Republicans Quick to Denounce Clinton

Being the lone candidate on the Democrat side of the race comes with advantages, but it also leaves Hillary Clinton with a bright red target on the back of her pantsuit. After she officially announced her 2016 candidacy on Sunday, Republicans proved they will not be shy about hitting that target early and often. Nearly every candidate rumored to run for the GOP nomination made it a point to denounce the former secretary of state.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker reminded his supporters on Twitter that Clinton was “the architect of the failed foreign policy we’re seeing executed by President Obama today.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz issued a statement warning that a “Hillary Clinton administration would be no different than an Obama administration.”

Jeb Bush released a short video insisting that “we must do better than the Obama-Clinton foreign policy that has damaged relationships with our allies and emboldened our enemies.” He also criticized liberal domestic policies that have led to a growing national debt.

Perhaps no one cut with a sharper edge than Rand Paul, who is himself only days into his official campaign. Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press, Paul said there was a “grand hypocrisy for the Clintons in the sense that we’ve got this war on women thing that they like to talk about. And yet Hillary Clinton has taken money from countries where rape victims are publicly lashed.” Paul is referring to donations that flowed into the Clinton Foundation from Saudi Arabia, a scandal that the media seems unwilling to pursue with anything approaching integrity.

It’s clear that Republicans have a tremendous advantage, if they are willing to use it. With Hillary flying solo, it’s almost as if they are challenging an incumbent. If the GOP has their wits about them, they will spend the next year hammering Clinton and Obama mercilessly, and they will lay off each other. Save the vicious attacks for the other side. This is the perfect time to present a united front against the liberals who have done so much harm to our country.

The Democrats are putting all of their eggs into this single basket, and it is a basket with some fairly significant holes. If there’s another scandal – or if the sizzle underneath Benghazi or the missing emails gets any hotter – their only reasonable chances of winning the White House are going to swirl down the drain like so much dirty bathwater. This is the perfect opportunity for Republicans to take the presidency back.

All they have to do is not screw it up.

Yeah, exactly.

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