACtually, Romney GAVE TO CHARITY the large fortune he inherited and MADE HIS OWN. Yes, he DID downsize some companies because they were CARRYING TOO MUCH DEBT; that’s called BUSINESS, you idiot. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, KEEP YOUR YAP SHUT.

        • Wow, that’s a pretty hysterical tirade! I’ll bet the people who lost their jobs due to incompetent and unscrupulous business practices are OK with that.

          • Well, considering Romney had JUST BOUGHT the businesses that needed downsizing, HE can’t be blamed for those “incompetent and unscrupulous business practices” — and anyway, downsizing is NOT incompetent OR unscrupulous when a company is top-heavy with personnel it doesn’t NEED because (a) market demand has changed, and not for the better; (b) the LAST management team overstaffed the company (before current owners took over); or (c) the last management team took on too much debt. By taking over and downsizing, Romney actually REDUCED THE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES WHO HAD TO BE LET GO, and later — when the companies’ business had stabilized — HIRED A LOT OF THOSE WORKERS BACK.

            Are you under the impression that NO business EVER needs to fire ANYONE? That’s not true of business (EVER), but it is USUALLY TRUE OF GOVERNMENT. Don’t confuse the two! And my post was hardly hysterical: just accurate.

    • Romney is NOT a traitor or danger to this country. You may not like every vote he casts — if you’ve GOT A BRAIN you won’t like EVERY vote that ANYBODY casts — but he will be 80% of so WITH TRUMP and you WON’T FIND ANYONE BETTER.
      So called Republicans like you have GOT to STOP LOOKING FOR PERFECT and learn to settle for VERY GOOD. The more time/energy you WASTE looking for the perfect candidate, THE MORE ELECTIONS WE WILL LOSE and the MORE DEMOCRATS/SOCIALISTS WILL WIN. Is THAT what you WANT? If not, swallow hard and support Romney.

  21. Did you say Benedict Arnold is heading to Washington to hurt America more than he has already. This vile malcontent cannot be trusted, he is a sore loser, a weak fighter and a Democrat. Utah he is one of yours even though he lived in Michigan and preferred Mass. until he decided he can’t win so he wants Utah to put him close to Trump. I say to Trump, watch him closer than Graham Mccain and all other traitors

    • The POINT, which seems to have escaped your half-informed mind, is that HE CAN HOLD ON TO THE UTAH SENATE SEAT without having to spend a whole lot of the Republicans’ campaign cash. That’s a GOOD thing.
      Once elected, his voting average in the Senate will probably be about EIGHTY PERCENT with Trump and his Administration. A Democrat would vote maybe TWENTY PERCENT with Trump. Isn’t it BETTER to have a Senator who says “Yes” 80% percent of the time to one who says it only 20% of the time? OF COURSE IT IS, you dummy.
      As long as 100 percenters like you demand perfect (by YOUR standards, of course) candidates, YOU will cause Republicans to LOSE elections, and ELECT MORE DEMOCRATS. Seeing how we HAVE to increase the Republican numbers in the Senate (we’re at just 51 now, which is NOT a safe margin when it takes SIXTY seats to win most Senate votes), causing the LOSS of Senate seats just because you don’t like the candidate — when he’s likely to be an 80-percent pro-Trump vote — is ridiculous, outrageous, and DANGEROUS.

      • When was the last time a Democrat held that seat? You can’t trust Romney with Trump, look as the other loser MCCain.
        You language fits your I.Q, your lack of manners and your over-all health. Please do not reply,
        Self Righteous you have the right handle. End of story. ugh.

      • Well, as a matter of fact, before Orrin Hatch the seat was held by Frank Moss, DEMOCRAT, from 1959 to 1977. It was considered a BIG DEAL (I remember!) when Hatch beat Moss in 1976, because until then Utah had been considered a MOSTLY DEMOCRAT state.

        The POINT is not that a Democrat might win — it’s that if Romney runs the GOP won’t have to spend a fortune on some less-well-known candidate who will need a LOT of financial support and help in setting up & running campaign on electing Romney, whereas it would cost MUCH more in both financing and field support to assure the election of some other candidate. Money and staff or volunteer help are both in short supply in ANY campaign year, and in 2018 we have a LOT of Senate races for seats now held by Democrats that we HAVE to win. If we can hold Utah without spending a lot or fielding thousands of volunteers, why should we pass up the candidate who can win easily (ROMNEY) in favor of one who will COST MORE in both financing and staff/volunteer support — and RISK the possibility that he/she MIGHT LOSE?

        Comparing Romney with McCain is facile but NOT accurate. Very different cases. I have known them BOTH for 30 years or so and I can assure you they aren’t at all alike. However, it’s notable that despite his opposition to some major legislation (like the health care reform bill), McCain ALSO votes over 75% WITH President Trump. It’s his few BIG votes against Trump that get the attention, but you really should consider anyone’s OVERALL support/opposition numbers, not just those few big votes.

        I make NO apologies for my language or my I.Q. (which is way above average). As for my “lack of manners,” I didn’t see anything notable in that department from YOU, and I replied in kind. And my health is just fine, thanks very much. And as to my handle, “Right” means CONSERVATIVE (in case you didn’t know that), and “Writer” should be self-explanatory, even for YOU.

    • Pathetic!

  22. He showed us that as a ‘SOFT SHOE’ CANDIDATE when he ran against OBUMER, ‘NO BALLS!’ He is a past due guy with no plan in mind and the president does not need another ‘back stabber in D.C.

  23. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    Romney is the quintessential Rino meaning he will vote for some good bills and against others. He will be the problem with some bills. Romney is an establishment Republican who cannot be counted on to represent “the shinning city on a hill”.


    • Actually, if Republicans like you still wanted Ronald Reagan’s “shining city on a hill,” Romney would be 100 percent WITH HIM. The problem is that the PARTY has MOVED SO MUCH FURTHER RIGHT since Reagan’s day that now Romney — who is about 80% conservative — looks like a RINO. HE is still supporting that “shining city on a hill”; it’s just the PARTY (and purists like YOU) who have moved.
      Besides, Romney WILL be the Republican candidate in Utah and he WILL keep the seat in Republican hands. Given how hard it’s going to be to increase our Senate numbers, we should THANK OUR LUCKY STARS we have a candidate like Romney, who WILL win and WILL vote for President Trump’s programs MUCH more often than not. Quit worrying about Romney and start working to ELECT MORE REPUBLICAN SENATORS in states that we SHOULD have carried — but didn’t, because of 100% purists like YOU — in 2014. If we’d won those seats, we’d HAVE a 60 vote margin in the Senate and life would be a lot simpler than it is now.

      • DirtyDaveyDownEast

        You should loose your anger and develop a clear eyed view of the situation. Romney is an elitist establishment globalist Republican. In short little better than a Demon-rat and not a disciple of Gov. Winthrop.

        As for my purist views; they come from the Bible like the Founding Fathers. Everybody should read the Bible at least once. It’s a really good, no great, read. I highly recommend it.


        • I’m NOT angry, and if I wasn’t “clear-eyed” I’d never have made it this far in life. You say “Romney is an elitist establishment globalist Republican” — without explaining what YOU mean by ANY of those terms (the only one of which having a clearly understood meaning is “Republican”). Elitist? What does that mean to YOU? Rich? Well, what about our President — who is four or five TIMES as rich as Romney. What about “establishment”? We use this word all the time but nobody ever DEFINES it! Do you mean PARTY (Republican) establishment? Professional establishment? Power establishment? Again, it seems to me that ANY “establishment” into which you insert Romney must ALSO have room for Donald J. Trump!
          Globalist? Well,, OK, I know it’s MISused all the time to describe people, usually in business or politics, who are aware of the EXISTENCE of the rest of the WORLD and realize we don’t — CAN’T — exist in our own little bubble here in North America. But WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY “GLOBALIST”? Should we IGNORE the rest of the world? What happens when THEY ignore US? What happens when there’s a terrorist attack or something else THAT WE NEED FRIENDS TO COMBAT — or do we take on the WHOLE DARN WORLD on our own? WHAT DO YOU SEE as our relationship with the rest of the world — friends OR foes — and HOW DO YOU SEE ROMNEY as fouling that relationship

          • DirtyDaveyDownEast


            Two short paragraphs compared to your extremely long rambling paragraphs and I’m the one showing off? P-lease!

            Elitist > Above the law.

            Globalist > One who believes in moving the whole world in the direction of the New World Order.

            Establishment > The ruling class. I’ve been rebelling against the “Establishment” since the 60’s.

            Read Jefferson’s Christian testimony on his monument.

            Read Bible many times? Memorized Federalist papers? You seem more like a Mien Kamp man to me.

            Remember this one very important fact my snowflake friend. Spring thaw is comin’!


  24. Romney just shouold on down the Highway of what he is doing now and leave the goernment for th ePeople who love Trump ad his Policies! American Vote for Anyone but Romney!

  25. Please, Utah Republicans, do not elect Mitt Romney as your Senator. I am sure you can find someone else who would support President Trump and his Agenda. We don’t need another “Senator Flake” undermining the President at every opportunity he has to be on Television.

  26. Romney, is he the High-Level Masonic Mormon, who choked and couldn’t beat a loser like Fraudbama. Nice guy Romney isn’t who he appears to be, evident by his anti-MAGA attitude; he is a Globalist through and through, wants open-border too

  27. Assuming Romney didn’t deliberately throw the 2012 Presidential election because someone bought him off (or intimidated him) after the first debate, we are left to question his motive for surrendering the election to Obama. A possible scenario: Romney saw the difficulties he’d face in implementing his favored Progressive programs as a Republican President – but, by insuring the election of Obama, he would see those Progressive programs – such as Obamacare – implemented under Obama.

  28. Heard Mitt may take a wrong turn to the Senate.

  29. Romney is another worthless left wing neocon RINO. They might as well be putting a Democrat into office.

  30. Why can’t these old embedded politicians hang it up. Like a professional athlete, your day came and went and now it is time to do something else. Romney – I voted for you but you are a loser who does not know how to fight. You couldn’t even beat the worst President in modern times like Reagan did to Carter who was the worst President up until that point. Joe Biden- you are as dumb as the wall, maybe dumber, stay home and play canasta with your wife. Hillary – Go to jail, do not stop and do not pass go, just get into your orange jumpsuit and start doing time. A good post-political job for Romney would be as an advisor on how not to run for President, for Biden, a new book called “Biden’s Quotes” and for Hillary she should teach convicts how to avoid arrest when you are guilty as sin!!!!!

  31. I cannot believe this @#$%^&* is going to try for the Utah senate race. Apparently he does not understand the American people voted for some leftist drug dealer over him. Maybe his wife will put him on the top of their car.

  32. I’m sorry I voted for Romney and McCain.

  33. Finally a Republican with some backbone to stand up to Trump’s march toward authoritarianism. Jeff Flake gave an blistering speech in the Senate today. Too bad Flake is leaving, but maybe Romney can pick up where he leaves off.

  34. I’m thinking the only people that will vote for him, are family members!

  35. hopespringseternal

    We finally got “a new sheriff in town”.
    Now “girlie-man” Mitt Romney wants to come back to the senate.
    Why? Stay home mitt romney! Didn’t like you before, like you even less now, if

    • One of the problems is that Ted Cruz showed the picture of Melania that showed her almost naked so that the people in Utah would not vote for Trump. Romney would further demonize the President to the people of Utah. Also the Establishment think they can get Romney to win NY and CA in a primary against Trump which would make it hard for Trump to win the Republican nomination.

  36. Three words for Romney. P.O.S.
    Romney is an operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

  37. That’s what I hate about professional politicians, they get kicked out of one state they move to another and FC that one up also!

  38. The words to One of my favorite Beatle song applies perfectly to Romney and other RINOs!


    We do not really have a two Party System in OUR COUNTRY! we have the Party of Losers and the Party of Pond Scum! This Government is a JOKE and the JOKE is on U.S.!

    Need to FIX this PROBLEM before we have NO COUNTRY TO SAVE 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  39. Romney was so hateful when Trump was running, and threw all kinds of hateful words about Trump…and he wants votes on his hate for Trump. He has no platform, just hate.

  40. The nation doesn’t need Romney and he better change his attitude when and if he gets to the WH. I think it would bode Romney well if he changes his understanding about the president. That if he wants support from the true conservatives.

  41. Rom appears to be showing his jealousy having lost his presidential bid twice. We do not need this Rino as a Senator, and if he really considers himself to be a Mormon in good standing, his behavior towards Trump proves his being a Chrino as well. We don’t need an unbelieving so called Christian to replace Orin. Yes I believe anyone who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ shall be save, but I would like a Spirit Filled Christian to replace any Senator or Congress Person so that we can remove the lie that the Supreme Court reversed the meaning of the letter to the Danbury Baptist by Jefferson and return the Religious freedom to the public schools removing the Globalist Religion of Secular Humanism (see Humanist Manifestos I, II, and III which can be found on line, and it is a religion). A Chrino is a Christian in name only.

  42. this SOB Romney he is the reason that Obama got a second term, we had lots of republicans that could have Beaten Obama and I blame the republicans for encouraging this idiot to run, he doesn’t like Trump and he will be just the rest of these flakes democrat

  43. Bernard Bredbenner

    Just what the DUMoCRAPS ordered, another RINO to muck up the TRUMP AGENDA, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” I didn’t like him when ” the establishment ” chose him to run for President. That was mistake #2. Mistake #1 John RINO McCain. The NRC must have a lot of MORONIC ASSHOLES in it’s ranks. What ever happered to DAN QUAYLE? There was a GREAT PROSPECT for President. Sarah Palin would be GREAT(but too many male shovinists). The main problem of the Republican Party is all the RINOS, it is more like the RepubliCRAPIC PARTY. Out with the RINOS, in with the TRUMPSTERS, CONSERVATIVES, TRUE RED, WHITE & BLUE CONSTITUTIONAL AMERICANS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I am from Utah Romney can drop dead as far as I am concerned what a moron!

  45. if milt is going to continue with such an attitude, it is only going to hurt him in the future for the Trump economy will prevail as the “most appealing” point to the voters in the next presidential election.

  46. Romney is a New World Order puppet and part of the swamp that needs to be drained [eliminated] from our government.

  47. I don’t believe that Romney will work for American people. What is up with his decision to run? Got some founding father and will have to kiss daddy’s ass later.

  48. Is Romney just a poor loser? Cannot these guys have some character and get with the program! Seems its always me me me. Off the high horse and do your job and back OUR president!

  49. I live in Utah and I am a Mormon. The only way I would vote for Romney is if he apologized To President Trump and the President said he is forgiven. Without that, Romney get lost!

  50. It’s not all official he he’s to win an election…..remember his last election

  51. Great mistake! If Romney took one tenth of the abuse and attempted character assassination that Donald Trump has endured, he would curl up in a corner and wilt! The media should recognize that Trump is no fool, and that he has accomplished more in one year than the past two administrations accomplished in 12 years! Instead of backing Trump, the covert Clinton machine has continued to do everything possible to bring Trump down! If they succeed, this nation will implode! So sad!



  54. Romney needs to stick his head in the toilet and flush his sh it for brains down the drain. MAGA. Flush out Romney. He couldn’t make it as president, he couldn’t make it as a cabinet member. Romney is a LOSER. Losers running, like Romney give it to the democrats.

  55. Romney lost to president bojangles that in its self disqualify his lame ass

  56. Donald J Trump is an idiot …check please

  57. I disagreed with Romney on policy…pretty much nothing else as a presidential candidate….so…

  58. Romney has had his time and chance. I voted for him when he ran for president and he lost. Losing was his own doing. The man has no backbone. Lost to a thing like obamie. Now he wants to run so he can get back at President Trump and for what? If romney is going to run and run as a Republican, he damn well needs to support President Trump and get more than a little gristle in his backbone. I have come to the realization that he is just a yes man and stands for whatever anyone wants, but who wants a man like that in office and has already let it be known he will NOT support my PRESIDENT. Send him to the swamp, we have enough losers in Washington as is. We need FIGHTERS for our PRESIDENT and this COUNTRY.

  59. I guess SOME people just don’t LOSE often enough.Romney is yesterdays news trying for a come back….Hard to accomplish for an also ran.

  60. We do not need another fake Republican. Too many already. The president could send all the illegals from Illinois and troubled states to Utah and see if they like it.

  61. Romney is a frickin loser. This is the last thing America needs, a total Pu**y, Flake that thinks he can walk right back into the senate. What are you going to do Romney ?? Nothing !! you don’t have the balls. Go bury your head in the sand.

  62. Ya know, I did vote for Romney in his presidential run originally….but even though he was hoodwinked by the Chicago style dirty politics that won Obama the nomination, me thinks that Romney misplayed his hand in being a true spoiler in recent times. Today, had he even thought of running in my state, I would soooo actively support the conservative nominee, as Romney has shown his true color as a “globalist” robot.

  63. OK!!! It’s official. Romney thinks he has a prayers chance in running for anything??? OMG!!!!!!! I voted for him when he ran for president against the abhorrent and proven DISPICABLE Obama and he lost cause he soo wimped out in the debates, but to think he has any gravitas, I don’t care what state he’s running in, Romney is a loser of magnitudious porportions!!!

  64. “And, given Romney’s popularity in the state”? What popularity? He is NOT as popular here in Utah just as Herbert is not that popular here, either… I don’t know where the writer gets that idea that this worthless clown Romney is loved by Utahans…

    Personally I have NEVER liked Romney and neither have many other Utahans… UTAH DOES NOT WANT THAT PATHETIC LOSER JERK ROMNEY as senator ……. nor do we want him to hold any position in the senate or congress…….. There is some word circulating that he is joining some separate party called the “United Utah Party” which is neither Republican nor Democrap—they formed it last year and they are focused on being the “middle of the road” party—??! Go figure…..

  65. Many in this State think that Romney will not fit the bill. We got rid of RINO Bennett and we would have gotten rid of Hatch except Hatch changed after he saw what happened to Bennett.
    YOUR headline has it all wrong. Romney is not heading for Senate he is running for Senate.

  66. Romney. Money. Ethics. Principles. Trump. A s**t-bird with money. Interesting.

  67. phillip M. Freeman

    A good republican senator would be great for Utah. However, that new senator must be someone that supports his party, represents the people and does not go to washington with a hidden agenda. Specifically, not carrying a grudge to get even with someone for a previous statement that was made in in a campaign speech. President Trump is the president and we only have room for one, not a beaten wanna “b”. I think if Mr. Romney wants to be a good conservative republican like the one I voted for when he ran for president, I will support him. If not, he is not the best candidate.

  68. If WE, the Deplorables, want President Trump to continue being successful in keeping the promises he made during his campaign then we need to reject Mitt Romney with the precision of a laser beam. Romney needs to understand clearly that WE do NOT want him serving in the Senate, Congress or any other capacity. He is seeking revenge against the GOP because he lost what should have been the easiest won election in many years. He choked and fell short. We ended up with 4 more years of Obama, which will never be forgiven or forgotten.

  69. This loser is wrong not only for the people of Utah but for our presidents agenda.He will be another flake and corker.Nothing to contribute only obstruction.

  70. Romney is a loser.

  71. He would be wise to stop trashing our President who has made so many MAGA accomplishments. Romney still doesn’t get that there are millions of us out here who want what Trump wants.

  72. OMG, not another R I N O. I thought the world of Romney until he shook Obama’s hand in the debates and said ‘I agree Mr President”. I had no idea he was in Obama’s pocket. C’mon Utah. wake up. You don’t need this guy anymore than we need McCain.

  73. Romney couldn’t get elected before and when he made a speech (if you can call it that) he wasn’t good at it…….Never stated how he would help the USA…..or anything else………He handed the election to Obama…….His daddy made a better politician than Georgie Boy every could……….Time for him to learn he is not worthy to be a politician……….

  74. I sincerely hope that Mr. Romney does not run. He had his opportunity to become president, and failed due to his unwillingness to take on the lying democrats and Obama. Many of his discussion points while campaigning were exactly correct, and he should be supportive of President Trump. Failing that, he is only extending the leftist hold on our country.


  76. Romney? Is he joining in with Obama who threatens our president Trump with “ripping PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP a new one”. Each day Jarrett and Obama greet, not far from the WH, those supporters and shady people at Obama’s Washington house with plans to do “something” about Trump, that must be something subversive, maybe treasonous? Sounds like Romney would be right there.

  77. A democrat in sheep’s clothing. A RINO from the word go.

  78. Here is another low class ( Mitt Romney ) Rino that hates Trump

  79. Mitt sucks. America is sick of this Turd.

  80. No, I would prefer to make America, GREEN AGAIN!!!

  81. Romney quit on America and you want him in the Senate? NO!

  82. Why is it that Republican loved Romney so much that they nominated him for President just five years ago, and now they act like he hates America?

  83. Ain’t there yet !! One time I would have voted for him ,NO more !!

  84. dont need another democrat in the cenate we h ave enough with out having a trator republican to run his mouth about keeping all these sorry ilegals,need more honeht republicans to run.

  85. somebody expect that Romney to be a republican???????/hi is UNDERCOVER DEMOCRAT!!

  86. Any republican that runs had better be prepared to support President Trump to the hilt! We voters chose him and expect the politicians to honor our choice and support his ideas. Those that don’t should either be recalled or voted out! In the case of Romney it is nothing but childish sour grapes and overinflated ego. I hope Utah ends this for the goid of the country.
    I expect the Democrats of both houses to stop their sore loser attitude and start to work for the good of the country. In my case both reps are missing in action most of the time. One is in Washington 3% of the time and the other 13%, yet the idiots in my district reelect them.

  87. Romney needs to decide if he is republican or democrat. He needs to get onboard or run as a democrat. Can’t the RNC refuse his ticket as a republican?

  88. No more globalists. America needs those who will favor its citizens FIRST.

  89. Romney’s comment is inconsisten with the laws of the USA. I will pray that he does NOT get elected Senator in Utah. 👎🦅🇺🇸

  90. I have never felt comfortable with Romney even though I voted for him against Obama. It would be unthinkable to leave an empty seat that could fall into the hands of the left. Even if Romney voted with Trump 80% of the time it would be better than risking the loss of a majority to the two festering boils on the butt of the swamp dwellers. Do you really want to empower Schumer and Queen P. ? We must do everything possible to replace every empty seat with a vote supporting AMERICA and its citizens. Help make America Great again ASAP!

  91. I thought I should mention I am 88 years old and still entertaining seniors at senior centers. Life is good and I am blessed with each mornings coffee. May GOD bless you all!

  92. I voted for Romney and even contributed to his campaign against Obama who has proven to be our worst President EVER. Now, I am VERY disappointed in Romney and if I lived in Utah would not vote for him. He will be another RINO, just like Flake and McCain.

  93. We the American people DO NOTNEED THE LIKES OF YOU.

  94. Romney would be terrible for America! I hope he gets primaried out. Romney would be terrible for Trump!

  95. Well, why does he not run from a state that aligns with his views? The state of Massachusetts, why wreck a good state. Romney won the election with Obama, there was massive voting fraud, even Obama was even surprised that he won. Leave a good state like Utah lone and run someplace else.

  96. Mitt Romney… another anti America New World Order puppet bent on ending America as we know it. Mitt belongs to the same group as Mr & Mrs Clinton, Soros, Obama, Bush Sr, the fake news groups… all working to turn America into a third world nation.

  97. RINO HEAVEN doesn’t need another liberal Rep Romney, you’ll find that out PDQ!!!

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