Republicans Tell Joe Biden to Look in the Mirror to Find “Xenophobia”

Joe Biden, undoubtedly eager to put his “you ain’t black” remark in the rearview mirror as quickly as possible, wrote an op-ed for NBC News this week in which he and Sen. Tammy Duckworth dredged up the tired narrative that President Trump has been “xenophobic” in his response to the coronavirus. We thought that we’d moved beyond this old, boring story, but apparently Biden sees it as a winner. Since he has very little to recommend himself for the Oval Office, we suppose he has to find advantages where he can.

Biden and Duckworth hammered Trump for telling an Asian reporter to “ask China” about rising coronavirus cases. They blasted him for using terms like “Chinese virus” to describe the pandemic. They said he was “cruelly” scapegoating Asians for the disease.

You know, the usual crap.

But while it is exceedingly unlikely that anyone was moved to vote for Joe Biden based on this column-length exercise in virtue signaling, the op-ed did leave Biden open to criticism from the Republican Party. In remarks to Fox News, Marina Tse of the RNC’s Asian Pacific Americans division said that Biden should worry less about Trump’s comments and more about his own history of problematic xenophobia.

“Joe Biden has disregarded and ridiculed the Asian Pacific American community while President Trump and Republicans continue to champion Asian Pacific Americans, build meaningful relationships, and honor their heritage, sacrifices, and accomplishments,” Tse said. “This November, we must vote for the candidate who is actually fighting for us, not the one who using us as a political pawn.”

Tse came ready with receipts. She pointed out remarks Biden made at a campaign stop last year, when he bizarrely contended that Japanese women are only working because of the xenophobia of the country’s men.

“You cannot succeed as a country if you leave more than half of your brainpower on the sidelines,” Biden said at the time. “Japan is in a position where traditionally women are as well-educated as men, but the tradition was, once they had a child, they were to drop out of the job market. … There’s an entire move, because they’re xenophobic — because they don’t want to invite other people from outside their country to come in and make up the workforce — they have fewer workers than they have a need for workers. And so, what they’ve done is they’ve decided to encourage women to stay in the job market.”


Biden also took heat in 2014 when he told voters about his meeting with the prime minister of Singapore, using a word that is frowned upon by many in the Asian community.

“On the way back from Mumbai to go meet with President Xi in China, I stopped in Singapore to meet with a guy named Lee Kuan Yew, who most foreign policy experts around the world say is the wisest man in the Orient,” Biden said.

…The Orient. Really? How old IS Biden, anyway?

Additionally, Biden has praised China’s one-child policy, which the CCP enforced using brutal and inhumane methods. And in 2013, he went out of his way to ask Japanese women at a start-up internet company if their husbands liked them “working full-time.”

Look, we’re not ones to get sensitive about every little politically incorrect remark. But if you’re going to get up on your high horse and start ranting about “xenophobia” every time your opponent says “Wuhan flu,” you’d better damn well make sure you have your own house in order. If you want to point your finger every time you see a word you don’t like, don’t be surprised when you find two pointing back at you.

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