Robert De Niro Regrets Holding Anti-Trump Press Conference?

Josh Jensen, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Renowned actor Robert De Niro recently discussed his decision to publicly oppose former President Donald Trump, coinciding with the conclusion of Trump’s New York legal proceedings involving hush money. De Niro shared his thoughts during an interview on NBC’s “TODAY” show, where he expressed concerns about the re-election of a leader he believes could be detrimental to both the nation and the globe.

The conversation, held with co-host Craig Melvin, touched on the urgency of the situation from De Niro’s perspective. He emphasized the critical state of affairs, labeling the current political climate as extremely troubling.

Last week, De Niro made headlines when he appeared alongside Biden campaign communications director Michael Tyler, DC Metropolitan Police Department Officer Michael Fanone, and former Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn at a press conference. This event took place outside the courthouse where Trump was later found guilty on multiple counts of falsifying business records.

During the event on May 28th, De Niro vehemently criticized Trump, warning of the dangers he posed. He voiced his support for the Biden-Harris campaign, stressing the importance of electing Joe Biden to safeguard democratic freedoms and humanity itself.

In his speech, De Niro was explicit about the threats he perceives from Trump, including potential destruction on a global scale. His participation in the campaign, which included narrating an anti-Trump advertisement, led to a backlash that saw the National Association of Broadcasters withdraw a prestigious award they intended to present to him. The organization cited the need to avoid distractions from their charitable objectives due to De Niro’s politically charged actions.

Despite facing criticism and engaging with pro-Trump demonstrators at the event, De Niro stood by his actions during the “TODAY” interview. He condemned the denial of reality pervasive in political discourse and described Trump’s post-verdict speech as irrational. De Niro closed by reiterating his commitment to speaking out, showing the importance of being vocal in critical times.

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