Republicans Quick to Denounce Clinton

Being the lone candidate on the Democrat side of the race comes with advantages, but it also leaves Hillary Clinton with a bright red target on the back of her pantsuit. After she officially announced her 2016 candidacy on Sunday, Republicans proved they will not be shy about hitting that target early and often. Nearly every candidate rumored to run for the GOP nomination made it a point to denounce the former secretary of state.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker reminded his supporters on Twitter that Clinton was “the architect of the failed foreign policy we’re seeing executed by President Obama today.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz issued a statement warning that a “Hillary Clinton administration would be no different than an Obama administration.”

Jeb Bush released a short video insisting that “we must do better than the Obama-Clinton foreign policy that has damaged relationships with our allies and emboldened our enemies.” He also criticized liberal domestic policies that have led to a growing national debt.

Perhaps no one cut with a sharper edge than Rand Paul, who is himself only days into his official campaign. Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press, Paul said there was a “grand hypocrisy for the Clintons in the sense that we’ve got this war on women thing that they like to talk about. And yet Hillary Clinton has taken money from countries where rape victims are publicly lashed.” Paul is referring to donations that flowed into the Clinton Foundation from Saudi Arabia, a scandal that the media seems unwilling to pursue with anything approaching integrity.

It’s clear that Republicans have a tremendous advantage, if they are willing to use it. With Hillary flying solo, it’s almost as if they are challenging an incumbent. If the GOP has their wits about them, they will spend the next year hammering Clinton and Obama mercilessly, and they will lay off each other. Save the vicious attacks for the other side. This is the perfect time to present a united front against the liberals who have done so much harm to our country.

The Democrats are putting all of their eggs into this single basket, and it is a basket with some fairly significant holes. If there’s another scandal – or if the sizzle underneath Benghazi or the missing emails gets any hotter – their only reasonable chances of winning the White House are going to swirl down the drain like so much dirty bathwater. This is the perfect opportunity for Republicans to take the presidency back.

All they have to do is not screw it up.

Yeah, exactly.

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  1. This is going to be most important election for the next generation to come.The American people better take a close look at who they vote for in 2016.
    HILLARY is not the candidate, she is as crooked as the hind legs of a dog. The Clintons has always been this way back to Arkansas days.
    Eight years of LIES with Obummer, plus if elected with HILLARY more lies the country will be done for as we know it. Time for the Clintons and Bushs to exit with there old ideas and get new ideas like Rubio said in his speech.
    Question is what has she done for the country?
    With her it is all about me, the hell with every body else.
    She is a very nasty women. But maybe the Benghazi scandal and the e-mail thing will put her away. The State Dept. Knows she did wrong, just another cover up.

    • What if O runs for a Third Term?

    • Ray, as he raves, says this:

      “This is going to be most important election for the next generation to come.”

      That notion was widely spouted by the wackadoodle right in the 2012 presidential election and it will probably be barfed up by the same nutjob sector in every future election as they yearn in vain for some loony extremist of their choosing to occupy the Oval Office.

      • Hey nut!! You must be blind as a bat. If you can not see what is going on in this country you need help my friend. Maybe all you are is a troll. Just working your lips for the hell of it.
        But that’s all you people can say when someone is telling you the truth, have no answers in return but bullshit!!! Just like Obummer and the DEMOCRAPS

        • What I wrote is true, Ray. YOU JUST CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

          • I can handle the truth, absolutely is the only way to go. But still I have not heard the truth out of you. Talk to me , come on man!!! Let’s get it on.

  2. This SKANK does NOT have my vote,she is obozo in a dress……

  3. For me, Hillary disqualified herself for the presidency about 25 years ago when she gave a speech to a NY law school graduating class and told them they had a bright future helping children sue their parents. Admittedly there are some parents who deserve to be not only sued but even imprisoned for what they do to their children, but to feel that their very existence is a cause for opportunity and even celebration displays a questionable mindset.

    • HER very existence “in the public eye”, is MORE THAN proof enough of the downfall of ethics, morality, principles, or apparently ANY concern whatsoever for the future of this Country!!!!

  4. Tiredofsocializm

    Ray hit the nail on the head! I have no problem with a female President just not Hillary Clinton. Just what qualifies her to be President? She had no accomplishments as SoS, her life is just filled with scandal after scandal! Now to all of my fellow female Americans, wake up! Do not vote for her just because she is a woman. vote for a woman who is truly accomplished and smart of which Ms Clinton is not!

    • Yes if she would become President SHE would have to BOW down to the KING of Saudi Arabia. Because in that country females have no rights except being slaves to their husbands.

    • I am confused with TPs and Repubs. Look they now want communism and Sharia law in this country. This is after telling us all the time they wanted freedom and richness through capitalism. But I read Ron Johnson appeal
      thrown out today by the 7th circuit. Ron was suing to ensure all people he represents had access to medical services like people in his office. Governor Chris wants to cut Social Security to rich elderly who earn above $200,000. He thinks those seniors should not receive SS. John Boehner complained last year when he got statutory salary increase. He said his salary increase was unfair to people in his area who did not receive pay increase. Confused yet? In Wisconsin Governor Walker stripped state employees of free health insurance to experience how people feel without free health insurance. But GOPers and Walker at the same time do not want Obamacare. Obamacare ensures all people have health insurance. Then I read Walker signed into law allowing CEOs to pay women less than men doing the same job. Walker even cut funding for women who want counseling before abortion. Walker does not even want 4-year college and beyond. But Walker at the same time needs doctors, nurses and engineers etc. Walker thinks the 2- year college, like him, is enough. Are TPs and Repubs that dumb not to know what they want or are they confused? They want all people to be free and pursue richness as individuals; but at the same time Repubs and TPs want people in this country to be paid the same or under communism and Sharia law. Can somebody tell them to resign so that we can elect fresh blood to tell us what GOP really stands for?

    • Hillary has only had one job that she could probably handle and Monica Lewinsky had to do that for her

  5. Michael Dennewitz

    The Repooplicans will screw it up, you watch!! They’ve already sold us out after promises after promises!!

    • Unfortunately….too true too often…

    • To you throwback Republicretins Barry Goldwater would be regarded as a socialist liberal were he to rise from the grave and re-enter politics. Eisenhower’s politics in the 1950s were about where the Clintons’ are today.

  6. suck it up conservatives – hillary is the next president . TRUE AMERICANS are sick of the lies the gop spreads and the cheating to aid the 1% . The 99% of Americans want real government :FOR” the people not talking heads feeding tax breaks to the corporations in retutn for campaign funds.

    • Hey James..pull your head from your backside..this LYING POS will not be President.

    • Sparky, corporations don’t pay taxes, they pass the costs on to the consumer. What will the old prog warhorse run on, the economy? I can think of two times when a party held the Whitehouse longer than 8 years, FDR and Bush Sr. after eight years of Reagan, and considering our failed economy and foreign policies, it will be a republican administration. What will also be brought up is Bill’s friendship with a convicted pedophile billionaire Jeff Epstein. Bill’s been on Epstein’s jet and has also visited Epstein’s orgy island that has underage prostitutes.

    • james, 99% of American want less Government intervention and less tax, time to trim the fat.

    • I wanted to be a dumberkrat but was disqualified because I knew who my daddy was and my I Q was over 30

      • as your intellect belies your daddy married his sister and they both shared relations with their mule and you were begot by the group. your family tree has no branches but very deep roots i hope the children of you and your daughter are smarter than you.

      • Not to be argumentative carroll but you set the bar to high!! Anything over 10 Disqualifies you from being a DumboRAT!!

        • I was trying to be nice. I am glad to find that there are still a few fine old American patriots left . My service was not wasted after all thanks to people like you. the CinC sucks. woodrat MSgt, USAF Ret

    • Real Americans who work for a living and have any morals about them want a real conservative who can maybe convince the greater half of immoral entitled Americans to be the same before the us becomes one big cesspool of immorality and worthless people. We are getting very close now. The masses don’t work nor do they have any respect or decency about them. Decent folk are tired of the America that liberals have created.

      • thats why the MAJORITY of TRUE AMERICANS with real jobs elected OBAMA to be PRESIDENT TWICE. and will elect Hillary next because they are tired of the lies and hypocrisy of the gop – boner- mcconnel – that lil sissy from s. carolina. liars and hypocrits – why dont you conservaturds come out against that swish hes gayer than NEW ORLEANS at mardi gras.

  7. I can’t support a liar.

  8. Hillary is a cesspool rat… spreading lies, deceit and obfuscation. She has not one accomplishment anyone can think of and her failed foreign policy is what we are seeing now unfold from Oblamer concerning ISIS, Ukraine and the Iranian deal… let’s face it… the Mid-East is now in shambles from her irresponsible foreign policy… not to mention that four American died in Benghazi while she lied about it. She also has a string of dastardly scandals:
    1) She was fired from the Watergate Scandal for being “unethical” (lying) by a Liberal Democrat;
    2) She lied and obfuscated about the Whitewater Scandal
    3) There is the Travel-Gate scandal during her husband’s administration
    4) The Kathleen Willey scandal where she sent thugs to Willey’s home and her husband “supposedly” committed suicide that day… the Clinton body Bag count is enormous! And se was the one who personally went after all of Bill’s “girlfrieds” sending a team of thugs to shut them up just like Willey
    5) Benghazi
    6) The most egregious is she is lying about national security vulnerability and wiping her computer clean of all the
    the governmental emails she placed on her personal computer that were probably hacked by the Soviets and who knows who else. This is a Federal crime…
    Hillary is a polarizing figure, an Alinsky-Marxist, a left-wing whacko and is definitely NOT what the American people or our GREAT NATION needs now. Just toss water on her and watch her melt! The US needs no more Clintons or Bushes… it’s time for a change… it’s time for a true CONSERVATIVE to get his country back on track!

    • All True!

    • Don’t take me wrong here, I agree, but lying is an attribute to a progressive democrat. If not obama would have been tarred and feathered by now. No, instead being an accomplished liar is a great thing to them.

      If I’m not mistaken that count is 43. More then billy the kid, the James brothers and any 5 other outlaws of the old west combined. But they have never even been accused.

    • It’s time for sopmeone who loves his or her country and the constitution and will stand strong against these socialists and Muslims. Someone who has already been seen pointing the finger and accusing instead of cringing and being scared. We need a tea party candidate ! They are the new party so to speak and not the good ole boys of the GOP who fight among themselves. Did anyone see in the news that Mama Barbara Bush hesitated to endorse her own son Jeb as a candidate? We have had enough from the Bushes and the Clintons. Some new blood !

    • GREAT POST!! You beat me to the punch on #1!! I’ll bet the lying w(B)itch even “bold face lied to her parents and even “Slick Willy” when she says she loves them! My own personal opinion is that she is a dyke! She probably got pregnant from artificial insemination!

  9. The GOP establishment (old guard) is only interested in status quo. With too many throwing their hats in the ring, the socialist party (dems) will win by default. If conservatives can’t get behind one candidate, the “election” will look like a prom court election.

  10. NO recent presidency damaged relations with other nations as much as the G.W. Bush presidency.
    “Shrub” was widely, and correctly, regarded as a foreign policy dunce by most of the world.

  11. The witch was evil from the beginning. Think she’s a good o’le burrito eating grandma?….Wake up!!!!

    Vince Foster committed SUICIDE in the WHITE HOUSE.
    Hillary immediately ordered body DUMPED at fort marcy park.
    The Clintons’ Greatest Shame: Chelsea is the Biological Daughter of Webb Hubbell
    Deadbeat Dad Bill Clinton does have one child that he has never taken care, never acknowledged, never met, never told he loved him, never hugged: Danny Williams (born 1985) the son of former street hooker Bobbie Ann Williams. Bill used to have cocaine orgies with Little Rock street hookers.
    ………….so much for the innocent grandma at taco bell.

  12. The Clinton’s are COMMON TRASH in EXPENSIVE CLOTHS.Kinda like the saying ,”you can put lipstick on a pig to make her look better. but in the end it’s still a pig.

    • Weellllll, even lipstick and all the Max Factor cosmetics in the world couldn’t make that pig any more good looking!!!! ROFLMAO! “SHE IS GOD AWFUL UGLY”!!

  13. The DNC made a very foolish mistake if they don’t come up with another candidate. Hillary in any normal sense of the word is unelectable. She has enough baggage to keep her up against the ropes from now until Nov. 2016. Hopefully the republicans will be relentless.

  14. No decent man or women would cast their vote killery clinton knowing she is corrupt and a compulsive liar and her intention for Americas future is pure evil. killery clinton is a disgusting deceitful heartless overbearing convening obnoxious repulsive irresponsible irrational irritating B—H, that’s the truth and nothing but the truth.

    • TAM44,Yes Killery is all that and more,but there are millions of Democrats out there just waiting to vote for her.There are also millions of low info people who don’t pay any attention to politics and just vote the party line.So this will not be a cake walk.Republicans must get out the vote if we have any chance of beating her.

  15. The progressive democrats are making a very big mistake by not seeing to it hillary has someone running against her. Maybe they will but if not every Republicans will have a field day attacking her. They will not be attacking each other when they have fair game like her. There are a good many things to pile on her about. She will not win and cannot win so without an opponent the democrats cannot win. So she intends to raise two billion plus dollars? So where will that come from? Let me guess. Rather suspicious do you think? Might be a little illegal foreign money there. For sure! Watch you step so you don’t stumble again hillary! We’re watching!

  16. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    One majorrequirement should be for a presidential candidate is to have served in the US
    armed forces to be exposed to discipline, pride and respect for flag and country

  17. CANNOT let that Clinton get in the WH. Our country can’t allow any more of this evil in the White House.

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