Republicans Want Immediate Ban on Syrian Refugees

While Democrats are trying to use the recent Orlando terrorist attack to once again chip away at the Second Amendment, House Republicans are looking in another direction. With the Resettlement Accountability National Security Prioritization Act of 2016, they are hoping to put an immediate moratorium on refugees coming from countries infested with Islamic terrorists. If the bill were to become law, the U.S. would no longer accept refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, or Somalia. The ban would remain in place until Congress could come up with screening measures that would prevent jihadists from being resettled into our communities.

Even if passed, this bill would be vetoed by President Obama. It goes against everything he’s been fighting for. He wants to increase the number of Syrian refugees we bring in, not limit them. Certainly, he does not want to stop the program altogether, even for a moment. And his would-be successor, Hillary Clinton, has vowed to greatly expand the number of refugees we take in from these snakepit countries.

This, despite warnings from officials like FBI Director James Comey, who have testified that we do not currently have screening programs that can properly vet these refugees.

On the other hand, we have Donald Trump, who has been calling for just such a ban since the San Bernardino terrorist attack last year. Trump actually wanted to go further, banning not just refugees but all Muslim immigrants. He seems to have softened his approach in recent weeks, but there’s no question that he would be willing to sign the current House bill. Unlike the Democrats (and, sadly, no small number of Republicans), Trump is willing to make America’s safety his number one priority.

Isn’t that the least we deserve? Why is it incumbent upon us to be the ultimate caretakers of the world? How far does that burden go? Must we sacrifice our own security? Must we erase our own borders? When did compassion become synonymous with stupidity?

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  1. Today’s actions of Comey confirming Hillary a Liar, and guilty of extreme incompetence (gross negligence) with regards to Hillary’s emails, shows that this country has two sets of rules and no longer are we governed under one set of rule of law.

    It also shows that our politicians are no longer using common sense, or the rule of law when ruling the people. That applies to the Republicans as well.

    It is NO surprise that Hillary will escape prosecution for transgressions that everybody else would be prosecuted for.

    All the while, Republicans are supposed to think that their elected officials are attempting to resist this lawless 0bama regime.

    IF the Republicans in Congress want We the People to believe they are doing something, perhaps they should impeach, Lynch, 0bama, and that IRS POS Koskinen…

    Only then would this person feel that they are not Democrats as well.

    • They are Spineless Republicans in Name Only (SRINO’s)!

    • As in “ANIMAL FARM”…. “All animals are equal but some animals are MORE equal”.

    • If I had handled classified material like Hillary did when I was in the Army, I would have been headed straight to Leavenworth. How is it that a lowly PFC understands the rules concerning classified documents better than the secretary of state? And what happened to the rule that ignorance of the law is no excuse?

    • They could not indict her because she sent those to obama and he was complicit and knew about her arrangements! They might have made the deal together to hide all the treason from the American people!

      • You and I know that they could indite her, and they could indite 0bama….

        These people should not be above the law.

        • sandraleesmith46

          I don’t think they can indict him, while he’s in office.

          • Of course they can. Go back & read or watch what was done to Nixon for much less.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Impeachment isn’t quite the same as civil indictment.

          • Of course you are correct. One would have to be impeached & removed from office & then indictment could follow.

            Nixon was about to be impeached & so resigned. Indictment did not follow due to Ford’s pardon.

            The House could & IMO should initiate articles of impeachment against Obama. Hillary is no longer in office so I suppose an indictment is possible upon a filing. But who will do that?

          • sandraleesmith46

            Hillary could, and should be indicted; O should have been impeached a year ago January, but neither happened, nor is either likely to be In this lifetime. However, both will face ultimate judgment.

    • David Gearhart

      The Harry Reid democrats control the veto vote of the senate. He, Obama and Hillary,etc call the republicans terrorist and refuse to negotiate with them. if Hillary is elected their grid lock of obstruction will continue. The ”do nothing” is Harry Reid blocking everything that the republicans do. Hillary will continue the socialist government control of the people as Obama’s whims of who has rights over ride the state, voters, constitution. The riots and terrorism will continue since there is on effort to stop the terrorism and the rioters are paid to do so by the democrats. Lies and deceptions are just tools for the socialist and muslims. both Obama and Hillary’s top advisor is a muslim. Obama has the muslim brotherhood and CAIR, both on the UN terrorist list in charge of his administration. With democrats only their special interest groups have rights. As said by Eric Holder ”only the minorities have rights”.since he hired over 200 racist attorneys to attack the rights of the majority, he should know. Equality , truth, facts, morality, rational thought as in common sense are the enemy of the democrats who stand for socialism. No wonder the Christian’s 10 commandments are in insult to them. Socialism must destroy the moral fiber of a nation to take over. Is having criminals ruling over us that are above the law a moral issue?

      • The Alinsky Radicals use the Democrats as useful idiots to get what they want.

        The Muslims use the Alinsky Radicals as useful idiots to get what they want…..

    • MAHB001,
      We are making folly of our Constitution and that has to stop. We the people have to get much tougher on that issue. We have to contact our representation in Congress across the board and hound them repeatedly.

  2. The day the rule of law died, 7/05/16…. Such a sad day, not many upsides to this kind of corruption.

    • (I disagree with it so it must be corruption.)

    • Yes it is a sad day. The two posters below are total morons and/or they aren’t Americans. Comey rewrote the law and said the Hildabeast didn’t show “intent”. The law doesn’t say anything about intent. It states gross negligence, which means wreckless or extreme carelessness, both of which he made his case for. He built up his case and then backtracked to let her off the hook. I hope he realizes he lost most peoples respect yesterday and made himself look like the Obama/Hildabeast stooge that he is. This country has officially become a banana republic and a total joke. Yes, 7/05/16 was a sad day and the rule of law did die but it died many years ago when it comes to the lying, corrupt, murdering Clintons.

      • I think again Comey has been threatened or his family and forced to do this, but remember he spent 14 minutes showing her problems and that they really exist. Some of us think he may up and “quit” because of losing face for the fine man he has been!

      • A lot of people at Fox News were saying that Comey is a straight shooter. I don’t believe that they lied, but that they were just wrong.

        • marlene.langert

          I still believe that Comey is a straight shooter whose family has been threatened. That is why he laid out many of the criminal things Hellary has dine. It will be ready for Trump to reopen the cas
          e when he becomes president.

          • Perhaps Comey did us a favor as this action will get even more people out to vote for Trump.

        • David Gearhart

          The FBI investigates , the DOJ prosecutes. Lynch told him that the DOJ refused to prosecute. Comey told us Hillary lied to the FBI, destroyed evidence and obstructed justice. The charges are there, but charging Hillary would be charging Obama. Obama’s administration is a criminal enterprize. His socialist government is above the law. That law in socialism is there to control the people. Such as the courts tell him to stop his illegal immigration. He has not only continued in contempt of court. But now with the Supreme court ruling against him. He said that Jeh Johnson of the DHS has his orders and will continue the illegal immigration. Our constitution, courts,etc mean nothing to Obama. He laughs at us and said impeach me, knowing that he still has Harry Reid controlling the veto vote of the senate.

    • It actually died when Bozo decided which laws to enforce and which to ignore. Yesterday just confirmed it.

    • The rule of law still exists for us “little people”. Seems like the America I once believed in just does not exist anymore. Perhaps Trump will restore that America once more.

  3. Republicans want an immediate ban on the traitor in the white house…

    But I guess we should settle for a temporary ban on our enemies from Syria.

  4. Everything is out of control. We need to prepare to protect ourselves if ISIS invades the refugee program.

    • FBI has stated that there are already something like 100+ ISIS members already here. They must be eradicated NOW!

    • They are already here in the thousands! We can thank odrama for it!

    • They already have. And, here’s what happens when we let these “refugees” in by the tens of thousands …

      • This video was horrific !unbelievable.those poor citizens.

        • Obama is rolling out the red carpet to these “refugees”, and has shortened the vetting and screening period from 18 months to less than 3 months. Hillary plans to increase the number of these people by 500% !!! This is a deliberate attempt by them to completely destroy our way of life, while they remain insulated. Hillary wants nothing more than power and wealth. The rest of us be damned. And they DARE to call Donald Trump “racist” and “Islamaphobic”. He is the only one who will be looking out for OUR interests, the citizens and the country as a whole.

        • letfreedomring10

          If it comes here be ready and able to defend yourselve and family.

      • Thank you, Elaine! I think the whole world is going insane.

        • Mary, did you happen to look at the video right below this? I did just now. Unbelievable! Tell you what, if it were up to me, I would make sure there were no American civilians close by these “enclaves”, and then I would fly a plane over these areas, spray poison gas like they do crop dusting, and just wipe them out. IMHO, they don’t have First Amendment rights because they aren’t really “Americans”, and they don’t belong on our soil. If that sounds mean and cruel, I don’t care. I’ve had it with all of this.

          • I don’t think the muslims nor the progressives belong on our nations soil!
            Yes, I watched the video below and several others until I felt nauseated. Satan is alive and well on planet earth.
            Do you suppose if a group of people wiped out the known enclaves that L. Lynch and the FBI would just “overlook” it? Ha!
            If D. Trump doesn’t get the Rep. nomination and/or doesn’t get elected, I think there will be trouble brewing. It is difficult to believe that responsible Americans will just stand by and let their children’s future be flushed!

          • Exactly. In this election, we’re playing for all the marbles. If HRC is elected, it’s game over. The saddest thing is … “After America, there is no place else.” And, Satan laughs with delight.
            We need to search the internet for all the positive videos and quotes from Donald Trump (the ones that are in FULL context … the Dumbocrats “edit” them conveniently) … and post them whenever and wherever we can. Too many simpletons believe the Dumbocrat drumbeat that he is “sexist, racist, Islamophobe …” the whole nine yards. The real Trump is being hidden from them.

    • If????

    • ISIS already has invaded the refugee program, as have other terrorist organizations. And, believe me, our POTUS has already done plenty of thinking. Everything is out of control here in America by his design.

    • Think again?

      They already have training camps in America, the UN the biggest camp!

      • David Gearhart

        We already have black areas of the country that are unsafe for whites and even the police as shown by the Ferguson black criminal attacking a police officer. These too are supported by Obama. And after watching this I laugh at Obama telling us that it is the armed whites that are the problem.

        • What you state is true at least to me.

          BLM backed by Obummer , la Raza in our southern states and the radical Muslims being air lifted in from Syria and others, something’s going down?

          The MO of radical jihad is to attack the local police forces causing demoralization, and confusing. War has been declared on the police they just haven’t recognized it yet, but before they can start the Genocide of the Christians and patriotic Americans, Obama must first federalize the police force, and get gun control enacted, or maybe not?

          • Obama has federalized the national guard, filing criminal charges against the governors that have refused his order. The DOJ has filed racist law suits on all of the democrat controlled cities that had Obama’s race riots. Placing the police under federal control. These are people rioting against the people that they didn’t vote for. Lynch of the DOJ has threatened any police department that tries to enforce the law on Obama’s domestic terrorist with the same racist law suits.

          • I do believe “something’s going down.”
            And, it well may be even worse than any scenario we have imagined.

      • letfreedomring10

        It is all true and Joe McCarty was absolutely correct that communism will creep into America. . .
        Alex [lease let your guest speak more as they are the knowledgeable ones.

      • letfreedomring10

        I would love to see George and Alex be put into a room, and see who comes out victorious? HA!


      • Thank you! I and many others are really becoming awakened to the dire condition of our government.
        I am becoming frightened for the future of America.

    • sandraleesmith46

      If??? They already have done, both in Europe and here!

  5. When did compassion become synonymous with stupidity? That was the last question asked. The answer is the time Obama became president and the hell with you people who voted for him not only once but twice. I never believed we would have so many dumb people allowed to vote.

    • The republicans really don’t get it. They control the house and senate and “THEY CONTROL THE PURSE STRINGS”. They can stop 100% of the funding going to the terrorist entering the country but they won’t. That tells me they want them here just as badly as the muzzie in chief. They need to grow a spine and stand up to the WH traitor. If they don’t and remain complicit then there is no difference between them and that is the conclusion I have come to.

    • We (Christians and other conservatibes) didnt vote for him at all. Half of Christians didnt vote and the establishment illegally voted him in both times. Look what they are trying to do with Hillary – AGAIN. If we dont vote for TRUMP they will vote her in – illegally and that is how it goes when WE, the people, dont show our strength. There are more of US then there are of them (liberals, Dems and muslims).

      • SouthernPatriot

        All sub-groups of voters–Hispanics, Blacks, Whites (all white women categories, white men up to age 44), Asians, etc. voted in majority for Obama. The only sub-category of voters who did not vote in majority for Obama were Caucasian men age 45 or older, my category.

        Entire Christian denominations, most black churchmen and their congregations voted overwhelmingly by majority for Obama as did numerous others. I guess it depends on what you meant by Christians, but major Christian denominations and churches did vote by majority for Obama.

        • This is one woman that did not vote Obama. I did everything I could. But the RINOS put up Old Romney so that Old Obama could win just like now they want Hillary to win so they can carry on their crooked dealings to stuff their pockets.

        • It is true that some Christians voted for Obama bc they were scared of (as encouraged by the media) Rodney’s Mormon faith and stupidly believed Obama is a Christian.
          It is also true that many Christians didn’t vote at all, bc they couldn’t find peace with either candidate. If these people had voted for Romney, he likely would have won and we would be in a diff place right now.
          We are in a similar situation now. Many people have said they will not vote for either Trump or the other. If this happens, God forbid, SHE will win and our country may be lost.

      • We have to wait and see if the rest of America waits around while criminals kill their children in the streets, or their local police?
        We should be holding our elected officials accountable in the highest places but that seems to be asking a lot?

    • SouthernPatriot

      Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives was Obama’s boy in the House to push through Obama’s Ominbus bill which funded to the tune of hundreds of millions the importation of Muslim rapeugees and full support of them–food stamps, taxpayer paid housing, medical care, etc.

    • True,Bob Trahan….YOU should really Not have been allowed to Vote!!

    • You are so right about that. Not once but two times. These same dodos are going to vote for Hillary, a woman that is so stupid that she sent sensitive and classified information in her private emails and wants to bring in more of these terrorist to kill innocent people.

    • Bob this is the crap we get when the 60’s drug induced hippies run the country. They destroyed what little brain matter they were born with drugging it up. Sick!


    The EU is letting in millions while Obama would let in ten thousand carefully screened refugees.

    • Not very careful are they? They come here and demand everything from us including Sharia law. How’s that working for you? Do you have and daughters? They like to rape you girls you know.

    • No way to vet them because none have legal documents (altho ISIS has been creating phony passports for several months now), and Africa won’t take back those from Germany for the same reason: no documentation. I like the idea of loading them back on the planes bought with our money for the UPS to return all those invaders and dropping them off in little known small airports and then by buses to cities – Christi was the first to be aware of this and complained. Now, they are telling muslims NOT to wear anything that makes them stick out. Take them by those very UPS planes and drop them off in any foreign country that allows them in and scamper those planes out immediately and do it routinely and that will get thousands out pretty darn quickly, and we may have to be armed to move them out but that is not a problem!

  7. I need the name of a good plastic surgeon, I must look really stupid if our Republican leadership (Rino’s), after voting to give “O” the funds (and more) he wanted to keep bringing these people here, now say they want the pain to stop, and expect me to believe them and fall for it. Give me a break. They actually had the chance, but gave it and a blank check away to “O”.

    • I would Bet that there are Ads. on Syrian Hadji T.V.[-like there are in Mexico/Central America] Urging the Young Warrior Class to come to the U.S. -instead of England/Europe. Fight for the Moslem Brother, Barrack Hussein Obama, And his “U.S. Caliphate” Fight the Infidels who are Booting “King Hussein Obama”, Out of Office/Power. Fight for the ‘New Amerikhan Caliphate’, of “King Hussein Obama”! Everything Free in America!

  8. I agree! Stop them from coming here and deport the ones that are here now!

  9. What about islamic muslims do we Americans refuse to understand. islamic muslim equals possible terrorist. It’s a way of life with muslims and is taught from birth. Here’s the spin on the progressive socialist plan. Throw together as many groups of people that don’t like one another and you will have civil unrest. Have any of you read the communist manifesto or anything from saul alinsky? If you had, then you would have an understanding of what is being done right here in the US! When a tyrannical government creates civil unrest, the door stands wide open for the complete take over and control of a nation and the pions——–people.

  10. This bill needs to be passed, and when VETOED by the “ocupant of the White House,” needs to be passed unanimously by a 2/3rds or greater vote by both Congress and Senate, thus overriding the “occupant’s” veto!!!! But then watch the “occupant” attempt to again bypass Congress and Senate with another one of his “illegal executive orders” to allow refugees from these terrorist ridden countries into the USA!!!!

    • Obama breaks another law, so then it’s time to truly step up and remove him bodily from the WH, along with his muslim czars, Jarrett, Moochelle and department head and string them up pronto for treason!

  11. Loving America

    Americans this with Clinton is the “lowest they can stoop as not to try her for her Crimes against America and Americans”…she could have gotten Us all killed by not keeping her talk to whoever quiet and sealed to the Public here and Abroad and she just did not do it! She if elected will do whatever suits her whenever she wants and to hell with Our Security and Lives! These People who did this to Us should be “Ousted by their Heels Out of Politics and the running of America…that group is not mentally fit for their positions in American Poltics”! Since Obama never gets stopped from wrongdoing the all know they can run this Country however suits them! WE better be
    sure that Mr. Trump gets elected and send the Obama and Clintons packing for good!

    • AND let’s hope Putin directly or via Wikileaks gets that large number of critical Shillary emails out NOW!

  12. The corruption is so thick, they will not even bother to cover it up or hide it. They know they have nothing to lose.

  13. It’s over for America! Hillary is going to win and finish what Obama started. Trump doesn’t stand a chance. The Washington elite, Rino’s included, are not going to allow him to become president. Trump’s own delegates are turning against him. They are trying to change the laws before the convention so they will not be obligated to vote for Trump. They knew the laws going into this. If they don’t want to give Trump the vote they should step down and give the delegation to a Trump supporter. If, by chance, Trump does make it to president, I will be very fearful for him. The Clintons, Obama and his administration, and anybody else that feel they will be hurt by Trump will go after him. Look at the Clinton’s track record with dead bodies following them. God bless Trump and protect him from these evil people.
    I knew Hillary was going to get off scot-free. It’s impossible to harm the Clinton’s. I hope Donald Trump realizes the danger he is in when dealing with Hillary. She will do anything it takes to win this election…anything! She is evil and needs to be stopped….but how?
    If she is elected, she will infest our towns and cities with migrants. They will become more powerful than we and force their laws upon us. They will rape our women and children and we will have to accept it because they will be protected by sharia law. We will be thrown in jail if we protest. Even the mention of muslim’s in a negative way will be punishable.
    If Hillary is elected she will be worse than Obama is today. There will be a One World Order. She will be our dictator. If her pockets are lined, the hell with the rest of us.
    Take a look at her right-hand man (woman in her case), Huma Abedin. She was born in Saudi Arabia to practicing muslim parents. The same Saudi Arabia that brought down the World Trade Center. She herself is a practicing muslim. She herself, is most likely, a spy for the Saudi’s. Hillary has obtained millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia….see a connection there.
    I could go on and on but I’m going to stop here.

    • Don’t despair, Linda, Mr. Trump will still win! Don’t give up now, because that’s exactly what the forces of evil want.

      • marlene.langert

        Hallaluyah! You have that one right! Trump will win and, with our help, save our country and the world.

        • marlene, we must not waver. Let’s all stand tall for Mr. Trump and the nation we love so dearly. Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton would be death to America. We are going to win, and Mr. Trump will become the 45th President of the United States! We have 198 days left of the Obamanation of America, and the healing will begin.

          • marlene.langert

            The healing has already begun just knowing we have Donald Trump ready to become our president and save us and our country. God has sent him to us- – strong, unafraid, honest, straight talker! What more could we ask for.

          • You and I agree. This is not the first time God has brought forth a leader when we’ve needed one, and in my lifetime, we’ve never needed a leader more than now. Donald J. Trump is that man!

    • But we can stop the whole fiasco if we have the courage of our Founding Fathers and those who fought and died (remember that miserable winter when our freedom fighters fought and died) to break away from government control. Are we up to it? I pray to God we are because we have an enemy we have let in and fed and now must remove top down, inside and outside. We talk brave, but are we brave enough to fight for our country and freedom?

  14. Michael Dennewitz

    First they beg for our votes so that they can control the senate. Then they all have a drink with the dumbasscrats and say, “We pulled it off, the public is stupid!” And NOW? HA! Now they want to act like red blooded Americans by “acting” like they want to knock off the refugees program. Ummm, hey fellas, what about the COMMUNIST IN OFFICE? WHAT ABOUT THE BENGHAZI BITCH? I actually hope that every damned repuklican in the Senate has a terrorist screw up their lives somehow. They deserve it!! ?

  15. Yesterday when Comey made his announcement regarding Hillary Clinton which in effect proved beyond any doubt that our system of justice is wholly corrupt I became physically ill. It was the same feeling I endured when Obama was re-elected. I knew both national tragedies were possible but I had convinced myself that we were still a reasonable nation and certainly Obama had no real chance of being re-elected and Clinton had no real chance of escaping yet another round of obvious criminal activity. I was wrong both times and last night I was unable to sleep and this morning I have no energy to do anything. We are clearly a failing nation which I’m certain makes the tyrants of the world quite happy and I would place Obama at the top of that list. I’m retired FBI and couldn’t be more ashamed of Comey and our government. A disgusting betrayal of all our nation used to stand for and that is putting it mildly.

    • I am not ashamed of Comey but the pressures and threats placed on him. He didn’t exonerate Hillary in those first 14 mins., so go back and listen. He wisely stated the case that she is guilty but under threats not to follow through. I pray he sends his family away somewhere safe and protect himself because you can be sure he is on their “kill list”.

      • As Comey finished his press conference my phone began to ring off the hook. Call after call from FBI Agents saying all having the same response. The most common statement I heard was Comey “sold out”. He put his career ahead of the truth and that makes his a sellout.

    • Phyllis Schultz

      I felt the same way, literally sick to my stomach. It’s all a travesty, which the untouchables, at the top, are thrilled about.

  16. Comey has a “JOB FOR LIFE” in the CLINTON FOUNDATION !!!

  17. we also want hilary put in front of the grand jury. The only way to have this happen is to knock off the dissension and elect Trump. It is now cast your vote for Trump or have 8 years of Hilary and Bull raping the country.
    Time for the RATs to get back on board the ship and save the country.
    ( rats: republicans against Trump)

    • LOL, she lies to congress and the American people. Why wouldn’t she lie to a grand jury

    • What you are saying, junk, is UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL and it appears that several people (not real citizens altho born here or legally here) would prefer communism and no America rather than vote for the only candidate worthy of the WH. Shame on them, and shame on us for allowing all this garbage to take place – i.e., voting in registered socialists and communists which means we did not VET THEM. Voting again and again for those who have ignored us and betrayed us:

  18. Thats a amazing headline We would prefer 100% replacement of do nothing GOP congressman and Senators.

  19. If Hillary gets elected POTUS & brings in come one come all refugees including ISIS & Al Qaeda fighters along with the Islamic Muslims. The ISIS & Al Qaeda fighters will gather their forces & she will be the first woman they come after because they hate especially women of authority, then the Christians then the LGBT crowd then the Atheists & we don’t have an Armed Forces on bases that are ARMED with weapons. So our only combative force will be local police forces & of course armed Patriotic free loving 2nd Amendment citizens.

  20. Donald better be extra careful because billary has the IRS and the FBI on her side and watching DONALD !!!

  21. Is there a problem with not allowing murdering Syrian terrorists to enter the U.S.? I don’t want killers from any country, such as Mexico and Syria, in our country. Is that a bad idea? Since when is this a Republican or Democrat issue? This is about the security of America. Shouldn’t everyone want that?

    • We all do, EXCEPT LIBERALS !!!!

      • There’s nothing we can do about them, because they suffer from the Democrat Derangement Syndrome (DDS), which posits that those so afflicted are incapable of rational thought or acts. Unfortunately, it is usually terminal! It’s genesis seems to be a result of airborne biased media airwaves. Those whom have low IQ’s are especially susceptible.

  22. If the empty suit vetos, then get enough vote to negate the veto. If the Republicans will do this, then we can see the RNC starting to improve for us. Not just talking, but acting and reacting is what is needed and the Republicans in Congress better get together on this and make sure it passes no matter what. Time for them to actually represent us in getting something good done. Maybe it is sinking in that we trust Trump but not them! Deportation of all who have come without our permission and proper documents must also go, down to the 3rd generation and this will the majority of muslims, and invaders from several other countries. We need first and foremost to protect ourselves and America, and think of all the money we will save not giving out freebies, welfare, etc., and as Trump has stated, let no one send remittances (money) outside this country. Time to plug the holes is NOW!

  23. Vote out every PC establishment politician.

  24. When these terrorist muslime thugs threaten to kidnap and rape the women in Minneapolis and the
    authorities bury the story, it is time to do something!!!! Wake up America!!!!

  25. This is a good but Ryan is sucking obamas ass to bring them here musta got paid both of them are not very manly

  26. Archie Cogollos

    If you cannot and will not assimilate stay out…you come with nothing stay home and fight for your home….like we did for ours….

    • I was addicted to dancing..Disco specifically. To such a degree I even considered dance as a viable career choice. I was exposed to kinds of music and reading of various genre. That I still love today….Well that’s enough…thanks..

    • Do your republican cunt pals know you’re a fking actor, bitch?

      they hate actors you little cunt!

    • 1 person has recommended Archie

      WOW! Your linked in page is overflowing with recommendations!!!!

      Disco dancing faggot!!!!!

  27. If you have been following Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs you would be aware of the behavior of these migrants in Europe. The gang rapes where five or six of these migrants pile on one teenage girl has become a common event in Germany and Sweden. Why should we think that their behavior would be any different when they come to America?

  28. Are these dems that fucked up in the head that they would put Americans at rick of being killed?

    • Indeed they are….and they believe they’re immune from being killed because they want to sing kumbaya with the terrorists.

  29. Gee that’s pretty funny when Trump called for this he was booed by the REPUBLICAN PARTY!!! Again the assholes are late to the party!! Headed up by “Elf Boy” Ryan, they are losers! Not all but most. Mistake as I ALWAYS say putting him in that seat. That job should have gone to Louie Gommert!!

  30. The “Re-PUNK-licans” are a treacherous bunch of limp-wristed, chicken-sh^t bastards that are knowingly aiding and abetting the Muslim-Marxist jihadist who is overtly and successfully making “US” his caliphate! They say freedom doesn’t come free, guess what, an installment payment is past due: REVOLUTION will be the SOLLUTION to the TYRANNY at hand; not to believe this is to be a fool, an enslaved fool at that! States must start forming militias – as our trampled on constitution permits – to send a message to “Moscow West” that we have had enough! They must start fearing “US” = FREEDOM than what we have had for far too long which is us fearing them = TYRANNY! “Home of the brave” my ass, we have become “home of the ‘FRAID”! Arm=================================?, you will be needing them – guaranteed!

  31. There is NO way we can vet all of them. obama and hillary will make sure. I pray to GOD that they ROT IN HELL!!!!!

  32. I agree send them all back and don’t give them a way back at anytime in the future …I just hope they have the balls to stand up instead of letting obama do what he wants like they’ve been doing that’s why we need TRUMP for president 2016 that may give the rep. party the gut they havn’t had sence obama took office they didn’t have much more when clinton was president but TRUMP will change that

  33. This is not about compassion, it is about the dummocrats hurting the American people, and we have stupidly allowed it, and kept voting for these losers! Now we have a chance to get a man in the presidency who cares about American people!

  34. Obama wants the U.S. full of his brother muslims. How easy would it be to overtake the U.S. govt with millions of young warrior muslim men already inside our borders?

    This is NOT child’s play…this is a precursor to WAR emerging from inside the U.S.

    With a bunch of airheaded liberals running the show that have no idea of what is actually happening around them, we would have no recourse but to fight the intruder within. First it would be a few muslim mass shootings (like we’ve experienced during bho’s administration), then the shootings would increase to churches, schools, etc areas of innocents, perpetrated by home grown muslims.

    It has been proven that muslims WILL NOT ASSIMILATE into our American Society because they worship Islam and the Quoran. The Quoran teaches the exact opposite of our Christian Bible and does not allow its followers to deviate from its teachings. It’s most frightening teaching is to commit Jihad on anyone not accepting Allah as their God. In a Nation of mostly Christians who worship Christ, we definitely are opening ourselves up to Jihads coming from hormone raging, young adult male muslims…following their Quoran!

    Trump is absolutely RIGHT. No more muslims unless there is a well run vetting process in place. As for the muslims living in the U.S. now, all law enforcement in every town across the U.S. must be “aware” of the Muslim presence in their areas and have them monitored for any “out of the ordinary” behaviors.

    This is a Survival tactic for Americans, nothing more. If the muslims don’t like it, they can start turning on their own misfits and informing law enforcement of eradic behaviors OR they can leave the country for good. Either will work.

    As for the liberals coddling these muslim terrorists, move them all to muslim neighborhoods so they can rub elbows with this highly volatile culture…let’s see how long the libs would survive!

  35. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Why Syrian refugees only? Stop entry of ALL refugees into the United States. Until the Islamist stop their global Jihadist CRUSADES against the world or until each and every one of them has been illuminated, then send all Muslims back to the countries they came from. If they cannot live like civilized people among other people let them live among themselves and kill each other to their hearts content. Bringing them here will only bring their uncivilized ideology and hate ad rage with them. We have plenty of uncivilized people of our own. Don’t like this? Tough luck. Until now Islamists have only shown the world that where ever Islam goes there will be no peace, for the devil and his disciples follow right behind them. Their jealousy, hate and rage for REVENGE turn everything into a “religious” issue. When in small numbers they play the victim card, but in great numbers they will dictate the community, lie through their teeth and play the religious and race card. The same children America’s sons and daughters shared their candy and cookies with in Iraq yesterday will try to kill them in the name of Allah and ISIS today. Islamists claim their religion is the only “true” religion. Yeah, the religion of the devil, death and destruction.

  36. Cheryl Heberle

    Yes stop them from coming here….Hillary is evil, she should never be president!

  37. SouthernPatriot

    Good. I am glad the Republicans want an immediate ban on Syrian refugees. I would extend this ban to all Muslims until and when they could be properly vetted and agree never to be a “taker” and dependent upon the American taxpayer, as numerous other immigrants had to sign such agreements. No more immediate taxpayer support immediately upon arrival as Obama sycophant AG Loretta Lynch ordered states to do.

    • Why Import Leech MOSLEM Recipients?? They have 4 Brood Sow wives, Each, and have as many kids as they can, before the Sows Uterus’ are Worn Out! I’m not paying taxes to support Jackass Moslems who have been at the Root of 90% of All the World’s Conflicts, since 636 A.D.!

  38. Should have been done YEARS ago. Where were you nimrods then? Now you can no longer avoid it.

  39. MuslimLuvChrist

    muslim traitor will just veto it

  40. What do you think the Obama’s might do post The White House?

    • I think Obama wants to be president of the UN. And if God forbid, Hillary became president they would use UN troops which could be Chinese or Russian for Muslims to round up the rest of us. That’s what the FEMA camps are for. That’s why they want to take our guns and ammunition. That’s why Obama got rid of all of the patriotic generals. The only ones left have said they would take orders from the UN. That’s why the Defense Dept was appropriated funds to refurbish all the National Guard sites. It’s why local police depts have been given military equipment. I mean c’mon, why does a city police dept need a tank? They don’t. But military equipment will be spread throughout the states and in the right place at the right time for the New World Order. And there’s more. God help the American people.

  41. It kills me that white people wont stick up for there own, but they will commit suicide helping other races and take there own people with them. They think oh we can control the people, and we see what is happening to the people in Germany and Sweden, all for Globalism. Well if our country falls apart and we end up in a civil war here, i will hunt down the people that caused it.

  42. Finally we are getting some action in the right direction. And as far as I’m concerned .that person in the WH. is gone.and possible in jail for getting our men killed in Benghazi. Especially if it had been asked for and he didn’t do it knowing the trouble that taking place over there. Even the British had withdrawn their people from their own compound. Get all the facts out there and check all this out that wasn’t done to save those men. Yes and still obama hasn’t said where he was during that period. and he dared fly out the next morning to las vegas. for fundraising.———-that was cold on his part and now we really see him for what he is and was.!!

  43. Carter used the McCarran/Walter Act of 1953 to block Iranians from coming here, why isn’t this being implemented now? ……
    (Note that McCarran and Walter were Democrats and this act was utilized by Jimmy Carter, no less, in 1979 to keep Iranians out of the United States …but he actually did more. He made all Iranian students already here check in, and then he deported a bunch. Seven thousand were found in violation of their visas, 15,000 Iranians were forced to leave the United States in 1979. You won’t hear a word about this from the liberal media, propaganda machine.
    It is of note that the act requires that an applicant for immigration ”must be of good moral character” and “attached to the principles of the Constitution.” Since the Quran forbids Muslims to swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, technically, all Muslims should be refused immigration.)

  44. SANE,Literate,Reasonable People Call for the Neo-Nazi Purveyors of Vile Hatred,Lies,and Paranoid Hysteria at American Patriot Daily to be Interred with the Ashes of Josef Goebbels.

  45. David Gearhart

    Obama calls his shipping in muslim refugees by the thousands an American christian charity. It is a political agenda. He refuses to allow the Christians refugee status and deports those that do make it. How is it that the media lets him continue to lie to us?

  46. Dennis B Anderson

    People dont get it we have a muslim terrorist running our country. Switzerland, Finland, Denmark alot of countrys are putting a stop to muslim refugees all together. France & Germany with citys police cant go into. They have their own law which is Sharia. Poor Merkel shes still spouting this stuff like dont provoke the muslim even if they rape your wife. We must share.? Germans want to kill them and remove her from office.The world is waking up to this. Farmers cant even plow there fields because of the immigrants and their tents. You can lay this right at the feet of Obama. The rest of the so call free world looks at us for guidance beleive it or not. Theres no intelegence in the white house just treason, and theft of the american people.
    Hitler-y would be more of the same 500% immigration increase according to what she says. I dont want a theif and a liar lesbian for a president. Isnt there a law that says no impeached X presidents allowed?

  47. Not only was Obama raised in a country that is 90% Muslim, his mother & her parents were Communists.

    Anyone in the Congress or the Administration who doesn’t do everything they can to keep the Muslims out of our country at this time is a traitor and should be punished accordingly. There are laws against allowing our enemies to dwell within. Let’s start enforcing the laws that are already established.

  48. obama should not be the final say on this bill, it goes against his agenda to take down America, all refugees coming here now and ones already here need turned away and sent back until there can be proof positive that they have no terrorist ties!

  49. House needs to wake up and pass a law banning any more Syrian Refugees or from any other rabid Islamic State aka Iran. Then be sure the Executive Branch does not take money from somewhere else to fund it anyway.

    I would also like to see a Law passed that Federal funds for food stamps, rent, etc., et al be stopped for ALL Illegals Immediately.
    FIRST AND FOREMOST, get people at the polls to make sure NO illegals vote. State laws giving them the vote is Unconstitutional and must be stopped. Hillery is depending on that illegal vote.

  50. Before you can have a nice lawn, you have to get rid of the weeds

  51. The Republicans should Ban all 9/11 Zionist Kabbalah Terrorist, behind 9/11 from the USA. those who stole the $3.9 Trillion from US Coffers, months before 9/11. the Same Kabbalah Terrorist who went underground, in their US Military proof bunker City’s-! & could not get back to NY or the Pentagon until after the flight ban was lifted-! the Same Zionist Kabbalah Terrorist supporters like, Dick Cheney, who was also underground giving the unlawful order, repeatedly to stand down so his Missile could Murder those in the Pentagon, who were trying to warn POTUS Bush about the Zionist Kabbalah HEIST & Attack-! think of all the Miracles that Day-! God only warn the Jews nor to go to work,and to go underground instead, Away from the Christians ,Muslims, Buddhas, Hindus, etc… think of all the Terrorist [not] that were found alive after they showed us on TV them entering the Planes-? think of all the Intelligence persons laughing their asses off on 9/11-? think about the Bible Code– Nostradamus–being said Sodom did it-? true Kabbalah all the way-! until the Republicans stop supporting Zionist Kabbalah Terrorist who stole our Democracy. Terrorist will always be the best paid Citizens in America-Recall it was Soldiers of God behind Oklahoma City, Atlanta Olympic Park,B-Ham, Anthrax,9/11, the USS Cole, Pearl Harbor,etc…

  52. Ban all entrees into the USA until we are able to vet each and every one that is trying to enter the USA period. If we can’t vet them the right way, then they don’t get in.

  53. Dennis B Anderson

    Hillary is going to go down if nothing else by one of our patriotic citizens. The entire Obama administration should all be hung for treason this in no longer America. This phucking dog and pony show There are now 29 people that have died being friend or enemy to the Clintons.
    I understand a woman by the name of McDougal went to prison for the Clintons. She is not the only one. This woman should be hung by the neck until dead.

  54. Syrians need to be banned from the USA today..close the border to Isis, Muslims and Mexicans,, deport all that are within our borders NOW..

  55. sandraleesmith46

    This is not about Syrian refugees; it’s about Islam and its doctrines; ISLAM itself is the problem, and must be kept out until and unless the practitioners give up following their “prophet” and his book! Those are what create the fundamentalists that euphemistically get called “radical extremists”, when, in fact, all they’re doing is emulating their founder! Everything about Islam’s teachings is diametrically opposed to our Constitution!

  56. You bet we do not want the Refugees in our country!! The vetting system is broken, CIA, FBI all say ISIS is in the groups. Saudi Arabia has over 3,000 EMPTY tents already set up. Trump is right on this–let refugees go to these tents until they can go back to their own countries. We can provide food and water to them. WHy should all our money go to these ppl? Why should Seniors not get COLA because of these ppl? So wrong. I am with Trump-America FIRST!

  57. Make President Obama veto legislation or the Dems to vote it down. If you just say we think he will and never pass it we never expose them for what they are. Then make sure it goes public. Sooner or later information gets out even with the democrat media.

  58. We already have our fill of lawless people in this country. We do not need more. We are currently incapable of filtering out the bad guys, which is no surprise. That has to be fixed first. Our southern border has to be secured above all else.

  59. Robert Kahlcke

    It should be clear by now, Americans need to ban all muslims from entering our country. Americans need to wake up before it’s too late and yes it would be legal. If this is not believed, call your Attorney.

  60. Gloria Bouillion

    Another reason not to vote for a Democrat. They’re not for the people, but their own agendas! ENOUGH! We take care of our own. No more money sent to terrorist countries and those countries that have women working as slaves. We support such awful things, why?

  61. letfreedomring10

    . . .the double standard has been here for well over 6 millennia, where have you been? Our Founders had the right intent all along, but the fallen nature of mankind is such it craves difference. We are equal in only one thing, and that is SIN. This bantering back and forth is useless. Lets not take our “ball” and go home and bitch. Lets get back to reality where it once worked and stay there for ALL future generations, what say you America?

  62. It’s all about the NWO plans.The closer they get the bolder they get.GO TRUMP.

  63. Elizabeth Fortin

    ob is breaking the law (which he is constantly doing) by allowing muslims into our country. Islam, by law, is prohibited from US immigration Public Law 414, Chapter 2, Section 212

    The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States. That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and remains in effect today. Among the many issues it covers, one in particular, found in Chapter 2 Section 212, pgs. 184-186 (27, 28 (a-g) is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.” This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States, but this law is being ignored by the White House.

    The laws prohibits entry of “Aliens who the consular officer or the Attorney General knows or has reason to believe seek to enter the United States solely, principally, or incidentally to engage in activities which would be prejudicial to the public interest, or endanger the welfare, safety, or security of the United States.” It also prohibits the entry of Aliens who are members of or affiliated with any organization that advocates or teaches, the overthrow by force, violence, or other unconstitutional means of the US or of all forms of law, and Aliens who publish, circulate and distribute materials teaching or advocating the overthrow by force, violence or other unconstitutional means of the US Government or of all forms of law.

    Islamic immigration to the US would be prohibited under this law because the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the US government, the Constitution, and to the Republic. All Muslims who attest that the Koran is their life’s guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government. Now the political correct crowd would say that Islamists cannot be prohibited from entering the US because Islam is a religion. Whether it is a religion is immaterial because the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any “organization” that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited. It also prohibits those who distribute literature that advocates the overthrow of our country, which would include the Koran.

    In fact, there are many verses in the Koran that command Islamists to kill those who do not submit to allah and the prophet. If Congress so desired to hold the White House accountable to the current immigration of refugees (which also must comply with the law), it has the Immigration and Nationality Act to cite. The Administration is breaking that law.


  65. Suzanne McDaniel

    <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!bq1001p:….,..

  66. everyone needs protection these days that can be quickly administered-
    and it must be lethal. if you do not want the hassle of registering a firearm
    there is another way to have power in your pocket-
    the law allows for the direct purchase of a cap and ball black powder revolver-
    no registering it- unregulated-(for now anyway) and the purchase of what is called
    a conversion cylinder– take out the original cylinder that is cap and ball-
    and replace it with a conversion cylinder to accept modern ammunition-
    when the conversion cylinder is put into the revolver it technically becomes
    a firearm- but when it is taken out of the revolver the revolver reverts to a
    non regulated non-firearm.

    search gunbroker and google for
    “conversion cylinder for cap and ball naa revolver”

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