RNC Committeeman Lashes Out at Trump

According to a new report from Politico, a Republican National Committee representative lashed out Thursday at the party’s presidential frontrunner in a closed-door meeting. Holland Redfield, who represents the Virgin Islands, launched a long attack on Donald Trump without actually mentioning the candidate by name.

“You can argue with me, but we’re almost terrorized as members of our party,” Redfield said. “‘Shut up. Toe the line, embrace each other, and let’s go forward.’ I understand that. But there is a limit to loyalty. I am loyal to this party by speaking out on these very issues.”

Redfield must be one of the few Americans who haven’t seen the Republican establishment criticize Trump at every single given opportunity. Their anointed candidate, Jeb Bush, has practically turned his campaign into one long onslaught against the frontrunner. Whenever asked if they would support Trump if he was the nominee, establishment figures invariably say something along the lines of, “Well, he’s not going to be the nominee.” But in the RNC upper echelon, apparently the powers-that-be think that the Republican Party has to be even more forceful in their opposition to Trump.

“You always hear the argument, ‘Well, this is what people are thinking.’ So, if this is what people are thinking in this party, as far as I’m concerned, we’re going in the wrong direction,” Redfield said.

And there it is. That’s exactly the type of thinking that has created an opening for someone like Trump to walk through. Redfield seems to be saying that if Trump is what the voters want, then the voters are wrong. That the Republican Party should just flip off 40% of conservatives and go in the other direction. Well, guess what: that’s exactly what your party has been doing for the last seven years. And the voters are sick of it.

Once the first few primary results are in, the Republican establishment is going to have to make a choice. If Trump emerges as not just the winner of every national poll but the winner of several crucial states, Republicans will have to decide whether they want to preserve their so-called image or marshal the troops toward November. These cowards are so terrified of losing the minority vote – a minority vote they don’t have – that they are willing to tank an election to keep Trump from “tarnishing the brand.”

Hopefully, if it becomes clear that Trump is going to be the nominee, cooler heads will prevail. If this party chooses to put their internal politics above the will of the American people, there may be no party left by the time this is all said and done.

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