Rick Perry Offers Full Support to Trump

Last year, former Texas Governor Rick Perry was one of the first presidential contenders to go after Donald Trump, calling him a “cancer on conservatism” that he was not about to stand by and watch “metastasize” throughout the Republican Party.

But as RNC Chairman Reince Priebus once said: Winning is the antidote to a lot of things.

On Thursday, Perry told CNN’s Dana Bash that he was behind the nominee 100%.

“He is not a perfect man,” Perry acknowledged. “But what I do believe is that he loves this country and he will surround himself with capable, experienced people and he will listen to them.”

Perry said that he was taking his cue from the voters. “I believe in the process, and the process has said Donald Trump will be our nominee and I’m going to support him and help him and do what I can,” he said.

Perry’s endorsement should act as a model for Republicans who have harshly criticized Trump over the last year. You don’t have to walk back everything you ever said. You don’t have to sign on to those Trump policies that veer towards liberalism. And you certainly don’t have to pretend like you support every outrageous comment he makes. You just have to recognize one, simple fact: If Trump doesn’t win, then Hillary Clinton will. And if that’s not horrifying enough for you to get over Trump’s imperfections, then you have no business representing conservatism.

“We can’t afford the policies and the character of Hillary Clinton,” said Perry.

That’s it right there. A month ago, Republicans could get away with opposing Trump. But now, it’s time for choosing. It’s not Trump or Cruz. It’s not Trump or Rubio. It’s Trump or Clinton.

Astoundingly, it still appears there are a significant number of Republicans who haven’t gotten the message. Maybe they think Trump’s popularity is a once-in-a-lifetime anomaly based on the billionaire’s charisma and his unprecedented ability to dominate the mainstream media. Maybe they think that if they can just ride it out, they’ll never have to deal with this unpleasantness again.

If so, they are going to find out otherwise.

To be sure, there are things about Trump that no one else would have been able to duplicate. But at the same time, it’s hard to imagine that Trump could have done this in any other election year. He filled a void. You can put it any way you want it: Republicans stopped listening to the voters, Republicans stopped forwarding conservative principles, what have you. What it really comes down to is this: Republicans have failed – in every way – to limit the liberal agenda of Barack Obama.

And now, because they don’t have a nominee who meets their standards, they are going to do what? Attack Trump and let one of the most corrupt families in modern politics back into the White House? Allow Hillary Clinton to cement Obama’s legacy?

Rick Perry understands the stakes. Hopefully his common sense will spread throughout the rest of the party.

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  1. thank you Governor Perry for doing what is right and honorable. Your a good man, thank you again.

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  2. Judgeforyourself37

    If Democrats are smart they will get out and vote, and we will have Madam President inaugurated in January, 2017. There is one more vital issue for Democrats, they must get out and vote in the mid terms.
    The batc$%p crazy GOP have created Trump, by their right wing, extreme social agenda and their spewing of hate. Now, the monster that they have created, like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, will kill its creator.
    I was a Republican, but when St. Ronnie’s “Trickle Down Economics” came into power, I felt that the GOP left me, and I swiftly became a strong, liberal Democrat.

    • We were working 6-12s when Regen was prez. Everybody was layied off under Carter.

      In other words, When Reaganomics meant you had to work to get your pay you became a Democrap with your hand out looking for “free stuff”

      Definition – Liberal Democrat – “IF IT’S FOR FREE THEN IT’S FOR ME”

      • Another thing Democrats is for is better education for our kids, which you evidently were deprived of. No educated person would write with as many grammatical and spelling errors that you demonstrate!

        “We were working 6-12s when Regen (?) was prez. Everybody was layied (?) off under Carter.

        In other words, When Reaganomics meant you had to work to get your pay you became a Democrap with your hand out looking for “free stuff”

        Definition – Liberal Democrat – “IF IT’S FOR FREE THEN IT’S FOR ME”

        • If you want perfection, go work on yourself.

          • Catnip, I see you are blonde. You aren’t the blonde who called AAA to come and unlock her car because she had locked the keys inside, and it was raining and the top was down, are you?

          • ED, take a hike. You aren’t interested in truth, just the sound of your own mind holding court. Go talk to a mirror.

          • Why should I talk to a mirror when I have ignorant people like you who need a little elucidation? You’ll thank me one day.

          • Catnip, take encouragement from Trump and walk away from Ed’s lousy deal. He’s not negotiating in good faith.

          • I’m negotiating?? Gee, I didn’t realize I was in a position to negotiate! You make me proud!

          • Ah so true and thanks for your kind defense.

          • Love the stereotyping…you have represented yourself well!

          • Thank you.

          • My pleasure.

          • Ron Gonshorowski

            I will answer for him in case he doesn’t see this. WORK, WHAY ME WORK….MAYNARD G. KREBS.

          • Funny. I had to look that up – cartoons were my tv forte in those years.
            Ed does seem to be someone’s sidekick too 😉

    • Good riddance. We miss you like a toothache.

    • Ron Gonshorowski

      You were smart once so you can be rehabilitated, I hope.
      Check out the USSR, oh wait it’s gone. I guess Ronnie was right after all.

    • Ron Gonshorowski

      Are you aware that using Democrat and smart in the same sentence is oxymoronic.

  3. I am a Democrat, but this question does not reflect any animosity toward the Republicans or the Republican Party. I have a question that has perturbed me for years. Please answer it in the sense it is being asked.

    Why does any Republican who is not wealthy, who makes less than $200,000 a year, vote for Republicans? Can you show me or those like me what the Republican Party has done for the average working person or his family?

    Why do you vote for a party that has little respect for the problems you may be having, that wants to cut taxes on the wealthy, that adores the Koch Brothers, who wants to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare and the Department of Education? There has to be a reason. What is it?

    • That’s an easy one.

      First I am talking about true Republicans and not the RINO types that dominate the party (at least untll they are up for reelection, anyway)

      We are republicans because we hate big government and all that goes with it. Individualism and Capitalism over the Nanny State and Communism (You might refer to it as “socialism” but they are the same thing in all respects)

      A Russian immigrant named Assla Zinov’yevna Ronenbaum who used the pen name “Ayn Rand” wrote a book called “The Fountainhead” In it she speaks about a man (no PC “person” back then “Man” meant any human being) is responsible only to himself and not to only be a tool of society. Republicians think along these lines. The Democrat party is just the opposite. We have no use for it.

      We want no hand outs from the government and believe in taking care of ourselves. Even though giving an occasional helping hand to a neighbor but we also want to keep the fruits of our labors. We do not want the government to take 1/3 or more of what we made. While we will pay for roads and national defense we will not pay for a bloated government bureaucracy, or to have the government take our hard earned and give it to people who will not work. We are more then willing to pay for whatever we need or want ourselves.

      We also do not want the government to tell us we have to do things like wear motorcycle helmets or seat belts. (BTW I am not against wearing them, but that is to be my choice and not a a bureaucrat’s mandate.) And we do not want anybody to tell us what kind of paint we use on our house, or that we cannot use coal to make electricity or the kind of heath insurance we must pay for.

      We also are the majority of the military, and Fire and Police departments that protect you.

      A true Republican is a rugged individualist and believes that that government governs best that governs least. A small amount of regulation is somewhat acceptable but gross over-regulation is out of the question.

      Get the picture,,,,There is no way we want ANYTHING the Democrat party stands for.

      • Mattie, I read Atlas Shrugged when I was young and still impressed by bullshit, and Ayn Rand was pure bullshit. But i’m grown up now and Rand and others of her ilk do not impress me. She wrote stories that represented life as she would have liked it to be. But it ain’t that and she’s dead.

        • Take your bad English somewhere else. You don’t sound very grown up to me.

          • Catnip, I’m sorry if my “English” offends you. Most people can recognize humor but I forget sometime that I might be dealing with Republicans, who, of course, have no sense of humor! Sorry ’bout that

          • No Eddy it is the thick, opaque, sticky, smelly colon mucus that coats your head, eyes, ears – – that and a job as a paid TROLL.

          • Oh Jar! You certainly have a way with words! You must have been the smartest 18 year old in your 4th grade class because that stupid response is right out of the fourth grade!

          • Your a total Moron – you wouldnt recognize humor if it bit you in the A__.
            You have no substance or anything meaningful to discuss – Move on Troll!

          • Ah yes, but I’m a moron who knows the difference between ‘you’re’ and ‘your’. I’m a moron who learned proper grammar in the 4th grade! You, apparently are still in the 3rd grade. If you’d like for me to explain the difference, all you have to do is beg. Oh, I like irritating stupid Regressives way too much to “move on”! Sorry.

          • Your words are meaningless -no one likes you-your one of those people who likes to create havoc or intimidate others with words. Your a light lunch for most people.
            You have no substance- nothing worth contributing. Anyone as delusional as you who helped put a Muslim in the white cant be a good American who loves his country–Get a Life Faggot!

          • For God’s sake Kahuna, did you never attend school? OK. I’ll give you a short lesson in grammar. “Your” is a possessive form of “You”. You used it correctly in your first sentence, but then you fell back into stupidity with your second. “Your one of those… Is grossly bad grammar. What you meant, I think, was “You’re one of those…” “You’re” is a contraction of ” You are.” Same with “Your a light lunch”. That literally means a light lunch belongs to me, which in itself is stupid.
            I helped put a Muslim in the white. What is a white? I know it’s a color, actually it is a lack of all color, but I’ve never seen it used as a noun before.
            What designates a love for one’s country? Paying taxes? I pay taxers, Serving in the military? I served during the Korean War. Going to church regularly? Well, you got me there. I am a devout atheist. What about going to school and getting a good education? Been there, Done that. I think that concept is left out of you, Kahuna. That’s OK. I deal with imbeciles all the time and I think God loves you! (I’m kidding. There is no God!)

          • I forgive you.

          • Thank you

      • Have you ever studied President Lincoln’s domestic agenda? Higher taxes, a national banking system, financial subsidies for the poor, and federal spending for infrastructure. Also, Lincoln and Karl Marx were pen pals.

        • Ron Gonshorowski

          Don’t forget he was a Whig before running for President. Also David Crockett was also a Whig.

          • Yes, Lincoln was a Whig, a Conscience Whig, who opposed the Mexican War and the expansion of slavery into the territories. When he became president he enacted many important initiatives that reflected the Whig philosophy. These initiatives included the:

            1. The creation of a National Banking System, first significant step toward a unified banking system since the Second Bank of the United States.

            2. The Homestead Act of 1862 that promoted settlement of Great Plains by promising parcels of 160 acres of public land free to those willing to farm the land for five years.

            3. The Morrill Land Grant Act (1862) promoted establishment of agricultural and technical colleges.

            4. The Pacific Railway Act (1862) authorized the building of the transcontinental railroad.

            These types of initiatives, and I forget his willingness to raise taxes and his support for granting newly freed slaves the right to vote, would put Lincoln in today’s Democratic Party, and not today’s Republican Party that has Donald Trump as its leader. If Jefferson Davis were still alive today, he would probably register as a Republican.

          • Ron Gonshorowski

            If JFK were still alive he would be a Republican.
            So what difference does it make.

          • No, Lincoln belongs to us.

          • What does that mean? Any tea party supporter who thinks that Lincoln would be comfortable in their camp is drinking some very suspicious tea. Lincoln’s record as president is polar opposites of what the Republican Party represents today. I would suggest that you read the following books on Lincoln by two Pulitzer Prize winning Lincoln authors. Those books are Lincoln by David Herbert Donald, and The Fiery Trial, Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery by Eric Foner.

      • A very elucidating response. Matt, but it did not answer the question. The question was: “What has the Republican Party done for YOU or YOUR family?” Simple enough, I should think, but no one has given an answer. I’m not talking about the grand things the Regressives have done for America. WHAT HAS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY given YOU! It wasn’t Social Security, Medicare, the GI Bill, the 8 hour work day, the 5 day work week, the paid vacation, the health care. No, those were made possible by Democrats. Why can’t an intelligent Conservative come up with a real answer? I’ll tell you why! The Glorious Republican Party has done NOTHING for the working man or his family, except verbal posturing about the “noble” things it has done for mankind! The working men and women are part of mankind, the part that has been put on the back burner since January 20, 1981!

        • You are correct Ed. The problem with the Dems, now, is that they have become open border globalists who have destroyed (along with globalist neocons) the American manufacturing sector and have replaced it with a gigantic welfare state. The Uniparty is totally corrupt. Trump is not perfect, but at least he understands this.

          • The key words in your post, are: “Trump is not perfect” I would go so far as saying, “Trump is not sane!”

          • I’m sorry, Ed. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but if you cannot see the corruption of both party leaderships and their globalist donors, there is no hope for dialogue. Just vote for Hillary or Bernie and be on your way. You’re just a closed-minded troll. Bye, bye.

          • Thank you very much for your permission to vote the way I had intended to vote all along! You Sir, are a godsend! I didn’t ask for dialogue. You just stuck your Regressive nose into where it wasn’t wanted or needed.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            And you stick your misguided opinion into a public forum and then no one should DARE disagree with the Emperor Eddie?

          • I’m no emperor. Maybe just a prime minister!

          • Ron Gonshorowski

            Yes he is I explained it to him but I doubt if keep track of it.

          • Right on Pancho
            The Democratic party has shifted to no mans land-talk about messed up they are pushing
            Socialism and Communism which are completely against the greatest Constitution ever written and the tool that made us Great. Believe me our country is far better off with Republicans running it (they support our constitution and the good morals that made us a showplace for the rest of the world). You take the Athiests, The Gays, many minorities on welfare, Socialists (Sorros), the Communists, the miss informed, and the Radical Hollywood Celebrities and you have the basis of the Democratic party (what a joke and a black eye for any leadership role). Go Trump!

        • Your question misses the point. Conservative Republicans don’t look to the government to “do” anything for them apart from what was proscribed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, which is why your question doesn’t resonate. Conservatives simply prefer liberty to the type of security offered by the Democrats. Until recently, the Republican party has generally protected the freedom that was fought for in 1776 and it is their abdication of this responsibility that has led to the rise of Trump.

          • In other, simpler, words, you can’t think of a damned thing Republicans have done for YOU and YOUR family! Glad to be of help.

          • In other, simpler words I think that your question is irrelevant is its presumption.

          • Which, obviously, you cannot answer. Back to the books for you!

          • No, your question presumes that the role of government is to do things for citizens beyond what it was originally designed to do, so the premise of your question doesn’t apply to conservatives who believe in limited government. Your question was answered several times, but you refuse to see because the responses don’t fit your paradigm.

          • Your use of big words exposes your intent of belittling those who may have the misfortune of reading them. I know, because I’ve been guilty of the same thing. Do you have a degree in Political Science? I don’t either, but one of your nemeses, Rachel Maddow does. In fact she has a PhD from Oxford University in that subject. You need to watch her occasionally to improve your education.
            I gather you think welfare is evil, that unions are malevolent
            and the the Democratic Party is a visitation from the rulers of Hell. I, obviously, disagree with that concept. Regressives claim to be the party Jesus would belong to, were he alive today, but he was a devout Democrat, even though that term wasn’t used very much in his times.
            Oh, and I have NEVER received a serious answer to my oft-repeated question. What had the Republican Party ever done for you or for your family? It’s not a trick question. It’s a question about selfish interests, and do not lie! Everyone is interested in oneself. I wouldn’t have a problem of answering that question if it referred to Democrats!

          • Ed, you assume too much, beginning with the fact that you believe that this is an either/or conversation. I do not hate unions nor do I love them; they have their place. I feel the same about business. I do not hate the Democratic party or the Republican party, although I do think that currently both are out of touch with average Americans. I do not hate welfare or those on it, although I believe that it is often misused and has created dependency. I realize that the possibility of the existence of more than two options to most situations or the idea that both parties bear responsibility for our current mess can be difficult for some to accept, but that is what I believe.

            It is a trick question because I do not believe in your assumption that it is the government’s role to provide for it’s citizens beyond what the Declaration and Constitution proscribe, nevertheless you demand that I accept your assumption that it is. Think of this another way: You are essentially demanding that I decide which murderer should be executed when I don’t believe in capital punishment. Selecting which individual is more deserving of the punishment is irrelevant when I don’t believe in the punishment at all.

            So to be clear: I believe that the Republican party, for all its faults, has done more to protect my liberty through the years than the Democratic party and this is what is dearest to me. I can live without all of the things that you mentioned, but not without liberty. This does not mean that the Democratic party is always wrong, just that they generally stand on the side of big government, which usually results in the limitation of liberty.

            You have received a serious answer to your “oft-repeated question” but you just don’t like it. As I said, I prefer liberty to what many consider security; I am sorry if this doesn’t make sense to you.

          • ” I believe that the Republican party, for all its faults, has done more to protect my liberty through the years than the Democra tic party and this is what is dearest to me.”

            Was it the Republican Party that guided America to victory in WW-2? Was it the Republican Party that fired General MacArthur when he disobeyed an order and almost got us into a shooting war with China?

            Was it a Republican President who signed the Civil Rights bill and gave the Blacks some semblance of equality. Of course you think that was a black mark in American History. “Them niggers don’t deserve equality with white folks!” Right? I know you through your type.

            Or, contrastingly, was the Democratic Party that illegally invaded a sovereign nation and set off the conflagration that now is overwhelming the mid East and guaranteed the formation of Al Qaeda and ISIS. Yeah, you Regressives have done wondrous favors for America. What’s next, if Regressives take over, an invasion of Cuba, Mexico or maybe even Canada?

          • It is always easy to cherry pick data; if you understood what I wrote you would not have responded in such a way. Once again you accuse me of holding views that perhaps are representative of your own; they certainly don’t represent mine. History has long demonstrated that stereotyping makes it easier to justify hate.

          • “Stereotyping” That has to be a new word in your limited repertoire, you’ve sure used it enough. I’m sorry (Not) that I offended you with my accurate portrayal of you and your kind.

          • Why the lie and demeaning comments? How many times have I used stereotyping? I believe only once if this post isn’t counted. Of course you haven’t offended me; you are entitled to your opinion.. I do, however feel sorry for you.

          • You are really weird.

          • Thank you.

          • No “Tired”. I have not received an answer to my question. Mine was a simple question. What has the Republican Party ever done for YOU or YOUR family. You replied with a high flown treatise on the “benefits” the Regressives have done for America. Not a valid answer.
            I’ll give you an example of a proper answer. “The Republicans gave us paid holidays, Social Security, Medicare, Equal Rights (Still in flux), Welfare for the desperately poor, The Gi Bill, etc, etc.
            Of course if you said that it would be a lie because those are all Democratic benefits.
            It is so easy to sit back in your office chair and prate what things would be like under Regressives, but in your heart you know the Republican Party has done NOTHING for the working class American. Those people couldn’t care less about a balanced budget. They resent the tax breaks given to wealthy people like you and the fact that their CEOs haven’t given them a raise in over a decade.

            Can you understand what I’m saying? Republican are concerned with increasing the number of dollars in their bank accounts while Democrats, especially working class Democrats are concerned whether or not they are able to feed their family for another month. Can you brush the cobwebs of greed from your eyes long enough to realize people, your fellow Americans are having an extremely hard time earning enough to feed their families? Or do you as a typical Regressive just don’t care?

          • Ed we simply disagree. Yours was a loaded question that demands that the respondent accept your view of the role of government…I simply do not agree with your assertion and therefore offer an answer that you cannot understand.

            Wealthy people like me? I come from a blue collar family; my father was a lifelong member of the United Steel Workers Union and I have been a union member as well. I work three jobs and, along with my wife’s salary, we barely cleared six figures for the first time in our lives. You continue to assume too much and pretend to speak for the working class, when in fact you do not.

            Greed? I want to be self-sufficient and you are the one talking about money for nothing. That, to me, is greed.

            Republican? Not a chance! As a group they are as rotten as the rest of the privileged elites who presume to tell the working class how they should live their lives. I just refuse to buy into the nonsense your side pedals as well.

            I care so little for others that I give my personal time and money to help those in need. It appears that I am everything that you seem to despise; a working class guy who doesn’t buy the BS from either side.

          • God bless you

        • Ron Gonshorowski

          Lets take it one by one the great things that the Democrat Party has screwed the American people with.
          Social Security was an FDr plan and so see the the word in socialism in it and it is also a Ponzi scheme.
          When first proposed the average life expectancy was 65 years. Now they want to increase that age because of the great healthcare that the free market has provided to us.
          Medicare is another angle of socialism that has caused medical care to escalate.
          During the war, politicians wanted to avoid the postwar confusion about veterans’ benefits that became a political football in the 1920s and 1930s.[12] President Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted a postwar assistance program to help transition from wartime, but he also wanted it on a need-basis for poor people, not just veterans. The veterans’ organizations mobilized support in Congress that rejected FDR’s approach and provided benefits only to veterans of military service, including men and women. Ortiz says their efforts “entrenched the VFW and the Legion as the twin pillars of the American veterans’ lobby for decades.
          I am sure you know that the 8 hour work day was instituted by Henry Ford.
          By the way Henry Ford was a firm believer in the Third Reich.
          You seem to be union indoctrinated. Just study history on your own, it is quite interesting.

          • You are obviously brain-washed by Regressive leaders and I’m no psychiatrist, so I’ll not attempt to cure your malady on Facebook. I would, however, suggest that you seek help from a professional, because you aren’t too far from descending into the dark hole of stupidity. I’m really surprised that you knew Ford started the 5 day work week. He also increased the minimum wage to $5 a day. There were a few business leaders in those days who recognized the value of contented employees. Not so today and that is why we have Unions! Yes, I am union indoctrinated. I belonged to the IAM for my 30 year career with United Airlines and saw my wages increase from $1.89 to $30. It’s even more today, I retired 25 years ago, with a comfortable, Union won pension. Delta Airlines never had a union but its management was wise enough to give its employees commensurate wage increases.

            I have a minor in American History, so if you’re a bit vague in that field, feel free to ask for my help.

            Read this next line carefully and it will help you intellectually and financially,
            Every benefit you enjoy in the workplace was made possible by the actions of Organized Labor. Otherwise all working people would be treated as serfs.

          • Ron Gonshorowski

            I had the chace to work for United Airlines in 1967 and turned it down not because of the union but because I hated the idea of the traffic in the SF area. I can’t imagine what it is like today.
            My brother gear jammed his way through it for 30+ years and now the nurses have to help him get out of bed.
            Now his daughter uses all his retirement and the VA takes care of him.
            I am glad that I made the right decision.

          • I’m sorry that UAL ruined the health of your brother, but you didn’t explain how that happened. I retired in 1991 when United Airlines was the greatest airline in the world. It is not so today. It’s been taken over by Continental and is now rated as one of the worst. I can fly for free on UAL, but when I have to fly somewhere, I take Southwest. Regressive politics has ruined the worlds finest Airline.

          • Ron Gonshorowski

            You misunderstood my post.
            I was the one offered the job with UA.
            My brother grear jammed, drove truck.
            He got Hodgkins disease when he was about 21 but they cured him with massive XRay exposure.
            He is 78 today.
            I would have started work in the radome repair area with lots of fiberglass, So I since I did not like the idea of that or the traffic I left.
            I love the country life.

        • It’s not what they’ve done, it’s what they HAVEN’T done! Like push big government on us! Tell us what we can do and can’t do, unlike the Dumbocrats!

          • I can always tell the intelligence level of Regressives when they have to resort to terms like “Dumbocrats”! I’ve heard them all. They sort of lose their punch after the one hundredth time.

        • In a nutshell. money. LOTS of money and a great lifestyle…But t was not the government or the party that gave all that to us. We worked hard and were allowed to play hard, and it was the GOP the allowed us to do so. The Democrat party did everything in it’s power to take all that away from us but the Republican stopped them. We wanted nothing from the Republican Party. or anybody else. All we wanted was to be left alone to make it on out own. (Like Ayn Rynd outlined)

          I worked my way through OSU as a cop on the Eastside of Cleveland. I got a few bucks from the GI bill but nobody else gave me a dime. It took me 10 years but I payed for it all myself and that s the way I wanted it. I am now retired but after I left the cop shop I was an Industrial Electrical/Millwright contractor and yes, a part of the so called Industrial / Military complex that put the lights on in Cleveland. Because of the GOP keeping the Government and Democrat party off my back I could build my house the way I wanted it, Sent my boys to school, and have disposable income that got me the ability to race a 640HP L-88 Corvette at the road Course at Nelson’s ledges on the week ends and to get a pilot’s license just because wanted to, but mostly to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

          The company was fantastic. I really didn’t have a care n the workd. I owned more trucks then I had guys to drive them and my guys also made a ton of money. never tred to keep it all. We had lavish Christmas parties and a 4th of July shindig on my dime. We were one good company to work for. All because the Republican Party kept the government out of our lives.

          When the Democrat party took over with their OSHA and the EPA and unchecked unfair foreign competition things closed down one after another in Cleveland and now we are called the rust belt. Where over 10,000 people we at the mill where the 96″ rolling mill stood there is now a Home Depot and a small strip mall. (How much do you thnk the average paycheck s there now?) Other top line companys like National Acme, Warner and Swasey, The Republic Tube Mill, and Lucas Machine.They are now empty bulldogs with the roofs caving in. Eaton Axel has been mostly torn down and what s left is parking for city vehicles or cut up into garages for landscapers.

          The population of Cleveland is now 1/3 of what we were back “in the day” and the jobs that we have now, when factoring in inflation pay only a fraction of what we were making back “jn the day.”

          After the Democrat party took over and the Republican party turned int nothing but RINOS my company had almost no work. At the end of my days in business we ended up with a lots of what we called “Judas Missions” – Dismantle factories and ship the equipment to places like Korea, Mexico, and worst of all China. That really hurt. I actually demoed out work that I had installed 20 years earlier. We also pulled the wire and electrical bus ducts at quite a few places making the the building useless as manufacturing plants. Where hundreds produced products that were the envy of the world a few people work without heat for minimum wage sorting rags or something even worse. . (Yes they do not heat these places n the winter time.)

          And what happened to all the high buck electrical equipment we pulled out? It was sold for scrap and maybe 3 cents on a dollar.

          Want a real back stabber? Lucas Machine has been resurrected as Lucas Precision and moved to a building less then 1/4 the size it was. Guess what? It’s now owned by a Czechoslovakian company . Thanx Mr. Clinton. The main Republic Steel mill was closed for a couple of years when Jimmy Carter was off the peanut farm but it’s back, severely downsized with less then 2000 people working there including outside contractors. It’s owned by a company from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. None of the Democrats or RNOs lifted a finger to save it ether.

          Mr. Carter’s failure to stop overseas competition and the dumping of steel on the US market was the icing on the cake for Cleveland and that s all she wrote.

          Want to hear an even worse thing? We have no skilled tradesmen coming up now. No more Tool and Die makers that can start with a block of steel and make a precision part. No more Electricians that can actually bend and install conduit. No more highly skilled welders who can weld pressure pipe hanging upside down off a scaffold. . When the top liners that are working now are gone, they are gone. There are no replacements being trained to take over.

          So what? you might say. Well if it ever actual happens (I’m cautiously optimistic about that one) making America great again will require restarting the manufacturing industry that makes products we can sell overseas. Just who is going to make the tooling and build and repair the factories? Hey, don’t you thing It will be damnd embarrassing to have to farm out the tool and die work to China and have Russian Guest workers welding our pressure vessels. Not too good for national securty, either.

          You may say we have better air, or safer factories (Few are left anyway) or better water (like in Flint?) or whatever else you want, but what I do know before the Dems and their RINO clones too over, is you could quit a job at quitting time on Friday and be working somewhere else Monday morning.

          Want to talk about TRW,who made the Rifle I carried in Vietnam. or
          Fisher Body in Euclid Ohio? Or a hundres other Cleveland employers
          ,,,Also gone.

          Is all this Democrat inspired safety and over regulation necessary or even desirable? My grandfather was Killed at the Mill when he was a foreman on the open hearth. My father lost all 4 fingers on his right hand up to the first knuckle running a punch press (Never got a dime of workman’s comp. either BTW) He went right back to work after he recovered and then got drafter but went right back to his same job after he was discharged. At any rate we lived like kings off his paycheck in the suburbs on 1.7 acres. When I was growing up we had an Ozzie and Harriot life style, my friend. – My dad was not a surgeon or lawyer either. He was a precision instrument repairman (Yea, without his fingers) and later a rolling ,mill operator at the Cleveland Graphite Bronze Co. (Later Cleveite Corp , Also now defunct and only 5 abandoned buildings on St Clair Ave to show for it.) I have gotten hurt a few times too. Never did anything but bleed as it was my company. I even got burred and covered up over my head 12 feet down , but no matter what I’ll take the dangerous pollution ridden old days over this bull crap of today where the only way you are going to win a contract is to cheat like hell and hire illegals and pay them peanuts. – That’s why I closed my Company.

          So what has the Republican party done for me other then when it kept the liberals off my keester? Nothing,,,,thank God.

          • “What has the Republican party done for me and my family? Well I take care of my family so the GOP needn’t worry about them. That’s my job.” That is your answer. The thousand word essay is not necessary. You take care of your own and screw the rest of Americans. You really need a gold medalian to hang around your neck emblazened with,

            “I am a Republican. I’ve got mine so fuck you and yours” That would be a handy dandy message to be inscribed on your magnificent tombstone resting above your rotting corpse.

      • Ron Gonshorowski

        As a reformed Democrat, I agree with you completely.
        It just took me a few years to realize reality.

      • Steve Crawford

        It amuse me of the ignorant Republican supporters talk about government handouts. Have you viewed the GAO’s list of waste and fraud. Have you viewed the handouts to foreign countries that hate us? The Republican Congress allocated to build a $40 MILLION GAS STATION in Afghanistan, while the US 6500 bridges need replaced or repaired. At what time and when YOU will support government Regulations to Stop Manufactures and Chemical companies from contaminating the Water, Air, meats and food crops? One of the major problems is that MANY voters keep voting the same useless politicians back in office and are stuck on party affiliation, AND MANY U.S. CITIZENS DO NOT VOTE. Commentors like you always mentioning and tagging issues with communism, conservatism, and liberalism. What is the tag for Corporate Welfare? What is the tag for the millionaires and billionaires that pay little or no tags. What is the tag for the 17 MILLION Children that go to bed at night hungry? What is the tag that you add to the fact that wealthy nation in the world has one of worst education system, and is at the bottom of the world list to offer Healthcare and prescriptions to ALL US Citizens at a reasonable cost? Gosh I hope that you never run for any office, there is enough of narrow minded politicians in state and federal offices.

        • These problems belong at the feet of both parties, so if we really want to fix them then we have to be willing to call out those in both parties who contribute to the mess, not assume that only one party is responsible. It is this lie that has allowed both parties to deflect the responsibility away from themselves.

        • Ron Gonshorowski

          So you think a liberal education is bad, that sounds like a conundrum.

      • Very well put.

      • Matthew, you gave the expected, pat answer all Regressives give. You ddi not answer my question. What has the Republican party done for you, YOU, Y , O , U! Not what it has done “for the good of mankind” or for the “good of America”. What has it done for YOU, Matthew Molk. Do not equivocate. Read what I asked and answer just that!

      • Matthew, you gave the expected, pat answer all Regressives give. You did not answer my question. What has the Republican party done for you, YOU! Y , O , U? Not what it has done “for the good of mankind” or for the “good of America”. What has it done for YOU, Matthew Molk? Do not equivocate. Read what I asked and answer just that!

    • We’re Republicans because the Dim party is composed of people like you, who are clueless about reality.

      • If that is your reason for being Republican, it’s a rather lame one Answer my question!.

        • headonstraight

          The wingers on this forum often find all kinds of devious ways to avoid the difficult and (for them) embarrassing task of owning up to reality by answering questions such as you have posed to them.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            No winger tells the truth or provides evidence of what they post. So all they have are opinions. Opinions are not facts and they are not truths. Wingers hang on for dear life to anything that their DogPatch ancestors did back before they lost the Civil War.

          • Thank you. Would you believe I have asked this question over a hundred times and have NEVER seen an answer posted by a Regressive!

          • Ron Gonshorowski

            Thats because you refuse to read the answer I have given to you.

          • Please Ronnie, give it to me again. I’ve scrolled back to the beginning of this topic and have only seen your name when you agreed with another poor Regressive.

      • And what is your definition of reality, Brad?

      • You mean as opposed to people like you who don’t know how to spell “Democratic”. So pathetic.

    • Why will NO REPUBLICAN respond to this question? There has to be a reason. What is it?

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      That’s an easy one to answer and to prove. Take a good long look at which of the top 10 states who collect welfare, phony SSDI and 65% of every US budget are…ALL Republican states. These states have turned our federal tax dollars into their personal piggy banks. Every and I do mean EVERY GOP states gets back $1.35 up to Alaska’s $1.87 for every $1 they pay in federal taxes. Your Dem states average 55 cents for our $1. We support these lazy people in other ways…we donate our hard earned cash to their oil spill fines and their massive pollution cleanup. We hand over $17 billion this year alone to Big Oil so the Big Oil states can pollute even more.

      • Then I suggest a divorce.

      • Ah Eleanore! You are a breath of fresh air in a fetid Regressive atmosphere!

      • Ron Gonshorowski

        Hawaii’s minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, but according a report by a public policy research organization, Hawaii’s welfare wage is more than four times that amount.

        The study, conducted by the Cato Institute, claims that in 2013, a mother with two children in Hawaii received an average of $60,590, or $29.13 an hour.

  4. Loretta Stacey

    Very well said, Governor Perry. Common sense rules the day. Thanks for putting it in perspective.

  5. Thanks to Governor Perry for standing behind Donald Trump.

    • If I were Trump, I would never accept endorsement from Rick Perry. Rick Perry cannot qualify for anything. Those heavy brimmed glasses are making look like a monster. Remember Perry, like Walker, is a racist. In 2012 he had a stone by his house painted “N” not welcome. That is why Perry lost the WH bid. Next will be Scott Walker. That is how God punishes racists.

      • What? I think it’s time for your happy pill, pm. Next time, please try to get the story right.

        • Not a happy pill, Just a Christian, a follower of Christ. Try it and you will be happy also.

          • I am sorry i I offended you. I thought and still think your comments were judgmental because you know nothing of my relationship with Christ, but you have passed judgment on me simply because I support Trump and don’t agree with you.

      • Your statement is not true.

      • I am a Catholic and God called me to Expose trump God said to me Trump is evil and he is Punishing women expose him

        • You must be perfect for God to talk to you. I think Billie Graham would love to talk with him also. Tell him the secret. The Bible say’s For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Also there is none Good not One. Of course The Pope is Catholic and on speaking terms with God so you believe. Get the Holly Bible read it over and over and you can be saved by the grace of God. Read John 3:16 for that tells you the path of salvation.

          • You need God’s help more than anyone.

          • The pope is NOT the only one who can talk to God the Father. All believers can talk to God as long as they first acknowledge or name their sins to Him (see 1 John 1:9). All those who have believed in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation are saints. No man can make another person a saint but God does at the moment of salvation.
            Col 1:25-26 I Cor 6:1-11 Philippians 1:1, Eph 6:18, Ephesians 1:1, 1 Corinthians 16:15, 1 Corinthians 14:33, 1 Corinthians 1:2, Romans 8:27, Ephesians 3:8, Ephesians 3:18, 1 Thessalonians 3:13,
            When Christ took the sins of all mankind in Him the last three hours on the cross and God the Father judged them so that all believers can have access to Him through prayer.
            The prevailing power of Bible Doctrine must precede the power of prevailing prayer.
            Col 3:17 Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks THROUGH Him to God the Father.
            John 4:24 God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.
            We must worship God (includes prayer) in Spirit (in fellowship with God) and in truth (using the Word of God so we know how to pray and what to pray about) otherwise our prayers are not acknowledged by God.
            Jude 1:20 But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit,

          • billdeserthills

            Seems much easier to just be jewish

          • As long as you understand that God has already sent you the Messiah in Jesus Christ!

          • billdeserthills

            Sorry, but I don’t believe that Jesus was a very good Jew. Besides, why should I waste time asking Jesus to put in a good word for me, when I can simply speak with my G-d?
            Seems like a big time-saver, although, in my time of dying (c/o Led Zep) I might not mind if Jesus brings along an extra pair of wings, just in case…

          • Well Jesus was a radical Jew, so you couldn’t consider him normal or “good” but he was sinless anyway. Your people’s messiah already came and died for the sins of all people who believe. No man comes to the father except through Him.
            After Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, animal sacrifices weren’t needed because he was the sacrificial lamb.
            For Jesus to come along with an extra pair of wings you gotta believe that he did what G-d sent him here to do. It’s worth it to research and have all your bases covered, just in case 😉

          • billdeserthills

            Jewish scripture is pretty clear, that after-life stuff is all yours

        • It’s time to cut the crap. We are not electing the Pope. Try to think of what is right for America. Religion will continue to exist no matter who is elected so we may as well go for the one who will protect Christianity. Everyone else wants to bring in Muslims and Islam.
          Again, please cut the crap and do what is right for the country. I’m sure the God you have been talking with does not recommend Islam to replace Christianity.

          Go Trump

        • Vangie Martinez

          Say Whaaat? Jay, Trump is not evil and does not have a War on Women. The ones who have a real War on Women who IS evil other then the enemy satan along with others is Bill Clinton and Jezebel Hillary Clinton. Look how Jezebel Hillary Clinton has reacted to the Women who have come forward in regards to Bill Clinton’s molestation’s and rape on these Women. The only Woman who said it was consensual to my knowledge was Monica Lewinsky. Jay your a Catholic, what about the War on Women that Jezebel Hillary Clinton has on the Unborn and Born? Now she is going after the Disabled Unborn or Born babies ie starting with Downs Syndrome. What about the Elderly or Disabled Women with Euthanasia? You know Jezebel Hillary Clinton is Friends with Richards who is the Hitler of the Abortion Industry ie Planned Parenthood. How about the Women and Girls in the Sex Slave Industry or the Women who are Muslim and how they are treated under their false religion and Sharia Law? Where is Jezebel Hillary Clinton in all that? I’ll tell you where, NO WHERE THAT’S WHERE. Except to promote it. It’s not nice that Trump has called people names. Remember he has called Men names too not just Women. So does that mean that Trump has a War on Men too? He has called more Men names then he has called Women names. If you remember Rosy O’Donnel has called Trump plenty of names and they were very vulgar. Did you expose her for that? What ever happened between Megyn Ryan and Trump, she has put it under the Bridge, by calling him up and meeting with him. Megyn was on the Kelly Rippa Show and from my observation by her demeanor and the way she talked about her meeting with Trump and the clip that was shown with the two of them talking, to me that is a step towards forgiveness on her part and for Trump too, for what ever attacks and unfairness that he felt that she had against him. I don’t know where you got the idea that GOD told you that Trump was evil and that he had a War on Women and that you had to Expose him. What ever Trump has done in his past and how he talks or treats Women or Men is already Exposed. Unlike one of the Three who were still standing with him who’s Name was found in the DC Madams Black Book with that Presidential Candidates name in it. What ever Trump has done is old news and it was all known before his Presidential Race and it is nothing that could keep him from being Eligible to run the Presidential Race. Jay, I think it’s a lack of Discernment, as well as a spirit of Offense and a spirit of Unforgiveness on your part. You know Jay we can’t look at the splinter in someone else’s eye if we first don’t look at the log in our own eye. All of us have done or said things that is wrong and sin, because, we are but flesh and sinners that does not mean that we are beyond redemption. We cannot sit here and act pious when we have sin in our own lives. Can you honestly say that you have no sin? If you don’t have sin then throw the first stone at Trump. From what I have observed Trump doesn’t have a War on Women or Men. He is not evil but he is a sinner who needs to Repent and ask for forgiveness of his sins just like everyone else, including us, Trump is not beyond Redemption. With that said, we should not call people names it’s not nice and it hurts to be called a name, but, it has more to do with Political Correctness then anything else and we have more problems to deal with then name calling in this Country that is the least of our problems. If Jezebel Hillary Clinton becomes our next President the Obama Regime will continue and she will make what Obama has done child’s play. He is a Fraudulent President and everything that he has done will be set. From the love fest that I see with Jezebel Hillary Clinton and Sanders if either one of them should win, GOD FORBID, I think they would have each other as their VP then we will have a Jezebel and two Ahab’s in the White House. You can believe even if she became the VP she will run the show. And she certainly does have a War on Men and Women. Those who have worked with her will tell you their stories and when she is caught unawares on camera well you can tell who really has a War on Men and Women. Jay if you read the Bible for yourself look what Jezebel and Ahab did to the Jews, the True Prophets and the Jews in the land of Israel. Then you will get an Idea about what she will do to America, Israel and to the Christians. Why are you against Trump anyway. you see the Will of the People don’t you? They are already speaking of who the want as President. They do not want the Establishment, they do not want an Insider, they do not want who the RNC or GOP tells them who is, who they want or who they think should be, because, after all they know better then We The People. Sorry Jay, but, I think you misunderstood what the LORD told you. I think that the voice that you have been hearing is the voice of those who hate Trump and will do anything in their Power to stop and block him from becoming the next President of the United States irregardless of what The Will of The People is. Something to go back and think about Jay.

          • you forgot trump endorsed planned Parenthood and he is also hurting Female Reporters and not only that EWTN is thinking about stopping Trump and i agree with EWTN

          • Vangie Martinez

            He didn’t endorse Planned Parenthood he said that they did a “good” job, only because someone who wrote to him about what a good job Planned Parenthood did for them. For all we know it could of been an Employee from Planned Parenthood pretending to be a patient that received services from them. I also wrote to him on his FB about that and asked him to read the writings of Margaret Sanger who is the founder of Planned Parenthood. He said that tax payers should not pay for Abortion and that part of it he does not agree that Planned Parenthood should get money to pay for Abortions, he said that they should not do Abortions. I told him that Planned Parenthood has never ever done anything good for Women but destroy them and murder their babies. It would be a good idea if you too would tell Mr. Trump what you think of his idea about allowing Planned Parenthood to continue in any capacity. I told him that they SHOULD NOT CONTINUE in ANY CAPACITY, they need to be taken down completely. As far as the Women Reporter she over stepped her Procedures and Protocol as a Reporter. She kept asking Trump questions when the time to ask questions were over. She kept walking and talking to him even when she was TOLD 3 TIMES to stop by Trumps Security Guards. She ignored what they said and kept going. It wasn’t until she was grabbed by the arm and by the way not thrown down as she said by Trumps Manager, what was he suppose to do? It was his job to protect Trump, he did his job by pulling her back away from Trump. By the way it shows in the Video if you saw it, that she had a pen in her left hand, that could of been a weapon, and she touched Trumps right arm which he pulled away from her. If and I’m not saying that she is, but, what if she was someone there to hurt Trump? His Manager had every right to grab her arm and pull her back. She is very fortunate that she only was bruised, she could of received much worse. Why do you think her bosses didn’t listen to her or stand by her side? She did not follow her jobs Procedures or Protocol. Please be observant and use common sense Jay. It is very important to watch and see everything in this situation. Do not be lied too. Trump does not have a “War Against or ON” Women. Quit the opposite. Why doesn’t any one say Trump has a “War Against or ON” Men? He has said much worse and to a lot more Men then Women. As far as EWTN thinking of stopping Trump? How can you or they stop someone that it is very obvious that the Hand of GOD is on him and that HE has been Anointed by GOD HIMSELF to help our Government? I personally would think very hard on that one because “IF” what I say is True, how can any one come against THE ARM OF THE LORD and stand against HIM? You would be fighting against GOD and what HE wants. To me that would be a very dangerous place to be. I for one will stand With the LORD on this one and not AGAINST HIM to stand AGAINST HIM would be shear foolishness, folly and detrimental to your self. I’m just saying, something to think about Jay.

          • Good reply.

        • I’m an evangelical Christian and God called me to support Trump! God said to me Trump will be president. This was after many months of vowing “never Trump.” When I stopped judging him as if he were someone in my church pew, it was then that I could see all his attributes.
          It’s not so much about the man as it is about revolting against corrupt Washington and the frightening globalization we’re moving towards.
          I know people who have worked for him. He treats men and women equally but actually has more women in executive positions than men.
          When crossed, and women have crossed him, he doesn’t back down. That’s the kind of President I want. We have enemies to conquer. Out with the wimp, in with the ruler!

  6. Ly’ng Rick is now supporting ly’ng Donald after supporting ly’ng Ted. Oops! The only truthful comment that Ted Cruz made during this campaign was to label Donald Trump a pathological liar after he linked his father to Lee Harvey Oswald and the Kennedy assassination. And the only truthful comment that Marco Rubio made was to label Trump a con artist.

  7. IN other words. Perry is saying “Please Mr. Donald. I would do anything to be your VP. Even get down on my knees like you ask Mitt to do. “

  8. I can’t stand Trump but NEVER KILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Rick Perry should be in charge to teach some Republicans “Genuine Class” Are you listening Paul, Mitt, Lindsey.
    The others I can’t blame they were directly insulted and lost so it is tough. Another guy I must give kudos to is the ex governor of N.H. Sannuo spelling seems wrong but he is so against Trump it is incredible and is giving Trump support. It is kind of how I feel, Trump won so let him run, the people have spoken again maybe the losers will let what the people voted for happen?????????????

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      OH puhlease…only a wussy cowgirl in her leather panties would think Perry has any class. He’s the least educated out of Texas yet. And he’s a ribald failure. Just like that other pretty boy smartass…Texas Tom DeLay. Only a really hard up woman would think Perry has class.

      • Eleanor you seem to know a lot more than I do about Rick Perry. Texas A & M is better than where Abe Lincoln went. However I talking about his gesture to abide by an oath and stay with whom ever wins and he did, It is more than the couple of IV leaguer’s did showing zero class. If Rick is so bad I guess what we read about Texas doing so great is incorrect.

        • Eleanore Whitaker

          I know more about TexASS than I wish I did. My nephew’s company relocated there and he left after 12 years. He couldn’t stand the phony cowboys and cowgirls who spend more of their time boozing than they do working.

          As for Texas A&M…your use Abe Lincoln to compare to Perry? And what might I wonder is the comparison there. He didn’t abide by his oath of office. He is responsible for redistricting to shove more votes to the GOP and he is also responsible for gerrymandering.

          Now back to your glorious Texas A&M..when it gets to the Princeton level where Woodrow Wilson, former US president was the first Princeton college president or when it reaches the level of Harvard, MIT or the rest of what you hicks call “zero class” let me know.

          As for Princeton, is Perry on a level with John Nash, a physicist? Or do you cowgirls think physics are the laxatives that cause so much Texas blowhard big mouth trouble?

          • So funny, I don’t know much at all about Texas A&M other than 50 years ago while driving in Texas I saw a road sign on Rte 66 and under 66 someone wrote in A&M zero, I got the message. Wilson was a ultra Progressive and if he wasn’t for his second wife who ran things while he was suffering secretly from the on set of dementia.he would have joined the league of Nations. Abe seems to have been a good President and he was self taught. (my point) Dumb or Smart having ethics is good, and so all i guess is Rick did an honorable thing and I not aware of his history. I know the Bush’s don’t like him but they don’t like Trump either. Couple of 1V leaguers their, I voted for them thought they did a befow average job B- grade level.
            Thanks for a funny come back.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            I live in the NY/NJ Metro area. For at least 3 decades, The Donald has been in the media in one form or another. Usually when he is battling to get his way. This is what he did with the much admired and respected former Mayor Ed Koch back in the 80s when The Donald thought all he had to do was butter a few palms and the Brooklyn Navy Yards were his to do with as he pleased. Until Mayor Koch reeled La Donald Mobilay in hook, line and sinker. Trumps own father warned him not to get into it with the Mayor of NY City but Trump never learns to shut his mouth. So he went to Albany where he got the biggest rebuff there. To which, he fumed like a spoiled child and then went on to another battle with Leona Helmsley of the Helmsley hotel fame.

          • I kind of remember the Koch who I thought was a great guy a real New Yorker accent and all. He was a lawyer and a terrible manager, he appointed, and never follow up on his appointee’s thus corruption. Leona, just a terrible person and I’ll leave it there.
            For me Trump getting in means Democrats out that’s it.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Do you live in NY? NJ? CT? Then you don’t know anything about Mayor Koch. He was one of NY’s best mayors. As for Trump “getting in,” only misguided idiots think he will win in November. First of all, he already has a mayor in Ireland pissed off because that mayor is a Muslim. Who’s next on the Donald’s hit list? Yes. Leona Helmsely was terrible but The Donald is the lowest form of scum. And you want him for president? Will his wife dance in the White House naked or pose for naked photos like she did for Playboy, which by the way, is where The Donald hung out in McAfee where Hefner has a Playboy mansion The Donald frequented.

            Sorry to burst your right wing dream bubble but …Hillary will win by a landslide. Why? Because no American who values their country will EVER vote for a scumbag like Trump or a fleabag like Sanders.

          • WOW!!! You sound like a tough New Yorker and swear as well as Hillary.
            Cheer up and God Bless

          • Saw an old Jimmy Stewart show on TV this morning.

            One line he has was ” Maybe he is a Collage man gone bad,,,Or is that too redundant”

            Education? – Isn’t that something all the Liberals and Communists that want a safe zone to advocate the violent overthrow of the constitution have ????

          • Time for a nap, Eleanor

          • billdeserthills

            Eleanore, you’ve got a lot of spunk,
            too bad most of it is on your hair & face

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            I also have a lot of facts I can prove legally. You and your righties are dead in the water and you know it. Dickhead Perry is a has been. His only saving grace is what he hopes is his pretty boy face. The rest is as phony as his ten gallon hat, that y’all all “ignernt” drawl and that swaggering ass of his. When you have facts, post them. Till them try not to pollute the country with BS.

          • billdeserthills

            Why not, you do it all the time

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Why not? I’ll tell you why not. Pretty boy Perry is like you…a moron Mr. MAN mentality who thinks his bowel movements are 14K gold. Get over it fleabag.

          • billdeserthills

            Your so smart, tell me what a fleabag is?

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Well…see …it’s like this. Back in the early days, canines like Ryan and McConnell managed to pick up fleas and become “infested.” Then, there were no flea powders, flea collars or electronic flea collars. So poor little Ryan and McConnell just itched and itched and itched. Their masters of the RNC took pity on these flea bitten attack dogs and having no other alternative thought of a genius idea…trapping the fleas in bags attached to the entire dogs..er… Ryan and McConnell. Hence the term “fleabag.”

            See? McConnell and Ryan were quite fashionable wearing those flea bags. Their fellow Republicans thought it was a new fashion trend and copied it. Until, every Republican with or without a case of flea infestation was covered head to toe in a fleabag. Got it now?

          • billdeserthills

            For once I agree, although I didn’t see most democrats doing the working American any favors either.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            I regularly watch the Senate and House on CNN during their regular sessions. What I see most often is a Republican preaching preaching preaching. No matter when you watch these sessions, there are always more Republicans doing ALL the talking. What does that tell you? That they are ALL talk and NO action AND they don’t let the Dems get a word in edgewise.

            As for working Americans, consider this. I had a discussion with a friend on another thread who lives in WVA. This is the state that has a record number of coal mining fatalities since it began mining coal. No one in the US uses coal for energy. And it is not needed with all of the renewables that have literally pushed coal, oil and natural gas to the back burner.

            Yet, this friend insists that WVA cannot get off the coal addiction no matter how many die of coal ash pollution in their water and soil, no matter how many more miners die in the mines and how many more generations suffer from coal mining related diseases. What do you do with people who WILL NOT change?

            The reality is that business has changed and so must working Americans. Yet, you have southern and midwestern people who see no other way of earning a living but through the 1950s types of jobs that are obsolete.

            They do not want to move into solar even though their climates are far more conducive than here in NJ. Meanwhile, jobs in solar in NJ are flourishing and so are the newest manufacturers of solar panels. So who is really losing out? People who pretend that these relic jobs are still going to be around another 10 years or the people who move, move, move on to hi tech and renewable energy jobs?

          • billdeserthills

            I really think the federal gov’t should be doing something like the old WPA work programs they used to have during the depression, instead of financing the restoration of crummy old muslim temple restoration that takes place outside of the US. These coal miners obviously need to be shoved into a new & different direction and they are hard-working folks who likely just need a bit of a push. At least they want to work, which is more than I can say for the majority on welfare. The nice thing about re-educating folks who want to work is it is an actual investment in this country’s future, besides these folks will spend money, after they earn some which is good for the economy.

            I’m not seeing much, if any payback for all the student loan money that gets spent. The kids get out of college and then can’t find a job, so that seems like a waste. I don’t understand why it’s just fine to spend money like water and bail out big banks, stockbrokers who guess wrong & ailing car companies, but spending money to help re-educate hard working americans seems forbidden?

            This country has spent so much time & money trying to help out the rich & the poor but done forgot about the folks in between…

      • Can only assume you are ugly as sin.

        • billdeserthills

          I’m pretty sure Eleanore can take her teeth out, though

        • Eleanore Whitaker

          You wish you were as successful. Oh but that’s right. You live off a man don’t you? So, you hand over all of your freedom in exchange for a buttered palm. Obvioiusly, sucking up to men to exist is what you call pretty. So do the Dixiebells who bat their eyelashes and act cutesy and those hick Corn Pone Queens who pretend to be married to cowboys they wait on hand and foot…mostly in bed.

    • Ron Gonshorowski

      FYI, Sununu is part Puerto Rican so I understand his allegiance.

      • So that’s his story, I’m surprised, I never knew what he was especially with an name like that. Wonder how he became a Republican?

        • He probably has a better education, and is common sense smarter than many of the Mexican, and South American Latins, and most liberals for that matter.

          • As I mentioned to Mary below I didn’t question Sunono’s education nor schooling I was just wondering how a Puerto Rican became a Republican as they are mostly Democrats. However as mentioned he is part of the 15% and only half P. R. I think he is a good guy, did a good job in Washington and was a good Governor. Remember Puerto Rico is part of the 57 states Obama misspoke about. (Was there in Jan.)

        • He might be a Puerto Rican but is also a very smart man.

          • Mary,
            I didn’t question his intelligence I was just wondering how he became a Republican as 85% of Hispanics are Democrats, but it is fine with me I always liked him when he was in Washington and has Republican value’s, or at least they way they used to be.

  10. Eleanore Whitaker

    It figures Pretty Boy Perry would sidle up to The Donald. Obviously, TexASS feels it can use some of The Donald’s expertise at bankruptcies. How little some know about The Donald. This is proof that those who have NEVER left their states have NO idea who Donald Trump really is.

    As a veteran of Trump Tantrums for the past 3 plus decades, it’s been fun watching this big mouth try to take over and lose every time. There has yet to be an enterprise the Donald couldn’t fail to turn into a bankruptcy…Live and learn boys and girls.

    • Many of us are not particularly enamored of the Donald, but for all his faults he is still preferable to Hillary because we have watched her for the past three plus decades as well.

  11. Eleanore Whitaker

    It figures that the Dixiebelles and Corn Porn Queens think Perry has “honor.” So does Charles Manson. The only difference is that Perry is as slick as the oil in his state. Perry has about as much “honor” as a Mafia capo.

    • Love the stereotyping and pejoratives…keep it up!

    • Spoken like a true unAmerican Patriot (hater). The real threat to America is Clinton (Socialist all the way-big threat to our constitution) who should be in jail for her crimes (Bengazi negligence and ignoring Classified Mail protocal). She is totally unqualified for the Presidency and would be a disaster and final nail in the coffin if elected. Your obviously a supporter of the current administration (Obummer – who will go down as the most damaging and worst president in the history of America- trippled the national Debt/opened the flood gates to millions of radical muslims that will never fit into our lifestyle or support our constitution/Defanged our military rendering us weaker and vulnerable/lied to the American people stating he was a Christian yet he is a Muslim all the way/He broke his oath to support the Constitution and he has bypassed it many times with his new laws or regulations thereby exceeding his charter and serving as a dictator/He pardons many of the worst criminals and terrorists/alienated our allies who stood by us for many years-total disgrace. Your obviously in denial and if you had any common sense and truely cared about saving the greatest nation to ever exist then you would wake up and get behind the Trump Train to make us great again.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        You are NO patriot. How is your ignorance patriotic? Our Founding Fathers would never EVER allow any of their fellow patriots to sit for 8 solid years in sedition in Congress constantly obstructing a president, not once but two times now with Clinton and Obama, a bi-racial president hated only by you bigots.

        First of all, I absolutely demand that you provide us with court evidence that supports your accusations. Or, do you phonies always go around lying and making up wild accusations that you ha have NO proof of?

        Trump will NEVER be president. Again, ignorants like you are fooled. Those of us who have lived every day for the past 4 decades with the Trump Tantrums always in the media know La Donna Mobilay better than you ever will.

        Trump has 155 lawsuits pending against him. He will never be president unless you and your befrigged states decide to secede and won’t the rest of the states be thrilled with that when you do? YOur damn states are why 65% of every federal budget ends up keeping those southern and midwestern asses fat and lazy.

        Well, guess what? We are cutting you guys off at the helm. The GOP is going down in flames and you won’t get another 8 more years of McConnell and his punk attack dogs sitting on their asses belligerently acting like spiteful little boys.

        When, not IF, Hillary is president, you boys will move those asses like you haven’t since Bush took office. As for Trump, he edges ever closer to pulling off what P.T. Barnum once said of fools like you and your ilk, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Enjoy sucker! Now…go and enjoy your Haterade Booze fest. You people are sickos.

        • You are an unpatriotic witch and so passionate about your misguided beliefs.
          Killery will never be President ( she’ll be in prison) and Obummer is going down big time – the Trump Train is coming to DC with a 55 gallon drum of whipp ass and witches and anti Americans sickos like yourself can suck on that. In case you haven’t heard the silent majority has woke up to the Muslim takeover in DC and they are mad as hell for all the lies/ and damage from this administration. The Democratic Party has a mass exodus of Democrats jumping to the Republican Party by the thousands and it’s going to be Trump by a landslide.
          Here is what your idiotic unamerican POS in the white has contributed to our country:

          Obamacare Logic and Logistics

          We are going to be gifted with:

          · A healthcare plan we are forced to purchase,
          · And fined if we don’t,
          · Which purportedly will cover at least 10 million more people,
          · Without adding a single new doctor,
          · That provides for 16,000 new IRS agents,
          · Written by a committee whose chairman said that he didn’t
          understand it,
          · Passed by a Congress that didn’t read it,
          · And exempted itself from it,
          · And signed by a President who smokes,
          · With funding administered by a Treasury chief who didn’t pay
          his own taxes,
          · For which we will be taxed for four years before any benefits will
          take effect,
          · By a government which has already bankrupted Social Security
          and Medicare,
          · All to be administered by a Surgeon General who is obese and
          · Financed by a country that is broke,

          So what the blank could possibly go wrong?

          Want more of this—Vote Democrat!

          Most of Americans have no clue what Muslims are all about and the serious threat they pose from within now that millions have been allowed into America. Your letter will open many eyes to how destructive Obama has been to the US with his actions (all counter productive to our constitution and way of civilized life). He should be put in prison for his damage to the American people.

          Inconvenient Politically-Incorrect Truth About Islam:

          The Islamic-terrorist-threat isn’t that complicated to figure out. There are no verses in the New Testament (The Christian code-of-conduct) which instruct Christians to harm non-Christians, but there are verses which instruct Christians to love non-Christians. There are no verses in the Koran (The Islamic code-of-conduct) which instruct Muslims to love non-Muslims, but there are verses which instruct them to kill [e.g. slay (9:5), burn-to-death (4:56), decapitate (8:12), among others] non-Muslims. Legitimate-free-valiant-democratic-republics classify organizations with such codes-of-conduct as “terrorist organizations.”

          A PEW Research Center poll of Muslim-American citizens released on May 22, 2007 reported that: 86% believe the Koran is the word-of-God; 50% believe that the Koran should be taken literally “word-for-word”; 47% think of themselves as a Muslim first and an American second; 43% feel that mosques should express views on social matters; and 41% under 30-years-old admit feeling that suicide bombings of innocent civilians can sometimes be justified.

          Some identify concerns about Islam as “Islamaphobia.” A “Phobia” is an “irrational fear.” What is irrational about fearing Islam whose stated purpose is to kill non-Muslims and whose code-of-conduct ISIS believes justifies their heinous onslaughts? Doesn’t a code-of-conduct instructing members to kill non-members classify an organization as a “terrorist organization?”


          • Eleanore Whitaker

            The only thing big about you is your big mouth. As of this year, 21 million Americans can now afford healthcare. But as asshole like you loved it when you could live off my healthcare premiums so your healthcare could be free.

            Stick it pallie. You have to pay for your own goddamn healthcare. I am NOT going to pay for it for you. That IS what every southern and midwestern HICK freeloader is after. To get as much of a handout from the federal government as you can. The top 10 states with the highest number on welfare, unemployment and phony SSDI are ALL in Republican states.

            YOu want to explain how the hell these befrigged are also getting from $1.35 to $1.87 for the $1 they pay in federal taxes while our states get a lousy 55 cents for the $1 we pay?

            Get off that friggen lazy hick ass and get a job. A real job…one where you have to use your brain, not that big fat ass.

        • You silly old witch – so emotional – you have no intelligent conversation to share
          Move on hater – it’s clear – you would support anyone that promotes women leadership even the Devil himself ( Killery is Satin )

    • Liberals like you have a hard time understanding what is right for America because you are too busy living in your cesspool of self-righteous, arrogant hatred.

      • Your so right – Eleanore the witch is a classic hater and hopeless to have an intelligent conversation with. A true lliberal here to stir up the pot- ignoring her is the best approach – if no one responds to her unfounded comments she’ll loose interest
        I don’t read any of her comments anymore- she’s a hopeless case!

  12. Perry hasn’t asked for any favors by Trump, if and when…. I compliment Gov. Perry for his attitude. These politicians can create much notoriety via their skirmishes with one another. It’s not often that they make a gesture as did Perry. Trump put the call out for uniting, Perry answered, the Republicans could do much better if they’ll unite in a common effort. Our nation’s very future is “on the line,” We cannot afford not to take that most seriously.

    • I am more disappointed with the Bush’s Man-up guys

      • Me too! I think the Bushes have gathered behind Jeb because Trump made it his business to rough up Jeb. Apparently, the Bush family considered Jeb “the next in line,” and the public wasn’t buying….which is not really Trump’s fault.

  13. Albert L Biele

    Congratulations Mr. Perry, you’re a true patriot.

  14. thanks, well put.
    It is hilary or trump. No way in hell will I assist hilary to the white hous

  15. Perry was a good governor for Texas and would be good with trump!

  16. Rick Perry is a true American Patriot! Thank you Mr Perry! I hope you will accept a VP offer or any of the Cabinet Positions. I have always been very impressed by your great service to Texas and to the United States!


  18. Trump haters are crawling out from under their rocks t o jump on his bandwagon.Guess what? he doesn’t need you clowns he’s got the American public behind him if Trump completes 20% of his promises he will still be 150% than onbummer and her thighness

    • You would be better served by being gracious to those who agree with you in principle but disagreed on messenger than by being a sore winner; remember, he isn’t in the White House yet.

  19. charles johnston

    Good for Rick Perry. Anything to keep the Hildabeast out of the people’s house is appreciated.

  20. With Governors like Rick Perry, there is hope for our Nation. Now if we can only drop all the Rinos in a giant sink hole, maybe the GOP could reunite and become strong again!

    RINOS are why we need Term Limits. Some of these old codgers need to be put out to pasture because their minds are still back in another era. Passing an Amendment that limits the years a Congressman can serve would keep a fresh group of Congressmen in our Federal Govt, making more knowledgeable choices and directing our path along more successful roads.

    AMERICA needs this now more than ever with people living longer lives.
    We need younger fresh red blooded American Congressmen fighting for the American people’s Rights, not ancient, dementia ridden, trapped in another time old men. We will go forward with the young Spirits and be forced to hang back with the old and timid spirits. Your choice!

    Check your General Election Ballots beforehand. Find out if there is an Amendment on it that puts Term Limits for U.S. Congressmen. If not, fight to have it put on your State’s General Election ballot.

    We the People need to protect ourselves and Country from predatory old and useless Congressmen, that just take up space, do not know the issues and do nothing but cause grief for our Party because they can’t understand or are unknowledgeable of the stakes at hand. They need to go and new younger people come in. Your Choice…fight for a better Congress!

    • I have to disagree with you. The younger ones don’t have the wisdom, so tend to flip flop back and forth on issues. And that is expected due to lack of knowledge and the wisdom to know what to do with issues. Mature adults have experience and knowledge and better reasoning process with calmer reasoning and better judgement. I do think that they should be made to retire at 60. That’s long enough. They are smart and of good sound mind in their 30’s, 40’s. AND 50’s. Most still are sharp in their 60’s but i think at 60 they need to move out. And the reason they stay in there so long is because the people keep voting them back in. Why they don’t vote them out when they are not doing what the people wanted them to do, —is beyond me. Term limits are badly needed. That would make a better Congress in my opinion. I also think there should be term limits for Supreme Court judges too. Being in their 70’s and 80’s are BEYOND GOOD REASONING. Past time to retire.

      • I’m sorry Debra. I was unclear. I was talking about those Congressmen 60 plus years old. I’ve seen way too many of those white haired gentlemen asleep during a session in Congress. Anyone under 60 usually is a viable person with experience and knowledge. And I definitely didn’t mean anyone in their 20s or 30s…that’s not old enough to acquire some wisdom about how our Nation is run.

        At this point in time, we really just need to clean the slate so to speak…too much corruption happening even with those members in their 40s and 50s. Such a shame. It’s time to just start over with a whole new Congress and train them to work for the people (like they are supposed to) and not the government!
        Thanks for catching those points Debra!

        • You’re right. But we can only vote in or out our congress man in our district. How we gonna get the others to do the same. In a lot of places nobody is running against the ones in there, so we don’t have choices sometimes. That’s a problem. But it is a problem that needs to be fixed. Thanks for being on the same page on this. I hope everybody else gets out there and changes their congressman that’s not doing right. And you’re right,, i’ve also seen them sleeping thru sessions. They didn’t hear a word that was said. Somebody bumps them at the end of the session so they can wake up and cast a vote for something they didn’t hear a word of. We got to vote those out. God Bless

  21. Good, start by removing those stupid looking glasses!

  22. Perry is a flip flopper, he probably wants the VP job.

    • Ron Gonshorowski

      Well yes he does, but once you burn a bridge it takes some time to rebuild it.

    • As long as he’s flipping back into the right place. They all know by now that if we see anyone of them getting too flakey we will do what we have to, to replace them.

    • I hope so. We really need some class in the White House.

  23. The author makes a compelling case and certainly has a better sense of the voters’ collective pulse than the Republicans have been able to palpate in two decades. Great article.

  24. Is Rick Perry anything that will put him into power…just like Trump? I would like to think better of him…that he wants to help advise a RINO (undercover Dem/progressive) in the White House.

    Trump is not who a lot of people think he is, and he’s been revealing this along the way, but so many of his followers have closed their eyes too tightly they can’t see these truths…the problem is we all suffer because of it…

    Trump used a pied-piper, supposedly non-establishment strategy just like Obama did, but both are progressives at best…and who knows what at worst.

    The voters didn’t win back the Republican Party…the voters were tricked out of having a choice for someone who truly stands for the U.S. Constitution with all our full inalienable rights, and who stands for the sovereignty of our nation!

    The voters were tricked by one of the biggest tricksters there are!

    Lord, help us!

    • Interesting that God has allowed Trump to come out on top — stop complaining and support him. Did you know that there have been some great leaders and rulers in history that were not Christian and very immoral but had great nations because they lived by good establishment principles that gave their people freedom? Christians are not always the best leaders especially when they don’t know what the Bible teaches and don’t live by it. They succumb to the WDC elite and their politician stronghold chokes their thinking. They cannot stand alone. No man can solve the problems in our Nation but God can and it is up to We the People to make that difference by learning His ways and following them from His written Word; not religion.

    • You are wrong. Cruz is not for sovereignty of our nation but open borders.
      Trump wants what the people want. It’s you who are blinded. Two of the best men, Huckabee and Carson, supported him early on for good reason and led the way for us to use our brains and vote from the heart.
      You will see.

  25. I always liked Rick Perry. He did not fare well in races, for one reason or another, but not about who he was. I am glad that he has come around to thinking who would be best for this country. There is no perfect man or being, other than God, so with a few faults, I chose Donald J Trump, a man who was not a politician. He entered this race because of what he felt in his heart. spent his own money, doesn’t need to answer to those Elites and their PACs. Donald withstood a lot of abuse, that was not called for – and he came out at the top of the class, as the majority of the people in this country saw that spark, that courage, that love for America, and he will win over that one running for the Donkey team. If that is the best they have, it is time that Republicans took over, lock, stock and barrel.

  26. Being from Texas, I like Gov. Perry and I believe he will be a great asset to Trump’s team whatever it will be.

  27. Kudos to Governor Perry. He too would have made a good president. Better yet, he would make an excellent VP

  28. WAY TO GO RICK. Let us hope that some of these politicians with the cushy positions will come to their senses as well. Your statement” Trump will surround himself with knowledgeable people and will LISTEN to them” is the KEY. He doesn’t claim to KNOW everything, politically. But he knows how to organize and get things done. AND he will keep his promises as best as he can.

  29. All of you “Godly ” people are fruit cakes. Please keep your Religious beliefs to yourself. Far to many WARS are started because of ignorant statements you people make.

    • You un-godlies should have made Obama listen to us about stabilizing Iraq so they’d have been defending their own country. That war would be over and Isis perhaps truly a “jv team.”

  30. No one in the Kennedy family agrees with you. Take a look at his recored as president, and especially focus on the time period beginning with the Cuban Missile Crisis. You will see that President Kennedy moved very much to the left in his approach to foreign affairs and domestic affairs.

  31. StupidConservativeValues

    Rick Perry is a self-serving hypocryte, a pretty dumb one at that.

  32. Since 1996 there have been hundreds of reports about Hillary’s secret mistress…

    Her name is Huma Abadin, and she grew up in a strict Muslim household in Saudi Arabia…

    And at the tender age of 24, Hillary Clinton made Huma one of her closest “personal” advisors.

    Think about what this means…
    Her Daughter married a Muslim

    If Hillary gains the Whitehouse in 2016….

    You can be CERTAIN that the left’s war against Christianity will only grow more severe.

    Hillary and her Muslim allies will continue trying to CENSOR the Scripture…
    Go TRUMP!

  33. headonstraight

    Perry is an odious arch-theocratic tool of the Christian Dominionist movement and in particular the so-called “New Apostolic Reformation.” The heretical notions embraced by these dangerous and radical cultists are in conflict with basic Constitutional principles concerning Church and State:



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