Rev. Graham: Government Officials Have Right to Their Beliefs

Rev. Franklin Graham said this week that Americans were called upon to demand that government officials be allowed to practice their religious beliefs without interference. In a Facebook post, Graham shined a light on the case of Ruth Neely, a Wyoming judge who had fallen afoul of the PC police. Noting that Neely had “faithfully served her community in Pinedale, Wyoming for 21 years,” Graham explained how one reporter’s question derailed her career.

“One day a reporter asked if she was excited about performing same-sex marriages,” Graham said. “Judge Neely expressed that she had not been asked to perform one and that she would be unable to do so based on her Biblical beliefs about marriage.

“Her statement was published in a local paper — and then the Wyoming Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics recommended she be fined $40,000 and fired from two judicial positions!

“Thankfully, this week the Wyoming Supreme Court rejected the Commission’s recommendation and ruled that she could continue serving. This religious cleansing of public officials with religious beliefs about marriage should be challenged on every front,” Graham contended.

In the cited case, the Wyoming Supreme Court said that while Neely violated judicial conduct code, it was not necessary to remove her from office. In the decision, the court ruled that Neely “must perform her judicial functions, including performing marriages, with impartiality. She must either commit to performing marriages regardless of the couple’s sexual orientation, or cease performing all marriage ceremonies.”

So while this case is a “win” in terms of Neely’s specific career, it just shows you that liberal activism is still winning inside our judicial system. There will continue to be people like Neely and Kim Davis, as well as people like the Christian florists and bakers who have been fined for refusing to participate in gay wedding ceremonies. Not until the Supreme Court rules that religious freedom is more important that whatever LGBT trend of the day might bring will we see sanity restored to the justice system.

We’d like to think that day is coming soon, but we fear the trend is heading in the other direction.

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