RNC Chair: Democrats “Once Supported” Building Great Border Barriers

In an op-ed written just before Congress adjourned on Friday and allowed the federal government to go into partial shutdown over an impasse on President Trump’s border wall, RNC chair Ronna McDaniel blasted congressional Democrats for refusing to cough up the money for proper border security.

In a piece written for the Fox News website, McDaniel accused Democrats under Chuck Schumer of holding fast to their position on the wall simply for the opportunity to spite Trump and his supporters. Democrats, she said, used to believe in strong border security. They even used to vote for barriers that would keep illegal immigrants out of the country.

From McDaniel’s op-ed:

In 2006, 26 Democrats voted for a bill that directed the building and maintenance of 700 miles of border fencing. Among those Democrats who supported the bill were Schumer, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California and then-Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.

In 2013, all 54 Democrats voted to pass legislation to build a physical barrier on the border at a much greater cost than the $5 billion President Trump is now requesting. The bill provided $46 billion for border security improvements and added 700 miles of border fencing. Schumer and Feinstein were again among the Democrats who voted for it.

Schumer said it best that same year: “If you’re going to get bipartisan support and get (an immigration) bill done, you’re going to have to do something on the border.” Back then, he acknowledged what we all know: strong borders are essential for our nation’s security.

Democrat hypocrisy, who would have thunk it?

But this goes beyond mere political hypocrisy, for which the Democrats could perhaps be forgiven. No, their refusal to take border security seriously is not only causing untold misery inside the United States, it is also harming thousands and thousands of Central Americans who don’t understand that their dangerous treks across Mexico will end in failure – if not death. It is up to the U.S. to send a strong message: You will not succeed. You will not come here illegally. There is no possibility of success. Stay home and fix your own countries.

With a mighty border wall, we could send that message. The Democrats don’t want to do it? Why? Well, first and foremost, they know it would be unpopular with their base if they were to “cave” on what has become President Trump’s signature issue. Trump has tried to give them some breathing room by referring to the wall as a steel-slatted fence, but they are unwilling to take the out. Instead they are digging their heels in – not at the expense of Donald Trump, but at the expense of America.

“Clearly, border walls work,” McDaniel wrote. “Given the choice between another unnecessary shutdown and border security funding to maintain this progress, Democrats should stand for the interests of the people they represent.”

Alas, they did not make that choice. Perhaps, though, if this shutdown goes on long enough, they will.

Only one way to find out!

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