Republicans to Punish House Democrats for Protest Stunt

House Republicans are deliberating on the prospect of punishing their Democrat colleagues when Congress returns to session, according to a new story in Politico. The site reports that GOP members of Congress are still fuming about the stunt Democrats pulled in June when they took over the House floor to protest gun control. The protest lasted for 25 hours and was the subject of endless adoration from the media. Oh look, there’s John Lewis. My, it’s just as though it were 1963 all over again, isn’t it, Tom?

“One option that’s been floated is a resolution broadly stating a sentiment that such tactics shouldn’t be allowed and will be sanctioned somehow going forward,” writes Politico. “Others are hoping Republicans will publicly rebuke certain Democrats they say ‘intimidated’ nonpartisan House staff members during the late-June incident.”

Yeah, did you hear about this? Apparently several congressional employees complained of being treated like scum by the protesting politicians.

In July, House Rep. Kevin McCarthy told reporters that some of the staff had been bullied by the showboating leftists.

“The behavior that was put onto the floor, the disrespect to the rules – the fundraising going on during this activity – there are also some looks at damage done and the reports of behavior towards some of the professional staff that were given to me, who were around and who watched the actions take place,” McCarthy said at the time.

While it would be undeniably tasty to watch some House Democrats be publicly embarrassed by sanctions, there’s tremendous potential for this to backfire. Consider how the media is going to cover this. In June, they did everything possible to make the protest look like a resurgence of the civil rights era. That was the whole reason Paul Ryan refused to kick them out. Can you imagine the field day MSNBC would have had with that footage? Lewis walking out in handcuffs? Amazing Grace playing on the soundtrack?

Ryan was wise to bide his time, but this dish of revenge is not yet cold enough to serve. By playing the payback card now, little will be gained. The press will play it for the Democrats like they always do. It’s time to stop falling into the same traps over and over again.

Indeed, it’s time for a new gameplan that is a lot subtler and a lot more effective than the one Republicans have been running for the last decade or so. One that depends less on a hostile media. One that favors results over fireworks.

In June, the Democrats finally became the ones yelling about how they couldn’t get their way. Let’s savor that for a little while. Let them throw their tantrums. Let them compare their gun bills to the march on Selma. Let them humiliate themselves for all to see.

The great Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote: “Praise does not make anything better or worse.”

Perhaps, in this case, the same can be said for scorn.




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  1. They remind me of spring afternoons on the school recess play ground around the fourth grade or so….

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  2. Republicans will be damned if they do, and damned if they don’t by the MEDIA. The MEDIA will always find a way to blame Republicans and glorify Democrats.

    I say it is time for the Republicans to be damned for doing something… Lets start by blaming it on 0bama for these morons actions… That aught to get some press… 🙂

    • Have I told you that Repubs were good people in the 50s and not now? Republicans were good people before the 50s; and fought for Blacks. They thought Blacks would never catch on because they were monkeys or non-humans. So Republicans let Blacks in their schools, houses, sports. Surprise! Repubs and TPs found Blacks were regular human beings with equal intelligence. Ooops Repubs knew they had made mistakes to show Blacks their schools and especially their language. Now Blacks speak the same language as Whites; they are doctors, pilots, mathematicians and above all Blacks are now living in the WH. These racists thought the WH was built for Whites only. If you look at hate chart you will find Bush had 4 hate groups. But during President Obama hate groups have increased to 90. Among the hate groups are the following orgs and sites: TEA party, WND, Fix the Nation, Total Conservative, Repubs, WNM, Patriots, Patriot Powered News; Conservative Free Press, American Family Association (AFA); Endorse This; 1776 Coalition, Restore American Glory, Patriot News; Liberty Headlines. These are fueling hate between Blacks and Whites. Stay away from the polygamist -Trump. Polygamists have imbalance in their brains. And this what is causing Trump to fail the WH job. Trump is also manager of these hate groups. Four days ago Trump embarrassed USA after meeting with Mexico President. He faked he loved Mexicans; but Mexicans are just as smart as Trump. It is too late now. Please vote for a Right White person – Hillary on November 8.

      • Full of shit AGAIN, you are a TRUE IDIOT!

      • Please ignore the troll, engaging it will only prolong it’s stupidity. Don’t contribute to that.

      • What absolute Horse Shit! Your brain is as soft as a sponge and holds about as much intelligence! YOU are the RACIST, like your buddy, Al Sharpton! There’s not one true comment in your entire rant..just more garbage from your head to your comment!

      • Al Capone would love her and probably vote for her, but I feel the CROOKS in charge have had a long enough run and are just short of destroying our nation for eternity. vote for that lying, conniving money stealing bitch?! NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!

        • I’m not so sure that Capone would support her – I think he would be scared to death of the competition to his mob.

        • Hey Uncle Al was a relative that at least did some good for the poor in Chicago. He was legitimate when he was working in Baltimore I was told as a bookkeeper and then they brought him to Chicago….His brother was a lawman in Phoenix, Arizona. And I remember how I was checked out when I first went on the computer years ago. Even had a call telling me not to use the name.

      • Millions of us are trained warriors, we are bound by our oath to the Constitution and trolls like you should be afraid, very afraid! We know you support the biggest criminal and traitor in our nation’s history. messing around with war fighters is not recommended! You will be dealt with extreme prejudice as a traitor when the time for retribution comes calling! Find a hole and crawl into it….good luck with that!

        • Thanks for your service, we true American citizens are going to need all of our military, retired or otherwise to help stem the rising tide of Muslim terrorists Obama is having us pay to bring here. We are heading towards an inevitable civil war and I know which side our military personnel will be taking, it’s why Obama is pushing for a national police force run through the UN. My best friend is a retired Marine and he has said that the Obama administration, in its quest to decimate our military, has been asking soldiers if they are willing to fire on Americans in this country, if no, demoted or released from duty. What Obama and the Democrats have done to sully all the accomplishments and sacrifices disgusts me to no end. He is pushing for this country to be accepting of and to adopt Sharia Law. No way we should let that gay Muslim traitor get away with that, our country is being given away and the future for our kids, grandchildren and all future generations is hanging in the balance. Rest assured that more than most realize are ready and willing to do whatever is needed to take this country back from these idiotic progressives who are doing all they can to destroy it. Semper Fi.

          • WOW you are a special kind of stupid

          • ESAD Jimmy you are a childish fool.

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          • Jimmy, do your part to improve this great nation, go take a long walk on a short pier and keep walking

          • ArmyCombatVet, thank you and bless you and all your brothers and sisters in arms for your service. You and your brothers and sisters in arms show what true heroism really is, unlike these sanctimonious by-blows of an outhouse wind.

          • I appreciate support for all of us who have served, it was our sworn duty to do so! Those who gave it all up were the true heros and we will never forget them! Dealing with the morons that choose to demean our service on these blogs just cast the light of ridicule upon themselves.

          • If you support Obama and his Band of Butt-Buddies you a star member of the team!


        Here’s another FACT you conveniently omitted: of ALL THE RACES COMBINED, Blacks are the only race that attacks their own kind repeatedly, RAPE, B&E, ASSAULT, ABUSE, AND MURDER…IN THEIR OWN NEIGHBORHOODS, TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME. IN the U.S. Blacks ONLY comprise 13% of the U.S. population, yet they COMMIT 55% of the total murders for the U.S. Wonderful neighbors to have, don’t you agree?

        What is it with Blacks raising their kids with blinders on? A Black mother moved from L.A. to the suburbs of Phoenix so her son would be away from the gangs, etc. Her son started his own gang in his new neighborhood and is now in orison for robbery and assault. Nice…the “hood” came with him from the bad ild neighborhood to the new neighborhood. By the way, all the homes dropped in price because of his activities and people lost money just to “GET AWAY FROM THE BLACK GANG ACTIVITY”.

        So, what has happened to the Blacks is their own damn fault. They have created a world of drugs, unwed mothers and murders to surround their lives and THEY REFUSE TO MAKE THEIR LIVES BETTER FOR THEMSELVES OR THEIR KIDS. And that Black boy sitting in the Presudency who PROMISED HIS BLACK BROTHERS AND SISTERS A WHOLE NEW LIFE — has done zero, squat for them except teach them to do nothing and make nothing of their lives by accepting govt handouts. BHO has hurt the Blacks more than they have ever been and HE ALONE has caused the giant abyss between the Whites and the Blacks with Soros help and instruction.

        I don’t know what rock you crawled out from under, but you’ve been lied too and manipulated by Liberals because their lives are lived in a bubble far away from reality. Check your facts before making a fool of yourself. And STOP blaming Whites for somethung the Blacks do to themselves!! Get the facts right!

        • HA! Ferguson proved that! HAHAHA??

        • “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to
          walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about
          robbery. Then look around and see somebody White and feel relieved”- Jesse Jackson

          • As much as the Black society is a failure, I can tell you of a positive personal experience that occurred in the outskirts of Watts, CA in 1976.
            I was driving home around 9 pm on the 5 Freeway with my 5 year old and 3 year old White children when I realized I was almost out of gas. The gauge showed Empty, so I took the next exit not realizing I was driving into a Black area. After driving around I came across 5 young Black men. After saying a prayer for protection, confused and panicking I would run out of gas, I stopped and rolled down my window and asked them where the closest gas station was. Their response was calm and polite, telling me to get back on the Freeway and get off at the next exit and the gas station would be to the left. I followed their directions and indeed found the gas station, thankful and much relieved! Those young men were courteous and helpful and a pleasure to talk to, not a danger to myself nor sleeping children.

            Obviously, not all Blacks are vicious killers nor thieves, but their Black Society has declined leaving the high numbers of unemployed frustrated young men looking for anyway to get money via drugs, theft, B&E, etc. When Blacks from other mixed neighborhoods refuse to enter a Black inner city neighborhood, that should be a Red Flag for us all!

          • That was completely by design from the Democratic party, remember the infamous LBJ quote about getting blacks to vote Democrat for the next 200 years. Obama has made it his mission to provoke racial disharmony. He has had the criminal lying tax evader Al Sharpton as a guest at the Rainbow Mosque over 150 times, calling Al his own personal race czar. When Holder said blacks could never be the perpetrators of a hate crime, it began to snowball into what we are seeing today. Polar Bear Hunting, Beat whitey Night, and the Knockout Game all became prominent and dangerous as whites and Asians were singled out for beatings for the crime of being white or Asian. And notice NOTHING is being done about that.

          • L.B.J.; —- just thinking about how He told His Mistress the night before THE BIG EVENT that He would not have to put up with the Kennedy’s anymore——and the fact that He had His own Sister “put to death” —–leaves Me cold about the mention of His name.
            Race Baiting is a ploy used by the Left to “divide and conquer”.

          • I could relate several such stories in My personal life that reflect what You say. Mankind is generally good natured and GOD Loving; believing in the GOLDEN RULE——-a few “bad apples” can spoil the bunch; unless You WEED OUT THE BAD. GOD BLESS ——-

          • Well put!

          • Good quote.

        • Excellent and all too true post! Blaming whitey for the poor choices you make in life, ie a complete lack of personal responsibility will never get you far in life.

        • If you read the killed number in Chicago you would change the motto—it is now BLACK LIVES SPLATTER. and it is their on BLACK OWN BLACK.

          • It has been that way for decades. Blacks attack Blacks; Blacks rape young Black females (Blacks have the highest percentage of unwed mothers); Blacks steal from their neighbors to pawn items for drugs, etc. etc. Most of the crimes are committed while the perpetrators are high on booze or drugs. Pathetic!

            Most people don’t believe that is true but they need to remember Ferguson and other cities where they literally burned down stores after looting them…in their own Black neighborhoods. They are a cancer to themselves and it just gets worse each year.

            Why do you think bho/soros keep the rift going between the Blacks and the Whites? So they can further divide our Nation. Leeches, both of them!

            When the Blacks lose control and trash their areas, some how it is the fault of the Whites. I’m White and I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE BLACK’S ISSUES OF RAGE, RAPE, OR ASSAULT. BLACKS DO THAT TO EACH OTHER…THAT’S ON THEM…


        • It takes more than moving him to stop that behavior…where’s his dad?

      • Ignorance can be fixed, but stupid is a terminal illness. So I doubt you will understand this post.

        Most of the “hate groups” you list are populated by Constitution supporting, law abiding citizens — both black and white. The only reason they are labeled with the word “hate” is because the racist man sitting in the White House (named for the exterior paint job, not the color of the skin of all former presidents) chose racist individuals to lead government departments which, in turn, added those organizations to the list of hate groups.

        I noticed you didn’t list Black Lives Matter, a group that injures, maims and kills white folks for the “crime” of being white.

        You obviously fit the description of a racist!

      • what planet are you on or what drugs from the 60’s, demoRATS used to be Americans now their communists, muslims, socialists, anything but American. Hillary is the anti Christ and Marxist who will continue in the footsteps of Obamination the no Black Sunni Muslim Terrorist who has allowed hundreds of thousands of unvetted Terrorists to pour over our borders along with 14 Million Illegal Aliens and will bring MILLIONS more into our County and destroy what is left of our Country. You are either a Muslim Cultist or a Marxist Antoi American Fool. Go Bck to where ever your hole is that you crawled out of and leave my Country alone!!! vietnam Vet

      • I doubt you graduated the 3rd grade with Nonsense like that DEMOCRATS are the Black Hating party of the KKK founded by Robert Byrd a Democrat and Mentor of Dying Hillary Clinton he also was The Grand Wizard of the KKK Maybe you should consider Facts Libtard

        • Dems also wrote, sponsored and passed the Jim Crow laws, and destroyed the black family unit by making it profitable to have children out of wedlock. An insidious and self serving plan.

      • Your post is too nutty for anyone to take seriously.

      • Wow, what a moron…

      • What a bigoted statement… The only place that kind of hatred exists is in your heart…

      • moron! oops sorry! idiot!

      • Hey pmbalele Get off the site, and Juke it! Juke it as far as it’ll go! Every Damned law passed since 1965 has been for the Benefit of Minorities! DON”T LIKE It Here?? Go back HOME, to Mammy Africa! Damned few White Devils There

      • Your comment doesn’t make any sense. Read a history book. The Democrats have continued to enslave many African Americans on the welfare plantation. The free market is the fairest system. Dem’s don’t want Blacks to have school choice and were responsible for Jim Crow and the KKK.

      • Tell me how again Trump embarrassed the USA by visiting Mexico? Were you privy to their “closed door” meeting? Gosh, tell me more pmbalele.

      • The Democrat Party stood for the “murder and cover up of John F. Kennedy and Martin L. King” –anyone that believes the fiction that surrounds these Two “Lone Assassin” Fictionalizations are just zombie “useful idiots”. IT IS ALL ABOUT C O N T R O L.

      • Democrats went “coon hunting” as a sport in the South into the 1960’s, get a grip. The House had Democrat K.K.K. members into the 1980’s–wake up======Stalin had His USEFUL IDOITS and the Dem’s have Theirs.

    • Sadly there are very few Republicans,most are a bunch of goddamn RINO’s.
      That is why they hate Trump.

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      • Wait. They’re rhino’s not republicans because they hate Trump who is a Dem?

        Trumps been a dem his whole life, hasn’t changes at all

      • Thank You for calling Them just what They are–in name only.

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    • And learning how to spell, ought to get you past the 5th grade

    • Stalin said it very plain and simple–” do not care about TRUTH, only the control of the PRESS”—–what We call media.

  3. Whining bunch of lazy lib babies they are.

  4. I am so sick of Democrats… I hate hearing the word.. Immoral … illegal and stupid…

    • But, but, but, that’s what Democrats are! And RINOs too!

    • Well then start calling them what they really are, Communists.

        • At lease they haven’t got caught lying right to my face, like Hillary the liar did on the tarmac in front of the wives and family of those lost in Benghazi. If any body is Fascist it the liberal democratic party and thier nonsense PC crap, you Jazzbelly are a lost soul in the pits of hell. Go Trump and the conservative party.

          • Nothing more current to derr herr about Charles? Politically correct is a term which implies manners, civility and respect for our fellowman…what nonsense indeed! Dead men in a war zone? Remarkable ! Perhaps they should have chosen a different career path. I’ll not respond to your ‘fascist’ comment as its apparent that you haven’t read a book since you finished ”Fun with Dick & Jane”. Hell is not a thing Charles, fantasy of Kings to control ancient masses and to implant their bigoted views, a tool for manipulation. Millertrump is a pathological liar and does it in real time ”right to your face”, big boy.

          • You are more corrupt then I thought. Have fun in your make believe world. Back those lying liberal democrat’s and have yourself a fine day under your rock.

          • We’ll see what you have to say to GOD before he sends you flying down to HELL, ASSWIPE!

          • Given a choice, would you rather cough, or have your nose grow an inch. Or. I only cough when I lie. Or . Lying makes me cough.


        • Wrong…democrats are socialist and so were the Nazi’s….democrats were the party of Jim Crow & the KKK, and were also against civil rights.

          • Yes Ron I heard this fabricated fax spin on right wing biased radio, but thanks.

          • The Uneducated Yaps again The DEMONRATS are The NAZI Black hating KKK Organization As founded by Robert Byrd the grand Wizard of the KKK and mentor of Hillary Clinton LOL!

          • Not on right wing biased radio, but from history books in the Library of Congress. Read what Rutherford Hayes did to become president. You will not find truth in today’s history books . . . not since the federal Department of Education became the mouthpiece of the liberal left.

          • Department of indoctrination, not education any more.

          • Thank you for the correct noun nomenclature for that agency.

          • Fuuk U. Jazz Belly My B.A. in Social Science I.D.s You as a Complete Misinformed MORON!

        • Yet another troll, please don’t engage. The stupidity iis monumental iin this one. Don’t contribute to it.

          • I agree. Don’t respond to any of these trolls. That’s what they want you to do. Ignore them and eventually they will just evaporate into thin air.

          • Kill Soros, and we’ll get the Real U.S .back. As long as The Mega-Bux Bastard, Hungarian NAZI Joo is Funding the Ass-Wholes, they’ll ,keep sand-bagging Real Americans! Death to Georgy Soros!

        • Looks to be more of a democrat thing there stupid. Yep, they want everything nationalized….you know SOCIALIST. Old hellery fashions herself to be more like hitler every day.

      • Communists is exactly what they are.

        • Trump is a fake he said he is going to build a wall but the Pope wants to go back to Mexico for his trip so why do you want traveling to be banned?

          • Please ignore troll. Engaging it will only prolong the stupidity. This one appears to be particularly stupid. Don’t contribute to that.

          • He is no Pope, he pro-communism and Islam and is against the wall which is none of his business! The 30 foot wall around the Vatican doesn’t seem to bother the hypocrite! Stay out of our nation’s business and try condemning the Islamic terrorists, the Mexican gangs and drug lords invading our nation and attacking and killing our most vulnerable citizens!

          • I agree, as a Catholic, my feelings towards the church and its role in the pay for “Islamic Rapefugees” has been thoroughly shaken by the actions of the current Pope. When he was kissing that Imam I almost went ballistic. I think the Catholic church has sold out to the globalist cabal. At estimated 2500 per head, it is all financially based, not based on humanitarian needs. I remember when Ben Carson went to Syria and asked some real refugees about immigration, they all said they wated to stay in their own country, and be protected there. For what it costs us to bring one Islamic rapefugee here, we could help 12 in their own country. If this was truly a humanitarian issue, the focus should be on helping as many as possible. The focus instead, under the lying Muslim traitor is to bring as many unvetted terrorists here as possible and have the USA taxpayers foot the bill. We are not far behind France and Germany in terms of Muslim terrorist “immigration”. The ONLY thing stopping a full on jihad is the second amendment. This is a war against the American people, perpetrated by a lying Muslim traitor and the Dems and Rinos for their own personal financial gain. May all who are down with this program of destroying the USA burn in hell for eternity.

          • What the HELL are you talking about??!?? Do YOU even know??!?

          • She’s a complete idiot.

          • Who Gives a S hit what the pope wants to do He can move to Mexico for all I care

      • No term so glorified. They and the republican elite are what i call corruptocats. They merely respond to a different set of financial bribers.

  5. Those Democrats were only sticking up for what the majority of what the American people want. Those Republicans that didn’t want to vote on more gun control were all bought off by the firearms dealers.

    • Wrong again, they are listening to their constituents and the 2nd. amendment to the constitution which, for better or worse, both sides swore to protect. You liberals need to get educated.

      • I don’t understand when there are just as many Democrat voters that own guns and they all believe in the 2nd Amendment also. They have not been brainwashed into believing that a dictator can take over the U.S. and take away their guns. Only a weak minded person would be afraid this would happen. Our fore fathers made that something that couldn’t be done when we vote every 2 and 4 years on who is going to run this U.S.

        • All they need to do is legislate anything that has to do with firearms while not necessarily restricting the weapon itself. I noticed the ATF is working to change the classification of the explosive material used in ammunition forcing storage methods to be expensively updated. Obama has not forced coal power plants to close but has instead made it close to impossible and extremely expensive to keep operating due to new regulations. IE. there is more than one way to skin a cat (get what he wants).

      • waynee got a lassooo wrapped around his two remaining brain cells…and the calf kept on going..he is the kind of voter that was probably applauding what the democrapo pimps were doing during their “demonstration”…they did not loot the house and set fire to it like kenyan boyo’s boys did in ferguson or shoot officers protecting civilians like that ahole democrapo rag loving scum sucking pig in Dallas did, but they were showing true mental retardation that has plagued the USA for a long time, but has gone ballistic since the likes of wayneee voted that illegal alien rag loving communist from kenya into the oral office…

        • Look what happens when we teach morons to read, write and shoot a gun, you are a perfect example of governmental waste..

          • What is this we crap you fing f ag. You libs are terrified of the very thought of shooting a firearm let along being able to hold one and teach anyone how to use it. Yes you should keep people from reading because as soon as someone reads up on your f’ed up policies and social leanings they run from your pathetic side. The only thing your side can teach if failure and dependency.

          • I want to change the subject, I wonder where in the hell did Hillary the liar get the money to buy a jet to get her fat ass around this country. That’s right the harlot and bean head Bill have a foundation to scoop money out of, what was I thinking. What a bunch of scumbags they are. Go Trump. Jazz you need to go back to bed and dream of other thing.

          • STFU and go away IDIOT!

          • There are 150 million of us and growing, a significant number are combat trained, how about you come and take them big boy, make our day! War found our nation and freed us of despotic rule. Well, we’re much better trained and armed today and our oath demands we refuse with extreme prejudice any effort to mess with our Constitutional right to bear and no court, no Congress and no President can override the Constitution!

          • well you are in luck..since the rats in democrapo clown circus voted in your messiah’s “unaffordable healthcare destruction act” you are eligible for the african pretenda’s gender reassignment surgery..It is obvious that your hot dog has completely failed and you can now qualify for a free (read taxpayer paid) brand new taco to be fashioned for not despair as the Real Americans will also pay for birth control pills….heaven forbid that you encumbered by an “unwanted pregnancy” in your “new role in life”…

    • Fuck off. 2nd amendment. How about you worry about Monsanto poisoning everything, and all the lousy politicians they pay off. What thinking human being thinks it’s a good thing to disarm the people while heavily arming the police and government thugs. EPA, Post office, NOAA, and many other federal agencies , are buying millions of bullets, guns, vests, etc. Why on earth? Listen to something besides MSM. Even NPR is bought and paid for. Sad times. Too many braindead, slave mentality, ” ought to be a law” morons. Where will you be when the shit hits the fan? And oh, by the way, Edward Snowden is a fucking hero.

    • There are plenty of gun laws on the books but the problem is that they are not enforced. They don’t need more gun laws, they need to enforce those laws and stop letting out of prison all the criminals like the clown in the White House is constantly doing. If they were really serious about curbing gun deaths they would go into the inner cities and take them away from the criminals and gang bangers who ALL have them illegally. That alone would stop about 95% of the gun deaths. You Demo-Commies are really dumb.

    • You are delusional. Every poll always shows the majority do not believe in more gun control measures. It’s hilarious how you foolish libs always spout off the same bs hoping someone does not fact check you. Sometimes when a lie is repeated it does not become true.

    • The majority wants gun control?, give me a break, that’s total BULLSHIT and We The People WILL take our country back!!!

  6. The Democrats have every right to protest on the floor of Congress about gun control, or any other issue they deem important, that they think is not getting its rightful attention. The Republicans have that same right and have done it in the past. To be vindictive about protesting for what someone believes strongly in is poor sportsmanship. We, as Americans, have the right to say what we think without retribution. If the GOP decides to take punitive measures against Democrats in Congress for what is one of the great rights that people in this country have, then the GOP will take yet another hit in the polls and come off as the party of spoiled, angry, white guys who punish people who don’t think as they do. The poll numbers for the Republican Party have been going down for some time now, and it exactly because of how the GOP reacts when they don’t get their way. The GOP has become the “angry” party, the party of exclusion, not a party that welcomes people into its ranks. As a former member of the GOP, it has been sad for me to watch. It no longer represents my values. My value system has not changed, but my party’s values certainly did, and they lost me and my entire family – parents, children, brothers and sisters. None of us could identify with their values anymore. Their values certainly do not represent the values of real, mainstream Christians. We believe in helping the poor with a hand up. We believe in the value of a good education. We believe in science. We believe that world problems should first try to be solved diplomatically, not war. We believe in a secure Social Security, not one who’s trust fund has been raided by the Republican controlled congress to balance the budget to pay for their overblown weapons purchases. We believe in the values that Dwight Eisenhower brought to the table, who was willing to invest in infrastructure by creating the interstate highway system AND still balancing the budget, the last balanced budget by a Republican President. Eisenhower supported higher education and true, open, scientific research, and he listened to the results of that research. He believed in the expansion of the National Park System and he believed in a benevolent God, not a God of hate. He believed in a God that forgives and loves all His children, not a God who is eager to send people to hell. The GOP has left all of that behind, and is no longer the party of mainstream America. It has become the instrument of the Gun Lobby and the super-rich and could not care less about young people starting out in their lives or older people trying to have a secure retirement or a religious community that follows the commandment that says “Love Thy Neighbor”, and that would be ALL “neighbors”, not just the ones who are just like you. In that sense, today’s GOP has become like the worst and most hateful dictators in history, unable and unwilling to accept anybody who isn’t exactly like themselves.

  7. The worst form of life on earth are politicians. The worst politicians are liberal Democrats.

      • Mentally ill piece of shi-t.

        • I’m sorry, I should have realized from your post and yielded to your handicap.

          • Full of shit MUCH??? You REALLY STINK, I can SMELL you from afar!

          • Conservative patriotic blogs are attacked time and again by these anti-American commie trolls. Well, try saying it to our face you worms! Our enemies in combat were far better people than you liberal treasonous scum! You attack our blogs with total disrespect in an effort to deny our right but in truth your messing with patriots and war fighters bound by our oath to the Constitution……..there are thirty million of us and we don’t take to kindly to you treasonous liberal haters!

          • You wouldn’t know Jazz if ya had a Sax juked up your Azz! Fruit!

          • Hey girl !! The “Lady Shamu” returns ! A friend told me that your unveiling a whole new kind of drag show on Saturday, awesome ! We’ll be there honey… who’s playing sax?

          • Who were ya Last Week fruit! ?? Ya weren’t Jazzbelly?? Have to change yer Name?? Are ya Redman??

          • Ahh don’t be playing coy you sly dog. Ohhhh, I bet these bloggers didn’t know, so sorry, I won’t mention it again …pinky swear Lady, SYS!

          • The only Drag Show you’ll see are my nutz draggin’ across your nose!~

          • Tea bagging !! You’re such a tease Lady mu…shame on you. LOL !

      • No you are as wrong as shit smells, ass wipe. We are for good jobs not hand outs, we are for a health plan that doesn’t bankrupt this great country. This is my opinion the damn gays can go back to thier damn closets, we are against killing little babys in the womb. I could go on and on but I have a job to go to before Obama does something like close down another factory or shut down another coal mine. You my man are pretty pathetic, you need to leave the kool-aid alone. Have a great day. Go Trump make America great again.

      • 1. Where are they against children eating?

        2. You want to pay for the lazy to have healthcare… You pay for it!!!

        3. We don’t care who you co-habitate with….but Christians can’t call it marriage.. Sorry, but it’s not a marriage. You can’t have children if your screwing the same sex.

  8. The GOP won’t do squat!

  9. Spoiled little rich kids , when they don’t get there way they pout and cry like babies.

  10. I wish there was some way to slam their sorry asses. Tired of Democrats being able to do whatever the hell they want and never having to answer for it. If Republicans did this we would never hear the end of it. Sorry damn double-standard people.


  12. nothing like selfrighteous baby killers action like thie sh-t does not stink.
    To the big boon in the pic, it was ugah bugah said the monkey to the chimp

  13. I have learned to despise the Democrat Party. It is no longer a true Democrat Party. It is a Party of Socialist/Communist. Ask yourself why many tacked the word PROGRESSIVE before Democrat! It was a way to know which ones were Socialist/Commuist! The true Democrats out in America are only IDIOTS to be USED and too detached to know they are being used. The Progressive’s are traitorous to America.
    Republicans have cowards in their Party that won’t fight for anything for fear of “losing a Lationo vote”. Many Republicans call themselves “centrist”. They are so wishy washy they don’t know which side to stand on, it’s go along to get along with them. America desperately needs TERM LIMITS to clean the nesters OUT before they have to wear diapers. We need fresh blood AND we need to stop all the PERKS they get. If I’m not mistaken, even a two termer gets retirement for life and that is idiotic. In fact, when a President is already a Millionair why in the name of H are the American People paying for his bodyguards after retirement?

    • Neither party has strong political leanings. The management is extremely corrupt, they endorse and promote the corrupt lifestyle as “experience in DC”. They just have a slightly different bunch of people bribing them.

  14. They should not be wasting time on any sort of Punishment. Or they could be facing it them selves come Jan 2017.

    • Perhaps their finding a Supreme court justice would better serve the citizens . I guess they’ll holdout in hopes of making it a White Supremacy Court OTUS, one that will decide in favor of corporations over country .

  15. GOP hand their asses on the fence for going crazy…No Place in America anymore for Traitors, Illegal, Immigrants, Criminal Politicians, or Career Politicians! Vote Trump!

  16. The “Re-PUNK-licans” don’t have the balls to do this – I’ll believe it when I see it; hell, why hadn’t they impeached this Muslim-Marxist jihadist in his first term as “Dick-taker-N-Thief” – we would still have a country left! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed! They are all talk and no action!

    • Our congress needs to be totally replaced with decorated combat veterans who understand the meaning of the oath we swore to and to uphold the Constitution in the strictest sense as the absolute law of the land. Violators, no matter who they may be, must be dealt with, with extreme prejudice! America can survive it’s fools but not the enemies within!

      • That is why the “Re-PUNK-lican” establishment traitors don’t want Trump to clean up Dodge and stop the corrupt gravy train that both parties are enjoying at the cost of all of “US” !

        • The greatest enemy is the enemy within and our entire government is guilty! The GOP (Gutless Overpaid Prostitutes) are adverse to conflict when the nation’s safety, security and sanity is at stake! They fold like a cheap suit when faced with adversity from the Communist side of the aisle when prosecution is the only course of action to secure our nation’s secrets!

          • That’s why I assess that: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION to TYRANNY – always was and always will be!

  17. Hillary charges for children to ask her questions. Donald Trump gives free helicopter rides. Who do you want to set examples for children? Choice is clear. TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  18. Everyone acts like the NEWS media is separate from the democrat party….the truth is they are the propaganda arm of the democrat party & RINO’s….the GOP needs to expose that to the light of day!

    • joseph krushnowski

      I agree.
      The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses. – Vladimir Lenin.
      Some tactics never die.

  19. They should have had the Sgt at Arms arrest them for interrupting house functions. It is a little late now.

  20. The real problem is that the Republicans have caved to Obama so many times it is beyond numbers! So, “what you going to do……….. make them pay for their own first drink at the Congressional Bar? Then, to make-up, will you allow them to recover the cost as a cost of doing business! Spineless and without Principles have caused the GOP to be the Party that “Comes from Ahead, too Lose Again”! TRUMP 2016

    • Republicans have done absolutely anything for 7 years except obstruct progress, law and order, civil rights, clean energy, and SCOTUS /seating a judge, a complete court. Witch hunts failed are not accomplishments. Foil hat tea bagger congress.

  21. Gregg the voice of reason

    Let start with Killary , she is choking on the truth , criminal bitch, LOCK HER UP !!!!!!!

  22. Dems are simply morons.

    • Mr. Trumpmiller leads the polls in one demographic …white/with only high school or less, the morons are on your team. According to republican strageist Matt Lewis, that has been the plan since 2012, ” to sucker in the dumb and increase the base “. Used like pawns, its a good read, if you read.

  23. There are appropriate existing measures. Congress can expel, censure or reprimand it’s members. The only difference between censure and reprimand is that with censure the wrongdoer has to stand up on the floor and read/admit the charges. I suggest that all of the circus members get a reprimand. (done to joe wilson who called obama a liar.) possibly lewis and pelosi to get a censure. basically the only longstanding effect would be at re-election time. i personally would like to expel them but again the media would have a field day about the GOP depriving voters of representation.

  24. Leftist took over so many institutions by slowly insinuating themselves into positions of power and then filling the ranks with others like them. In other words they spread like a disease.They have no problem with lying,cheating, manipulating, the ends justify the means.Their end appears to be the complete and total destruction of this country they seem to hate so much. By pretending to be the good guys, the ones who care. The exact opposite of what they actually are they’ve managed to dumb down enough, convince enough to follow them docilely like sheep to their own slaughter.
    Conservatives want to preserve this country. The vision of it our founding father’s had. The freedom we so take for granted many do not even see the slow, tiny increments by which it is being taken away. We are the real good guys now, and as such we don’t want to lie, cheat,manipulate. The ends won’t justify the means if we play dirty. So we stand impotently by and watch them lead the country we love closer and closer to an abyss from which there will be no turning back. Not for us anyway. It would take more than one generation to repair the damage they’ve done to this country’s heart and soul.First you’d have to find someone brave enough to expose them for what they are. To convince all those deliberately blind and mislead to see the truth. Wait a minute, isn’t all that what Donald Trump is doing right now?
    I think I just answered my own question. Trump/Pence 2016

    • COPY/PASTE: The Dallas Morning News issued a scathing editorial Tuesday that slammed Donald Trump’s temperament and policies. It marks the first time the newspaper has refused to endorse the Republican nominee for president since 1964, according to The Hill.”Trump doesn’t reflect Republican ideals of the past; we are certain he shouldn’t reflect the GOP of the future,” the editorial concluded. “Donald Trump is not qualified to serve as president and does not deserve your vote.”

      In the piece, titled “Donald Trump is no Republican,” the newspaper’s editorial board reasoned that Trump does not champion Republican principles like individual liberty and a strong national defense.

      “Trump is — or has been — at odds with nearly every GOP ideal this newspaper holds dear,” it read. “Donald Trump is no Republican and certainly no conservative.”

      The editorial board also cited some of Trump’s most infamous statements this election cycle, including his praise for Vladimir Putin and his calling the Trans Pacific Partnership the “rape of our country.” The editorial board recognized that those positions were subject to change, however.

      “It’s not easy to offer a shorthand list of such tenets, since Trump flips from one side to the other, issue after issue, sometimes within a single news cycle,” the editorial continued. “Regardless, his ideas are so far from Republicanism that they have spawned a new description: Trumpism.”

      While it neither referenced its long history of endorsing Republican nominees nor opted to endorse Hillary Clinton instead, the board made one thing clear: it was not about to support Trump or ask others to do so.

      “Trump doesn’t reflect Republican ideals of the past; we are certain he shouldn’t reflect the GOP of the future,” the editorial concluded. “Donald Trump is not qualified to serve as president and does not deserve your vote.”

      • Please ignore the troll. Engaging it will only prolong the stupidity. Don’t contribute to that. Flag and ignore.There are a few others on here, easily recognizable by their silly nonsense. Please flag and ignore.

        • You flag truth and the non violent use of the 1st Amendment ? Don’t apologize for me I don’t sit on the board of The Dallas Morning News.

      • Gee I wonder what the Dems paid to get this “news” out to the public.
        Just another of the “stories” from another bought and paid for courtesy of the Clinton Foundation
        coffers. It sounds like a deja vous rings to it, almost word-for-word of the Liberal Media

        • You are so confused, do you wear your helmet when you research who owns which newspaper? Its dangerously easy to do so …be very careful Susan. Deja vous? It drives me wild when you speak French! Perhaps try being objective, I know its hard for you but possibly Dallas is sending the same warning about the neo-fascist Millertrump as so many from both sides of the isle have warned. While you still have your helmet on check out the Bush(from Dallas, hummm, anti-trumpty)Foundation.

          • I have researched who now owns this newspaper and has bought up a number of
            newspaper and TV stations. One does not have to wonder why Guy Gennett purchased
            so many papers and news outlets at this particular time. As for the Bushes, they are
            nothing but traitors and turn-coats who “now” support the Clintons and their leftist. NWO
            agendas. Bush daddy mentioned the NWO in many of his speeches. He had become
            very chummy with Bill Clinton when Duhbyuh was pres. No confusion here, nice try.
            BTW I used to be brainwashed by the Dims, but it takes a real idiot that can’t see the
            truth that is in plain site. Better get yourself a helmet when the foreign onslaught arrives!!

  25. Ryan should never have been appointed Speaker of the House because he can’t forcibly do jack squat without getting his panties in a wad. The Repubs need a stronger leader with cahones AND smarts — Ryan has the smarts only and his timid actions prove his cahones never dropped.

    Sitting patiently is NOT what Conservatives do. They strike while the iron is hot! Sorry, but those arrogant braindead Democrats need a lesson in humility and sanctioning them would be a good start…a lobotomy would be the next to remove the insect laden deadwood pretending to be gray matter. By ignoring their playground bully routines, you are allowing them to continue their “King of the Mountain” games instead of following the House’s rules. Ryan should have given each of them a “time out” til their terms are done!

  26. Obama wants gun control take away the guns his security guards have and take down the wall around the white house

      • What a crock of crap!!!
        No good jobs for real Americans, minimum wage jobs for all of our “guest employees”.
        Affordable care , that isn’t ,and we are forced into it or we must pay huge fines.
        Leaving Iraq, only to be invaded by terrorist groups ,and what is left of our forces there to be
        decimated. Our vets returning to little or no care, due to the raiding of funds from the VA!!
        WOW what a great legacy from Oldbummer!!! Democraps are stupid enough to applaud this???

        • Interesting that on C-SPAN this morning caller after caller was praising their quality of service through the Veterans Administration . The worst thing in the Obama legacy is his budgeted 4 billion more than the military requested, its already 56 billion to much. The world be a better place if that money were focused on creating peace, solving climate change and healing the sick, feeding the poor; ending the need for a VA. I would defund the entire barbaric socialist program. Yep no more right wing fascists raking in fortunes on manufacturing and sales of war toys. By “real Americans” I’m sure that all of us are concerned about Native Indians having good jobs. I agree also about health care, it should have been a right 100 years ago. STOP THE DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE !! Make calls, send emails, go to South Dakota and put your patriotism in front of a bulldozer.

  27. The voters should be the ones to punish the democrats for their shenanigans, by voting the worthless SOB out of office!!! I really don’t know the democratic party holds its-self together, because I can’t believe the IDIOTS that keep voting the no-good SOB’s in!!! Hell, they’re ALL crooks!!!!

  28. Failure to punish lawbreakers and other violent and unruly individuals usually leads to more, often more intense lawbreaking. The tepid response to the violence in Detroit in 1967 is a good example. More force and more prosecutions back then might well have resulted in fewer, less violent protests subsequent to that disaster.

    I pray the House leadership will hold those miscreants accountable and mete out sufficient punishment (not 30 lashes with a wet noodle!!) to deter the further tarnishing of the House’s reputation and interference with its — the people’s — business.

  29. Anything go’s with the liberal democrats. They can act as disgraceful, mean, phony and condescending as they want and the media backs them up by reporting how bad the republicans are. When will people realize that the Democrats are the richest bunch of dishonest liars our Congress has to offer.

  30. Ahhhh, please guys. soros OWNS every damned one of the dumbasscrats and most of the turncoat repuklicans! What can you low life bastards find to cry about tomorrow? ?

  31. One thing this election will do is draw the lines so everyone knows who the Rinos are for sure – We have been
    suspecting but the media hides the facts from the American people. They all need to join the democraps – It s
    amazing how dumbed down we are and if not for Trump would never know how little our vote really counts and the self interest politicians being exposed for their corruption. Forget the media as they will never be on the side of
    the conservative Republicans of which there are very few left in politics. I pray the Republicans especially the
    Rinos will take responsibility finally for what they were sent to Congress to accomplish.


  33. Commenter pmbalele is nothing but an antagonist. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks on this website — he just loves to hear himself talk nonsense — which he does or doesn’t believe. Don’t waste your time or words on the leech, he’s unreachable.

    HOWEVER, If you just want to taunt him or piss him off, go for it! OR if you tire of his empty thoughts or attempts at harassing, just ** “BLOCK” PMBALELE ** by clicking on the down arrow to the right of his name, then clicking “Block” on that drop menu. He’s out of your comment section FOREVER!

    For those of you who want to give him a piece of your mind, don’t waste your words nor raise your blood pressure. He just isn’t worth it and he wants to keep you hooked to him. BLOCKING him will get the point across BIG TIME – no one left to harass!!!

  34. The R’s and i mean the rinos in the party because that is who the GOP leadership is—- need to grow some balls—they are afraid of losing an election—well they have already lost—the R base has lost all confidence in them !!!!


  36. The Republicans brought all of this upon themselves by not living up to the promises they made to us during the last election that they were going to put a stop to the nonsense of the democrats!! What exactly have the Republicans done to stop Obama and his abuse of his power in the executive office???? Not ONE DAMN THING!!!! Congress has continually let Obama get by with creating his own laws by executive order, trading terrorist prisoners for an Army deserter, and other activities that would have gotten him (Obama) tried for and convicted of TREASON by the FOUNDING FATHERS OF OUR COUNTRY!!!! When, oh when, are people (sheeple) going to wake up and hold their elected representatives accountable for the promises they have made, and then broken?????????

  37. “Indeed, it’s time for a new gameplan” Let’s start with the rinos growing a pair!!!

  38. Maybe the ‘Republicans’ currently serving should have done something about Democrats childish, anti-American behavior and obama’s law less, anti-American administration a long time ago.Instead of counting the money they’ve pocketed selling us out to these traitors. They themselves have become traitors, which is why they’re ALL afraid of what Trump will find when he takes office. With hillary they know what will be found. More money for them while the sick corruption continues and they continue looking the other way.

    • Protest is not anti-American it is patriotism in action like throwing tea in Boston harbor.

      • Please ignore the troll. This one is particularly stupid. Engaging it will only prolong the stupidity. Please don’t contribute to that.

        • There you go again apologizing for me, I didn’t throw the tea in the harbor, Tea Bagger, I just reported on the type of protest on which we are founded.

  39. It seems that pmbalele and jazzbelly went to the same school; based on their post.
    Might be one of those inner-city schools, taught by unionized, leftist morons willing to teach there. Not really schools, but human warehouses to keep them till they are 21 or incarcerated.

    • Sam if I were you i wouldn’t quit your day job sitting around the diner talking fertilizer and fascism with the boys, because your profiling skills aren’t quite developed as yet. Isn’t it great that Reagan was unable to take down the teachers union, he certainly attempted to take the people’s power through union busting. Unfortunately the left hasn’t been left(except in their house seating) since ’72, the left is sadly center/right. I am 61 so I’m not being warehoused at present. I grew up in a very small Ohio town not the inner city. My political views were developed during my indoctrination period at a Southern Baptist Church through the teachings of a Christ named Jesus. I picked up an ASA in Culinary(ACF certified Chef); two Southern Baptist schools came next; Georgetown College/B.A.Communicatin Arts; minors, vocal music and eastern religions; Belmont College(now University)/ B.A.Modern American History, minor in fine art. Then off to The New Orleans Theological Seminary/M.A.Divinity.
      What Sam are you doing, what action of standing for those children oppressed in inner cities are you, have you taken to cause change in the educational “warehouses” in which you see a problem? When we see a problem it becomes our responsibility, not to sip coffee and bitch but to act; ‘patriotism’ is a verb. Perhaps you can accomplish something for these children before you end up in a nursing home, warehoused until you die.

      • Question? Are you a patriot? Did you serve this country in the military?
        You sure the hell did not recognize the title “SGM”!
        Your resume does not impress anyone.

        As far as the students and teachers go; you can’t teach common sense and you can’t fix stupid.

        (48% of the people like Hillary . . . the other 52% are not on welfare.)

        • So your answer to my question about your patriotism toward problems seen is ‘no’. I am an active patriot and no I did not join nor did my government lottery number assigned for mandatory membership come up for the draft in the largest socialist(tax funded)program in the world, the U.S. Military. That was during the Carter years, the only time since the far right fascist coup in ’63 that we haven’t been bullying some under privileged people. As far as my ‘resume”, you accused and I responded, not to impress but to correct your ass-umption. Its honorable that you admit that you can’t be fixed, it is too late for you now, what’s that they say about old dogs and tricks? Sam, master sergeant, If you can still remember the’90’s you’ll recall that there was a Clinton holding the pen that broke the back of welfare, that’s when I left the Democrats behind; “heal the sick, feed the poor”. The Sermon on the Mount, that’s my politics. What Sam are you doing, what action of standing for those among us, our fellows, who can’t find a ladder to climb out of the pit in which they find themselves ? When we see a problem it becomes our responsibility, not to sip coffee with like minds and bitch but to act; patriotism is a verb. .

  40. Playing into their hands!


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  43. Save the U.S.- Death to Dems!!

  44. These morons are supposed to be running our government. Grandstanding or sanctioning is not doing their job. Their pay needs to be cut off for a few months! Damned bums! DO NOT REELECT DEMOCRAT CONGRESS MEN OR WOMEN!

  45. The media is sucking hind tit for the president and killary. And both of them are reaping the benefits but only for a little while. Not many people truly believe or depend on the liberal media for any news–did you see where the CNN reporter dropped the bomb of how the media is being paid by the government to not report any negative stories about the muslim countries or the ones So don’t think you will get the truth they are no better than killary. AND WE ALL KNOW HOW HONEST SHE IS.

  46. The Standing Rock Sioux need that great patriot Billy Jack, the green beret half breed and all of us to stop the corporate fascists desecrating our land in trump style imminent domain . Call, email congress or come to Standing Rock . Throw that f-ing tea into the harbor !

    • Smoking peyote again Jazzbelly? How can anyone use EMINENT DOMAIN ON GOVERNMENT LANDS? You need to climb under your Standing Rock.

  47. Elizabeth Raynor Short

    there need to be real conquences, e.g., loss of ranking member status oncommittees, loss of committee assignments, payment for physical damage and increased operation costs. they won’t do it they collude with them on everyting else. why not this? another example of why house of corruption needs to be emptied and refilled.

  48. OH BULSHITE! They could have impeached the queen islamist but hell they are the Do Nothing Congress of the last 2 hundred years.

  49. The programmers are censoring comments, by programming via updates big huge pop ups that stay and block you from reading the comment stream. These pop-ups are now being programmed to second guess your self determination to express a vote up on a comment. It’s covertly preventing the rapid collection of voting on the comments. It blocks you from reading the next comment and they last more than 20 secs., each.

  50. GUN CONTROL is very simply what the New World Order is in need of to corrupt the freedoms that America brought to the World some Hundreds of Years go. KEEP THE PEASANTS POOR, DEPENDENT & WITHOUT ARMS.

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