Roger Stone: Don’t Trust the Voting System

Everyone not actually on the Donald Trump payroll dismissed the Republican nominee’s assertion last week that the general election could be “rigged” to produce a Hillary Clinton victory in the fall. Even those who support Trump shrugged and said the candidate was alluding to larger issues such as voter fraud. Like saying Obama was the “founder of ISIS,” Trump’s claims of a rigged election were little more than hyperbole.

But at least one man says that we should take Trump’s fears of a predetermined outcome literally.

Former Trump consultant Roger Stone published an op-ed in The Hill this week warning supporters not to take the integrity of the election for granted.

“The issue here is both voter fraud, which is limited but does happen, and election theft through the manipulation of the computerized voting machines, particularly the DIEBOLD/PES voting machines in wide usage in most states,” Stone wrote.

Stone said that both Republicans and Democrats have been guilty of voter manipulation in the past; he accuses Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the RNC of rigging the recall election that nearly sent Walker packing in 2012.

“How do the pols of both parties do it?” Stone asked. “As easy as determining, on the basis of honest polling, who is going to win. Then, if it isn’t your candidate, simply have the votes for the other guy be given to your guy and vice versa. You keep the total vote the same.”

Stone said it wasn’t always necessary to go to these risky lengths.

“If you have a plan in mind involving votes and their redistribution, you can find a programmer who can design the machine instructions to produce that outcome,” Stone wrote. “Or you can hack the machine you are voting in with a $15 device that you can get at BEST BUY.”

Stone’s editorial errs on the side of the conspiratorial, but don’t be too quick to dismiss his warnings as unfounded. After all, you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to see how Donald Trump has united “conservatives” and “liberals” in an alliance against his candidacy. Are these sworn enemies putting aside their feud for the good of the nation or are they dropping the pretense of animosity because their little charade is being threatened? And if the latter is true, can any amount of awareness actually stop this country’s elite from getting the outcome they want?

“We are now living in a fake reality of constructed data and phony polls,” Stone concluded. “The computerized voting machines can be hacked and rigged and after the experience of Bernie Sanders, there is no reason to believe they won’t be. Don’t be taken in.”

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  1. robertdavidhummel

    *** #Obama & #Clinton, & the Congressional Democrat’s,& many Rino’s, & The Appointed CZAR’s & Office Holders of the #Obama Administration… … Have Bludgeoned our Republic with a ENDLESS Amount of “Errors, and Rule of Law Violations, including Deviant-anti Constitution implications, “JUST PLAINLY”, show that they are HELL BENT to Destroy America, in the FACTUAL engagement of the precepts of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, and Sal Alinsky’s, “Rules for Radicals”., that HAVE BEEN EMPLOYED BY THE previously IDENTIFIED MISCREANTS SINCE Jan, 2009, AND ARE NOW COMING TO FRUITION AT A MORE rapid rate. Our Republics viable SOLUTION is a “2nd REVOLUTION”. At 72 years old, and though I may be old and grey… ” I “, am willing to again “Place my Life, Limb and meager treasures … :In DEFENSE of Our Nations Constitutional Freedom’s, before America …IS NO MORE… ergo… “VOTE==>TRUMP-PENCE in 2016.

    • We will fight along side each other. People won’t know what freedom is until it is taken away, I’m not that nieve and common sense and the history of socialists/communists countries tells you what it’s like. These same libtards who are making this happen will always blame it on someone else.

      • Let’s all boycott this rigged system

        • What rigged system might that be?
          The Electoral College?

          • What is rigged is TROLLS like you.

          • That has to be the more ignorant post I’ve read today.

          • Non ar as bad as your BS.

          • Thank you.
            I look forward to your compliments.

          • Patricia Anderson

            Let’s respell that word ?Condiments< because you are flavoring your words with bitter herbs.

          • No one is forcing you to read my comments.

          • Stupid comments are always entertaining.

          • IS there anything tht anybody says that you don’t call ignorant? When you were in Medical School did they teach you that word, or was it when you were in the Coast Guard and in the central highlands of Vietnam?

          • Rumor has it that she was with Armstrong on the moon as well.

          • Patricia Anderson


          • hhahahahahaLMAO………

          • Please keep the facts streight. I served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps. I have a deceased husband who was a U.S. Coast Guard officer.

          • So you are the lucky one that were not depending upon Obama’s merciful healthcare on veterans’ long wait list or his no strategy sending troops in harm way to Syria and now Lybia.

          • He did not depend upon the VA for medical care. I am a physician. My partner in private practice treated him.

          • Katherine sienna

            Did you say in your recent post that you ( or somebody ) are a coast guard? Now you are a physician? By the way you are lucky you are not a veteran bc if you are you would vote differently.

          • I have never said I was in the Coast Guard. My late husband was.
            I am a Veteran. I served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, during Vietnam.
            I am a physician. I graduated from the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences

          • Katherine sienna

            Americans own you big. But how did you become demorat? Many of the Kennedy’s moderate democrats have turned away from their party bc it’s not the same party their grandparents had.

          • He’s right….you and others of your ilk.

          • What ilk might that be?

          • Katherine sienna

            Did you refer yourself ? Yes your post is very dumb, aklady was you born 2015?

          • Thank you.

          • “…was you born 2015?”
            Perhaps you meant ‘were you born”?

          • Now I know you weren’t born in 2015 otherwise you wouldn’t notice I used “was” to refer to a 6 months old baby ” was it, was you ? “. Oh well that would be harder to bend an old bamboo stick.

          • What’s ignorant is Americans voting to put another criminal in office back to back! Stupid!

          • Shows exactly how stupid dumbocrats are…….BACK to BACK………….goodbye America……..

          • Patricia Anderson


          • Eisenhower was rhe first President to involve us in Vietnam. He ws a Republican.

            Reagan was a Republican. .

            Bush was a Republican.

            All three of them started wars.

          • Bush II shows exactly how ignorant Republicans are. Back-to-back wars leaving more than 4,000 Americans dead. Back to bacj wars leaving millions of innocent women, children and elderly men dead. Back to back wars that made America even more enemies.

          • They hate you ever since Jimmy Carter messed up iran creating islamic state. Bush was only the picking up trash after Bill clinton, the terrorists flew into the 2 towers on 9/11 learned to fly during clinton’s 8 years. In 2007 al Qaeda was on the run, no major issue! Obama came, took credit BUT as little as he ever, he withrew but not without telling the radicals in advance. His naïveté created isis ( he called his baby ISIL ) Now the world is a big mess. I can’t believe I am now with Russia because they are fighting isis too ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend ” So wise up to know who are your enemies: the radical muslims and demoRATS who sell this country for their own wealth they are the enemies from out and inside that you need to watch out since your founders had fought hard for you and now they want to open borders inviting the unknown including your infiltrated enemies

          • Your history and facts are more than slightly incorect.

            Learning to fly is now something that should be controlled by a President? No darling, those attacks had nothing, whatsoever, to do wtih Clinton.

            The Camp David Accords took place in 1978 — over 35 years ago. That agreement had nothing to do with Iran, Iraq, Egypt. Saudi Arfabua, Afghanistan …

            Saint Reagan was in office when al Qaeda was formed. Gaddafi came into power while Reagan was in office. The attacks Reagan ordered in Libya violated international law.

            The 220 Marine deaths in Beirut were a drect result of Reagan’s Middle East policies. It was also the Reagan Administration which brought the U.S. – Iran relationship into one of conflict.

            Bush took us into unecessary wars — Afghanistan ansd Iraq.

          • You’re right…he started the Civil War too……….

          • That he did. Provide weapons and money. It is how America has played with the governments of many countries. It has taken place on a regular basis under every President since Eisenhower.

          • What criminals might those be? The ones who do not start needless wars that kill over 4,000 Americasn?

          • The actual in combating war killed less than Obama’s death toll in his years of sending troops in harm way and inferior numbers of troops requested by the generals. And Obama’s no strategy kills too many soldiers that his admin lied when providing the real casualties plus he told Intel to lie and change reports on isis’ strength and it is winning not JV team on the run as he and hiLIARy keep lying to you

          • You are terribly confused.

            The Iraq Peace Treaty was signed by Bush, and approved by Congress in 2008.– long before Obama took office. That treaty required that American combat troops be withdrawn by 6/30/2009 and all American troops be out of Iraq by 12/31/2011. Obama accomplished the required withdrawal by 12/16/2011.

            The Bush Doctrine launched a “War on Terror”, an international military campaign which included the war in Afghanistan, in 2001, and the Iraq War, in 2003. The Iraq War and Hurricane Katrina mark two of Bush’s major failures. The worst recession since WWII began under his reign in December 2007.

          • We the People do not elect a President.

            We the People have never elected a President.

            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.

            Start with the Electoral College.


          • You are right we the people can’t elect president George Soros did.

          • Just how did Soros force the Electoral College to vote for Obama?

          • Katherine sienna

            As a coast guard you probably spend most your time at sea, did you ever heard that george sorrows owned (outsourcing) companies oversea to count the USA election votes? Sound weird huh?

          • I was married to a Coast Guard officer. I’ve never been to sea. Oh, and by the way, the CG rescues dumb sailors and arrests smugglers. They usually come home for dinner.

          • We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

          • Read some of your own.

          • Again, what ilk might that be?

          • Yes, you do post a lot of ignorant BS.

          • Thank you.
            Compliments are always welcome.

          • Brainwashed! Oh no, that can’t be it, she has to have a brain in order to manipulate it!

          • BINGO……….she has a brain BUT it’s geared to THEIVERY……..GREED……….

          • Actually, it is called an education. You might try it sometime.

            Look up the Electoral College.

          • Oh I had an education all right BUT it didn’t consist of how to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL……..the things that hitlery is VERY VERY adept at…….she had a GREAT TEACHER named billy ~~~~~~~~~~

          • Have you ever met an honest polititian? I have, his name was Herb Kohl, Senator from Wisconsin. More wealthy than Trump. Paid all his election expensw out of his own pocket.

          • Take a Civics Class. Read the Constitution.

            You have an Internet connection — look up the Electoral College.

          • Thank you.

          • Patricia Anderson


          • Yes you are a IDIOT for supporting AK so called lady.

          • Educate yourself. Use your Internet to learn what the Electoral Coklege does.

          • Apparently, you skipped Civics class.

            Presidential electors in contemporary elections are expected, and, in many cases pledged, to vote for the candidates of the party that nominated them.

            You also can’t be bothered reading the Constitution.

          • Patricia Anderson

            ; – )

          • Please recognize that the rigged system is the entire system as stated by those who work the various voting systems. It is truly not that difficult to understand, has been taking place historically since the early days of the nation, and continues. I provided you with a single Googled sentence that raise scores and pages of referenced articles in seconds. Please do greater study and homework.

        • That’s stupid and will hand the election over to them.

          • Voting for who ever you like is your choice, but the winner will be there choice, and that theory will even stand up if the election is cancelled, which is really on the cards.

          • Remember Joseph Stalin said it is not who votes but who counts the votes. Think Hillary and the demorats

          • We found that out in 2008 & 2012.

          • My parents, who were teenagers at the time, along with my grandparents, escaped , not from the horrors of the czar, but the worse horrors of the Bolsheviks who took their houses, their businesses, everything away from them . My Mom and her family escaped from Georgia. My dad and his family escaped from the Ukraine. They experienced first hand losing everything but each other, standing in lines for hours for a loaf of bread, mass killings, etc. I am so glad they are dead now so they do not have to experience the likes of Obama and the Clintons. I probably only have a few more years here in this life, but I am worried greatly for my children and grandchildren. I rapy every day and night that Donald Trump will become our president and save us from the double onslaught of communism and Islam.

          • I KNO EXACTLY what you mean…….I am scared to death of hiLIARy………..with her as president we’re toast………

          • John H. Kohlenberg


          • Nothing will stop the Clintons NOTHING……the greed & corruption are unbelievable…….they should be in prison…OR better yet HUNG from a tree………..OH…by the neck ~~~~~~~~~~

          • The 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states very clearly that one is innocent until proven guilty before a court of competent jurisdiction. The right-wing media is not a such a court.

          • Really?

            You are talking illegal voter intimidation.

            The Electoral College elects the President, not the American People.

            Learn how your government functions.

          • Presidents are not kings. Fear a President. Well maybe Hoover, and the Roosevelts — Franklin and Theodore. They violated American citizens Constitutional rights.

          • Presidents are not kings.

            Congress makes the laws.

            Cangress spends the money.

            You elect Congress.

            Maybe you should make better choices as to who you vote for.

          • I have run out of fingers to count all Obumers times he has gone around Congress so your idea just has no merit with this crooked administration.

          • Because Obama and the current administration have so long supported one another while Congress has failed to do their job in holding the president to the law, the vote does have the power to change the matter. Currently, many of those long-elected officials are facing re-election. By having a ground swell of national voters who use their vote to replace the old legislators with new people that appear ready to support the voice of the people, this years vote has the ability to completely re-draw the lines. The Vote may not mean a great deal with the Presidency, that may come down to prayer and faith. But the votes for the legislators is another matter because the power remains in the voters hands to a much greater degree, to put people in those offices who may actually decide to stand up to the next President of the United States supporting them when correct, and holding them to task when in-correct. All power remains inherent with the people first…

            “The Constitution of most of our states (and of the United States) assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed.”
            – Thomas Jefferson, letter to to John Cartwright, 5 June 1824

          • Maybe you should consider the fact that Congress and the Court have a better legal education than you do?

            America is governed by the rule of law, not the will of the people.

          • Have a doctorate in law as well as others. Was also part of Global Think Tanks repeatedly.

            At no point was America to be “governed by the rule of law.”

            “This may be considered as the true palladium of liberty…. The right of self defense is the first law of nature: in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest limits possible. Wherever standing armies are kept up, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.”

            – St. George Tucker, Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England, 1803

            “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined…. The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun.”

            – Patrick Henry, Speech to the Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 5, 1778

            “The Constitution of most of our states (and of the United States) assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed.”

            – Thomas Jefferson, letter to to John Cartwright, 5 June 1824

            In case I the words of America’s Forefather’s is not well understood, please take the last quote.

            President Thomas Jefferson, who helped write and sign the US Constitution and Founding Articles, as well as Create US law and Commerce, stated “The Constitution of most of our states (and of the United States) asserts that all power is inherent in the people…”

            All power inherent means “existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute.”

            In simpler words, President Jefferson as other founders, was stating that the people of the United states are empowered permanently with the essential characteristic attributes to lead this nation using the tools of the Founding Articles created by the Forefathers.

            The people of each State per the Constitution, have the greater power, while the Constitution assured a limited scope of Federal Government. PLEASE, PLEASE, take a US History course or three as well as US Constitutional Law.

            You are stating so many things incorrectly, that it is simply painful to read. You appear so poorly. Please, please consider further study dear person. You do yourself a great disservice.

            The precise reason for the Revolutionary War was to remove government taxation without representation and to remove a government empowered to force laws upon the people. For this very reason, the Founders created a nation whose people would not be bound or enslaved to Federal Laws. This is also another reason for returning to the moment the Constitution was penned…to remember not to create more laws to meet new temporary needs which would further enslave the people of America.

          • If you have a juris doctorate, I am the King of Siam.

            The rule of law restricts arbitrary exercise of power by subordinating it to well-defined and established laws. America has a government of laws, not men. While the systwm is not perfect, it has worked very well for centuries,

          • It is clear why you are in various textbooks at this point. I will not participate in childish name calling and debasing of another. You do yourself such incredible disservice. Truly, your mind has brilliance, why resort to such poor actions. You know that they are childish because you have condemned others for using such base language. So much more had been hoped. We are concluded. I do not speak with people who cannot use adult language and apply adult thought correctly and respectfully with one another. Good Day.

          • You no more have a doctorate in law than I am queen of England.

            The Ruel of Law is the very foundation of our Constitution. It is the most important accomplishment of Western thinking.

            It is basis of such legal wonders as the Magna Carta. The 39th clause: “No free man shall be taken, imprisoned, disseized, outlawed, or banished, or in any way destroyed, nor will he proceed against or prosecute him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers and the Law of the Land.”

            King John’s words are echoed in the 5th Amendment to our Constitution.

          • Maybe you should obtain a better legal education.

            Obama has acted in accordance with the authority granted by the U.S. Constitution.

            If your statements were true, those you elected to Congress could have acted; as coukd have thw U.S. Supreme Court.

          • LMAO just how many times has SCOTUS slapped him down saying he over reached his authority. You are such a troll, you are the that needs an education or at least keep up with the news.

          • No more than any other Preasident.

          • Once, just once — the NLRB Case. It is the only case brought for a ruling on a separations of power issue and a presidential overreach.

            Rep. Goodlatte was not truthful when he claimed 13. He lied, as did Sen. Cruz. Note they are both Republicans and they are from two of the most racially divided states in this nation.

            Eight of thw 13 cases claimed by Goodlatte were eight cases, in which the alleged overreach occurred under President George W. Bush, as did the court cases that challenged the administration (United States vs. Jones, Sackett vs. EPA, Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church & School vs. EEOC, Gabelli vs. SEC, Arkansas Fish & Game Commission v. United States, PPL Corp. vs. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Horne vs. USDA, and Bond vs. United States). Bush’s Justice Department handled the initial court proceedings in most instances.

          • You seem to ignore the different Obamacare over reaches and the latest the school bathroom case that was a giant over reach but then you are certifiable anyway so trot along to your therapist and take your meds.

          • The Supreme Court decides what is an “over reach”.

            Congress decides what us an “over reach”.

            To date, The NLRB Case. It is the only case brought for a ruling on a separations of power issue and a presidential overreach.

          • Patricia Anderson


          • With Obama’s record of EO’s (Executive Orders)…that completely by-pass the normal workings of govt and Congress….what do you mean, “Presidents are not Kings?”. Did you just wake up from under a rock?

          • The Constitution grants specific prowers to the President.
            Congreass can over rule a President’s decisions.
            You elect Congress.

          • No kidding…..if you go “by the book”. Obama has run rough-shod over the constitution and has established new precedent…where it will be tough to force the genie back into the bottle. No doubt what you remind us of ….is true as to the 3 legs of power of govt….but the recent reality of the EO’s executed by Obama…and the people’s lack of will to correct the excesses of the executive branch….leaves little doubt that today’s resident president sees himself as king.

          • Not a single Constitutional violation has taken place under Obama.
            Had such an action taken place, both Congress and the Supreme Court had authority to act. There has been no Executive Branch excess.

          • Truly, you need to return to study. President Obama has 14 Supreme Court reversals. Those reversals came because the President by-passed Congress, which is completely against US Constitutional Law, to enact his own laws.

            President Obama also stole Congressional monies (tax dollars) allocated to meet other US needs, from Congress without their knowledge, or consent. This is also AGAINST CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. The Senate has received Federal Judge approval to SUE the President for the STOLEN monies and has done so.

            President Obama used repeated stolen (“misappropriated”) monies to:

            1) Create Obamacare
            2) Trade 5 Radical Terrorist Commanders
            3) Smuggle Guns through back-doors to Arm Radicals including ISIS

            These 3 actions alone are all AGAINST THE US CONSTITUTION.

            Now, let us take the Presidential Articles which state that no president of the USA shall be involved or have knowledge of espionage directly.

            When the President began ordering Hillary to use the NSA to smuggle illegal arms using stolen Congressional monies to rebel Syrians and ISIS in Benghazi, in order to depose Saudi President Bashar Al-Asad, that is the very act of full knowledge and participation in an act of espionage by a sitting President of the United States of America. Under the Articles, this is also grounds for Treason.

            Let us next take the President denying a Federal Court Judges repeated orders and going ahead with the Amnesty Act. Again, failure to uphold the support of US Law is a direct violation of Constitutional Law.

            Then too, we have the same actions taking place regarding the Borders, Education, Marriage, etc. Those violations of US Constitutional Law are so great that the DoD who was defending the President in his myriad and numerous legal cases, was ordered to return to Ethics Classes because they and the President seem void of ethics.

            Failing to close the borders and secure the borders is also a direct violation of the US Constitutional law which states that when there is A) Internal Threat and/or B) External Threat, all borders of the US are to be closed and secured.

            Congress has repeatedly acted upon occasion to address this president’s clear violation of US Constitutional Law, which is precisely why the Senate is currently involved in a legal suit against the President.

            It is illegal for the President to steal Congressional funds and use those funds to start any venture. This president has stolen funds repeatedly. Should the judge find in favor of the Senate, the President faces the possibility of having to return all of the stolen monies used for these illegal programs, including Obamacare; and possibly with interest attached.

            Another consideration is that legally, the US has incurred Billions in debt because of an illegal national health care program funded with stolen monies and without the consent of Congress. This has the ability to be the very end of the program because the President does not have the monies to repay all that he stole, and all that he actually owes by US law.

            Let it also be considered, that if this legal suit is successful, that establishes legal precedent to sue the President for all of the other stolen Congressional monies used for his illegal policies, programs, and laws.

            Now please consider the number of US Smaller Private insurers forced out of business because of Obamacare who also all have a legal right under US law to be fully financially compensated for all of their losses and damaged by the President of the United States who acted without legal funding or approval.

            I could continue for pages. There are actually so many illegal acts taking place with this President and Administration, that he and his people are recorded as facing the most continual legal suits in US history while holding office.

            Daily, I receive myriad updates on the progress of the various cases and the numerous investigations. Let’s put it another way…

            Currently, Obama, Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea, Huma, etc. are according to the Federal Auditor…Facing the largest RICO charges in US National History, AND the Largest CRIMINAL Charges in US National History. These investigations are huge and said to extend to EVERY office in the government as well as all other nations and peoples involved. So this case is slowly building, but extensive.

            At the same time, there are myriad legal suits by the ACLJ and Judicial Watch using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to obtain the necessary proof to file these legal suits and stand protecting the rights of true Patriotic Americans who support US Constitutional Law.

            While this would seem more than enough, Congress has filed legal suit, personal parties and individuals have been suing the President since he took office, the FBI continues to receive consideration for further investigations of this administration as well.

            Oh yes, one other significant US Constitutional Law VIOLATION…President Obama’s use of the IRS for specific personalized targeting of Conservatives in order to gain his re-election. If that isn’t Un-Constitutional then you do not understand US Constitutional Law.

            Then too, there is the personal use of the DoD, IRS, and numerous other agencies, for the President’s Personal Defense in these matters, which is HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE.

            Those agencies are for the defense of a President when the nation is being attacked. Those agencies and their personnel are never by US law, for the personal pleasure of the President of the United States, nor for his personal defense. Those costs for each agency and their personnel should be coming out of the President’s personal pocket-book. The fact that tax payers are footing the bill for the illegal defense from DoD, and DoJ, personnel for illegal actions taking for the stolen monies, etc. by the President, is also Un-Constitutional.

            As to the Supreme Court…their findings stand in such egregious violation of their OWN CODE OF JUDICIAL CONDUCT, that several should have recused themselves and should long ago have been impeached. The former AG’s office took call’s signing a national phone petition and considered demanding that the Supreme Court correctly re-try the last case or two, just because their findings were so completely outside of US Constitutional law.

            I received a e-mail from SCOTUS informing me that they had denied the majority vote of the people who had written their office. This in itself is Un-Constitutional.

            Please take the time to truly do more applied investigative research. Your comments, largely, continue to evidence that you are a surface reader without greater depth of applied study.

          • Congress passed the Affordable Care Act.
            Congress funded the ACA. No money was stolen.
            The Constitution gives the President the authroity to pardon federal crimes.

          • Truly, this is becoming very difficult as my heart aches for you.

            Please Google “Obama steal Congressional funds for obamacare” and “About 733,000 results (0.50 seconds)” should appear addressing the fact in various aspects.

            Next Google “Congress given approval to sue Obama for stolen monies” and “About 10,900,000 results (0.75 seconds)” should appear explaining the Federal Judge approving the US Senates legal right to sue the President for those stolen monies used to create Obamacare.

            Now Google “Congress sues Obama for stolen monies” and “About 13,700,000 results (0.72 seconds)” somewhat different reports should appear regarding the Senate legally filing suit against President Obama, which was earlier this year as I recall.

            Then Google “congress did not fund obamacare” and “About 4,880,000 results (0.62 seconds” to begin learning about how the President of the United State, yet again, stole Congressional funds without their approval or knowledge (this was not the first such case of theft).

            The President has the power to pardon the Federal Crimes of others, but not himself. The US Senate is empowered along with the Congress, to act as a form of “governor” to the president and hold him accountable to the US Constitutional Law.

          • U.S. Constitution
            Article II
            Section 2
            Clause1: Command of military; Opinions of cabinet secretaries; Pardons

            The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

          • U.S. Constitution
            Article II
            Section 2
            Clause2 : Command of military; Opinions of cabinet secretaries; Pardons

          • What is your point? This Congress has repeatedly capitulated and refused to stand holding the President accountable to the law, while denying the majority voice of the people. In such an instance, Congress is no longer the answer, until by legal vote that Congress and Senate are largely removed and replaced by new representatives.

          • What law school did you graduate from?
            Have you even taken a single law course?

          • More than 400 EO’s and Memorandum’s, with each costing at least $100 Million dollars. The President has passed a new Executive Change every 3 days in less than 8 years. Congress and the Senate are not privy to those changes which can at any time obligate the people of the US in perpetuity without their knowledge or consent. Congress needs to write laws restricting further abuse and should have denied the President such rights to begin with when he first began abusing those powers.

          • The U.S. COnstitution is the highest law. It is superior to all other laws.

            The Constitution explicitly assigns to the president the power to sign or veto legislation, command the armed forces, ask for the written opinion of his Cabinet, convene or adjourn Congress, grant reprieves and pardons, and receive ambassadors. The president may make treaties which need to be ratified by two thirds of the Senate. The president may also appoint Article III judges and some officers with advice and consent of the Senate ( consent being by simple majority) and if there is a Senate recess, he may make temporary appointments.

            Within the executive branch itself, the president has broad powers to manage national affairs and the workings of the government. The president can issue rules, regulations, and instructions called executive orders, which have the binding force of law upon federal agencies but do not require congressional approval. They are, however, subject to judicial review and interpretation.

          • On this you are correct.

          • Patricia Anderson

            I’m with you I’m praying for Trump too. Not only him but his family. If the Dems. lose he will be a prime target like Kennedy.

          • Did you see him arrive in LA today, the first 2 people off the plane were in camo with what looked like AK 47’s. & mic’s from ear to mouth. He needs sensors on that plane to detect incoming

          • Now that is a joke.

            Kennedy was targeted for his anti-poverty and anti-discrimination. He had minimal security and mixed with thw common people.

            Trump represents government by the rich for the rich. He has nothing to do with the co,mon people now, je will have nothing to do with htem if elected.

          • You and yours most certainly do not stand alone. I did not come from those day and years, but have supported closely those who did, the greater part of my entire life. People escaping in coffins across the border and past the wall, hidden in cars, losing everything, etc. Coming to America with only their few loved ones…if any, and perhaps their college degree. Only to arrive in the US and learn that their Doctorate, which they clung to for life and struggled to bring here, was worth nothing. They had to start all over. Underground churches, people imprisoned for their faith, people enslaved, etc. So many fought to escape to America only to have President Obama and the Democrats enact Socialism and Nazi pogroms. All in this household pray with you. Pray, and pray, throughout each day.

          • I was a volunteer at the Jesu Church Cuban Refugee Clinic in Miami. One of our volunteers was a Cuban heart surgeon. Every bone in his hands had been broken while in a Cuban prison.

            One my mother’s good friends was a doctor who had escaped from East Germany. She had smothered her infant son while escaping with a group of fifteen. He would not stop crying.

            My neighbor’s sister, who came to live with her, was a German concentration camp survivor. She was an American actress caught behind enemy lines. She died of uterine cancer. You see, she had been forced to service thousands of German soldiers. Then she was aborted repeatedly without any anesthesia. She was also a Mengele experiment.

            She coukd not stand to be touched by a doctor, especisally a male doctor. I was only a teen. I begged and begged. I promised to stay with her the entire time. My mother also promised. When she finally agreed to see my family doctor, it was simply too late to save her life.

          • AKLady2015, You are certainly a wild mix of comments and emotions. One moment I am closing various comments with you refusing to participate because you are resorting to the continued use of childish name calling and debasing; and the next moment I open up this comment of yours which shares in such personal depth and breadth. I understand what you have shared and I thank you for taking the time to share in such length. I too have experienced, though not in the same fashion as yourself. I have worked with those who survived from around the world, I have worked to see such suffering addressed and stopped. My heart aches for yours. I am at a loss for words…

            That should tell you much… 🙂

            This is one of the very reasons I believe it so critical that the good people of the US and the world work forcing the UN and World Court to hold all governments and their leaders accountable for Human Rights Violations. We must bring this horrendous suffering, abuse and torment, to an end.

          • The conditions in the U.S. were not much different during the Great Depression.

            Conditions for Japanese-Americans were not any different during WW II. Their assets were confiscated and they were put into concentration camps.

            Some German-American families also suffered losses,, but nothing like the Japanese.

          • Think Bushitler and the Stupid Party (GOP). The GOP grassroots are cowards and won’t admit that both parties are corrupt.

          • Thank the Electoral College. Learn how your country works

          • Truly, please considering refraining from further comments such as this because you did not understand how the Electoral College works. You stated that the College votes the President and that the voters of America had no real vote. In your Wikipedia reference, Wikipedia explained that the votes of each state are given to the Electoral Representatives who are supposed to vote the majority vote of their constituency. It truly continues to appear that you do not well comprehend the materials you read. This leaves you commenting poorly. Please consider further study. You were incorrect in your statement that the Founders never tried Socialism as evidenced historically at Plymouth Colony when Governor Bradford wrote of doing away with Socialism to install Capitalism, which led to the success of the Colonist’s and their first iconic Thanksgiving celebration.

            You have not understood the Poll Tax versus Voter ID correctly, nor US Constitutional Law. Please, please, take the time to invest in further truly applied studies and research. By the way, the US Constitutional Law class link I provided in the prior post, is not free…sorry.

          • The Electoral College elects the President.
            The EC is not required to follow the popular vote.

          • Read my blog above for two other solutions that will help stop the DNC and globalists from voter fraud.

          • RNC is also heavily involved. Both parties are totally corrupted but stupid “conservatives” refuse to wake up.

          • Patricia Anderson

            I know the RNC is not on target. I’ve told them i no uncertain terms to close ranks and stop playing the “game” with the DNC!

          • That’s not going to happen. RNC isn’t playing a game. They are as corrupt as the DNC. They don’t give a damn about We the People. The goal of both parties is to retain power at all costs. They take turns being in charge of WDC. We the People are constitutionally assigned to execute the laws of the land. If the People want power back, then “It’s the Militias, Stupid!” The Militias of the several States are what is “necessary to the security of a free state”. Join CCAC and get an education.

          • And right-wing media has lies to you.

            The Constitution says you do not elect a President — cannot do so.

          • See previous reply. No offense, but I’d say you’re a coward if you have no solution. So let US hear it AKLady2015 (so-called).

          • We the People do not elect a President.

            We the People have never elected a President.

            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.


            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.

            Start with the Electoral College.


          • Suggest you learn how the Second Amendment functions.

          • The Second Amendment has no bearing, whatsoever, upon the election of a President.

            For educational purposes, you might want to read United States v. Miller. 307 U.S. 174. You should also review District of Columbia v. Heller (07-290) and McDonald v. City of Chicago (08-1521).

            Then there are US v Dorosan, 350 Fed. Appx. 874 (5th Cir. 2009); US v Rene, 583 F.3d 8 (1st Cir. 2009); and Kachalsky v County of Westchester, 701 F.3d 81 (2nd Cir. 2012).

            There are many more applicable cases, but those should get your legal gun ownership education off to a good start.

          • Never it said the 2A did have a bearing on “elections”. I have a different goal in mind. Goodbye.

          • Voter fraud does not exist at the Presidential level. We the People do not elect a President.
            Look up the Electoral College. Learn how your government works.

          • Patricia Anderson

            I hate the idea of the “Elect”toral college and why are they calling it by an educational term, that is pure nonsense. I want to dump that arcane mess and let the people vote for real and see what the true Vote is!!! they’r all crooks if you ask me. The closest thing to an honest politician I’ve seen lately Is Trump. That’s what infuriates the puppeteers trying to pull his strings. He can’t be bought. He’s reminiscent of the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” which starred Jimmy Stewart. It’s so much worse than the movie was it’s despicable!

          • Do you want the states with the largest populations to decide who will be President?

            Think about that for awhile.

          • For States to decide the vote based on population, requires that the people of each state all have the basic same vote and that there is no Gerrymandering taking place. As this is not the case, it is not a formative viable suggestion.

            Population does not determine vote by state, because Gerrymandering has redrawn the borders different from those of each State. It is possible therefore, for each State to have the same basic desire for vote, and yet, because of the redrawn boundaries, their votes are not counted with their States in the normal manner. This is why there is a national effort to ban further Gerrymandering and return the vote to each State fully, and its people fully. Until that happens, what you suggest is not plausible.

          • You totally missed the point of my question.
            I did not ask you to explain how current voting takes place.

          • Dear AKLady, there was no “miss.” I answered in an manner appropriate to addressing the fact rather than your personal intent.

          • I asked for your personal opinion, not a recitation of the law, of which I am well-informed.

          • You boast, you brag, you judge poorly, you condemn, but at no point are you actually appearing well informed regarding much of anything you have shared. You dear AKLady2015, have snippets correct and nothing more. It is not well that you believe yourself more educated than those who would instruct you were you to enter into college or university. When you resort to condemnation and childish name-call when people share their personal opinion, a last resort in sharing basic factual truth with you, is to recite/copy and paste…the law. As you now have condemned both, you appear not well educated nor informed, on either.

          • John H. Kohlenberg


          • No bias in your opinion, right?

          • col·lege
            noun: college; plural noun: colleges
            an educational institution or establishment, in particular.
            one providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational training.”my brother wanted to go to college”
            synonyms:school, academy, university, polytechnic, institute, seminary, conservatoire, conservatory
            “a college of technology”
            (within a university) a school offering a general liberal arts curriculum leading only to a bachelor’s degree.
            (in Britain) any of a number of independent institutions within certain universities, each having its own teaching staff, students, and buildings.
            a private secondary school.”Eton College”
            the teaching staff and students of a college considered collectively.”the college was shocked by his death”
            an organized group of professional people with particular aims, duties, and privileges.”the electoral college”
            synonyms:association, society, club, institute, body, fellowship, guild, lodge, order, fraternity, league, union, alliance
            “the college of physicians”

          • You fail to recognize how the government voting process has changed. Yesterday there was a national article, by a former Aide addressing the very fact that because voting is now electronic, it has been easily rigged. Take a moment to Google “former aide tells why voter fraud is happening in 2016” and “About 11,600,000 results (0.74 seconds)” regarding the topic.

            People have been rigging the US vote and admitting to it before and after, for years historically. Your comment brings to mind that of the Las Vegas Gambling Commission who back in the day did not believe that any could rig their machines either…Imagine their surprise when years later they learned of the MILLIONS lost because their programmer and a partner traveled to their different casinos stealing monies from the programmed machines.

            The various aides and insiders are reporting the same basic issue to be taking place within the US Federal vote.

            One of the problems long practiced, though not well addressed, is the swapping of votes. Yes, that is correct, though not legal, votes have been swapped and deals made. In the report yesterday, the aide confirmed that this age-old practice is still taking place. What that means to the American voter, is that their vote can wind up supporting someone else when it chooses the Parties and their people.

            To believe that the vote all hinges around the Electoral College, is a bit naive.

          • We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

          • Vote trafing is illegal.

          • Dear Person, when you state “Vote trading is illegal…” you are now finally beginning to understand what so very many have been trying to share with you all along.

            Again, as to your next statement, you use childish name calling and continue to misunderstand. This is why I refer you to greater study of the 12th Amendment. You are making base statements that are completely incorrect based in partial understanding which negates the greater whole.

            PLEASE return to your studies. Blessings to you!

          • Please save your insults for someone you can impress.

          • Repeatedly you do not understand, none was insulting you. I actually copied and pasted from the law. You thought it was my words and jumped to wrong conclusions based on your own poor assumptions. Had you actually known the law, or asked questions of me, you would not continue making such poor assumptions.

            Again, no insults were given. Simply kind suggestions from someone who considers that your desire to know law has great possibility if correctly applied. As to impressing anyone…ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE. Again, you assume that which you should not. Good-bye and Best Wishes.

          • Please take the time to re-read the 12th Amendment and to stop and truly comprehend the material. If not for the people’s vote, there would be no Electoral vote. The Electoral Vote is based on the People’s Vote first and foremost initially.

          • These Presidents did not have the popular vote: John Quincy Adams,Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush.

            The 12th Amendment did not disband the Electoral College, which is governed by state law. Neither did it require the EC to follow the popular vote.

            I suggest you take a Constitutional Law course Even a law type course at your local high school would be of benefit to you.

            Also, the next time you feel like reading law, keep a legal dictionary at hand. Many words are defined differently in legal applicaion. Many such definitions are very narrow, some are unusual.

            I have four pro se cases before the Alaska Supreme Court which are cited in the law books of five states, They have also been used as educational material at several well-known law schools. Yes, I have studied law at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

          • My apologies dear MKLady2015, as it appears that my words were not written well enough for you to understand and this led to some confusion. There is no need to turn to insults and debasing one simply because you fail to concur. As to your level of ability, it is good to hear that you are educated. It appears then, that you do not agree with US Constitutional Law as the Founders wrote that law, nor do you concur with their ideals and beliefs. You are apparently then more aligned with President Obama’s desire to radically depart from the Founders Constitutional Law. Now that I understand, I have little discourse left to exchange with you.

            To understand you are educated and make such statements intentionally having such attained such levels, evidences your intent is not to uphold the law as written, but to stand actionable against that Founding Law. We stand opposed in perpetuity. Good day to you.

          • Your interpretation of the Constitution is not valid.
            The Electoral College is governed by state laws.
            Not all states require their electors to follow the popular vote. Congress verifies the EC vote. We the People are not involved.

          • Again, this is where actual law school makes the difference. I am not one prone to “interpretations” of the law. In fact, this was the other issue recognized by my professors, aside from being overly wordy. I am very concise and not given to interpretations. In other words, you wrongly assume once more. I am tiring of these discussions because you continue to stand asserting your personal truth while not having taken the time for greater study to determine if you are in the correct. At which point you simply jump to name calling and insults. I never stated once that all states were requiring their Electoral College representatives to follow the majority vote, I stated that this was what they were supposed to do…then I shared that there was also the passage of illegal votes across the isle. Truly, your ability to comprehend the written word continues to have some great difficulty. Please tell me what it is that I need do to make my words more readily understood. You truly need go to the 12th Amendment and read it, I copied and pasted from there.

          • No insukt was given by me.

          • Please understand that what you call “sarcasm” is actually legally considered verbal abuse. Verbal Abuse is legally insulting to anyone who enjoys healthy thinking. The courts can hold you in contempt for such poor choice.

          • Sarcasm is not verbal abuse. It is not legally considered verbal abuse. The courts do not hold people in contempt for sarcam.

          • What voter fraud?

            We the People do not elect the President.

            Never have. Cannot, the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

          • Voter fraud?
            How does fraud enter into the Electoral College vote?

          • Katherine sienna

            Yeah, we can’t boycott, the worst thing we can do is having our dog voted and we will spend all day watching at our precinct. Can we vote absentee and also go vote at the polling place? Do they mark as “absentee voting already” and the list at the poll place must have the absentee voter marked off? So are they coordinated or they are just too lazy and too crooked to let us vote twice easily? Even the fbi and CIA don’t coordinated so are these election offices do their job correctly?

          • What difference would that make?

            Don’t they teach Civics in high schools any more?

            We the people do not elect a President.

            Does your state law require the Electoral College members to abide by the popular vote?

          • Katherine sienna

            Nope, no difference does that possibly make!!!!, like the Bengazhi and many secretive or known incidents, American people are being lied to but nobody cares for so long until now. I believe this is only the beginning, after this election things would be changed if not turned upside down. Thanks to Trump he is the only person to ever run for an office that has the courage to say things as they are. No more lies. No more clintonians.

          • We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

          • “While it is possible to tamper with electronic voting machines, there is no evidence deliberate malfeasance has altered any election.” PolitiFact

          • “We reviewed cases from 2014 and 2015 involving 76 people charged with activities relating to foreign terrorist organizations. The majority of those cases involved naturalized U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents. There were both naturalized and natural-born U.S. citizens (including those of Caucasian, African American or Hispanic descent). Many of the naturalized citizens had arrived in the country as children, and therefore, not “recent” immigrants.”

            Washington Post fact check

          • If they came as children and still pledged their lives to their islamic faith and joined the terrorists then imagine how much more of these refugee immigrants who come,after they were already grown and fanatically absorbed their jihadism for years at least since 2008. Isis even said they will infiltrate in the refugee waves from Germany.

          • Trump Lies —
            “Illegal immigrants pay an estimated $12 billion in payroll taxes to Social Security and don’t receive benefits.” PolitFact

          • Katherine sienna

            I started to doubt that you are really a ” doctor “and if you may can you provide proofs if their tax returns, until then the theories of you are a doctor and ILLEGALs pay 12 B. in taxes sounded like in Alice’s wonderland. Can you also explain how illegals ” undocumented ” can work and have paid payroll taxes?

          • Anothwr Trumo lie —

            “Undocumented immigrants of skipping the line and collecting Social Security” PolitFact

          • Precisely Jim!!! I had posted this previously elsewhere but proves your point!!

            In the past election some of the Rep. voters said screw it we hate
            Ovomit but can’t vote for Romney. A non vote AGAINST Ovomit was in essence a vote for him!
            Staying home and NOT voting, while a right, is STUPID to the max.
            me, I hate, loathe, detest having to vote for the lesser of two evils.
            While Trump is far from perfect, I feel Hitlery is evil to the Nth
            degree!! So yet again. “I WILL NOT STAY HOME AND NOT VOTE” but my vote
            for lack of better words, “IS A VOTE “AGAINST” HITLERY” and the
            destruction of our Great Country!!! Just hoping Trump can right our
            sinking ship!!!
            Hope some of the stayed at home Rep. read this and
            think again!!! If one does NOT actually vote AGAINST something, your
            lack of vote in essence is a vote for it!!! Your lack of vote gave us 4
            more years of Ovomit. Thanks loads you self righteous a–holes!!
            Get out and vote!! Save what’s left of our Country!!

          • The “red” states have the highest percentage of school dropouts. (U.S. Census).

        • I Do… When I say… I DIDN’T VOTE FOR THEM!!! ( So Don’t Blame Me!)

        • In this case, to Boycott is to hand-over and the act of willing capitulation. If you have not liked the two Parties in Congress when one capitulated to the will of the other, then please consider that taking such action personally is not likely to be any more pleasant.

          “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

          – Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

          • Then stop complaining about it being rigged. If you vote you are willingly participating in a rigged system

          • On the contrary, while rigging systems requires understanding the form of rigging or hacking; it is also based on the numbers of projected votes. If enough voters flood the ballot boxes in unexpected groundswells, this causes the projections to be incorrect which has the ability to cause success in the midst of projected and planned wins.

          • Don’t they teach Civics in high schools any more?

            Presidents are not elected by the popular vote.

          • Wow. As though one poor comment were not enough, you fill pages. You appear unable to resist your own opinion and the sharing of your own words. How very narcissistic of you. I am however, by no means so compulsively obsessed. You speak as a poorly behaving child in an adult body, who is vain with their personal delusions of self-ability not well recognized by others. I had thought perhaps that you could attend higher education and be a bright shining light in this world. Now, I see how you would have been removed from hallowed halls within those first days. I cannot continue to share in this exchange should your comments continue to be along this line. It would not be professionally or morally ethical.

          • The system has been rigged — from day one — by the Constitution.

            Don’t they teach Civics in high schools any more?

          • You must like a rigged system. If the system is rigged don’t participate. And if you participate shut the hell up cause no one is forcing you.

          • We the People do not elect a President.

            We the People have never elected a President.

            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so..

            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.

            Start with the Electoral College.


          • That’s what’s wrong with people like you. You think you and you alone knows about government. I know that the electoral college elects our president. Go back and read what I said before you attempt to look smart and end up looking STUPID

          • Insult away. You attempted to look smart and ended up looking STUPID.

          • That’s your opinion, and it doesn’t count. When it comes to stupid. Look in the mirror. Your picture is next to Webster’s definition in the dictionary.

          • Why don’t you tell us how the EC can be rigged? Let everyone on the site know what you know — including how the EC members for you state are selected.

          • Save your energy. You will need it to continue to whine the next eight years after Trump loses

          • stillF’n you little girl?

          • ..
            Don’t they teach Civics in high schools any more?

            We the people do not elect a President.

          • Again with the poor debasing of others because you fail to understand basic education and US law. Please resist this poor compulsion to raise yourself up at the cost of others. Please consider self-respect-

        • John H. Kohlenberg


      • Katherine sienna

        These libtards like Obam and hiLIARy don’t know what’s communism either but they know one thing only” to get rich as quick as they can” The election systems are nothing but frauds to the comunist countries and in AMERICA it started with full speed sine 2008. We must start playing their dirty game or isis/dictatorship like the last 71/2 years will reign.

        • Both know but especially Hillary who has been a communist since her late 20’s about communism via the globalists. My family knows communism as well and it has been creeping into America for decades and especially in the last few weeks with O’s making of new laws which are completely illegal! And, yes, they want all the riches of America and turn our country over to the One World Government (thanks Heidi Cruz)/New World Order but only IF WE LET THEM. Will check out that $15 gadget to block a computer from doing the dirty but as an ongoing election officer DO NOT USE THE COMPUTER, ask for a paper Ballot if your state allows it and if not get in touch with the state to allow it, or use an Absentee ballot completed, signed and dated and PERSONALLY DROP IT in any polling station Ballot Box. If you name for any reason is not on the voter list now or you are not sure, immediately contact your Registrar of Voters and sign up. Do not go to the DMV to sign up as at our last election we had scores whose names had not been forwarded to the Registrar of Voters, so best is direct to RofV. We did request voter photo IDs and everyone loved it and no complaints! This in CA yet. Can get a non-driver photo ID at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles as did my mother, so no reason NOT to have a photo ID, or even a Costco card because it has your photo as well. Time to stop the DNC’s nasty tricks this time around, that is no more dead voters or animal voting or multiple voting. They must vote in their district and that is it! and not in another state either! Be real Americans and vote once and not think it is wise to vote more than once because this time you will go to jail and be penalized. We have had it! AND no shipping our votes out to any Soros foreign-owned company either. We will count our own votes, thank you. Stop the DNC and Obama from owning us and America via voter fraud here or voter counting abroad!

          • Excellent Advice.

          • Katherine sienna

            Thank you, and please keep us informed of anything we can do from now till Election Day because these democrats have thought of and planning frauds since 8 yrs ago ( the gop were sleeping and still are ) so we as concerned citizens must take the matters ourselves. I will tell all my friends what you have told me here. Thanks again.

          • Patricia Anderson

            Wow! thank you I fill out my primary vote and sent it in weeks before the election and will do the same in the general election. and, I did not vote for Hellery I mean Killary as it turns out since so many people are dying in questionable circumstances! I believe we are up to 5 or 6 now I’m losing count but God is not. Trump may be rough but he is worlds away better than that crook!!!

          • Hillary Clinton cost the lives of 4 Americans at the bombing on the Tavern on the Green, in order to win votes for her NY Senate seat. In Benghazi, she was responsible for 4 More American lives lost. Hillary refused all agencies pleas to list the Boko Haram as terrorist, leading to 276 (approximate as I am too tired to look in my files) Christian girls being taken hostage and sold into slavery. President Bill Clinton began the speak about “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” myriad powerful Democrats joined in that speak. Senator Hillary used that speak to testify and lie to the US Senate. The US Senate advised the New President that America should go to war and we did. Hillary lied and thousands of American’s died. But Hillary only perpetuated the lies begun by her husband when he was President. Former IG I believe it was, reported that it would likely take decades for the US and all other Countries to assess their national security damages as a result of Hillary’s e-mail debacle. Charges against Hillary would likely eventually come from nearly every office in the Federal Government once the final body count is tallied.

            The list below does not include those deaths being speculated nor those of the indigenous peoples who died in the Country’s where the US entered into war as a result of Hillary’s lies. I only include the US Dead and Wounded in the wars as this can be readily referenced per the DoD’s online resources.

            Here is a bit of basic math applied to Hillary’s extensive history:

            • The FALN bombed Frances Tavern (on the Green) in Manhattan, killing 4 people in 1975. Over a 6-years, the FALN claimed responsibility for more than 100 bombings that took 6 lives, injuring some 130 people

            • In 2014 BH kidnapped 276 African Christian girls reportedly selling them into slavery
            • 4 in Benghazi
            • 7,222 US Military dead (in the Iraq/Afghan Wars 2 US souls died daily)
            • 50, 987 Wounded

            6+130+276+4+7,222+50,987 = 58,625 Souls lost, enslaved or wounded because Hillary Clinton either lied, refused to act appropriately, or chose to downgrade appropriate response.

            This mathematics does not include Berger, Foster, or any of the other “suspicious” deaths associated with Clinton.

            The vote for Trump leaves one able to contend with his policy issues and pride, while the vote for Hillary can leave more US souls unable to speak from their graves.

            Hillary’s comments and attitude regarding Benghazi alone:

            “Who Cares…”

            “What difference does it make…”

            Let me add in closing that the above mathematics does not include the number of lives lost in those Countries theaters of War due to Clinton’s lies; as the body count of the dead and wounded would be even more offensive to consider. Would it matter to you if you or ones you love are among Hillary’s increasing dead or permanently injured body count?

            How many more Americans have to lose their lives because Hillary lies?

          • I hope you did not forget about the 40+ that died from the time they were in the AR. Gov. mansion to the WH, bodyguards, co workers etc.

          • John H. Kohlenberg

            Maybe at the debate with Trump we can witness a live stroke on t.v. Check the obituaries cause our media lies and they might vote for a dead woman.

          • Very good, had not thought that far ahead.

          • At this critical stage of losing our country, you must think ahead so we can get a real leader in the WH and that is Trump. Some idiots say he is not moral, etc., so I tell them please research past presidents who took and gave bribes, had mistresses, took care of their cronies (like Franklin Roosevelt did with the SS system), and were “progressives” meaning communists and most were democrats! Have to say that doesn’t surprise me. Yes, there have been few good democrat presidents but on the whole bad stuff started when they changed from being British Tories (who wanted monarchical government control) to the name of Democrat National Party (because they thought the word democrat would sound so much better and seem more like freedom sounding. Both the DNC and RNC are privately-owned corporations and have gotten fat rich on us but now we have told them they no longer own us and cannot tell us for whom to vote. They were dying on the vine before Trump came along and revivified the Party and they had better not backstab Trump or us and definitely support him in spite of the RINOS/moderates who are truly democrats in republican disguise!

          • Trust me I know what is going on, when I said that I had not thought that far ahead I meant about the possibility of Killary having a stroke in the debate.

            Google – George
            You will have to leave this page to do it.

          • Trump has the defendat in over 3,500 law suits — all of which began before his President race buy-in. There has been 70 new suits filed just since he decided to buy the Presidential nomination.

            His fradulent “Trump Umiversity” has been hit with 50 new law suits in just the past month. He frequently refuses to pay real estate brokers, lawyers and other vendors. The illegals he hired to build Trump Towers had to sue to get paid for their work.

            The New York State Department of Finance has obtained liens on Trump properties for unpaid tax bills at least 36 times.

            Dozens of cases remain unresolved, about half in which he is the plaintiff. New ones are filed just about weekly. That raises the possibility of individuals being sued by the president of the United States, or suing him, in non-governmental disputes.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Both know but especially Crooked lying evil liberal Hillary who has been a communist since her late 20’s about communism via the globalists. My family knows communism as well and it has been creeping into America for decades and especially in the last few weeks with O’s making of new laws which are completely illegal! And, yes, they want all the riches of America and turn our country over to the One World Government (thanks Heidi Cruz)/New World Order but only IF WE LET THEM. Will check out that $15 gadget to block a computer from doing the dirty but as an ongoing election officer DO NOT USE THE COMPUTER, ask for a paper Ballot if your state allows it and if not get in touch with the state to allow it, or use an Absentee ballot completed, signed and dated and PERSONALLY DROP IT in any polling station Ballot Box


          • Boring
            Copy, copy, copy
            Can’t you think for yourself?

          • Now I would like to see that and hope the stress of trying to keep up with Trump and lying and losing her place in speech, seizures, etc. would result in a brain storm and poof! she’s a goner! Nothing less than she deserves.

          • We have all heard the brainwashing propaganda.
            It speaks to how American politics have been destroyed.
            In the past, skills were the emphasis.
            In thw past, qualificaiton and experience were thw emphasis.
            Trump has zero government experience.
            Trump has zero Constitutional Law education and/or experiencw.
            Trump has been repeatedly sued for housing disctimination.
            Trump has been repeatedly sued for employment discrimination.
            At the present time, there are 3,500 active law suits against Trump ans his various businesses.

          • The ones in there now must not know any of this either. Never have heard them say they love this country.

            Trump has said it.

          • Trump rapes this country.
            Trump loves this country so much, he puts his money in off shore banks.
            Trump loves this country so much, the DOJ has had to sue him repeatedly for housing and enployment discrimination.
            He loves this country so much, he is a slum lord who forces the poor out of their homes just to turn around and sell the apartment to the rich and famous.

          • Hillary sells influence and contacts between state and govts…..Hillary gets a rapist of a 12 yr old girl off from severe prosecution as one of her first legal actions as lawyer, Hillary’s Foundation is a money laundering machine where 10% of the proceeds go to the poor and 90% is pocketed….Hillary jeopardizes national security by being careless with information, including allowing actual names of undercover agents to be revealed and therefore, once their cover is blown, are killed. Hillary sleeps while Benghazi burns and 4 US govt people die…………

          • The Clinton Foundation is rated very highly by all of America’s charity watch-dog organizations.

            The Foundation directly provides services, it does not waste money by paying out grants to other groups which skim off operating costs.

            About 89% of the income is spent directly on services. Their work is focused on improving global health and wellness, increasing opportunity for girls and women, reducing childhood obesity, creating economic opportunity and growth, and helping communities address the effects of climate change.

            Suggest you check the charity rating organizations such as GuideStar, Charity Check, Charity Watch …

          • You are delusional…..maybe YOU won’t see this, but perhaps others will:



            Plus I note something else….you are able to post here about 24/7….while most others of us offering counterpoints only have a limited time window to respond…you know…as if we had real jobs that don’t allow us to be here all the time. Hmm….are you a paid shill to be on this board paid by the Dems or others?

          • I’ll take the information from reliable sources which do nothing but rate charities. I will also rely upon actual legal case data.

            Some of us went to school to le arn a profession. We served our country in the military during a war. Then worked for 40+ years at jobs which paid well. We saved for our retirement.

            The same opportunities are/were available to you. If you failed to take that route, it was your choice, and you choice alone. Don’t focus your childish anger and dissapountnent on someone who made better choices.

            Your insults simply make you look foolish and childish, and a strong hint of dissapointment in yourself.

          • Fail…..your response fits 100% with most liberal Dems I’ve gone toe-to-toe with.,,,,,namely, you can’t produce fact-based counter arguments to the points put on the table….but instead attack on a personal and character basis,to the point o name calling and character assassination. Same idea to counter the sources cited…you can’t say they are flawed, only that you would go to other sources because you feel they are more accurate….but do not cite how/where as part of the comparison to prove my sources are flawed……how typical.

          • Fail — I cited my data sources.

            “I’ll take the information from reliable sources which do nothing but rate charities.”

            Do a search, take you pick of the charity raters. Look up how the Clinton Foundation is rated by actual professionals.

          • Foreigners donate to these Amercan charities:
            Wounded Warrior Project
            St. Jude Memorial Center
            Operation Smile
            Alsheimer’s Assoc.
            Bush Foundation.
            Rock to the Rescue …
            Why do you single out the Clinton Foundation, which is a corportation that is run by a board of director?

          • Katherine sienna

            Did muslim brotherhood and terrorist organizations be soooo kind to donate to these charities to save infidels? .? . .? but they have donated lots of illegal cash to clinton foundation in exchange for your country’s

          • The Muslim Brotheehood is an Arabic charity. As as of 2015 is considered a terrorist organization by the governments of Bahrain,[7][8] Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

          • Katherine sienna

            Aklady is a typical hikiary’s zombie so it’s no use to reason with it, it was a little fun at first to write back to an illusional fake doctor but it’s getting old and stale. So long Aklady or Akgentleman whatever, say hellno to Hiliary.

          • Why do you need to tell this lie?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Yu can believe all the lis you want, but the turth is available fir you to see — published on the Internet.
            The Foundation’s au dited financial satements are on the web site. As are their tax returns.

          • .

            Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Hillary clinton = lies. Look it up.

          • All politics = lies
            Look it up.

          • Hillary’s pathological ( or is that compulsive lying?) has no equal….get real.

  … within we find.—>”This is a person who has lied repeatedly,” Gingrich said of the former secretary of state Monday during an interview with Fox News. “I mean, she lies about lying and now she lies about having lied about lying.”

            Pretty much sums it up……no one lies as compulsively and continuously in politics as she does.

          • Name on polititian that has not lied.
            I can, but I am pretty sure you cannot.

          • ??
            Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Yep, the clinton foundation ( very honest business ) gave only 10% of what they raked in to charities ( by the way do you know that the christian charities gave thousands times more to Haiti quake? ) Chelsea from dead broke lives in a 2.8 millions penthouse in NYC and currently looking to buy a 12.4 millions house. HiLIAry and Bill both live in 2 different mansions. Very honest just like yourself fake doctor !

          • You are correct, the Clinton Foundation does not fund other charities. It is not a pass-through for other organizations.
            It is an operating foundation.

            They are on the ground, getting their hands durty — all around the world.
            They are not in business to “give money”. They provide services.

            Their people are getting their hands dirty, doing actual work.

          • Katherine sienna

            You sound very much an insider of the one and only corrupted machine named crooked hiLIARy. Explain to the AMERICAN people how they get rich overnight after she declared the Clintons were dead broke and how clever “just service on the ground only not tangible money giving to the needy ” even they did provide ground service, CNN and nbc report that clinton foundation only spent 10% where is the 90%? In the clinton’s newly collected wealth of course. No matter what the libs like you and your media said, smart AMERICAN people know who you and hiKiary are so why bother to persuade for one vote? Are you that desperated.

          • Stop with the lies.
            Stop with the insults.

            CNN nevee published any such thing.

            Go to the Foundation’s we site and review the audited financial statgements and tax returns.

          • Katherine sienna

            Hahaha , I have you fooled.. I used your own medicine to feed you. Yes that was not true fact, everybody knew CNN would never report HiLIARy’s crimes. So now you know how ridiculous you sound when you and your liberal story tellers lie to the people. You think everybody is as dumb as yours

          • You just admitted lying.
            Why would anyone take you serioiusly at anytime in the future?

          • Katherine sienna

            Like anyone would take your posts seriously? I only gave you the taste of your own medicine doctor AKlady/gentleman. Your lies about everything were amazing, entertaining at first but as I said it became very boring and not funny anymore. I will stop wasting time with your nonsense after this, ok? Say hello to Chelsea’s crooked mother, crooked father in law and hope they get away with their stealing scams. This time they don’t have Bill to pardon but Osama may.

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Yet another copyright violation.

            GODBless lies and steals, then has the nerve to point his finget at someone else.

          • Can’t you speak for yourself? Are you not capable of an original thought?

            Why is it you are always copying someone else’s work?

          • More chikdishness.
            More copying.
            You don’t have the ability to think for yourself. How sad.

          • I know how corporations are governed.

            I know how to read tax returns. I know how to read financial statements.

            I kinow what the term “audited financial statemeents” means.

            I also know how to recognize liars and bigots when I see one.
            Go to the web site.
            The financial statements are published. So are the tax returns.

          • They are getting their hands dirty all right .. from counting all their ill gotten gains they have
            diverted from their crooked foundation .. and so called speeches in their pay to play world ..

          • ..
            Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Hummm! Why don’t you ask hillary about lies !

          • Wow! As vacant brain that you are, you don’t give up spouting nonsense. Now go away and let real people with brains communicate because AKLady you ain’t a lady but a sicko!

          • Why do you need to tell this lie?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Your facts are wrong — all the way around.

            Chelsea is married to Marc Mezvinsky, a very wealthy, investment banker. His net worth is over $ 15 million.

            Chelsea’s NBC salary was $600,000/year.

            She and her husband OWN the $10.5 appartment in NYC.

            Are ypu jealous?

          • If jealousy is correctly defined, I should be jealous with 10 billions wealth and the beautiful Melania not that fuzzy Chelsea Clinton’s 300 millions undisclosed money and her crooked father inlaw jailed for embezzlement then pardoned by crooked Bill Lolita Clinger.

          • You are so boring.
            All you do is copy and paste somone else’s work.

          • Chelsea’s husband the hedge fund mgr ripped off people that invested with him.

          • Like father, like son, like mother in law crooked Killiary, like father in law, like crooked wife whom he married for money (illegal donations to her clinton foundation)

          • Not her husband but her father-in-law. However, this is not to say her husband is pure as driven snow!

          • Actually Hillary and Bill have FOUR very expensive mansions and had two mansions when the left the WH “dead broke”. Lies flow like champagne when their mouths open! What an evil pair to have survived this long!

          • Yep, lies are in their DNA from Bill Clinton didn’t have any sexual relation with Monica on and on in their family. Even the in laws they pick to marry to are crooks.

          • When they produce reciepts that provide proof as to what you are saying ,provide proof to anything you have said in this forum i’ll stick with you are brain damaged to vote for a person who people have witnessed the evidence with cell phone cameras that hillabean needed help to climb stairs, to be given a shot to provide her with anti convulsions ,needed secret servants to remove her from the podiums when she became incoherent and memory loss as to where she was and her and her doctors reports of brain damage when she fell in 2012, which she can now claim mentally disabled for charges against the emails that were’nt destroyed and Donald Trump can demand a debate where she must stand on her own with no secret servants,doctors to hold her up,whisk her away, and she must answer questions for the public. And they will be watching her closely from now on until the debate for brain damaged re actions. Cameras,cell phones,news reels. And yes people will be watching and listening very closely. I’m wondering how michael obama is liking the brain damaged hillabean drooling,breaking items because she pushed away her secret servers, had to have doctors administer medications and nurses aides changing her soiled pant suits and smelling the soiled clothing ? And bill-ard who’s hands that shake uncontrollably reaching for michaels penis thinking something female is down there. Wow no wonder the obutts moved their party to the black part of martha’s vinyard. Wow a black owned part of martha’s vinyard, now that’s not racists or does the whites not want them near whites ?

          • Where do you get this gossip? The rags at the grocery checkout line?
            Provide some valid evidence for your claims.

          • I got the gossip from you. I should have known you read the rags at the grocery store. I asked you to provide evidence for your claims. Copy cat.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Shes is a sick person

          • Boring.
            There you go, copy, copy, copy

          • He is protecting him self .. what is wrong with that ,if you are able ?.. I would do the same thing if I were him ( which I am not) but only a fool would not take advantage of circumstances that are brought on by a corrupt government ..

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            CROOKED EVIL LYING HILLARY rapes this country & takes money from foreign countrys.
            Crooked evil lying Hillary loves Terrorist thugs so much, She puts money in off shore banks AND FUNDS iran With jive talkin Obama!!!
            Crooked lying Hillary loves this country so much, the DOJ protects her little liberal Ass repeatedly

            Hilllary is fraud, phony and liar she should be in jail!!! .

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Liberal Media lies and defends crooked evil lying Hillary why because they are bought and paid for!!!!

            We have all heard the brainwashing propaganda by Democrackheads, liberal thugs, Racist and Hillary supporter’s/.
            It speaks to how American politics have been destroyed by Liberal media and liberals lies, lies and more Liberal; lies….
            In the past, TRUTH was administered!!!
            In the past, qualification and experience was what we need however we need a Real American business man like PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP who will create jobs, build the miliary, strengthen Real America….
            TODAY IT IS WHO HAS THE BEST INSULTS and LIES which is Obama and Hillary!

          • Another copyright violation. GodBless is a thief and seemingly prou of it.

          • Jaybird, I am not well informed regarding those you are mentioning and would appreciate learning further. If you would be so kind as to share a bit more detail, I will take the material and run with it applying investigative research from that point to determine truth. I am aware of the Secret Service Agents who testified to seeing Hillary steal Foster’s files (some of which were found in 2 years later w/her prints). Those Agents lost their jobs and never received an apology, or their jobs back. I am truly interested to learn about the 40+ and those in the White House. Please inform me of a few more details so that I have a bit more to begin my research with. Thank you.

          • Google “Clinton Bodycount” and there are quite a few articles. Some are more detailed that others. I have not read of anyone that has had that many co workers/friends die that knew of the Clinton’s dealings.

          • Jaybird, Thank you for the reminder… As it turns out, I have some fair knowledge of these reports. I see that some have been updated. I chose not to include these deaths and losses, because the findings are all so uncertain when one links the dots. This is why I kept my list short and more concise. Though perhaps I should not have included the 4 Americans lost in the bombing on the Tavern in the Green because this would also require linking a few of those dots…

            Hillary (and Bill) have one of the more extensive histories and the body count is something to be noted. I recall Bill I believe it was, years ago, commenting that when you are in public service for a long time, people die.

            Back then, I thought the comment rather fair. In retrospect, investigative journalists and law enforcement, have contributed that they could not find other public officials with nearly so high a body-count and those public officials had many more years of service at State and Federal levels than the Clinton’s.

            I did just Google “40+ Hillary Body Count” and got “About 6,980 results (0.69 seconds).” Interesting…

            Hillary has some of the largest legal cases in the nation facing her while others are being dismissed when more substantial grounds exist in those cases than has ever existed nationally for others who are now in jail. It seems evident that strings and deals are being pulled and made, on levels beyond the public’s knowledge.

            This is highly regrettable and such a poor commentary on the state of America. Thank you again for sharing to refresh my memory and renew my further studies. I was contributing 154 hours weekly to national and international efforts. I have decreased those hours to focus on home and family. So, this latest refresher course will have to come in slower days. Thank you and Best Wshes~

          • It is not like they died of old age. Google- Greet Wilders, Dutch MP’s speech to America -The Lights are Going Out All Over Europe and see what is in store for us if the influx of refugees and immigrants isn’t halted.

            If you have not read about MK Ultra, Google – MK ultra and Boystown, it is about mind control and what our government did to children. Take care.

          • Thank you Jaybird. I will copy and paste your suggestion for later reading. I am well aware of what is taking place in Europe and intimately acquainted with the other. I do thank you for your continued thoughtful sharing.

          • Jaybird, I thought to share an additional note from an article/report read today regarding the Foster files. The author of the report had been party to the original investigation and read the original documents. He decided to have the files sent to him for review and they have been sanitized, which is to say that all documents relating to Hillary Clinton’s actions in the matter have been removed from Federal files. One of two possibilities now presents: A) Those missing Federal legal and historical records are now somewhere in the millions of pieces of paperwork filed regarding the case, B) Those Federal records have been removed completely.

            The author also noted that upon discovering the missing documents across the board in the Federal files, he went to see how much of the media reports had been sanitized. He noted that there were various media agencies who had reports which were detailed regarding Hillary in the Foster investigation, and those reports which had been nationally released, are also now gone.

            He took the time to provide one of those missing reports by the media/press because he had copied the piece prior to its being pulled as parties unknown are working to sanitize all matters relating to Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster. I thought of you as I reviewed comments in this forum today unexpectedly and turned to search my files to provide the link to the written article. My apologies, for being unable at this time to provide such a link. I recently stopped contributing approximately 154 hours weekly to national and global efforts. The amount of daily mail received was notable and staggering. Though I keep ordered files, this little side article is in the appropriate file but it would take hours or possibly weeks, to locate. (A side effect of these myriad reports with a single header and numbers of other inclusions not being noted in the leading headlines, nor with an indexes).

            I thought you might find it interesting as Foster’s files appears to be a continuation of a process being noted by the author of the report. He then turned to Sandy Berger and those most recent deaths. It need be considered that what appears to have begun with the Foster files and surrounding press reports, will extend to the that the sanitizing of all those after Foster. Best Wishes~

          • Thanks Branwen, I have read so much over the past 6 yrs. that I can’t remember where I found it or saved it. It makes sense that reports will disappear or be sanitized with so many people now curious.

            I post to get people to do research and when I hear of something that I have never heard of that is when I start digging. The working people are clueless. I have printed articles and given them out.

            Thank you. Take care and be safe.

          • Wrong.
            America is not the world’s poluce force.
            You are not willing to pay for America being the world’s police force.
            The national debt is already large enough.

          • Again AKLady2015, you appear poorly in so many ways. Please consider truly pursuing further education.

            It is considered that when the United States entered into WWI they lost their isolationism to become the “World’s Police Force.” This is not my personal singular thought, but rather globally (world-wide) educated thought.

            Please simply Google “America World’s Police” and hit “Enter.” At which point “About 13,900,000 results (0.61 seconds)” articles and reports are going to evidence enabling you to begin to personally educate yourself to this basic principle of thought.

            If America were not helping to Police the World, American’s would not be paying:

            * To stand fighting injustice and war in other Countries
            * To accept and assist foreign refugees from war-torn Nations
            * Sending Federal, State and International Financial Assistance and Personnel
            * Partnering and funding the UN in order to assist in Global-Police Tasking, which is what led to the UN ordering the US and other Countries, to enter into some wars
            * Providing Humanitarian Aide, Education, Health Care and Resources
            * Sending Rescue to Hostages and Assisted Care through various US Organizations such as Samaritan’s Purse who voluntarily (on behalf of the US) goes anywhere world-wide when natural disaster occurs and need is great

            I could continue, but prefer that you begin to do your own work and study at this point.

            As to your statement “You are not willing to pay for America being the world’s police force. The national debt is already large enough.”

            Again you appear extremely poorly with such a statement.

            A large factor in the reasons for the Massive National Debt is because the US Federal Government has such an Extremely VAST sum of monies that they allocate (give) to international needs, which are forms of “Policing activities, efforts and support efforts globally.”

            Billions could be saved and the national debt greatly reduced were the United States Federal Government to keep the tax monies in the United States for her people and stop giving that money to other Countries, organizations and peoples.

            International efforts exist, to get the American government to increase their financial support for all manner of “Policing Needs.”

            Women in other nations should not be abused, so global petitions begin to get American people and the US Government to use their “force” (policing w/money and power) to make those other Countries men stop abusing their women. I receive international petitions on these efforts daily.

            Women want healthcare globally so they turn to the US and want the American government to provide assistance (by using the power of the US Government to procure – policing- their government the desired healthcare).

            The UN wants funding from the US each year for policing and gets it. Enemy nations to the US want US funding and they get that funding, which actually requires the US to police those nations.

            You are again incredibly un-informed and using outdated language from by-gone eras. Please turn to studying current materials using factual resources. Thank you.

          • You really need to try to be succinct.
            Your points can be madw with far lesa verbage.

            You confuse treaty and police action,
            which are two very different things.

            You also have no understanding, whatsoever, of the aid programs the U.S. is involved in. It is called bribery. The aid is far less expensive that military action. If you bothered to look, you would find that there are significant American commercial interests in those countries receiving aid.

            The need for foreign military bases has decreased year, after year. Several rounds of base closures have taken place — both nationally and internationally.

          • Now here we AGREE! 🙂 I have always been excessively wordy, it is part of my heritage. I am at the same time, well regarded for my ability to cover a topic from every conceivable angle. There are definitely pro’s and con’s to this ability.

            I am not confusing anything. I was not addressing a state of police action, versus anything. I was addressing a moniker, internationally and nationally used. My writing appears to suffer with you, and your understanding of my writing suffers as well. I apologize.

            As to your insults regarding US aide and involvement, you debase me needlessly yet again. This reflects poorly of you once more. I volunteered until recently, 154 hours weekly in these very efforts, while also contributing to national legal addresses, the Trey Gowdy Benghazi Investigation, State and Federal cases, and International assistance. I was thanked for my contributions in myriad assistance issues and legal matters. Even as you take the time to insult someone for their lack, you continue to evidence your own.

            I am refraining from this discussion, because you truly did not even understand my initial post on the topic and it has become abundantly clear that you experience difficulty in understanding and comprehension. I begin to better understand why your cases may be in those law books being used in law schools to educate new generations.

            It is unwell for me to continue discourse with one conducting themselves in such a manner who evidences such lack. I truly worked to share with you because I recognize you truly have applied yourself to increased study and knowledge. I worked to share with you basic facts used nationally and globally. You returned insult and childish name-calling to one working to share truth.

            This evidences extremely unwell of you and your ability.

            My husband has asked that I stop for supper. I close asking you to refrain from writing any further unless you can master yourself more fully. I am willing to share conversation only with those who truly desire to respect one another as human beings deserving of basic decency and respect. You are not evidencing such desires nor ability.

            You continue at nearly every response, to completely misunderstand at least one, if not all, of the points made in historical references, and my personal comments to you.

            Please, please, please, stop and take the time to study before posting some of these comments. Your comments actually make people in this household smile and chuckle because they are so filled with misunderstanding. What is sad, is that those who are finding this sadly humorous are educated of the same basic level as yourself and yet they all see your mistakes. None is trying to argue with you. None is working to insult you. None even has the desire to debate with one who calls childish names and then condemns others for such.

            You are educated, self-educated and some higher education. Better is to be expected because of this. Best Wishes and please consider greater studies! You have a brilliant mind which could truly benefit this nation if you simply applied greater study and got that diploma. Again I mean you no disservice. One such as yourself, who obviously holds a passion for the law and has such abilities to study, while having stood 5 times I believe you shared, “Pro se…” is a mind that could greatly benefit this nation and her people were you to complete those studies.

            I am off to share dinner with my husband and wish you Blessing~

          • Not insults, but sarcasm.
            If sarcasm offends you, I apologize.

            I use it as a legal tool. Although not an attorney,
            I represent others in actions at the agency level.

            My cases are cited in law books and used as study material in courses at several well-known law schools.

            Oh, and by the way, the AK in my screen name is for Alaska.

            However, you do seem to confuse treaty comitments with police actions taken to protect American interests.

            The Iraq War was all about oil. Prior to the 1979 revolution, the Shah was basically an American puppet who we provided with weapons.

            Alaska’s oil is dirty, high sulfur content. The same problem is present in Alaskan coal. Pennsylvania’s oil has limited applications as it is basically wax based (paraffin).

            Canada, Montana and Mexico are now adding greatly to the supply and dependence on OPEC supplies has been greatly reduced,

            American aid is bribery, pure and simple.
            Always has been.

          • Again, I thank you for some of your sharing, however, because you have been moving from professional exchanges to poor verbal attacks needlessly, it is not well advised that I continue discourse with you. You jump through various topics, failing to understand the written word, or that it was copied and pasted from the Constitution and US Law, etc. While you believe yourself doing well to use sarcasm, sarcasm is based in the instrument of debasing another as you have made use. This is not generally acceptable as a rule in society nor in professional law.

            It is good that people help one another. However, you fail to acknowledge the reason your cases are cited in case law and education. Having shared lengthy discourse with you and been the brunt of your various “understandings” in law, I have good consideration of why you may well be cited in case law. This is another reason I will refrain from further sharing. You are well approving of yourself, boasting, proud, and not given to kindness or treating others with general respect due humans one to another. You are well happy with your achievements, you are well pleased with your own education and achievements. You appear to write simply to boast, brag and attack others. This is not sarcasm. This is poor childish behavior at the expense of others for personal gratis.

            Alaska needs good legal minds, as does the nation. Please consider returning to complete your studies, because you have the ability to help the people you currently assist far more greatly, as well as to increase the number of others you can assist. Should you continue to feel the need to boast of your achievements, completion of yours studies to achieve your degree would also afford you greater reason for such. Best Wishes and Good-bye.

          • You should try harder not to take everything so personally.
            It would behoove you not to make so many assumptions
            Also, many people do not take kindly being preached to,
            as seems to be your modus operandi

          • Again you misunderstand. There is a clear difference between one taking things personally and recognizing behavioral indicators and conduct unbecoming, unacceptable and unhealthy. I am asked to preach, to contribute and to speak for as long as I desire. Rooms have filled to hear because I am also an educator. You mistake the needs of a court-room attorney for those who teach and instruct, and/or those who contribute to the creation of law. Yours is a narrow view of the legal construct. Please stop writing to me with your limited views. I again was not making assumptions, I was using behavioral, speech, and other profiling techniques as indicated by your writing, speech, inappropriate legal applications, views, etc. I stated quite factually that I do not work to present personal ideas nor assumptions. This leaves me using education, training, and abilities related thereto.

          • AKLady2015, I am uncertain if you were also commenting calling me “wrong” regarding Hillary and the Tavern on the Green. So I wanted to take a moment to provide you with a few pieces of information to equip you for an interesting bit of investigative research already done by so many others.

            The Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN) bombed Frances Tavern (on the Green) in Manhattan, killing 4 people in 1975. Over a 6-years, the FALN claimed responsibility for more than 100 bombings that took 6 lives, injuring some 130 people. Hillary Clinton needed increased ethnic votes in New York and turned to her husband, then President Bill Clinton. The President removed the FALN from the national terrorist listing which enabled many peoples in NY to vote for Hillary who were previously banned from voting. The President could have waited until after the NY Senate race had been decided, to de-list the FALN and thereby remove any possible consideration of collusion; he did not. Four Americans died in assisting Hillary Clinton gaining the NY vote to the Senate. Best Wishes in your studies, these are not easy topics.

          • Your example is national law, not international law.
            Again, you are incorrect.

            It has nothing, whatsoever, to do with being the world’s police force.
            The agency closest to being an internaitonal police force is Europe’s Interpol.

          • AKLady2015, There is no means known to mankind by which you could actually have applied investigative research and full study to the myriad Google links provided you regarding this matter. You also take no time to actually research these matters and provide substantive resources beyond your limited understanding. As you have now commented regarding so many differing topics, and with such consistent evident confusion and misunderstanding, I am currently uncertain of what you refer to as “national law” versus “international law.” Please Understand, that I was not talking about the US being a LEGAL Police Force. Again, this evidences your need to continue deeper studies. The Google information provided pages of resource material to explain the factual details, historical applications, international and national considerations, etc. Rather than taking the time to actually apply study and research, you rushed again to comment without understanding well.

            The USA is considered (a globally shared thought) to be one of the Global Police Forces of the World. The Allied Forces in general are considered to be Global Police because they are the first and top responder’s even used by the United Nations, to address international needs.

            For this reason, America is considered the First Global Police because the US is the Superpower. Britain is considered the Second Global Police Force because they are the Second most powerful Country. These two allies are at the top of the UN list for first response as well as being at the top of the global governments list to call in time of emergent crisis. For this reason, these two Allies, earned the moniker (name) of being the Global Police Force.

            Argument arises internationally, and nationally in both Britain and the US, as to whether it is right that the two most powerful Countries should be tasked and relied upon in such a manner. Your argument now joins the rest of nations and Countries, regarding this topic.

            To see how big the discussion is and the arguments depths, please do Google the data I provided previously and enjoy the study! Best Wishes again!

          • Suggest you undertake formal legal education.

            You might also review the international treaties the U.S. is currwntly party to.

            Our national debt level is the result of American playing “world cop”.
            Unless you are wiling to pay higher taxes, that policy must come to an end. The two Bush wars has created many more enemies for America.

          • A fine suggestion which I have already shared completing. This again leaves you appearing unable to read and understand the written word fully. I truly had desired more of you than most because you self-educated. I am disappointed but must accept that these are your choices. You choose to poorly condemn when someone disagrees with you. Please understand that the correct response one learns in school – especially university, etc., is to ask questions. For example rather than jumping to poor condemnation yet again, the actual desire should be for any truly pursuing greater truth and greater knowledge, to ask a questions such as “What leads you to make such statements?” OR “What data have you studied that supports these findings?” OR “What experience have you had that would validate such a belief?”

            When one jumps to simple base judgment and condemnation simply because they disagree or do not understand, they jump off of unseen cliffs.

            You simply needed at any point to stop jumping to poor assumptions and childish words, and start asking adult questions. Truly dear MKLady2015, I have taken myriad moments to study and research to assure that I was correct. I also copied and pasted repeatedly. Somehow, you failed to understand that I was copying and pasting – even when it often stated so, and condemned me for words that were not my own.

            You were not happy with my personal opinion and judged me poorly. So I copied and pasted the law, historical facts, etc. straight from the 12th Amendment, Government Agencies, etc. You then jumped to condemning the copied and pasted law, history and fact.

            If neither personal opinion,nor the law, history, and fact, agree with you…then there seems no reason for you to post save to hear your own words as you debase and attack others without need to make yourself feel better and smarter.

            This is the action of children. I will have no further.

          • I tested out of AS, Charter Oak College, State of Connecticut.
            I tested out of BS, Charter Oak College, State of Connecticut
            M.D. Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences
            MBA, Cardinal Stritch College, Wisconsin.
            CEU – U.S.D.A. Graduate School.
            CEU – University of South Carolina, School of Medicine
            CEU – University of Alaska — Fairbanks
            As I stated before, you assume way too much.

          • Actually, I used a behavioral tool to guide you into sharing your educational level. It was well suspected by my husband as well, that you held a good deal more education and ability than you was forthcoming. This was highly indicative in your continued boastfulness.

          • Insults only matter to people who respect your opinion. With
            each insult, my respect for your opinions has decreased.

          • So much being said but .. You can’t argue with a clinton zombie they have no reasoning capacity left ..!

          • Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            Temper, temper …

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • These Pesidents did not receive the popular vote: John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush.
            Learn how your governent actually works.

          • We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

          • You appear not to have completely understood the part in Wikipedia where they stated “Citizens of the United States do not directly elect the president or the vice president; instead they elect representatives called “electors”, who usually pledge to vote for particular presidential and vice presidential candidates.” What this statement is referring to is the process in which the Electoral College votes according to the collected vote-voice of each States people. According to the 12th Amendment, the Votes of the People go to their State Representative at the Electoral College who is supposed to place the vote based on the majority of votes received in a candidates favor from their constituency. Here again is that issue about passing votes across the isle…because even thought the Electoral College is supposed to vote in the manner of their peoples majority vote, they do not always have to and votes can pass isles to support the other candidate.

            You referenced fairly in using Wikipedia, you simply appear not to have understood all that you referenced. Best Wishes to you! Try also reading about the 12th Amendment and not just resourcing Wikipedia. Wikipedia is formed from global contributors who take the time to donate their work; it is not always precise nor correct. This is one of the reasons if you become a valid researcher, Wikipedia tends to turn to certain parties and ask for their assistance in reviewing materials for corrections, editing, etc. I have noted the opportunity posted a few times and would think many around the world have done. So, please be aware in future efforts, that Wikipedia is formed from the donated work of individuals willing to do research and post their findings. It can have errors and does require that one be ready to take the time to fact-check their details before simply posting as truth.

          • Do yourself a favor and stop trying to educate her, it’s a “LOST CAUSE”!!! I’ve gone keyboard to keyboard with her many times. I finally gave up and blocked her responses! You’d stand a much better chance of increasing the IQ level of a rock ten fold than teaching her anything!!
            At best she’s a paid troll who’s only function is to stir up B.S.!!

          • Yes, codger, you are a lost cause.
            Your insults speak directly to the level of yur ignorance.

          • Actually, the fellow speaks well as your words indeed appear to “parrot” and leave you appearing poorly. Please consider turning to greater depth of increased studies. Also please understand that when you post using childish name calling, poor spelling and grammar, while verbally attacking another, your choices reflect poorly of you more than any other. Please consider increased self-respect in the future and standing using words that evidence reflect more highly of you. In debasing another without cause, you actually evidence your lack of skill, ability, and intellect. I desire better for you than this.

          • Hypocrite.

          • Katherine Sienna, I am uncertain of how I have offended you. My comment was shared with Old Codger regarding another individual. I at no time was commenting regarding you, nor was Old Codger in the comment he shared with me. In order for me to be a hypocrite regarding my writing refering to AKLady2015, you would need to know my thoughts, life experience, and what others had shared with me so repeatedly that led me to use the term “parrot.” As those myriad comments were never shared in this forum, how is it that you have shared in my personal experience and now call me names? I am truly interested. I do not understand peoples quick rush to childish name calling and poor verbal attacks on others without any cause. Please find the time to explain as I am truly interested.

            For further explanation, please allow me to provide that for many years, the term “parrot” has been used to refer clinically and socially to specific terms of speech used among certain parties, peoples, affiliations, etc. In this instance, AKLady2015 literally uses speech from 40+ years prior in US national history; and sometimes word-for-word.

            There are points where her speech actually goes back about 80 years in US national history and is precise to the time period. My apologies to both you and AKLady2015 for the term. I recognize that it can seem offensive when it was not meant as such. It is a general term used to describe an abiding issue recognized globally.

          • Insults only matter to those who reaspect your opinion.

            I do not engage in name calling. My grammar is actually quite good. I do not engage in name calling. My spelling is no worse than many other highly educated people. Like them. I am Dyslexic.

            I also admit to being a very bad typist.

            I do not debase others without cause.

            Oh, and I have been a member of Mensa for over 50 years.

          • I actually have considered such as her words appear to “parrot” that of others similar. This is one of the issues with those who will not exchange rational conversation, they tend to be unequipped because their materials are learned at the feet of others rather than by appropriate education and personal study.

          • I had posted this on another blog which further illustrates your statement on the Electoral College for AK.
            One other thing we NEED to abolish is the Electoral College
            COMPLETELY!!! In it’s day/ inception it was needed because a whole lot
            of people couldn’t get to the polling place because they lived to far
            away and by horseback it would have taken them days to get there and
            days to get back home! In today’s world there ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for
            them! PERIOD! I’ve read that they are “SUPPOSED” to vote as per the
            majority of their districts voters want BUT they are NOT BOUND to do so!
            Lets say that Rin Tin Tin (dog) is running against Kitty Cat. If the
            majority of the people they represent want their vote to go for Rin Tin
            Tin but they(E.C.) either don’t like dogs, love cats, or are pressured/
            coerced/ bribed to vote for Kitty Cat then guess what?? Kitty Cat gets
            the nod!!
            TOTAL UNMITIGATED B.S.!!!!!

          • Yours is a kindly (and rather sweetly) simplified version of the Electoral College, which works for the better part.

            Previous Electors have stated this passing of the vote to take place, as do current parties involved.

          • Suggest that you review each state by population size.
            Then, review each state by crime levels.

            When you have done that, let me know if you still want a federal, national election for President. Keep in mind, a Constitutional Amendment would be required for that to take place.

            At this point in time, all elections are state level. The is how the Founders determined it should be.

            When you vote for President in November, you arw voting for a State member of the Electoral College.

          • TheJohn Quincy Adams,Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bushse Presidents did not have the popular vote:

          • The Electoral College had its place at one time, it is no longer needed. Since radio became common place, the EC became unnecessary.

          • Yes we do! We heavily influence the representative electorate, the delegates that get the schitt beat out of them for electing and installing azzholles!

          • ..These Presidents did not have the popular vote:John Quincy Adams,Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush

          • John H. Kohlenberg

            a corrupt elecTROLal COLLEGE.

          • Really?
            How did you reach that cnclusion?
            Do you even know how your state’s EC representatives are selected?
            Are they required to folliw the popular vote?

          • Corrupted and old fashioned EC must be abolished. Try to win the highest electro states as someone had done in the past by pushing their party voters from neighboring states to vote at the high electro state is cheating.

          • Poll taxes are illegal.
            Unless the photo identification is provided free, such a requirement would constitute an illegal poll tax.
            You have been very well brainwashed. I suggest you you turn off the right-wing extremists and obtain valid information and education.
            Nothing is shipped out to be counted.

          • Photo Identification is required to register a vehicle, to adopt an pet, for alcohol, cigarettes, opening a bank account, applying for food stamps, welfare, medicaid/social security, unemployment, to rent/buy/home, to drive/buy/rent a car, get on an airplane, get married, purchase a gun, ride a Indy-race car at a kids track, rent a hotel room, apply for a hunting license, apply for a fishing license, visit a casino, buy a cell phone, pick up prescriptions, hold a rally or protest, donate blood, buy an M rated video game, purchase nail polish at CVS, and purchase certain cold medicines.

            To pay for identification to vote therefore does not fall under the definition of a “Poll Tax” because the tax is required simply to vote. The Picture ID which would be used in the US for voting, is also the SAME ID that one can used for myriad other reasons. This therefore is not even close to meeting the definition and terms of a Poll Tax.

            A Poll Tax is “a tax levied on every adult, without reference to income or resources.”

            This tax does not require income or resources, it is simply the demand for money in order to vote.

            To require a ID that enables voting is to require an ID that is one of several forms already legally used for myriad purposes in the United States of America.

            Again, I suggest most kindly that you please take the time to study more fully.

          • Have you considered that many poor people do none of the things you have itemized?
            Also, photo ID is not required for everything you have itemized.

          • I have been homeless and carried ID. I understand fully. We all make choices.

          • Many people in this wonderful country called America go thorugh their entirel life without every needing any form of identification, let alone a picture id. They have never seen the inside of a school, let alone cashed a check or opened a bank account.

            Your life experience seems so very narrow. I doubt you have ever witnesses the tragedy of American poverty. Urban homelessness is wealth beyond the dreams of the reality of true poverty in America.
            An America where electricity, running water and indoor toilets do not exist. An America without doctors, hospital, schools, Wal-Marts and grocery stores. An America that makes the slums of India look like heaven. An America where the only choice is survival from day-to-day.
            No, Branwen, you have never witnessed the reality of American poverty. The America where children rarely live until their 1st birthday. Where hunger is a way of life.

          • As to the photo ID “note being required for everything I itemized,” this is beside the point. While photo ID may vary from state-to-state, it is nationally required for many purposes. Because photo ID is required for many national purposes, it cannot…as you previously stated…be an “illegal poll tax.”

            When a photo ID is required for national purposes, that negates it being discriminatory, prejudicial, racism, and/or a poll tax.

          • John H. Kohlenberg

            That is the only way the democrats can win. By lying, threatening, and murdering people. What is the count now Hillary. Last I heard it was app. 70

          • I am personally uncertain due to various factors:

            Prior IG or AG, stated that Hillary’s damage to US National Security and that of other Nations would take decades to assess and when the final body count was tallied, most US offices would be charging her according to the number of dead. As these reports were being made a few months ago, body counts were already being quietly reported without further hard data. America is still waiting for the factual numbers to begin going mainstream.

            Another factor is that the body count was already increasing prior to the FBI investigation, while official reports are not evidencing. FBI Comey did provide the full definition of Black’s “Gross Negligence” regarding Hillary. Comey also had legal precedent (which means he lied) because He prosecuted a Naval Reservist for the same issues as Hillary’s, only the Naval Reservist had not nearly so grave a case.

            Hillary’s body count began in her earlier years. There are the 4 Americans on the Tavern on the Green to gain her the NY Senate Seat; this does not include all of the people later murdered and maimed by these terrorists because Hillary had her husband the President reclassify those terrorists to gain her votes. There are the 276 girls sold into slavery by the Boko Haram. The 4 US lost in Bengahzi, and those US Souls lost and maimed in US wars because Hillary lied. I have worked not to include any other persons, until there is more factual materials.

            I have heard various reports of persons lost from pre-Arkansas Governor Days forward. I have not been able to find any factual data regarding these persons. What is interesting, is that while Foster’s death may have appeared natural, when one adds Sandy Berger, and these four more recently, a pattern does possibly suggest itself that is worthy of some consideration.

            While Hillary has been in public service quite some time, to have so many public figures continue to lose their lives when they stand in circumstances that do not favor Hillary or the Clinton’s, leads to highly suggest causation for full legal investigation.

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

          • Voting is a Constitutional Right.

            Nothing in your itemization is a right. In fact, driving has been repeatedly designated in law as being a priviledge.

            Suggest you learn the legal difference between rights and priviledges.

          • Again dear person, it is you who need further education. Yes voting is a legal right of legal US Citizens. As to your voter ID issues, 2/3’s of the US Government require ID’s which is part of US law.

            Rather than debate the matter with me, please educate yourself by turning to the government link regarding this matter. The link also provides all of the other voter-related laws passed by the US Federal Government.

            If you click on this link:

            …it should take you to the Federal Government’s webpage listing all US Voting Laws regarding voter–rights. SCROLL towards the bottom of the page and you will see the link to press for learning more about how two thirds of America already does Voter ID… There is indeed a difference between legal rights and differences, as well as those afforded to the voter. You fail to recognize the differences well while also blurring legal boundaries.

            Again, Best Wishes.

          • “Some form of identification” is a far cry from photo identification. For many the requirement for picture ID would represent a supression of a person’s ability to vote.

            Photo id is not required for federal welfare, food stamps or disability benefits. It is not requirwd for Social Security benefits. A SNAP/Food Stamp caseworker can also verify your identity by calling a “collateral contact” who can confirm you who are. Homeless households are not required to verify where they live.

          • We the People do not elect a President.

            We the People have never elected a President.

            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.


            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.

            Start with the Electoral College.


          • Photo is is not required for applying for food stamps, welfare, medicaid/social security, or unemployment.

            Requiring a valid photo identification is a scheme devised by Republicans to disenfranchise minority voters who tend to vote in favor of Democrats.

          • Anyone with half a brain knows the Democratic Party has, is and always will be the party of Marx. One cannot be a student of Saul Alinsky and call themselves Americans. Virtually impossible to take an oath to the constitution when your whole philosophy is one which espouses Marx. Obviously at least half those voting today have less than half a brain. Voting for Hillary is like voting for Marx if he were a canidate today. Bernie Sanders is also a proponent of Karl Marx. These people call themselves progressives because they cannot tell the American people they are socialists . It also tells you a lot about our lame street media . If people are too stupid to know this than they will also be victims.

          • We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.


          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            CROOKED LYING HILLARY NOSE JUST GOT LIBERALLY BIGGER OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • These Pesidents did not receive the popular vote: John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush

          • Scary but true, both hilIARy and Ubama ( only his name tells everything ) are communists pro radical Islamists but they love money ( people money ) and lavish life styles like Hollywood dummies ( Cher, Beyoncé and Rosie …..) and they love the power to oppress the poor people but bow to higher power like saudi King or george soros who thought he was some kind of gods.

        • Little Bright Feather

          Oh they know Communism only too well – they live and breathe it.

        • Communism? No child, capitalism is the problem.
          Keep buying those foreign made goods. Eveey time you by a foreign product, you make a few people richer and put many Americans out of work.

          • Capitalism is not about purchasing from other nations alone, it is about enabling and releasing those with ingenuity, empowering creative design and thinking, increasing education to equip future generations, and embracing the individual to create and run their own business. Capitalism is only the problem when it turns into Totalitarianism. When the free will of a capitalist people is stripped or given-away, to be replaced with the Totalitarian thinking “relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state,” then the success and freedom of capitalism has been lost.

            You are addressing an issue in US Federal Trade law that has little to do with capitalism. China and other nations who are certainly not Capitalist in any manner, are a party to such trade laws. Trade is not based in Capitalism, trade is based in the mutual agreed exchange of materials between two Countries or Parties, which does not necessarily have to enrich any but those two parties. This is one of the reasons that Big Government needs to get out of so much Federal Trade Agreements. The smaller business owners tend to suffer largely as a result of these mandatory trade agreements.

            The Capitalist may not want to trade in that manner AT ALL. But under US Federal Trade Laws, they can be required to Trade. Your picture of Capitalism and US Trade is far too narrow when the picture is much broader in scope.

            There are American businesses forced to trade who did not want to trade under NAFTA. They did not get rich, they lost their businesses years ago. Under your premise, those American Businesses who traded with other Countries are now rich and wealthy while everyone else suffers. Then why did that trade force them out of business, cause their families and all employees to lose their jobs, and none prospered?
            Why? Because Capitalism is not the issue. Trade and International Trade is what you are actually addressing.

            Please take the time to study and research more greatly. Thank you.

          • Keep buying those foreign made goods. Every time you by a foreign product, you make a few people richer and put many Americans out of work.

            The trade agreements do not force you to buy foreign goods. They simply make it possible for you to do so.

          • Katherine sienna

            You are contradicting yourself. We must buy ” made in America ” to boost our capitalism enable prosperity, idiots. You buy made in China helped communism which all of you demonRats do. You can’t learn, I am not responding to your post whatsoever ( do not waste my time )

          • You might want to increase your understanding of sarcasm.

          • Again with the very childish name calling you condemn others for using. Truly, you continue to reflect poorly upon yourself and your abilities.

            You also seem completely unaware that you are not using the full English language which leaves your posts appearing English second-language.

            You are also using thought processes of several generations past which are based in simpler times when the United States of America did not have such incredible numbers of Trade Bills and US laws effecting American purchasing power and jobs.

            Buying “Made in America” worked when the main product on American shelves in stores was American made items. That was when it mattered to purchase American products in order to save American jobs.

            Come forward some 40-50+ years and most of the products in American Stores are not American made, but Imported.

            By the same token, most of Americas products are Exported.

            If American’s purchase only American Made products, first they have to find those products because it is extremely hard to find those items in most of the nation. Second, American’s have to generally go online via computer to other Countries and pay shipping-and-handling to have American Made products shipped to them in the USA.

            So, if American’s purchase only American Made products are they really saving US jobs? Not unless the Americans live overseas in the other Countries who are Importing the majority of those American Made Products.

            You are being incredibly rude to people while believing yourself well educated, and you are the one appearing poorly.

            Your thinking is from a time well-past in US National History.

            Your words are outdated, your thoughts are no longer applicable to current national needs.

            The majority of items in US stores are Imported and the majority of US items are Exported.

            If one wants to assure US jobs then they have to either purchase the exported US items, and/or change the US Trade Laws and Treaties.

          • Sorry if you can’t figure out the meaning of a precise message, I have no time to waste like you writing the whole page repeating the same idea on and on like my grandma’s letters. Sorry grandma, have to go to work, don’t have time to read your posts.

          • Katherine sienna, you message is clear though outdated. I mean you no insult in the least. Please know this. Some 40-50+ years ago, it was incredibly valid and truthful that American’s needed to buy American products to save jobs. This was true because most of the products in American stores were made by Americans. Sadly, the US Federal Government began passing Trade Laws and those laws began shipping almost all American Made Items overseas to other Countries; this is exporting.

            America now exports nearly all that they make (manufacture) and import almost the same. The result is that if American’s want to buy American products, they are usually in foreign Countries. This means that Americans will have to pay shipping-and-handling after they find those foreign suppliers and place orders for these American products to be shipped back home to them.

            At the same time, because the Federal Government passed these Trade deals and laws, America is importing almost all foreign made products. So, if American’s stop buying anything not made in America, American’s are really going to be hurting and have to do without, because most “Made in America” stuff is exported to other Countries.

            If we want to save American jobs today, we need to work to make the Federal Government change those Trade Deals and Laws in order to return manufacturing jobs to America, and American products to American store shelves.

            Studies were done nationally, years ago and it was hard to read.

            Back in the 1970’s American’s had to face the fact that if they started buying only American made a few things were going to happen:

            1) They would have to pay to search out American Made, drive to buy it, and/or pay to ship it…and wait for it to arrive
            2) They were going to have to do without because most everything was foreign made in US Stores
            3) The Federal Government had increased trade at the expense of US jobs
            4) If American’s want to save US Jobs then they need to start purchasing American Made products from those foreign nations.

            Now purchasing American Made products does help save US jobs, but at the same time, because those American Made products are in Foreign Stores, US dollars are going to support the economies of other Countries rather than that of the United States of America.

            It is an over-simplification at this point in time, to continue to believe that simply buying US products supports US jobs. When people cannot even purchase US products largely anymore within the US, it is incredibly difficult to understand how they are supposed to support US jobs.

            Also, please recognize that a great many US Manufacturers and their employees are all overseas.

            So, when one purchases US products from a US Company that is actually located overseas, one is supporting US jobs overseas in foreign Nations.

            Because of these Government Trade Deals and the heavy US taxes, it has been vastly cheaper for decades to move entire companies and all of their employees and families, overseas to continue making US products. This is one of the outcomes of Treaties such as NAFTA if I recall correctly.

            What does this mean for the person who simply thinks “Buy US and support the US?”

            It means that you may purchase US, but be supporting Foreign jobs, Foreign Economies, and Foreign Monies, because the US Manufacturers went overseas with all of their people.

            I truly meant neither you nor MKLady2015 any disservice. But things have become a great deal more complex in the last many decades within US Government, Business, Trade, Law, etc.

            Laws are changing daily in some cases. Most are not able to keep up with these changes even when they have huge legal teams working for them. This is actually one of the issues Congress experiences daily.

            Americans need to buy American made, but to support American jobs, requires a good deal more than just buying American Made these days, thanks to the US government. Best Wishes to You.

          • Katherine sienna

            This is only a wishful thinking bc I don’t think It would ever be happening: if all republicans did as you and the demonRats do, if the republicans played your games and let you tasted your own medicines such as 1/ also lying 2/ also cheating 3/ also calling names ( look at yourself on this alone ) like racists, extremists, war mongers etc… How about babies killers? That’s a good name calling too? I think republicans should also act hypocritically like pretending they LOVE the Blacks to get VOTES infact they Don’t give a crap about anybody but themselves. Your POTUS is on 2 weeks taxpayers’money vacation while Louisiana residents are homeless. If it was Bush he would be hanged by you and your media.

          • Apologies for the delay in reading your comment. First, as an Independent voter, belonging to NO political Party, your words do not describe me as an individual voter.

            Second, I detest racism, war mongers, baby killers, etc., and was donating approximately 154 hours weekly in national and international efforts against such for many years.

            Third, please do not dare to be so presumptuous as to assume that the current President of the United States of America would ever have gained seat under my support.

            I work hard to apply continued education, study and understanding and have not voted for a Democrat in decades. The Democratic Party long ago stopped representing the working people of America and turned to Socialist ideals, programs and agendas, which world history evidences have more than once opened the door to Communism and/or Dictatorship. I received written confirmation of my contribution to the desk of Senator Trey Gowdy heading the Benghazi investigation. Why do I mention this? Because I stood appalled at the thought that any American would vote for Obama. Obama stated CLEARLY that he had absolutely no intention of upholding US laws, ideals and beliefs. He stated clearly that he would bring radical change. Any who supported the man through their vote were not in this household, because we took the time to stand educated. I have been contributing those 154 weekly charity hours largely in two areas: 1) Human Rights/Freedom/Child-Womens-Veteran’s Rights and US Constitutional Law, AND 2) Working to see the current President and his administration held accountable legally and historically. This means that just as I worked to assist in the Gowdy Benghazi investigation in even the slightest measure, I have also given my utmost to seeing the current President held legally fully accountable; and without possibility of impeachment until after removed from office at end of his term.

            Please know that while you speak of the victims in Louisiana, my mother and brother are as yet unaccounted for in Louisiana. You ASSUMED far too much of me across the board. It appears you at no time truly understood my comment.

            Fourth, in the current 2017 Presidential election, neither Trump nor Clinton is overly desirable; the vote comes down to who is less offensive and has not taken so many US lives without care while lying. Hillary Clinton has the blood of more than 7,000 US souls as well as more than 50,000 wounded, to her history. Her comments “Who Cares” and “What Difference Does it Make,” are the larger deciding factors in this household. Clinton has an extensive history of gross negligent disregard for the lives of Americans and the peoples of other Countries, while standing falsely supporting life through the Clinton Foundation. It is not acceptable to any in this household, that Clinton should choose to kill indiscriminately while using their Foundation to assist others. It is as though the Clinton Foundation exists as a form of false absolution to the Clinton’s for all of the lives they are accountable for taking. The truth is that the Clinton’s face the largest RICO and CRIMINAL charges in US National History; along with their family, Huma and the President; according to the Federal Auditor.

            Fifth, as to your remarks “…my Potus…” and “…me and my media…” Clearly you fail to have any understanding of my words, and assume vastly. I am appalled with the current Potus and family and the President’s egregious over-reach of power from the Oval Office to envelope and manipulate the media.

            Please consider how little sleep I get to have weekly contributed 154 hours weekly in efforts to hold this entire administration legally responsible. While you and others post hollow/empty words, I supported mine with gross sleep deprivation, charitable contribution, heavy applied investigation research, continued self-education on new topics and relevant issues, etc. and all for purposes relating to assisting others nationally and globally, while also working to see this current President and administration held accountable by the US Judicial System.

            My e-mail box has anywhere from 500-1’000’s of pieces of daily mail on matters as a result. I write, call, petition, and e-mail, every legislator and representative in the nation, my representatives in Congress/the Senate and the President, and I work with local pundits and various community groups – as related to each new emerging issue.

            I receive written letters and e-mails from these representatives, and I take the time to work at being actively involved on a daily basis. I am one of those individuals/voters who is on the emergency contact list for national efforts, by these legislators and administration, and by those opposing legislators and the current administration as well.

            I could continue, but see no point save one… What have you been doing to actively support your words and position? How much are you investing in dollars, time, and works, to support you words?

            As an Independent voter, belonging to No Party, I work actively to uphold US Constitutional Law, Freedom and the assurances appropriate to the ideals of the Founders at the time of the signing of the Founding Articles, as primary. I take this stance because it aligns with those primary core values and their written word that all Americans should return at every new consideration of law and amending US law, to that moment and uphold it above current “temporary facilitation’s.”

            “On every occasion [of Constitutional interpretation] let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying [to force] what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it,
            [instead let us] conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”
            – Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 12 June 1823

            “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.”
            — Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of Independence, 3rd
            President of the U. S.

            “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”
            – Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787

            “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”
            – William Pitt (the Younger), Speech in the House of Commons,
            November 18, 1783

            “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
            – Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

            In closing, I believe I had shared with you previously that you completely misunderstood my comment; and that we had no disagreement. Again, I say to you this continues to appear to be the case. You have completely misjudged, assumed incorrectly, and we do not appear to have a difference. Please understand that it is difficult to understand your point of view, when your words do not apply to my comments even once. This leaves me having to assess purely from your unrelated comments, that we most likely-possibly, stand more aligned in beliefs than opposing. I hope that this lengthy response, evidences my stand in matters and eases your false judgment of me in this matter. Best wishes to you.

          • Katherine sienna

            Applauding your valuable 154 hours a week helping the nation from corruption, dictators sending soldiers in harm way for their own gains ( ARAB Spring ) fighting for the unborn babies that hiKiary has advocated for years for her partial birth abortion alongside with planned parenthood, however still don’t understand your ideology and the purpose of your posts here. But thank you anyway.

          • Suggest you read the post again — with an eye to sarcasm.

          • Again, you reduce and over-simplify matters to a simple precept when the matter is much more complex.

            With 45-50% of Americans already out of work, your foreign products concept doesn’t even begin to touch ground. If one were using your thoughts, then nearly everyone would be out of work in America because the majority of America’s products are from other Countries. PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

            You continue to use base narrow-focused reasoning that does not include the broader picture. Your assertions are also based in prior US History when times were different and US jobs could be saved by limiting imports and their purchase. Currently, if the US limits imports, the people of America will have largely empty stores. As the US EXPORTS the majority of their products, this would leave the US with empty stores and need of almost everything.

            We as a Nation have far surpassed the point some 40-50+ years ago, when not purchasing foreign products saved Americans jobs. Americans did not stop that import-export by the Federal Government back in those years and the succeeding ones, and the result is no longer about just US jobs, it is about the US having any provisions and supplies on US shelves in their stores. Please educate yourself more fully.

            If the US wants jobs, then the US has to address the various Trade Bills which have been costing US jobs.

            It is no longer nearly so base and simple, as don’t purchase foreign products and save US jobs.

            It is about not purchasing foreign products and having to send abroad to purchase US products. It is about wanting US jobs to be kept in America. It is about wanting US jobs to be able to trade equally as they desire to have equal competition in foreign trade and foreign markets.

            Please, oh please, take the time to become current in your education and update yourself to current realities.

            Thank you.

          • Your understanding of unemployment is not based on valid facts. Much of it is supposition. The majority of off shored jobs are a result of greed. Much of America’s industry is now in the hands of mega-corporations. The Koch Brothers holdings are a prime example. There are monopoly laws, but they do not prevent vast holdings spread over multiple industries.

            The automobile industry would be nonexistent if it had not been for Bush and Obama’s actions to save it. As a result of those actions, foreign manufactures now have auto plants located in the U.S. Foreign made cars had undercut the American industry — the product was better made and less expensive.

            The American computer industry is almost totally nonexistent. Again, the foreign product is better made and less expensive.

            The U.S. garment belt has been destroyed. Again, better and cheaper foreign products.

            Yes, Walmart would be out of business if imports were reduced. When Daddy Walton ran the company, Walmart sold only American made goods. Employees were also paid better and had promotion opportunity.

            If American people cared about unemployment, they would boycott foreign goods.

            If American people cared about the environment, they would not buy foreign made goods.

            If American people cared about the health of the world’s people, they would not buy foreign made goods.

            The majority of U.S. manufacturing exports are products which cannot be legally sold in the U.S. They are banned due to known, documented, serious health risks.

            U.S. food exports are simply a way to keep farmers in business. That is the #1 reason the U.S. provides food aid to many countries. It buys excess production. Excess that causes pollution and increased chemical use, destroying the land.

            Factory farms produce the majority of farm products in this country. That is why milk and meat contain antibiotics. They are used to promote growth, not treat illness. That in turn is the reason the majority of antibiotics are no longer effective against diseases.

            The majority of the seafood in our markets comes from aqua farming, not the sea. Over fishing has destroyed many species, many into extinction.

          • Now who is getting wordy! Ha 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to more fully share your thoughts. I am going to have that supper with my husband and read your full post after. Even as I write this I am looking at your last comment, which is completely incorrect. Again, it is possible to gain the correct data on Google, World Reports, the US Government and many other resources. My husband is about to pull my pc from me for supper, so I will work to respond another time.

            Best Wishes!

          • You have been blocked.

          • I am taking your statements individually at this point:

            “Your understanding of unemployment is not based on valid facts. Much of it is supposition. The majority of off shored jobs are a result of greed. Much of America’s industry is now in the hands of mega-corporations. The Koch Brothers holdings are a prime example. There are monopoly laws, but they do not prevent vast holdings spread over multiple industries.”

            My statements have been based on historical, national, economics and business, socio-and global economics, US/State/Federal Law, etc. I have also provided Google data and resources as well as links. This is far from supposition. Rather than accuse people you are discoursing with, please consider asking them questions. For example, because you had not taken the time to ask me where I based my information, you made a poor assumption. It is never good to assume. At which point, you proceeded to debase my information without any actual factual knowledge of my various resources. Even as you wrote debasing my comment for supposition when it was most certainly not, your comment was filled with assumptions and supposition.

            Again, you have a very narrow view of matters both nationally and globally. You are correct in portions of your statement, but they only carry so far because your whole, is not correct.

            Next: As to your next 3 paragraphs, please take the time to provide resource materials supporting your suppositions. You are stating partial truths repeatedly, while the whole is completely avoided or evaded. Standing in partial truth tends to negate the entirety. You then turn to Walmart for another supposition in national economics. You appear yet again, to have taken time to do some studies, while not more fully applying yourself to understand the greater whole. Many in America at some time, might say that they were better paid and had promotion opportunity…your suppositions and allegations are like water with no substance.

            The State Department, Statisticians, various national and world agencies, have been reporting that Americans’ were making more and had greater opportunities years ago, even decades ago, than currently, due to myriad factors.

            You next state: “If American people cared about unemployment, they would boycott foreign goods.”

            Do you realize that if Americans’ boycotted foreign goods they would have very little to purchase currently in America? While your suggestion would most certainly be a boom to helping our trade deficit decrease, which would decrease the national debt by Billions, your suggestion would also hurt Americans. As stated prior, the broader picture is not that simple. Trade must decrease along certain guidelines, manufacturing must come home to America bringing those much needed jobs, tax codes and laws must be re-written and taxes lowered, US Sanctions must increase against those foreign Nations wanting to import to US Soil, etc. You continue to over-simplify a complex issue. If the US just boycotts foreign imports the US import trade deficit continues to increase and this increases the national debt. If the US just boycotts foreign imports, foreign products begin to back-up in shipping bays/lanes/and shipping ports nationally; which has happened in prior boycotts. When the back-up becomes too great, US Ports close waiting for room to unload the ships backing up in US harbors. Truly, you so vastly over-simplify matters. Please study more greatly, because few things are this simplistic any longer.

            It took decades for America to get into this entanglement, and it will take time for the US to get out of this mess. To think simple thoughts about purchasing only American and boycotting does not address the much more massive whole.

            Your next one is a bit out-there… “If American people cared about the environment, they would not buy foreign made goods.” I am serving at the behest of various national and international climate and environmental needs. None of these agencies both nationally and internationally address foreign products as being the causative factor for pollution and the environment. If you have information to support this allegation, please provide me with that resource. I have not found any such research to confirm your allegation and have invested 154 hours weekly in such. Environmental issues exist with the products of all nations. As the US is the largest user of a majority of products, the US continues to be one of the largest environmental violators. Many other Countries around the world are leading in banning products which the US remains the only manufacturer and user. I am not denying your allegation, I simply have never read of any supporting documentation that validates a single portion of your statement.

            Next you state “If American people cared about the health of the world’s people, they would not buy foreign made goods.” Please explain this statement to me. Are you aware that the US has one of the worst records for safety in products in the world? The US is the ONLY Country still putting a great many chemicals in their foods and drinks, etc., that are banned by ALL other Nations of the world. This household is among many that look to purchasing from outside of the US simply because foreign products are healthier than US products for various reasons. The US continues to put red food dyes, and various chemicals such as formaldehyde, in their products, which are banned globally. There are vast numbers of national petitions daily in the US working to get the Federal Government and the FDA, to rise to the level of Great Britain, Canada, Germany, France, and various other EU members.

            Your next statement caused new laughter, thank you for the laughter. “The majority of U.S. manufacturing exports are products which cannot be legally sold in the U.S. They are banned due to known, documented, serious health risks.”

            Rather than provide a personal response I copied this excerpt: “United States Exports 1950-2016 | Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast

            Total exports from the United States edged up 0.3 percent to $183.2 billion in June from May of 2016, following a 0.1 percent drop in the previous period. Exports of goods increased $0.5 billion to $120.4 billion, led by foods, feeds, and beverages; capital goods, civilian aircraft; consumer goods, artwork,antiques, stamps, and other collectibles. Exports in the United States averaged 49922.37 USD Million from 1950 until 2016, reaching an all time high of 200236 USD Million in October of 2014 and a record low of 772 USD Million in March of 1950. Exports in the United States is reported by the U.S. Census Bureau.” Read more at:


            If you consider serious health risks to the US to be “foods, feeds, and beverages; capital goods, civilian aircraft; consumer goods, artwork, antiques, stamps, and other collectibles,” then you have an odd definition not generally shared by any, of items which are banned because they are “serious health risks.”

            You’re Next: “U.S. food exports are simply a way to keep farmers in business. That is the #1 reason the U.S. provides food aid to many countries. It buys excess production. Excess that causes pollution and increased chemical use, destroying the land.” Yet again, you have a slight overview of a very complex matter and have not taken the time to share in greater breadth, or have not studied in fuller breadth; I am uncertain of which. Your repeated over-simplifications of complex subjects leaving you appearing poorly. This is unwanted.

            This statement is basic truth: “Factory farms produce the majority of farm products in this country. That is why milk and meat contain antibiotics. They are used to promote growth, not treat illness. That in turn is the reason the majority of antibiotics are no longer effective against diseases.” However, again you have over-simplified a very complex topic. I am a party to the removal of antibiotics from animals, removal of cages, instituting a return to free-range animals, etc. You might consider joining some of the national petition efforts and becoming a member of some of the efforts, as this would be an opportunity to have ground information of the greater efforts taking place nationally. Also, please consider signing-up with all of your State and Federal representatives. When you become a member on their e-mail list, you can routinely receive updates, etc. on almost all State and Federal matters.

            Laughter yet again… Apologies. You’re statements are actually very sweet. “The majority of the seafood in our markets comes from aqua farming, not the sea. Over fishing has destroyed many species, many into extinction.” Aqua farming was thought to be the answer to meeting needs a few decades ago somewhere around the mid 1990’s. Science then proved that certain species of fish do not live when aqua-farmed, while others actually develop diseases passed on to humans when consumed, through aqua farming. For this reason, aqua farming was not the growth industry that many had believed it would be; much to the disappointment of most investors. Copied Excerpt: “The U.S. Seafood Supply

            Imported Seafood Supply – Over 90% of the seafood consumed in the U.S. is imported from other countries around the world.” Read more at:

            The US also is the largest importer of fresh seafood from Japan, who is doping their seafood just as American’s are doping their livestock, etc. Japan has been caught fishing in International Waters breaking International Laws, because they have over-fished their own sea and have no good provisions left for their people of those they export. Another sad fact is that while the US is the largest importer of seafood from Japan daily, the US also disposes of 80% of all that imported fresh seafood.

            Now, that we have addressed your various statements individually, would you please tell me what the point was that you were trying to make with all of this sharing? US Trade was being discussed on a National and International level, and somewhere along the way you decided to jump into short summarizations on your personal beliefs regarding certain aspects of trade which do not generally align with any of the Federal Governments data, nor that of myriad other agencies, both nationally and globally. You had one comment yet again that was fairly correct. You have such a great mind and it would be wonderful to see you embrace the fuller picture for address in this issues.

            Even taken topically as you did, you evidence the very reason that people cannot simply purchase US and boycott foreign products. There are not aqua farms, farmers, ranchers, etc., in every US community. I lived in a town in the Midwest in which, when the trucks could not get through or were delayed in making their runs, the store shelves were empty. Various States in the Union remain so remote in many regions, that this is a shared experience. Your own words help prove why Trade has to change, laws have to change, taxes have to change and decrease, etc., in order for US jobs to recover and buying only US products to begin working again.

          • You are now blocked.

          • Less than 66% of Americans are even in the job market.

            The other 44% are basically unemployable by their age.

            Stats: 24% of America is under the age of 18. Over age 65 are 15%.
            That leaves a statisticsal total employable of 61% — if, and only if, that group is employable, or even seeking work. Census data says 19% of the population is too disabled to work.

            Thus, we have roughly 30% to 40% of the population actually emplpyable.

            Yet, you are claiming 40% to 50% of American is unemployed workers.

          • The Trade Agreements all have differing conditions and wording. The Agreement back in the 1970’s actually forced US manufacturers to compete in global markets when they were not ready; or they had to close their doors for failure to comply – in certain instances. The Agreements were not forcing people to buy goods, they force manufacturers to sell goods along certain guidelines which can include:

            * Making a certain percentage of those goods in other Countries
            * Exporting the goods intended for sale in the US to other Countries even though you don’t want to, etc.

            These two Trade laws alone, caused the closure of many US businesses back in the 1970’s.

            Small businesses did not have enough product to sell both locally, nationally and internationally. Small businesses also did not have the funding to gear-up for such increased levels of manufacturing, nor the funds to hire the personnel, and most certainly not the monies to build, buy, or rent, larger factories for this increased level of demand required by the new trade laws.

            Continued Best Wishes~

          • Nol business has ever been forced to ocmpete in global markets.

            Not one American law
            requires a U.S. business to manufacture products in a foreign country.

            Not one law exists requiring a business to sell in global markets.

            You are terribly confused.

          • Katherine sienna

            That’s why Trump will bring jobs back. Hikiary will sell this country ( all Obama’s 57 states ) to saudi.

          • Pray tell, how is he going to force companies to produce good in the U.S.?

            Will the American people put up with unavailability of many goods currently only available from foreign markets?

            Would people allow wages to be dropped to that which are paid Chinese workers?

            Would the American people even be able to afford goods made in America?

            You don’t really think companies will drop their profit margin, do you? Teump makes a lot of promises, but he has no answers to solve the problems.

          • “How is he (Trump) going to force companies to produce goods in the U.S.?”

            Please know that Mr. Trump’s trade bill and economic plans are listed online and available at his website as he has stated publicly.

            Mr. Trump addressed several methods of change regarding this issue, here are 4:

            1) CHANGE and/or REVOKE various Trade Bills
            2) REDUCE the 40% Tax on Companies outside of the US who want to return to the US and restore jobs to America
            3) CAP the taxes so that all Americans’ including US Companies, begin to pay less in annual taxes
            3) SANCTIONS imposed on all foreign imported products decreasing the amount of foreign products while increasing financial income to the US

            Next: “Will the American people put up with unavailability of many goods currently only available from foreign markets?”

            With Sanctions, Caps, Reduced Taxes, and Companies returning Jobs to America, this will reduce the amount of foreign product on US shelves while increasing the amount of US products.

            Next: “Would people allow wages to be dropped to that which are paid Chinese workers?”

            China is one of the nations noted by the UN and other Countries as being among the Most Extreme Human Rights Violators. Naturally, the US would not reduce to enslaving workers, to forcing them to work by fear and intimidation, nor would our nation choose to reduce wages to compare to China because the US stands alone under the US Constitution. If the US chooses to reduce its wages there is an established process that has little to do with the Chinese workforce and their pay.

            Next: “Would the American people even be able to afford goods made in America?” Returning US Companies to manufacturing in the US is a complex issue. It requires not only returning those companies to create more jobs, but also reducing the return taxes, capping other taxes, decreasing further costs, etc., which work to make American manufacturers compatible both nationally and internationally.

            For example, one of the current issues causing so many companies to choose to leave the US is simply US laws. US laws are demanding that US companies pay employees a set wage, pay for their health care, pay for insurance taxes, etc. When all of these costs are tallied, it is much cheaper to go to other Countries of the world than to remain in the United States of America. Americans’ can afford American products when the United States Federal and State Governments stop imposing such high taxes, national taxes, Federal and State taxes, as well as forced costs for increased wages and national health insurance.

            At some point the American worker has to once again return to paying for the majority of their own needs, care and provisions. This is how those costs for American products drop and make it possible for Americans to again afford those American products.

            Also, Americans have to stop filing law-suits at the drop of a hat. Every law suit filed increases the cost to tax payers and those tax dollars lead to increased costs in the markets in a rather large round-about-way.

            “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.”

            — Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of Independence, 3rd President of the U. S.

            You don’t really think companies will drop their profit margin, do you? Trump makes a lot of promises, but he has no answers to solve the problems.

            Companies are not above dropping their profit margins. Any doubt, then study the 3 Largest Health Care Insurers in Obamacare. Please also understand that all national Health Insurers agreed to TAKE LOSSES for the first few years of Obama care. “Losses” is another word for losing monies for years as their bottom line suffered and their companies incurred greater financial loss. The President of the United States forced Insurers to Agree to accept loss which the President then obligated the Federal Government to repay to the insurer with Tax Dollars! Talk about illegal, in so many ways…

            Anyway, the point is simple, yes, historically US companies have repeatedly taken losses to their bottom line when the cause is worthy. In Large Business, short-term profit loss or even long-term profit loss, within accepted margins, is completely acceptable.

            Not only did Mr. Trump provide worthy answers on factual methods of addressing these myriad issues, those methods would cost him loss which he has stated he is willing to incur in order to come into compliance to help return American jobs.

            Please do take the time for greater studies, most everything you ask is already available in US History, US Law, etc., as well as on Mr. Trump’s campaign and/or personal website.

          • Maybe you should take some business courses. Trump claims to be a Wharton graduate, but hsi ideas are 50 years out of date.
            You might also try to use far less verbage.

          • Why you continue to resort to childish insults which debase you more than me, is unclear. I do not use less words for your benefit, because you continue to evidence an inability to understand the fully explained thought. You have circular logic in clinical terms, and jump from one line of thought to another, when the two are only connected in your dear mind somehow. As to my level of education, I did not specify the fields of my several doctorates; nor why I was a member of repeated global Think Tanks. You continue to return to the use of childish insults and name calling rather than participating in an educated and informed exchange of thoughts. You also did not at any time share of holding a single college/university diploma, etc. I did not discourage your exchange because I believe that your life experience and personal education when study is appropriately applied, can pretty fully equal what one would gain in higher levels of education. However, at this point, you have proven yourself and it is not well. As your thoughts, abilities, and suggestions, continue to return to base, childish ways, I will begin closing my discussion with you. If the rest of your writings are as these…I will block you from further discourse as I see need. How sadly and poorly done. I had hoped better.

        • Name calling is childish.
          Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
          Temper, temper …
          You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

        • Name calling is childish.
          Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
          Temper, temper …
          You must be a conservative with limited intellegence,

        • For your information Hillary has been a communist since her late 20’s and she wrote her college thesis on Alinsky! Her goal is to complete the published 1963 DNC Communist Manifesto to take over America and it is very near the last or near last step to do so. Another reason to vote for Trump because my family had the no so wonderful experience of communism and you won’t like it! Obama knows what communism is as well and even wants to blend it with sharia. He also wants amnesty so he could actually be accepted as an American citizen, which he currently isn’t but a placed puppet! He came as a foreign student and has never filed for American citizenship. Still a citizen of Indonesia and pure islam there.

      • Elizabeth Raynor Short

        Whatever blame comes out of their mouths is in reality what they did/are doing, not the person they are accusing. It’s called projection or transference.

      • Little Bright Feather

        TRUE freedom is what they are actually afraid of – no one alive today except maybe us oldsters know what real freedom is – the American people have NEVER had it they only got the PERCEIVED FREEDOM of DC’S Making.. The thought of being totally responsible for yourself scares them to death! So use to having DC govt parents that have dictated every move of their lives ! They don’t know HOW to THINK FOR THEMSELVES – they’d be totally lost in a REAL free society..

        • You seem very confused.
          What “freedom” do you believe is missing?

          The freedom to be a bigot?
          The freedom to make women second class citizens?
          The freesom to pollute water?
          The freedom to ?????

          • Little Bright Feather

            Those are all DC Federal freedoms they have given themselves (unlawful all,but they do it freely). WE don’t have freedom to have pure water, clean air, freedom to travel, safety, clean foods untouched by gov
            t poisons, freedom to our own body from govt experiments (they experiment on us all the time without our knowledge or consent) they force their deadly vaccines into us even using police to hold kids down in schools as they did in 2007 to inject them with those poisons, freedom from taxes , freedom for natural health, freedom of our rights (we actually had rights back 50 years ago), privacy, not being photographed everywhere we go, didn’t use to be under 24/7 surveillance, phone calls and mailings of all kinds are monitored, freedom of Christian religion, freedom to fly without being bodily assaulted, freedom to be a parent to our own kids without the govt kidnapping them, govt did not poke its nose into the family or our lives as they completely do now, Govt dictating every move we are allowed today, we use to have free speech and freedom of our own thoughts, didn’t use to be forced into the satanic PC language to control every word and how we say them, no longer allowed to have a Bible out in the open, Our kids are forced into Islam against our wishes and if we protest it we are arrested, parents have no say over their own kids anymore = govt controls everything, we are fully controlled and told what we are allowed to buy and use, no longer have freedom for anything we had just 50 years ago.. And 70 years ago it was fabulous compared to now. And these listed are just a FEW of the restrictions we are under today in this national prison ! The poor kids born to this mess will never know true American history (they don’t now) what the Founders did to free us (or even know what a Founder is) and how our own ancestors gave it away, All this imprisonment will seem’normal’ To them since it will be all they know, just as the blind Muslims have had it generation after generation of lies and savagery that they think is “normal”. .WE are headed back into the Dark Ages where Muslims still live in their demented minds, but now they are dragging us and our kids with them into that insanity.
            History does repeat itself.

            “The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is, and what it was.” — Milan Kundera


      • All modern industrialize countri0eas have mixed economies. It is a matter of self-defense. History clearly documents that when the impoverished become the majority, revolution takes place.

        You create the problem then complain about what you have created.
        Only you – the consumer – can repair what has happened.

        There is only one way to fix it – BUY ONLY AMERICAN GOODS AND SERVICES. Put Americans back to work.

      • @ 77 I really don’t want to go to war again but the way this is going I will not just lay down & give up, this old vet took an oath a long time ago & it is still in effect, I will be be right beside & on the front row with all of you, I am still able to hit the 10 ring out to 2,000 yards, I still build my guns & ammo, got out of the gun business & repair business in 06, still work on Harley’s, tanks, personell carriers & do machine work, I might retire some day but not while this bunch of commies & muslins are trying to take over our country—Vote Trump & Pence, all other parties—red, green, blue or pokey dot will be a waste of your vote, people had better wake the hell up, we are going down the cliff & all of the indians & cowboys are right behind. I have know this was a rigged system of years, this has got to be fixed & soon. Trump & Pence for 2016

    • Let’s just all boycott this rigged system

    • DITTO…….It started to REALLY fall apart with the election of a MUSLIM….he was/is bound and determined to change this country ……elect hitlery and it will come to fruition AND not for the better.

      • You insult everything our Founders fought and dies for.
        Relifious freedom is the cvaery basis this country was founded upon.

        • Exactly my sentiment. The only to avoid a religious majority forcing its beliefs on you is for the enforce separation of religion and state. This means that you cannot have laws that prohibit abortion or same sex marriage because when you as a majority are no longer in office, the new religious majority might pass religious laws that you don’t like.

          • The Founders tried Socialism to discard it for the Free Democratic-Republic practiced in America. This established legal precedent that no Socialism should be in US Office and/or US Law.

            As to the laws that prohibit “same sex marriage,” etc.

            The Founders considered the momentary need to meet a temporary facilitation, to be against the founding articles and principles which they penned the Constitution to protect.

            “On every occasion [of Constitutional interpretation] let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying [to force] what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, [instead let us] conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”

            – Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 12 June 1823

            The passage and amending of US laws to meet momentary facilitations was the precise action the founders did not want of future generations of Americans:

            “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.”

            — Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of Independence, 3rd President of the U. S.

            “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

            – Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787

            “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

            – William Pitt (the Younger), Speech in the House of Commons, November 18, 1783

            “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

            – Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

            At every moment, Americans are to remember the events that led to the forming and signing of the US Constitution and those Americans are to put those founding laws, principles and ideals, above current facilitations to meet current desires in order to uphold the perfect union as it was originally created.

            US Law charges that at all times the intent of the framers be applied and recognized. This further establishes that US law must recognize and adhere to US Constitutional law; which is the founding principle for all US Law. The Founders established the laws regarding marriage, LGBT, Equality, etc. The Founders established the principles and those who stand against those principles, according to political analysts, are now standing as practicing Socialists supporting the Socialist Party practicing Socialism for years under the name of the Democratic Party. Take the time to Google and thousands of reports and data appear regarding all of this.

            I close sharing that since 2015, survivors of Hitler’s Nazi Germany have been touring the USA pleading with American’s to stop supporting President Obama and the Democratic Party because they are practicing the very same programs,agendas, policies, and laws, of Hitler and the Nazi’s which took over Germany and led to the deaths of 11 Million people. These survivors of Hitler’s Germany are supporting the only Party they believe stands upholding Constitutional law and freedom; and is not working to uphold Hitler’s Nazi policies. These survivors of Hitler’s Nazi Germany are supporting the Republican Party and Mr. Trump.

            This facts spoke massively to the people of this household.

            The simple truth is that the Founders created the law and none in America is attempting to shove religion down anyone’s throats overall. They just want the law to remain assuring their freedom as the framers created it. Instead, political analysts and myriad agencies,etc., are reporting that the religious people are having their freedoms stripped away because the liberals are force-feeding their minority desires upon the majority. This is again is confirmed to be one of the policies temporarily used in Hitler’s Nazi Germany and stands contradictory to US Constitutional law and the framers stated principles. The Founding Father’s created these US laws, they established this nation and they charged that all Americans need to put those founding laws, ideals and moments, above the current and future temporary necessities(facilitation’s). The liberals in America and many in the Judicial system, are not standing supporting US Constitutional Law. If not Patriots supporting America, according to the analysts and the Founders, one would be a Tyrant.

            It all simply comes down to being obedient to US Law as a supporting patriotic loyal citizen, or leaving America so that it can continue to exist as created for the good of the majority of the people in the nation, while going somewhere else that supports personal temporary necessitation’s.

            Take the time to research and you like so many, have facts reversed. The USA has been a religious nation, though certainly none had to practice religion, which is why the First Amendment assures religion and most of the Founders held Pastoral degrees (they were Pastors). It is the minority in America who have been working to force radical change on a nation long upholding US Founding laws for more than 200 years. Therefore, it is impossible for it to be the religious who are forcing anything upon anyone as those were the very practices established and protected by the Founders which continued for more than 200 years. Check the court files State to State, and you will see that it was not religious people forcing change, not by a long shot. Even the King charged the Pilgrims on the Mayflower to uphold Christian principles for the founding, success and prosperity of the new land. This is what led to the Mayflower Compact and later to the Revolutionary War and the Founding of America under those same basic tenets.

            It must be nice to live in a created reality that allows one to identify as they desire, however truth exists in factual details and the truth is that for more than 200 years America was founded in the principles you seem to detest. No one forced those beliefs because they were upheld, protected, and defended by the majority of America for more than 200 years. Because of this, there was no religious issue to force upon any. The Founders believed these principles so fundamental to the continuance of the USA that they paid for the National Monument to the Forefather’s known as the Pilgrim’s Monument. Should the Founding Articles be destroyed, the people of this nation are to go to that statue which shows how to rebuild the nation using the original Christian Bible. The statue shows us that our Justice, Education, and Business, etc., are all to be once again constructed on the same principles of the Bible as was done originally. The founders believed this a necessary back-up to the Founding Articles to establish how fundamentally important these shared ideals were to future generations.

            Reports continue to evidence that it remains the minority few who press to force their personal and Party agendas upon the majority of America, selfishly forcing the majority to conform to the will and desires of the few. Take the time to research and the facts are there en mass. Best wishes to you. I studied from childhood rather than play and as an adult have invested about 154 hours weekly, to learn truth. It would be well to know that any would move away from stating falsehoods as fact, to actually apply investigative research and speak truth. Again, Best Wishes.

          • Thank you as I have been trying to say the same for months, but since the education system was taken over by the feds and teacher unions in the 1960’s (also the DNC published 1963 Communist Manifesto to take over America, the early 60’s were the start of America’s downfall IF WE LET IT!) were to not inform nor teach our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and how to think, and today in schools it is also called Common Core (thank Bill Gates for pushing this little dirty move), and we have let it happen believing it could never happen and so were asleep as America’s future, freedom and greatness seeped away. NOW, how many are really going to stand up and stop this horror of losing our America? States need to stop and remember have states’ rights and stop kowtowing to the feds on everything. We are a Union of States (United States) and a union can be broken just like a divorce breaks a union. Wake up and force your state to use its real powers to block voter fraud and clean up their voting lists (LA has not and has dead voting for many years and that is plain insane and means get rid of the Registrar NOW).

          • The Founders did not “try Socialism”.
            Pure capitalism does not work.
            Pure socialism only functions well in small societies.
            All modern, industrialized nations have mixed ecnomies.
            It is a matter of national defense, a necesaity.

            The Constitution is a living document. As such, it has been amended to insure that it rwmains current with social and scientific change.

          • Please understand the the King charged the Pilgrim’s of the Mayflower to stand in obedience to God in order to found a successful land that would bring prosperity, which led to the Mayflower Compact. However, things took a turn for the Christian believers once on land.

            Please take the time to study the North American Plymouth Colony which was founded in 1620 in what is today known as Plymouth, Massachusetts. In the colonies original written charter is a system for the division of shared communal property and the division of labor, otherwise known as Socialism on shared colony property.

            This excerpt copied:

            “As William Bradford recorded in his Of Plymouth Plantation, a people who had formerly been known for their virtue and hard work became lazy and unproductive. Resources were squandered, vegetables were allowed to rot on the ground and mass starvation was the result. And where there is starvation, there is plague. After 2 1/2 years, the leaders of the colony decided to abandon their socialist mandate and create a system which honored private property. The colony survived and thrived and the abundance which resulted was what was celebrated at that iconic Thanksgiving feast.” Read more @:

            Please take time to research further as there are far more extensive and interesting works than the short synopsis copied and referenced; because it was the very choice to completely discard Socialism in its entirety and take-up the full practice of Capitalism which led to the first successful Thanksgiving celebration so long celebrated since.

          • You are correct in part and completely wrong in others. I have provided the historical reference by Bradford himself in the Plymouth Colony, regarding the failure and removal of Socialism to install Capitalism and save a people…which led to that iconic successful Thanksgiving celebration. Other Colonies resorted to cannibalism when times became incredibly dark and extreme; as the continuing archaeological dig documents. The colonist who survived, discarded Socialism for Capitalism. As to all modern nations…the US is charged to stand always unique, independent and singular through its Constitutional Law in order to maintain its independence, strength, and power, while being able through such divestiture of other accepted means, to also stand able to defend and protect its lands, property and people. As to the Living Constitution being amended…please understand that upon every occasion of current need, all Americans are to return to the time of the Constitution and its creation and uphold it as primary above any current facilitation.

            “On every occasion [of Constitutional interpretation] let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying [to force] what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, [instead let us] conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”
            – Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 12 June 1823

            As to Socialism in any National Form:

            “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.”
            — Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of Independence, 3rd President of the U. S.

            “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”
            – Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787

            Momentary necessities, facilitation’s and the meeting of what would be considered temporary needs, were also addressed:

            “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”
            – William Pitt (the Younger), Speech in the House of Commons, November 18, 1783

            “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
            – Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

            The US Constitution was not created to remain current with future generations of America. The US Constitution was created to united and establish America as an independent nation on the global stage.

            “Of the thirty-nine signers, Benjamin Franklin summed up, addressing the Convention: “There are several parts of this Constitution which I do not at present approve, but I am not sure I shall never approve them.” He would accept the Constitution, “because I expect no better and because I am not sure that it is not the best’.”

            One is also charged in US Law to return to the intent of the framers and their beliefs and ideals, their very thoughts as they wrote the law. The Framers actually addressed, provided for, and outlawed with death by various means or long-term imprisonment, the myriad amendments made in the later years of the 20th Century and the early years of the 21st. In short, every law maker in the United States literally had to deny the Founders written stated law, as well as their very ideals, principles, and written beliefs, in order to create the amendments to the Constitution. This is precisely what the Framers did not at any point desire to take place in America. This is why the charge to law makers and American’s is to return to the moment of the penning of the Constitution and to the ideals of those people, and to choose to uphold those ideals, principles and beliefs primary…which means above current day desires, and wants.

            Please consider take a course in US Constitutional Law. I have been reading about such a course which has been stated to be changing the way Americans undertsand their nation and its laws because the course is based in Historical fact, law and US Constituional framers principles, ideals, and thoughts, as they wrote and passed the article. Learn more about the (I believe free) online US Constitutional Law course @:

          • The one basic continuing misunderstanding of the US Constitution is that the Constitution is living so that it can change to meet the needs of Americans. The Constitution is considered a living document because it ASSURES the rights of Americans are ALREADY met, from the beginning to current day, and extending to future generations. Few seem to recognize the Constitution already addressed marriage, LGBT and equality. Lincoln did not include the LGBT in his equal rights, because US law already revoked all of those rights if LGBT were caught in the illegal act. All US laws which have been amended in these passing years regarding these many topics, were addressed from the very first. President Washington Court Martialled a soldier for sodomy (LBGT), while Jefferson stated that Virginians should pull the man apart between two carriages. Marriage was between a male and female, sodomy was addressed, expansion of states, ceding from the union, growth of the nation, funding, emancipation, immigration, closing of boarders, caps on immigration, funding the military, taxation, etc. The Founders covered all of those laws from the beginning and empowered the US Constitution with life to assure that it remained empowering the USA to continue to sustain its people and its lands under that written law and assurance. This is why the document lives, to continue to provide for Americans as it is written, not to change to adapt to the current needs of Americans. It is the people of America – as President Thomas Jefferson wrote… who are supposed to conform themselves to the Founding Articles and principles in order to stand obedient to US law and provide protection and assurance of continued Freedom with Liberty for all.

          • Try being succinct..

          • While those prone to lesser abilities due to shorter attention spans, may not desire the read, I have been voted “Favored Author” among other notations, and repeatedly asked by various forums to author future works. I am also a published writer and currently have various publishers asking to publish my next work. I am recognized for taking the time to address topics factually, from most every necessary vantage point, and with legal, historical and other relevant fact.

            If my words were too much for you, my apologies are proffered.

            In simpler terms…please go back to studying, you were incorrect in every single statement you made save one. This is a 99% failure error not prone to good acceptance.

          • Judges and juries prefer succinct.

          • Obviously, as addressed prior… How long will you return to the same topic to repeat yourself… You are not comprehending the written word, nor remembering it. Good-Bye.

          • Now I will address your comment that “All modern, industrialized nations have mixed economies.” First, one need define “modern,” and “mixed economies.” There are many nations who have modern economies which have no socialist programs. The many who do have socialist programs also have the highest rates of taxation globally. One Country as I recall the other day had a 25% Sales Tax and a 50-55% Federal Tax! Wow! Of course they provide national programs when they are taking that much money from everybody’s pockets for every item purchased, PLUS Federal Taxes that are excessive to say the least.

            National programs in Western Countries share another socio-economic issue if any take the time to read their reports. National Healthcare for example, is more burdensome financially than the governments can bear so they find ways to keep increasing taxation. Britain’s leaders have repeatedly addressed the fact that they do not have the funding to meet current national healthcare needs; let alone address new needs. This remains one of the huge issue on the parliamentary budget issue yearly; Canada shares roughly the same report.

            Take a moment please to recall the very reason that the original founding US Colonists chose to stand against the Tea Tax…it was because Red Coat’s were already walking their streets policing them to enforce British laws while increasing the taxes on items; and those taxes were not going to help the colonists in any manner whatsoever. Those taxes were for the people living in Britain and the Crown. American’s came into being in that singular moment when they realized that they needed to stand apart and separated from the over-taxation and mis-representation so long a part of so many other Countries.

            The Revolutionary War of America, stands as a clear example of what the original American’s who founded this Nation, thought of sharing any sort of national programs that would be shared as the common wealth of a people; they declared war and so many died to prevent that very action from continuing to stand in any form of practice on US soil.

            As to your assertion that Socialism is a matter of defense for US Soil… I beg to differ, as does global history. World History teaches that those who share in socialist ideals are those suffering the most greatly. Those persons also have been statistically recognized to have a high rate of defect to join the party they were supposed to be standing opposing. I am tired and getting a migraine, so I ask that you take the time to study US and World War History, as well as Global Socialism – it’s progress and decline throughout all civilizations.

            One of the interesting notes I read more than once in 50+ years of study and research while applying as much as 154 hours weekly in learning, was of the Socialist soldier and people surrendering, and/or defecting to the troops attacking their Country, in order to get to freedom…Usually in America.

            Far from sustaining a country through supporting a military defense, Socialism does not equip a military because everyone is supposed to have equal shares in the wealth. If everyone has equal shares, then none has the ability to prosper militarily in order to stand equipped to the defense and action to the equal level of their competing nations.

            It is a basic mathematics equation if you want to take the time to run the numbers. Let’s look at this two different ways.

            1) In order to have your Socialist Nation as my Democratic/Republic country, both of our countries have to have the same exact amount of population within a small percentage of difference, who are making the same amount of monies while being taxed equally. At the same time, our 2 different governments have to be providing precisely the same distribution of spending in all of the precisely same services, with no errors in manufacturing, healthcare, socio-economics, housing, education, etc. in order for our 2 military forces to stand equal in their defense capabilities. Because your Socialist Country shared the wealth while mine did not, my Country historically will conquer your country should need arise. Why? Because shared wealth does not support the growth and sustainment of a military to compete to optimal ability on the world stage. Any questions, please check out what has happened to the US military under President Obama’s socialist ideals which has put the US back to pre-WWII days and returned it to incredible vulnerability just as prior to the attack attack of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, which endangers all Americans. My Democratic-Republic rewards ingenuity and invention which equips any willing to participate in capitalism and growth. Socialism denies those advantages, choosing to favor a chosen few above all others; which in itself is not true Socialism.

            2) If we all have 5 tanks in our Socialist hands and the US comes in with a battalion because they do not share their wealth but allocate to more fully fund their military, our 5 tanks lose even when put together. Why? Most of us did not even have money for fuel or ammo for our tanks, the treads were worn and fell off, the gun is rusted to the turret, and none had the oil to prepare the tank. Get the idea?

            Please also recognize another defect of the Socialist principle is that it is based in a Utopian ideal rather than reality. Everyone prospers when the wealth is shared in fantasy and the military has everything it needs to protect and defend everyone. In the real world, health care costs and military costs, are the two biggest reasons that Socialism always takes a hit. There is never enough funding in shared wealth to meet all of the existing and emerging needs. Even now the British Crown is trying to figure out how to fund the repairs of their many Royal Palaces because shared wealth makes no such provisions. For example, at the current rate of advancing technology with new tech being invented and ready for purchase as many as several items a day, even the wealthiest nations in the world, such as the US and Britain, cannot keep abreast of the need to increase their national funding for emergent technologies simply so that they can stand defending their Countries from the newly emerging technologies. When that new tech needs to be used in new military designs for increased development of machinery, hardware, ships, planes, etc., the development alone is outdated years before the final item is ready for shipping. Take the current replacement to our F-14, which is billions over costs, simply because of the continuing attempts to install and compete with emergent tech… and the F-14 can fly circles around the new fighter! Ouch! The US keeps going back to the drawing boards as other Countries wait for this plane to be delivered. This is the best effort in the US Military being hindered by spending cuts and the increased costs of national social programs. The F-14 was taken out of the US Military and retired in 2007.

            Countries who run on Socialism for financial provision take the majority of their funding for government, health care and military costs. Those 3 needs top the financial spending roster; along with their personal checks for those in government…before the wealth is shared with the people.

            There is not a good deal left to share with the people because the jobs are not increasing in an economy that does not have a reason for economic competition because of shared wealth. Shared wealth eventually tends to leave most longing for a good job while they stay at home waiting for the government to provide one. Again, check world socialism in history. When war comes to Socialist Countries, many simply cross the border and surrender asking for assistance and food.

            There have been times when the US troops in history, PUT DOWN THEIR GUNS in order to help the many Socialist who were so hungry, hurting, and near death, that they simply crossed the battle lines pleading for assistance or death.

            The show of force by the Socialist Military is a fine example of the lack of humanity of such governments. A grand show of force for a fine appearing military, and meanwhile…people are hurting, hungry, and begging for food, jobs, clothing, warmth, and all sustainable provisions.

            It takes time to see these declines historically, but they do evidence and they are horrific.

            Socialism is historically also the door that too often opens to Communism. Survivors of Hitler’s Nazi Germany have been touring the US since 2015 pleading with Americans to stop supporting President Obama and the Democratic Party because their programs, policies, agendas, and laws, are EXACTLY those used by Hitler and the Nazi’s.

            Have any doubt, then please turn to study German history, the Red Army, the decline of Germany amidst intense socio-economic strife as the Germany peoples were out of jobs, inflation had sent prices for all items including basic needs soaring through the roof, education was taking a hit, and everyone was hurting. Sound familiar… It is at this point that Hitler steps into the picture in German history. What appeared to be great programs and policies nationally, that would deliver the German people and raise them to new heights, did not come because they were being enslaved though sharing “wealth.” The “wealth” they shared came from the Countries and peoples decimated by Hitler’s SS, along with the Jews, Homosexuals, etc., that Hitler and the Nazi’s were destroying so that the people of Germany could share “wealth.”

            Historically, Socialism is the decline of peoples, not given to their sustained increase, growth and prosperity.

          • Like or impose upon freedom?
            Religious majority? Which religion, there are many?
            Christianity is the largest. Islam is the second largest.

        • We, our band of brothers that were there on st Crispan;s day ,,,, all want to puke ever time you talk about the sacrifices we made .

          Knock it off with the references to the men that fought for this country. It hurts our ears.

        • Hmmmmmmm relifious freedom? What’s that?

        • Katherine sienna

          Was there a trophy for ignorance in the Brazil Olympic category ?

          • Maybe you should have entered the contest.
            You would have probably won a gold.

          • Katherine sienna

            Like your insult, I have always met with intellects so it’s entertaining to read someone’s dumb jokes. I have surrounded with smart, polite friends, your post is completely opposite like watching The View’s stupid nonsense talks, very different and beyond imagination. May be all the demonRats were talking that way including beloved hiLIARy your idiot, oh I mean idol.

        • Whoa! That would be fought, and died, for! What is Relifious freedom? And the cvaery? Like I said earlier she would have to have a brain to be brainwashed, this poor stupid liberal can’t even spell.

        • Except. The Muslims don’t believe in relgoius freedom
          Check out apostate

          • HA, you think that’s bad, check out what they do when they move into an area, take over AND kick you out of an area in your own country………..check out Sweden………..

          • You are hugely in error.
            Each country has the right to govern itself as it sees fit.
            You confuse religion and government.

            The Holy See is a Catholic theocracy, i.e., absolute monarchy.. It is goverend by religious leaders.

            Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emiratwa are monarchies. They are also theocracies by order of the ruler.

        • Patricia Anderson

          Look religious freedom is what I want but not, if it means I have to bow to their God and follow Sharia law. The LGBTQ community doesn’t know the danger they are in. In Sharia law Gays are targeted and killed either by cutting off their heads or throwing them off high roofs and mocking them.

          • Muslims worship the Old Teastament God of Abraham.
            The very same God worshipped by Jews and Chrisitans.

            If you are a member of a religious faith, you already follow Sharia Law.

            Homosexuals are targets of abuse and violence right here in the United States. Up yntil 2003, homosexuality was illegal in Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri (statewide), North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

        • Our founders didn’t forseen idiots like you would even exist.

        • Katherine sienna

          Hahaha, very funny and thanks for the laugh before I start out the day to work hard for the money to provide you and your dems free stuffs.

      • James Carville said “It’s the Militia, Stupid!” Time to restore our Constitutional State Militias. Contact me offline at 432.934.6338 if you need help revitalizing your Militia. Texians should attend the Rally in Austin on Sept. 3.

    • We the People do not elect a President.

      We the People have never elected a President.

      We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.


      Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.

      Start with the Electoral College.

    • Hey Robert, I am with you. My old Henry .44/40 and Ruger .357 BUNTLINE SPECIAL are up for the task. by the way, I am eighty and still going strong. Ex 82nd Airborne.

    • Elizabeth Raynor Short

      First. organize people to do exit polling on Election Day. Then, we’ll see if it matches the votes announced. If not, we have a case that the election was rigged. Stone is helping people organize to do this.

    • Agree!

    • Patricia Anderson


    • What is a “rule of law violation”?
      Your reference to the Cloward-Piven Strategy is pure nonsense.
      Your reference to Alinsky is also purw nonsense.

    • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

      PRESIDENT TRUMP we must stop Voter Obama crooked Lying Hillary fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That old gray matter in your “old and gray” head is obviously deteriorating at a rapid pace.

  2. Richard Schwartz

    The only way Donald wins is by a landslide. The negates stuffing the ballot box.

    • Hillary can only win by voter fraud in which she and her libtard cronies are masters.

      • The best way to stop voter fraud is for them to have nothing to count. Let’s all boycott the election

      • Trust me……..she’s a master at crookedness……check out “DOCUMETARIES.COM” on U-TUBE…you’ll see what a piece of trash the Clintons are…….suspicious deaths tied to them also…..

      • Hillary has Parkinson’s, she will never be POTUS! A secret service agent just got the word out, he told everything!

        • Parkinson’s, maybe, but her diagnosis appears more to be blood not getting to the head and a possible clot (she has a terrible clotting condition) reaching the lungs, heart or brain. With lack of sufficient blood to the head one experiences falling, imbalance in walking, head problems, migraines, dizziness, vertigo and heart failure along with liver problems and this seems to be a big problem for the female villain. However, if Parkinson’s, fine and dandy to keep her out of office and stuck at home because soon the many other dangerous symptoms will pop up as well. She deserves either or here and soon because the DNC will not have a viable candidate against Trump. God is good!

    • You do know that Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 but won the presidency and it is possible for Trump to win the popular vote that you all keep crying about being rigged and lose the electoral votes thus loosing the elections. Your vote doesn’t elect the president it’s the electoral votes that count.

      • Pforfreedom for all

        you are right, and living in a total liberal state like Oregon, its a possibility, althought I was on Trumps campayne here, and his total votes were 20,000 more than HITLARYS, so id the Demturd gets the electoral votes here, it is saying complete voter fraud. You see our voting is done by mail, votes can plainly be thrown away in the trash, if it is a demoturd that is doing the counting, now if the votes are counted by a team that is split evenly, half and half and counting is compared then maybe, just maybe it would be fair, but like I said, when it comes to the losers I call DEMOTURDS it is highly feasible for fraud.

        • The best way to stop voter fraud is not to vote. This way they have nothing to count. Let’s all boycott the election

          • Really?

          • Mike, by not voting, Hillary will be a shoo-in! A no vote is a Democrat vote and more of the same ol’, same ol’!!

          • MIKE, the dumbocrats will ALL vote………

          • Mikeieeeeeeee,,,,,,That sounds kike Bush and Kasich. If I don’t get my way I’ll take my football and go hone.

            I was a combat engineer and our motto “Essayons” means we will try no matter what the odds We are not quitters, no matter what.

            Quitting will NOT do anything to straighten out the election or worse yet, the country.

        • You should probably check those numbers again .I checked and she beat Trump by 9000 votes and Bernie who is no longer in the race beat him by 100,000 so unless all the Bernie people are voting for Trump Oregon will vote blue by a land slide.

          • You a damn fool

          • I’ve been called worst

          • He’s been called worse…
            But it seems no ones call him anything better…
            I wonder why that is…?

          • Pforfreedom for all

            Bobby are you from Oregon? yes you are right my mastake, you bet your ass Bernie fans probably 80% will vote for Trump, including one of my daughters, who at one time didn’t know what socialism is, but now is informed, vote changed to Trump, my whole goal is to informed the young generation on some real facts. I think most do not know there ass from a hole in the ground, there are a slight few that are up to current events but most are oblivious. Again thank you. But some information might be helpful also, 70% of 123,000 moves by United van lines were to Oregon, and most are not democrats

          • U-TUBE…”” find out just how rotten the Clintons are……..she’d sell her mother for a nickel………the GREEDY, LYING, THEIVING POS……..

          • Well, it is not socialism happening, Pfor, it is outright communism as my family has been there and done both and know the difference. The DNC wants communism and Hillary has been a communist since her late 20’s. We want our freedom and rights back and that is via voting for America and Trump and not on computers! Love the last sentence and hope those not democrats will vote and swing the vote to the right and away from the left.

          • Oregon already is suffering from their stupidity in raising fast food wages and are bemoaning that. If they do anything more to damage the election, then let them die on the vine as people leave, more businesses fail and/or leave, and the rain can rain them out of existence! Ditto Washington state. Being liberal means you are brainless idiots and that can and will catch up sooner or later. No wonder half of OR wants to secede and join our half of CA to form a new and far better state for America and against the brainless evil ones!

          • California is the most liberal state in the USA and will be the next state with a $15 an hour minimum wage.

        • Campaign!

        • My thoughts exactly!!

        • Don’t mail a vote, take it directly to the Registrar of Voters and make sure it is not disposed of. Don’t send by mail as it either does not have enough postage and then off to the dead files or it doesn’t get delivered at all. I am a firm believer in taking my vote directly to the Ballot Box or the Registrar of Voters and no sending it out of the district or state just because the DNC idiots think we can’t count. I used to count votes for a city and it was work but worth it!

      • Anyone stupid enough to vote for a criminal to lead our country, is either a lesbian, homo, tranny, bi-sexual, black, or Hispanic, or an imbisilic white trash dick-head-flip!

    • We should do as it was designed, have regular working people volunteer to be politicians, no money involved. Then only honest people would be doing the political stuff!

  3. Oh lord. Anybody that spouts Saul Alinsky isn’t worth taking seriously.

  4. The election of 2012 was soooooo rigged that if it wasn’t so serious it would be comical! George Soros *made in Europe* machines would change the vote for Romney over to Obozo–and unless caught by the voter–it was counted for Obozo—people voting more than once–foreigners voting–no or same day registration so you could vote that day without time for the registration people to check them out—Obozo telling the crowd–*come on–lets’ go vote–the busses are around the corner–let’s go vote*–the IRS still not granting tax exempt status to conservative groups so it makes it harder to get GOP campaign money–remember Lois Lerner? –still going on–was massive starting in 2010–redistricting area in states to favor Democrates–military personal-out of state- who hate Obozo–50,000 votes didn’t get counted–excuse was that they didn’t get there in time (really?)–one poll watcher said that a group at a table it the corner were throwing away Romney ballots–one district had votes for Obozo at 103%–another had more votes for Obozo than there were voters and on and on!

    • Absolutely it happens in all elections, I know it has happened in Washington state for during the governors elections. Ballots mysteriously found in a back room somewhere always happens in this state.

      • That’s why we should all boycott it.

        • Just how will not voting change anything?

          • If you know it’s rigged and you’re going to lose why waste gas and time driving to a wasted effort? Unless you honestly know in your heart that it’s not rigged and you are simply blowing smoke

      • You’re correct. I live in WA State.

      • Back in 70’s I worked the poles in Fla., we had three counters, if we didn’t agree then it was a redo, Here in Va, we mark a paper ballot, it goes into a copier, then a ballot box, so it’s machine vs hand/eye, 2008 was a nightmare, buses bringing people in, it was like everyone went crazy and no one would correct it, 2012 not much better, now we will see if these new ways will help along with voter’s card and photo ID. This is our most precious right and needs to be protected.

    • You are right. It’s rigged. We should all boycott this rigged system

      • Then they would make Hillary POTUS for sure! If the side that isn’t cheating goes on strike, the side that’s cheating wins for sure! Mike, all I ask from my men is for them to take their head out of there ass, and get behind the cause, you with me soldier?

        • I’ve been trying to get everyone to U-TUBE “Documentaries.Com” and find out what lying, cheating, thieving, dirt bags the Clintons are……..ALL documented….

          • Realky?

          • YEAH REALLY………..ALL DOCUMENTED……..

          • Seems to me that everyone now knows it but being a DNC Party animal they don’t think, just vote the Party, meaning they are brainless. Thank God my family dropped out of the DNC Party back in the 60’s when all this garbage starting to build! Proud to say my Democrat family and godson are switching parties to vote for Trump because they now fully understand the crap that has been happening for a long time and want to see their country saved and great again. YEA!

          • My entire family at one time were Democrats, that was wayyyyyy back before they became a sleazy bunch led by the worst of the worst oblamo the muslm homo POS….AND I am so afraid that that lying, thieving POS hitlery will become president, I can barely stand the sight of her LYING face…..the worst part is she has no idea what she’s doing……we’ll go straight to hell IF GOD FORBID, she becomes president……that u-tube documentary tells the whole story of the slime bags from the day billy first got into politics when he found out he could get rich quick by lying, cheating etc…….I think they are demonic, I really do……they are tied to a few murders namely Vince Foster…….u-tube him……..

        • Can;t speak for Mike but I;m with ya, brother.

          Trump for the White House
          Clinton for the BIG house.

      • We the People do not elect a President.

        We the People have never elected a President.

        We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.


        Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.

        Start with the Electoral College.

        • My sentiment. So why waste time voting?

        • AKLady2015 Shutup liberal you are part of the problem that is turning this country socialist now I can see how Hitler took over Germany cause it was caused from stupid people like you!

          • We are not going to see socialism but outright communism with the communist Hillary if she wins the WH via the globalists and America gone. My family knows both socialism and communism, and this is pure communism which has been creeping in almost daily lately to own America and shut you us.

      • Go around it. Read my blog above as to solution.

    • AllanGardnerMiles

      The Land of Opportunity appears to be headed into the Land of Great Disappointment under the Obama and Hillary Secretary of State Administration. Hillary has been around long enough and suddenly she says she has job creation plans etc. She could have done something other than grab money from everyone and cater to Foreign Nations. Russia’s money for the American Uranium mines where did it go. Should have been used to pay off some of our debt. Make one guess where the money likely ended up and you would likely be correct. We are losing Our Great Constitution. We are losing Our Rights. We have been told we will be fined$10,000 or Jailed for saying the Pledge Of Allegiance in Public. Has Strong America become a BUNCH OF WIMPS.?????????????????????????????????????? They don’t want us to have guns. And that reminds me of Adolph Hitler around 1935 rounding up citizens guns. History has a way of Repeating itself when the Citizens Rest on their Laurels and won’t Rein In a Rogue Government. Apparently the Sargent at Arms is pro Obama and Hillary as both should have been arrested and in jail already.

    • I saw where one election booth had the workers throwing the ballots on the floor……..

    • We the People do not elect a President.

      We the People have never elected a President.

      We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

      • Please stop copying and pasting. Do something original, not something copied out of the liberal/progressive handbook. And, no, I am not supporting Trump – just tired of your tirades of nonsense.

    • there is another way to rig the voting machines. when initialized for the voter the machine selects a default candidate (democrat) if you do not select a candidate the default is chosen. Normally this might affect 10% of the vote where you do not select a particular office on a ballot. In this election it might go up to 30%. to prevent your uncast vote from being stolen i suggest you pick a third party candidate.

  5. please, watch this video of how existing voter fraud is done
    with GEMS software on Diebold voting machines that are used in 26 states!!!

    then read this article on how the GEMS software riggs votes!!!

    the states that use this software and Diebold machines include: Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Utah, Vermont, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming!!!

    Trump will lose due to massive voter fraud!!!

    and there is not a damn thing we can do about it!!!

    • Trump losing to voter fraud is a very possible scenario.

      • Francisco Machado

        Recent experience shows us that it won’t matter how obvious, how provable the voter fraud is the Republicans will do nothing about it and nothing will happen to the Democrat perpetrators.

      • Trump losing with NO voter fraud is very possible.

      • That’s what scares the SHIT out of me………….
        IF he loses, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye………

      • Trump losing because only the 26 of you who post here vote for him is more probable.

        • Now that is “not” a likely scenario. Voters have finally started to notice how bad things have been due to the Democrats they trust the most. No, hillary is about to fall flat on her face politically and physically.

          • You must live in another country, Unemployment under 5%, low interest rates, gasoline 2.09/gal, my 401k shows a gain every quarter, stock market closing at record highs. Wages are going up, no body counts of how many of our sons and daughters are dying fighting wars on two fronts, auto industry, housing market strong again. This is still the greatest country in the world.

          • We do live in the greatest country in the world. In spite of follow minded non-thinkers like you we will overcome the list of failures you just tried to make look like a success. Go back to sleep Cinderella. The world will take care of itself and get rid of the obamas, clintons, reids, lynches and pelosis. And, when it is all OK again, we will get a prince to kiss you and bring you out of your stupor. Good bye silly boy.

          • I will take this dream any day over the nightmare of the Bush years. If you are failing to prosper then it’s because you are just lazy and think the world owe you something. You should start saving your welfare check for a move to Russia because Clinton will be the next president to the satisfaction of the majority of Americans.

          • WoW! What welfare check. Unfortunately, obama and the dems have reduced that to almost nothing. Nobody in their right mind would be satisfied with clinton as President. Bye Bye dream boy.

          • No one with a mind would be satisfied with Trump as president, unless your last name is Putin

  6. We should go to hand counted ballots with a repub and dem watching the counting in each voting location.

  7. Yes, it’s been revealed on video for all to see in a somewhat scientific approach. It can be easily hacked or changed.

    They will CHEAT! Hillary can get in by MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD. In fact it may explain how the deviants, phonies and phrauds up there put the unqualified and illegal negro sodomite in.

    We must return to paper balloting. Many ideas, signed ballots mailed to every address and no more. Hand counted by two independent parties, etc.

  8. I’ve been voting since 1960 and our country’s voting process has been totally corrupt and has only gotten worse over the years of new ways of “rigging” the process have been implemented. The democratic party always cheats in every way possible and the RINO party (which is a part of the democratic party) never says one word when their candidate is cheated by the fraudulent system. It has always been “rigged” and most likely will never change.

    • Pforfreedom for all

      complete MOFIA, They will fall, they are not invincible, by any means. POP SHOT ONE AT A TIME, from a mile away, they would never find any of us. The right tools make the difference!!!! Start buying your ham radio’s again so we can communicate, when everything goes down, purposely

    • RIGHT, it will CHANGE if hitlery gets elected… will get 1000 times worse………OMG can you imagine that skank as president………death where is thy sting?

  9. You’ll NEVER convince me the 2012 election was on the up and up!!

  10. Landslide Talks, and the Identified Miscreants are no More, and in Hil-Liary case is carried straight to PRISON!

  11. I live in Washington county Mn.. County Commissioner chairman will not answer questions on voting machine testing calibration.. check ur own counties..let the punks know ur watching

    • Better yet, sign up to be an election judge, and get paid for too. My wife and I do it every election. The stuff we’ve seen……

  12. By the Way, How could a Scumbag like Obummer have been elected anyway with multiple Social Security numbers and even one from a dead guy from Connecticut, while having parents or himself living there ever. Hello Voter Fraud, because people believed they needed to vote because they wanted the 1st Black President in the White House, hence again voter ignorance of character and background checks were never even pursued to verify his validity as a candidate! Voter Fraud and ignorance is a difficult enemy for anywhere in the world. Verify all candidates BEFORE they are allowed to run, NOT AFTER they have been falsely elected!

  13. We need verifiable PAPER BALLOTS for this election.

  14. Democrats will corrupt the system to get elected. They will rig and try to vote often to elect the liberal progressive idiots they like.

    • They sure will. They did it in the 2004 election. We need to stop it. Let’s all not vote this way they have nothing to count

    • Have these people understood the crooked things the Clintons have done to get where they are? EVERYONE should U-TUBE “”……..get the real story on those two POS……

  15. Wanna fix DC? What can’t politicians do without? Tax Dollars! Boycott work, until we get what we want! The majority of people working, out numbers deadbeats!

  16. Shouldn’t take very long to shake things up! There isn’t a politician breathing that will work for nothing!

  17. We need to get the ignorant slug democrat congress people out! Many of them are ridiculously uneducated! No $$$ no stay!

  18. All Trump Voters should wear RED on Election Day so we can see how many are at the polls.

  19. We should do the right thing and rise up! Take control of our country! Everyone has to die, what better way to die than fighting in a battle for democracy!

  20. today I noticed on the internet That Hillary Clinton said to all Illegal Aliens don’t forget to go and Vote in November. Isn’t that Illegal to do? Illegal Aliens can not Vote because they are not Citizens and they can’t vote, Hay Donald Trump Crooked Hillary is at it again!! To all of the Illegal Aliens out there. If you like to be free then you need to vote for Trump because Hillary is lying to all of you. Trump wants to free everyone from the chains of Government over reach. Hillary Clinton wants to kill all Christians so she and Obama can have Islam as the main Religion in America. DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON!!!

  21. Again, the election is not about the differences between the 2 candidates (although it is substantial!), it will come down to the damnable electoral college AND the trickery surrounding voter fraud and manipulation as this article alludes too. Crooked Hellary and the O’Bumpkin’ admin. is not above stooping to criminal acts in the process. Look at what el Barfo has done with the recent ransom money to Iran and the many other treasonous cover ups in the Hellary investigations! The FBI and all other security agencies had better monitor the election process closely, although the Director has already shown that he can be coerced along with the lousy AG!

    • Hillary is a criminal, and Obama is a fraud.

      • Hitlery is not only a criminal Rob…….she’s a satanic POS, AND a liar, a thief, a POS, a scum bag ETC ETC ETC……..oblamo is a muslim/homo, lousy skunk……..does EXACTLY what he wants, thinks he’s KING of the HILL…..I hope he’s like Jack & Jill that went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after……..just change Jack & Jill To barack & hitlery……….

      • Johndon Millertrump is both, and a fascist, as well as my governor, presidential candidate ‘Maniacal Mike’ Pence. Stein /Barraka ’16

    • I think it would great idea to do away wih the Electoral College. PERIOD!

    • YES! Like in ’68 when the votes didn’t matter and Nixon was crowned. And the coup in 2000 when Cheney/Dubya were elected by Scalia regardless the vote count so we could have 9/11, Iraq, and the fascist right ‘Project for A New American Century’s’ stated goal of “to create simultaneous conflicts in the Middle East “, which is how we got to Isis and conflicts today. Perhaps these same folks will STEAL ANOTHER for Pence/Millertrump ’16.

  22. We should never have allowed everything to get to this point! We should have nipped it in the bud, after Obama’s first term! He’d be back to sucking white cock for nose whiskey!

  23. The Democrat’s blatantly fixed the 2012 Elections and the recent Primary election ( just ask the Bernie Fans)

  24. George Soros owns one of the companies that counts some of the votes. Do you trust him? If you do you’re a complete Moron.

  25. Let’s hope eligible American voters overseas get out and vote. That they will vote for Trump.

  26. Hillary cheated to win the election from Bernie. Is there any question that she and Obama will cheat to steal the election from Trump? Get real people, she lies, cheats, and steals to get what she wants. We really need a way to insure only authorized citizens vote and their votes are recorded correctly.

  27. I remember in 2008, hearing about the group that Obama had started went to nursing homes to help Alzheimer patients vote. I’m sorry but when they don’t know their family or who is President at the time should not be voting.

  28. Stop the BS right from the get go. Back to paper ballots and guards at the polls.

  29. Well its not the first and it won’t be the last time the Democratic Party has tried or has rigged an Election. They did it often to Bernie Sanders during his Bid for the Democratic Party. and the MEDIA was going to make sure they were the ones controlling the Election. They have done it every election. Calling the winner of the election long before ALL BALLOTS were counted by using Exit Polls to call the winner with lest than 50% of the national Ballots Counted. Talk about RIGGED ELECTIONS. Yep Be cautious don’t believe the MEDIA they LIE.

  30. Why blame Democrats when it was the CEO of DIEBOLD who promised to help George W. Bush win the election?

    Even with that, I trusted the system because I trusted the honesty of the locals, most of whom vote Republican.

    At least for my county, anyone who blames the voting system is just making excuses for losing.

  31. I’ve always been concerned about voter fraud. The voting system is rigged for the dimwit party. There are people voting multiple times; people using dead people’s names; people using their pet’s name; and illegal aliens voting for the dimwit party. Then there are the soros-owned voting machines that will be rigged to change a vote from Trump to crooked monster. The illegal methods are endless.

  32. There was a documented flaw in some of the voting terminals in 2012 that switched votes to all democrat no matter what the voter set before completing the vote. No telling how many votes went through this way before someone noticed and complained.

  33. Trump will in fact win yuge, but posted results will show the opposite. Soros already bought the fraud and theft.

  34. there will be nothing honest with a clinton running for office

  35. LOL , l never did trust them , especially since OBAMA took office because OBAMA is not fit to work any job except may be as a sewage cleaner. that suits him the best.. No, l take that back, sewage cleaners are better then OBAMA, l think OBAMA should be over in the Middle East making bricks or cleaning up after elephants

    • Michael Dennewitz

      The biggest fraud was seated in 2008, and I still can’t figure out how that went down. Hell, for all the reaL proof the PMIC offered, any one of us could have gotten the seat! ??

  36. A criminal democrat is in office now, they want to put another criminal in office after him, and they expect us to trust the voting system?

  37. Simple people, just ask for a paper ballot and an ink stained thumb, hard to steal votes that way!

  38. DEMOCRATS are going to have all the DEAD PEOPLE-REFUGEES -CONVICTS VOTING the Chicago way that`s how B O got elected

  39. If Killary is elected the voting system is definitely rigged. Remember when Ovomit was reelected? Votes were not counted in precincts, but by a Company in Spain owned by George Soros? What is wrong with that picture?

  40. Vote. Volunteer as a poll watcher. Speak out about fraud. Do not trust electronic voting machines. Guess those points prove that election manipulation is NOT a new problem.
    Trust in gubmint said no one ever.

  41. Anyone who reads anything Stone says is weak in the mind. He’s a lying blowhard. Frankly with him, Bannon, Ailes on his team, they can go screw themselves. I will #NeverTrumporHillary till the cows come home

    • Even a vote for no one or an Independent is a vote for Hillary as well as a vote for Hillary is a vote for slavery. A no vote will just help Hillary into the WH. A vote for Trump is a vote for common decency and is helping America. It helps you and I along with your neighbors. No matter how much you hate Trump he still is way better than Hillary.

  42. If they continue to cheat in the elections they will be causing a civil war, we do not care to have our country taken over by liars and cheats, we have had enough of that.

  43. If Obama, Hillary or any Clinton or Democrats and some GOP are involved I trust we will not have a honest election. When any of them get involved like they are nothing will be honest. Lying, cheating, stealing, promises to illegals or Syrian’s they will not keep. Even if they throw $5 at you to vote for their candidate, don’t believe them. Even they if they want to watch you vote, just say nada or no. It is my voting not yours. That is if you can find a place that will let you vote.

  44. To properly rig an election would involve a lot of people in a lot of different places. Are you saying that out of the maybe a few hundred people (minimum) that it would require to throw this election, not one would blow the whistle on the thing? No, I still believe, out of a couple hundred people, Democrats or Republicans, you would find enough people that would blow the whistle on what was going on. Even on computers there is a trail. Nope, I think that those of you who think this election is going to be rigged, probably think we didn’t land a man on the moon either, and all NASCAR races are rigged, and so is the Kentucky Derby and all of the NFL games too. Sure, you just go ahead and live in your screwed up, paranoid fantasy world. Rigging an election takes a lot of work, with too many people, and somebody will blow the cover.

  45. In this worst case scenario, what do “patriots” do in the event this does occur? Stealing the election is not a new word by any stretch, what are the alternatives to remedy the situation? The DOJ is corrupt, the Supreme Court is corrupt, the FBI is corrupt, the congress are a bunch of “castrated” monkeys. Our institutions that we once revered are smeared in “taint.” The only age group that is interested in “preserving” our institutions are the 40 and older. The young are clueless, the minorities – the blacks and hispanics – are filled with hate to think straight.
    Have we finally given over to the age of the dictatorship transitioning from the Republic? Doesn’t anyone see the similarities between the “end of the republic to the rise of the Caesars?” Are we falling into that trap of not learning from history as history repeats itself? Human beings are a hard-headed lot.

  46. I love it, I just love the way our crooked politicians along with their crooked parties corrupt everything they are supposed to stand for. Somehow we need to get rid of them along with our illustrious failed fearless leader.

  47. We have dead people voting in our country; more people than those living in a precinct voting; cartoon characters voting; intimidation at the polls; electronic votes being automatically changed, etc. etc. etc. Voter fraud in our country is how the system works now and always has worked. With electronic voting now in place changing votes is easier than ever before. Good place to start is mandatory voter I.D.s but then eric fast & furious holder ordered “no voter IDs needed.” States don’t have to listen to him. He resigned before he could be prosecuted for his gun running scam. Second over sight of all electronic vote counting by both democrats and republicans is also needed.

  48. The one good thing you can say about Millertrump’s friend Stone is that he is gay, of course that’s a slap against the gay community. According to Trump biographers Barrett, Jhonston and the FBI Stone, Millertrump, and Giuliani were/are mafia connected through Stone’s, now deceased, life partner Roy Cohen. We best remember Cohen from the Reagan administration . Stone is a long time conspiracy theorist.

  49. Based on what Stone asserts in this article (and I do believe there is fraud being perpetrated especially via the electronic voting machines), what are we to do in order to stop it ? Knowing about it is one thing, but, Stone should have also offered common sense solutions to regain our hold on the election process and methods to stop the fraud.

  50. Three weeks ago three judges said, ‘nope, ya can’t do that’ to rule changes in voting law in North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin. They new laws were “blatantly created to disenfranchise black voters” . Imagine that! Stone doesn’t mention the massive redistricting by the republican congress since 2012 to favor fascist candidates. The new laws in North Carolina will stand until 2017. Those damn Democrats, acting against black voters one more time !

  51. Are you kiddin me, this guy has been a Snake, his whole life, how do you go to a College and get a degree, with nobody knowing that youre there? How does a person spend years in an area, supposedly getting a college education and is not noticed, no connections to anyone personally, have been recorded! This guy is a puppet of Soros, and has played Soros’ game completely, shows that he is a Muslim regularly, and proving it, by the way he has treated this entire term, both of them. A Snake of the lowest order, in the grass, Democrats who believe that he is a positive influence for this country are completely deceived! Muslims are permitted to lie to anyone to promote the Islamic ideology, and he has proved that many times! He is and always will be a Liar just like Hil-Liary!

  52. By the way, about the Social Security number, there are many theories about how he got the number, but why should there be theories, why isn’t it just a fact, like the rest of the majority of Americans. Especially for a man running for the presidency, there should be no doubt, at all. While slithering through his life, and hiding so much, along with his wife, anything which is fishy should be inspected with a very powerful Microscope to ensure validity and determine BEFORE whoever is elected, NOT AFTER the votes are even cast!

  53. The System has been Corrupted Since the Votes … have been HAND COUNTED!

  54. When Romney the polls said he would win with 135 but when it was all over Obama won with the exact amount Romney was supposed to win with. Sound fixed?

  55. Idiots…even stupid “patriots” label the fact the computer vote fraud occurs a “conspiracy theory”. If Trumpzilla wanted to, he has the money to blow wide open the actual conspiracy between the Media and vote fraud. See the Bev Harris website BlackBoxVoting (dot) org. I’m running for Congress and my Facebook page is Landholt for Congress. If I am given the opportunity, I will also be blowing the lid on the control of the voting booth by the Money Powers who own Trumpzilla and Hitlery Clinton. But most Americans are Sheeple and Cowards so what are going to do.

  56. I don’t trust the demoncrats not to rig an election they did it for Omuslime in both election, does anyone remember ACORN they managed to stuff ballot box’s in the first election in towns that had more voters than people in several locations. If I remember correctly there were people that were prosicuted for registering people that were totally not allowed to vote and the bastard muslim half breed was allowed to take office anyway. Now Gorge Soros owns the voting machines and controls BLACK LIVES MATTER by his millions of dollars donations ,if I am not mistaken KilleryS daughter is married to his grandson. But it is time to have every polling station monitored. It is also time that we white people stand up to black bullshit and show them how to really demonstrate using millitary tactics as THEY did in Dallas, I am 70 years old and I spent three years defending the constitution and I will not stand by and see it destroyed by a lowlife bunch blacks demonrats and ragheads or some Greek bastard with a lot of stolen money. LOCK&LOAD

  57. Comparable to: REMEMBER WHEN OUR PHONE CALLS WERE PRIVATE? ( We Thought they were.)

  58. I have never seen any people so determined to destroy our freedom and our country. I do not trust any of the Obama/Clinton gang because they have an agenda and the money received from our enemies is to insure that we get sharia law in America and the refugees take over. We must stop them.

    • Freedom? you baggers don’t want freedom you want an authoritarian Santa/God/daddy to give you what you want; brothers and sisters be damned!

      • Did you just say…
        Reject God
        Dishonor your father
        and disrespect the saints …?
        Oh wait a minute… I’m Putting words into your mouth…
        MoHAMmad be damned

        • In 1989, the same year as the Central Park Five case, Donald Trump assaulted his wife, according to Ivana Trump’s deposition during their divorce proceedings. In his book, Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald Trump, reporter Harry Hurt III, paraphrased whole sections of it. Enraged after a painful scalp surgery by a doctor Ivana had recommended, Hurt wrote, -=-=-=-=Trump pinned her arms, ripped her hair from her scalp, then “he jams his penis inside her for the first time in more than sixteen months.-=-=-=-= Ivana is terrified… she repeats to some of her closest confidantes, ‘he raped me.'”

          • Let me recap to you people some history of America. In 1933 FDR was almost overthrown by business elites and fascist wealthy families that lived here in the United States in what was called the “Business Plot” Smedley Butler revealed who these people were in his book, But because of the stature of the “who’s who” in American society, the names were only whispered among the elites.


            One name sticks out of the crowd, very well known one today…

            Prescott Bush joined the United States Rubber Company of New York City as manager of the foreign division in 1924 and then he became a partner of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. (an American investment bank and securities firm) which was created in 1931 through a merger of W. A. Harriman & Co. – an investment bank and brokerage firm and Brown Bros. & Co. – An investment bank and trading company.

            [ NOTE : 1931 ] Business Plot happened 1933

            Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. created the Union Banking Corporation with Friedrich “Fritz” Thyssen. Prescott Bush was one of seven corporate directors put in charge of Union Banking Corporation as a front to help Thyssen conceal the bank’s real ownership. Friedrich “Fritz” Thyssen was a multi-billionaire steel businessman. Fritz Thyssen joined the Nazi party in December 1931 and in his autobiography, “I Paid Hitler”, admitted backing Hitler when the National Socialists were still a radical fringe party. In the 1933 election, in which the Nazis finally won, he contributed some 3,000,000 marks ($1,200,000) toward the Hitler campaign fund. Thyssen grew rich from Hitler’s efforts to re-arm between the two world wars It has been well documented that Prescott Bush had been a Nazzz supporter.


            The U.S. Government accused Prescott Bush & Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. of “Trading with the Enemy” in 1942, But that did not stop Prescott from giving aid to Adolf Hitler, the bank and other business interests were seized under the Trading With The Enemy Act and held the assets for the duration of WWII until 1951 when they were given back their company. And again that didn’t stop Prescott from giving aid to the Nazzz party


            A year later in 1952 Prescott Bush became a US Senator.


            This is where I have to ask you… How did a Nazz sympathizer become a Senator… His SON GHW Bush became the head of the CIA with no experience what so ever, and with his fathers background, not to mention President and the first President to mention the “NEW WORLD ORDER ? [ Which is a term out of Hitler’s book Mein Kampf ]


            Now, two important questions you need to ask yourself… How did this happen ? But more importantly “WHO” allowed this to happen ?


            1948 the Communist party in fear of being eradicated out of the United States hid in the Progressive Party, and even took it over. I bring that up because Bernie Sanders is running as a Socialist Democrat And Hillary Clinton is running as a Progressive Democrat.


            So what does it say to you that the Democratic Party is MORE than comfortable running a Communist and a Socialist as candidates ?


            Who here remembers GW Bush saying Bill Clinton is my brother from a different mother and when asked about Hillary he said “That would make her my sister in law”


            All of these things come full circle right now… America is under another Coup d’état just like the one in 1933… However, what makes this one different is the Governments of many nations are involved…


            How is this possible ? ? ? The credential media is owned by Socialist and we have had a totally black out of what governments have been doing. We have seen these elites meet in secret with their hidden secret societies and clubs or cults…such as the Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg group and I’ll even include the CFR and United Nations to that long list of accolades


            Now really… Don’t you see now….why everyone is against Trump… EXCEPT those real constitutional Americans ! ?


          • That’s a great book . Have you by chance read James W. Douglass’ “JFK And the Unspeakable” ? Very fine, well documented mid century historic window.

        • No, that trinity is what is wanted in a president .

  59. Even if people don’t like everything Trump says or does, they should still vote for Trump in order to restore some credibility to our governing system. Under Obama, the system itself has become so corrupt. And, I believe the corruption really started under George W. Bush during his 2nd term, where the tax payers had to bail out Wall Street because they were “too big to fail”. Notice all of the sell out “Republicans” who now support Hillary. Paulson, who was Bush’s Treasury Secretary, and stated that taxpayers should give Wall Street the money without question. Now, of course, Paulson is a Hillary supporter. No surprise. And, look at Hillary’s commercial where she tries to present “Republicans” who support her, and they all were former Bush staff members. Interesting. Then you check to see who donated to the Clinton Foundation, and again, you find the Bush family name. Wow. So, we can see that the Bush/Clinton Oligarch machine is alive and well. It was suppose to be a Jeb! vs Hillary race so that regardless of who won, the elite establishment would win. Trump threw that fantasy out the window, and that is why the media, the RINO’s and everyone in between has been trying to attack Trump. Why? Because they have something to hide. All f their corruption, and need to maintain the status quo. That’s why the smart voters need to vote for Trump, or anyone but Hillary to send a strong message to the elite establishment that we are on to you, and we are not going to take it anymore. Trump/Pence 2016!

  60. Little Bright Feather

    Rigged elections are more then just a ‘ limited possibility” – they put Obama in office illegally both times ! NO one gets 100% of the vote in so may cities as he did ! THAT is fixed machines at work !
    NEVER VOTE Y MACHINE and this year the Feds are taking over as the ‘watchers’ which will make it even more fixed ! Keep the Feds OUT !
    Have two (one from each party) as watchers from the voting to the counting not letting any votes get out of their view ! Especially at the counting of them since they tossed ALL write-in votes for Ron Paul at the last election and he would have won the election had they been counted since he is who had all the voters – just as Trump does this time. The counters threw out all the watchers which was illegal to do – and proves they were hiding voter count fraud. WE do not care the counting takes longer then the pre-announced winner of the media = we do not need an instant cunt as long as ti is count fairly. Volunteer Watchers should be made law to have at each polling place and where the votes are counted. NO Feds or govt officials allowed. THIS IS THE PEOPLE’S BUSINESS !

    And this has to be the end of the stupid electoral / delegate system THAT HAS CAUSED ALL THIS UPROAR and has allowed for election stealing !! No more delegates or electors – just plain popular votes – that makes it simple and easy and honest as long as there are watchers.

    I’ve read all over how everyone wants this system trashed and go to the popular vote only and paper ballot only = NO MORE ELECTRONIC VOTING OF ANY KIND ! THAT makes it the people’s business and makes it so EVERY VOTE COUNTS – as it should be with no one buying their way into the WH. Also ONLY LIVING CITIZENS CAN VOTE ! NO Foreigners running our elections (thus the country) like its been.
    THAT is what the PEOPLE DEMAND !


  61. Please, everyone, do not reply to the troll, AKLADY. It only spurs her on to lay out her shit. Let us all make a pact that none of us will answer her any more and perhaps she will fade away.

  62. PocketPistolPete

    //Clintorus is coming and the mandatory gun buy back
    is first on the liberal’s list of things to do.
    Finally! A 80% D.I.Y. Derringer in 22 Mag. is on the market.
    Complete it with a cordless drill even! the wait is over-
    and see the Avatar? That’s it! SWEET! 2 Barrel pocketpistol!
    I got 2 🙂 Took 3 hours to finish both kits.
    there is one on gunbroker now. wont be there long./

  63. Upon the introduction of voting machines in Louisiana, Uncle Earl Long said: “Give me five minutes alone with those machines and I’ll have them singing ‘Home on the Range’.”

    The election of 1800 (Aaron Burr vs. TJ), the election of 1824 (JQ Adams vs. three opponents, including Andy Jackson), the election of 1860 (Boris Karloff Lincoln vs. three opponents, including two unionists) and most spectacularly the election 1876 (the most notoriously stolen election in American history, Lemonade Lucy Hayes promenading) were merely the prelude to the stolen elections of the 20th and 21st centuries.

    No one with an inkling of American politics believes in the integrity of our electoral system.

  64. I saw a video how voter fraud is accomplished on digital voting machines, extremely easy, a $12 part bought at Best Buy. In 2012, there were many cities where 100% of the vote was for Obama. Now come on, the law of logistics makes that an impossibility, however it worked, I don’t remember anyone raising a stink. Obama was re-elected and I have no doubt, Hillary will be voted in as well. Don’t know how long before pressures of the office will finish her. She definitely is not well. When it appeared she froze in the video, we all heard the man next to her, telling her “you’re alright, keep talking” as he patted her back. Since, he has disappeared, probably for being so obvious. I’ve said it before, I will again, America is screwed, please God, help us.

  65. There is voter fraud in Arizona and every other state I volunteered months ago at my church, when I voting for Trump ?? and I was a volunteered At my church days later I got in the mail saying that I’m a Democrat not a Republican so I my vote didn’t count so I had to call the 800 number voted fried and tell them that I’ve never voted before and they told me that I Susan Young did in 2008 for Obama! So I sent a foreman here in Arizona at voter fraud showing proof of my senior teacher and they have not contacted me back then they called me and asked me if I want to change to a Republican and I said yes but I’ve never been a democrat and I’ve never voted before !! so they sent me a new card that says Republican registration for me to have a vote ID card so I have that in my wallet now so now I can vote as a republican ! Everybody in the United States needs to understand before they could go vote they have to have an ID or picture ID or an APS bill with your address on it in their name or a drivers license they will not be long lines if everybody brings in the proper information if you do not have a voter card ! Do you have to have a drivers license to get married you have to have a drivers license and ID to open a checking account you have to have an ID or drivers license to get Airline ticket have to have an ID to check out a book at the library ! so you should have to have ID or driver’s license to vote that’s the most important thing in the United States I think, if you want to know more about Hillary and Bill watch Clinton America or watch Clinton cash that would totally make you sick to your stomach of whom you want to vote for Trump or Clinton

    • @Susan Young The one good thing you can say about Millertrump’s friend Stone is that he is gay, of course that’s a slap against the gay community. According to Trump biographers Barrett, Johnston and the FBI, Stone, Millertrump, and Giuliani were/are mafia connected through Stone’s, now deceased, life partner Roy Cohen. We best remember Cohen from the Reagan administration . Stone is a long time conspiracy theorist.

  66. All the scandals and lies with Clinton’s cash all that money she took from overseas and said she was going to help he and she destroyed Haiti she didn’t give them a penny we Americans been sending money to Haiti given them food boxes not Hillary, The Clintons did not give money or help than ! to the African-Americans here in Chicago they do not help them all the Democrats states do not help we the people ! the African-Americans she kept that money for herself she didn’t help African-Americans they have not helped African-Americans for decades look what Obama did nothing he doesn’t care and black on black kills people in Chicago he doesn’t care what’s going on right now he just wants to hurry up and get all the White House, Obama started this war from 2008 ever since he did not cross that redline Russia Iran has gaven Obama cash cash and they don’t do nothing and now look at these poor people over sea’s they keep talking about it and talking about they never do it they don’t even help anybody else but themselves !!!

    • In 1989, the same year as the Central Park Five case, Donald Trump assaulted his wife, according to— Ivana Trump’s deposition— during their divorce proceedings. In his book, Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald Trump, reporter Harry Hurt III, paraphrased whole sections of it. Enraged after he(trump) had a painful scalp surgery by a doctor Ivana had recommended, Hurt wrote, -=-=-=-=Trump pinned her arms, ripped her hair from her scalp, then “he jams his penis inside her for the first time in more than sixteen months.-=-=-=-= Ivana is terrified… she repeats to some of her closest confidantes, ‘he raped me.'”

  67. We better watch out for the illegal vote!

  68. The Chicago way voting

  69. Not yet, not so much rigged as dirty. The last few elections show outrageous Dem turnout. To the point that sometimes more people vote than live in the district. Or the district is so civic minded that 100% turnout happens and there are only Democrat votes. We know some vote for themselves, their Mom, Dad, and Uncles, Some vote once for every false ID they own, Voter ID is the only way to keep voting honest, once that’s gone, kiss the country and other things goodbye.

  70. To borrow a phrase used by VP Joe Biden, this is a bunch of malarkey!! I have been an election official for over 15 years here in Virginia. We do check IDs and I know of no case of voter fraud. As far as the machines go, yes Diebold has been accused of this is the past but there have been many checks and balances put in place. If you are still concerned VOTE by paper ballot and use the optical scanner–this way you can have an audit trail in the case of a recount. It really irritates me that those who know better would try to scare the public and keep voter turn out low. You know or should know that each party has lawyers and other observers at most of the polling places for a Presidential election and they keep an eye on poll workers and each other and make sure all rules are followed.

  71. I definitely do not trust the voting system====if there is one thing that the democrats are pros at : IT IS ELECTION FRAUD !!!!

  72. If that does indeed happen, then it will be time for Patriotic Americans to take up arms and change our govt for good!

    Many libs laugh at this possibility, but it’s conservatives who have the weapons and know how to use them. Libs get their panties in a bunch if they even have to look at a gun. My guess if there ever is a Revolution, C vs L, the Cs will win!

    Why do you think obama has “desperately” tried and tried to remove our guns and ammo? Because he knows Americans are not happy with what he/libs have done to our Nation and being the “chicken little” that he is, he doesn’t want to be a target. Good luck with that Chickie Poo.

    Personally, this establishment is certainly worried because of Trump’s following that seems to grow larger no matter the antiTrump flak. They would be SMART to just back off of this one and give it a rest because Trump and Americans are done with them…period! And soros can GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! We don’t want any stinken Natzi lovers!

    • So, are you a Nazi or a fascist ? Does hate hurt as much as it seems?

      • Can you use a dictionary Jazzbutt? Look up the word “comprehension”, read the definition. Then reread what I wrote because you are talking out of your arse, not your brain because your brain is definitely “scrambled”!

        • Also, you obviously know zero about Soros or you would have understood what I said abt him. He turned his Family in to the Natzis for a small amount of money…his parents went to the Natzi Ovens so Georgy could have some coins in his teenage pocket. Now do you understand that comment?

    • Pretty soon Obama will be gone and you will have to face up to the fact that you will have lost a whole decade of your life passing around conspiracy theories and whipping yourself into a frenzy of hatred. All of you lost friends, severed relationships with family members, and some of you even lost your job or your marriage due to your unhinged behavior.

      You lost that decade wailing about Obama the gay Communist Muslim narcissist dictator who was going to let the UN invade America and various hoaxes like “death panels,” birth certificates, Iraq’s WMDs, and the “Ground Zero Mosque” (remember how you wasted two years of your life over that?). Just think of what you could have accomplished if you hadn’t wasted all that time. You could have gotten a college degree, you could have written a book, you could have run your first marathon, you could have built a boat and sailed it around the world. You could learned to speak another language – oh wait, you never would have done that.

      You kept waiting for Obama to be impeached or for the GOP candidates to “take off the gloves.” But they never did because your favorite stories were hoaxes, and the GOP can’t impeach or win the White House based on hoaxes. No doubt you were waiting for someone, anyone, in the White House to be indicted or arrested, like all those people under Nixon and Reagan and Bush, but no dice.

      Many of you will never recover from this experience. Physically, your health is no doubt worse for having lost a decade watching television and whipping yourself into a frenzy of hatred. Your ability to reason is probably permanently damaged, and nobody really wants to listen to your opinions anyway. Yes, you can successfully annoy the waitress at the diner, because she can’t run away from a customer, but that doesn’t mean she agrees with you. Some of you will be going into nursing homes because people gave up on you a long time ago and nobody can stand to listen to one more day of you babbling about Saul Alinsky (who died in 1972, by the way).

      Some of you have no doubt suffered financially from all the time you wasted hating Obama. But some of you have actually done very very well under his “anticapitalist,” “communist,” “dictatorship.” You do know that the economy usually does much better under Democrats, right? And that the best four years of job creation in the last 50 years was under Jimmy Carter, right?

      The next two months would be a good chance to start making amends to your families and trying to rebuild relations with people in your life. Yes there’s another election in November and you’ll be falling down the next rabbit hole of insanity, but try to leave your families with a few memories of you acting like a normal human being.

      And the next time there is a GOP president, just remember that there will be fatal embassy attacks under the GOP president, just like the dozens of fatal embassy attacks that occurred under previous Republican presidents. Except Democrats won’t be working themselves into a frenzy of conspiracy theories when it happens, they won’t be cheerleading for the terrorists, and they won’t be trying to overthrow the US government every time something happens.

  73. That is how Obastard got elected in the 1st place, I’m sure the ACORN graduates are even more eager and advanced now to do more than ever .

  74. all I know is I’d vote for my dog before I’d ever vote for hillary …go TRUMP 2016 go hillary to prison 2016

  75. The voting system is abhorant and need to be made so simple that no one can screw it up. First the electoral college needs to be trashed. The two party system need to be trashed because the parties are both corrupt, the left more so than the right but neither have any merrit to trusted anymore, the regressive movement is the most immorale group reprobate individuals in the system and only have one goal and that is to destroy the constitution and make the US part of the Americas district of the NWO while taking all of our rights and liberties away. The system need to be this simple, one vote for one person who has a valid voter ID and proof of citizenship, and anyone who wants to run for office should be on all ballots, no Democrat/regressive cards, no republican or independent cards all one ballot no primaries, let the people vote for whom ever they want not whom a party decides on because when their are decent choices the parties always drop them and give us garbage to vote for. We should not have to vote for the lesser of two evils as we have runnig today. The worst thing is both of the choices have so many things against them and so many bad traits that there may be no lesser in this case. Both are criminal in their own ways. Both have many scandals and tax issues, Both have been involved in to many lies and legal problems but the thing to decide the race are blurry because neither is very honest. Hillary has had many known deaths surrounding her that when the facts are looked at objectively without biased she should be in jail for murder, treason, conspiracy, drug trafficking, money laundering, campaign finance violations, and to many other things to even continue, it would take hours to just touch the tip of the iceberg with her. Trump has so many hostile take overs in the business world that were very iffy to say the least. He says he’s a Christian but says he has never said or done anything to repent of which in itself is something to repent of it’s called pride and arrogance. He has used different laws to steal peoples properties all over the world to use for business reasons or play reasons. This is unethical no matter what the law says. He bullies those who are easily bullied and uses many different forms of intimidation to get what he wants. He has better ideas but won’t give details, Hillary is, has always been and will always be a criminal. Nothing she says is trustworthy nothing she has done shows leadership ability, nothing she wants to do will help the US because she is using the same old economics the Dem’s and regressives always use and it has and always will be detrimental to the economy and social values which destroys the country. Trump only has one area that out weighs Hillary and that is that he knows business and can renegotiate many contracts and maybe he will finally get us out of GAT, NAFTA, CAFTA, ACTA, and not allow the TPP, TAA, or TPA which all are the biggest reasons for our economy tanking. When you send all of the jobs overseas and pay people minimom or slave wages instead of keeping meduin range or slightly less than mediun range jobs overseas we loose hundreds of billions in revenues and taxes. They do not allow for us to charge tarriffs on certain or other taxes on our American companies that have moved oberseas either, more billions of revenue and taxes. Also they make us allow crap that is not up to safety and health standards because we only get one vote in the system that those treaties created. This is not good for America and the more we loose the more the rest of the world splits the profits some gain for the lower paying jobs but still they loose because when the US looses the whole world looses because we are basically the worlds most dicerse economy. We affect the whole world with our economy because we deal with almost everybody and almost all products. That is the only thing I can even think about Trump for but both need to be discarded as far as the election. Hillary is the most politically and morally corrupt individual I have ever seen to be nominated by either party and if you don’t agree with that eiter you are being biased because you do not know the true history and background of this woman or you are just a party pig that would not accept anything that anyone who doesn’t like your party says no matter howmuch proof and how many facts you are shown. She is pure evil and she is not a respectable person in any stretch of the imagination. Trump is a bigheaded scumbag with a big mouth and is not to much more trustworthy. We deserve better candidates and that should be decided by the people and all of us should demand better candidates now. No that does not mean Bernie he is a neo socialist/communist who does not represent the facts nor America. His followers are primarily young ignorant and unlearned individuals, If you listen to how they answer questions they know nothing but the propaganda they hear and do nit understand that what he wants to do would literally destroy any chance of them ever owning a house and matbe even a car because of the taxation that would have to be imposed to gain the revenue, and the ability to own property or personal items would eb literally stripped because all of you earning would go to the government only a fool would want that because all of the so-called free medical or free education really aint free it is what you loose in earnigs when taxes go up to between 90%-95% of your hard earned cash and the quality of your medical and education goes down even more than it already has with the NEA and ACLU screwing up our legal and education systems and the Regressives and Democrats creating reculations to screw the whoe system up and use propaganda as fact and brainwash the people in the schools and universities with pseudo-science and propaganda instead of real science and fact based learning.
    To many things in the voting system make it untrustworthy but Mr. Hagels company owning 75% of the voting machines and sevicing almost 90% should worry everyone because the proof was in the last election results. Obama had to many people who no longer would vote for him and according to the records only 10% of the voting districts had any change in numbers as far as the voting, Hmm, thr voter turnout was larger, there were hundreds of thousands of reports that people voted for one candidate but the computer marked the box for Obama, dead people voted for Obama, Yes dead people so who voted in their place using their ID, Even though Mr. Hagel and Obama hate each other suddenly after the election he was added to the Obama cabinet as the Secretary of Defense. Many other suspicious things also but I think you get the picture.

    • All well and good, but you are missing the point of why the status quo every body is terrified of any body like Trump as President.

      Unless he wins, America, as we know and love it, is over.

      It’s been coming ever since 1965…Exacerbated by Bill’s acquittal and NOW, the lawless anti-America, ant-Constitution President with the willing acquiescence of both political parties.

      NO Republican will ever win the Presidency after November unless Trump wins.

      The illegal votes of sneak-in’s and refugees plus all the minorities will see to that…Then the 51% of the country will be in control till we crumble…just as planned by the hidden powers pulling the strings.

      God help America.