Retraining Cops Could Have Unforeseen Consequences

For the last few months, we’ve been told that police are out of control in the United States. Racist, brutal, and immune to the law, these police are (perhaps solely) responsible for putting a generation of black men either behind bars or underground. What we need, these people say, is a new method of community policing. We need sensitive officers who will think about their white privilege before making an arrest.

Maybe we should be careful what we wish for.

Liberals are quick to identify problems in our society and even quicker to come up with solutions. These solutions invariably involve throwing money at the issue until…well, there is no “until.” They just keep throwing money at it while running political campaigns that show how much they care about the plight of the black man. Meanwhile, nothing changes. Well, that’s not true. Things do change…for the worse.

So why would it be any different this time around? Liberals, long invested in raising a more sensitive, less-masculine boy, now want to extend that philosophy to the training of police officers. They want us to build diversity into our police departments, ensuring that every race, gender, and religion is well represented on the streets. And of course they want to make sure police officers are well-trained in the history of black oppression and how they – the officers – are unwitting tools of the white patriarchy.

Oh, brother.

Look, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to our nation’s police departments, but we need to be careful that we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. If we want to address some of the victimless crimes that black people are often arrested for, that’s one thing. That’s a discussion we can have. But to keep all the same laws and then tell police that they aren’t allowed to enforce them in the same way…that’s a recipe for disaster.

Police need to be aware of the law, they need to be aware of the Constitution, and they need to respect the civil rights of every American. But they also need to be tough. They need to have the leeway to defend themselves when put in danger. They need to know that we’re not going to leave them hanging when they have to make a tough call.

I would challenge any of these liberal pansies calling for police reform to spend one day patrolling a high-crime community. Just one day. That’s probably all it would take for them to realize that things are different on the streets then they are in AcademiaLand. For god’s sake, these are the same people that don’t think we should be racially profiling at airport security checkpoints. How many Muslims have to attack America before we recognize that the problem isn’t spread evenly among all races, ages, and religions?

Liberals live in this fantasy world where, instead of coming up with real-world solutions, you can just say, “Here’s how it should be,” and then make it happen. But it doesn’t work like that on Planet Earth. And the net result of their actions here will endanger cops, send crime skyrocketing, and expand taxation. But, hey, they mean well, so that’s something.

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