Republicans Take Over One State Completely

Florida, a previously premier swing state, appears to look more and more like a red state especially as on Tuesday Republicans managed to secure several Republican victories. The new GOP victories have led to many questioning whether the Democrats are still able to compete within the state.

Both of the two top Republicans on the ballot, Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, managed to win their races against their Democratic opponents, Rep. Val Demings (Fla.) and former Rep. Charlie Crist (Fla.) respectively early on Tuesday evening.

Several Republican victories also occurred in Miami-Dade County which had usually been blue in the past. This rightwing trend has been growing in Florida for the past few years. For reference, during the 2016 election, then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won Miami-Dade County with more than 29 extra points, meanwhile, President Biden managed to win the county but with only 7 additional votes.

However, the overall state in both of these elections had been won by former President Trump.
In recent years this Republican trend continues, and this year there have been more Republican voter registrations for the first time in the state’s recent political history.

In Florida, Republicans also managed to win several seats as the new political map that DeSantis created allowed for four new GOP-leaning seats.

Florida Democrats had previously expressed that the Democratic party’s prospects in the state were waning. Kevin Cate, a longtime Democratic strategist and ad-maker in Florida, predicted that an independent in the state might be more likely than a Democrat to win as a gubernatorial candidate.

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  1. I’m supporting the Republicans who are good and well educated, who are great American patriots, who are good for America and what America truly needed.
    I would never support Democratic thugs, mobs, criminals, demons and devils, they’re very evil and they knew how to steal the taxpayers money very well, as well as they’re so sneaky and evil of knowing how to steal the election like they did to President Trump in 2020.
    Any Blue State that has Black governor or Black criminals outfit to control the entire state like New York, Maryland and Chicago, America is in a deep trouble of stealing, robbing and crime that largely committed by those Black criminals in charged of the state and city.

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