Rochester Police Dead After Attack, Councilman Tells Mourners to ‘Choke’ on Prayers, Calls for Gun Control

RochesterPolice Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz died after he and his partner, Officer Sino Seng, were ambushed and shot Thursday night in an event described by new Democrat Mayor Malik Evans as another episode of “gun violence.”

In response to the shooting Rochester City Councilman Michael Patterson told mourners to “choke on your prayers” as he echoed the mayor’s sentiment that “gun violence” was the primary problem.

According to local news, the two police were working their detail around 9:15 pm near the area of Bauman Street when an unidentified male approached and shot them. 

Officer Seng was rushed to Rochester General Hospital with a gunshot wound to his lower body and is now home and recovering. Officer Mazurkiewicz died at Strong Memorial Hospital from upper body gunshot wounds. Mazurkiewicz was a 29-year veteran of the police force.

An innocent bystander, a woman, was also shot but survived. The police have no suspects.

In a statement, Rochester Mayor Evans said, “The tragic gun violence in Rochester must come to an end. Today, we declared a gun violence emergency in our community and this shooting is proof that we are indeed in an emergency.”

Mayor Evans recently took over from disgraced former Democrat Lovely Warren. 

The former governor faced felony firearm and child endangerment charges after a 2021 police raid at her house while her husband was arrested for his involvement in a cocaine distribution ring.

Warren also led the city during two years of violence, looting, and rising crime. Rochester, like Portland, Seattle, and other Democrat led cities was mired in BLM and Antifa driven rioting from 2020 through 2021. 

Faced with the lack of support from the governor, calls to “defund the police,” and incessant crime Rochester’s Police Chief La’Ron Singletary, along with his entire command staff, resigned in September 2020.

La’Ron Singletary is now a Republican New York congressional candidate and said in a statement, “These brave heroes were doing their job protecting the citizens of our city and were viciously attacked by a coward who has no regard for human life. Our city is under siege, and we must stand with those who have sworn an oath to serve and protect us.Join me in praying for all the men and women of the Rochester Police Department and especially for the two heroes who knowingly put themselves in harm’s way in service to our city and its citizens.”

RPD Chief David Smith said at a press briefing, “Last night, Officer Mazurkiewicz and his partner, Officer Sino Seng, were attacked in a cowardly ambush and fell victim to the very violence in our community that we are trying to combat. During this incident, the full force of the region’s law enforcement responded to the scene. This same full force is being utilized to bring whoever is responsible for this heinous act to justice.”

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  2. Has nothing to do with guns. It is all the fault of the woke communist democrat terrorist thugs and the people in your state voting for those communist ass wipes. Your state deserves everything handed to you. People keep voting them in and it is going to get a lot worst. Stop your whining.

    • Sue,
      Not all of N.Y. is the “city” I am living in the Adirondacks …. “woke” “liberal;l”, City dwellers” are the SCUM that continually vote DEMOCOMMUNIST to put these corrupt POS back into office. We rural “northern” N.Y. residents are always “outvoted” by the communists that live in the cities, and are “ruled” by those communists in Albany.

    • Out of the 10 leading causes of death in America, gun violence isn’t one of them. As the quote states, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profound sick and twisted society.”

  3. My wish is that Mr Patterson come to an untimely end of his career, and his life, due to the actions of the violent people he represents. It is doubtful that anyone would express sadness at his passing. The only good thing anybody could say about the passing of Mr Patterson is “He’s dead—-good”.

  4. Some people just don’t get it. Nobody should have to die, but they’ve got politicians already screaming about gun control before they even have a suspect. The gun is often stolen, bought on the black market, or bought legally because the background check missed something important. It’s too bad that they waste their energy and our money trying to strip us of our God given rights.

  5. Kopz are dead because they didn’t know they were in ‘Indian Territory’

  6. Like everyone wrote keep voting in the liberal morons and this is what happens. It takes a person to make a gun go bang so let’s do something about the morons who pull the trigger, blame them not the gun. Put the criminals in jail for life (hard labor) not the sissy terms the liberal judges hand out. Kill a cop or 1st responders life no parole.

  7. They used a gun but it could have been a Molotov cocktail and burned both the and the vehicile. But they’re right they have an emergency. They have a lack of good leadership . Support your local police seems to be at the bottom of a long list of ” woke” suggestions.

  8. so i guess your talking about india territory ….if your talking about natives get it right before you write …btw its the black territory . you no those wife beaters , not around tobe a father to there childen , dush bags . thanks to the blacks alot of usa people want to put down most blacks

  9. Get rid of the governor and all her cronies , get rid of their bail reform policies and put the criminals in jail instead a lot of them run the streets again and commit more crimes. Find the police department so they can do their jobs take the restrictions off the officers. Right now with the Democrats in charge defund the police department and with all their other laws the officers can’t even do their jobs because I can’t even engage a criminal without them facing charges we’re has this country gone it is ridiculous you do the crime you do the time that is how it works or should work

  10. I live on Long Island in New York and the city is a shithole, but Unfortunately the city votes democrat, can’t understand why the black communities continue to pull the lever for democrats while their communities are wrought with crime but if that’s the way they want to live have at it just keep your shit off Long Island.. I can only hope that hochul is gone as governor this November along with all the democrats that are destroying our state. The problem with the democrat politicians and democrats that live on Long Island is as long as the violence doesn’t touch them or their families they could care less about the police or the citizens. As these pathetic democrat politicians and democrats try to take the guns away from law abiding citizens they are doing nothing to take the illegal guns away from the criminals. Hopefully all New Yorkers will wake up and vote them out but I won’t hold my breath. I’m waiting to see how much our school taxes and property taxes go up after all these illegal immigrants are being bused to Long Island and being put in our school systems.

  11. The Councilman claims he was misrepresented– spoke to him yesterday– he said he was referring to politicians with his comment in which he sounded as if he was dumping on people who prayed after the assassination of a police officer. Democrats need to fess up to promoting violence with their “war on police” which started with Obama and his embrace of violent thug Trayvon Martin- but became extended to perps resisting arrest like Michael Brown (Ferguson) or George “Fentanyl’ Floyd who died of a massive narcotics overdose, not because of a small policeman’s knee restraint. Floyd’s death (by his own dangerous, illegal actions) was used to justify months of Antifa/BLM riots, looting, arson & deaths of more than 2 dozen people. The Rochester Councilman might benefit from hearing from others- politely of course:

    Michael A. Patterson
    30 Church Street, Room 301-A
    Rochester, NY 14614
    585-451-2024 (cell)

  12. ‘The former governor faced felony firearm and child endangerment charges after a 2021 police raid at her house while her husband was arrested for his involvement in a cocaine distribution ring.’ Who writes this? What former governor faced felony firearm and child endangerment charges??? Does anyone check facts or is this like a Trump piece: accuse people of all sorts of things that aren’t’ necessarily true and claim we don’t need a fact checker.

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