Rest Easy: Russia Investigation Now in the Hands of Celebrities

If you were worried that the FBI, Congress, and the U.S. intelligence agencies would not be up to the task of investigating Russia’s involvement in our elections last year, you can breathe a sigh of relief today. Because if there’s anything that these seasoned investigators miss, Hollywood celebrities like Rob “Meathead” Reiner will be there to pick up the slack.

Reiner announced on Tuesday that he was forming the Committee to Investigate Russia, a private group of actors, directors, media personalities, and plain-old Left Coast liberals who will be using their contacts and search engines to do the hard-nosed gumshoe work that our finest agents cannot do. Reiner, who has directed such films as “The Princess Bride” and “This is Spinal Tap,” is apparently quite serious about the committee and quite optimistic about what they might turn up over the course of their investigation.

“Using hacking, Twitter armies, and fake news, the Kremlin engaged in an aggressive effort to subvert the American democratic process,” the group states on their website. It will be up to them – a “nonprofit, non-partisan resource” – to help Americans understand what Russia did to the U.S. and how their efforts have hurt democracy in this country.

The group has managed to co-opt the help of people we previously hoped might know better – men like Morgan Freeman, who filmed a video soberly intoning the important work the group has convened to do.

“We have been attacked,” Freeman says in the video. “We are at war. Imagine this movie script: A former KGB spy, angry at the collapse of his motherland, plots a course for revenge. Taking advantage of the chaos, he works his way up through the ranks of a post-Soviet Russia, and becomes president. He establishes an authoritarian regime — then he sets his sights on his sworn enemy, the United States.”

Really sends a chill down your spine, does it not?

We’re certain that this is more of a publicity stunt than anything else, but it’s just remarkable how much arrogance there is in the air out in Hollywood. These liberal elitists are so DAMN ANGRY that their gal didn’t win the election – that the BRUTE won instead – that they’re going to now pretend to go full Columbo on the matter and restore American democracy. It would be really sad if it weren’t so goddamn hilarious.

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  1. Why don’t they use their dough to help the victims of Harvey, Irma, Maria and the Mexico City quake? Oh, I know. That would be very useful! Liberal jackasses!

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    • They probably already did

      • maybe, maybe not…some think that showing up somewhere in the afterglow is sufficient…you know letting the filthy masses enjoy their presence…

      • They don’t and won’t just pitch their millions into the pot to help. They organize concerts to bring in OTHER people’s money to pay for the concert expenses and get their names out there so they can say they helped.
        The remaining 10% or so of the receipts actually goes to help the victims.
        If each of them just donated $50,000 they would raise about ten to fifteen times as much.
        Either way, they get recognition and tax deductions.

      • Linda Canciglia McWilliams

        Kenny Chesney, the country singer, is, but I haven’t heard of any others.

        • There are a few other country musicians doing the same, just can’t remember which ones. Kenny Chesney does this at every American disaster, he has a heart of Gold and is worth more in spirit than any of the hollywood elitist. They are too hung up on their own fame and delusional worth to the masses. Just my opinion, which is why I prefer country now than any other music. I stopped going to Movie’s and watching TV. They need to live what we live here in Florida, Texas and in the hurricane states, we help each other and we are tired of living in a California or NY type of government. This is why we have the Electoral College, so area’s that are densely populated to not have a greater say in our government. Heck, Hillary refused to go to any of the fly over states. They don’t get it, she lost 30 states!! THat is a huge loss and maybe the left needs to re-evaluate what they really represents.

          • Linda Canciglia McWilliams

            That’s nice to know. I figured he was helping because he had a home and friends there.

            I hope the left never figures it out, but they keep pushing to get rid of the electoral college. You’re right – it is a protection for the vast majority of the country.

          • I don’t like country music but I like Kenny Chesney. He’s a good singer & a good man.

      • Linda Canciglia McWilliams

        If they had, we would have heard about it. They would make a big deal out of it.

      • If they did, it sure hasn’t been put out there by the media that loves them and hates Trump. Though Trump & Melania put up 1 million of their own money to the relief fund! I doubt any celebrity did without making it public. Yea they had a showcase so others would donate, not one announced what they gave! Beyonce and Janet Jackson both went to visit Texas but nowhere in those reports have I seen anything about giving a dime! So who knows what they really do besides just showing up and signing autographs!

        • Hollywood today…. is exactly like it was in the 50s…
          The big honchos there impose their rules to anyone… and one of the rules is…NO CONSERVATIVES HAVE SPACE IN THIS TOWN… or you are a liberal communist or you don’t work here…don’t get me wrong, I not defending this cheap bastards… I’m saying that we must direct our attention to those beyond the camera. Because they are doing McCarthyism in reverse… I thinking that is time to bring back the Committee on Unamerican Activities in full again… To many “dark” or I must say “red” forces are working at full in our country…and they are not patriots….
          Just my opinion…

      • Hell !! no….this people NEVER lose the possibility of being on camera…for any reason…
        If I was texan…. I don’t want a movie theater in my town, never again….
        I transform those places into gymnasiums for the kids to use for after school activities…

      • Yeah, if they did, you can be sure that this site wouldn’t mention it. It only mentions things liberals did that would rile the readers.

    • Some have in fact donated huge sums of money to help out; that is admiral in more ways than one – – it shows they do have some respect for more than just themselves (at least those who have really made significant donations (remember, many people outside the threatened areas who struggle to live their own lives from day-to-day are also making donations – many of their donations are huge compared to their ability to survive on their own incomes. Most of them do not make enough to even claim their donations on their income taxes as these actors do. ) and they did not have to wait for President Trump to make his donation before doing so!

  2. NONPARTISAN????? SERIOUSLY???? I read a few articles about this on liberal ‘news’ sites this morning, I couldn’t resist, and you would think that Morgan Freeman alone is going to bring down the Kremlin and the evil Republican monster in the Whitehouse openly, brazenly colluding with them himself. I guess while Rob Reiner’s in the background stuffing borscht in his fat face with both hands. Of course there was no actual information, no facts, no links and no reality whatsoever to the articles. Just the same absurd liberal hyperbole, vague accusations and hypocritical hate. The Russian statement on this was that actors like Morgan Freeman are emotional, a certain segment of the American population is bound and determined to see a connection where none exists and it’s probably best to ignore them. Which was as far as I can see the only truth in the articles. The comments section was of course full of hysterical liberals who calmed down when they realized a man who pretends for a living and has no political experience whatsoever, but played a politician on TV, was on the case. I laughed and laughed and wondered who they were going to model their ‘committee’ after, The hardy boys, Nancy Drew, or Scooby doo.

    • Love me a cup of liberal tears every day! MAGA TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

    • They would be better off spending their money investigating Hillary and her cronies

      • RIGHT ON! The Ameriacn tax payers paid a massive bill with over 100 FBI agents working a year to investigate Hillary Clintons illegal server and the dispatching of some of the nations highest secrets out over that server only to have the investigation “compromised” when Hillary was given advance information the FBI was going to confiscate her emails and in the end, when it came time for the agents to interview/interrogate her, she was not put under oath.
        Any other suspect would have been surprised when the FBI showed up at their door with search warrants to confiscate the potential evidence, placed under legal warnings of self incrimination (her rights and oath) as is the NORMAL and legal process all others in similar position are before being questioned. The FBI deliberately compromised this investigation!
        SO – The American Tax Payers Got Ripped Off Again – – by the Clintons and by a corrupt Judicial System Managed by the Obama Administration! We can see now, everyday, the effects of the Obama agenda; on our streets, in our schools, on the second guessing media and the impact of ignoring our nations laws.

        • That is one of the things that made me the most mad…advance notice and the time it took to even start the investigation. And why was she not prosecuted for wiping the mails and smashing phones? And why on earth would anyone not go into protective custody that had anything on her, especially after the first “few” come up dead? She is pure evil!

        • Amen, I agree with everything you said. They all need to go to prison.

      • LOL, they would never investigate one of their allies !! They are afraid of what they might find !

      • I suppose you could start an independent conservative group to do its own investigation of Hillary. I think that any investigation that isn’t pretty balanced ideologically will have trouble getting public buy-in, but at least not being part of the government that protects its own has its own credibility. I think it was a travesty of justice that we never got a full, non-partisan non-governmental investigation of 9/11. Because of that, there are many questions & doubts that linger.

    • The major difference between congress and the Hollywood actors is who is setting the guidelines and who is following through with reality. The best answer is – WHO?
      Our elected representatives are sent by vote to Washington to carry their constituents message to the floors of congress and manage our nations business in the best interest of the nation and the people.
      The actors who certainly compete with the fast money of supporters (with similarity to our elected representatives) learn to act out skits and say what they are told to say.
      Not much difference between the two groups is there. The greatest similarity is they all have their idea of what the problems are but none of them seem to have any idea of how to fix them; only complain, snivel, point fingers and blame others for our problems! We can get that off any grade school playground!

    • Try “Spin & Marty” a ’58 Disney production on/in the mouse club.. Oh,,, and another one from that era was “Applegates treasure”..

    • I’m going to try to be civil because those lowlife, arrogant %÷%%://*&:=%!##:”s, whoa, I almost lost it, need their butts kicked up around their shoulders since that’s where their ignorant €&#$!;; is coming from. I am not pissed off, just mad as!#::.

    • Haha Morgan Freemon is a weak kneed old man, who has NO BUSINESS investigateing anyone. Wonder what one would find if the same resources were turned on the so called committee members…lmao

    • Natalie:
      HEH !

    • I had thought Morgan Freeman was a conservative at least republican from a few years ago. Know he was talking down those that were pushing racism for a while, I remember being very proud of him! What the heck happened???

  3. meat head

  4. Meathead ought to investigate why Hollywood is turning out so many crappy films!

    • They are taking on the same mindset as too many of our elected representatives and the media; fact, truth, reality and results has nothing to do with their day-to-day lives!

  5. What a bunch of losers.

    • a bunch of losers who won’t be satisfied until they succeed in tearing America down. They are destroying this great country, not Donald Trump; and they come across totally ignorant and like whining little snowflakes. Afraid of their own shadows. One day they will realize why so many of us Democrats have left the Democrat Party, remember not all Democrats are so gullible to believe all of this BS from late night shows, tons of our tax paid special witch hunt special investigations just to keep the narrative going and to literally break the bank so to promote a socialist government. Wake up folks, and remember some of us Democrats realize this is all totally BS and do not go along with this crap.

      • Our nations problems were there before Trump filed to run for office. He did not create them, he volunteered to fix them; and that is what got him nominated and elected. His nomination came based a lot on the fact he was ready to say what had to be said and the fact that most of those running against him were either current or passed governors or current/past elected representatives in congress; both of whom had a duty and a responsibility to question the mess we were being dragged into under the Obama Administration. They failed to do their job then and did not deserve our votes; they had their opportunities and they declined to act when they should have. Now, instead of doing their job in helping fix the problems, they become the bigger part of the mess by choosing to strand in front of TV cameras complaining instead of taking action to help fix the mess! NONE OF THEM SHOULD BE REELECTED!

        • “… the mess we were being dragged into under the Obama Administration.”
          It is easy to say this ,but, exactly are you referring to as”the mess”?

          • Why don’t you ask your friends in the vagina hats throwing their own feces and burning our flag while screaming about imaginary ism’s and phobias they claim to be against while wearing t-shirts with the absurdly hypocritical phrase ‘All white men are terrorists’?
            After all they are part of the end result.

          • Freedom of speech is what America is all about-Has been in the past-Is now-and hopefully will be in the future…and you call it a mess?

          • Typical liberal tactic, make a vague generalization while putting words in others mouths. What does free speech have to do with vagina hats, burning our flag, throwing feces and wearing t-shirts that fly directly in the face of what you claim to be against? I never said you couldn’t scream absurd false accusations at the top of your lungs. I stated the plain, obvious truth. That all of these things are a direct result of the divider in chief’s presidency.

        • Amen to this, I hope none of them get re-elected, we need new faces in there that cares about our Country!

      • wish you could get through to the rest of those idiots, glad to have you on the sensible side,

  6. I am glad these leftist elitists are coming out of the closet, so I can save money not seeing their movies

    • Unfortunately, our world has become more like bad movies as our kids grow up seeing these nut cases showing up on the wide screens.

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    • We must stop calling them leftists…. they are COMMUNISTS!!!…
      Plain and simple…. COMMUNISTS….

      • that is as absurd as calling a conservative a Nazi…please.

      • Ditto………. totally agree……… and our youngsters haven’t been taught history… so they have no idea of communism and socialism……….. its all gone to hell hasn’t it……………………

      • Their far worse than communist my friend.

        • Nothing is worst than Communism… no even the Nazism…

          Look… we all know about the hell that the nazi regime implanted in Europe.
          How? you may ask. Well, plenty of documents, filmography, and witnesses who lived it, some of them still alive, with the guts to talk…
          About the victims of Nazism…is estimated in about 25 million people….
          In my opinion Nazism committed the greatest SINGLE CRIME of the modern era.
          They are not alone… Japan have a history too…

          Now Communism…
          Where are the victims of Communism?..
          Why they are not talking about? (just very few dare to do it)
          Why the FREE press don’t give time, space and camera to them?
          Interesting questions ,don’t you think?

          Now..If we take into account that Communism killed more than 100 million people all over the world where the system was implanted I must say that Communism IS the GREATEST CRIMINAL SYSTEM of the modern era.
          Interesting article about number of victims of Communism here:

          Dixie…tel me, please…. what is worst than Communism…. because the only thing that I can think of is:…an AMERICAN COMMUNIST…TRAITOR TO AMERICA…HER HISTORY, HER TRADITIONS AND HER VALUES and HER SPIRIT…
          Thanks for you comment my friend…but:

          I HATE COMMUNISM WITH ALL MY HEART… sorry for the expletive….

      • Amargomate:
        What a shame, that with all their talent, they have to show that they are basically “STOOPUD” !
        With a capital STOO !

        • Hey… don’t forget that Mike Tyson had talent on his profession, but out of the ring…..
          Same thing with this people…

          • Them getting together to ‘investigate’ is just as laughable as Mike Tyson being for SCOTUS because of his intelligence!

          • LOL…. oh you are bad!….

          • Or, OJ Simpson “looking” for the killer of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ron Goldman!

          • Here is a reply to your comment on BREITBART article REST EASY etc etc
            So thats how the USA works so well??????hire illegals who stand on street corners or parking lots and work for peanuts………..and nobody bothers, cos its the USA, the land with practically no unions still a dollar or so an hour isnt all that bad, work 5 hrs they can afford to buy a burger

          • NO, that is NOT how the USA works so well. ILLEGAL ALIENS are “the exception to the rule”! For that, U can blame Democrats, Progressives, & Big & small companies who like to hire illegal aliens, who work Cheaper! (325 MILLION pop in USA, and 11-30 MILLION illegal aliens here, because they disobey OUR laws!) I do NOT hire illegal aliens. I do NOT patronize companies that are known to hire illegal aliens. ILLEGAL ALIENS COST all USA tax payers BILLIONS of dollars, every year, for the FREE healthcare, FREE education, & WELFARE that they Utilize!…. WE are a sovereign nation. WE are NOT obligated to take in every impoverished, poorly educated, unskilled person in the WORLD, who’d like to live HERE, in the “Lifestyle in which they’d like to become accustomed”, courtesy of the USA tax payer funded WELFARE system…. USA used to have MORE union workers – Funny thing, with NAFTA, & the proposed Pan Pacific deal, LOTS of USA JOBS LEFT the USA for Asia, Mexico, etc. Now, some are changing plans to leave, and staying here. FTR, Jeffrey Inhelt, Obama’s “Jobs Czar” & CEO of GE, “Killed” 35-36,000 Jobs in USA, & created 24,000 NEW jobs in CHINA!

          • So if you can, answer this…how much do they get in benefits for the first year……lets say a family of 4……….then I will tell you how much a similar family gets in Sweden…..and this I know cos I work with them

      • It’s O.K. ALL LEFTISTS ARE SOCIALISTS, COMMUNISTS, ISLAMISTS, ETC. They all fall into the same description…..worthless scumbags who demand to rule the world in spite of the fact they cannot even rule their lives, cannot hold a family together, cannot do much of anything except complain and whine. I do not differentiate solely because there are no lines dividing these groups. They are all worthless troublemakers who know diddly about life, about governing, about much of anything. ALL OF THEM. They are all virtually pond scum with no intelligence and no human qualities.

        • You sound like one of those patriotic Russians that Vladimir Putin
          talked about. How’s the weather in St. Petersburg Russia. LOL

          Your typical propagandize Republican comment, proves that you’re getting
          your propaganda from Fox News and Right-wing radio. You lost the election too, you just don’t know it yet.

          • Wow! Can you ever read people! I quit the Republican Party years ago for the same reason you should quit the democrat party. I’m the intelligent one. You are the stupid one. As to Fox News, I watch and listen to NO NEWS put out by major sites….most of them lie entirely too much and too often. I NEVER listen to radio. Instead, unlike you, I THINK. You may want to try it occasionally if you can figure out what THINKING is.

      • Same as conservatives are Nazis….

      • you are a conservation…we must stop calling you that …you are a nazi…

      • We must stop calling them Right-Wing…. they are White supremacist !!!…
        Plain and simple…White
        Supremacist. Give your brain a change, LOL

        you’re wrong of course.

        • I’m wrong yes, for that you respond to correct me, Thank you…. but I think that you are confused…. See, the self called liberals, progressives, socialists, leftists, have the same doctrine at the core….COMMUNISM…wich is a political ideology….
          If you were an honest person, you don’t call me White Supremacists because I’m a right win guy… You must call me Nazi…. openly….
          What’s wrong with the people of COMMUNIST inclination that can even when insult somebody can do it without lying
          to cover their asses, just in case?…

    • I have had doing it for years now…

    • YEP – as much as I get upset with the MASSIVE number of commercials I have to pay for on TV, they are better than many of the releases coning out of Hollywood.

  7. Well, I know that I now feel safer and more secure. After all, collectively these folks have portrayed every type of character we are obviously dealing with here. I think we will very soon be finding out that Natasha and Boris have been behind this Russian meddling the entire time. And no doubt, squirrels will be involved too.

    • The Russians meddling was well known before the elections; Obama himself pointed it out early in 2016 and by his own words said; “I told them to stop doing it!” As with most of his powerful words (?) that did a lot of good; about as much as his line in the sand; and it brought about as much integrity and support from the rest of the world as much of what Obama had to say. Words without action; Obama was a great speaker but had no follow through! He seemed to follow a concept of – ignore the problem and it will go away! Makes one wonder what his back yard and garage looks like!
      AND – should we not have expected Russia to be hacking into our systems? Our own Democratic Party Leaders were doing the same thing; ask Bernie Sanders what he thinks of it!
      Every nations does it – we do it! It is normal, it is expected – – and for greater reasons than to try influencing our elections. The Department of Homeland Security was aware of it and offered the DNC to help secure their networks but the Democratic party leaders declined the help. PLUS – is that not what Obama did (influence the outcome of the elections) when he made his visits to governments oversees and campaigned for Hillary? Recall, following one of his visits, one of the foreign dignitaries actually appeared on TV in his country repeating the words of Obama suggesting Trump would be a danger to the world (and it was then broadcast in the U.S.) . That trip was paid for with Tax Payers money used in the Hillary Clinton campaign.

  8. Rob and company are going around Washington asking random people to say “Moose and Squirrel”. They are going with the voice recognition option.

  9. I can now sleep peacefully through the night…hey robi why not grab that basketball moron and go visit kimy…take along a ship load of porn and liquor to help the “negotiations”…

  10. In other words they are saying Americans are so stupid because the only reason people voted for Trump is because Russia did the media’s job by posting the truth the found on Hillary in her emails and anything posted on the internet they couldn’t figure out what was fake and what was real. Meanwhile Hillary outspent him 10 to 1 in most mediums and couldn’t convince the people she was the better candidate. If Russia actually hacked our system and added votes then I would say they interfered but placing ads? Come on that’s a joke. We influence elections all the time in every country. We even have overthrown governments and pushed who we wanted to be in charge. Nobody has overthrown our government and put who they wanted in charge. This whole Russia thing is a joke

    • Their are federal laws that prohibits Russians ( or any other nation) from medaling in our elections, telling the truth or even lies about our government. .
      But, like Obama’s policy of enforcing the nations laws he was sworn to uphold, only those he wanted enforced, and to what extent, are the laws carried out. Obama knew of the Russian meddling; he told us in early 2016 the Russians were doing it and that he had told them to stop doing it. Damn, what a fighter he was; his gallantry in handling that situation reminded me so much of the bold “line in the sand! “

      • There are also laws of us using our tax money to medle in foreign elections like when obama did in israel. Just saying someone placing ads is medling? When ever a government says something for against any person runnijng for office it goes out i n every news outlet and posted and reposted what is the difference?

  11. As soon as we clean out the White House an put the vermin in prison and fumigate the place, we can get back to perfecting Obama Care and settling down international nerves from the crises in North Korea and Iran. We then can protect our democratic institutions from Russian infiltration and become the great country we were before and were intended to be.

  12. These dildos just won’t give up, huh? 😂🤣😃😄😅

  13. Why was it necessary to take God’s name in vain?

  14. Not surprised! This nation is imploding and it is therefore necessary to involve Hollywood actors who live in a fantasy world, and whose lives and personalities depend on a “script”! Remember, their world revolves around their truth, not what actually “is”! What next?! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  15. Let’s see…we had a President who for 8 years tried to diminish the military, cultural and political standing of the U.S. world wide. He failed. “Leading from behind” is not a prescription for accomplishing anything. So, he personally selected as the next POTUS a historically corrupt female who had no appreciation of the rule of law and used her position as Secretary of State to enrich her friends and herself. She lost, so now all the leftist loons are convinced the Russkies “fixed” our election. Hogwash!

  16. WHY ARE WE still wasting so much time,
    money and energy on a liberal LIE??
    They accuse US to cover their own GUILT!!
    STOP the ‘witch hunt’ and STOP the dnc!!

  17. Let me guess what they find, Trump colluded with the Russians.
    Maxine Waters testified to that fact!
    Nancy Pelosi believes that it is true.
    Don’t jump to conclusions yet. This “committee” has a long way to go to proving what they already know.

  18. meathead..LOL…. HOPEFULLY Congressional Democrats will investigate HOLLYWOOD like the 1950s… LOL

  19. The majority “cooky” liberal media hacks such as Reiner are likely owned by deep state (or are a willing part of the anti-conservative liberal agenda state)…this is a dangerous place to exist since these persons/organizations own or operate the medium used daily to “shape” public opinion. There are a few actors like Clint Eastwood that remain true to conservative values and who are not afraid to call out what is really going on. It is unfortunate that partisan political influence is still strong in Hollywood…

    • “the deep” state is what?

      • Factions within Gov. owned by extremely influential special interest persons who push their agendas through media influences…..

        • Factions within Gov. They have been in existence since the beginning of the USA

          • Deep staters are also referred to as New World Order (NWO) persons in some publications & these persons have manipulated people worldwide for many years… & these “factions” have become more powerful through the use of all available media (& actor-promoters they use) as well as the big monies (banks-banking institutions) they control — are they controlling you today? In generations ago, they were not hidden as they are today since they controlled through their tyrannical governments— many of them were kings & wealthy families that ruled as such….often utilizing money and influence to push their agenda(s) forward. Hidden within the confines of an apparent democratic government such as USA’s, the deep state operatives scour our media, money systems, and educations institutions, to change the landscape to their wish(es)…..

          • do you have any proof of this or are you just a victim of Alex Jones “info wars?”

          • Take your pick Rich— CNN – ABC – CBS… Reiner –most purported night comedians… all owned and controlled by the deep state institutions….. Always biased and always skewed to whatever the deep state agenda is for the day is….. the commentators “reporting” are so blatantly biased..they know how to act to make you believe their reporting is accurate–…it’s not even serious news reporting anymore….mostly all Trump bashing…the majority of Americans who voted Trump understand this…. look at their ratings … any legitimate News/Reporting agency would be out of business with those low ratings…. but they are supported by deep state organizations…..

          • can you identify any of these “deep state” government officials by name?

            BTW–as far as I can see from your response you really didn’t provide any sources of proof .Just more conjecture about who this so called “deep state” controls-

            BTW-Who Killed Kennedy? -Who do you think took down the World Trade Center(9-11)?

          • You’ll need to do your own research Rich…just follow the money….the dirty money…

          • Who do you think killed Kennedy? Who do you think was responsible for 9/11 & how did they accomplish it?

      • It’s a secret part of government, especially within the Department of Defense & intelligence agencies, associated with corporate government contractors, developing & trying out secret weapons & technology for espionage, apprehension & combat. Their locations are off limits to the public & their funding is unaccounted for.

        A riveting book by Trevor Paglen called “Blank Spots on the Map: The Dark Geography of the Pentagon’s Secret World is very enlightening & well worth reading. I highly recommend reading it.

      • Ditto….. The media is a mouth piece for whoever owns it or runs it…..I told you this earlier… Trump is the only figure with both the savvy and the balls to call them out for who they really are…. look at the “real” pictures at the rallies Trump had vs. the real pictures at rallies the Clinton people held…. which were real size crowds and which were fake?…. you need to see how the cameras & reporters are set up to trick your senses as well as the bias media bombarding your mind with “buzz” words…etc… Trump was really elected by the majority because he hit the words the majority wanted to hear… and he was willing to go after the agenda the majority wanted too..he spoke directly to the people at the rallies and now through twitter …if he meets the media challenge & his agenda goals, he will have succeeded in his promise to those who voted for him. I’m not here to convince you Rich…you need to convince yourself…..

  20. So that readers can directly inform themselves concerning the Committee to Investigate Russia, I post here a link to that organizations’s web site, information that for some reason is lacking in the Patriot News article:

  21. Hmmm… so will the infamous meathead also report it if they find that Hillary, Obama,or Podesta were the evil ones? Probably not, probably hide it under the rug where she keeps her emails (that way she can sweep them away instead of wipe them with her cloth!). This is nothing but Hollywood bull crap..go eat a breadstick

  22. Not too surprising; for the past eight years we have had a national government that lives in a fantasy world living day to day and making decisions based on script, current and past, where they are told what to say, what to do and what to entertain the people with. Mickey Mouse is as qualified at interpreting and judging our nations problems as any of the entrainment world who has only built their opinions in what others tell them, tells them what to say, what to think, how to stand and what to wear! Obama capitalized on the ability of these peple to follow a scriot and along with his $2.2 billion dollar marketing budget and White House parties, he bought their loyalty!

  23. Reiner creating a non-partisan investigative committee? Give me a break!!!

    He is living up to his TV nickname “Meathead” to the fullest.

    What makes him think he or any of his committee has the knowledge to ferret out information that no one else can find? Oh yeah, it’s called Fabrication! Follyweirdos are masters of fantasies and fiction!

  24. I wonder why they don’t see pouring their money into campaigns as trying to manipulating the outcome? Hypocrites don’t mind when their trying to buy political favor.

  25. Omg. It just does not end. I have never in my life seen so many corrupt and self important people be so disruptive about our government. Were they getting so many privileges and benefits that their whole lives are destroyed? What happened to earning your way? I get the politicians being upset over them working occasionally for ALL they get and now that being outed and cut back. What all of are not getting is the hefty free ride any longer, WE DEMAND IT STOPPED. Thank you POTUS 🇺🇸 MAGA!

  26. The Morgan Freeman statement sounds exactly like the real O’bama except he may the USA might not have been his real motherland. What makes these people who work in a make believe setting every day think they have the answers to everything? They are really just a bunch of DADs. (Dumb Ass Democrats)

  27. Sherree Hobbs-Ingle

    Just a bunch of Zionist Jews like Christ and the New Testament condemned that own Hollywood, the liberal media, and some pro-sports, and many in Congress. FLOYD Ingle.

  28. Those who disdain this initiative from entertainment industry celebrities and accuse celebrities of being ignorant and biased, must not have been paying attention to Late Night TV Host Jimmy Kimmel’s evisceration of Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy. Kimmel decisively proved that Cassidy was either lying or was ignorant concerning whether the GOP’s Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill assured coverage for pre-existing conditions. It does not. Watch Kimmel eat Cassidy’s lunch and read about the unease he has generated in GOP ranks:

    And do not overlook the very effective U.S. Senator, Al Franken. The former Saturday Night Live star is a power to be reckoned with the Senate. As with Kimmel, Franken respects the FACTS and uses them to make very persuasive points.

    Maybe we need more of these kinds of celebrities in high office. That might offset at least some of the nonsense coming from the celebrity ignoramus now contaminating the Oval Office.!

  29. So that readers can directly inform themselves concerning the Committee to Investigate Russia, I post here a link to that organizations’s web site, information that for some reason is lacking in the Patriot News article:

  30. Ya gotta love these nuts but the hard part is —— they’re out walking the streets under protection of nuts with guns….

  31. Once a MEATHEAD, always a MEATHEAD…..
    politically correct Archie Bunker was right back then and still right today……

  32. Brain-dead liberals. Obama needs to swing from a rope. And Gitmo for all who have helped his Sharaid. Truth will come out….

  33. Meathead is sure living up to his name!!! DEAD from the neck up!!!

  34. Other than a Clint Eastwood production, I wouldn’t pay a red cent to see any of the cinema we have been tortured w/ for the past several years. As for TV, 95% of the “entertainment” shows are boring & lackluster. They are exactly what they are called “SHOWS”!!!

  35. The only monster in the White House would have been Ms. Clinton. She is the one who adored Saul Alinsky. She is the one who gave away 20% of our uranium to Russia. She is the one that Russia would have wanted in the White House. Think Hollywood or is this too much over your heads?

  36. These people are SHAMELESS!! God save us from this uninformed group!!

  37. These people should stick to acting and stay out of politics.Unfortunately, since they feel that their elite status makes them so much better, smarter and most importantly “entitled” to their lavish lifestyles, they cannot comprehend the real life hardship and adversity experienced by those of us who are “inferior” Americans. They live in a fantasy world created by Hollywood and delude themselves into thinking that the roles they play are somehow who they really are. Super heroes, warriors, famous scientists and philosophers – thereby able to instruct and guide the ignorant masses. When did entertainers become a ruling class? Meathead’s gang of spoiled, rich and self-righteous elitists have placed themselves in the fictitious position of saviors to the little people who pay their ridiculous salaries and provide them with mansions and exotic cars. If only we could stop consuming the product they produce, their kind would disappear from the face of the earth.

  38. Hey Meathead, I thought you were still incarcerated as a result of the inbreeding violation.

  39. When they examine the content of the 3,000 ads run on Google, at $33 per ad, they are going to be shocked to find that all were boosting Hillary as the Russians got everything they wanted from her including 20% of all uranium mined in North America in perpetuity for only a $145 million donation to the Clinton Foundation. As well, RT TV had eight political commentators on during the election and all were in the bag for Hillary! Please do not try to tell me Putin wanted Trump when he had Hillary on her back!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

    • Putin hated (& still hates) Hillary. That is well-known.

      • Don’t you love it when someone with a phony “handle” name tries to embarrass you into believing what he is promoting?

        It is not well-known that Putin hates Hillary. It is well known that he got 20% of all the uranium to be mined in North America in perpetuity for a $145 million donation to the Clinton foundation. It is well known that Russia walked over Crimea and well into Ukraine without the first “peep” out of Hillary or Barack. It is well known that RT TV has eight commentators and all were in the bag for Hillary.

        It is now rumored that Mr. Mueller is not finding anything on Mr. Trump, but is getting lots of stuff on Hillary’s activities and I am getting buckets of email on this contention. In my experience, when that happens it always turns out to be true, but I will not insult my reader’s intelligent by saying, “That is well-known.”

        • …says someone totally brainwashed by the collaboration between the propaganda machines of Russia & US right wing (or maybe you’re a participant) to sow dissension in the US.

          • How do you deal with the simple truths that Russia got 20% of all uranium mined in North America in perpetuity after they made a $145 million donation to the Clinton Foundation, a “charity” that keeps 90% of all money, tax free! And, that RK TV’s eight commentators were all pro Hillary?

          • Once you right-wing propagandists aided by your Russian allies (or is it the other way around?) get a hold of a theme, you never let go, do you? Repeat the lies over & over until it becomes “common knowledge” over the internet. Just as long as you can get the common folk hating each other while the oligarchs take over all the wealth this world has to give.

          • Has it ever occurred to you that “right wingers” would be anathematic to Communists and vice-versa?

            Are you ignorant of the Canadian Uranium One deal and that Uranium One Mining is owned by Russians? Are you ignorant of the fact that Hillary Clinton had to approve the deal and only did a few days after Uranium One made a $145 million donation to the Clinton Foundation? Are you not aware of the fact that several charity investigation associations have found the Clinton Foundation keeps 90% of everything they receive and pay no taxes? Are you not aware that Hillary did not object to the Russians taking the Crimean peninsula or invading the Ukraine? Do you know that of the eight commentators on Russian Television, the $318 million Washington, DC propaganda operation broadcasting across the US, all eight were for Hillary?

            These are not lies. We are not repeating them, “over and over again.” We are commenting in the light of them and not through the utter ignorance you here display.

          • Both right-wingers & Russians spread antidemocratic, pro-authoritarian dogma. Russians of today have little investment in Communism, but they remain very attached to the authoritarianism that was the key part of Soviet Communism.

            Your 2nd paragraph is typical of the distortion that the right-wing propaganda machine & Russians use. The Obama administration objected vigorously to Russia’s takeover of Crimea & invasion of Ukraine, but were accused by both Russia & the right wing of aiding the Ukrainian opposition in illegitimately overthrowing the Ukrainian president Yanukovitch. Both Russia & the US right wing set out a lot of disinformation about the facts around the Ukrainian situation.

            I have no idea about the RT commentators — I am not an avid follower of RT as you are — but I assume that if they expressed preference for Hillary, it was in order to negatively influence her candidacy for her alleged “Russian connection”, which would more likely harm her than help her. Meanwhile Russians actively collaborated with the Trump campaign to both discredit Hillary in any way they could & help the Trump campaign however they could. By the way, where are these 8 RT commentators now?

          • You, Sir, are delusional. Look up the facts, They are easy to find.

          • I do. I assiduously follow the news — not the fake news from the right-wing propaganda machine you follow, but legitimate, corroborated factual news.

          • If you follow the major media, as do I by recording every national newscast which I can review by skipping through the commercials to get the 12 to 15 minutes of news in the half hour program, you will see that virtually everything is omited other than if Mr. Trump farted or had a bowl movement on that day. That they will report, but little else other than the ravings of some brain-dead Democrat. If that is all you see it is no wonder you are so poorly informed.

          • I admit there is too much of the sensational in the news, but I tend to avoid those kinds of networks that are so dominated, & I am able to discern the difference between factual, sensational, & spin.

          • I have been in media for 50 years and find Fox to be more inclusive, less sensational and more accurate than the major media. Again, their main sin, or crime, is omission. None reported the truth of the Michael Brown killing and that he never had his hands up nor did he yell “Don’t shoot!” He got one bullet in the top of his head. There is only one way that could happen.

          • Fox is part of the corporate propaganda machine whose aim was to intensify corporate control of government, media, economy & society & it worked. They are the most one-sided & sensational of all the major networks. The others also have a corporate bias, but at least they try to present more substantial content & balanced perspective.

          • I know people at Fox and you could not be more wrong. Your pejorative use of the word “corporate” tells your whole story. You are wrong about many things.

          • And you are right about everything. Because Fox & the right-wing propaganda machine tells you so.

          • Thank you, I am glad to see that you have finally come around. Have a nice day.

  40. What a bunch of jerk-offs!

  41. Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    Freeman would be better served and respected again if he just went back to driving Daisy–as for bald headed weiner Reiner—he should join a circus as a fat man meathead and stand on his head so he will have hair again1

  42. thank gawd its the year of the rooster and not the year of the bitch

  43. Hopefully they will all sort of disappear when the Russians take them out one by one, along with Mueller, and us darn old deplorable cave dweller’s will just have to look the other way !!! Ta – Ta “Fake Stars “.Can you imagine how clear our air will be with the meathead gone, and fat ass Michael Moore, Rosie O’donnell etc !

    • Yes, they’re far more dangerous than those Russians, aren’t they? Why Russians are our friends! Hail to our great leader Vladimir Putin! MAGA! MRGA!

  44. Thank God for Hollywood now that these thespians most of which don’t even have a High School Diploma are on the case we will finally get something done. Oh Rob hows that Penis Pump you got installed back on Ed TV?

  45. There is a reason I don’t watch movies anymore. Books are much more satisfying.

  46. I’m not going to ridicule the celebrity investigation yet. They will not likely take years to complete it and certainly won’t spent millions of taxpayers dollars to reach the same conclusion.

  47. Freeman is an extreme racist. that’s all that needs to be said for me…

  48. I had no qualms whatever about the stupidity and “out there” liberalism of Rob Reiner, but will admit I was a little surprised about Morgan Freeman’s involvement with this absurdity. Guess I thought he was a better man than this! Apparently I was wrong!

  49. They will be smoking s*** and drinking ; nothing important .

  50. OMG! Rob Reiner couldn’t find a mesquito biteing his nose much less a pretend lie blaming the Russians for hillary’s presidential loss. GET OVER IT HOLLYWEIRD! Your job is to entertain, not investigate anything! That’s way out of your league!

    However, it might make a hilarious situation comedy. Those Hollyweird wackos are such arrogant fools!

  51. They lost it when the Donald Trumped the lying Bitch

  52. alex jones is right they are drugging the president???

  53. why dont they investigate barrys birth certificate or hillorys emails

  54. Hard to believe that directors and movie stars would ruin their own images and
    fans to pursue such a ridiculous endeavor. As a US army Officer I can say the USA has needled in other countries affairs for many, many years. Russia has an interest in USA politics. But their involvement was practical, this actor crusade is hurting the movie industry. Apparently the actors are so jaded they do not care.

  55. Funny there should be a TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY ad right n the middle of this article.
    Maybe Rob Reiner could get some help for his and his friends severe case’s. They can take their committee, themselves, and their shitty movies straight to HELL!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸GOD BLESS TRUMP!!!

  56. Reiner goes from a super talented performer and director, to a lip thumbing, spittle spewing, numfutz. He’s convinced that a bunch of script memorizers can best the FBI, professional investigators, and the hangmen lawyers that have been gathered by Mueller to try and throw dung on PRESIDENT TRUMP.
    Even enlisting the super talented and dedicated racist, Morgan Freeman.
    C’mon people ! Just go and buy yourself another Maybach or another mansion and realize that “our Hilly” LOST !
    (Thank the Lord !)

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  58. Will Rogers would have gotten a hell of a kick with this mess this gang orchestrated by Meat Head @ the Helm!

  59. Rob Reiner has, in my mind, always been a doofus, nothing more. Never liked him, do not believe he can act, and he is ugly, and since he is a leftist, we now know just how stupid he truly is…..along with his cohorts.. They are idiots and they hang together…..probably to prevent being hanged individually.

  60. Joanne Libro-Martin

    Finally! People who can figure out the Russian connection to our election! Rob Reiner and his brainless friends will figure all this out for us. You go Rob-keep making a fool of yourself along with your cohorts.

  61. COMMUNISM certainly lives in this website – don’t ye know Bolshevism gave up the ghost @ 1990?

  62. Wow! I’m really concerned! Apparently, since these people are celebrities, they must have 2X the average i.q. and are apparently entitled to 10 votes to my one. That must be why the media has to make sure that we hear about every anti-Trump, anti-conservative, pro-gun-control, pro-socialist/Communist rant that comes out of their mouths. If that’s true, then we should all be worried about what “Meathead’s” Committee might dig up.

  63. Actually as card carrying communists they may have some inside info and contacts.

  64. tRUMP pro rape!!!

    Nice guy you voted for-But then what did you expect from a moron who can’t keep his mouth and hands off women…The “Grab’em by the pussy” Orange Clown-

  65. Sounds like another Saturday Night Live performance in the making.
    It should not take too much work; it make little difference what comes of it.
    Hollywood is Hollywood, full of fools who strut their time on the stage doing and saying as someone has written their scripts for them.

  66. Geez these whiny celebrities are all consumed with their grandiosity. Sorry not buying it, you and your opinion mean nothing to me or most people who work for a living. In addition I will no longer spend money on your movies, music or anything else associated with you including your sponsors.

  67. This is total rubbish. Meathead Reiner is a Liberal idiot, and he will find something that doesn’t exist. Personally, I think he should love Russia, because I really do think he is a communist. Most of the other liberals in Hollyweird are just plain asshats.

    • Liberals in Hollywood stopped loving Russia when “communism” went away. They still LOVE China, Cuba, Venezuela, et al.

      • and you know this how? Any proof or just belief?t

        • THEY have amply demonstrated this with their behavior! WHEN was the least time U heard anyone on the Left, Criticize ALL the people communist regimes have killed, & are currently killing (85% of Venezuelans in current “turmoil” have NO access to medical care per National Geographic this yr!)??? I’m 67 yrs old, and ALL I’ve heard from those on the Left, is numerous “explanations” why they should NOT be held to any account, my entire life!

  68. I just feel sooooooo safe! THEY’LL get the nitty gritty; ONE way or another

  69. Nonprofit and non-partisan resource my ass these morons could not fine there way out of a wet paper bag.

  70. This almost sounds like the Committee on Unamerican Activities from the 50’s — in reverse.

    Of course, Morgan Freeman would attach himself to ANY Un-American cause, especially if he thought the Republicans were behind it.

  71. Is Meathead and his committee going to investigate Obama’s interference in the Israeli election?

  72. Sounds like the imposter we just got rid of, leave it to the Jews to play both sides?

  73. I have stop watching movies a long time ago

  74. They don’t even make good movies anymore!

  75. Oh Brother….the Meathead Bunch!!! This ought to be interesting, funny and tragic at the same time, not necessarily in that order…interesting to see what kind of scholarly reasoning and investigative credentials, funny at the whole comic notion of actors actually being sensible(!), and tragic at the waste of time and money these idiots will spend on this dog and pony farce…..oh wait….it’s their money(!). Well then…’s just funny and interesting……maybe when they are poor, have to get a job, realize no one will see their films (or this propaganda exercise), they might actually get a clue!

  76. Rob Reiner? I started watching his movie “The American President” with my daughter years ago and walked away after the first 10 minutes. Told my daughter she could watch it, but it was written as “Bill Clinton’s dream date.” Bill was embroiled in the Lewinsky scandal at the time.
    A couple weeks later, I happened to see Rob’s interview with Entertainment Tonight. He bragged the point of his movie was that Bill’s sex life was no one else’s business.

  77. Interesting… They might seem to have bias, but at least they’re extragovernmental. Had we had something like this investigating 9/11, maybe more information would’ve been uncovered, & there wouldn’t be so many questions & doubts about the results. When everybody who’s in charge of a governmental investigation is either in high places in government or always part of the group associated with the powers that be in government (by the way, Robert Mueller fits this description), then we can’t be sure that all the wrongdoing has been divulged or that the verdict is accurate or true.

  78. What a Cartload of ASSHOLES CONSERVATIVE RIGHT WING RACIST BIGOTS FASCIST MORONS. Its us Liberals are the Furtherest Thing From Communist. You Must Be talking About your Boy The Syphilitic By Product of a Leprachaun Gangbang TRUMP NOW Theres a DEVOUT COMMUNIST. PUTIN and HE are DEVOUT OPPORTUNIST CAPITALIST With a COMMUNISTIC FASCIST Country. They Teamed up in a Conspiracy in Concert To Deceive Lie ad Divide . WAKE UP Liberals are not Your Enemy Its these Two,SCUMBAGS Playing Both Parties

  79. More bull-s**t from the right-wing Bolshevik Central.

  80. Comey offers 15 million dollars to cover up for the death of Seth Rich, the one who leaked the information on Hillary to Weakleak

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