REVEALED: The FBI’s Desperate Scramble to Cover Up Clinton/Lynch Meeting

More than a year later, it still strikes us as one of the most flagrant violations of the public trust that we’ve ever seen. Only days before the Justice Department was scheduled to announce their findings in the Hillary Clinton email investigation, there was Attorney General Loretta Lynch cavorting with the suspect’s HUSBAND, in private, away from the cameras, on an airport tarmac in Arizona. For more than twenty minutes, the two disappeared from the daylight, only to emerge later and act as though it was ridiculous for anyone to suggest that something untoward had happened. No, no, what are you guys talking about? We were just catching up on old times, chatting about our grandchildren, and tossing a beanbag back and forth, dontcha know? C’mon, y’all.

A few days later, we found out – surprise! – that the DOJ would not be pressing charges against Hillary.

Lynch wouldn’t go as far as to recuse herself from the case, but she did take the extraordinary step of saying she would abide by the FBI Director’s recommendation. That opened the window for James Comey to announce his findings in that infamous briefing, which he used to not only let Hillary off the hook, but also to explain all the reasons why she should NOT be let off the hook. Strange stuff. The kind of speech you might make if you were being pressured to let a criminal go free, one might imagine.

Of course, the Clinton/Lynch meeting was dramatically under-reported by the media; most of Hillary’s supporters have probably forgotten that it ever happened. But we haven’t forgotten. And neither has Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, whose organization has been trying for months to get the true story of what happened on that plane out to the public. For a long time, their search for records relating to that meeting was in vain. The FBI gave them the cold shoulder, insisting there were no such records. This ultimately led Judicial Watch to sue the Bureau – multiple times – to finally get what they were looking for.

“The FBI finally gave them to us late Thursday,” Fitton wrote in an op-ed for Fox News. “Now we know why the FBI played shell games. The documents show that FBI officials were concerned solely about the leaking of details of the tarmac meeting. None of the documents show top agency officials cared one whit about the propriety of the meeting itself, but only about who blew the whistle on the covert tête-à-tête.

“In one email, an FBI official writes ‘we need to find that guy,’” Fitton continued. “And in another we learn that the Phoenix FBI office was contacted ‘in an attempt to stem any further damage.’ An FBI official working on Lynch’s security detail even goes so far as to suggest non-disclosure agreements to keep the full facts from coming forth.”

This is a picture of our nation’s top law enforcement agency in full panic mode. And it leaves us (still) wondering…just what was said on that plane?

Perhaps we’re closer than ever to finding out.


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  1. It certainly appears that Comey has succeeded in putting a massive stain on the FBI which may become very hard to erase. Unfortunately honesty and integrity and doing the right thing are not a part of life.

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    • Isn’t this very sad in our country that we cannot trust the FBI? How can they indict anyone for lying after all the lying they have done and are doing themselves!

    • The stain was already there, it was solidly in place in J Edgar Hoover, that is for SURE — he was well known to have “the goods” on nearly EVERYONE in politics, to be a controlling force, and was a known pervert and cross-dresser. FBI was NEVER lily white, much as they like to claim they were, they were ALWAYS political liars and schemers.

  2. Personally I do not understand why Trump does not arrest the Clinton’s.
    After all the Executive Branch’s primary duty is to ENFORCE our LAWS. Running the DC circus 🎪 is the secondary duty of the Executive Branch……….
    We all know jailing the Clinton’s will….

    • Of course you don’t…you don’t even understand that ‘Clintons’ is a simple plural and not some sort of contraction requiring an apostrophe.

      Somehow your brain knows not to write “law’s”.

      • With all that is going on and you pick on how a person writes?

        • Do you actually think posting one’s opinion on an Internet forum serves any purpose other than giving an otherwise impertinent person some semblance of having a voice?

          It’s nothing more than a social club for those who do not actually contribute to society in any special way.

          Get over yourself, you pretentious, arrogant jerk.

          • The relevance of your analytic statement to yourself has long been patently obvious to all, but thanks nonetheless for articulating the rationale behind your marginally relevant posts.

          • You’re very articulate and coherent. We could use a few more like you…and far fewer of the semi-literate loud-mouths.

            MAGA my brother.

          • LOL…you should practice what you preach.


        • Chi has a symptom of the Democrat Disease.
          When they have no logical reason to disagree, but do.
          Some how improper grammar hypnotizes them where they can no longer understand the content of the conversation.

      • Stuck up ‘LibTurd’ “suckazz”. ‘How’z’ that for punctuation?

        • I’m a solid President Trump supporter, but your very poor intuition aside…your punctuation seems fine.

          I’ll have a look at some of your other posts…since you are asking for assistance.

          (You could stand to be more polite when asking for another person’s help.)

          • “Should not to be afforded a break” is a very clumsy remark.

            I’m guessing you don’t actually talk like that, and simply got mixed up halfway through your sentence.

          • Sounds like: “posting one’s opinion on an Internet forum serves any purpose other than giving an otherwise impertinent person some semblance of having a voice?”

          • I see you still suffer from low self esteem, so you have to criticize everyone else. What a sad person you are.

          • Chi needs a girl friend, in the worst way.


          • You tell him Granny!!
            Chi needs a GF real bad, because his BF beats him real bad for poor grammar!
            Merry Christmas Granny!👵

          • “I’m a solid President Trump supporter…”

            Why don’t you help him with his grammar/speech?

          • Where would one even begin?



  3. We have been had by the Traitors and they should have had their trial and ether be in front of a a firing Squad Now or in the near Future , Set an example for other Traitors in our Nation ! We should have revolted years ago ,Obama and Valerie both worked for Russia and Soros

    • Yes, and SOROS is still working with Obama!!

    • Please don’t equate the Russian common folk in the same breath as you do their masters. Common people everywhere are not the problem, nor have they ever been the problem! Are you the problem here, or are you subject to the whims and convictions of those who run our lives? It is the same everywhere! A handfull of elites are the ones we should be after. It is them who are bent on controlling the world, and who plant the seeds of distrust in our daily lives! Just as we now are venting against the “swamp”, all the world should be doing the same!


  4. Funny the charge Flynn for lying but they can lie.

    • They are still throwing things at the wall to see if it will stick. People want some kind of justice for the sick condition of our country. Flynn wasnt it. Everyone who tried to pull this off should get there fair share of jail time, and pensions taken away. Its treason.

  5. Sadly the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has now become the Federal Bought-out Idiots (FBI), Period!

  6. Anyone caught covering up, hiding evidence of a crime and stonewalling against law enforcement should be considered as accomplices in a crime and go to jail just as much as the perpetrator should go to jail. That is the law.

  7. At this point I would rather see Comey – Mueller and Freeh in prison instead of Hillary – They will last longer and there are a bunch of guys who can’t wait to see them. Maybe put Hillary on work-release and give her a bucket and stick with a nail at the end and let her pick up trash along the highway. Then at night she will be free to write more books blaming everyone for her current status.

  8. We with half our brain tied behind our backs already know all of this. The only other news I want to see or hear concerning this matter is the day justice is served on the guilty!

  9. Hillary and Comey should both be in prison.

  10. It seems that with each day we find just how corrupt this whole bunch of loons really are and just stupid and ill informed the left wing cattle have been for soo long as to allow such “trash” to get and retain governing power that continues to destroy our Country and way of life for there own benefit. No sort of punishment would be too harsh!!

  11. Comey didn’t Pursue charges because he didn’t want to end up dead in some mysterious accident, that’s is what Billy conveyed to Lynch! They are all crooks! Obama, Lynch, Rice, Jarrett, Holder… well looky here, what’s the common denominator? DIN DU NUFFIN!

  12. So,so sad that the FBI has been nothing but cover-ups and lies with so much hatred and bias in this institution that is supposed to have nothing but integrity and to make sure Justice is blind. I am so dis-heartened and have lost all respect for the FBI. There needs to be some firing going on at the top management starting today and Mueller cannot have an investigation that can be trusted. This has to happen. It will take years to get this FBI back to what it was supposed to be! Mueller needs to stop, what we know will have no integrity, this investigation that really is a Witch Hunt just because Trump won and Hillary did not!

  13. Richard Bagenstose

    and now they want to pin obstruction of justice on trump , when the oboma addministration did it for 8 years, used every gov. agency for his own personal needs , and congress let him get away with it , oboma makes nixion look like a boy scout

    • And how much $$$$$ did Obama retire with after his 8 years in office????? I have heard the figure, but cannot recall it now:(

      • Richard Bagenstose

        millions, more money then we will ever see, then you have the 500 million book deal he got, but i am sure it’s a lot more then that , just look at the billions that disapeared under his watch , someone ,filled their bank accounts, then try and figure out where he spent 10 trillion dollars , we have nothing to show for it , but i am sure he got his fair share of it

        • Those book deals are how former presidents launder the bribe monies and monies fleeced from the treasury. Think about it. Nobody really buys these books…….

          • I did and know many others that did so….so you must be wrong.

          • I’m sure Al Capon sold a few pieces of furniture here and there.
            Just wondering whose book(s) did you buy?
            I promise I will not get rude w/you.

          • Here’s the book you read you big POO POO head-you actually think this this crap is true- Merry Festivus-


          • First Jesus would not like you name calling so close to his birthday. Put your big boy pants on, at least for the next 15 days……….
            Second I said FORMER PRESIDENTS write their biography’s to launder the illegal monies they acquired while in office.
            Your link was a so so read.
            I know all about Sores. Bottom line, it was not written by a former president.
            Merry Christmas

          • “First Jesus would not like you name calling so close to his birthday. Put your big boy pants on, at least for the next 15 days……….”

            What are 10 years old-?

            “I said FORMER PRESIDENTS write their biography’s to launder the illegal monies they acquired while in office.
            Your link was a so so read.
            I know all about Sores. Bottom line, it was not written by a former president.”

            I’ve dealt with you in this comment section for a while now and you actually believe all the lies about George Soros because you are an ignorant clueless intellectually depraved jack ass-

            2017 is coming to an end and I have had all I can take from ignoramuses like you for one years–Real Christians don’t ascribed to your awful
            ideas/points of view.

          • Why are we going from presidents writing biography’s to George Soros? Your dime store psycho analysis of me is wrong. I am real sure GS is the most evil person to live in my lifetime. Where in any post on this thread have I expressed different? Since you imply we see Soros different, you must think he’s ok. It is apparent you just want to argue. I don’t care to debate w/someone who can not stay on point, and makes slanderous actuations.
            Oh are you the Pope? Or an important religious leader? Since you think you speak on behalf of all Christians?
            Rather arrogant statement, wouldn’t you think?
            About the 10 years, what are you talking about?

          • If trump runs for re-election- which he won’t-but if he does or perhaps even before 2020- We, as American’s, will have to witness a similar exhibitionist events like this….”hot chicks”and all. America is truly fucked…Sad-


          • Why would Trump not run in 2020?

          • think about it…if you can….

          • Just can’t keep those childish slights to your self? Try growing up.
            The link to HP you gave, has all kinds of stories.
            So what is your theory?
            Are you worried Trump might have an art exhibition about himself?
            That’s all i figured out.

          • Dear Benghazi Brain-

            forget it…you are deluded…hopeless

          • No. You are just not intelligent enough to transcribed your petty thoughts into compleat sentences…….
            Me trying to limit your slights, has robbed you of your only vocabulary.
            Merry Christmas

          • eat worms , ignoramus.

          • See your little brain can only produce small, incomplete sentences.
            Here Santa, will help you.


          • You never know about these things. We just have to let this play out. Trump was in the TV Biz, and is supporting a Sinclair Broadcasting friendly internet Bill.
            Bottom line here. All Trump has to do is deny everything. There is no damning physical evidence, like with Bill Clinton.
            Well if Trump gets the boot.
            Mike Pence will be president.

          • I was referring to President Obama’s book-

            But more importantly , exactly how does your theory work-

            “Those book deals are how former presidents launder the bribe monies and monies fleeced from the treasury”

            It really needs an explanation-I appears to be outrageous-

      • North of 20 million. He only showed up with one million.

    • That’s because obummer is black! They don’t want the race card pulled
      on them anymore than it has been already

  14. Keep in mind that this obvious pre-scheduled meeting would have gone undetected if not for one guy with a camera that caught this meeting. So what did the FBI do? They tried to locate this man before he could go public, to do what? Threaten him into silence? Thank God the photo came out before the FBI got to him, probably saved his life.

  15. The FBI is not working nearly as hard to cover up the airport meeting as the Trump colludors are working to cover up the dozens of meetings with Putin’s lackeys with Don Jr, Sessions, Kushner and the lard ass himself. There is not enough sand in the box to cover all that up

  16. There needs to be an investigation of all involved and the evidence should be presented to a Grand Jury. PERIOD
    America has seen enough of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization. A rabid animal needs to be put down.

  17. J Edgar Hoover is rolling over in his grave. The FBI and the “DEEP STATE” “DARK SIDE” liberals are very destructive and will take our country down to feather their individual private nests. DJT must fight these bas—ds all the way and expose them for what they are — criminals, communists —-haters of the USA

  18. Where are the decent, honest, law abiding people in this world? Doesn’t anyone have the decency to speak up and expose these turds?! Don’t worry about losing your job. You’ll be a hero and make millions on the talk show programs. Somebody please grow a set and give us undeniable proof with a recording and/or video. Our country can’t survive much more sleaze and corruption!


  20. This should be no surprise. Democrats = bigger government = bigger bureaucracies = bigger FBI = bigger pay raises.

  21. As in any other large organization there are directions from the top. But the minions know right from wrong. They do what they are told. If the top management is changed, then perhaps the minions will feel free to come forward. The politicization of the NSA, FBI and the DOJ is unacceptable. Period.
    This “corruption“ was in place for some time. We really can’t tell how long. But they became complacent in their shenanigans. To avoid prosecution all they had to do was deny any charges. “Did you do this or that?” “Nope!” “Well thats good enough for me. Move along people, nothing to see here.” But now our representatives are asking those questions and not taking no for an answer. The proof is slow coming, but it’s coming. No amount of clever concealing information by hiding it in the name of national security or executive archives. We demand to know the truth. And more importantly bring those to justice. I’m not asking one party to use the judicial system as a weapon against the other. But if there was wrong doing by either party, justice must prevail.
    If we cannot restore our confidence in the FBI, NSA or DOJ to 100%, we are doomed.

  22. Black shit Obama and crooked Hillary has saturated with so much corruptions in the FBI and the DOJ, it will take many years to clean up these departments. But clean it we must, and put all the corrupt criminals in jail. President Trump must fire Mueller and the no balls swamp AG Sessions.

  23. To the FBI——– have you sunk this low in disgrace to the American People. Take out the garbage and clean up your act. Clean up your reputation and fire the crooked one out of the system.!!

  24. We can solve this problem with a trial by jury. If found guilty then accept the penalty,

  25. Sergeant! Sergeant!! What is it Gomer? Surprise, surprise, Sergeant, there is “collusion” in our Government, including the FBI! C’mon Gomer, even you should know that “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!” Besides, all you need to know is I will collude all over you if you don’t git bak to peeling those spuds!


  27. The demonRATs control the FBI, the CIA, the EPA, the NSA, the DHS, the IRS, and our entire government. And even though they are not the majority of the House or Senate, they still control Congress because they have maggots inside the GOP that we call RINOs.

    They use ALL of the above powerful departments and offices as weapons against our citizens, against our Constitution, and against the conservatives and Christians inside the GOP who are trying to get our government back to God and back into line with our Constitution, and give our government back to the people where it is suppose to be according to what our forefathers intended it to be.

    Sean Hannity was absolutely correct when he said that the demonRAT party and it’s deep state through Obama and George Soros, have destroyed our rule of law, and have made us a “banana republic”, a sanctuary for outlaws, terrorists, illegal aliens, MS-13 terrorists where these maggots, including themselves, have rule over us citizens.

    And, they are now voting for gun control over us, as they will give total amnesty and arm the enemies against us to make us sitting ducks for anyone and every enemy that they sneak into our country as they protect them over us and give them a get out of jail free card for any harm or death they want to do to us.

    The murderer that killed Kate Stynle is a prime example of that despicable protection. The communist state of California made Kate a sitting duck, and the sanctuary state of California rammed that down our throats and set a precedence for any enemy that forces their way into our land when they acquitted this hard core murderer of any wrong doing. They believed his lies, they disbelieved the truth against an innocent citizen, and this is an outrageous injustice against every American in our country, not to mention Kate’s family.

    If I were Kate’s family, I would sue this monster, and the state of California, for wrongful death, murder, and anything that I could and throw the books at them. I would get Judicial Watch and Gregg Jarrett to represent me, and take it to the Supreme Court if necessary, because this would have never happened it that maggot had never been allowed to be here in the first place.

    Not a single person in California is safe, and our entire USA is in danger of not only Mexican illegals and their MS-13 gangs, but from the muslim refugees who hate us and vow to kill us.

    And, the demonRAT maggots who have brought these dangerous savage barbarians here (into our Christian land that used to be safe), and of which the communist muslim Hussein Obama is their leader, needs to be charged with high treasons and sent to Gitmo to live with the muslim terrorists there to see what dangers they have put us in.

    Our citizens are idiot fools for allowing this treason and for allowing this danger upon us and their precious children. It will take decades of clean-up, but ONLY if and when our citizens wake up to these dangers and keeps the politically correct demonRATs voted out of office.

    After saying this, I feel the need to say, “don’t hold your breath, because you can’t fix mass stupidity”.

  28. After the fact non-disclosure statements sounds like a general investigation of the agency with a heavy duty non-agency, non-DOJ roto-rooter might be required. We can’t have the “top” law enforcement agency of our country be unconditionally in the ultra biased Democrat/Socialist-Communist tank. Either they get returned to a balanced, non-partisan base, or a replacement must be found.

  29. What the scumbags do make Richard Nixon look like a Boy Scout, correction Eagle Scout. The thing that infuriates me the most is their blatant disregard for the law. They are well aware they are committing a crime. Wouldn’t that make all involved in the cover up Guilty of the crime they were attempting to conceal. That’s what happened to Nixon and everyone involved in Watergate. Oh dam I keep forgetting the laws only apply to Republicans. I’m sick of these Democrats/Progressives/Communists, for that matter some Republicans that show utter disregard for the country and the law. They have convinced themselves the laws of this country do not apply to them! I for one think it’s time we taught them all a lesson. From what I understand We have some space available in Guantanamo Cuba. It even has beach front rooms and watersports all inclusive, reserved especially for the criminals involved in these matters. These people are not going to go quietly, I think we are going to be in for something this country hasn’t seen in over 100 years. I truly hope and pray I’m wrong. I just don’t see Soros and all the rest of these people who have spent their entire lives trying to destroy this country. Saying oh well you caught us we give up. I think they have a plan to try and cause riots and create a race war to then come in to save the day and create a communist type of a situation here.

  30. That fact is 2 times the crooked operation stands for under the table Jock Money and proud of it !

    Sounds like a one man band with a whole bunch of drones to back him up!

  31. And Jeff Sessions is deeply compromised and colluding to obstruct with them.

  32. Just shows you how corrupt our government is. I wish that the clintons and their friends would have to answer for all they’ve done. Only in the end they will,answer to god for the final judgement. Hope they like hot climates

  33. Cecelia Henderson

    If it’s true that Paul Ryan was on that plane, we should already have the truth. I read that the pilot of the plane is now dead, but there were others in attendance and they should be held accountable as well. Why was the FBI so protective of Lynch and Comey? I thought they were Americans first and Democrats second?

  34. Billy Bob Clinton was actually caught groping Lynch on that plane and the FBI was having to cover up for him. Mueller was too busy at that time transporting 20% of our uranium to Russia by way of Hillary Rotten Clinton’s demands. So much for Trump collusion. The demonratic collusion is more like a another demonratic delusion.

  35. The President needs to call in his FBI Director and tell him to either get that mess cleaned up or he will find somebody who will. All of those people involved, especially the supervisors and management should e fired.


    Doesn’t President Trump’s new FBI director run the FBI? Then the director should start operating like he does and kick some ass to get this work done or resign knowing you don’t have balls big enough for the job.

  37. There was more wrong with that meeting than this story presents. Bill was at that time under DoJ investigation over the foundation too; so that meeting was a DOUBLE “no no”; and the fact that Lynch detoured several hundred miles from her actual midwest destination to attend it is highly suspect as well. The whole thing is totally rotten!

    • This is off subject but if I haven’t thanked you for your service before I’m doing so knoiw so thanks for your service sister.

      • Oh, thank-you and you for yours as well. These days, I feel like Franklin got that part right at the Continental Congress; that if we don’t all hang together we’ll assuredly hang separately! Have a blessed evening.

  38. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I wonder who else might have been in that tarmac meeting.
    I wonder if Soros was on that plane too. That would ex-plane a lot.
    Yep, just golf and grandkids, Right.


  40. Bill met with Lynch to agree on the sequence of events. they knew the meeting would get out. It was all classic Clinton. Loretta Lynch would be co-opted by Bill, so she Could dodge responsibility for the Hillary “investigation.”
    People forget Loretta Lynch’s tie to the Clintons. When Lynch became Attorney General, I knew the fix was in. She worked on Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign. Loretta’s job was to bury all of Hillary’s conflicts of interest. In the process of establishing the Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan to facilitate the White Water scam, Hillary had strong armed the financial regulators appointed by her husband. (it’s in the congressional report on White Water.)
    People also forget how adept the Clinton team administration was at controlling the narrative. Of course a compliant MSM really helped. Everything was an administrative error / mistake / etc. and the media just went along.

  41. It appears that the FBI has become a liberal tool to “get” people who oppose the liberals’ agenda. And, it appears that Mueller’s objective is NOT to determine if there was collusion between Trump’s people and the Russians, but rather to find grounds to impeach President Trump. Look at Peter Strzok, who is about as dirty as you can get, and his “girl friend”, Lisa Page, who is just as dirty. Both were kicked off of the “Mueller dream team” for being pro-Clinton and anti-Trump, just the kind of people you want to arrive at a FAIR conclusion to an investigation.

    Mueller, who is a close friend of Comey, should be fired, as he is compromised and obviously is NOT conducting a fair investigation. By hiring nine of the lawyers on investigation team of 16 attorneys who donated money to Democrats, with most giving money to either the campaigns of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, Mueller showed that he wanted people who would do what he wanted, find “dirt” on Trump, NOT the truth.

  42. We all know this was a sham. And anyone who believes the story of them talking about their grandchildren has to be delusional, stupid, a Dem., unAmerican, or Communist. Did Bill Clinton even have any grandchildren at that time? If he did they would have been so young that they had no history to report.

  43. Well, thats why President Trump is draining the swamp.

  44. Bill Clinton is overdue for a prison stay, he’s a perennial law breaker & to think this guy was a US President at one time!

  45. These people have corrupted everything they have touched. The question is, “Will American’s find this unacceptable and begin to take serious steps to clean house”?


  47. When this investigation by the I.G. is completed a great number of operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization will be incarcerated. We may need to construct several new Federal prisons.

  48. Who is stopping them? They are bold liars because they have a lot of powerful people in powerful positions that will back them up. It will take awhile for anyone not in their clique to figure out just where all the moles and traitors are. (Can you say Sessions?) Meanwhile, the more tenacious we are about backing our President Trump and his agenda, the more chance we have of eventually getting some justice. Just keep in mind that even when people seem to escape justice, they haven’t. [Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says The Lord. Romans 12:19]

  49. AG Lynch should be lynched (pun intended) along with Comey & whoever else was involved in aiding/abetting Killary & obstruction of justice. The evidence is there. The only way for the DOJ & the FBI to get any respect is to prosecute these people & Killary.

  50. Everyone forgets about the pilot of the plane that was killed. Guess Hellary was afraid he may have heard what Lynch and Bill were talking about, poor man. Didn’t hear that on the MSM did you?

  51. The justice system is being used to smear Trump. It used the FBI, Attorney General, and many others on up to the President of the US. They protected and let Hillary off on everything including destruction of 20, 000 emails under subpoena, lying to the FBI, to many of list. Then there’s Benghazi, her uranium deal with Russia, the Clinton Foundation, etc. The Dems even protected Huma , the list is endless. All of this to let a criminal run for President who ending up losing anyway. They feel no shame over any of this, the end justifies the means in their view.

    • It’s truly sad ain’t it friend, for the first time in my life I no longer trust our system! Our FBI and CIA is no better than the communist of Russia, no wonder these traitors donated to Hillary’s campaign, they were all out to take down our country and still are!

  52. This is like Bonnie and Clyde investigating the bank manager.

  53. Sadly the crap gets getting deeper and deeper, Lynch, Comey, Bill Clinton etc etc etc are all in this conspiracy to obstruct justice………….Sad because growing up I was taught the BI, DOJ, Attorney General and law enforcement was unapproachable by illegal activity. Now I have been convinced that $$$ talks, Political Parties are corrupt, elected officials are as bad as the former most wanted list people.
    We now have a President i hope that will make it impossible for these obstructionists and hacks to succeed,

  54. Maybe we’re supposed to think willy was just knocking off a quick ‘n easy piece while waiting for his aircraft to be fueled. He does kinda like fat, stupid women.

  55. The continuing revelations of rampant corruption in the Democrat party are counterpoint to all of the leftist propaganda being spewed out by McCain Republicans and Democrat “swamp thangs”. The falling water levels in the swamp are leaving the scum and filth revealed for all to see. McCain, Schumer, Graham, McConnell, Pelosi, Flake and all of their cronies need to be flushed out of the DC sewer. Their goals are nothing less than national suicide and they continue to demand that the rest of us accept their insanity and live under it. Send them all to the unemployment office in the next election.

  56. This whole thing stinks. Everyone involved should be fired and jailed. This should not happen. It just shows how sleazy and how low the democrats will go to win an election. I believe they made up the allegations on Roy Moore as the timing is just too convenient.

  57. Bill~~Hey Loretta, what are doing?
    Loretta~~Just the same ol’, same ol’. Why?
    Bill~~Can we meet……um, maybe in Phoenix?
    Loretta~~Okay, when and where…..and I already know why.
    Bill~~Let’s just meet at the airport, out on the tarmac. It won’t take long.
    Loretta~~Okay, I’ll be there.
    (At the meeting)
    Bill~~Hi Loretta, how are the kids and grandkids?
    Loretta~~Oh, they’re good. Had another grandbaby last year.
    Bill~~Aren’t they so much fun just running around?
    Loretta~~Yes, they are. Hey, have you been golfing at that new golf course?
    Bill~~Oh yeah, I’ve been there but Hillary didn’t like it much so I didn’t go back.
    Loretta~~Well, it’s been nice visiting with you.
    Bill~~Yeah, we’ll have to do it again soon.
    (End of meeting)

    Oh yeah, that’s the way it went down.

  58. The FBI has not been legit since Dirty Bill Clinton fired FBI Dirctor William Sessions in 1993 the day after white house attorney Vince Foster was found dead in the park. The white house story was that he had committed suicide (many forensic experts stated this was rediculous). He was in fact killed in the White House and his body dumped in the park. Clinton took control of the FBI in order to direct the coverup and the FBI has never been the same since./

  59. This is the group of criminals that have called Flynn a liar and enemy. Democrats ever hear of the psychological term projection? Own it morons.

  60. HEY – they talked about golf and their grandchildren. Seeing Lynch in full body mode, I doubt she could even walk a golf course much less swimg a club! OF course she doesn’t have grandchildren……

  61. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I pray for the one who broke the news. It just shows how corrupt the FBI is to cover for Bill and
    Liaretta. KILL the messenger, right? The FBI thought that Bill and Liaretta would never be found out.
    I imagine that Soros set up that infamous meeting. I can imagine his raging over that one..
    Like an overloaded litter box, the buried crap will surface eventually. It always does. Too many
    beasts using this box, too many times.

  62. D.C. is not a swamp folks. It’s an “over-running Sewer” and the flow heads directly to “We, the people”!

  63. The only way that the FBI is going to regain their reputation is by letting the truth (all of it) out, firing the ones covering up the crimes, and generally cleaning house. It has gone too far to do it any other way. The honest agents are paying too high a penalty for the crooked ones.
    I feel so sorry for Jeff Sessions. What a mess he stepped into but I think he is the man for the job.

  64. Well-what-else-can-we-expect-from-Corrupt-DOJ-FBI-That—Obama-And-Muslims-he-appoint-in-all=sectors-of-offices-did-including-IRS-HLS-and-Vetran-Adminitration-period

  65. I believe that America can only start to be Great again if they start really fighting what Obama left in place. against all this Corruption, Start Investigating and start proving to the American People that we do still have laws and that NO ONE is above it. NO MATTER what their title, sex, age, ETC, If caught in all these Scandals, Show the American is still the Country of Laws. Otherwise, with how not to many trust any Govt. Agency is doing to much harm and damage. They have got to get a hold of all the leaks and stop pussyfooting around. Start putting people away and I mean the REAL corruption,

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