Republicans Need to Get it Together

House Republicans backed away swiftly from a vote to cripple the Office of Independent Ethics this week after a wave of criticism from both the left and the right. After devising the rule changes in a behind-the-scenes meeting on Monday night, GOP reps came to work on Tuesday to find a barrage of complaints from voters.

According to reports, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy convened a meeting with Republican leaders and asked them a simple question: Did you campaign on a platform to roll back Obamacare, or did you promise voters that you would get rid of the ethics committee?

Shortly after the meeting, Republicans announced they were leaving things the way they were.

Donald Trump himself criticized the original vote on Tuesday, asking Republicans on Twitter if they really had their priorities in order.

“With all that Congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the Independent Ethics Watchdog, as unfair as it may be, their number one act and priority?” asked Trump. “Focus on tax reform, healthcare and so many other things of far greater importance! #DTS”

A few Republicans who had pushed for the measure were still defending it after the reversal.

“Gross misrepresentation by opponents of my amendment, and the media willing to go along with this agenda, resulted in a flurry of misconceptions and unfounded claims about the true purpose of this amendment,” said Rep. Robert Goodlatte in a statement.

That’s probably true, but this really isn’t about the merits of the ethics office. This is about public relations. How can it be that these politicians, who presumably got elected because they know a thing or two about the importance of public perception, thought this should be the first action taken by the new Congress?

Point being, even if the Office of Independent Ethics is an abomination, this just looks like the sleaziest possible move for Republicans to make. Of course your opponents are going to characterize it in the worst possible light. Of course the media is going to use it to make the GOP look corrupt. What else would you possibly expect?

We’re going to need to be a little bit smarter than this going forward. The playing field is not even. It is known. Deal with it. Complaining that you’re being treated unfairly by the media isn’t going to change anything. If the GOP’s success depends on their coverage in the New York Times, then they’re doomed.

Rise above it, get your priorities straight, and stop making unforced errors.

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  1. Republicans need to come together in order to defund or totally eliminate all government programs

  2. Get it together guy. Dems playing you like a fittle

  3. Just remember we put you in office we can take you out. Now start acting like you all have some sense.

    • I wish it was that easy, it can take many elections to get them out.

      • They aren’t going anywhere as long as they have Trump giving them the “common sense” approach instead of the political approach……

    • Trump is the top dog and apparently he has the common sense. He nipped it in the bud right away. He will straighten them out, they are so used to acting like politicians they are about to get a lesson in “real life.”

  4. Republicans need to stop stepping into piles of dog dung every chance they get. Maybe the independent ethics committee is a problem, but to start off trying to ram this through without preparing the groundwork with the public for why it needs to go was dumb. It gives the dems campaign fodder for years to come. “Remember when the first thing the Republicans wanted to do under Trump was to gut the congressional ethics committee? Those Republicans just can’t handle ethics!” Whoever decided that was priority #1 needs to be replaced, right away.

    • Yes, and another thing the Dems will do if The Wall gets build using OUR money (not Mexico’s) is fling that back into Trump’s face as the collective faces of ALL Republicans! They really need to get it together!! NOW!!

  5. Goodlatte needs to get his head screwed on right. Of all the things the public wants corrected right off the bat, the ethics committee has to be far back on any list of actions. Stop supplying the Progressive/Socialists with ammunition to fire back at the Republican party later on for Pete’s sake.

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  6. Speaking of “getting it together” – some of the reports coming out of Congress indicate that they are going to use 2006 legislation, signed into law by GWBush to facilitate building “The Wall.” It paves the way easily since its already on the books, BUT – and here is the alarming part: It’s funding comes directly from the US taxpayer. What happened to Mexico paying for The Wall?

    I thought we got rid of politicians who say one thing and then do something else!!

    • If your speaking of Trump who isn’t inauguratied yet. Thank hussein & hillary for open borders

      • No, Dog Lover, I’m talking about the new Congress and the plans for The Wall. They are planning on using US taxpayer funding. They will be appropriating soon. Trump is in on it and approves. I’m not making this up!
        Same thing with ObamaCare. They will vote on repealing it – with the stipulation that the actual repeal won’t take place right away. Full (actual) repeal later. They are literally kicking the can down the road. Trump approves!
        Supporters are feeling a bit hoodwinked, but don’t take my word – check it out yourself!

        • I’m a Trump supporter 100% and I agree with most of what he says. I do think if they repeal obamacare they need to have something right away to replace it. Because once republicans do ANYTHING with obamacare they are going to own it. I also am a realist and I don’t think it’s going to be smooth sailing right away…..

          • Yes, good thoughts on the repeal. The problem is a real lack of consensus in the GOP on what the “replace” should be – and this is alarming since replacement has been on the table for SIX years – with nothing even resembling a fix. Will it take ANOTHER six years to come up with something, and, yes, Republicans will own it Big Time and the Dems will continue to remind the nation of that fact. If people lose the health insurance they are getting now, if cancer patients are left not being able to afford their chemotherapy, if old people are thrown out in the cold with dwindling Medicare/Medicaid payments….. The list goes on and on – and someone will have to answer for it….

        • Trump will more than likely will be putting a high tax on money transfers from the U.S. to Mexico. Tons of cash go to Mexico from 12 million illegals.

    • Mexico WILL pay for the wall……But Trump explained (time wise) they have to go through Congress first. If I’ve learned anything from Trump is that he won’t back down on his policy promises. We WILL get the wall and Mexico WILL pay for it….He did say during his campaigning that he would charge them for everything they manufactured there and sent across the border….

      • Sounds good, but I would like to see the legislation that 1.) levies x amount per wired remittance to foreign nationals (you can’t just single out Mexico or just south if the border, right?), 2.) establishes new tariffs for goods manufactured in Mexico (etc.) (I’d also like to know how much that will add to MY costs as a consumer – because that’s what happens to tariffs – they just increase the cost to consumers), and 3.) how much we will tack on for oil refining and how much that tacks on to my gas price when we import it.
        I don’t trust Congress – and am wondering why there is no legislation. They are in session!

        • Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet. WE can’t expect him to do more in the weeks leading up to his swearing in than obama has done in 8 years….

          • These are not comments about Mr. Trump. The 115th Congress is in session. I’m simply asking where the legislation is that will facilitate the Mexican “reimbursement.” I know Trump is not “officially” President, but he does influence their thinking and their agenda. So, I’m wondering if they are paying attention to HIS agenda.

          • oh ok, gotcha…..Yeah you are right. I’m just hoping Congress isn’t stupid like they have been since 2010, Trump needs to keep them on their toes…….lol.. And believe me, I think he will….


  8. Our republican party (GOP) “Grand Ole Part” is so very fractured and broken seems to me that they have lost sight of reality !! The Leftist Leaning Socialist democrats have just walked all over the republicans far to long! “We The People” have spoken and we want a forward seeking perspective from congress, both republicans and democrats, Not Business As Usual, like has been the case over the past 8 years !! We must have representation that Honors Our Constitution, Our Security, Our Economy, Our Freedoms and “We The People”!!! “We The People” Must Have Representation that Backs and Supports President Elect Trump and His Administration !!! America Must Have Leadership with Proper and Honorable Convictions, committed to “Making America Great Again”!! No more Corruption, Greed, Thirst Of Power or Cowardliness!! Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong!! Our forefathers would never believe what has become of their courage and their America!!! They put their lives on the line to make it happen and were Not Paid To Do So!!!

  9. Republican leadership is so stupid, that they would play Russian Roulette with a pistol. [Facepalm]

    How many of you believe/fear that Republican leaders like McConnell,, will announce that they will ignore the “Nuclear Rule” the Democrats passed to eliminate the 60% majority needed to approve Cabinet members and Supreme Court Nominees, and require a 60% majority for all positions? OMG, these people are SO spineless and stupid.


    • Corrupt Harry Ried and the Dumborats created the nuclear option! Let it bite them back in thier communist asses

      • I agree; but I remember that after W was sworn in, the Democrats, who had the Nuclear Option when Clinton was in, was eliminated by the Republican Leadership, and they made it nearly impossible for Bush to get his cabinet together, most likely contributing to 9/11.

        Democrats don’t give a flying mascot about National Security, fair play, or doing what’s right; only accumulating power and ruling everyone with an iron fist.

        Republicans don’t give a load of mascot [dung] about National Security and doing what’s right; only about being nice and being liked by the MSM and Democrats, and being involved in the Democrats martinet rule of the proletariat. [Scoff] Spineless Fools. [Scoff]

        • I agree with you efred1, I don’t believe either party really gives a shit about the American people in general. Aside from our votes. I hope and pray President Donald J Trump does care! I hope he can find common ground and get both parties working together, long shot I know.

  10. the real problem is the republicans are always getting in knife fights with republicans rather than stand united and roll over the liberal woosies

    • Re pubs have people that don’t want to play nice. Personal grudges ( McCain , Graham etc ) their constituents need to get them in line. They run tell like a bunch of school girls. Those dumb asses had rather have Barry back than support Trump. Get it together you over payed lackeys!

  11. I do not doubt the Ethics Committee gets involved in investigations through allegations and rumors without evidence and does not follow normal procedures in jurisprudence resulting in the rumors and allegations being released to the press without evidence, bringing a huge public relations nightmare for the target. I understand.

    However, that is not the priority of House Republicans. The priority of House Republicans is to ask the Trump Transition team which matters Trump will address first and what they should do to prepare legislation to support that. Pull together with Trump and his team to bring a fast track to his programs and policies, his overturning of Obamacare, his eliminating of the huge number of Obama’s executive orders, Trump’s building of a wall, about 400 miles can be built (similar distance as the land border with Canada) and erect a virtual wall the rest of the way. These House Republicans need to get behind Trump’s agenda, not their own and they will see much more accomplished in the first 100 days and more!

  12. Congress, help Donald Trump keep his promises or we will help you move.

  13. Hey People, Hold on … after Trump gets sworn in as POTUS …. Look out GOP and Democraps he’s going to kick ALL of Their Idiots Azzzzzzzzzzzzz, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THEY …… better start now practicing doing the “Right Things” because that’s what they’ll have to do sooooooon!!!!!

  14. The pubs need to get their priorities straight, priority one should be backing and defending our choice President elect Trump starting yesterday. After that, only things that make our country safe and prosperous for all citizens. When they get all those things taken care of they can start looking at things they think are unfair to politicians. And we will want to see proof of why their unfair.

  15. Let’s see what President Trump & his administrative body does. You will see a real President working for American citizens not against us like husseinObama.

  16. Get your collective act together. Work on the replacement for “Obamacare”. You need to have this ready to go when Obamacare is repealed. Closing the barn door after the horse gets loose is NOT the way to go.

    • I agree. Right now, Congress is ready to vote on a PRETEND repeal of ObamaCare – with a 2-4 YEAR window for a REAL repeal. It’s an illusion that they are hoping we will fall for. In reality it’s simply kicking the can down the road!!
      Same thing is happening with The Wall. It will be announced that construction is beginning on The Wall and that Mexico will be paying for it. Most of us will fail to read the Fine Print: Congress will be using a law already on the books (passed and signed in 2006). Construction will be funded by the US taxpayer and Mexico will pay “later.”
      The headline of this article is correct: “Republicans Need to Get it Together.”

  17. It is embarrassing for Republicans after 8 years of telling us ” we will abolish Obamacare on day #1 now they appear not ready. Rand Paul says he has a plan ready next week to end Obamacare and begin the new health Insurance the same day, which is what should be done. Let’s see if these weak fools can get their act together or stumble for another 4 years? This is pathetic where is Trump and Pence demanding results, McConnell demanding action and Ryan seeing that all is well done and we don’t look and act like fools, as they have the last 8 years.This is our last chance you fools do not blow it you will never recover.

    • I think you have hit the nail right on the head, FloridaJim! It is VERY embarrassing. It really makes the Republican leadership look ineffectual, weak, and, well, foolish. Too much bluster; not enough brains? As soon as people, who have health insurance now, start losing that insurance, as soon as cancer patients can no longer afford their chemotherapy, as soon as old people lose their Medicare/Medicaid payments, the GOP take the blame. The clock is ticking!!

  18. They sure do.

  19. Republicans need to stop all power of the RINOs. They could do this if they wanted. This is our LAST chance America ! We allow them to screw this one up and we are finished as a nation.

  20. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    With the control of two Houses and the White House the Republicans have to get of their assets instead of patting each other on the back and resting on their laurels, and get our country back in shape and return it from an Muslim Arab controlled Republic back into a Democracy FOR ALL, with family and moral standards, and\\ respect for Law and Order, and get rid of imported foreign agitators and instigators. America voted twice for the black messiah and allowed him to screw up this country deeper in debt ROYALLY and he sold us out to Islam. Let’s give the anointed one his chance and let him really do a MAN’s job without the assistance of a nanny!

  21. LOL Liberals who are in the worse shape they have been in since 1929 are preaching to the republicans? Seriously? They need to ask themselves why they lost over 1,000 legislative seats, the house, the senate, 37 governorships and now the presidency since 2008. And they are giving the WINNERS advice? That’s good though because as long as they keep denying the longer the republicans will be in control…..

  22. Richard Daugherty

    It is time for these crooks to come to the table. If they don’t they are going to be in for a real eye opener. The people have spoken. It will not be business as usual. I still do not think they have gotten the message. We do need term limits. I believe it will have to be Convention of States that pushes this forward as they will not police themselves.We need to have people in office who are truly in the fight. That is we the people. Anyone needs to be able to attain office. The lawyers need to go . Change is in the air.

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