Roger Stone: Don’t Trust the Voting System

Everyone not actually on the Donald Trump payroll dismissed the Republican nominee’s assertion last week that the general election could be “rigged” to produce a Hillary Clinton victory in the fall. Even those who support Trump shrugged and said the candidate was alluding to larger issues such as voter fraud. Like saying Obama was the “founder of ISIS,” Trump’s claims of a rigged election were little more than hyperbole.

But at least one man says that we should take Trump’s fears of a predetermined outcome literally.

Former Trump consultant Roger Stone published an op-ed in The Hill this week warning supporters not to take the integrity of the election for granted.

“The issue here is both voter fraud, which is limited but does happen, and election theft through the manipulation of the computerized voting machines, particularly the DIEBOLD/PES voting machines in wide usage in most states,” Stone wrote.

Stone said that both Republicans and Democrats have been guilty of voter manipulation in the past; he accuses Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the RNC of rigging the recall election that nearly sent Walker packing in 2012.

“How do the pols of both parties do it?” Stone asked. “As easy as determining, on the basis of honest polling, who is going to win. Then, if it isn’t your candidate, simply have the votes for the other guy be given to your guy and vice versa. You keep the total vote the same.”

Stone said it wasn’t always necessary to go to these risky lengths.

“If you have a plan in mind involving votes and their redistribution, you can find a programmer who can design the machine instructions to produce that outcome,” Stone wrote. “Or you can hack the machine you are voting in with a $15 device that you can get at BEST BUY.”

Stone’s editorial errs on the side of the conspiratorial, but don’t be too quick to dismiss his warnings as unfounded. After all, you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to see how Donald Trump has united “conservatives” and “liberals” in an alliance against his candidacy. Are these sworn enemies putting aside their feud for the good of the nation or are they dropping the pretense of animosity because their little charade is being threatened? And if the latter is true, can any amount of awareness actually stop this country’s elite from getting the outcome they want?

“We are now living in a fake reality of constructed data and phony polls,” Stone concluded. “The computerized voting machines can be hacked and rigged and after the experience of Bernie Sanders, there is no reason to believe they won’t be. Don’t be taken in.”

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