Retraining Cops Could Have Unforeseen Consequences

For the last few months, we’ve been told that police are out of control in the United States. Racist, brutal, and immune to the law, these police are (perhaps solely) responsible for putting a generation of black men either behind bars or underground. What we need, these people say, is a new method of community policing. We need sensitive officers who will think about their white privilege before making an arrest.

Maybe we should be careful what we wish for.

Liberals are quick to identify problems in our society and even quicker to come up with solutions. These solutions invariably involve throwing money at the issue until…well, there is no “until.” They just keep throwing money at it while running political campaigns that show how much they care about the plight of the black man. Meanwhile, nothing changes. Well, that’s not true. Things do change…for the worse.

So why would it be any different this time around? Liberals, long invested in raising a more sensitive, less-masculine boy, now want to extend that philosophy to the training of police officers. They want us to build diversity into our police departments, ensuring that every race, gender, and religion is well represented on the streets. And of course they want to make sure police officers are well-trained in the history of black oppression and how they – the officers – are unwitting tools of the white patriarchy.

Oh, brother.

Look, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to our nation’s police departments, but we need to be careful that we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. If we want to address some of the victimless crimes that black people are often arrested for, that’s one thing. That’s a discussion we can have. But to keep all the same laws and then tell police that they aren’t allowed to enforce them in the same way…that’s a recipe for disaster.

Police need to be aware of the law, they need to be aware of the Constitution, and they need to respect the civil rights of every American. But they also need to be tough. They need to have the leeway to defend themselves when put in danger. They need to know that we’re not going to leave them hanging when they have to make a tough call.

I would challenge any of these liberal pansies calling for police reform to spend one day patrolling a high-crime community. Just one day. That’s probably all it would take for them to realize that things are different on the streets then they are in AcademiaLand. For god’s sake, these are the same people that don’t think we should be racially profiling at airport security checkpoints. How many Muslims have to attack America before we recognize that the problem isn’t spread evenly among all races, ages, and religions?

Liberals live in this fantasy world where, instead of coming up with real-world solutions, you can just say, “Here’s how it should be,” and then make it happen. But it doesn’t work like that on Planet Earth. And the net result of their actions here will endanger cops, send crime skyrocketing, and expand taxation. But, hey, they mean well, so that’s something.

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  1. I want to know when the DOJ is going to open a HATE
    CRIMES INVESTIGATION into the killing of now the
    Second Bosnian man in St Louis? Gee I forgot it is only
    a Hate Crime when it is committed against a BLACK
    person RIGHT?

    • StL is investigating it as hate crime, DOJ never will because it was black on white, and they all know that blacks never commit hate crimes…there is no knockout game, either, just ask any msm “reporter”

    • Yes, and I’ve tried like hell to figure out why it is that whites are the ONLY ones to be considered racist! You NEVER hear any of the millions of cases where some Velcro head did away with a white dude! Hell no, there’s no sensationalism for the damned media unless they can play and elaborate on the race card. I used to live in Akron, Ohio. I get their news on my cell every day. For the last few nights, all I’ve seen is black faces – murder, rape, robbery, yet to comment to any length at all, you’re a damned racist!! Go figure….

      • Michael, perhaps we should learn from black people and start creating when iit is the other way round. Play them at their own game and see how they ike it every time we rant around the streets.
        It works for them, to get noticed and the crime in all the front pages of the news.

        • It’s an idea, however, do you really want to start burning down your neighbors home or business, after you have looted them, of course?

          • Dave, sadly I wouldn’t because I am a decent person, who tries to treat people as I want them to treat me. But we don’t need to go that far. I just mean make a fuss and shout for justice, running round the streets asking for justice. Why shouldn’t our voices be heard when they commit crimes against us.

          • Actually, a group just did that regarding firearms when on the capital steps in Washington State, they exchanged firearms and other acts which are banned by the state, while openly stating that they will not comply with the new laws. It has begun. We are sick and tired of being blamed for the bad behavior of lawless people.

          • Dave good for them. There is always an element of low lifers who always spoil things for the decent law abiding people. They should aim things at lawless only. Sadly they seem to lack any sense of what they are doing. I think politicians have lobotomies.

          • Why not it works for the blacks. Not really just being sarcastic. It is wrong by any realistic conscience. No conscience is a huge reason for jails riots and crime in general. All orchestrated by satan and adapted by individuals that enjoy evil. Pray people pray.

      • Hey Mike, I learned a long time
        ago that if you care about the
        country and its People you
        just have to get a tough skin
        and don’t worry about the names. They can call me
        Racist, Biggoted, on and on
        but Right now I just don’t care
        and all I want to see is the
        laws of the land upheld and
        people who are breaking them
        to be prosecuted and sent
        to jail.

        • Problem is that the jails are so crowded that the hoodlums don’t do any real time in prison. Maybe they should bring back the chain gangs and start reworking the highways using some of that labor.

          • They used these chain
            gangs in North Carolina
            when I lived down there
            and they worked out
            quite well. The trash
            got picked up and the
            ditches where cleaned
            out and the money
            spent on doing this
            was minimal. There are
            a lot of things these
            chain gangs could

          • Worked for a long time and not just in the south. I remeber them. They were even integrated. White guards and Black prisoners.

          • I agree. Starting with obama holder the Clintons all the cronies bank employees who took homes and all the other trash getting huge paychecks and living the life of riley on our dime. Take all they have and restore America.

        • Up until they start calling the members of the armed forces “traitors”, “hatemongers”, “Baby killers”, and they spit on us, our uniforms, and the flag, as they did when many of us returned home from Vietnam.

          • I returned home through the liberal San Francisco and didn’t experience any confrontations. Maybe I came home too early, because I missed out on the liberal homecoming celebration. On second thought, we should have tried to win their hearts and minds like the present Rules of Engagement. Oh, I forgot that the enemy doesn’t have a heart much less a mind. They have been brainwashed by their muslim leaders.

          • I take issue with only your last sentence: I’d say Marxist leaders…

          • I was referring to the Middle East.

          • I came home from Nam. I too remember the poor reception.

          • Those same a-holes that cursed,spit on returning Soldiers are running the country! Almost all of the liberal Congress people were hippies,going to College on Daddy’s dime while protesting anything that was good about our Country. I was a teenager,and thought all these punks should get their asses kicked,and made sure some of them did!

          • Pretty much that has
            already started when
            Napalatano called
            returning Vets Terrorist.

      • We can thank the White Liberal morons for that. Obama is their perfect president, he was their perfect candidate; a black man with a communist ideology, he regurgitated back to them what their Marxist professors had taught them what is wrong with Capitalist America. Obama’s mother was an ideal mother to these fools, well enough I could go on and on about these dumbed down fools, which I’m sure you already understand. Things can only get worse, I’m not a pessimist but a realist and a history buff, America can be likened to a big ocean going oil tanker with a crew that has decided to chart a different course, not for seeking a better and safer route but a route purposely chosen that will surely destroy the ship.{):-(

      • Mike, I see it ALL the time here in Tucson. The majority of criminal’s pictures posted on the 5 or 6 O’clock news are black men with a few black women thrown in now and again. Are there whites committing crimes and having their pictures plastered all over the news?? Hell yes there are. BUT, the majority are black or Hispanic (especially here in the southwest).
        OK, so I’m a racist !!! BUT, those are the facts. There is glossing over them. As Jack Webb used to say on TV; “Just the facts, just the facts”.

        • Now that can’t be correct. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Eric Holder, Barak Hussein Obama, Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, and a LOT of very educated people say that Blacks outnumber Whites because they are always singled out for unbalanced treatment. You know, like watching “Cops”, or “Jail”, they edit out the White criminals to make the Black criminals look worse. And Martians built the pyramids.

          • Yep, and I’ll bet they had some help from those little green men in those UFO’s too.
            You say “very educated people”. I question who educated them. They may be book learned, but they haven’t an ounce of common sense. As a matter of fact, with a couple of those people you mentioned, I’m not even too sure they are educated, except in the ways of the “streets”.
            BTW, I did get the sarcasm of your post Dave.

          • catman – glad you got the sarcasm. It was intentional. Any puns were intended.

            Many of those people are very well educated at some of the very finest of socialist run schools filled with Marxist professors. Remember, Obama himself said, ‘in order not to stand out in school, I hung out with folk poets, Black radicals, and Marxist professors”. I guess that explains how someone like Obama can be a constitutional scholar and not understand one thing about the Constitution, the duties of the government, the limitations of the individual branches of government. Then you have Biden telling his wife that if there is a break-in, she should get a double barrel shotgun out of the safe, load it, go out on the patio and fire off two blasts. At that point she has an empty weapon and has broken the law… not to mention scaring the beejeezus out of the Secret Service detail, who, Smokin’ Joe might hope don’t open up on her. Or Holder who doesn’t know his people are shipping deadly weapons to Mexico where they can be used to kill people, including an American Border Patrol Agent.

            At the heart of liberalism really is a hatred for God and a belief that government should replace God. – Todd Akin

            Liberalism, austere in political trifles, has learned ever more artfully to unite a constant protest against the government with a constant submission to it. – Alexander Herzen

        • I also am in Tucson worked in the prisons and marshalls and I totally agree. Facts are facts. I am not racist but what can u say when the news shows faces and they are what they are. Because I say figures is it wrong? 26 years I think working in law enforcement gives me a lot of insight. Entitlement attitudes gets them in trouble. They also never learn. Revolving door offenders.

          • Agree Lee. I have 30 years as a LEO with 20 of those in the Federal Prison System. I have seen that revolving door.
            BTW, where do you feel was Dave wrong ??

          • They are not very well educated when they act like crooks thieves liars and do the evils they do. I guess I should have commented so everyone knew I was referring to the educated reference. Stupid is what they are. Good always wins over evil. Wait and see. Dave has good points, however giving them any credit for being educated does not sit well with me. They have a choice, they take the crooked path.

  2. This self-proclaimed patriot brought up one valid point in this entire essay. Legislators need to get rid of some of the laws that let and even encourage police officers to stop pedestrians or motorists for questioning, ticketing or incarceration. Get rid of the victim-less crime laws, the helmet laws and even the seat-belt laws. Encourage people to wear helmets when riding a motorcycle or belt or even skateboarding. Use posters and signs to encourage people to wear their seat belt. But end the practice of giving police officers the authority to stop citizens on every small pretext just to show the power of the State. People should also stop calling police when a domestic disturbance occurs. There have been far too many instances of a mentally challenged family member being shot because a police officer felt the person posed a threat. Adults should be able to solve some problems on their own without calling a stranger in a blue uniform armed with a badge and a gun.

    • I sincerely you never need the help of the police after reading your dumber than dumb rock statements. All you have to do is politely asked the mugger not to take your watch, your wallet and your life and I’m sure IT will comply.

      • I picked up two young black guys in a company-owned van in Hollywood, FL. a few years ago. In the van, they told me they were broke and wanted my money. I told them, ‘Guys, I’ll make you a deal. I have $60 in my pocket. I need $40 of it to buy into a poker-game at the Hard Rock Casino tonight. Why don’t I give you $20 as a gift, you let me keep $40 to play poker and I don’t call the police or file a complaint? Would you go for that?’ The older guy looked at his partner. They smiled and shrugged. ‘Are you for real?,’ one said. ‘You won’t report it to the cops?’ I said I was for real. The nodded, ‘It’s a deal.’ They took the $20 and left the van. I was shaking, but I had to smile. It really happened, Ed. By the way, I played poker that night on the $40 and won $300. If I had seen the two black guys who robbed me, I’d have probably given them another $20.

        • No one ever accused them of being smart did they

          • Maybe they were just broke and hungry and didn’t want to hurt anybody.

          • Wow you sure are a simpleton

          • I’d rather be a simpleton as you call me than a person without empathy who fears and hates blacks, like you.

          • I neither fear nor hate blacks, I say let them police themselves and continue to destroy themselves

          • That is the first thing you have said that makes sense. Citizen patrols in inner city neighborhoods funded by the city would be a terrific step forward in improving community relations between ethnic groups. Once taxpayers realize they don’t need a lot of police to keep the peace, cities and counties can reduce their budgets by laying off 20-40 percent of the police officers they now employ and spend that money for more worthwhile things like parks and public libraries.

          • Well Marcello geno are you afraid to post a photo of yourself so we can determine your racial bias?

          • no photo. i’m native American, a member of the Awopahoe Tribe. I prefer to paint my picture with words.

    • If you are pulled over for not wearing a helmet in a state with helmet laws or not wearing a seatbelt, that officer may have saved your life and you would never know it. I live in a state with no helmet laws and I cannot tell you the number of motorcycle accidents involving people who died that were not wearing a helmet. A lot of them were accidents where a helmet could possibly have saved their life but we will never know for sure.

      Your comment regarding domestic violence is absurd. You are promoting domestic violence and your comment of them solving problems on their own is ridiculous. Do you know how many of those problems are solved with a gun or with the man beating the woman to death? A life could be saved when the police are called to intervene. The police don’t come with guns drawn unless the caller indicates that one of the subjects is in possession of a gun. I would rather the police show up if I was being beaten by a boyfriend or husband. It could probably save my life.

      Your mentality is that we have too many laws that law enforcement…enforces. Most of these laws are there for a reason. That reason is usually because it protects your life. Todays cars are not made the same as they were 50, 60 years ago. If you’re in a crash, you probably have a greater chance of surviving if you use a seatbelt. If you don’t want to get stopped, follow the law. If you do get stopped, you are the only one to blame for not following the law.

  3. Blacks commit crimes against whites 25 x’s more often than white on black crime. Yeah, there’s a race problem, when it comes to crime … it’s the unruly animals that the PC among us refer to as African Americans.

    If Ghetto blacks don’t like the presence of police in their hoods, I say pull them out. Let their environment degenerate to what it is in the lawless African nations. They can hack each other up with machetes and shoot each other with AK’s. They can rape, disfigure, maim and kill each other. Fence them in and we’ll bet on who’ll be the last one standing. They are a millstone around the neck of our society.

    • And fence ’em in like the commies did with the “Berlin Wall” so it doesn’t spill out amongst the rest of us!

      • dont really what ur getting at????

        • The Communist party in control of East Berlin built a wall around East Berlin to keep people from defecting to Democratic Ally Controlled West Berlin and the surrounding West German countryside. I say that if these animals that are rioting and looting their own towns, and make it hard for the rest of their town to live in peace, don’t like how the police take care of things in their neighborhoods, then build a wall around them just like the commies did and let the people inside the wall find out just exactly what their lawlessness gets them. They need to change their attitudes towards police and how they interact with the police in order for the police to change the way they do things. Contrary to popular belief, if a cop starts talking to you about something that you’re doing wrong you don’t have the right to become confrontational to the cop whether or not what you’re doing really is or isn’t wrong, that leads to an arrest and when you attempt to resist, the cop is doing his job to take you down and if you end up dead because of your resistance you deserve to be dead. I feel sorry for the families of the people that end up that way, but I will never feel sorry for those who disrespect the people who put their lives on the line every day of their career to try and keep the rest of us safe. Yes there are bad cops, but not all cops are bad or corrupt. And there are legal channels to deal with the corrupt ones with. The corrupt ones don’t give society the right to make it difficult for the good ones to do their jobs. People need to quit blaming the cops and start taking responsibility for their own actions.

          • Since a good share of them are armed with illegal weapons, it might be just the place for our armed forces and police to hold training. The cops could use it first, and then the military could use it for nuclear testing.
            In Africa, whether in the jungle, the grasslands, or the city streets, wild animals are hunted. If people want to act like animals… so be it.
            Don’t want to be treated like an animal or like trash, then DON’T ACT LIKE THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE. Don’t want to get thumped by the po-leese, they obey the laws, show some respect, do what you are told. As Chris Rock says, if you’re walking in the middle of the street and the police officer says walk on the sidewalk… DO IT! and you won’t get thumped, shot, or anything else. You probably won’t even get a ticket.

    • NO, TPM, it’s people like you who represent the milestone. I have known racists of all colors since I lived in the Caribbean five years. I know the cause of most crime — it’s being poor without a job or with little hope of getting one. A thriving economy creates jobs, a slumping one ends them. People who have no money to pay the rent or feed their family can be pushed into doing things against strangers that they would never have done if life was normal. I am not suggesting that there aren’t bad people in the world. There are — blacks, whites, hispanics, Asians. But they are in a distinct minority. Bad cops need to be taken off the streets and good cops need to be properly trained to serve and protect the public.

      • And the second generation of this situation, convinced by the rabble rousers, think they are victims, feel entitled to take what ever they want. It is well established that a person with an education does better in life than one without. So why do they drop out? Oh yeah, it takes effort to succeed. They would rather grab whatever they think they want, It is not true that black people have no avenue for success. For example, Barak Obama, Condelisa Rice, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Colin Powell, etc. These people went to school and achieved and so can others if they wish.

        • Poor me, I’m black and uneducated, poor me! Poor me, I’m white and uneducated, poor me, what to do, what to do? My great grandparents were enslaved by the while man and he is going to pay. As long as the black population has advocates like Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama the situation will not change. The entire Democratic party advocates for the blacks, so far that means food stamps and welfare. Any blacks that do manage to better themselves are Uncle Toms. What is the answer, really? There will always be the ruling class and the class that’s being ruled, suck it up and make the best of it.

        • Too bad they are crooks too!!!!

      • …”it’s being poor without a job or with little hope of getting one…”

        You said “little” hope, not “no” hope. As long as there is ANY hope, you keep on looking, but instead, I see them on the streets, hanging out, dressing like bums and gangstas and doing drugs. You left those out. So many of them refuse, even violently so, to accept any personal responsibility for their lack of trying, choosing to blame others, usually the whites, for all of their problems. And, yes, you can also find lots of whites doing the same, destructive things. Change has to start with the individual wanting the change, and willing TO change, not waiting on someone else to do it all for them.

        • Poverty does many things to one and the fear of no money for rent or fines for dumb laws passed by feel good legislation. If a person does not believe that a thing is possible they will not achieve.
          When I talk to immigrants the difference is in the vision. They believe it (success is possible). That is the real difference. If we truly want to change this we must first change the heart of the individual.
          ” In 1911, Booker T. Washington, the American political leader, educator and former president of Tuskegee University, wrote in “My Larger Education”: “There is [a] class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy, and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. … There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.”

          • To cvxxx: Though, of course, the two never met, Booker T. Washington sure seems to be describing Al Sharpton!

          • Exactly!
            These have been the leeches on the people trying to elevate themselves. Protesting is nothing more than a social function.


            Tell the business owners that got burned out that protesting is a social function,they will beg to differ with you.

          • One group get social the other gets criminal. Stupid humans.

          • Probably knew Sharpton’s Daddy!

          • There you are, haven’t seen you around in awhile. Some sites you were on I cant visit because my computer shuts down , the reason is supposed to be because of security, I don’t understand it because I have been on these sites for a few years. I’m afraid to override the warning. Any advice{):-}

          • I very seldom post anymore. Either sites block me, or the connections are so scrambled, it’s next to impossible to enter a comment or response. I believe it’s mostly called censorship. Anyway, use the e- mail addy, that still works.

          • Exactly Larry: Sharpton is a contagious deadly disease that has infected blacks all over the world. He is a false prophet in every sense of the word.

          • It’s even worse that we have the President and the Attorney General encouraging such conduct. Sadly, I firmly view Obama and Holder, along with a number of others, as outright racists and bigots. Every step of the way, Obama has ignored criminal acts against Whites, and fanned the flames among Blacks.

        • Bob, I know a lot of young black men in Springfield, MO. where I live who would love to go to work. But the Obama economy has left them without work and jobs simply are not available. One told me, ‘The only way — and I repeat, ONLY way — I can pay my rent, buy grocries and make the payment on my car is to sell marijuana. Most of my customers are white people. College students, business owners, people like you. If somebody blows the whistle on me, I go to jail and have a record for selling a plant that is legal to sell in Colorado and several other states.’ Also, don’t forget that many black residents in Ferguson and St. Louis deeply resented the out-of-state activists who poured into Ferguson to turn peaceful protests into violent ones, including arson.

          • No it’s of; that’s just the EASY way, and another excuse. People worked 4 & more jobs to dovso during the depression, white as well as black, brown, and yellow! He ade a CHOICE , and every choice has consequences, for good or ill; time to stop being part of the problem, by excusing bad behavior, and start demanding they live up to civilized norms too!

          • I know where you are coming from and I understand the mentality but you have to remember that everything you do is by choice. There are many federal programs that help poor families with food (SNAP), money (TANF), formula for babies (WIC), and the list goes on. There are agencies that help you to find jobs or retrain you in another field. The problem is that a lot of the people that live in poverty-ridden areas, stay by choice. Go into those neighborhoods and ask and I guarantee you that many of them will tell you “Why should I work when I get all this for free?” The cycle repeats itself because this is all the kids know so you will find generations that stay on public assistance. Not all of them have this mentality. There are success stories, too but until they choose to better themselves, there will always be those that don’t know any other way of living and don’t want to.

            There is a lot of money in selling drugs. They will use that as their source of income because they make more selling than a job pays. Why get a job that pays $80/day when you could make three or more times that selling on the streets? But when they take “customers” away from other dealers or encroach on their territory, the results end in violence. Again, this is a choice. You choose the direction of the path you take in life. You cannot blame anyone for the choices that you make. Your choice to succeed or fail is nobody’s fault but your own.

          • Don’t be so quick to blame black people for selling marijuana, cocaine and crack. A lot of middle and upper-class whites are the customers. They approach a black person who looks like he is street-smart, the individual contacts somebody he knows and a sale is made. Legalization of marijuana will take care of much of this lifestyle and it should have been accomplished a long time ago. For some people, there is very little choice. I didn’t know of SNAP, TANIF or WIC and I am white and pretty well read. Certainly there are black families who don’t have a car and who dont buy newspapers who also have never heard of these agencies. Some of the black haters like Patriot043 below call black people lazy deadbeat losers, when they are bigger losers than the people they criticize.

          • Where in my statement did I ever say that this was a “black people problem”? There is poor in every race. Go to a welfare office and you will find black, white, brown, or whatever color you want. You show your own racism in assuming that this is only a “black” problem. As far as the federal programs, I call BS on people living in poverty-ridden areas not knowing what those programs are. People that have never had a need to use them are sometimes blinded by pride and refuse to accept help but those that have been in poverty for a long time are well aware of what they are and how to use them.

            It’s not so much of being “black haters” as you put it, it’s more of being tired of the racial divide getting worse because of democrats and their “politically correct” campaign. When you see blacks getting preferential treatment instead of equal treatment, it’s reverse discrimination. There is no reason that blacks, whites, browns, yellow, or purple polka dot should receive any different discipline from another. Don’t change the policies to favor one group over the other, change the mentality of the person administering the discipline. Unless we change the mentalities of the individuals, nothing will ever change.

          • WRONG! Just WRONG, clear across the board!

          • Sandra, you don’t have to believe me. Ask the police in your hometown who are the biggest customers of drug-dealing black people. It might help you get off your white pedestal.

          • There you go making assumptions again! In point of fact I’be worked closely with cops over a period of years; funny thing, none of them was what you seem to believe. BTW, there IS no “white pedestal” , except in lib/ dem/ progressive/ communist minds!

          • Civilian employees, especially women, never know what cops do in the performance of their duties. You only hear and know the good stuff, not the bad. It’s the same as if you were a secretary working for the CIA. You would never have know about what happens behind closed doors and in locked cells when people aren’t looking. I am a newspaper reporter, Sandra. I have many friends that I respect who are police officers, sheriff’s deputies and FBI agents. I also am very familiar with criminals and brutal thugs who wear badges and carry guns and other weapons along with an US AGAINST THEM attitude. Live in your fantasy world. I just hope one of your loved ones doesn’t end up dead because they moved too slowly to suit a high-strung nervous cop or one who bulked his muscles with steroids.

          • Yet again, you’ve leaped to a WRONG conclusion; look at the preposition I used. I was NOT employed by police, except when drawing blood alcohols for them , before breatholizers were in common use. As a reporter, you’re LESS apt to have had anything approaching the type of contact and experiences I’ve had! Get over yourself.

          • It’s painfully obvious you don’t know much about real journalists and how they interact with law enforcement officers. I had friends on the FBI in Phoenix who would call me before a bank robbery went down. They had inside information and my photographer and I would be at the scene before the robbery attempt was made. They kept me informed on who were the good cops and who were the bad ones. Sandra, you may have drawn blood, but all you were was a police groupie.

          • Yet again your assumptions that you’re so much smarter and more privileged. I was not, am not , and never will be “a groupie”. I worked alongside cops, doing MY job, which enabled me to get acquainted with and learn from and about officers from several different departments, at different levels.

          • A groupie by definition is someone who thinks a person or a class of people can do no wrong. You don’t have to sleep with somebody to be a groupie. By that definition, you fall into the category.

          • Look, don’t think I am angry with your posts or even upset with you. I’m not. If anything, I feel sad that you and many people like you have been duped by SOME — not all — SOME — police officers and the Police Unions that take their dues. I am actually glad Ferguson happened. Michael Brown lost his life, but that incident is making some striking changes in the way police officers will do their jobs in the future. It can only benefit all of us, regardless of our skin color. And in the long run, it will be good for the police. They will have fewer violent incidents, fewer officers will be killed or injured in the line of duty, and the number of unarmed citizens who might have been seriously injured or shot will surely decline. With that said, Sandra, Merry Christmas. I need to go back and do some serious writing. I’m pretty well published and you have probably read some magazines that use my articles.

          • Mr. Taylor is either ignorant of the scandal the Columbus Police Department faced in Columbus, OHIO, or he is pretending ignorance. An investigative reporter discovered that members of the police force were working out in a local gym and were being furnished with illegal steroids that gave them great strength. Unfortunately, the steroids distorted their feelings and perception of people, causing them to overreact and making them furiouos when anybody — citizen, relative, friend or stranger — challenged their authority.

          • Liar. You said police do it, not a specific allegation against the Columbus OH PD. You cannot be an FBI confidant in the SW US and an expert on OH PD.

          • i am an international journalist, book author and magazine writer. i travel where the stories are. Columbus, Ohio was just the worst manifestation of what is happening in many police departments around the country. It’s happening in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Hollywood-Ft. Lauderdale, FL., and other places and the police and their unions are trying to keep it from the public. These recent shootings and killings are pretty good evidence that rookie cops and even some veterans cannot control their emotions and when you heap that together with steroids and a gun and a badge, things can explode as we have seen in Ferguson, MO., Cleveland, OHIO and other places.

          • A Google search shows you making comments about news articles and publishing no books, no magazine articles, and no international journalism. You may have written a comment in Italian about an Italian magazine article. You are a lyin’ SOS. ESAD. Then GTH. If you persist in lying, I will start research and publicize you well.

          • Google searches mean nothing. Real writers use the social media network like this for fun. It’s like doing some exercises before getting down to serious writing. when you do your research, if you are capable of it, you’ll probably find nothing. and when you do discover that i have published 2,000 articles and short stories, several ghostwritten books and worked on a couple of movies, maybe if you have a touch of class you’ll apologize for calling someone you don’t know a liar. Other than that, all you are is a stalker and i have wasted my final comment on you.

          • That’s true and it’s just another reason I believe this was a planned event. Not the shooting but after the shooting. As one of the criminals in DC said never let a crisis go to waste. This particular one they have used to the point of being obvious. Take Miriam Carrey, remember her the woman who made a wrong turn near the WH and was killed, her baby in the back seat, bullets just missing it. Her mother sister and friends just recently held a silent protest, no coverage by the Marxist media. These protesters had class in the way they protested yet the disgusting media was mum. The Big and Real story is Why and by Whom or what Group is fanning events like happened in Ferguson. I imagine anyone brave enough to seek the truth would have some fatal accident, or commit suicide as has happened to many people before.

        • They would rather blame “WHITEY”, than take responsibility for their OWN lack of getting anywhere in life. Know why? Because, it’s EASIER to point their finger, than LIVE with guilt of living WRONG. THAT’S WHY they keep sleeping with MULTIPLE women, getting them pregnant, then walking away. THEN, their KIDS grow up, NO DADDY AROUND, START WALKING ON THEIR MOTHERS, GET INTO DOPE AND IT LEADS THEM INTO JAIL/PRISON, GANGS OR THE CEMETERIES! WAY TO GO, LAZY DEADBEAT LOSERS! YOU’RE ALL ZERO’S OF THE DECADE!

        • I hear a lot of ‘I didn’t raise my child to be bad. I took them to church and everything.
          I believe that every bad kid out there, whether influenced by environment or not, knows the difference between right and wrong, and they make a conscious choice to commit bad acts.
          Nobody puts a gun to their heads and says, ‘pimp out those school girls, sell those drugs, loot that store, etc’.

      • No, an “entitlement” mindset is the root of crime; and the root of that is SIN! Poverty is only a convenient excuse!

        • You may or may not be a good person, Sandra — only you know that. But it’s obvious from your response that you have never gone to bed hungry. I know families where the only thing a mother had to fill the bellies of her young children was warm water.

          • Well, as usual assumption has just made a fool of you. I can’t count the nights I’ve gone to bed hungry, or survived on very inadequate nutrition due to circumstances of life. I never used it as an excuse to steal, letcalone run amok and destroy wantonly!

      • You’ve never worked in a jail before, have you?

      • You are correct, however, there are thins people can do to help themselves. It still comes down to people know the difference between right and wrong, and they make a conscious choice to do wrong.
        Ferguson, for example. I have no problem with people demonstrating to air their grievances. However, when they go beyond that and start looting the stores of their neighbors, and burning private and public property, then, they deserve exactly what they get. Rubber bullets or real ones if that is what it takes to end this nonsense.

    • I agree 100% let the blacks police themselves!

    • Years ago Robert Heinlein wrote a short story,”Coventry”, with this theme. It is well summarized on Google.

    • I can’t remember who said it, but there’s a statement that goes something like, “the black man will always be the White man’s burden.” It’s sad but so far true. We should have just picked our own damn cotton.

    • TPM: I’ve had the same idea. Now, I’m not defending “police brutality.” But the high crime neighborhood would soon ask for the return of the “thin blue line.” One more thought: Using nationwide recruiting, enlist only black officers in the police department that deals with Ferguson. Let’s see if this would solve some of the problems.

      • Actually, I can UNDERSTAND WHY some cops go overboard, because of the lack of respect toward them from scumbags. These punks think that they can get away with ANYTHING and NOT have reprocushions come back on them. They DO IT TO THEMSELVES. Then, their race comes marchin’ “DAT AIN’T FAIR! HANDS UP! DON’T SHOOT!” YEP! LOOKS LIKE THEY’RE ALL ABOUT PEACEFUL RALLIES, EH? πŸ˜€

        I’m just glad I don’t come across one of their traffic stopping rallies, or I’d hammer my throttle and drive right through ’em. I don’t fuck around with their b.s. and I don’t care. I got BETTER things to do and better places to be, than stuck in traffic, being FORCED to listen to their bullshit! Don’t wanna be smashed? DON’T STAND IN THE ROADS! It’s like standing on the railroad tracks and thinking you’re gonna stop a speeding train? VERY stupid.

        • You’re a punk, not a patriot.

          • And you’re a liberal punk idiot!

          • The most dangerous people in America are law enforcement officers, retired cops and people like OldPatriot32 wh seethe with anger and rage toward anyone they don’t understand. Mix that up with returning members of the military who are taught how to kill by the U.S. government, give them a badge and a gun, and it’s easy to see how a 12-year-old kid with a toy gun or a father with a cell phone in a theater can be blown away into eternity by a good patriotic American who was simply being a decent citizen. Right, OldPatriot32?

        • Very good way to append the rest of your life in a prison too !!!

        • Thank you. Few take the time to consider what we face and not just from minorities.
          It’s unfortunate that White folk have been excusing bad behavior for so long, Blacks think it is their right to get a pass. Blame the liberal progressives who have, for many decades been providing Blacks with excuses for failure in life. ‘It’s all Whitey’s fault because of slavery. So, even though YOU have never been a slave, they owe you’.
          You can’t fix bad behavior by rewarding bad behavior. Just like children who misbehave, you don’t reward it (although sometimes I have wondered). At times, you, as a parent, have to really come down hard and use “tough love” in order to save them.

          • Tough love don’t work anymore either. They just dial 911 and tell some lies and it ends up costing many parents their jobs, home and other children in the home. They just let them go.

        • I was a deputy for 15 years, never had to pull my weapon. My partner was shot and killed. I was not there that day due to the transport being a conflict of interest. The biggest problem I was always upset about was how we worked our butts of to bring justice just have the judge slap them on the wrist and turn them loose, and they would look and grin as they left the court house. That was bad for me, after a while you do wonder why you put your life on the line everyday to do good. I kept my oath, and prayed daily. God was the only person I could count on, and it is still that way today. Hope this helps someone.

          • Thanks for your service; all my retired cop friends are good people like you, who have truly been of service to the public, and upheld their oath to Protect and Serve. Too bad so many in the liberal community don’t understand nor appreciate the Rule of Law. After their years of experience with losers and felons of every stripe, they’re all Republicans. A few ride alongs in patrol cars would turn many a liberal from Left to Right, I’m sure!

      • Don’t send white cops into black areas and don’t send black cops into white areas, try it and document the outcome and go from there. A couple of years experimentation should give you a good picture.

        • Cops of any color are sworn to uphold the law and protect the public; good cops do just that, and the few misfits in uniform give law enforcement a black eye. Every barrel has a few rotten apples, that’s the way of the world.

      • Hire all Black officers and what you would very likely get is a bunch more complaints from the people. Contrary to what many believe about cops, we are harder on our own. Often, a cop who does not get prosecuted over something, will still be ostracized by fellow cops. It’s bad enough that former friends won’t talk to you, but you may also need to worry whether your backup will arrive when you need it. Black officers will be harder on Blacks in order to prove themselves as good as or better than White cops, and because a lot of young Blacks will expect more lenient treatment by Black cops. Meanwhile, Black cops will be under pressure from their superiors to do their jobs. It is not likely going to be the Black Safe Zone many think it might be.

      • Now that is a genius idea then they could call each other racist if they have4 any white Hispanic or native American in them!!! LOL It would get it off the whites and drive them insane. All the white people should leave Ferguson, and let the blacks deal with the blacks. Can you just see the confusion at that point??? This is the way we should start dealing with low life people who want to be lawless. Let them have the area, and go start where there is life, jobs and people who will lock and load the minute they show up. They have their land, just like the Indians did until they got with the program and decided we were not so bad after all.

    • EVERYONE better just start packin’ heat. Unless you wanna eventually end up dead? Time to go back to the good ‘ol cowboy days and grease ANYONE who tries to pull some B.S! πŸ˜€

    • The police can’t win with these people and the liberals who see nothing wrong with their law breaking. If they are the victim of crime, they say “the police are never aroung.” If they are the ones commiting crimes, “the police are harassing them.” I like the above suggestion. Do that and let the rest of us live peacefully. I wish that centuries and centuries ago, we had picked our own cotton. No one alive today ever owned a slave, and I’d bet you’d have to search far and wide to find a black who would want to go back to the country they seem so proud of, Africa.

      • We missed a golden opportunity at the end of the War of Northern Aggression. We should have repatriated all of them back to Africa. Those that stayed should have been sterilized and we wouldn’t have the uncontrolled reproduction of welfare “Clients”. That said everyone should be treated equally now and have the same opportunities but also live to the same moral standards. Take the same responsibility for they own well being. And not have their hand out wanting to be taken care of. Never should one group be held to a lower standard for their behavior. No tolerance at all shown towards criminals.

        • Had that been done, the liberal progressives would have simply targeted something else.
          Liberals love to rally the masses against the government while they seek more government intrusion and control of the lives of the masses.

        • Abraham Lincoln offered repatriation to any black who wanted to return to Africa. That’s how the country of Liberia came into being. Liberia still uses US currency as their own.

    • HEY, I like that idea !!!!
      OCDiver, your idea is the answer as to how to do it.

    • Now how can that be? They’d actually have to do repeat crimes, and the NAACP makes sure they get good paying jobs and an education so they don’t ever have to repeat a crime.

    • Worse people are coming into your country now, thanks to Barak Hussein Obama. You are getting the Asians. These people have no scruples and are dirty to live around. They breed like flies and before you know it, you will be so overrun with them, that they will take over your country.

  4. What is their answer to the person who resists arrest ? Asking politely isn’t going to get results. Do they propose that the cop just let the resister go? If they resist it seems that force is necessary to enforce the law. If the policeperson is being attacked is he supposed to not defend himself? That is not law enforcement.

  5. If retraining means not arresting black males then it will result in more of the public being denied protection under the law, and it also means that the Castle Doctrine Law should become the law of the land nationwide so that the public can defend itself if the cops are not able to because of racial political correctness. In any case the consequences of what mayor blah blah in NYC is doing is not for the public good but for appealing to the left wing kooks of the democratic party.


  7. In both cases, Ferguson and NY, if either of these so called victims, had only complied to the police order. BOTH of them would still be alive today. If they felt their arrest was unjustified, there are other means to contest it, without violence.

    • Another problem in Fergunson and some other area is lack of a viable tax base. Police are the robbers writing tickets to bring into the coffers of he city who do not have a wide enough tax base.

      • If they are getting tickets that they don’t think they deserve, they need to fight it in court. There is no excuse for not following the orders of a law enforcement officer.

        • Actually there are exceptions. The situation for many who feel they cannot just take off work or are terrified of the legal process is a failure of the educational system and civic duty by all citizens.
          Too many do not vote and do not get involved in the process to repeal foolish laws and to learn how to have referendum to overturn such ordinances or laws. Unfortunately too many troublemakers are the ones gaining public and media exposure.
          Then there is this piece :

          • The conclusion I came to after reading this article is that you have to start at the beginning. The beginning is that she received a ticket. What for? Breaking a law. Had she followed the law, she wouldn’t have had the FTA’s or the warrants for failing to appear in court. Because she made the choice to break the law, everything snowballed from there. The story said she had a job. So why didn’t she make sure her car was registered and insured? Her license suspension was a result of not following the law to begin with. These were choices she made. It’s called personal responsibility. You know you have to register your car once a year. You know you have to have insurance. You budget those things. If you can’t afford it, car pool or take public transportation. Don’t put having cable TV or internet over having things you are required by law to have. Still, no excuses.

          • That is not the point I was making. Some people have been so misinformed as to not learned to deal with the authority. Many places allow a person in straits to pay on time as they want the person to be working. Fear prevents people from exercising their rights. The rabble rouser blocks out that ways around the system that often has ways of dealing with problems like how to do a budget. How to prepare for coming troubles and delayed gratification(that is a biggie). Most of us understand we cannot stick our head in the sand and trouble will go away.
            It seem that the rabble rousers need to accept responsibility for ill informing their followers.

          • Ok, I see what you are saying. I apologize. To respond to your original statement, there really are no exceptions. Any judge in the entire US will tell you that ignorance is no excuse. The fact remains that if you break the law, you should expect to pay the consequences. Here is a good example: In California, it is legal for two motorcycles to be side by side in the same lane of traffic. In Nevada, it is against the law. When the bikers come to Nevada for Street Vibrations every September, many of them are ticketed for riding side by side. The cops tell them that it is their responsibility to know the rules of the road in each state they will be driving in.

            Fear of the legal process is not an excuse. It is not the failure of the educational system and its not my civic duty to see that you are educated. If you make the choice not to vote or to not to get involved in seeing laws changed, you can’t blame that on others. You made the choice to not get involved. It is not my responsibility to educate you. It is up to you to learn.

            I don’t understand your “rabble rousers” argument. I fail to see how they are relevant in a person being responsible for their own actions. Can you explain that a little further? I’d really like to understand where that fits in.

          • To start to fix problems we must understand where that problem is coming from. Often is is a combination of fear and ignorance. If a problem exists then it needs to be addressed. If we do not address these issues then the problem will escalate. One big issue is belief. I have observed that the person who believes in their ability to cope and succeed usually does.
            This is where I have issue with some so called “leaders” as they who say they “represent” (never voted in) never spend time with the basics.
            We pay taxes to educate children. Yet that education seems to lack fundamental lessons.
            “Personal responsibility” must be taught. It is not something that everyone is instilled with. All the positives come from knowledge. One learns how to assert their agency. I see people who have no comprehension of that. In fact do not believe it exists.
            I am searching for solutions. To reform and rebuild what has become fragmented. No I do not have answers. But I see what the future holds for fragmentation.

          • Now I understand what you mean. The fundamentals of basic living, such as balancing a checkbook, budgeting, and just managing a household in general should be a required class in high school at least. In junior high, my social studies teacher had us pair up. He told us what our jobs were, how much we made (take home), and the average cost of utilities and such. It was our job to find housing, “buy” groceries, determine if we could afford cable or other “luxuries”, and pay all the bills each month. Some of us had “kids”, and others didn’t. He taught us the basics for living within our means. Each day he would assign us an unplanned expense and we had to determine if we had the funds to cover it. It was a life lesson I never forgot. He was an awesome teacher. The teachers I see today are way different. I don’t understand the way they teach. Their definitions, especially in math, are not what I grew up with. But now they all teach to the state tests. They don’t teach life skills anymore.

            I agree that personal responsibility must be taught. It needs to be instilled in the kids starting when they are old enough to talk. It needs to be reinforced all throughout their lives. The story you attached was a prime example of the “poor me, it’s not my fault” attitude that is so prevalent in today’s society. That is one thing that frustrates me the most is when people aren’t willing to take responsibility for their own actions.

            So how do you change it? How do you make people believe that they can succeed? Where do you start to teach people personal responsibility? We have a government that is too willing to give a hand out instead of a hand up so how do you change the mindset of those who only want the hand out and not the hand up?

          • I think you have some of it, Teaching life skills. Of course the test happy people won’t like that. Teachers who are teaching to the test are not teaching. I believein a strong safty net. In life things happen some time the mountain fall on one. If one is a senior the they do not have the time to recover. It is not like being 25. I met a few that lost everything but were too proud to seek help. A lot of our politicians are not honest with the public. The have agendas that serve their big donors, but harm the middle class. The old grub stake days are over. Plus one needs so much more equipment to compete in today’s working world. That is where life lessons come in.

            The British study on academic achievement pointed to class and socioeconomic status as one important factor. The British Study hinted that what the children absorbed from the people around them and their parents and relatives on how the world works had profound influence.
            Some of the excuses the academics give are colored by their experiences too. Rich kids who attend Boarding schools do very well in part because they know how the game is played.



          • Pride does get in the way of a lot of people. Yes, you do pick up life lessons as you grow up. You learn things from each experience. Some things have always been there, but you’ve never had to practice them until you realize that it is necessary for you to succeed. If you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again, you have to learn why. People like Sharpton only teach how to blame someone else. I think a lot of these communities are realizing that but they still aren’t learning from their mistakes. So you have to wonder why. I personally feel it is because they only know how to receive a hand out. They have no skills and no desire to succeed. When Obama stopped the welfare to work program, the only thing that did was keep the the handouts coming and basically told everyone that the government will take care of you. The desire to succeed died. The attitude became “Why should I work if I get paid to stay home?”. This is what the kids see, and all they grow up knowing.

            The problem is that you have to WANT to succeed. There are a lot of success stories coming out of inner cities because of kids who have that desire. I understand where you talk about class and socioeconomic status but I don’t think that has as much to do with the desire of those who are willing to do what it takes to realize their dreams. Money is a driving factor but not the only factor. There are kids who are expected to obtain degrees because of the expectations of the parents. Then there are those who obtain degrees because of the desire to make something better of themselves. You find in the inner cities, the kids aren’t given the support and encouragement from family as much as they are from teachers who can see the potential one has to make something better of themselves.

            I don’t believe there is such thing as a politician who wants to help the middle class. They only have an agenda to fill their own pockets. They don’t listen to their constituents, only the lobbyists who speak for their own interests. If I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned you cannot count on the government to do anything to help make your life better. You are responsible for what you make of it. The choices you make, good or bad, are what determine the direction your life takes. That is how you learn. If you don’t learn from those mistakes, you can’t grow as an individual.

          • I agree. It will take time for the change to occur. Some places are learning that diaspora of the poor and minorities helps as it make for seeing how others live. The British study and those by Americans have pointed out that it is not a easy or instant solution.
            Politicians of today have to have great funding to run. That corrupts the process as they are not representing the voter but who gives the most money. One advantage American had was the ability to fail and come back.
            When you spoke of desire i remember a study done about the income of street drug dealers in the East. The study concluded that those dealers who would stand out in minus 20 degrees for hours made less money that the person working at McDonald’s and much longer hours.

            IMO it is the belief that someone will buy their product that drives them to such risky enterprises. Yet in the coming future they will be less and less need for low level or unskilled workers. Even good paying jobs such as entry level tech are often H1 visa’s because those workers are much cheaper.

            I agree that is desire is there As a society we must devise a way to open the gates to homegrown talent.

          • You are right. If we have the right people who are willing to consider Americans first and not who gives them the most in donations, maybe we will see a change. We need someone or lots of people who can begin to bring us all together, not divide us. It’s such a shame that Americans, blacks, and hispanics have all turned on each other. It used to not be that way. There is a lot of animosity between those who work and those who receive handouts, too. Welfare needs to be reformed and your idea is right on target. If you can’t feed one, why are you having more? Establish skill training centers that are mandatory with daycare on site. No excuses. You don’t show up, you don’t receive benefits.

            I know that foreign workers are cheaper but with the number of people who are out of work or just graduating with degrees, we need to put these people to work first. Let’s take care of our own.

            I’m not sure I understand what you mean with child support reform. The only problem I see with it is finding the non-custodial parent and making the employers pay a huge fine if they refuse to act on a wage garnishment in a certain amount of time. Are there any other problems that you see that need to be fixed?

          • I agree. The reason for Child support reform is that it should be a pool. Right now is is in most cases inflexible. People lose jobs/income. Non custodial parents(which is in many cases not actually true, more of a legal fiction) Have no timely recourse when income loss happens. A pool would mean dividing – costs(the state takes a piece of the action) so both side are protected. Many become homeless trying to pay CS(alimony is tax deductable). And is a true disncentive. Then there are legal abuses such as divorced parents can be forced to pay for college for kids, while married parents can cut the kid off.
            In the end it costs everybody.

          • I don’t know if you are aware of how the system works or not based on some of your statements. The non-custodial parent can always request a DNA test if they believe they are not the true father. You can’t dispute being a mother. If they lose their income or if their income changes, both parties have the right, every 3 years, to petition the court for review of the child support order. Some people do not ever get it changed. If you do petition for it to change, it could go up or down but that is always based on income. The amount paid for child support is a certain percentage of their income. The state does take a piece if the state is involved. In my state, the state takes $30/month as their fee. What you have to remember is that the custodial parent’s costs of raising the child, are way more than what the non-custodial parent pays because in most cases it is the custodial parent that pays for insurance, clothes, food, shelter, utilities, necessities such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc. Add in prom dresses/tux. graduation invitations, class ring, yearbooks, pictures and all the other expenses for school that are paid by the custodial parents and you will see that the child support does not cover all of that even 50%. The utilities are going to be higher for 2 people than they are for one. Insurance and college expenses are determined in the divorce decree and do not have anything to do with child support. Child support ends when the child turns 18 or at the end of the school year if the child is enrolled full time, whichever occurs first. If the non-custodial parent loses their job and cannot pay, they can make payment arrangements with the courts but why should the child have to suffer because of it?

          • I can’t accept excuses because we all are responsible for our own actions When you break the law, you should expect to pay the consequences for it. If you can’t afford it, don’t break the law. Too many people want to blame others. Let’s blame the cops because they stopped me when I broke the law. Let’s blame society, my neighbor, the teachers I had in elementary school, the court clerk that took my money, the man I passed walking down the street. Why is it always someone elses fault? Why aren’t people being taught to own up to their actions? When are people going to learn that everything they do, they do by their own choice? There are no excuses.

      • HORSE CRAP !!!!

    • That’s exactly right!

  8. I am a former LEO. When the sheriff I worked for retired and was replaced with a man who held the Constitution and the people we were sworn to serve with contempt 3/4 of the deputies, including me, resigned. That got the attention of the voters real quick when they found out they no longer had real police protection, instead the new deputies reflected the policies of the new sheriff. I wish some of these PDs would just walk off and let the public find out over night who stands between them and anarchy.

    • Valor, you sound like one of the good guys. A good cop is worth his weight in gold (like a good journalist which describes me). But a bad cop like a bad journalist isn’t worth a damn. Both should be relieved of their duties through resignation or firing.


  9. These are steps leading to a National Police force…..Run by DC……..did they not try to combine all Police Unions into one big National one in 2010?

    • I didn’t know about that, but it sounds feasible. The Police Unions and police academies are the problem. They are the ones who teach recruits to fear the public and treat all citizens like they are serial killers waiting to strike.

  10. Make them live in the areas where the most crimes are commited so they have first hand knowledge of what takes place. Or let them ride with Police to see what they face on a daily basis.

  11. HOW ABOUT THE blacks police themselves! I’ll bet there won’t be one arrest.

    • Cop mentality is still cvop mentality. The fix is not easy nor quick. there ar a lot of items that are very important yet are ignored.

  12. Darlene Patterson Judd

    The only thing that needs changed are that people listen to what the policeman are telling them to do and there won’t be any killings. When we were growing up we were taught to respect policeman, teachers, ministers and your elders. We did not have these shootings going on then. It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure this out. Parents everywhere start teaching your kids now RESPECT.

    • Darlene you might not have heard of it but in was going on in the early 60 I know of a small town cop that killed a kid because he would not roll down his window on his car the kid was deaf and had no clue the cop was even there and the cop got off without anything happing to him and I agree with you some about respect but it is earned not given

  13. The police need to wear bullet proof suits and helmets when patrolling. When they feel fully protected against possible bullets, they will be less inclined to shoot even innocent kids with toy guns. They will also have less excuses for racial profiling, because, they know they are protected from danger. Furthermore, being required to wear body cameras is a very good idea, alongside what I mentioned before. That makes them accountable for their actions. Police are citizens too. Citizens are accountable.

  14. We do not need to retrain our police to treat people differently because of their skin color — that would truly be racist. If the American public does not understand the word (racist), Webster’s Dictionary is still available, or you could “google it”.

  15. It ought to be against the law to be politically correct.

  16. I give all the credit to our law enforcement officers, are they perfect NO! but the majority try to be. I talk to a lot of officers and they tell me what they have to put up with and it’s amazing how they cope. Just remember without them it would be chaos
    across America. We can’t go without them. Just like our military we can’t go without
    them. Hats off to all you Law Enforcement Officers and Military Personnel. Look at
    our public officials do they guard themselves NO WAY. obama and holder and the
    rest of them better realize who’s back they are stabbing. This is not race crime!

    • doug I agree some no doubt go through some real b.s. out there sometimes. but may I offer that you go to youtube and watch some of the police encounters that people filmed. it won’t take you very long, if you can reason, these are the reasons the police fight video recording them. we got a problem and if you watch these you can see that these people are human and they bring some bad attitudes to work sometime or maybe their little egos are just too big as far as the taking control of the situation is. I don’t like to “obey” anyones orders when I’m not violating any laws. we got a problem.

      • I watched a video of a kid who was recording his confrontation with an officer. The kid kept goading the cop and was very disrespectful. I thought the cop held his temper in check very well. The kid knew why he was stopped and the officer kept telling him that because of his actions, he was pulled away from helping a stranded motorist. I don’t remember why he was pulled over but the kid kept saying something about his 1st Amendment rights and would constantly interrupt the officer. I know there are a lot of cops out there that think they are above the law, but for every one of them, there are many others who are truly doing a good job of serving and protecting the public. Considering the number of cops out on the streets every day, we would be seeing way more examples of the bad ones than we do. Some of these kids that get pulled over just need to learn how to show a little respect and if given a citation, then fight it in court. There are so many kids that are clueless about showing respect for anyone. If they did, their confrontations with a law enforcement officer would more than likely go a lot smoother than what they allow it to be.

    • Just the other day I made an police officer cry – She was standing behind me in line at Starbucks. I turned and said, “Hi. How are you doing? …..I’d like to thank you for your service”. I thought she was going to hug me.

  17. That’s bullshit, they don’t mean well and you know it. Liberals are just like Islam, in that it is a religion of peace, but only if you agree with them. Just look at what they are doing to their own countrymen. That’s how liberals act towards conservatives.

  18. Sounds like you’d just let the police do what they may and that would be OK.

  19. The problem as I see it people keep making a racial issue out of a cop issue. White people are being abused and their constitutional rights trampled on daily. White people are also shot and murdered. If you toss the race issue out you can see the legitimate problem we have of shoot first mentality cops. You can see they are ‘trained’ to talk around your constitutional rights instead of being yes/no honest with you as they should be. It has been found that Drug Dogs bark on cue. So if you deny the police to search your vehicle they detain you ‘illegally’ by constitution and call for the drug dog. The dog will bark as commanded to do at some point and then they will have the ‘right’ to search and seizure you vehicle. If they find you have 2000 dollars in the glove box in a bank envelope they may and have confiscated that money because they ‘think’ you are going to buy drugs with it. Folks there are thousands of these cases across the U.S. right now. No charges were ever filed but they ‘thought’. People are having to fight to get their money back. It is costing them attorney fees and court cost to get their money back. I think that actions such as this warrant criminal charges. I can come to no further explanation than this money was stolen. If no charges were ever filed to take someones money? We need to retrain in the least. We need to look at some personnel files and fire some of these people immediately. The only way I can see any fairness applied is with citizen review boards and check off cards. Any time you are stopped by the police they must give you a check off card to fill out regarding the stop. a.) were you stopped for a pacific reason and what reason was stated b.) were you given a ticket or were charges pressed c.) were you treated with dignity and respect and the list could go on to include around 25 questions. You mail in this review card to the board who maintains individual police records and checks any allegations against officers. The review board would have the authority to take any officer off the street and/or fire them after an investigation. The citizen who filed the report would be contacted regularly about the review. It’s the only way. They are not going to police themselves (which has caused the problem) or let the DA’s or Prosecutors police them in Grand Jury because the Prosecutors are the ‘top cops’ so you can guess, ‘they know each other’. We need to make sure every American is ALWAYS afforded their constitutional rights. We need to make sure every American is treated with respect and dignity. We need police that actually “Protect and Serve”.

  20. That plan will endanger everyone, not just cops. This is what they did to our troops with the insane RoE! And the death tolls skyrocketed under O’s watch , because of them!


    • We have the NAACP and the ACLU (the two root sources of lib/soc demonrats) and the BS laws that they’ve been able to get passed over the last 4 decades to thank for the situation we’re in today.

  22. It isn’t the police who need “retrained!” It is the people in these neighborhoods, who need trained the first time, period! They’ve never been taught to respect authority ever, and given what is going on today, just about all our people with authority, are under attack. Police, CIA, Military, you name it. The police are the ones who are keeping our neighborhoods safe from those who want to run rampant over us. We need to prosecute those who incite riots. Don’t think I need to name, names.

    • Well said Mr. guest. I think our police are doing a job I would not want. No body is perfect so give ’em a break. Maybe even a kudo here and there!

  23. Here is an excellent article that everyone should read. It’s pretty short and easy reading.

  24. it is not about black or white or any other color person it is about making the police follow the same laws we do and no if or buts about it just the same as we do

  25. If somebody looks to be doing wrong, whatever colour they are, they need stopping before they hurt someone, or something. Black people think they should have different rights, but no, the law is the law. Abide by it or take the consequences. Why when a White man gets killed, do they not shout racism. It is only the Black people that take to the streets rioting. Sadly, they usually get their own way, to stop them rioting .

  26. Why would liberals see anything wrong with breaking the law when they do it on a daily basis? They don’t understand why the police should say anything to the people who break the law since no one says anything to them and they are still in the White House running our Country…

  27. Why retrain them unless you train the broken people with whom they have to deal? If someone disobeys a police officer, I would expect them to be dealt with accordingly…the disrespect they are shown is horrible – (And no, not all deserve it)…..if we let the police do their jobs, and did not cry, whinge, whine every time some black was shot – things would probably go well. Whites
    don’t do the DRAMA thing when a black shoots their child……blacks shoot their own – which is something they do in the mid-East – Islamists, Jihadists, whoever, kill their own all the time. Not much difference there!!!

  28. The way OB and Holder are going, you can be guaranteed that they are pushing for a police state all across the States. Eventually, they will say they need some to come in and take control of the police, since they say they are not capable of doing their job the proper way, and allow some police state goons to take complete control of the police forces. Ob is going for a police state all the way, and those who voted him in had to be blind as a bat not to see what a communist muslim terrorist enemy of the States he really is.
    The police have a tough job to do, and be rest assured that OB and these pinheads in DC would be running home and crawling into bed with mommy to protect them if they were in the same position, but to bring down the pressure like these communist idiots are doing is totally destroying the police forces.
    OB is moving towards allowing blacks the free wheeling to commit any crimes they chose, and he will protect them by screaming racism in every case where some black punk gets killed for being a complete and total thugs. Maybe OB wants to see the blacks get thinned out but wants an excuse to why it is being done, so he will blame the white man instead of looking at the real issues. What about all the blacks killing blacks?

  29. Re-train cops? There job has gotten infinitely tougher than the keystone cops. They face real bullets, not just bullies. Who would really want that thankless job? One wrong move and they either loose their life or get some trivial law suit against them. It is a thankless job now a days. Wonder why some of them may stretch their authority a bit. NOT!

  30. and people are wondering WHY cities, such as Oakland, San Jose have such LOW TURNOUTS FOR RECRUITMENT????

  31. Why don’t the blacks teach their children about the sins of being a shoplifter, a thief, a rapist or a murderer. They need to get a grip on themselves. It is a known fact that blacks commit the most crimes of any race; the percentage is much, much higher than that of Hispanics or Whites. Part of the problem is because most of the blacks are reared in homes without a father and most do not know who their real father might be. If black women would keep their legs together this wouldn’t be as big of a problem as it is and the black men need to educate themselves about birth control methods.

  32. common sense,cops are great people,blacks are not,because some how respect was lost in teaching the bros’ that cops’ can shoot to kill if their life is in danger,isn’t that only fair!! did oprah slap a cop,did condi rice bad mouth a cop,why not their black,we are all citizen that adhere to a set of laws for all,break them and pay the price do the crime and do the time it’s fair just do right.

  33. I want to know when they are going to really investigate the hate crime against Latinos perpetrated by the head racist’s racist and bigoted attack dog who claims he didn’t know about Fast and Furious. The same attack dog he sent to Ferguson to “help” Al Sharpton calm things down. Eric Holder! If he didn’t know what his subordinates were doing with a lot of money and untraceable deadly weapons that got a Border Agent KILLED, then he should have been fired back then.
    Nero fiddled while Rome burned.
    Obama sent Holder with cases of cheap butane lighters along with soda bottles and gas coupons while America burned.
    In Berkeley, CA, good people can’t use the smashed ATMs to get money to go to the grocery ahead of a major storm we just had. Of course, even if they could, the two available groceries were looted. And the mayor doesn’t want to call the governor to request the National Guard because he agrees with the “protestors” and “doesn’t want to upset them”. It’s finals at Berkeley for some students and the students couldn’t get to some of their classes.
    People. If you want respect, you have to give respect! Nobody should reward you for bad behavior.

  34. I read a few remarks about how disgracefully the liberal progressives AKA draft dodgers treated soldiers coming home from Vietnam. That, like the Nazi war crimes, should never be forgiven or forgotten.

  35. You couldn’t pay me enough to return to law enforcement. This what they want so they can bring in people like isis to govern America. Get your dogs now. Fense your property and get non gmo seeds start your gardens. Buy worms jims worm farm is a great place to buy them. Get ready for the fight of your life. Stop buying. Start selling. Less u have the reason for them to pass u by.

  36. Anyone hear about the “Knockout Game?” When is Holder and Obama going to investigate and stop those? Where is Sharpton when innocent white girls, boys, old men, and vets are seriously hurt or killed for the enjoyment of black kids? Hmmm, maybe when the tables are turned and black kids, women, vulnerable men are knocked out or killed by other races. Holder and Obama, the both of them, have made comments so racist that if they were made by a white person they would have been kicked out of office in minutes. That brings me to my biggest point-Blacks are the most racist race in the U.S. Just try prove me wrong. Who says “N*gger” the most and gets away with it? Who says it once in a life time and gets fired?

  37. I am not sure that cops need to be retrained nearly so much as they need to be held accountable to the constitution. Constitutional limits on police officers used to occur as an outgrowth of a large percentage of peace officers having an affinity toward the law. In other words, cops obeyed the constitutional limits placed on law enforcement officers voluntarily out of a love of the law and innate understanding that obedience to the law produces good for the individual citizen as well as good for the entire citizenry. Any violation of citizens constitutional rights by police officers should be closely scrutinized and if found to be intentional because of officer indifference, should put the police officer on a list of those ineligible to be law-enforcement for at least five years. In other words, he needs to find another job. A criminal is a criminal. It doesn’t matter if there is a uniform on one and levi’s on the other. They Both need to be held accountable to the same level.

  38. Most liberals have a utopian mindset not based in any reality, a form of self-dishonesty and mental illness.

  39. I hope all the Policemen, their family’s, and friend of family, and friends of friends, remember this period of time the next election. Liberal Progressives have disrespected the brave America’s law enforcement from sea to sea, and law abiding. The American President chose to spit upon Law with the help of Holder and their jackass who never should have been allowed into decision making for America or the White House (once a symbol of Americas good valor). The racist baiting Sharpton

    I hope all will remember who have multiracial friendships, friends and family’s next election that Liberal Progressives smeared you all with a racist label in order to divide Americans. Let us all remember at the polls.

    Hillary and her ” What does it matter” when our Brave Politicians and brave soldiers were slaughtered because Hillary and those responsible did not follow the instructions for proper security.

    Let our military not forget that they and their loved ones are back in harms way because Liberal Progressives only listen to their own failed ideology, not the professional men and women educated in matters of security.

    Do not forget the bitter disrespect the IRS vomited down onto to American Conservative peoples, citizens and citizen groups. Even a Democrat can know when there is no justice or fairness.

    Let us remember that though God asked man kind to take care of the earth, Liberal Progressives are not God. Their scientists are far from absolute on their predictions about the earth and its workings. Other scientists who do not shout the sky is falling do not predict the same fate were shunned and silenced. And in a time of joblessness, Americas economy should not suffer because of theory’s.

    Remember that The wealthy, the corporations and company’s do create jobs and wealth, Not the government. The only wealth the government has was drawn from your hard earned paycheck.

    Women.. think about giving life a chance, you can always allow someone else who needs a child to raise them.

    Get off the addictive drugs and alcohol and save yourselves. There are programs and groups wanting to help you in every city and every state. Kids Liberals want you to follow the drug freedom movement. I promise you, it will only lead you down a path of great great sorrow and loss all through your fast moving lives. You will blame Obama and Holder for your failures when you realize you were given rope with which to hang yourself’s. One day you are 18 the next you are 35 and drugs will have stolen your identity, your family, your children, home and worst, self respect. Drugs are a path to fascination not reality. Your futures depend on your decision today.

    Illegals. Americans or whites do not hate you. They are the most loving people on earth. But America is a Nation of laws. We want to help everyone. We give Trillions of dollars helping all nations of the world, and we want to help you. But even in the country’s you come from, do you not have to get into line to get help? Be patient. The President of the United States uses you like pawns in a political fight. Your human life is of no concern to him than a peasant to a KIng. He must follow the law just like all Americans, Or this would not be AMERICA.

    America, remember Pelosi and her You are insignificant and let the intelligent people decide what is right. They shoved their Care program down your throats without reading it for themselves because there were too many pages. They treated all in the Nation like a herd of cattle. The herd spoke and shocked her this past election. And the creators of their plans who declared you all stupid were discover’d to be too stupid and proud to know when and when not to boast, though filthy rich now, they will have to live with their detestable selves and probably fall from the high places in their future endeavors.

    Enough for now. Keep faith and protect the constitution. Love your neighbor. Be tolerant of others and respectful of others strange to our culture, but do not cower when your American Law and tradition or Flag are insulted or challenged. God Bless You All. God Bless America. OUR LORD BE BLESSED. Have a Prosperous and Happy New Year to All.

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