Republicans Outshine Democrats On Key Issue

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The latest Fox News survey released on Sunday showed that the economy remains the most important issue that the country is facing according to 36% of voters. This marks a decline from December when 42% of voters had considered the economy the top priority.

Still, the economy surpasses all other issues in importance by double digits. The second most important the country has to face, according to voters, is immigration/border security with 13% classifying it as the top issue on which they base their votes. Climate change has 10% of voters ranking it as the most important issue, guns 9%; crime, health care, and voting rights/ election integrity each have 7%; abortions 5%, and foreign policy 4%.

There is not a vast difference between Democrats and Republicans, with voters from both parties agreeing that the economy is the top priority. 28% of Democrats consider the economy the most crucial issue, 18% believe it is climate change and 16% believe it is guns. For Republicans, the economy with 43%, and immigration/border security with 24% are the only two issues with double digits.

Voters also believe that the Republicans are better at taking care of border security, national security, the economy, and the federal budget deficit. Democrats, on the other hand, are trusted more with handling climate change, health care, Medicare, Social Security, and abortion.