RNC Committeeman Lashes Out at Trump

According to a new report from Politico, a Republican National Committee representative lashed out Thursday at the party’s presidential frontrunner in a closed-door meeting. Holland Redfield, who represents the Virgin Islands, launched a long attack on Donald Trump without actually mentioning the candidate by name.

“You can argue with me, but we’re almost terrorized as members of our party,” Redfield said. “‘Shut up. Toe the line, embrace each other, and let’s go forward.’ I understand that. But there is a limit to loyalty. I am loyal to this party by speaking out on these very issues.”

Redfield must be one of the few Americans who haven’t seen the Republican establishment criticize Trump at every single given opportunity. Their anointed candidate, Jeb Bush, has practically turned his campaign into one long onslaught against the frontrunner. Whenever asked if they would support Trump if he was the nominee, establishment figures invariably say something along the lines of, “Well, he’s not going to be the nominee.” But in the RNC upper echelon, apparently the powers-that-be think that the Republican Party has to be even more forceful in their opposition to Trump.

“You always hear the argument, ‘Well, this is what people are thinking.’ So, if this is what people are thinking in this party, as far as I’m concerned, we’re going in the wrong direction,” Redfield said.

And there it is. That’s exactly the type of thinking that has created an opening for someone like Trump to walk through. Redfield seems to be saying that if Trump is what the voters want, then the voters are wrong. That the Republican Party should just flip off 40% of conservatives and go in the other direction. Well, guess what: that’s exactly what your party has been doing for the last seven years. And the voters are sick of it.

Once the first few primary results are in, the Republican establishment is going to have to make a choice. If Trump emerges as not just the winner of every national poll but the winner of several crucial states, Republicans will have to decide whether they want to preserve their so-called image or marshal the troops toward November. These cowards are so terrified of losing the minority vote – a minority vote they don’t have – that they are willing to tank an election to keep Trump from “tarnishing the brand.”

Hopefully, if it becomes clear that Trump is going to be the nominee, cooler heads will prevail. If this party chooses to put their internal politics above the will of the American people, there may be no party left by the time this is all said and done.

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  1. Pure desperation ! Good ! Trump 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  2. Unless there’s a major change in the Republican party back to real conservatism, as far as I’m concerned, the party is dead! Gone the way of the Whigs!

  3. And this is why we end up losing…………..they don’t listen to the people. We live in different times and it calls for different measures. Donald Trump is resonating eventhought he’s not the ‘perfect’ candidate.

    • Who is??? He will be a lot better then all the Rino’s that do not pay any attention to the people. Some where I read ~~” By the People, for the People” The GOP forgot that along time ago!!!!!!!!!!

    • Right now we don’t need the perfect candidate, we need a perfect ass hole to run these bastards out of Washington. Trump is not afraid to be that kind of guy.
      Poor little Bush Monkey just doe not get yet.

      • You got that right. Trump is most certainly the perfect a$$ hole & nothing more.

        • Oh I think he’s got more, he’s not president yet. I think you will see him rain all the pork barrel spending that both parties are doing. He wont play the Washington two shuffle.
          He will hire some very smart people. He’s not very smart with politics but he does know business and that’s the main thing this country needs. Gosh we have so many bad things going on now, but I think people need to go back to work.
          Nice talking with you.

  4. Over the last 7 years, the Republicans have cow towed to the idiot in the white house! As far as I’m concerned, the Party will no longer exist unless we back Trump and the real American people. Go Donald !!!…….Excelsior !!!!!!!!

  5. The more they push against Trump the more the more I am going to lean towords him.

    • And for Good Reason. No one bully pushes unless their agenda is a disgrace like: Gays and Heterosexuals, Gays versus business owners and their rights. How about BlackLivesMatter? Sure they absolutely do but ALL lives matter including those in the womb despite their color. Muslims/Islam pushing Sharia Law versus adhering to OUR Constitution, as our laws were intended to govern all races and cultures and be no respecter of Religion or sex and sexual preference is NOT SEX DNA

    • you and me both he’s got our vote …I’m tired of prof. politictions

    • I was leaning months ago…..now….I’m all in! People are seeing that he is not all for himself as he has nothing to prove to anyone–and he alone has what it will take to completely shake things up here and put us back where we belong on the world stage.

      • None of the others are billionaires who can give the “impression” that he is not all for himself…don’t think for a minute that he will install policies which will hurt him financially even if they would help America as a whole.

        • Opinions vary.

          • Yes they do, as does reasoning.

          • Nothing compelling about yours

          • But then that is YOUR “reasoning”…very Trump-like.

          • You know that, how, RINO c -sucker?
            You folks are walking the edge

          • For one your language is equal to Trump calling that sound engineer a “son of a bitch” and a “bastard” (very presidential)…quite different from what he said in front of the Evangelicals. By Trump’s own admission he has no problem with late term abortions or gay marriage because those are his New York values. So if anybody is a RINO, it’s Trump …more like a liberal.

          • Let me ask you one question and I hope that you have the open minded honesty to really look at it and answer truthfully. If you had a wife or daughter that was expecting a child and everyone was overjoyed about that fact. Then in her 5th or 6th month Doctors saw a complication which would literally render the child a vegetable for it’s life and that poor life would also be riddled with pain, what would you prefer that your wife or child did? If the pregnancy created a physical problem which endangered both mother and child and the chance the mother would die was very high, what would you do? Of course being that it would not be you that was facing the major decision, the question is purely that of speculation if you are truthful and really think about it.
            In my opinion, abortion as birth control is murder. Abortion in the case of the life of the child or the mother, is a question between a woman and her Doctor. It is no one else’s business. GOD is the only real judge. Enough said !

          • The common argument for abortion usually takes the worst case scenario as a defense for the right to one, without mention that most abortions are done for convenience, which I’m glad you agree, is murder. When you factor in a wife or daughter, of course it is natural to pause and contemplate. For that reason at this point since it is the law of the land, I would argue as does Cruz that States must retain the power to install laws which are made by their constituents not a decision made by 9 “justices”. I was addressing specifically “late term” abortions in whose category “after birth abortions” fall. “A clump of cells” is how many who defend a woman’s right to an “abortion on demand and without apology”…and many homosexuals who believe they were born “that way” support this view. However when faced with the possibility of a pre-birth “gay gene” being detected, and a woman decides to have an abortion based on the fact that the child would come out gay, all of a sudden these same people cry discrimination at a “clump of cells”…the hypocrisy never ends. I don’t have the answers but faced with the possibility of losing my wife or daughter and losing a baby I would say, that is totally up to her and God and has nothing to do with me OR her doctor.

          • You must be enjoying the status quo!

          • Not hardly…that’s why I support the only candidate that has never been associated in the past or now with anything resembling liberalism and who has fought the liberals AND the establishment GOP sellouts in the interest of the people who voted for him…Ted Cruz.

          • You seem to be the only sensible person in this discussion!

          • Thank you sir, I appreciate the compliment…and civility.

          • Actually, I find Cruz and Trump the only two I could support. Ted is my first choice (by a wide margin) and the Donald is second. Carson, IMHO, is a thoroughly decent individual and I hope that some day the country can again afford a President like that. At the present time, however, we need a “prick” who will clean the feces-stuffed stable the mudslime/marxist has created. Rubio is unacceptable for his immigration position . Christie is unacceptable because of his taste for big government, and his positions on guns and privacy. The others are all likewise unsupportable.

            Better Hitlery and a revolution than ANY RINO following the same path toward government supremacy at a slightly slower pace just to lull the sheeple into complacency. Semper Fi!

          • Re: arrogant much? Not at all. What a strange post for your return after 2 years!

          • Best comment yet. Cruz would be great and has very much support.

          • Oh my gosh. I am laughing now. Apparently you haven’t really noticed that your man has lied and used the system out his teeth. Does the name Goldman Sacs ring a bell with you? Ted Cruz has fooled a lot of people. He comes across as a good man but he has the ability to look you in the eye while he lies. Cruz gets a lot of his funding from New York. that place that he criticizes as being a bad value place. Literally insulting the people of an entire State isn’t what one would expect from anyone that hopes to be leader of a nation with many diverse peoples and interest. America needs a leader that can unite. Not one that divides. We have one of those now. Don’t feel too badly when you find out how Cruz really is. He had me fooled for a while to. he is good at that, and at waffling.

          • There you go redirecting the conversation away from the issue of liberalism which Ted has never subscribed to. I’m sure that if Ted had inherited the money that Trump did, he could probably finance his own campaign. So he borrowed from Goldman…who would you borrow from, a bookie? The finance issue is a non-issue as Cruz easily batted that down. That Trump would use finances against ANY candidate that doesn’t have the money he does is actually rather cheap. Cruz never insulted the people of New York as he clearly stated in a video which the MSM is gingerly dodging because they want a nominee whom Hillary can beat. I’m just curious at what “specific” lies Cruz has told, as I’m sure Trump would have brought them up if it would help him in a debate. Again the conversation was Ted’s record of rejecting liberalism.

          • And your reasoning is much like the Democrats.

          • Not too many Democrats believe that abortion (which Trump, is fine with) is murder… and marriage is between a man and a woman, as I believe.

        • Seems to me the guy sitting in the Oval Office
          is now a millionaire and I do have to wonder how he became just that – surely
          not from writing a fictitious book? And then I remember the plea from the
          Clintons when leaving the WH who claimed they were broke but now listed as multi-millionaires.
          At least Trump would come into office already rich, not like others who leave
          office rich on the backs of the rest of us.

          • Well you have a point there however you have to keep in mind that while it is a “legal” maneuver to “use the system” when businesses are rendered insolvent in order to maintain ones assets at the expense of the loss to others, it’s not necessarily considered scrupulous… and often done at the expense of taxpayers as well.

          • He will not confuse the country with his business…He will have to make impartial decisions and will ask for the help of others to be clear in doing so…

        • I will cast my vote for him if he is nominated, but, I am somewhat uneasy about him and I agree with you. Given that, the only other one I will vote for is Senator Cruz, if it’s any but them that is nominated , I’m writing in my own name.

          • Mindy, agree with you, not all that thrilled with Trump or Cruz, do think that they are the only way to prevent civil war.

          • To this I wish I had the answer, I don’t. What I have are the voting records of those who are currently in office and running for President. Mr. Trump is a wild card. Of those running and who are in office Senator Cruz is the only one whose actions have reflected his words. The one vote he cast a yes to that I didn’t agree with was tpp, but, none of us are ever going to agree with anyone 100% of the time. I am concerned about the tensions in this nation , we are sitting on a powder keg , but, I am even more concerned that our nation is collapsing. I’m a Christian so I am praying on who G-d chooses and praying for our nation and and our people. Maybe, anything we do, even if it is the right choice, is too little , too late.

          • You may well be right.
            perhaps the only answer is to separate ourselves form the liberal dem bloodsuckers, and allow them to go about running their country, the way they want to.
            Certainly, if we continue to interface with them, we are going to civil war

          • Mindy, please keep praying and have faith. I think that is what God is waiting for. He will help, if He sees that we believe in Him. Please don’t give up.Our country has gone down hill in more ways than Obama, we have allowed this to happen and our values have dropped considerably as a nation. Let’s pray harder and live better lives, then we can say we did your best.

          • My vote go’s only to Donald J. Trump. None of the rest could do what he will do and America is through if he doesn’t get it.

          • Maydell Harper Sims Bolding

            I agree. I would rather Ted Cruz receive the nomination, however, if it is Donald Trump, I will vote for him. I pray that we don’t get another Democrat in the WH. America is doomed if either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders gets in there. We have got to voice our convictions whenever we get the opportunity. I pray for the outcome of the Presidential Election to be someone who can turn America around, and the only two I think has the strength to achieve this is Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

        • You my friend are more wrong than even I know. To hear Hillass speak; she and Billy we willie were broke when he left office. That was a joke. Look at them now.

          • There is no doubt that Hillary and Bill have a lot of money…much of it probably “ill-gotten”. But money cannot buy integrity, especially when you try to sell the goods of “being broke” while living in luxury. The American people have made mistakes but they learn from them. They are being more cautious now to not get caught up in a “hope and change” type frenzy that got us where we are today. More than one candidate (who have to ask for donations in order to level the playing field) with much less money than Trump would qualify to lead us away from the liberal policies of the past seven years.

        • Apparently you believe that his being a great business man and leader is a bad thing. Like Sanders much !

          • Sanders??? You’re way off. I admire Trump’s good business sense but the world of business doesn’t prepare you for the world of politics

        • Trump may not, but the one thing he is for is capitalism and without capitalism we become Cuba, China, or anyone of the government run and dictatorships where no one but the politicians and military get rich. Socialism does not work and that is where we are headed. Rather risk Trump than the same trash we keep electing. What have they done for our nation but create poverty, and debt?

          • I believe in capitalism but I believe that other than being a capitalist, our president must possess other abilities as well. One of them is self control. When a candidate is so petty as to start calling a sound engineer a “son of a bitch” and a “bastard” just because the microphone isn’t working properly it gives me doubts about his ability to withstand the pressures of the office of president without losing his cool and depressing the nuclear button.

          • I think Trump has a crude mouth and what have you but I know we all say crap but rarely act on it. I use to tell my children I would kill them but I never even beat their behinds. I’d rather have some one who our enemies fear than a wussy like we have now. I prefer Cruz but if Trump wins the nomination better him than the democrats that are running against the republicans now. Clinton or the old socialist. Trump may be a jerk but he isn’t a lawyer and so far lawyers have proven they are worthless in political offices. They can spend and spend but can’t balance a budget nor fight terrorist, nor protect our borders. All they seem capable of doing a good job at is sinking our nation trillions in debt and removing our freedoms.

          • Most of the lawyers you are referring to were all self-serving. Cruz has done nothing but fight for his constituents at the expense of being shunned by his own party. That is the type of record and integrity which gets my vote. If Trump gets the nod I will reluctantly vote for him to avoid the alternative.

          • The perfect duo would be Cruz and Trey.

          • I would agree with you except that the position of VP is so “inactive”…where I can see Trey as Attorney General turning around all the executive orders from Obama and all the BS by Loretta Lynch. He would be awesome to see in action. I could see Allen West, Carson or Fiorina as VP guaranteeing the minority and/or the woman vote.

          • I would agree with West as I have admired him for years now but the other two are iffy in my books. I think Trey would undo Obama’s mess in a heart beat and dance a dance of joy while doing it.

          • With Carson and Fiorina, I was thinking more of securing more votes since VP is mostly for looks. I still like them better than Bush or Kasick or Rubio or Christie

          • Bush, Rubio, Christie, liberal, liberal, and liberal. Might as well be democrats. It would be nice to have a few honest men and women in DC running this nation instead of the batch of liars and thieves in there now. Too few are honest and truly wanting to better our nation, not line their pockets. Shame is the larger portion are in it to become multi-millionaires not to make our country safe and free. Life is short and soon our children’s children will be running this nation if we have one left for them to run.

          • I hear and agree with everything you say. If only more people could have your insight, the world would be grand.

          • DC does not get it. The moment you become a liar and thieve even your closest friends do not trust you because they know you have no honor. My dad once said that your name will go with you to your grave and when you dishonor it by being dishonest that will follow you the rest of your life so never destroy your good name because it can not be replaced. Most politicians have brought dishonor upon their name and everyone knows it so who can trust them to do as they promise?

          • Riiiight. Because that is always the next thing that a person does after cussing somebody – looking for a nuclear button to start the end of the world. You are an idiot for using that as an analogy.
            I know that Trump has filed bankruptcy for four of his companies. I also know that he is the only serious candidate that has been responsible for making a business profitable. All the politicians have ever done is spend somebody else’s money. It doesn’t take much intelligence to spend somebody else’s money, especially when they always spend more than the people have.

          • I’m an “idiot” for using that analogy. First of all…it wasn’t an analogy, it was a reasonable hypothetical situation based on his demeanor (but I wouldn’t expect you to understand the difference) Well either, you already possessed Trump’s demeanor or he has quickly convinced you that a liberal can be a conservative overnight. But you are correct that it doesn’t take much intelligence to spend somebody else’s money…just like Trump spent his father’s money and the investors money whom he drove into bankruptcy four times. “La sorra nunca se ve la cola”.

        • This is off-subject but I want to ask you a question. I have become very distrustful of the system. Is the vote count trustworthy? If Trump won, could they cheat and make Hillary the winner by changing the numbers of the votes to the respective candidates? Is it foolproof? Could that be done without the public knowing it? I have also heard of people voting for deceased people or voting more than once using other peoples names. How sound is the vote system?

          • The answer is yes to most of your questions but certainly…while the vote count may be “trustworthy” it is subject to error. Is the vote system SOUND? I have my reservations , that’s why I strongly believe in implementing at least the minimum of security measures such as VOTER ID.

          • i fear they wii cook the books, as I fear they have done, before. Thanks for the answer…as inconclusive as it is. I fear bad things are brewing. Maybe Donald has people in place to make the count honest. As much money as he has, however, he cannot beat the powers that be, can he.

          • If things are brewing, I believe they will come to a head at the convention rather than an election. It is very possible the NRC will try to pull a fast one.

    • The republican party is only a name or title. The establishment republicans excluding the Tea Party guys,just go along with the Dems. for the most part. This Ryan Guy should be fired because went along and both parties got the pork they needed and the dept. ceiling was raised again. They don’t listen to the will of the voters. This is why Bush says Trump wont be the nominee. Bush monkey is another worthless establishment guy. They all understand that trump wont put up with there bullshit. He has there number.
      This country is in allot of trouble and the establishment guys in both parties are willing to fight to keep Trump out. But we have to be willing to fight to keep him in.

      • All the Bush people have been bad for America. Even G.W. who was a WWII pilot and George W. who loves America. Bad bad Presidents. (We could make a song out of that: Bad bad Georgie Bush, badest Pres in the whole damn down . . . ) They were not that bad, though. Abe Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon Johnson, Billy Carter—the list goes on—beat the Bush family hands down.

    • The more Trump pushes against Cruz the more good I find in Cruz.

    • that is what they are planning on, listen very carefully to what Trump is saying, do your homework

    • disqus_XiPHq3JlXk

      I could have been persuaded to vote for Trump, with a true conservative as a VP choice.

      Sadly, Trump caved. He chose a RINO SHILL to be acceptable to the RNC!


      Yep the Same Sen Brown who ran as a Conservative, than voted with libs (and bragged about voting with them) 53%!!!!

      It’s a pity, because with a true conservative (of which Oprah (his first choice) and Brown aren’t) he could have swept the GOP Nomination, and won the entire election in a landslide victory (the likes of which haven’t been seen since Reagan)!

      • Not definite, yet. Those are rumors put out there to test the waters. I will never vote for Scott Brown – he took the Tea Party money and then turned against us in the first vote. Trump 2016 – without Scott Brown!

      • Trump never endorsed Brown for VP! Someone mentioned to him about Brown when he was campaigning in New Hampshire (?) and he was polite and answered that Brown is a good guy..maybe. Trump never brought it up!

        • According the link I supplied, Trump is floating Scott Brown as VP.

          FYI Trump also said that Scott brown would make a great VP, and was out of central casting.
          Those words were directly from the article.

          • I did read that article a few days ago- he never endorsed Brown, Trump was being polite. Brown was hosting Trump at a BBQ and quote
            “After Trump asked Brown whether he would consider running for public office again, a member of the audience floated the idea of a Trump-Brown ticket in 2016.
            “Vice president – hey, that sounds like it could, hey, hey, very good,” Trump responded.

            “Hey, you know what? And he’s central casting. Look at that guy. Central casting,” he added. “He’s great. Great guy and a great, beautiful, great wife and family. So important.”
            Trump saying he would make a good VP does not mean he is endorsing him to be his running mate.



  7. WAH. If you don’t like how we think, CHANGE THINGS FOR THE BETTER not worse like Obama.

  8. Redfield is so off base he should be a Democrat. Here we go, I am not for anyone as yet but as far as the Republican Party is concerned if Jeb Bush is nominated I accuse them of it and will not vote at all. I never have voted Democrat ever, that’s 58 years of voting. Let whom e ever the states want via the electoral college. What is meant to be will be and you are screwing things up as usual and the Dems will get in again. Stop it!!


      This should be on the front
      page of every newspaper.

      Charley Reese’s Final column!

      A very interesting column.

      Be sure to Read the Poem at the end..

      Charley Reese’s final
      column for the Orlando Sentinel… He has been a journalist for 49 years. He is
      retiring and this is HIS LAST COLUMN.

      Be sure to read the Tax
      List at the end.

      This is about as clear and
      easy to understand as it can be. The article below is completely neutral,
      neither anti-republican or democrat. Charlie Reese, a retired reporter for the
      Orlando Sentinel, has hit the nail directly on the head, defining clearly who
      it is that in the final analysis must assume responsibility for the judgments
      made that impact each one of us every day. It’s a short but good read. Worth
      the time. Worth remembering!

      545 vs. 300,000,000 People

      -By Charlie Reese

      Politicians are the only
      people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

      Have you ever wondered, if
      both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have

      Have you ever wondered, if
      all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have
      inflation and high taxes?

      You and I don’t propose a
      federal budget. The President does.

      You and I don’t have the
      Constitutional authority to vote on appropriations. The House of
      Representatives does.

      You and I don’t write the
      tax code, Congress does.

      You and I don’t set fiscal
      policy, Congress does.

      You and I don’t control
      monetary policy, the Federal Reserve Bank does.

      One hundred senators, 435
      congressmen, one President, and nine Supreme Court justices equates to 545
      human beings out of the 300 million are directly, legally, morally, and
      individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country.

      I excluded the members of
      the Federal Reserve Board because that problem was created by the Congress. In
      1913, Congress delegated its Constitutional duty to provide a sound currency to
      a federally chartered, but private, central bank.

      I excluded all the special
      interests and lobbyists for a sound reason. They have no legal authority. They
      have no ability to coerce a senator, a congressman, or a President to do one
      cotton-picking thing. I don’t care if they offer a politician $1 million
      dollars in cash. The politician has the power to accept or reject it. No matter
      what the lobbyist promises, it is the legislator’s responsibility to determine
      how he votes.

      Those 545 human beings
      spend much of their energy convincing you that what they did is not their
      fault. They cooperate in this common con regardless of party.

      What separates a politician
      from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall. No normal human being
      would have the gall of a Speaker, who stood up and criticized the President for
      creating deficits.. ( The President can only propose a budget. He cannot force
      the Congress to accept it.)

      The Constitution, which is
      the supreme law of the land, gives sole responsibility to the House of
      Representatives for originating and approving appropriations and taxes. Who is
      the speaker of the House?( John Boehner. He is the leader of the majority
      party. He and fellow House members, not the President, can approve any budget
      they want. ) If the President vetoes it, they can pass it over his veto if they
      agree to. [The House has passed a budget but the Senate has not approved a
      budget in over three years. The President’s proposed budgets have gotten almost
      unanimous rejections in the Senate in that time. ]

      It seems inconceivable to
      me that a nation of 300 million cannot replace 545 people who stand convicted
      — by present facts — of incompetence and irresponsibility. I can’t think of a
      single domestic problem that is not traceable directly to those 545 people.
      When you fully grasp the plain truth that 545 people exercise the power of the
      federal government, then it must follow that what exists is what they want to

      If the tax code is unfair,
      it’s because they want it unfair.

      If the budget is in the
      red, it’s because they want it in the red.

      If the Army & Marines
      are in Iraq and Afghanistan it’s because they want them in Iraq and Afghanistan

      If they do not receive
      social security but are on an elite retirement plan not available to the
      people, it’s because they want it that way.

      There are no insoluble
      government problems.

      Do not let these 545 people
      shift the blame to bureaucrats, whom they hire and whose jobs they can abolish;
      to lobbyists, whose gifts and advice they can reject; to regulators, to whom
      they give the power to regulate and from whom they can take this power.

      Above all, do not let them con you into the belief that there exists
      disembodied mystical forces like “the economy,”
      “inflation,” or “politics” that prevent them from doing
      what they take an oath to do.

      Those 545 people, and they
      alone, are responsible. They, and they alone, have the power.

      They, and they alone,
      should be held accountable by the people who are their bosses. Provided the
      voters have the gumption to manage their own employees… We should vote all of
      them out of office and clean up their mess!

      Charlie Reese is a former
      columnist of the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper.

      What you do with this
      article now that you have read it… is up to you.

      This might be funny if it weren’t so true.

      Be sure to read all the way to the end:

      Tax his land,

      Tax his bed,

      Tax the table,

      At which he’s fed.

      Tax his tractor,

      Tax his mule,

      Teach him taxes

      Are the rule.

      Tax his work,

      Tax his pay,

      He works for

      peanuts anyway!

      Tax his cow,

      Tax his goat,

      Tax his pants,

      Tax his coat.

      Tax his ties,

      Tax his shirt,

      Tax his work,

      Tax his dirt.

      Tax his tobacco,

      Tax his drink,

      Tax him if he

      Tries to think.

      Tax his cigars,

      Tax his beers,

      If he cries

      Tax his tears.

      Tax his car,

      Tax his gas,

      Find other ways

      To tax his ass.

      Tax all he has

      Then let him know

      That you won’t be done

      Till he has no dough.

      When he screams and

      Then tax him some more,

      Tax him till

      He’s good and sore.

      Then tax his coffin,

      Tax his grave,

      Tax the sod in

      Which he’s laid…

      Put these words

      Upon his tomb,

      ‘Taxes drove me

      to my doom…’

      When he’s gone,

      Do not relax,

      Its time to apply

      The inheritance tax.

      Accounts Receivable Tax

      Building Permit Tax

      CDL license Tax

      Cigarette Tax

      Corporate Income Tax

      Dog License Tax

      Excise Taxes

      Federal Income Tax

      Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)

      Fishing License Tax

      Food License Tax

      Fuel Permit Tax

      Gasoline Tax (currently 44.75 cents per gallon)

      Gross Receipts Tax

      Hunting License Tax

      Inheritance Tax

      Inventory Tax

      IRS Interest Charges IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)

      Liquor Tax

      Luxury Taxes

      Marriage License Tax

      Medicare Tax

      Personal Property Tax

      Property Tax

      Real Estate Tax

      Service Charge Tax

      Social Security Tax

      Road Usage Tax

      Recreational Vehicle Tax

      Sales Tax

      School Tax

      State Income Tax

      State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)

      Telephone Federal Excise Tax

      Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax

      Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes

      Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax

      Telephone Recurring and Nonrecurring Charges Tax

      Telephone State and Local Tax

      Telephone Usage Charge Tax

      Utility Taxes

      Vehicle License Registration Tax

      Vehicle Sales Tax

      Watercraft Registration Tax

      Well Permit Tax

      Workers Compensation Tax


      Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago, & our nation was the most
      prosperous in the world. We had absolutely no national debt, had the largest
      middle class in the world, and Mom stayed home to raise the kids.

      What in the heck happened?
      Can you spell ‘politicians?’

      I hope this goes around THE USA at least 545 times!!! YOU can help it get

      GO AHEAD. . . BE AN

      • An overwhelming assessment of where we are because of all listed here. Thanks for re-printing.

      • Becky I agree. This article has been around for sometime and says it all.

        It is so hard to understand how people can vote for Obama and Hillary. I understand those who feel they are elite (wacko’s) and Blacks and Hispanics who we give so (too) much and those who think they are “with it” voting for Socialist but what is going on with the rest of us.

        Those voting for Hillary A brown European Social country living as our ancestors did and had the guts to come to America and build this wonderful country you are trying to tear down. It would be so nice if you would go to one of the Socialist countries and leave us who like it here and would even more if you had the guts to leave. I say if you don’t like it don’t do it, don’t stay, don’t bother, don’t force others who would be happy with out a Communist President and followers. If you lived somewhere else we wouldn’t miss you.

      • The issue is that the founders would never have allowed there to be only 545 people responsible for 330 million people…they would have peacefully reorganized into 5 to 10 independent regions or countries by now and they would have split all the big states several times by now…so people could be represented more wisely and the corruption of power could be more easily fought closer to home.

        • The American people are waking up and are making their vices heard. The founders didn’t anticipate 330 million people. But, if you take the money out of politics you might actually get people who serve instead of people ripping other people off and getting rich while doing it.

        • Yeah for sure, both establishment parties lick their chops every tax season and make big plans to piss our tax money on Pork barrel stuff for them self. I’m really sick of self serving government in both parties.
          What ever happened to by the people and for the people. So sick of this !

      • TFLTR!! Nobody gives a rat’s A$$!!

    • They picked Bush from the start. He announced and immediately had over 50%. They thought he would cakewalk to the nomination. They did not count on a contest which is more than evident from Bush’s “deer in the headlights” look and the fake, “look at me don’t I look presidential look”. (Actually Rubio is perfecting that one himself.) As soon as there were other contenders the public went for the. WE DON’T WANT BUSH.

  9. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    Name two actual plans of Trump’s that have the remotest possibility of working and one can not be the Trump tax plan which has already been proven as a disaster

    • Proven by WHO, a democrap? OPEN your eyes, idiot!

      • Clearly the Progressive RINOS in Congress will block any attempt at correction. They are willing, as King CamelDung did; to bow and kiss the prince’s ring, but not attempt to right the Collision Course that America is on with their newly created destiny of destruction.
        A president can’t clean house, which is why as America circles the bowl, there is no reverse flush.
        The brain dead voters and those literally in the ground, the illegals who can get drivers licenses in CA and are immediately Enrolled/Registered to VOTE, and all the welfare recipients and government payroll employees who really have jobs, out number the real conservative base.
        I am absolutely Against BUSH, RUBIO, CHRISTIE and the rest and have Trump Signs in my yard and on my car, which I expect to be vandalized any day. I pray for America his values line up with those who are left who care about who and what America becomes as the sewer is the next stop, along with all the other Muslim Islamic take over countries on the globe, if we can’t get the right person.

    • 1) illegal immigrants removal / pause on entries
      2) border security wall built – completed
      3) military defense, return to best/ feared, untied hands due to PC
      4) obamacare repealed and replaced/ insurance permitted across State lines
      5) “clean out” the WH/various agencies, programs
      6) Veterans Administration – care of the people intended for
      longer list but this is more than 2 requested.

    • I think that yes , some of his stuff may be unrealistic, but it resonates with allot of very frustrated Americans. The thing is, I believe Trump when he says he will appoint some very smart people to advise him with things that will work. He has had many more successes in his life then failures. He is a winner and I think he deserve’s a chance. He is certainly a more qualified business man then any one else.The American people want Trump for some of the very reasons many wanted Obama 7 years ago. They wanted not just change , but they wanted positive change. Now 7 years later we have 3.6 % less Americans working, so the job loss has out paced the gains. Record number 46 million on food stamps.Now we have all taxes have increased in every catigory in 2016, and the banking laws have not changed since the crash in 2008, so we still have irresponcible banking polices continuing since the 08 crash. Now we have the border and refugee problems coming here like they did in Europe. Cap all that off with Obama care not working, and medicare cost going up. So over all we have job loss, higher taxes, and they fine you financially if you don’t buy Obama care all in a down economy.
      This is the frustration that the American people are feeling now and that’s why they reach out to Trump.Honestly I think Mr Trump will do better then any establishment candidate. We need a business man to run the large business in the world.

  10. There is no such thing as The Republican National Committee, as it has become TAPRC. The acronym stands for: The Asskizer Progressive Rino Committee. I quit and I am done

  11. If We The People pick Trump then thats the way it should be and not the establishment’s pick for the party or nomination .

    • The establishment still thinks it is the establishment…but elections will help them see that they are already the ex-establishment.

    • Pick Trump and regardless of who wins between Hillary and Trump, the liberals win anyway.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Dayuummm! The TROLLS just keep seeping out of the sewers, eh?? GO TRUMP !!!

        • The questions the media has shied away from asking Trump is, “are you still pro-choice aka (pro-abortion) and pro-gay marriage and would you vote against a ban on late term abortions and still have those New York values as opposed to Iowa values”…because they know the answer and that could hurt Trump with real conservatives. The reason is they would much rather have Trump (whom they pretend to hate) than Cruz whom they truly hate because he holds TRUE conservative values. Anytime you have Democrats rooting for a Republican candidate you have to be very wary.

      • Asinine

        • Exactly, that’s what the choice would be.

          • Okay. lay out your credentials, for me.
            I was 15 yo high school drop out.
            6 years in the Marine Corps, combat landings on 2 continents, 21 days floating off of Havana Harbor, on the USS Chlton,APA 38 waiting to see if we were going in after Russian nukes.
            22 months in Viet Nam.
            Home to working 9:30 pm to 7:am for 6 years while I went to the U of Illinois days.
            Mortgaged my home, cars and my wifes wedding jewelry to borrow the money to start my business.
            After 13 years of 70 to 90 hours, while my wife did administrative work and raised out 2 children in a 6×6 room next to her desk, the business took off.
            Now, iI make a;lot of money.
            You have nothing, punk

          • Good for you! And, thank you for your service.

          • I was a 17 year old dropout.
            Joined the military at 17, Went to Ft Polk for basic, Ft. Ord for AIT, Ft. Benning for Airborne training with the Air Force Commandos, The Navy UDT, and the Marine Reckon. Went to the 101st Airborne Infantry for field training at Ft Campbell Kentucky, The 2nd 501st became the charter 4th Battalion of the 173rd Airborne, all the way from Bien Hoa to Dak-To to Da Nang to reinforce our Marine brothers in Vietnam for 15 months…. returned stateside and joined the Rep Det of the 82nd Airborne was put on alert for the Pueblo which was nabbed by N. Korea at the time, returned to Vietnam Hue -Phu Bai to reinforce the 101st Airborne came back to Ft Bragg and out. 21 months of my less than three years of my military duty was spent in combat. When I got out I wasn’t even old enough to buy a beer.
            At one point I was living out of my car but didn’t wallow in self pity…I picked myself up by my bootstraps and never asked for a handout. I used the Hazelwood Act to put myself through school and went to college as a “special student” to get my certification to teach Auto Collision Repair to High School students during the day and teaching Community College at night while playing music from Wednesday thru Sunday. I am now selling my house in Houston with three bedrooms, two and a half baths, a pool with a main palapa, two umbrella palapas, BBq pit area, a stage for a band with a lounge next to it and a dance floor. I have no need for it now as I am 68 retired, owe nobody anything as my both my houses, cars and motorcycles are all paid for. I always had a good work ethic and even if I had nothing now as you assume, I’d be a happy man because of all that I have accomplished in my life which I don’t measure by monetary gains. So before you decide to call someone a punk again, perhaps you ought to put a little thought into the fact that you could be talking to somebody who would have laid down his life for you in Vietnam, jarhead. hoorah!

          • Okay, you aren’t all that bad..

          • Welcome back, brother. Just like you, I want what’s best for America, we just differ slightly on who we think is best qualified to lead us towards the best.

    • the establishment is picking your candidate for you they would rather have Trump than Cruz

  12. The RNC is becoming as bad as the DNC with both parties heading toward dissolution. The lowlife idiots in both is only wanting power and control, not what is best for America. If Trump wins the nomination any rhino lowlifes should be removed from the RNC if they won’t support the nominee

    • Your absolutely right. Its all about the power with both parties. They do not want to live with in a buget like we have to, and they have become self serving. The more the parties open their big fat ass mouths, the more it makes me want Trump for president.

  13. Contact the RNC: [email protected]

  14. The Republican Party has been wrong for years now. That’s what got Mr. hope and change into office. If they keep pulling crap like this they will end up losing again. It’s time to give the people what they want. We sure as hell can’t screw up any worse than they have.

    • They keep picking someone playing Queensbury to vie against a guttersnipe and they keep thinking they’re going to win and lose. What’s the definition of insanity?

  15. Down with the RNC, the “NOISY MAJORITY” is speaking out and they are painting the republicrats with the SAME brush they are painting the democraps! The solution is TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!

  16. I think Mr. Redfield is an a-hole, that’s all we need is another Bush in our White House. Bush looks like a little boy that would go play with his teddy bear if thing would get ruff. I would vote for Mr. Trump in a New York minute, he says what is on his mind. You rhinos need to get in line with the voter and stop kissing ass.

  17. It is unbelievable how childish the RNC is thinking and acting. If they think they know what the people want, then look back at the previous elections they have lost because they supported the wrong candidate. The people are speaking through Donald Trump and the RNC needs to listen and support him.

  18. It’s the PEOPLE’S decision! Trump 2016!!!!!!!!!!

  19. My response to him?…..please go somewhere and DIE.

  20. Eff the RNC. If it is not Trump or Cruz, they can keep their Rubio, Bush, Ryan, Priebus, Kasich, thank god Graham is gone. Hopefully he is back there with the other turncoat, Nikki Haley. What a sorry party. As an old song said, mama told me not to come. I am tired of the liars in the Republican Party. At least I know Hillary is lying. Republicans only think I am stupid.

    • What you say may be true Allen, but this time around we must take into consideration of the lesser of two evils if it’s not Trump or Cruz. America and it’s real citizens cannot afford another round of corruption that would entail the Criminal Clinton Enterprise being involved.

  21. The leaders and controllers of the gop are all liberal democrats. In other words we have a one party system of representatives and they are all liberals. All conservatives are silenced by the threats and lies of the liberals and their comrades in the corporate press. One of the top priorities of the liberal party, both RINOs and democrats, is to destroy all conservatives. In that Donald Trump is currently their top target for destruction, he has to be the best candidate to become the next president. However, looking back over the past so called elections, I’m afraid that it won’t happen.

  22. But the heads of the party know that Trump as the GOP candidate will fail in the National Election. The real Church-going, Christ-loving American will bolt from the prospect of the candidate from the “money-changers-in-the-temple” crowd and he will not get real Christian votes. Nor will he get Hispanic or African-American votes, nor the Jewish vote, nor the college vote. He will get the Old-Angry-Under-Educated-White-Guy vote. That is his base. Beyond that, he is in serious trouble. The problem is, the Old-Angry-Under-Educated-White-Guy vote is what turns out in primaries. The GOP has taken the biggest gun the NRA could find for them and shot themselves in the foot. Sad to watch the good and sensible Grand Old Party, my former party, do this to themselves. This is what you get from years of moving so far to the right that you start to move out of the picture of the mainstream voter. They have a huge problem on their hands without splitting the party in two. Even the Democrats are sad about this, because our government works best when you have two political parties in opposition to each other but who are willing to be rational and work for common good. The GOP has gone so far to the right that the very vocal, extreme and very angry right, is dictating the direction right now. Only God, the real one, can help them out of this.

    • Race ist much?

      • There is no racism in my comment. Who is my supposed racism aimed towards? I am an old Anglo-Saxon white guy and I was a staunch Republican until they became the party of angry and stupid.

        • “He will get the Old-Angry-Under-Educated-White-Guy vote. That is his base. Beyond that, he is in serious trouble. The problem is, the Old-Angry-Under-Educated-White-Guy vote is what turns out in primaries.”
          Those are the only ones, huh? Sounds like a racist leaning statement in any shape or form. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

    • You sound like just another run of the mill establishment RINO talking point or a George Soros paid rambling troll, one. Blah, blahblah, blahblah, blahblah. Sorry to inform you something that is no longer a secret…it is the real church going crowd along with real American people of all persuasions that are sick and tired of the real money changers in the crowd as personified by the greedy establishment politicians in cahoots with corrupt crony capitalists. Who are you trying to kid? There hasn’t been a sensible Grand Old Party that use to be considered as, the loyal opposition, for quite some time now. Most all of them have morphed into DemoLight and you know it. Yes, real people including the dissatisfied under employed blue collar workers, the 1 out of 5 college grads still living with their parents and the two income families that are barely making it, have finally had enough watching the connected get richer while those that behave badly get a pass. The American people’s lot in life has declined and they have finally woke up and and are speaking up. It is disingenuous of you to paint all of them as extreme for wanting something better for America. So your innocuous blather is ill thought out because it is evidently hard for you to get the big picture when you have such a small screen

  23. The best candidate is the one that can win the election. Which may well not be the best President (e.g. the Obama disaster) , but how good a president the candidate would make is irrelevant if he doesn’t get elected. The choice, by election, has a very strong element of a popularity contest, and promising the actions necessary to recover the economy and increase personal autonomy do not lend themselves to increased popularity.

    • Opening line is reminiscent of Fitness participation: the best exercise(s) are the one that you will actually do. IF you do not do them, you will pay in the long run for failure to protect your wellness.
      From “The Sum Total” by Madame Chiang Kai-shek
      “We are what we do.
      If the past has taught us anything, it is that every cause brings its effect;
      every action has a consequence.
      Good begets good and evil leads to evil.
      This is the moral foundation of the universe.
      This precept applies to every man’s life.
      Granted, the sun shines on saint and sinner alike, and too often the wicked seem to prosper.
      But I say the flourishing of the wicked is an illusion and a fantasy, for unceasingly life keeps book on us all.
      In the end, we will be the sum total of all our actions.
      Character cannot be counterfeited.
      It can’t be put on and cast off as if it were a garment.
      Like the markings on wood which are ingrained in the very heart of the tree,
      character requires time and nurture to grow and develop.
      Thus, day by day, we write our own destiny, for inexorably we become what we do.”

    • Not really, unless one prefers being screwed by Jebby more than Hilly.

      Trump 2016!

  24. This is typical of career politician pukes. The leaders think that the voters are stupid and in effect this calls us that. Time to leave the Republican Party and elect people like Trump. I am 65 years old and have been a loyal Republican all of my voting life, however, I’m fed up with attitudes like this. That’s why I now lean toward the Tea Party.

    • Ron, Jonathan Gruber, the main architect of ObamaCare, said it right: “American voters are stupid.”

      • Just need to make one correction .” Americans who vote for Trump are stupid ” I just wanted to clarify that for all you Trump supporters out there.

        • Faye, that will be decided this coming November. Gruber was right in his assessment of American voters with facts: Obama was elected twice, and his promise, “if you like your Doctor and your plan, you can keep them,” well, that went south like most, if not all, of his promises. Like I said, Gruber was right regarding voters. Hopefully, the voters have smartened up for the upcoming election, and vote for Trump, Socialists like you will vote for Hillary, but she might be going to the Court House instead of the White House, and if she’s elected, she’s part III of Obama. Sanders will bankrupt this Country with his “everything’s free” policy. Your 2 choices will pull the plug on America, but, if that’s your choice, well, that’s sad.

      • aschark, you are correct. American voters are stupid. After all they put Obama in office. Since we are so stupid maybe you think that we should no longer hold elections. Just let the career politicians appoint who they want in office.

  25. Trump is saying what millions of americans are thinking, the GOP is in a panic because they are losing control and they do not know what to do. I am sick and tired of politicians that say the same stuff, promise the same promises and then when elected, DO NOTHING, as soon as they see how money can be made off the citizens, they forget everything they said and promised. Trump by his own admission, is so very rich that he does not need the taxpayer’s money and big corporations cannot get their hooks into him so Trump is a threat to the Good Ole Boy system and Trump has promised to get rid of that system and start doing something for the american voters and I believe him and support him. I believe he will put this nation back on track and make America great again. All these other politicians will continue on with the old ways and that is NOT what this country needs.

  26. 7 years??? This what we have been trying to get the elites to see for 30 years!!!!

  27. I called there messages are full, so here is my email:

    To: [email protected]

    Today at 10:04 AM
    To whom it may concern; which is no one there

    I have left the “So Called GOP.”

    Why? BTW: I am not alone. Because there is no demarcation between the GOP and the Democratic Party or their mutual progressive platforms.

    gave us two candidates who couldn’t beat an Islamic, Do Nothing, Junior
    Senator and then a traitorous dictator? Really? Frankly, I believe you
    did it on purpose. In fact I am convinced: You threw Sarah Palin under
    the bus, as the sacrificial goat for your incompetent, liberal,
    progressive sellout looser McCain and you then send out Ryan and Romney
    next? I’d laugh but it’s not funny.

    you are telling “WE THE PEOPLE” – “WHO YOU ARE GOING TO NOMINATE?” I
    think not, because we know you are doing this on purpose as well. Your
    plan and desire is too split the party once again, too keep the
    Progressives in power, the Oligarchy that you are a part of and silently
    and deceptively represent.

    people are nothing more than the wolves, who aren’t interested in the
    least in Conservatism and or a platform of Morality, or supporting the
    Constitution. You and your ilk are only interested in the destruction of
    America and helping the CFR, U.N., World Bank/Federal Reserve, Tri
    Laterials and Bilderberger’s make it a 3rd world country and assisting
    King CamelDung, Ac`kmeed, Obama’s wooden brother, the Terrible
    Terrorist, of Jeff Dunham fame in continuing his take over of America.

    is on your heads and what you sow, so shall you reap. The good news,
    for you; it will be the whirlwind of evil, not the harvest of greed you
    expect to reap and they will, not might, but will turn on you as well
    and trodden you under,just as you have done to the Citizens here.

    Your Phone Messages are FULL. Do you know why? Because people are
    pissed off, but then that’s what you have strived so diligently to do.

    RNC Committeeman Lashes Out at Trump

  28. Sparkitus_Maximus

    Who cares what the backstabbing RNC wants?
    It’s all about what we the people want!
    It doesn’t matter that they’re scaring us?
    What bee ess!
    Go Trump!

    • Take the names and numbers of the RINO’s that oppose Trump, and vote them out at the next election. Remind them that they work for their constituents, not their lobbyists!

  29. It is easier to just accept that the establishment has not yet been purged of it’s Democrat Turncoats. These are the folks that triangulate with the crats on every vote to stiffle the will of the majority of their own voters. These clowns are sickening…it would be as if you supported Lincoln only to find out he was secretly working to keep slavery.

  30. I am a Ted Cruz Supporter and will vote for him. I don’t understand why the GOP is so perplexed that folks like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are doing so well. After all prior to the last major election; the Republican Candidates pledged to the American Voter, they would stop Obama and the democ-RATS from harming our nation any further. As far as the Candidates for President go, ONLY Ted Cruz honored that pledge. In all fairness to Donald Trump, he was running his business at the time and thus has an excuse for not being part of that pledge. Americans are fed up with being lied to by ALL POLITICIANS. Thus, the GOP Leadership or Establishment may not like Cruz or Trump, but the fact remains, had they done what they promised, this would probably NOT be worthy of a discussion right now. The GOP Establishment “created” the Donald Trump rise. He has done an incredible job tapping into the very real and understandable ANGER of AMERICANS. I don’t know, but believe The Donald actually gets where Americans are coming from and has answered them with empathy and like-mindedness. My concern comes in to play with Trump’s very real record. I can get past it, but it still remains to the LEFT of where I am comfortable. I for one will support Ted Cruz for President. If he chooses Donald Trump as his running mate, great.

    • Reverse that order and I am with ya. Let the executive run the show and let Cruz hold Trump’s feet to the most conservative flames occassionally.

      • If it comes down to that, I will. I must be completely honest, I still have questions where the Donald is concerned. His record of support and folks he has voted for stick in my craw. Until I can justify that, the best I can do for now is place Trump as #2 behind Ted Cruz. I will say, AMERICA needs them both.

    • army, I’m with you on that, but I would like Trump as POTUS and Cruz as VP. My reasoning is Trump owes NOBODY any favors for their “donations,” which means that the lobbyists have no control over him, like 99% of the others (by “others,” I mean ALL politicians). If Trump becomes the POTUS, with Cruz as #2, if they both keep their promises (Trump promised the angry citizens of the US, not lobbyists), the GOP (which is a mixture of Socialists or RINO’s) will be in charge for 16 years.

  31. It is only natural all the fuss and unpleasantness – and insults – thrown at and directed to Donald Trump – he is the only one – THE ONLY ONE – telling the American people the truth of what is happening today in our Nation. God give him the strength – the ability – and the courage to continue in his efforts to do what is right in America. I believe he is sincere – honest – and willing to do what he promises to do in bringing our Nation back to decency and respected.

  32. Sick and tired of the elitists and same old, same old being promoted by the whining rinos, and will support Trump! Jeb Bush is a rino, Rubio is a waffler, and who knows what he really thinks. It’s time to take back America, and the disingenuous idiots running the Republican party make me SICK!!

  33. Trump does not like to be cfitized

  34. Mr. Redfield, your loyalty to your party ends with your loyalty to your party’s constituents, and to a greater degree, to your country.

    San Diego, CA

  35. The RNC, the GOP, and the like; nothing but a bunch of self-serving, elitist hacks that see their lifetime meal tickets being voided/cancelled/rendered inoperative. You clowns should have paid more attention after the Tea Party cleaned House in 2010, and really acknowledged the sweep of the Senate in 2012, and yet it was business as usual, nothing changed in Congress other than the faces, and the capital letter behind your name signifying the party affiliation. But Democrat or Republican nothing else happened, same old stuffed suits, same old wink & a nod.

  36. I got news for the RNC…it is not up to you who picks the President its up to the people! To hell with your New World Order! This is an agenda that is pure Treason and puts a rope around all your necks. If I were you I would be worried about that more than I would Donald Trump. If the people want TRUMP then let it be! You do not know how close your all comming to being physically arrested and removed by the people! Take Heed!

  37. This is why I have changed from Republican to Independent. The Republican party has let the peopple down, even with a majority in the House and Senate, they let Harry Reid and Obama run all over them !!

  38. Michael Dennewitz

    Why do people keep mentioning that word “congress” when in actuality, WE DON’T EVEN HAVE ONE. At least not a respectable one. Dayummm! They’re ALL stabbing us in the back!!

  39. I hope Trump does run on the Republican ticket. I can’t believe that when a voter gets to the voting booth that they would vote for him. This country does not need a clown leading it.

  40. Or as Dr. Phil likes to comment>>>>.How is what you’re doing working for you?<<<<<<and the RNC damned well ought to be thinking about who and what they are supporting and at what cost to their vaunted position( IN their own minds of course)
    We The People will speak and We The People count on
    our leaders, in this case the RNC, to go to bat for us and get the job done.
    If TRUMP is our choice, they should respect our decision,
    and after all, it isn't that he is a bad choice….they just worry about their OWN AX THEY ARE GRINDING and
    that TRUMP will have changes to make that they will dislike because of their own selfish purposes.
    Get over it RNC…do your job for the PEOPLE, all of us,
    not just YOUR PEOPLE.

  41. I would have to think that if Trump is not the nominee of the Republican party, he will tear up the agreement that he signed and go Independent. It would serve the republican party right if he did. Many republicans like myself want to see him get the nomination. If he doesn’t, then the fix is in and I will probably go independent myself. I imagine so many other current republicans will do the same. The republican establishment at that point will be responsible for the demise of the republican party. To top it off, if the establishment doesn’t let Trump run, I see Bernie for the win. Hillary is going down because of all her scandals and Bernie is going to get the nod for the democrats.


  43. Wake up Redfield. The only ones going in the wrong direction are the RNC members. And incidentally, this is what American are thinking. Therefor, this is the direction the RNC should be moving in. They’re suppose to be there to act in support of what the average guy in the street wants done. Your personal feelings about what is happening are of no importance to those beyond the beltway who are struggling to survive on the one hand and in fear of the current government administration on the other.
    Seems to me that there’s already entirely to much “embracing each other” going on in your little circle.


  45. The RNC pushing Bush is a total waste of time and money. Bush has been and always will be a piece of crap that doesn’t deserve the time of day. The RNC needs to get over it and give support to one of the candidates that is really relevant, Trump, Cruz, or Rubio.

  46. The RNC has had their eyes close shut from having their heads up obama’s butt so long they cannot see the real danger of a killery clinton getting into the white house. I’m sick of these do nothing rino’s whom I call call closet democrats and that’s who their wanting to shove down our throats is one of the candidates who will bow down to their command and do as they’re told to. Mr. Trump is not for sale and will not be told by the likes of the RNC nothing, they are not the solution, they are the problem.

  47. The RINOS are lined up, single file, along the edge of the Grand Canyon.
    The people over to the side with their pockets full of rocks are the conservatives.
    This may well be the end of the Republican Party if they screw up


  49. The sad truth the established Republicans don’t want to acknowledge is that they have failed consistently now for 8 years in a row to field a viable candidate that could win the WH! They alienated their base, failed to listen to the voice of the people and plunged ahead with their own elitest plans. Trump has capitalized on this and has gained the attention of the people and their votes. My vote is with Trump!

  50. Horror of all horrors…the corrupt establishment politicians and their hangers on lackeys that feed from the crony capitalist trough to fund their comfortable lifestyle of wining and dining are wetting their undies facing the reality their cash cow is about to dry up.

  51. Redfield is like all RINOS. A complete and utter idiot! Trump is doing as well as he IS, because whether they like to believe it or not, HE is telling us the TRUTH about what we are experiencing and have been for the last 7 years when NO ONE ELSE, especially the Conventional Republicans will! We need a change We the People, can live with; NOT MORE OF THE SAME WHICH IMPOVERSISHES US, GIVES AWAY OUR SOVEREIGNTY AND RESOURCES TO THE U.N. OR TRIES TO, CATERS TO THOSE WHOSE FIRST ACT ON OUR SOIL IS TO VIOLATE AMERICAN LAW AND WITH A GOVERNMENT THAT REWARDS THEM FOR IT AT OUR EXPENSE! You want to see the Donald diminished in stature with the people, then ACT like you give a DAMN about American Citizens, for a change and stop catering to Muslims, illegals, and Obama and his unconstitutional and oppressive policies that are killing the Middle Class and destroying the futures of our progeny. Not very Bright, are any of you and WE, The People, KNOW IT! Prepare to be voted out of office as a matter of survival, YOU PARASITES PRODUCING NOTHING BUT DEBT AND DIMINISHED FREEDOMS: OURS, NOT YOURS!~

  52. Trump no matter what.

  53. Guess What? Republicans will pick the nominee at the polls, not the RNC!

  54. Folks don’t forget the other “outsider”, Ben Carson. Smart, thoughful and can carry a big stick when needed. Remember the old saying – speak softly but carry a big stick. Carson is my pick and the RNC doesn’t like him either.

    • He was my first pick as well, but from all appearances, he’s toast!

      • iamcurious, Don’t give up on Carson yet. That is what the career politicians want. They are worried and would like us all to give up on all the outsiders and settle for someone who will bow to them. Mr. Trump is leading right now but who knows what can happen tomorrow. Mr. Trump is so confrontational that at some point he may self destruct. If so, we will need another outsider option, and Ben Carson is that option. Ben Carson is the dark horse in this race (no pun intended) and I’m sticking with him. Why? He is a prime example of the American Dream going from dire poverty to success. He offers hope just by the way he has lived his life. A man dedicated to saving lives and I believe he is our best hope for a brighter future. Smart. level-headed and he uses common sense rather than PC answers. He offers that glimmer of hope that even Mr. Trump can not. Some say he doesn’t have the experience in foreign affairs, but he is a smart man, he will get people around him who do know to advise him and he will listen to good advice. Our current President doesn’t seem to be able to do that and I can’t abide the thought of either Clinton or Sanders taking over for Obama – what a disaster that would be! Ben Carson can bridge the color barrier between whites and blacks because he doesn’t think in color. To him we are all the same – Americans and all in the same boat. He is the one and only candidate who isn’t trying to divide us into factions. Have you read his plan on reforming our tax system, or where he stands on education issues? See below.

        My Uncle Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once
        said, “Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There
        is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing
        pains some people more than having to think.” Ben Carson is a strong and
        thoughtful leader. Pray for Ben Carson.

        — Dr. Alveda

        Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is an incredibly meaningful day
        for me and the African-American community, but also for our nation as a

        Today, I am observing and celebrating this important day at
        several events throughout South Carolina with a number of African-American
        faith, business and community leaders.

        In 1964, when Dr. Martin Luther
        King, Jr. accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, he said, “I am mindful that
        debilitating and grinding poverty afflicts my people and chains them to the
        lowest rung of the economic ladder.”

        After fifty years of liberals
        making promises and the last seven years of false hope from President Obama, not
        much has changed. African-Americans are still fighting for space on the bottom
        rung of the economic ladder.

        The high poverty rate in the black
        community continues because the very tools that should be used to promote
        economic opportunity instead keep low-income and minority communities in

        We have an education system that continues to penalize low-income
        and minority students by keeping them trapped in failing schools rather than
        giving them the choice to attend schools that best suit their academic needs.
        The status quo rewards national teacher’s unions at the expense of what is best
        for our students.

        education plan provides school choice to families, empowers local
        communities, encourages the innovative spirit of educators, rewards good
        teachers and creates a streamlined student loan process. Politicians have not
        had the resolve to make these essential changes, but I am not a politician.

        We are kidding ourselves if we believe that an education system that
        takes power away from parents and gives it to bureaucrats in Washington will
        improve lives and bridge the education gap. It will not.

        I am proof
        positive of what happens when parents have the power to make the right decisions
        for their children. Through God’s grace and my mother’s wisdom, my brother and I
        were able to escape poverty.

        I know that education is the great
        liberator. And if we do not make significant changes to our education system, in
        the years ahead when we celebrate Dr. King’s legacy, minority communities will
        still lag behind.

        Thank you for joining me and our movement to create a
        better, more hopeful America with limitless opportunity for every one of our


        Ben Carson

  55. The rinos don’t get it do they? They are incredibly arrogant, foolish and corrupt people. Gop, you are nothing without the people and we say no to you. It’s called cleaning house. Americans , we have the terrorists on the run, don’t give up the battle.

  56. Trump is too brash to ever be able to unite the party or to win the election. He needs to try to get along with people if he really wants to be president. He also needs to forget the idea that he would appoint his sister to the supreme court. She is a strong advocate of partial birth abortion which would make her more of a candidate to be appointed by Obama. I doubt that Donald could even be close to qualifying as a conservative.

    • Thank you, Reince Priebus Don! I’m certain you hold no grudge for your chosen one, and if Trump wins the nomination (or Cruz, or Carson, or …) you will give him 100% backing for the sake of unity, right?

  57. “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” –Thomas Jefferson: his motto.

  58. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    Thomas Jefferson

  59. The Republican elite are in opposition to the party rank and file. It’s time to force the elite out of the Republican party and make it a conservative party again.

  60. I keep getting RNC demands for $$ to prevent democrat takeover of the senate, that Conservatives won in 2014. I wonder why they think I’ll subsidize democrats in RINO costumes? The RNC has shown what their opinion is (of we Conservatives), and of how we should listen to their BS, instead of our Constitution.

  61. I watched a small part of the Democratic debate last night, just to see what the enemy camp is saying about Donald Trump. Well I can tell you ,it was not good, one Martin O’Malley, whom I’ve never heard of was up on stage with Shrillary, Bernout bernie, he called Trump a FACIST COMMIE, and a TRAITOR to our country, because he want’s to keep Syrian refugees out of our country until they have had a THOROUGH back ground check! Then and only then will they be allowed into America. Shrillary and her ilk have said that America has never denied people freedom to come and go as they please based on their Race or Religion. What a short term memory those people have.Back in 1941 after December 7, 1941, they built Internment camps and rounded up all the Japanese and put them in them (Internment camps). It did not matter if they were 2nd or 3rd generation citizens of America or not, they were rounded up any way. Also after a thorough background check they joined the U.S. Army and formed the 442nd, an all Japanese Company, then they went to war and fought on the United States side. So don’t you believe that America hasn’t detained people all based on their Race, they did, in order to protect us from possible spys and enemy agents of the Imperial Japanese government who would do us harm. So I don’t see any difference about rounding up all Syrians, Pakistanis, Afghans, Iraqis etc., etc., etc. And put them out of our country, or keep them interred at our abandoned military bases until it’s decided that they are here only to escape Tyranny in their countries of origin.

    • Seems Shrillary, Bernout bernie and weak-kneeded O’Malley conveniently forgot fellow Democrat President FDR in 1939 (not sure of date) denied fleeing Jews on-board a ship from Hitler’s Germany were refused refugee status for entry into America. They weren’t even permitted to step ashore. They ended up back in Germany where most died in concentration camps.
      BTW, antisemitism was nearly as bad for Jews as segregation was for blacks back then.
      And thanks to that polarizing Weakling currently occupying the Oval Office, we’re nearly back where we started.

      • They have memories of convenience, if it does not benefit their cause, they can’t remember sh-t, (CRS). We had officers in the Army that had bad cases of CRS. A lot of people don’t listen to the words these candidates speak, they only hear what they wan’t to hear, if you listen to Shrillary or O’Malley you’ll hear what they are really saying, we wan’t your guns, you don’t need them, you are not entitled to them, you ‘re interpreting the 2nd. Amendment too literal.Yet they have armed security around them at all times, and you and I are paying for it, yet we don’t have the right to protect ourselves and family. They more or less are saying that their lives our more important than yours and mine. Also if you are an immigrant coming into this country, the US government gives them SSI to get started (which they’ve never paid into). Also I found out by digging on Google (go deeper in than 4-10 pages, more like 30-50 pages in) that 95% of the Indians from India, and Pakistanis, and other Middle eastern people get motels and convenience stores, and gas stations for nothing, NADA, zilch, they don’t have to pay anything for these businesses. It’s obamas way of saying welcome to the land of plenty. I know I was floored when I found this out. The government doesn’t do that for American citizens born here. This is just a little food for thought, to try to get people digging for the truth. Trump wants to bring companies back to America, thus creating more jobs for her citizens, not illegal immigrants… All you see here in Oklahoma is mexicans working on all of the road construction crews, pipeline and now oilfield crews, also they’ve replaced my livelihood, house and home construction. The only jobs in my area are casino jobs in the NDN casinos, that’s because you need a CDIB card (certificate of degree of Indian blood) and an OSBI and FBI background check to get hired. So I’m voting Trump all the way, he might not be perfect, but at least he’s better than the others running for POTUS.

        • You my man are 100% correct. The only problem is the American citizenry have been lied to for so long their brains turned to mush. They follow Democrats and Republicans who are traitors to OUR country. They see themselves just like Omuslim – ABOVE THE LAW and lead OUR country on the road to perdition. Wake up America before it’s too late!!!

          • At least somebody can see what’s happening to our country.And the PRESS is largely responsible for turning peoples brains to mush, as they will not report things truthfully, they omit things or completely twist the facts around to suit their agendas. I can remember back when the press stood for the truth, and justice, as they reported things factually. They used to be impartial when they reported stories. But now they are so biased, with their heads so far up osamas, and shrillarys butts that their mouths talk sh-t because their heads are full of sh-t from having their heads up their butts.The Press has gotten way too Political and therefore are controlling how politics are done, because of they way they report things.I know Trump isn’t perfect, but at least he knows what most people want.The press is scared of the Donald, because they know he can’t be controlled by them,and he’ll call them out on it.

          • Again you’re right and very perceptive. The majority is still in the trance state and can’t respond with the facts. Emotion will get some people but honesty will always prevail. Thank you my good man.+

  62. That’s just too dog-gone bad! The so-called “minority vote” has largely (80-90%) been in the democrat’s pocket anyway…for decades!

    And where and what has it gotten them? Especially the past 7 years? Zip, nada, nothing! Just a lot of cheap rhetoric, empty promises and funneling toward government dependence, aka “entitlements”

    I’m one of the growing 25% black and 20% Hispanic voters wholeheartedly backing The Donald.
    We want good-paying jobs, opportunities, (not hand-outs) and a government that works for us.

    Go Trump 2016!!

  63. The republicans that are toeing the line are the ones that are way behind. Must mean that the people are not thinking like the stinking GOP rinos. The GOP has had 7 years to learn from their mistakes and still don’t get it. No rinos ever again.

  64. 1st of all, who gives a rat’s ass about this character? He’s Virgin Islands, so he can’t even vote for the president!
    And, just as we are told by “establishment”, especially over the last 2-3 elections, once a candidate is named, we back him. So, they’d best back whomever WE decide as, hopefully, it’s now OUR turn to pick the people’s candidate….

  65. He’s from the Virgin Islands. I wonder how many of them are Republicans. It’s just a Possession and he should be glad that they’re allowed to vote. Another case of a tiny, tiny, tiny minority who’s opinion matters (?) I think Trump should make a stop in the Virgin Islands so he can get their votes.

  66. Neither side wants to concede the idea that We the People are FED UP TO OUR EYEBROWS with establishment politicians on both sides. Trump-Cruz or Carson, to restore our nation to its former greatness.

  67. These folks have forgotten that the positions in our elected government are not there just for those who have declared themselves our established politicians.The whole idea is for anyone who wants to serve in those positions and run for that office has the right to do so. If they win the vote, then so be it. It is not for some idiots in a party, any party, to decide who we the people will be able to vote for after they cull in their elitist fashion those whom they deem unworthy to even attempt to run. Amazing isn’t it how fouled up this has become? This bunch needs a big reminder. Let us do upset their applecart. Let us choose the man or woman we want in that office. Heaven knows this bunch has proved totally unworthy of that decision.

    Go Trump and my advice to the whiners, is be careful what you say cause that person could be attached to the a$$ you have to kiss later. Idiots!


    • Ah the votes and the profits derived from White Mexico’s Brown Serf Trade is very well liked by the establishment of both parties. Too bad there are no moral politicans willing to take on the semi-slave industry that King Phillip started so long ago.

    • They all just need to face facts, drop out, and let Trump, lead them to victory.

  69. This shows the RNC has turned into Demoncraps. There is NO other explanation for it.

    They have lost their values and their MINDS over to being Demoncraps or RINO’s. The party must now extricate themselves from these Demoncrap infiltrators and RINO’s or lose the party, the race, and the country over to morons, communist, socialist, radicals and the sodomist.

  70. This is another reason that I am not a member of the republican party. They are making it harder every year to vote republican. I will never vote democratic. I am 66 years old and never missed an election since I turned 18. This might well be my first year I do not vote..

  71. Go Donald……….

  72. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    When Donald Trump emerges the winner after each debate, shouldn’t that tell anything to Democrats
    as well as Republicans? It means that Americans are fed up with the corrupt situation that has been going on for the past seven years. It is time for new blood and if that means Donald Trump, so be it. Americans are fed up with the boorish behavior of Democrats AND Republicans. We have become the laughing stock of the world. America has become the HARLOT of Babylon and the prostitute of the White House and Washington D.C. , while the pimps are not doing their job to protect her. It is time for Americans to begin a revolution to restore the integrity of
    these United States of America. One more year in a “ropes and chains” dictatorship under Hussein SOBama’s hate and rage Agenda of REVENGE is one year too long.

  73. The establishment wing of the party has sat on their hands and rolled over for Obama for two years or more. Trump is none of those losers who only care about a soft job and continuing filling their pockets. They have let the country down and those of who kept waiting for them to do something, but they did NOTHING. Now you want people vote for them???I don’t care if we lose the party, they are the ones to blame, not Trump or anybody whovotes for him. They deserve what they get.

  74. Worn or not my vote is for Donald J Trump hope fully the next president

  75. Both parties are doing the same thing, dictating to the voter who the candidate will be. I refuse to be told who I must support. The RNC has a candidate in mind, I believe it to be BUSH. And the DNC intends to throw Bernie Sanders aside for Hillary Clinton. What both parties seem to be saying is you either support the party’s candidate or you don’t count. And if you look closely it seems that the Democrats and Republicans have joined hands in deciding who the candidates will be. I don’t know about anybody else but these party leaders can go to hell. I’ll decide who I believe to be the best candidate. AND win or lose that’s who I will support.

    • It will be delightfully fun watching the RINOs having their gag reflexes when they are all forced to back Cruz as the last one standing beside Trump! Of course it will be even more fun seeing which ones come out of the closet for HillBernie.

      Trump 2016!

  76. There is one thing for sure. If the establishment GOP continues to try to persuade Americans that anyone that supports Mr. Trump is foolish and that they, the GOP knows so much better what is good for us that we do, the GOP will be history and not in a good way. The media can try to spin what they will. The other candidates can say what they will. But the majority of citizens want Donald J. Trump as our Nominee.
    That one State of Iowa isn’t the deciding factor. Ted Cruz will not be as popular as Mr. Trump. As for critical persons doing as they will , that is a given , but if Donald J. Trump doesn’t get the nomination, no one wins – Period. America can not continue with what has been masquerading as leadership from either side anymore.

  77. Is this Idiot just another A-SHOLE that just WOKE UP??? or a Relative of Deranged Debbie Wasserman-Schultz??? Where has IT been???
    Doe he want to WIN or LOSE again???

  78. The GOP nomination effort is going to collapse soon. Trump may be the only survivor.

  79. 8 U.S.C. 1182 – LII / Legal Information Institute

  80. Who cares what he or any others in the upper levels of the Republican intelligentsia think, on any issue. The conservative movement belongs to the people and these elitists, along with those we’ve elected, have stolen our votes long enough. We’re taking the party and if they don’t like it, they can “hit the road”.

  81. Maydell Harper Sims Bolding

    Mindy, I agree with you. Our nation is on a downward slope because we as Christians have not stood in the gap.The Bible talks about the Watchman on the wall, well we are supposed to be the watchmen on the wall. We are supposed to stand firm in our Christian beliefs, and try to convince others that only God is the answer for America. When we allowed prayer to be taken out of the Schools, and then they wanted to do away with the Pledge of Allegiance, and then other cultures started entering into the conversation, and wanted to do away with whatever offended them. We see that now with the Muslims. They want to do away with certain foods, because of their beliefs, or they want their prayer time, which is not just one sincere prayer to God, but every time they want to call upon Allah. Allah is not God, nor will it ever be. God is in control of everything, and with everything that is happening in this world, I am sure He is weary of seeing and hearing all the garbage that is being spued out of the mouths of those who don’t know and follow Him. We as Christians, are supposed to be salt and light in the world. If we lose our testimony of our Christian faith, then we cannot be salt and light. I am for sending illegal immigrants back to 1st base. They need to start at the beginning and file the necessary papers to come into this country. We can’t go into other countries and start complaining about how they do things. In the 1st. place, we would be escorted out of the Country immediately. I am only wondering, as Mindy, have we waited too late to stand up for what’s right?

    • Most Christians focus on family, church and charity but getting dirty in the political trenches is always necessary too.

      Get your faith leaders to get theirs folks to turn over the money tables.

  82. We will fight to see Trump the winner and the birth of the true Tea Party Party…The dems and the Repubs are from the past…They have no part in our future.

  83. Hopefully real republicans and conservatives won’t give one penny to the gop liberal RINO party because they are in fact identical to democrats. They have been destroying conservatives within their own party for years and actually promoting their comrades in the liberal democratic party. People are tired of the gop pretending to be an alternative to the democrats and then proving to be nothing more than a liberal clone. Get the liberal RINOs who control the gop out of office and replace them with conservatives.

  84. Guess we all know now that Trump and Cruz are the only real people to vote for. Neither the republicans nor the democrats like either one of them so it must be that both are not established elite, can be bought, paid for in advance, sink our nation into debt, destroy our freedoms and retire a millionaire at the tax payers expense. Cleared up my choice of candidates just by the reaction of both parties. Trump will be getting my vote and the political bung hole parties can kiss my @ss.

  85. Only people that fear Trump are people with something to HIDE ((( Right Obama )))

  86. Trump will get my vote no matter what people say or do

  87. The leaders of the gop liberal RINO party are democrats. We have a one party system in our country which works to silence and suppress all conservatives and promote all liberal programs. The only hope for our country is Donald Trump and that is why BOTH the rinos and democrats as well as their comrades in the corporate press are out to destroy him. Ted Cruz would also make a great president but the CFR corporate press, the public opinion creators, will ruin any and all chances that he might be elected because Ted was born in Canada. By the way, where was the appointed president born?

  88. If Redfield or anyone else is loyal to the Republican Party over loyalty to America he and they can go to hell. We now know, too, that a great many of the GOP stalwarts would rather see America go down than vote for either Trump or Cruz. Some, like George Will, have made total fools of themselves in print. The South was right in 1860 and most of the South is right today. Let’s us southerners leave this phony union!

  89. I just decide to go all in Trump I have been a Cruz guy and still am but the more they hit Trump the more I think it is the right choice if the establishment hates him that much then he is the right guy!!

  90. [email protected] the RNC if they will not listen to the voice of the voters (which they haven’t) then they are of the same ilk as the treasonist muslim [email protected] sucker that is the potus NOW! It is time to do what is good for this country NOT what is good for a partys agenda.

  91. The so called republican party leaders are RINOs which means that they are liberal democrats. One of the highest priorities of the RINOs is to destroy conservatives who are trying to save our country. Because the liberal RINOs are trying to destroy Donald Trump’s chance of becoming our next president means that Donald Trump would be a great president. The Donald has my vote and the votes of everyone I know.

  92. Trump can’t tarnish the brand any more than it already is. The GOP brand supporters have changed as life has become more difficult for the average citizen. It has always been an aristocratic party that is becoming more influenced by the average citizen that recognizes conservatism is not necessarily being promoted by the party. For the GOP to have relevance in the future they need to embrace “why” the Trump phenomenon is so popular with voters.

    (Opinion) The Trump supporters are so loyal they will abandon the party well into the future if the party turns on their candidate and their interests are not validated by the establishment. The underhanded tactics are backfiring yet they continue to double and triple down on their failed direction. Unifying the party should be the first order of business of the Republican Party. Remember, we must win this one!



  95. Stand up for the Tea Party and America will be fixed…for good.

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