Republicans Want Immediate Ban on Syrian Refugees

While Democrats are trying to use the recent Orlando terrorist attack to once again chip away at the Second Amendment, House Republicans are looking in another direction. With the Resettlement Accountability National Security Prioritization Act of 2016, they are hoping to put an immediate moratorium on refugees coming from countries infested with Islamic terrorists. If the bill were to become law, the U.S. would no longer accept refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, or Somalia. The ban would remain in place until Congress could come up with screening measures that would prevent jihadists from being resettled into our communities.

Even if passed, this bill would be vetoed by President Obama. It goes against everything he’s been fighting for. He wants to increase the number of Syrian refugees we bring in, not limit them. Certainly, he does not want to stop the program altogether, even for a moment. And his would-be successor, Hillary Clinton, has vowed to greatly expand the number of refugees we take in from these snakepit countries.

This, despite warnings from officials like FBI Director James Comey, who have testified that we do not currently have screening programs that can properly vet these refugees.

On the other hand, we have Donald Trump, who has been calling for just such a ban since the San Bernardino terrorist attack last year. Trump actually wanted to go further, banning not just refugees but all Muslim immigrants. He seems to have softened his approach in recent weeks, but there’s no question that he would be willing to sign the current House bill. Unlike the Democrats (and, sadly, no small number of Republicans), Trump is willing to make America’s safety his number one priority.

Isn’t that the least we deserve? Why is it incumbent upon us to be the ultimate caretakers of the world? How far does that burden go? Must we sacrifice our own security? Must we erase our own borders? When did compassion become synonymous with stupidity?

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