Romney Beats the Anti-Trump Drum

Back in January, reports began surfacing that top Republican donors were tempting Mitt Romney to make a third run at the White House. Discouraged by early fears that Jeb Bush would be hampered by his last name and some of his more liberal positions, Romney gave it serious thought before ultimately deciding to leave the field to a new crop of candidates. But nine months later, Romney still has plenty to say about the Republican primaries.

“I would have never predicted that the leader of my party at this stage would be Donald Trump and the leader in their party right now would be a socialist,” Romney said at Georgetown University Wednesday.

Discussing the surprising rise of Trump, Romney scoffed. “Frankly, when you light your hair on fire, you make the evening news, and some people have a lot of hair lit on fire.”

He predicted, however, that Trump’s appeal would fade before the time came for voters to choose. “Donald Trump will not be the nominee. Ultimately our nominee will come from the mainstream conservative bracket. I don’t know who that will be.”

Yeah, that good old mainstream conservative bracket that served us so well in 2008 and 2012. That mainstream conservative bracket to which deposed House Speaker John Boehner belongs. Let’s keep doing the same thing over and over again. Surely the law of averages will work out in our favor eventually, right?

Romney is the past. That’s not to say Trump is the future, but it’s clear that voters have had it up to here with the Republican establishment. There is literally no point in having an opposition party that doesn’t actually oppose anything. Republicans in the leadership actively despise the conservative base, and their disdain has been their undoing. Why would any conservative go out and vote for another one of these clowns?

For the first time in ages, there is real excitement among conservative voters. There is a change in the air. After years of watching the Republican Party facilitate Obama’s liberal agenda, Americans would rather raze the whole thing than elect another moderate. Better to lose in a landslide than to win something that you didn’t actually want. At least then, the voters would have a choice worth making. Frankly, a Sanders/Trump general election would be better for this country than Clinton/Bush. At least you could tell the difference between them without a magnifying glass.

As for predictions, they’re wearing thin. Even the haughtiest political analysts have to admit that they are clueless when it comes to the course of this election. As Romney himself admitted, no one could have foreseen the way it has played out thus far. For them to pretend they still know where it’s going is laughable. They are trying to sway public opinion, not predict it.

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