Romney Beats the Anti-Trump Drum

Back in January, reports began surfacing that top Republican donors were tempting Mitt Romney to make a third run at the White House. Discouraged by early fears that Jeb Bush would be hampered by his last name and some of his more liberal positions, Romney gave it serious thought before ultimately deciding to leave the field to a new crop of candidates. But nine months later, Romney still has plenty to say about the Republican primaries.

“I would have never predicted that the leader of my party at this stage would be Donald Trump and the leader in their party right now would be a socialist,” Romney said at Georgetown University Wednesday.

Discussing the surprising rise of Trump, Romney scoffed. “Frankly, when you light your hair on fire, you make the evening news, and some people have a lot of hair lit on fire.”

He predicted, however, that Trump’s appeal would fade before the time came for voters to choose. “Donald Trump will not be the nominee. Ultimately our nominee will come from the mainstream conservative bracket. I don’t know who that will be.”

Yeah, that good old mainstream conservative bracket that served us so well in 2008 and 2012. That mainstream conservative bracket to which deposed House Speaker John Boehner belongs. Let’s keep doing the same thing over and over again. Surely the law of averages will work out in our favor eventually, right?

Romney is the past. That’s not to say Trump is the future, but it’s clear that voters have had it up to here with the Republican establishment. There is literally no point in having an opposition party that doesn’t actually oppose anything. Republicans in the leadership actively despise the conservative base, and their disdain has been their undoing. Why would any conservative go out and vote for another one of these clowns?

For the first time in ages, there is real excitement among conservative voters. There is a change in the air. After years of watching the Republican Party facilitate Obama’s liberal agenda, Americans would rather raze the whole thing than elect another moderate. Better to lose in a landslide than to win something that you didn’t actually want. At least then, the voters would have a choice worth making. Frankly, a Sanders/Trump general election would be better for this country than Clinton/Bush. At least you could tell the difference between them without a magnifying glass.

As for predictions, they’re wearing thin. Even the haughtiest political analysts have to admit that they are clueless when it comes to the course of this election. As Romney himself admitted, no one could have foreseen the way it has played out thus far. For them to pretend they still know where it’s going is laughable. They are trying to sway public opinion, not predict it.

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  1. Romney is loyal to the good ol boy network to a fault….

    That is Romney’s fault, if he had been as loyal to the AMERICAN PEOPLE as he is to the cabal running the Republican party, Romney might have been the next President…..

    His loyalties are in the wrong place.

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    • Mitt Romney won the election in 2012 but none of his friends stuck up for the treachery committed by obamass and the demonrats. I have spoken to people in different precincts that vote for Romney and their voting places went 100% for obamass, did anyone protest? Nor Hardly.

      • there is a reason for that i read, seems somewhere along the way the republicans promised not to contest voter fraud issues…maybe goes back to bush in florida. anyway they supposedly are not allowed to.

        • Well, if it happens again and the American people do not protest than shame on us.

        • I have heard that same information, that is voting violation. This animal obamass did not win.

        • No one tells me how to vote or not to vote. I am a Republican in name only due to my conservative leanings, although Independent. If Trump is not the candidate the only other person I would vote for would be Dr. Carson. Rep. Party chose McCain against many Republican’s wishes. They should wake up and listen to the people or they will not be a significant Party in the next elections following 2016.

          • I feel the same as you, don’t like McCain, I voted for PALIN, BUT mcccain handed the election over to Obama on a silver platter.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            We should have left mccain in Vietnam when I was there.. And, there won’t even be an election. Just months before, the HTNIC is going to declare martial law, all these gooks given asylum will come crawling out of the woodwork, and the HTNIC will begin setting up his kingdom! Laugh now, CRY LATER!!!

          • That is obamass’s plan….. Michael you were in Viet Nam? If so, Thank You for your service.

          • That Agent Orange really got to your brain, didn’t it Dim Wits?

          • Ted Cruz for President 2016 !

      • There is no doubt in my mind that all elections from this point forward will be fixed. The powers that be will not take a chance of losing their power. Their chosen ones MUST win.

        Both parties have been taken over by socialists…. We assume the Republicans are keeping the Democrats honest, and the Democrats are keeping the Republicans honest… But who is keeping the socialists honest?

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        Joseph Stalin

        • This is called the completed successful dumbing down of the younger generation! And this is why it is a BIG major push for all inner city kids and most to go to college and get a free education in college. The teaching is to follow like sheep and no independent thinking allowed! Or you do not pass the course! Such a shame this is happening. The rest is handled at the voting polls while counters do as they please in favor of their chosen one!

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        • Welcome to the ‘Criminal House’. Sad isn’t it.


      • That’s quite sickening and it will happen again as this administration has no respect for our laws or it’s citizens, and congress is dead under john boehner and mitch mcconnell.

        • Boehner has resigned at the end of October, I guaranty he will do as much damage as he can in supporting Obama against conservatives. Yes, McConnell, Graham and McCain to name a few MUST GO.

          • VERY TRUE

          • He has every intention of putting anything Obama wants put thru before he leaves. He is humiliated blaming his departure on conservatives and independents rather than his own cowardice and ignorance and lack of integrity as a man and STATESMAN.

      • Hey, Romney’s buddies are the same as Romney. Go along to get along. Play nice with the democ-RAT, so as to not offend them. Romney played nice. Romney played nice with a thug. A thug sees nice as weakness and strikes the weakness every time. And Obama is, is, is a communist THUG as is the entire democ-RAT party. Romney lost, because Romney refused to FIGHT FOR AMERICA

        • I am starting to agree with you, but I do not see any of us fighting back. I have and I have incurred the wrath of Obama, I don’t care I will not play nice with this piece of human feces.

          • The GOP ESTABLISHMENT “LEADERSHIP” are pathetic. They are poster children for the Go along to get along. Our nation is in the mess we are in now because of the Romney’s, the Boehners and the McConnells have no fight in them what so ever. They have allowed Obama and the democ-RATS to run all over them. NO LEADERSHIP is what we now have.

          • The Demonrats are evil, as are Boehner, McConnell, Graham and Mccain and others. No Rino’s should ever be in charge. I am happy to say I was one of the HUNDREDS of Thousands who signed a petition to get rid of Boehner, I will do whatever it takes to get rid of obamass and his flunkies, demonrats and RINO’S.


        • Senator Ted Cruz for President 2016 !

      • You are Sooo Right! The DEMONRATS are downright EVIL and work their dirty tricks again and again; AND, the RINOS give them a free pass. We need to stop them from busing in all the illegals and non-registered voters. We need to DEMAND VOTER PHOTO I.D. NATIONWIDE, for starters. Then, we need TRUE CONSERVATIVES monitoring ALL VOTING PRECINCTS at ALL ELECTIONS. Be damned with BOBO the clown. We have seen more than enough of his dirty deeds. Why haven’t our illustrious elected officials arrested and deported him long ago????? He trashed his “Oath of Office”, as he intended, LONG AGO!

        • You are 100% correct! We The People need to stand up and let these people know in our corrupt government that WE DON”T Work for them they work for US!!!!

          • I wish ALL of US would realize this..

          • So do I, there are so many people out there who do not KNOW, nor WISH to know what is going on in this country. They are too busy watching tv, keeping up with the kartrashians, and caring more about the sexual conversion of a mentally ill man than the most corrupt government, EVER, in this country.

          • Well, I am into the zombie shows but aside that, I work for a living and am out in communities daily, I see what goes on.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Like millions of others, YOU DREAM A LOT!!

          • No see, we dream and then fail to ACT. Complacency is our most dangerous ideal in this Country.

          • This is why TRUMP 2016 is the answer. Hes bringing up all these topics.He will fight all special interests, illegal immigration, beef up the military to its feared upon status, defund PlannedParentlessHood, Build the Wall, weaken the EPA standards, end sanctuary cities, shoot have an ID, go to the library, got to have an ID to get a book, what more of voting, don’t use that poor people can’t go to get an ID, sh*t they already have on to get their SSI money from the bank, foodstamped people have an ID, so ID the voters. Conservatives, TEA PARTY, Christians, center right, independents…Its our turn, the socialists, liberals, atheists, Demonrats, communists, left wingers had their 40 years. Take our 95 million out of work citizens into the voting booth with us and get rid of these worthless lazy blow hards.

          • I am voting for Dr, Ben Carson, if Trump is the nominee I will vote for him.

          • Carson, Trump either on is fine by me.

          • Suit yourself. You are free to be driven by low standards.

        • The state I live in will be starting the show i.d. and I really am glad, and hopeful that it will cut out on a lot of voter fraud

        • The RINOs are Democruds. That is the whole idea. Infiltrate the enemy camp and do as much damage as you can and they have certainly done plenty of that! To the point that the RINO Party is but merely an extension of the Dumbastardcrats!
          I would back Trump starting a third party, the Conservative Party. Even Rubio said during the 2nd (CNN) debate,”We don’t need TWO liberal parties.” He almost gets it, how about you?

          • Rinos are demonrat lite.

          • I smiled when I saw your moniker, I campaigned for and voted for Richard Nixon, His main flaw was supporting and taking the blame for some of the maniacs below him. At least he took responsibility for his actions, unlike bathhouse barry. As for his actions while President, history will show that his was A competent administration and enacted legally through CONGRESS.

      • He CHEATED. I mean Assbama. That’s the ONLY way the NEGRO PUNK ASS THUG could win anything. He could be Jig of the year of DIP-Shit of the world.

        • And YOU could be Hard Loser Bigot of the Decade, you racist scumbucket!

          • Look what Obummer has done – Sanctuary City endorser open borsers, let 100,000 illegal mexicans last year, lets 5 Detained Gitmo enemies of the U.S. go in exchange for traitor Berghdal, we have been attacked by islam muslims 6 times under obummers watch, created Isis in Iraq by removing all our troops, tries to give amnesty to 11 million illegal alien mexicans without congress’s approval. He frequented gay bars in Chicago on Wednesdays until 2004. Was a frequent visitor the Bath Houses until 2004. So, factually he is a Thug, Liar, incompetent, 1/2 breed big eared monkey looking, muslim loving racist, who loves providing foodstamps,welfare,free cell phones instead of a jpb policy to 95 million out of work. So you headnotonstraight, are a Obummer a** kisser, socialist mental disorder Demonrat.

          • It is very sad that black America’s first president is this piece of lying human feces. No other president has come into office with the well being of MOST everyone. People wanting him to succeed, yet they got an incompetent, homosexual, illegal, lying thug. The lesson I learned from this mess is that RACISM is true, ON THE PART OF BLACKS. Seeing Generals of color support this mess, people saying he is THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER, only shows that it is just as racist to vote and support someone because he is black than NOT!

          • It is even sadder to see such gutter-mouthed nonentities as you employing such filthy terminology in referring to the President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of Her Armed Forces, the HONORABLE Barack H. Obama.

            Clean up your nasty act, Penny! Find someone to help you wash out your mouth–and your keyboard–with soap!

          • You have the wrong moniker , your head is definitely not on straight. This animal is not the President of The United States, he is a usurper of the vilest obscenity. This is a lying, unethical, evil, lying, traitorous piece of garbage. Anyone who voted for him the second time are, as he, guilty of Treason to The United States of America. IF you voted for obamass the first time that was a legitimate mistake, if you voted for him the second time that is TREASON.

          • Penny this cat (headonstraight) is not in the US….. just a troll……. who calls the Armed Forces her ???? LOL hahaha

          • Either way, he had a tissie fit because I called obamaa a piece of human feces….He must be a supporter. LOL.


          • Her armed forces????? hahahaha! You must be from another country…… if you were from America it is called ‘our’ Armed Forces! You just gave yourself away or you need to go back and learn some history Dear headonstraight!!!!

          • Damn, your right Sunny N, didn’t catch or see that. Good lookin’. Ha Ha, headnotonstraight, what say you, lets Oriley
            this on out. Don’t spin it, Sunny called you out & exposed you.

          • In the context in which I used it, “her” is a correct and respectable usage in relation to a nation.. “Her” obviously refers not to a queen, but to the nation. For example:


            Your self-important knee-jerk ignorance is appalling. Grow up.

          • We are all grown up here. No one, not even a 5-10-15-20 year old American speaks, writes, acts like you. You have this enemy of the state attitude, Deacon? Maybe in reading toooo much of the bible, and miss interpret it to your own sick agenda here. Your convincing prowess belittles everyone here, so it is appropriate to invite you to an all expenses paid as* kicking. I’ll move on to another Political Topic, this has evolved to you,you,you. Later narcissist- The next fist you should get will come from the next conservative.

          • If you feel belittled perhaps it is because you just can’t contend with the truth, the truth being that you are a swaggering, pseudo-macho poseur harboring a puerile delusion that differences of views on matters of politics and patriotism can be settled through crass physical violence. I am happy to hear you say that others on here do not write or act like I do, since the “contributions” of the majority of participants on this ultraconservative forum are all too frequently contaminated with pure rubbish. As to narcissism, how ludicrous that you should accuse me of that kind of disposition–you who tout yourself as some mighty man of combat. Is your first waking exercise to stand before your bathroom mirror each morning and flex your muscles, even before relieving your bladder? Do you have a hair-trigger proclivity to describe your military exploits at the least suggestion, however vague, that you can use to engage that subject? I suspect so.

            I have a number of conservative friends here in my very red state, and we get along just fine, even though we often disagree on politics, because none of my conservative friends are swaggering, pseudo-macho poseurs such as you!

          • How gay of you to envision me in my bathroom. Your a dangerous thinker of what America should be like. Belittled? Me? You use the word crass for hand to hand combat, with rules?.Again your old, way too old & frail, weak. I know, I spar with professionals, doctors, lawyers, professors from SDSU, restaurant owners. City guys that like the physical roughness. But your kind isn’t anything more than rubbish that you can’t possibly have a decent conversation with a wide spectrum of different classes of people. You can’t go one sentence without a critique. You have never been in Asia, yeah vain headnotonstraight this article isn’t about you, its about shi**y Islam, muslims who you ki*s as*s to. Puki ina, siguro malaki brut ng baloogs pasok sa puwit mo. Gusto mo ang unggoy sa asawa mo. Malaki utak mo, mayabung pero maliit na brut mo. Trabaho sa Chrich, walang totoo an sabi, puro balita na bakla pasok sa bahay mo, ok lang. Lhaht na balita mo, gagoo. Walang asawa mo, talagang dalawang inches sa titi mo, iuun an bakit walang babae sa buhay mo. Bakla ka na. Wakas na, tumigilna, anak ko, sa lahat dito, sabi sa akin, huwag na inisip sira ulo lalaki pangalang ulonahindidirecho. Sira Ulo Lahat na sabi mo. wakas.

          • The reason why I can’t go one sentence without a critique is because everything you barf up on this forum is a justifiable subject for critique. As to “crass,” as a descriptor of the form of pseudo-macho mayhem that you endorse, that term is entirely appropriate. One of the synonyms for crass is “stupid,” and anyone who makes himself vulnerable to numerous blows to the head and thus likely to degenerate to a brain-addled zombie (as recently proven in the case of NFL and other football players) is engaging in a crass, i.e. stupid pursuit. So keep hanging around with all those city guys who like physical roughness. You can continue your association with them later in life while you and they are twitching and drooling in your comfy nursing home quarters.

          • Translate my comment. Extreme thoughts to ending up like a vegetable state is your thoughts. WE don’t hurt to harm, we hit to practice self defense, moron. It is a controlled action as to not hurt one here, self -defense techniques. Your a moron to think we beat each other up, but then again coming from you. You can’t even translate what I wrote, a test to see how far you won’t go, just as I thought, a narrow minded, intellectually challenged old man. I can use 3 different foreign languages to describe you. I forwarded this article and the comments to some business men I know in three different countries. Your a narcissist. Proof? 3,706 comments, 7,968 likes you? 2,766 comments 1067 likes, numbers prove your not liked, opposing views, & you also talk about yourself too much, vain.Enough here. You will not see me commenting here to you , as others have stopped to.

          • Church deacon? I will do to you what a respectable, correct female shouldn’t do, kick your as* for her. Your foul, vile, vulgar, disrespect for u.s. citizens as a follower of Obummer, means you love illegal alien ms-13 gang members, rapists, murders,anchor,teenage mothers frm mexico, drug running so.americans, coming across the border daily here in San Diego, good for you headnotonstraight, have Obummer the monkey jungle bunny porch ape in charge, secure you, because out in public you won’t talk this filth, keep it up church deacon?Liar. 2705 comments, find others who follow your mental disorder sucking up to obumer with your fake profile. ahh, I’d love to face you in a mma/ufc ring…you in shape? there’s a MMA / UFC octagon, boxing ring I or the looking public can rent, I will pay $100.00 for the full hour, includes a ref, judge, 3, 5 minute rounds. 1 block north east of PetCo Park, Down Town Where the Padres play. Pick a day. I will pay. Liberals are known pu88ys, no physicality, no inner deep strength. All mouth. No guts? Invitation to back up your mouth with physical, tactical hand to hand combat, whats up now?

          • Oh dear Robert he ran away! hahaha….

          • If hes in Britain, like you mentioned, he will rear his head later, after his, “Tea & Crumpets” time is up.But if hes a muslim, its falal, and other non tasty food, hope hes at a restaurant and they spike his food with splashes of pork, the muslim repellent.

          • He is one of those “American” wanna be’s and so he is on a Patriotic forum and trying to stick up for the Prez. However, he has not been reading up on the mess over here! Maybe his wife threw him out of bed (its 1:30 AM over there) and he was bored…. hahaha

          • I ‘read up” widely on many subjects, but I do not take seriously the junk political nonsense I read from wingnut wackos like you.

          • I think the she or her usage for the whore of Babylon is quite fitting, at least until the LBGT crowd gets a hold of it? What nation hasn’t taking their turn with her while the pimp in office does the only thing left to do that is, count his money.

          • “Ran away?” Because I don’t hang around this forum 24/7 waiting for some sludge to be posted by deranged dweebs like you? LOL!

          • Thank You Robert.

          • Hey its automatic with us conservatives, we see a liberal on an ignorant rant with lies, I’ll shoot out facts that’ll freeze him up, then we’ll see whats next. Like the fellow conservatives here, cheers.

          • All of which would prove nothing, ROBERT. I have better things to do than to travel to San Diego and stupidly engage in some silly-ass combat with some deranged winger nutjob.
            Watching paint dry or stoplights change from green to red and back to green again would be a much more useful endeavor than what you suggest, you pathetic, delusional, disordered dweeb!

          • No, actually your a pu&&ed up old 70’s, ass. Who insults in a different way. Any one who has a right winged opinion is a dingbat? That’s why I think military style is for the better in your situation, shows being a coward suits you fine because physically you are out of shape. As for you correcting every typed error, every right wing, conservative opinion here underscores your Mom’s error, she did not know abortion was a right too.

          • Ya-a-a-a-w-n-n-n…

            More wingnut rubbish from ROBERT, the semi-literate, wackadoodle pseudo-macho strutting poseur.

          • It’s “Her Majesty’s Armed Forces” hahahaha So who is paying you to get on here and spew this better than thou holy molly have not a clue crap?? Caught with a fake profile!!

          • headonstraight when you find anything honorable about Obama let me know what it is as that totally escapes me.


          • Penny Fuentes, you have 100 million , me included, thinking exactly like you.

          • Thank You I love The United States of America, and I love AMERICANS.

          • If that were true, which it decidedly is NOT, this nation would be in trouble big time.

          • Al, isn’t San Diego. Your a blind old man. Stay in the church where your protected, we the tax payers have to put up with these 3rd world illegals until 2016, TRUMP. Mass deportation will happen by themselves, once they are exposed economically. Policies not ICE, will deport illegals. Nationalism needs to be put into place, and you passing away is better for us all, with your academic critique is just that. Your advice is for LBGT’ers only. Your economic & security rants for America is very dangerous. That’s why your passing will be noted on the obituary list of G. Soros followers not of a Patriots of America list. Get lost. TRUMP 2016

          • If that were true, this nation would be in big trouble. Thankfully, it is NOT true, but just one of many delusions held by such wingnut wackos as YOU!

          • This explains how the mental disordered liberals are, 6 days ago, and now your still on the same subject? Move on 1 week has passed, stuck in the past. POS.

          • I am a free spirit, ROBERT, not to be constrained by the artificial barriers of time and place that confine you and your narrow little mind!

          • Proves my point, I’m running my own business, with interests in Asia, 4 kids, married 32 yrs. Wow your a dumb, fake flyfisherman, not married 53 yrs, because that would make you 71 and a liar. Deacon? But you do have a twisted knowledge of the Bible, and thinks a mass migration of Islamac/muslims, 90% men 18-45. & illegal aliens from mexico & So. America is fine & dandy, well you and the Catholic Bishop’s chasing the tax payers money ($100’s of millions) helping these criminals can go to h%ll. 6’4″,242lbs isn’t narrow, can kick your liberal lying a*s every day. By the way, too many comments on you already exposing your hatred to America, hunh, pity, your broke @#% won’t step into a MMA/UFC octagon ring with an Ex-Soldier.

          • I have no way of knowing why or how you compute such things as my age. I freely acknowledge that I am 75 years old and it is simply a FACT that I have been married for 53 years, having entered the bonds of matrimony at age 22. And it can only be presumptuous on your part to assert that I am a “fake fly fisherman”, since you have absolutely no way of determining whether I am or am not one. As a matter of fact, I took up that pursuit up somewhat late in life, at about age 61, and continue to enjoy it to the present.

            My knowledge of the Bible is the result of over 60 years of formal and informal study and I daresay it exceeds yours, since your acquaintance with the Holy Scriptures seems not to have civilized your rank vocabulary. You use of the Mother Tongue could also stand improvements in spelling and grammar. “You’re” , not “your,” is the contraction for “you are.” Your “thinks,” above, should be “think.” The plural of Bishop is “Bishops,” not “Bishop’s,” the latter being the possessive form. There is no such word as “Islamac.” Your “payers,” being possessive, should be in the plural possessive form, namely “payers’.” Mexico is a proper name and should be capitalized, which you failed to do.Your sentence beginning with “But” is a mess of a “run-on sentence” (Look it up).

            There is NOTHING in anything I have posted that can rationally be interpreted as my “hatred on America.” If you have some such cavil with what I have posted, then point it out and we can discuss it, but your un-annotated, raw, unexplicated opinion on the matter is essentially meaningless.

            As to stepping into some kind of a combat ring with some pseudo-macho braggart like you, I have already explained why that would prove nothing whatsoever as to any issues we disagree on. I am sorry that seems not to have penetrated the dense-as- depleted-uranium wad of compromised tissue you use for a brain, but at least I tried..

          • Who cares about ones spelling, this is cyber space. Your a narcissist. You insult women. Your not married,you don’t display the character of a husband. Did she commit suicide, 20-30 years ago? Your a hapless egotistical old man. Constantly correcting, then go off on uncomprehending rants suitable for LGBT’ers only. Your stuck on stupid with good diction, but your a mental disorder that Michael Savage, Generals, Chiefs, and many world scholars describe, your better off dead, you have lived your life already. You have nothing to offer humanity, but your sick left socialist attitude, with Soros as your main man. Just die up and do the ashes & dust to dust, cremate style funeral, as to not pollute the grounds with your filth, with that of our soldiers who died in our wars. Sick old man go away, converse with your maker.

          • Ya-a-a-a-w-n-n-n…

            More wingnut rubbish from ROBERT, the semi-literate, wackadoodle pseudo-macho strutting poseur.

          • That’s right, yawn ooooooooooold wrinkled up man, don’t have time for this.

          • “Her Armed forces…..” Who is “Her”….explain why you typed Her Armed Forces, ? You fake 70’s year old fart who corrects spelling, profusely spews , in a academic way, leftwing, dinbat Archie Bunker style insults. Die up old as* Russian, Marxist looking mad fake deacon hiding in a church, tax evader !!!!

          • Ya-a-a-a-w-n-n-n-n-n-n…

            More wingnut rubbish from ROBERT, the semi-literate, wackadoodle pseudo-macho strutting poseur.

          • Even if all that were true, ROBERT, which it is not, it would not change the demonstrated FACT, as irrefutably attested by your own post, that you are a lowlife, swinish, racist scumbucket.

          • He is just one of the many fed up, angry American taxpaying citizens.


          • Crazy Freddie no one picked up on the fact that he/she called it ‘Her Armed Forces” LOL…. HMRN….. her is a british way of calling their armed forces….. this cat is not even in the US and sputting trash! 😀 Her Majesty’s Royal Navy is a British way of saying armed navy….. We call it “our troops” or “our American forces”…… this is a troll ! go back and read the post . Who calls it “her armed forces” ??

          • Right again, Sunny N, your on to something, thanks for the brush up in my history lessons learned in HS. This is good Sunny N. made my “Did You Know”, moment for the day.


          • I just assumed he was stupid…..

          • Get lost troll and go have your 4:00 high tea!

          • Pu**y, I’ll pay for your flight to come here to SD,Ca , you fake a** Deacon, fly fisherman, fake,. Like I suggested, MMA / UFC, octagon ring. An all expense paid in the ring with gloves a** whipping. Tell me where your travel agent is and I’ll pay SouthWest, Delta(preferred) airlines, economy of course. Round trip. You just pick it up. Lets see if you can back up your typed dirty words from your filthy key board. Have your congregation pray for you & your health. Oh headgear is provided, in case I do an expected hit towards your mouth, don’t wanna lose any teeth. But I suggest Excedrin Migraine capsules, 24 count. You’ll experience headaches for the coming week. What say you? 100’s or thousands are expecting you to reply to this comment.

          • You are so-o-o-o fixated on the irrational notion that whoever can physically beat up someone else is thereby somehow the superior person. By that “reasoning,” a 400-pound male silverback gorilla is superior to you. Actually an ape of that kind would not have to get in the ring with you to prove his superiority. Some things are evident on their face.

          • You are an extremely idiotic person.

          • You are entitled to your MORONIC opinion. It is worth an amount almost equivalent to your given name.

          • headonstraightuphisazz is normally co editor on the huffy puffy posty where he and a couple of other dweebs(reality checkerinsky) edit a column entitled “do these panties make my azz look fat”…he is hoping to get a solo gig with a column entitled “my new life as a transgender ho”

          • Hmmm, your kidding, right? His diction talents are being wasted on lies, and hes a liar , on some comments hes a conservative, other comments hes a liberal. Bipolar is the only description. His new gig will truly be in an LGBT,Liberal magazine, if!! It is published in a daily/weekly subscription it will go bankrupt.

          • Not bipolar at all, Robert. I simply consider each issue on its merits, unlike you and other fanatics who insistently cling to the most extreme wingnut version of whatever issue you discuss.

          • Hey British troll, stay with your foul mouth there in GB, where sharia law keeps you above women, Freedom of speech allows me to say f u obummer, pos obummer. You on the other hand think you have 72 virgins waiting for you, ha those are dudes in hell actually. Your fake pedophile profit muhammad is the prehistoric big mouth that your brainwashed through. Can see you a mile away as the saying goes. In this case thousands of miles away.

        • I also happen to read last week or so an article about how the Nobel Peace Prize committee regretted giving this guy the award and wondered what he did to earn it! haha!


      • smart lady!

        • Smart” Some one who writes “WE NEEDS” is not even very literate, let alone smart.

          A “FIX IS IN” to you sore loser wingnuts any time your candidate loses. Pathetic crybaby whiners!

      • I truly believe this too Penny!

      • What I like about Trump he’s not like Romney He won’t sit around and let Fox news, MSN, CBS, NBC, bitch slap him around, without Bitch slapping them back!
        He’ll ask Questions

        • Kanewas, Mitt Romney is a good and decent man, in Business he is a shark, he is not going to act like a maniac. But yes he was too good, he should have put down candy COWley.

          • He should have had sense enough not to have made that stupid “47 percent” remark when speaking to a “private” meeting of fat cat supporters just a few days before the 2012 election. Many thanks to the alert young bartender who recorded that intemperate elitist remark and made it public.

          • Romney made that remark on national television, and it was a true statement.

          • You are dead wrong on that. Yes, he was shown on national television making that 47 percent remark, but the reason he was shown is because a worker at a private little conclave of wealthy Romney campaign donors videoed him when he said those things. Believe me, Penny, Romney never intended those remarks to be made public. Had he known that his remarks were going to be recorded, he never would have blithered his elitist condemnation of nearly half the American electorate.

            It is true that about 47 percent of Americans filing income tax returns actually pay no Federal income tax. That is because their incomes are too low for them to be required to pay the tax. Many of them are working poor, however, and do pay Social Security taxes. Read about Romney’s little private dinner with his wealthy buds:


            Here’s the rich varmint himself:


            Here is Romney’s deceitful and LYING attempt to rationalize his intemperate remarks:


          • I agree he’s a good man; he just let them bitch slap him right out of a job! Liberal progressives love Republican candidates like Ben Carsen, he will make a great punching bag!

      • Its far worse than that Penny…there were districts that voted 125% of their registered voters for Obama..all over the four key swing states..then ELECTION WAS STOLEN!!!

      • Obama is the worst president in history no doubt about it. That being said it shows that Romney does have the fight in him to ever be president. In order to be president you need a backbone of shear tempered steel, NOT jello.

        • I enjoyed your text, I have heard numerous times the Republican Party had an agreement not to dispute or fight the election results, Stupid Huh? Recently the RNC contacted me for money. I told them, We the people gave the republican party the majority, they did nothing, When the election was stolen in 2012 from Romney, you did nothing, impeaching Obama, you did nothing, So I am going to give you what you did for US, We the People, NOTHING.

          • Excellent response to them.

          • I have to laugh I just received another request, I told them ” obviously you did not read my response when last you asked me for money.”

          • They will not stop contacting you. If there is the chance you will change your mind then they will continue to contact you. I finally unsubscribed from all of their mailings and I haven’t heard from them since.


      • Penny that has been their problem way back when Johnson won the senate with votes from the grave. They said nothing then because they didn’t want to raise a stink so they said but look at the damage Johnson did to this country while the gutless republicans did nothing. That was their problem then and their problem today.

        • In 43yrs., I have never been ashamed until now. Sitting in silence against the Treasonous acts of barackk obamaaa has made me sick to my stomach.

          • Sorry Penny am 75 and have been sorry long before now because the only difference is we have a president that has brought all the evil together to destroy this country. Yet it has been building for many years but as long as they took small bites few people noticed. I remember in the 40s and 50s we didn’t lock our cars or house and never had a problem. That of course was out of the big cities as Chicago’s south-side was a high crime area way back then but as you can see nothing was ever done about it. So I have seen little by little this country going down the drain. A country of hard working people to a country of people saying what’s in it for me and unwilling to work for any of it.

          • You are so very right, it is disheartening to see what is happening to the Greatest Country on Earth, The United States of America. I had one woman tell me recently I was a VICTIM of American Exceptionalism. Disgusting comment, from a lowlife who is not worthy to live in this country!

          • Yes we have been hated as a country for a very long time but should be loved for our stupidity. We continue to send billions to countries that hate us, allow them to immigrate here, sit on the government dole when they arrive on our shore, spit in our face and do nothing, change our country to fit their ways of life and the list goes on and on. Just hope you are ready for the total war when it comes.

          • I have been republican 43 yrs, am 62 so I remember and long for the “Good Ole Days” when immigrants came here and WANTED to be American, when I didn’t have to push a button to speak my native tongue, ENGLISH!! We are the greatest country on earth, have just been in a stupid period, letting people who were not eligible to run for president either nationally or ideally. There was a day when communists would not even think of running. Deviant sexual behavior prevalent and our supreme court ignoring the deviance and supporting the abnormal acts. A corrupt and unethical president being impeached for perjury and his party in congressional power refusing to remove him, his wife who is equally if not more evil than he…..Oh how I long for the good old days.

          • Penny the trouble I have had in voting is for most of my life have had to vote for the least of the two evils. The last good example of that was Obama verses McCain, what a choice. You have McCain who was never a republican but changed from democratic to republican as back when he first ran only a republican could win in Arizona. Trouble is he never changed what he truly was and when he joined Kennedy on the immigration issue that was the last straw. Then we have Flake, all I can say is the name fits him. Today all I see is sheep not leaders so we will shortly become a third world country.

          • I HATE Mccain also, I voted for Palin. But WE LET THAT HAPPEN, no one was happy about McCain, he handed the election to obamaa on a silver platter. When you have demonrats complimenting on how you ran your campaign- YOU ARE IN TROUBLE, OR COMPLICIT.

          • He broke every rule and got away with it because of who his daddy and grandfather were, as anyone else would have been kicked out of the service. If you look at his voting record, that is when he bothers to vote, it isn’t in our best interest.

          • We are letting comm. obamaa do What he wants with no consequences, He is now, as he announced, issuing an executive order on Gun Control. This is a blatant act of TREASON against The Constitution of The United States of America.

          • Since congress seems to do nothing have wondered if Obama’s people didn’t blackmail some of them into silence because of some shady things in their past. It wouldn’t be any surprise to find out that is what happened as most of them are crooked anyway. Proof was in the bills passed that exempted them, especially the one on insider trading. Insider trading alone spelled out criminal.

    • He took the fall after the first debate when he cleaned the Muslim-Marxist jihadist’s clock! These elitists are so out of touch with “US”!

      • Romney was Milk Toast; AND, he, as-well-as “We The People”, should never have let CNN get by with degrading his answer in their debate. THAT was a DEFINITE NO NO! and no one reprimanded them.

        • The “Re-PUNK-licans” are like Linus having Lucy taking the football just before he is about to kick it. They fail to learn there lesson by continually being set up by the state-run, fifth column propagandists rather then boycotting them – they need them more than the GOP needs to use CNN! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION; that is why they are orchestrating all of these False Flags that are scripted as a bad “Hollow-Wood movie!

          Our Gov’t has been diagnosed with an aggressive, deadly cancer which needs to be treated ASAP for as it spreads it does extensive damage to the quality of life of our nation. Everything else becomes a much lower priority, for treating & eradicating It as quickly as possible is of prime importance to our survival. All cancers have a name & this particular caner is called the “Communist & Radical Muslim Takeover of America” or CRMTOA for short.

          This cancer has infiltrated our Gov’t for quite some time. It started out very slowly to spread & as it did it damaged America & it’s people. The symptoms of the disease seemed liked a cold then the flu for the longest time, coming & going The American people should have gone to the Doctor to get checked out, but we kept putting it off. However, recently the symptoms worsened & America’s people began to suffer more & more. The cancer continued to worsen as well as spread & our nation was growing very sick. then within the last 4-5 years the cancer escalated within our country ravaging nearly every aspect of its well being.
          after many tests the results clear showed it was CRMTOA cancer which had mutated into a strain the Doctor called BHORL, which stood for the “Barrack Hussein Obama Regime plus Liberalism.

          So the American Gov’t has a very deadly fast growing cancer with it’s origin located in Washington D.C, & emanating specifically from the White House & Capital Bldg. which are the heart of our nation. The Doctors were asked how did we get this disease & why has it worsened so quickly. They said the constant violation & abuse of the US Constitution by greedy, power seeking politicians who through their selfishness took what once was a healthy functioning Gov’t with 3 coequal branches of Gov’t which served the purpose of maintaining its health & with the help of lawyers destroyed it. The source of the aggressive growth of this cancer was being caused by none other than the questionable POTUS Barrack Obama, his close associates Valerie Jarrett & Eric Holder, who it is believed obtained much of their sinister instruction from an elite oligarchy..

          To save our free Republic immediate treatment & eradication of every bit of this cancer must be undertaken as the top priority. But the nation is confused about how to eradicate this cancer. Many Conservative believe that focusing on the 2016 Presidential elections is the answer putting all their hope in the hands of a new POTUS who will destroy the disease, solve all of America’s problems & make us great once again. Liberals who strong adhere to the ideology of Liberalism which is poison & evil see no disease but believe what is occurring in America is exactly what should be to finally attain the global utopia they desire. But neither of these groups understand anything about cancer & are putting our free Republic in danger of collapsing from within & dying. Being a cancer survivor, understanding it & seeing what happens if it’s not completely eradicate & returns I would suggest a different approach in dealing with it.

          IMO, Americans need to first put the 2016 elections on the back burner & come together & eradicate the cancer by literally removing the traitor in the White House, his treasonous regime & all treasonous Liberals, RINOS in Congress who are all a part of this cancer. If it is not removed I don’t care who is elected POTUS he will be fighting this cancer rather than restoring America & sadly the cancer will win. Don’t minimize the strength & aggressiveness of this cancer. Unless we can go into this election cancer free, we will eventually relapse & die. Can you understand this?

          Obama is a very stubborn & aggressive cancer, he still has 1.5 years left in his term (assuming he leaves) & he can do a hell of a lot of damage to our nation in this time. This cancer must be removed now, If this isn’t dealt with now there very well may not be any 2016 elections. Obama could literally rule over our country as a Dictator & transform it both a communist totalitarian state which is Muslim nation with Sharia law as the law of the land.

          What will it take for Americans to rise up as Patriots & remove the cancer which is destroying America from within? I wish I knew.

          Joseph Stalin said ““America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” Since at least from 1970-current Liberalism has made this quote their mission statement.

          The truth about America is that the cancer of Liberalism is destroying it, In essence Liberalism = Socialism = Communism. Barrack Hussein Obama & many other Gov’t officials are communists. Liberalism is poison, it’s evil & for some reason no one is willing to take stand against it & remove it. Those that think a new POTUS will solve all of America’s problems simply don’t understand the nature of cancer & how hard it is to become cancer free.

          America needs to make some very hard decisions, decisions which could either save America & its freedom or kill America. If America dies it along with Canada & Mexico will become part of the North America Union. America’s sovereignty & constitution will be absolved. It is my belief that all will be relinquished to the United Nations. The EU, the Arab League, Africa, South America & all other nations will do the same & as a result the NWO will be created.

          Having dealt with cancer repeatedly I believe it must take top priority & be eradicate. If it’s not it will return with a vengeance. I’ve seen this happen too many times before. Even the Declaration of Independence supports this radical but necessary approach. Read more at Special Operations Speaks – See more at:

        • Remember how disrespected Mitt Romney was by candy cowly. She answered for obamass and held his hand.

    • Your opinion is like your belly button; yours but of little value to anyone else.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Mister Mitt had his chance and fails to see where it didn’t matter who ran, the HTNIC had it all rigged. Now he needs to take his meds and just stay out of it all, even tho I’m sure he can be bought. And I’m sure the assholes of the world will lure him in..

    • MAHB001 to accuse Mitt Romney of being disloyal to the American people is a long stretch and basically a false statement. His demise was not because he was rejected by mainstream America it was his own party who betrayed Mitt Romney. The 40 million republicans who did not vote for him was the reason he lost and returned a monster of a President Obama to bring further harm to America sorry MAHB001 your statement is more of the same old cover up of the truth. I only wish Mitt Romney would run next year.

      • What makes you think the outcome would be different. It’s the same ol same ol from the rinos. Ohillary has 1,000 time more testosterone that Mitt, and I can’t stand the lying ho!

      • Don’t get me wrong, I like Mitt, I voted for Mitt, And if Mitt were the last man standing, I would vote for Mitt again…

        I believe you are correct, Romney lost the election because “THE ESTABLISHMENT” lost the Ron Paul votes…. And it was the establishments own fault that they lost those votes. They played some dirty politics that caused the Ron Paulers to be ignored and changed some bylaws that allowed the establishment to keep their power….

        Perhaps a Ron Pauler can explain it better than I, but all I know is that the elite in the Republican party played some really dirty politics on their own people, all in the name of control and the retention of power. The same thing happened in Mississippi with Cochran and McDaniel. McDaniel had the popular vote, but dirty politics put the establishment candidate into office.

        It is the good ole boy Republican establishment that is corrupt and no longer in touch with the will of the American People…. Mitt was the leader of that elite group at the time… All Mitt had to do was call an end to the dirty politics, and correct the problem and let the Ron Paulers/ Tea Partiers have their say… But he didn’t, he stayed loyal to the corruption…

        That was his big mistake, that is why the 40 million stayed at home.. They felt that there was no difference between the parties. Both were corrupt.

        I don’t blame them, and I hope the Republican establishment realizes that they must let the peoples voices be heard…

        • MAHB001 There is not a ounce of corruption in Mitt Romney you and many others did not listen to Mitt as he campaigned across this nation. I certainly did and even recorded his speeches and I still listen to him today to help me understand why such a honorable man was rejected by some Republicans after reviewing those recordings I am still at a loss at why Mitt Romney was not excepted by 40,000,000 Republicans.Most people believe that Mitt Romney won the first two debates the last one was a set up by CNN and what Republican candidate could survive that fiasco. Some Republicans preferred to lose the election than send a Mormon to the White House. That rejection has cost this Nation dearly and will set up another Democrat in the White House in 2016. This Nation will have to reach rock bottom till people wake up and restore this Nation to its ideals of liberty, freedom, and to the standards of our founding fathers. Trenton Spears

          • I agree with you… With absolutely everything you say… The is not an ounce of corruption in Mitt Romney, he is a stand up guy….

            All I am saying is that Mitt made one mistake. He did not stand up to the corruption within the elite controllers of the Republican party… It really doesn’t matter if he was unaware of the corruption, or he turned a blind eye to the corruption. He should have been, and he should have stood up for the entire Republican party..

            If Mitt Romney renounced the corruption and pledged to the American People that he would do his best to fight the corruption within the party, I would be tempted to vote for him this time around…

            Otherwise, I will stick with the newcomers, those that are not career politicians, like Fiorina, Carson, Trump, and Cruz.. Cruz because he already has called out the corruption, and is as stand up a man as Romney.

    • Ted Cruz 2016 !

    • no use for him to beat the drums now won’t do him any good cause it’s trump 2016 go trump ..he’s the only one that can save the American people and there way of life

    • I am sure that a 2 time loser going against Trump is not going to make him miss a minute of sleep.

  2. It’s only the has been rupublicans who are against change

  3. Romney as usual is full of shitte. “Ultimately our nominee will come from the mainstream conservative bracket.”
    The problem is that there is no mainstream conservative bracket in the Rino group. All the Rinos are either liberal or ultra liberal and conservatives want nothing to do with them including romney.

    • When it comes to rhinos, they are conservatives that are willing to compromise in order to govern. Then there are conservatives that will no compromise and basically hate the federal government, and then there is the extreme right wing. The Tea Party members and those like them are in the final category. That is who is attracted to Trump.

      • .
        WRONG . . . . Rinos are not those who refuse to compromise, Rinos are those who claim conservative principles but will bow to the desires of liberals without gaining anything for having abandoned their stated principles and the principles of those who voted for them. bohner and ronald mcconnel are prime examples.

      • You are wrong on all points. There are a lot of us out here that do not belong to the Tea Party but we follow the news and the Senate hearings and see what happens to the bills that are being voted on. We have a fake President that claims to love America that will not compromise and tears down America, claims to be a Christian while looking out for the Muslims.

        • I can see you are one of the delusionals. First, Obama is not a fake president; he is a native born American from Hawaii. Even if you believe the liars that claim he was born in Kenya, he is still a native born American because his mother was American. Obama has gone out of his way to compromise with the Republicans but they made it their goal during the first inauguration to oppose him, no matter if it is their own ideas.
          He has not torn down anything. As President, he is the president of all Americans, whether they be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. He is a Christian who believes that not all Muslims are terrorists, just like all Christians do not belong to the KKK or any of the white Christian supremacy movements; or that all Christians are responsible for the Holocaust, which was done by Christians.
          Tearing down – the fact that gays can get married? How is that harming anyone’s marriage? Helping to save the auto industry; leading us away from another great depression. Having not 5.1 unemployment? Provide healthcare to millions? That is really tearing it down.
          But I take it that you are one of those Americans who don’t believe they are getting what they deserve, that they are being left behind. That happens when a nation or a society moves on. People felt that way when Blacks were allowed to vote; when women got the vote, when you needed more than a high school education to get a good job. People felt behind with the industrial revolution.
          So, again, I am sorry that you see yourself on the losing part of history.

          • You my friend are pathetically ignorant !

          • wow, you should stop posting because you’re just embarrassing yourself. Everything you said in the first paragraph is exactly the opposite. And the ACA has not provided healthcare to millions. That is what was promised but that is not what has happened. Go back to sleep.

          • I’m sorry that reality is hitting you in the nose. But over 13 million now have healthcare that they didn’t have before. Then there are millions who no longer have to worry about preconditions. Now, go back your propaganda from the far right.

          • It was promised that 40 million Americans would get healthcare as a result of ACA. If fact out of the 13 million you claim have benefited (Obama’s numbers not real numbers) almost all have been put on Medicaid which they could have gotten without the ACA. And the cost to states is unsustainable, they will all run out of money in a couple of years.
            ACA is a total failure. And this is not lies from the right, even Hillary Clinton is now proposing changes to try to save it.
            Get your head out of the sand.

          • Combining the two enrollments, about 17.4 million are enrolled. No one was expecting or promising that all 44 million that didn’t have healthcare would get it. ACA is not a universal healthcare system. The costs to the states is not unsustainable. There will be changes to ACA just as there were massive changes to Medicare.
            Not everyone can get on Medicaid and for many Republican governors, they didn’t expand Medicaid because they wanted to get rid of the ACA. So, it it is not a failure. You only get that from those who don’t want anything like affordable healthcare, and don’t believe that people have a right to healthcare. It is neutral organizations, etc., that see the ACA as being more successful than originally thought.

          • No. You are one of the pathetic losers in life. Never was a success and feels cheated out of life. And, here is a black man who must have cheated to become President. Some form of affirmative action.

          • I see you as not knowing what is going on in the world and our security. The debt that your children will be responsible for. We can’t even take care of our citizens without Obama and the UN stationing UN foreign troops here. He is going along with the Dictators of the UN in governing our country. You are the delusional one.

            When people have nothing to say they bring up blacks, ObummerCare, KKK and the gays.

          • Another delusion – UN troops here? That is idiotic.You are even crazier than Newsmax and this website.

          • “when Blacks were allowed to vote; when women got the vote” …..the two groups that vote based solely on race or gender……Great argument.

            “The number of people left out of the work force is staggering.
            Millions of people have recently left the work force. The number of
            unemployed Americans would be more than a third higher if these people
            were included, which would in turn significantly increase the
            unemployment rate. Statistics also don’t reflect the number of recent
            grads who have declared themselves not looking for work”.
            “The number of households receiving government benefits has steadily risen over time, particularly after the financial crisis. The
            recent increase can partly be chalked up the recession, which threw a
            lot of people out of work.”

            ObamaCare Taxes That (may) Directly Affect the Average American

            • 40% Excise Tax “Cadillac” on high-end Premium Health Insurance Plans 2018

            • An annual $63 fee levied by ObamaCare on all plans (decreased each
            year until 2017 when pre-existing conditions are eliminated) to help pay
            for insurance companies covering the costs of high-risk pools.

            • Medicine Cabinet Tax

            Over the counter medicines no longer qualified as medical expenses for
            flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health reimbursement arrangements
            (HRAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), and Archer Medical Saving
            accounts (MSAs).

            • Additional Tax on HSA/MSA Distributions

            Health savings account
            or an Archer medical savings account, penalties for spending money on
            non-qualified medical expenses. 10% to 20% in the case of a HSA and from
            15% to 20% in the case of a MSA.

            • Flexible Spending Account Cap 2013

            Contributions to FSAs are reduced to $2,500 from $5,000.

            • Medical Deduction Threshold tax increase 2013

            Threshold to deduct medical expenses as an itemized deduction increases to 10% from 7.5%.

            • Individual Mandate (the tax for not purchasing insurance if you can afford it) 2014

            Starting in 2014, anyone not buying “qualifying” health insurance must
            pay an income tax surtax at a rate of 1% or $95 in 2014 to 2.5% in 2016
            on profitable income above the tax threshold. The total penalty amount
            cannot exceed the national average of the annual premiums of a “bronze
            level” health insurance plan on ObamaCare exchanges.

            • Premium Tax Credits for Small Businesses 2014 (not a tax)

            • Advanced Premium Tax Credits for Individuals and Families 2014 (not a tax)

            • Medical Loss Ratio (MLR): Premium rebates (not a tax)

            NOTE: Tax amounts above are subject to increase over time.

          • When you entione4d that the unemployment rate is 5.1% it just shows where you get your info from. FYI the true unemployment rate is north of 20%, maybe you should learn to read & try it out & quit reading the main stream media’s reports ie: obama lies & the main stream media swears to it

          • And, there are going to be a lot more unemployed in the next 15 months…God help the new POTUS!!!

          • Why in speeches BHO has always referred to Kenya as “his home” country???

          • Because he was joking and making fun of people like you.

          • Too bad, so sad, Mogan! You, very possibly, might be one of the clueless to all that is going on around you. You, perhaps, are one of the many who are happy to sit home watching your free TV and Texting on your free phone while we who worked and paid into SS all our lives, but are being stolen from by our illustrious elected officials, especially that fraud sitting in our White House. Yes I said Fraud. He was drafted into office by his

          • You are completely delusional. Your SS money was not really stolen; Congress borrowed from it so that there wouldn’t be a rise in taxes. The President is not a fraud and all that you have said here just comes from the extreme right wing fringe group, who can’t stand it that someone not like them, that is a black man who made it on his own, became president, while they themselves were never successful.
            People like you just prove to the rest of the world that Americans are just dumb hicks, with little or no education or logic. When it comes to China, thank for former President – who borrowed from China so that you didn’t have to pay for the Iraq war.
            Getting back to Obama, I guess someone like you could only believe that a Black man couldn’t be president unless there had been this worldwide conspiracy that started before he was born.
            It really must be hard for you to be such a failure in life that you will believe anything that stops you from thinking how pitiful your life actually is.
            Now, I am a fifth generation American who has paid taxes all of his adult life. I worked my way through college and graduate working in law enforcement. So, now go away and hide in your room.

          • Mogan the brainwashed moron speaks drivel from the high stool on the Left.

      • Your head is somewhere were the sun don’t shine. A true republican is conservative and all Tea Party members are conservative. They love this country and don’t hate anyone. I should also point out thatTea Party members are the most informed and best educated voters this country has ever seen. If you’re not conservative then your not Republican. Republicans are the only ones making compromises. Democrats don’t compromise and most have sworn not to give into Republicans including our useless President. When was the last time someone told a Democrat that they needed to be more moderate. Non of them are, they walk the party line and they don’t give an inch. There is no extreme right wing, That is a label that the Liberals made up to destroy the credibility of Conservatives.

        • The extreme RIGHT are the religious extremists. This abortion horror story should be enough to destroy planned parenthood!!!

      • Your entire post is full of it especialy the part about the tea party being radicals, is it radical that they want the government to follow the constitution? It seems to me that you have listened to dirty hairy reid & the rest of the left wing radicals denigrate the tea party to much as they don’t want whites to band together because they want to run the government the way they want it instead of working for us the way they are supposed to

      • LOL. you’ve been well brainwashed along the way, if you think the TP is the only source of support for Trump. Pull your head out of that dark place!

        • Just the TP and crazy right wingers. Mainstream conservatives? Probably stay home than vote. Hispanics – not likely. Black vote – not likely. Besides, Trump has said that if goes down in the polls he will quit.
          How is he going to get the vote from over those Americans (51% of the population) that now identifies themselves as liberals?

          • Simple………….blue collar dems (2 in my family), want to vote for Trump. He is appealing to them becuase he has name and face recognition. In my opionion, he is the only republican candidate that even stands a chance to beat a democrat!

    • Astutely stated…Thank you!


    • VOTE TRUMP and CRUZ to Take Back America!

    • America was designed to have “normal” people SERVE (key word) for a short time in the government, and then GO BACK HOME. NOT to spend 40 years as a PROFESSIONAL politician. Term Limits would solve all the BULLSHIT. Until we do that, we, the PEOPLE, are going to be just their FODDER.

  5. well Mr. Romney I don’t agree. Not only will Trump be the nominee, he will also be the next President Of the once Great USA. Lets make America great again. Trump/Cruz 2016!!!

  6. Had Romney had any balls in the debates and he not had a loose mouth in a restaurant, he might have been elected. He has a right to his opinion and, bet your sweet butt, the media will push his comments as gospel. The wheels in the party are being oiled for the better. Just sayin’.

  7. Mitt Romeny for President…I voted for him once…I’d not do it again…for the simple reason per an age old quote… “nice guys finish last”.

    • “Nice Guy” doesn’t seem like a the correct terminology after Romney’s latest ATTEMPT AT PULLING A HACHET JOB ON TRUMP!
      Romney is a lost, bewildered, easily led, SAP!

      • i am kind of disappointed in romney, trump supported him big time when he ran. he would best say nothing as there are no good candidates he would support. i doubt he will support cruz or carson either. seems jeb and marco are who they want.

      • Maybe
        Romney is just jealous of Trump because if the elections were held right now Trump would be elected president, & that goes against Romney’s ego he just can not see that happening & will probably say anything to turn people against Trump

  8. The traitorous leadership of the GOP are too ignorant to understand that their all out attack on Trump only makes him more popular.

  9. Sounds like Romney has some sour grapes. I voted for Romney but that was because I saw him as the lesser of two Evils. The establishment Republicans pushed him because they are also sadly stupid. The people were voting against
    Obama care, now why would they vote for someone who invented it.

  10. Good grief not Romney again. I am getting the feeling that the American people no longer pick their candidates for the presidency. If it’s Mrs.Clinton vs. Bush again, then I will know that I am correct. Mrs. Clinton’s mentor was Saul Alinsky, a communist back in the 60’s and Bush is a momma’s boy. Take your pick.

  11. I always felt that Romney was too “Refined” to go up against a Street Fighter and Romney Blew it BIGTIME! He had it in the bag on his first debate…..don’t know WHO he listened to? Political Correctors? Romney’s whole stance changed…he when from a strong, knowledgable candidate to a limp ineffective mealy- mouthed ZERO before Everyone’s eyes. It was heart wrenching to watch. How could he compliment the most Evil Community Organizer in history and state hat he would do exactly what “The Obamination” would do on Foreign affairs. It was more than disappointing….it was as if he was Cowed or Lobatimized!
    Now, after throwing in the Towel on Himself he is delusional if He believes Anyone holds his opinion worthy of an iota of attention.
    We Thankfully have Trump, A Fighter, who loves Our County, can’t be Bought by a ring of Anti- American Creeps and Romney has the unmitigated Gaul to state that Trump Will Not Be The Republican nominee. Well, Romney, I lost the last remnants of respect I Had for you! You are manipulated and manipulative….SHAME ON YOU! Just who ordained you the Oracle of wisdom and the chief predictor of the future? How could you cast aside what the American People Want? They Want Someone….They want TRUMP, -a MAN who will STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR AMERICA and Her People. You Had Your Chance. And YOU FAILED!
    So Step Aside, stop being a useful Idiot and Remain Silent…..that way you are less offensive and correctly Forgetable!

    • Good Comment.

    • Romney Folded like a Cheap suitcase We will always wonder Why??????

    • When I saw the film of the gop almost begging obama to let them win this one I almost threw my supper up, it was so disgusting to me, unfortunately I forget what it was that they wanted him to grant them the win over. That is why I am voting for Trump in the next election, I just can not picture him coming hat in hand to ask for a win from the left, he is a fighter I hope or at least that is what I want from the next president. If the heads of both houses were fighters we would not be in the shape we are today

  12. Who cares what this LOSER says?

  13. Although I voted for romney because he was the lesser of 2 evils,,,,,he is a loser. He should get lost and stay lost.

  14. Hey Mittens Breaking News You LOST therefore you are irrelevant TRUMP 2016

  15. Romney is a has been. He couldn’t win his own Presidential Election so now he’ become an expert at telling other people how to vote and which politician to elect for President. Well Mr. Romney why don’t you go fly a kite because that is all your good for. My vote is for Trump regardless of what Mr. Romney says as he the only one that has a backbone to say what he means and means what he says and really wants to Make America Great Again. What all you other bimbos want to do I don’t know I guess try to destroy everyone that doesn’t agree with you as well as destroy America. You sure don’t offer ideas on how to make America better. Romney is like Obama divides people everywhere he goes and criticizes everything that doesn’t go his way.

  16. If it is Clinton and Bush I will be sitting home. Clinton the liar and Bush the wimp. Neither one can run the country. Each of them are out of touch with the middle class.

    • a lot of independents and GOP stayed at home in 92 and 08 and 12…that is why we had billy “the rapist traitor” clintoney and the african pretender, kenyan boyo, make it to DC and turn the once proud White House into a whoretel….not voting is not the answer…why? because the commies, clowns, and rag scum will bribe the parasites and the brain dead and we will have some worthless twat like the ho clintoney in the oral office continuing the trashing of America..

      • You sound like a Jeb or Rubio worshiper. Which is it ?

        • How did you get Jeb or Rubio out of what was posted???

        • No Niki I am an adamant anti socialist/communist who has grown tired of watching folks define a candidate’s worthiness based on a singular platform plank. When kenyan boyo, the african pretender, was fraudulently ushered into the oral office it was due to folks staying at home..the second time the puke from africa was fraudulently kept in the oral office showed some interesting facts…many democrats said no to clown boy, but unfortunately more GOP stayed at home and had they voted for the GOP candidate we would not be dealing with the oral office meddling in local affairs, ratcheting up racism, trashing the economy, visiting dicktators, ignoring rags killing christians, throwing our allies overboard for his rag buddies, and standing aside as the communist menace in roosha and chinkeeville moves to position themselves in better locations to threaten that USA and any interdiction that we might attempt to save real people lives and way of living….

          • Which Republican candidate are you supporting then ?

          • I wish that Governor Walker had stayed in the race, and Governor Perry. I like Cruz and Rubio. A man that has captured many folks interest and rightfully so is Dr. Ben Carson. Carly could be great, unfortunately she has a few past comments that could hang there. Trump is saying what many politicians have steered clear of and is being rewarded with a lot of support for doing so. Dr Carson suggested that any rag that would run for pres should disavow anything related to islamy crap and I agree, but the whores in the supposed news media are wanting to beat him over the head with his words that were crystal clear…he did not say what should happen..all the rags need to be relocated back to rag land, now, not when something else blows up. The USA needs leadership…America needs a president, not a rag loving communist mulatto golfer that is really an illegal alien..

          • Rubio is part of the Republican establishment in Washington.

          • and the ho clintoney and that dolt from Vermont are angels right? A large bunch of potential votes for an adult candidate went south a few years ago due to the whiners that supported Rand Paul getting their panties in a wad when he did not make the final cut and was out of the running for pres…that is why we got the boy from africur in the oral office, same thing happened when more GOP stayed home in 2012 then voted a “win” for kenyan boyo…in the coming year if potential adult voters are not happy with the GOP candidates or their favorite drops out causing them to pout and stay home the possibility for the brain dead bribed parasites to join with the pseudo intellectual coffee shop twits and they could vote in the lezzy commie or the Vermont commie…or maybe by then another commie will come to the forefront to take the children by the hand and lead them down the yellow brick road…

          • Has no one ever informed you that you have a serious problem ?
            GO – T R U M P !

          • yes GO – Trump….most of that problem is caused by having spent time ensuring that some folks half way around the world would be able to enjoy the right to self determination..freedom if you will. Only to have some coward politicians turn out the light, pissing on the graves of almost 70,000 US soldiers and millions of South Vietnamese…and since that time the screech of the whining of crybaby socialist wannabes has reached a crescendo level that threatens to cause a mental breakdown among veterans and their families, causing them to take to the streets an begin to “take out” clowns…like those “demonstrators” in Ferguson and Baltimore…and to move to the border in force to repel the “guests” that kenyan boyo invited and that the scum demcrapo clowns have enabled him to accept, tranport, and install in the USA against the wishes of most Americans…

          • As I stated you have a serious problem.
            GO – T R U M P

          • Thanks for your comments Kent2012. Nice to hear from someone that knows whats going on and can effectively articulate the truth.

          • Obama won by 5 million votes and had a 332 to 206 in the electoral college.

            NOT EVEN CLOSE, history rewriting, disingenuous con.

          • Not exactly a landslide either.

          • too bad that you are down to two brain cells there reality checkerinsky…clown boy received fewer votes in 2012 than 2008 and the GOP participation was down by way more then 5 million votes…why did he receive fewer votes you ask? well many millions woke up to the fact that your boy has decided to meddle in local affairs, promote racism, trash the economy, trash the military, trash our allies while visiting our enemies. support the rags, fags, and commies, stand off to one side(like he promised your hero pootey in 2011) while the scum from roosha reach out for more things to steal, make nicee with the chinkees instead of smacking the slope commies…yes your boy is trashing the coal industry, saying no to the pipeline, and ordering his puppets from the epa to write more stringent regulations for industry that are totally unnecessary, allowing the whore$ in the fed reserve and ho house to continue outrageous volumes of money printing while still buying on wall street, and demanding that the whore$ in the democrapo party support his quasi dicktatorship. All those that think the boy from africa is a citizen, a christian, a lover of freedom, and a true patriotic American are fools or commie clowns, or just plain parasites that have grown up in the best country around and want to turn it into another cesspool…

          • so much idiocy, so little desire to prove you’re a MORON.
            sop lets pic a few choice items.

            Let take this LOONY: Obama has “trash the economy”

            here is a right wing new source called FOX News telling you that YOU ARE MORON.

            “U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’”
            The World Bank is telling us… the U.S.economy is the only bright spot for global growth.


            Sounds like the United States is lucky Obama chose this path or we would be suffering like Germany that is on the edge of recession.

            maybe the Kent the mentally challenged TERRORIST can prove he’s not a lying POS?

          • You keep quoting the same tired article. The only reason the US economy looks good compared to the rest of the world is because the rest of the world is in the crapper.
            When compared with the GDP Obama is doing a terrible job with the economy.
            And don’t call Kent a terrorist you piece of SHIT.

          • I wonder why one in 14 people bought a new car last year?

            that’s a sure sign that the economy is crashing and that Kent is the biggest TERRORIST in America.

            home grown right wing terrorists like YOU are what that report from law enforcement was talking about.
            More dangerous than Muslims.

          • just 1 ?

          • “trashing the economy”

            cons are so ignorant.
            Stop LYING
            “U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’”

            The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the
            only bright spot for global growth”


          • FOAD, Lib Spammer !!

          • Have
            someone read this and explain it to you.

            President Obama is fond of saying that he came into office in 2009 when the economy was in freefall, when we were suffering from the worst economic crisis since the Great
            Depression, among other clichés.

            It’s time we took the President at his word, at face value. If the economy was in fact in a desperate state when Barack Obama became president in January 2009, then his economic policies should be measured, by common consent, from a low base.

            What this means is that any improvement, any increment of economic growth that occurred after early 2009 will look especially good. This is so because of the nature of
            fractions. Any change is greater, as a percentage, over a low base (a low denominator) than over a high one.

            In the four and a half years since the close of 2008, the American economy has grown at the Inflation
            adjusted rate of 1.6% per year. Is this number, 1.6%, any good? Let’s compare it to that obtained by President Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush. From the
            beginning of 2001 until the close of 2008—the W. term—economic growth averaged 1.7% per year.

            So W. wins by a nose. But as everyone knows, Bush came into office in the midst (as it turns out, at the peak) of one of the great historic booms in modern American economic
            history. From 1982 to 2000, the American economy expanded at a 3.7% rate. This included a big kick at
            the end of that run, 1995 2000, that measured 4.2% per year.

            The base, the denominator, of the W. record, was therefore notably high. When we say that the Bush record of economic growth was 1.7%, greater by a hair than Obama’s current 1.6%, we should also account for the fact that the predicate of the comparison is highly
            differential. Bush started from a high base and came in low. Obama started from a low base and came in worse.

            The statistic we are talking about here is that old warhorse of the Bureau of Economic Analysis, “Gross Domestic Product,” or GDP. GDP grew at a 1.7% per annum rate from the close of 2000 to that of 2008 and has gone up at 1.6% since. The thing about GDP is it is designed to flatter the
            government. Government spending is considered outright a component of GDP. Whatever dollars the government spends, it shows up in GDP.

            Now, to be sure, the rate of the federal government’s spending increase has slowed marginally from 2008—the year of TARP and all that. In the Bush years, federal spending in inflation adjusted terms went up 3.9% per annum, more than double the rate of economic growth,
            astonishingly. Since 2009, federal spending has gone up at 2.5% per year, still well higher than the lame rate of GDP change.

            1982 2000, when the economy was growing at 3.7%, real federal spending growth was notably slower, at 2.2% per year, and in the last big push of 4.2% GDP growth from 1995 2000, federal spending clocked only 1.6% growth.

            What we have, then, in the twenty first century, is a baker’s dozen years of pathetic GDP growth, quite in contradiction with the best of recent American traditions. We also have a
            government that is growing as much as it possibly can, also in defiance of those traditions.

            Surely the reason that the Obama years have not seen even higher rates of federal spending growth is that the 2008 base—of government spending—was itself high. Furthermore, real economy growth has come in so low since then that it is difficult for government to displace yet more of the private economy by spending.

            President Obama “inherited” (another favorite word of the president’s enablers) a low GDP base and did terribly with it, well worse in comparison to his much aligned predecessor.

            He inherited a high government spending base and still managed to increase that number at a rate
            50% above general growth. In a rational world,
            we’d stifle such a failure from still having access to the controls.

          • Chuck bloviates for 1000 words and provides no link to prove he’s not a moron.

        • So….what are you?…..Clinton???

    • This is why Romney lost. People want a true conservative candidate or they won’t even bother to vote. Most people can’t see the difference between a moderate Republican and a Democrat so they say why bother and they stay home. A strong conservative Republican candidate will get the Republicans out to vote. And if the GOP goes with a moderate candidate again I will still vote for them because a moderate Republican is still better than a liberal Democrat.

    • If Bush is “The Chosen One” by some unknown occurrence, WE could ALL still “WRITE-IN” TRUMP AND stay around to count the votes, ya’ think?????

    I pick a team, Governor Jeb Bush and Florida Congressman/U.S. Senator, Marco Rubio, plus any campaigner who joins their Campaign, a position in the Cabinet.
    I have picked Donald Trump as Treasurer, and John Kasich as Defense Secretary.

    • Jeb Bush and family is NWO, Rubio made it easier for the H-1B Visa immigrants to come to FL (the ones that Disney hired when they fired 250 American workers), Kasich likes big government, he extended Medicaid and there is a Medicaid bubble & when that explodes the people in his state will be on the hook, taxes will have to be increased. I am watching Trump to see if he changes any of his remarks.

  18. Romney is a joke. Didn’t he run twice and lose twice

  19. But nobody listens to Romney,he deliberately threw the election so that Obama would win and everybody knows it.

  20. Trump or Crusz, or I vote straight liberal dem bloodsucker ticket.
    Enough is enough, the RINOS don’t want to be republicans, so be it, let’s make them this century’s WHIG party

  21. Trump has some good ideas but he is a loudmouth who can not take tough questions

    • i think you are talking about personal attacks that are different when it comes to trump. calls rubio a clown and it is big news, rubio and paul call people clowns this week and it doesn’t dent the media. face it, they are afraid of trump because he is exposing them all….greedy money hungry sell outs who do not care about the country or the citizens. they just want to be one of those millionaires that fill congress.

    • He knows he is going to take tough questions. The only fly in the ointment is the morally corrupt main stream news journalists continue to interrupt him in mid sentence because they don’t like where he is going and are trying to get his answer watered down or lose its effectiveness. Nothing more, nothing less.

  22. romney is one of the rinos in the republican party! Yes, I voted for him in 2012. However, it was him or, the POS in the rainbow house!

  23. Just what we need another Romney Dole McCain . We need a fighter. You fools let the liberal news media pick your last candidates, how did that work out?

  24. OF COURSE, Romney will sing to the tune of the GOP. Grand OLD Party. Stay home, Mitt, and take care of your ownfamily. True Conservatives in this country do not NEED the GOP. We have brains enough to SEE what the country need, and that we ARE NOT getting it from the RNC or the GOP, or whatever you choose to call it.

  25. Romney,,, like McCain,,has No appeal to the republican voters and are partly responsible for the position the republicans are in now. Please no more wishy,washy, soft spoken nice guys.

  26. Romney is hell bent on defying the old adage that, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you.” He’s aware the Dems don’t like him, but completely unaware the Repubs don’t like him either after he folded like a cheap card table during the campaign of 2012. You’ve had your day in the sun and you blew it. Now you need to just ride quietly into the sunset, cowboy.

  27. Romney lost. That’s the long and the short. Keep out. If he had been honest in the rest of the debates he might have overcome the voter fraud. No wonder Obama played basketball. He knew he had won.

  28. If Romney runs it will divide the party and the Republicans will lose, I don’t trust him.

  29. Every democrook is a socialist mass murder. Bernie is just the first to fully admit it.

  30. I believe that Mr Romney is mistaking about outsiders. There is or doesn’t seem to be a Republican that is in the Race that isn’t in it for the power and money available to he that holds this nation in their hands. I don’t know if Trump is the best and would rather see Fiorina or Carson in the lead spot but am not sold on anyone that has a Seat in Congress or the past governor from Florida that is nothing more than a spoiled brat that I read the other day is now praying his big brother will jump in and help him with SC. That is a scenario I am sure we will see each time things get too tough for him to handle, if he is in the White House

  31. When Romney got the nomination I was for him and wish now he got in, we all would be so much better off. Now Romney is seeing what he should have done in his campaign. Be tough question Commie Crowley on misinformation especially now your statement came true and Comrade Obama is sucking on it.
    If you want a Republican President as well as Congress and Senate, don’t knock those succeeding in the effort. You had your chance twice and blew it, and that’s OK but be kind in defeat.

    • “I was for him and wish now he got in, we all would be so much better off”

      Romney said that IF elected, would get the unemployment down to 6.5% by the end of his first term.

      Obama accomplished that a year ago and still has over a year to go and all you silly cons do is COMPLAIN that things are not going well.

      PS Romney was never nominated twice.

  32. Romney is such a idiot ! We do need need any more establishment Republicans . In fact now we should concentrate on getting McConnell removed from his leadership roll as well.

  33. such Dunces in that party, like Reagan said the Dems left him not he them, well, i feel the same about the Republicans..their and Embarrassment plus they keep putting up chumps for candidates at the end and then we get libtards .. theres no end to these guys like romney ,McCain eehhh, santorum ,then the new breed of duds, Cruz,,christie,walker,rubio ,u cant get rid of Graham,Pataki or perry..


  35. Here Romney sits, broken-hearted, paid a dime (twice), but only farted. He should not talk (against The Donald), Romney had his chances, after paying his dimes, only crapped his pants!

  36. ROMNEY is the typical, wishey, washey, limp wristed, elitist, MODERATE (R.I.N.O) Closet democ-RAT. He has the gall to criticize some one who actually fights FOR AMERICA. Remember; ROMNEY had the opportunity to expose Obama for the lying fraud he is. INSTEAD, being the go along to get along RINO he is, he silenced himself and played NICE. The consequences of this limp dk are present and clear. Romney needs to shut his fkg mouth and go home and be a NICE little sheep.

  37. Unfortunately, Mitt Romney is a nice guy, but “Nice Guys” finish last, as we’ve seen in his past runs. I can’t believe
    he would decide to jump in again! I CERTAINLY HOPE NOT!!! The REAL Conservatives are sick and tired of all the “Good ‘Ole Boys”! We don’t need or want Rove, the Bushes or any of the “Good ‘Ole Boys” deciding who wins this time! We need to be VERY WATCHFUL of ALL that is happening. They have a way of making things go “THEIR WAY”. Trump is a refreshing change….MAYBE someone who will speak his mind and not back down. He doesn’t seem to be cowering to them! We’ll see.

  38. Too bad, Mr. Romney. You should have won last time, so you have no input as far as I am concerned. Trump 2016!!!

  39. Read Read Read Romney had two chances one he failed at completely the second he succeeded but failed to get elected Mr. Reality Check. If you think Obama has done a good job on the economy you may have failed early on at Arithmetic. We owe over 19 Trillion and he wants to increase it, while the other commie wants to double it if he gets in..

    Do you know our country is in the worse condition since the beginning of WW 11 ? Your entitled to your opinions as well as your freedom but with Democrats in power we both may loose both. Cheers

  40. Ever read “How to argue with a Democrat” by Laura Ingram ????????

  41. It was 18 T two years ago, when he gets out it is reported the deficit will be just over 20 T Real get current.


  43. First he used his money to pepper republican opponents with negative adds, then he lost it for us. Trump is not my first choice, but that is not because of anything Romney says. I will vote for the Republican nominee whoever it is because the worst Republican is still better than the best Democrat.
    To those who stayed home because Romney was not their choice: Thanks for four more years of Obama.

  44. Romney. I thought you were awesome. Now I think you are an idiot. Loyal to a lost cause? W are past the point of normal politics or did you miss that. Republicans with power, as in Congress, are no stronger than Republicans without power. Please rethink your position and support Trump and Carson. Neither is part of the bullshit ruling parties. Your ticket got punched by Obama, likely illegally. You didn’t have the fight in you. Support people who do.


  46. When most countries are in the Sewer and we being on top of the sewer doesn’t require chest beating or Obama’s victory runs. Typical Democrat resorting to name calling. Hmmmmm

  47. Romney has nothing to say!! He folded to whatever goons were after his ass in 2012!! I like him I think he’s a good man but he’s on of the good old boys and he’ll always always side with them!! “We the people” are so done with that! Time to clean house! We are coming for the rest of you too when the time is right!!

    • Nina………..Romney….is an Establishment (RINO) Republican. The SAME KIND as Boehner,Mitch McConnell And Kevin McCarthy,John McCain,Lindsey Graham,Orin Hatch and The ‘other’ Rich Republican Panderers. They Are NOT For Americas Interest but Their $$ Masters. America is an OPEN Country For all The Dead Wood From Mexico And Third World Lands’! Welfare Parasites.

  48. BEWARE of the white negro Romney.

    He hates whites in the same vein as the sodomite Nerogro. He thinks whites should be punished and everything should be given to Negroes and as an act of repentance every white person must serve Negroes ice tea on Hate Whitey Love Negro Nestea Day!

  49. Bang the drum loudly, Romney! This nation does not need a bombastic, blithering, bloviating blowhard like the Trumpster in the Oval Office!

  50. All you weak, simpering, complaining sore losers just have to find some “reason” Obama WON the elections of 2008 and 2012, so you barf out that silly-ass nonsense about voter fraud. It gets old, stale and tired.

  51. Romney should just shut up and listen !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Refurbished Romney, but still an established, Repubic that doesn’t know how to debate. Hes a Demonrat in different clothing. Doner driven good ole boy who won’t get anything done like Trump will. Besides Romney is a 2 time looser for a reason.

  53. The main stream republican candidates attempt to ‘play nice’. They may very well be gentlemen and mild mannered, but in the end, they are costing us America! I hedge my bets on a bold candidate like Trump! He isn’t perfect but has the energy and fight to restore the good ole USA!

  54. This is to Headonstraight. —– You are a dumb-ass PUNK. Just like the NEGRO THUG ASS BITCH Assbama, the PRICK of this earth. He should be, HUGN by his pencil neck until he is very DEAD. Of course there would be a trial and conviction first. THEN, HANG the FUCK.

  55. Romney is as transparent now as a glass of clear spring water but not as refreshing. The man says they know who their nominee will be -from the main stream conservative field. News for Romney, Americans will not be bullied or made to fear the Democrats win to the point that they would fall for that again. Bush is not going to be the nominee. If they push him forward Americans will not vote and you can kiss the party goodbye. Donald J. Trump 2016.

  56. We tried main stream, remember? Now its time for some back water maneuvering. That’s where you get a better view of the land and the people… Stay home loser.

  57. I like a ROMNEY – CARSON Ticket for 2016!

  58. Romney make some good investments and got rich. That does NOT mean that his common sense factor is very high. Trump, at his worst, would be a better president than what we have now!

  59. As in Liar in Chief Good Bye!!!!

  60. Agreed. In context, Romney is a corporte pirate and bag man for both the extablishment RNC and the LDS church. He is essentially irrelevent and a loser – “nice guy” or not. Want to learn some really interesting stuff? Google the Romney family history.

  61. The fact is Romney sounds like a rino/demoRAT. I believe he would rather see the demoRATS win than to have a conservative win. The repubs had their chance in 2012 and blew it. We gave them every chance in 2014 with a majority in both houses to shut obozo’s lunacy down but instead they got behind his anti-American agenda. They have blown their chances and I don’t believe they deserve another one — it is time for TRUMP & CRUZ or TRUMP & CARSON and keep the traitorous establishment out of it. In other words Romney — SHUT THE HELL UP. and I’m being very polite.

  62. Mitt Romney is just another liberal RINO who is out to destroy Donald Trump. The RINOs want to keep outsiders away from their strangle hold on the RINO republican good old boys big money club. RINOs will do all they can to prevent a conservative from gaining a foot hold in their ultra liberal RINO party. Dismiss everything RINO Romney says.

  63. Romney and his go old boys are cowards, afraid to fight for taxpayers who have to support the democratic/liberal policies that are ruining this country.




  66. muskat antonopolis

    say bye bye romney…now go home…..thank you…..

  67. Romney needs to stay home and take care of his sick wife and stay out of Politics!

  68. Francisco Sperandeo

    Well I think like many others Mitt is to RINO and his comments should be viewed that way. All of them predict, BEFORE THE PRIMARY VOTERS WILL GO WITH THE ESTABLISHED POLITICAL CANDIDATE and not the outsiders! WRONG!!! They are trying to brain wash some into voting establishment thinking that a life long politician can only be the one to run the nation! They know that this is a REVOLUTION without guns and are trying everything they can to get back their power! WE THE PEOPLE cannot let that happen! November is our proof what will happen if we do! Be Trump or Carson we need to stay strong! I still believe Fiorina was paid for and converted!

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  70. I am confused: I do not like that enraged pig-faced Trump and I despise that decent RINO Romney. Please help me!

  71. carolyn mordecai

    Romney: For President of the Cayman Islands!!!!

  72. There are so many Charlie Brown’s it’s unbelievable. Just like ole Lucy would trick Charlie every year to kick the ball and every year she would pull the ball away and poor Charlie would fall flat. You establishment Republicans what a joke. A progressive is a progressive, a D or an R makes no difference. Keep on voting for the parasitic whores and see how much better everything will get.
    David Jackson

  73. Romney needs to crawl back under his rock.

  74. I have never liked Romney’s in the first place. So if he is against Trump then that gives me more reason to support Trump!

  75. this may be the best donald trump interview yet

  76. Has ther ever been a case in history where the republican establishment put a hit on their front runner.
    Well I guess they are afraid of honestly helping we the people..The republicans have now shown us what we have been missing (corruption) runs rampant in our own party ..I am all Trump 2016. The people speak not the politicians.

    • Romney should be charged with a hate crime. He seems to be unable to detach himself from thinking he was right all along, even though he lost, and we better not forget it. If there is an uncivil war within the GOP, Romney is leading the charge of the GOB party (good ol boys).

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