Republicans Look To DeSantis for Help

Former President Donald Trump announced that he would be placing a third bid for the White House. However, his announcement was met with an underwhelming response.

Trump had previously promised following his 2016 presidential win that Republicans would get “tired of winning.” However, 2016 was also the last major victory for the Republican party as in the following midterm elections they lost both the Senate and the House. In 2020, Trump lost to current President Joe Biden. Finally, 2022 has also been underwhelming for the Republican party as they managed to win the House with a narrow majority but did not manage to win the Senate.

However, despite his election losses, Trump did manage to deliver on the promised tax cuts, and more immigration control, he increased energy production, fought against the Islamic State without waging any new wars and even added enough Justices to the Supreme Court for Roe to be overturned.

Still, his personality has left even Republicans in a dilemma as many are moving away from Trump who has been proven to be a flawed candidate.

Gov. Ron DeSantis has lately become the biggest threat to Trump as many view him as someone who embodies the GOP’s policies without all of the drama that is usually attached to Trump.

DeSantis has a similar unapologetic approach, but he has still managed to continue winning and even helped a “red wave” materialize in Florida.

However, as DeSantis is in some ways a continuation of Trump’s stance many are wondering whether voters are going to look at DeSantis in the same way they do at Trump. Meaning that Never Trump could very quickly become Never DeSantis.

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  1. I would like to see a Don-Ron ticket, or even a Ron-Don ticket. Those 2 should get together to fight for our country.

    • you will never see Ron-Don ticket. a Don-Ron would be nice Trump had this country at its best in decades. It’s a damn shame the uninformed do not know that. “none so blind as those who refuse to see”, Trump 24 and get back to what we need to be done again.

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  3. Desantis is not known enough at all , he may even be a dictator, sorry but don’t know enough, he is from Cuba land of dictator so NO way not till he’s been around awhile and we really see what he is, yes be the Vice President under Trump if he does well then in 4 years will vote for him, but not now and Florida better not change the rules laws to allow him to run or keep his job, no better than the democratic communist that try and change the rules laws to suit them

  4. No to Trump
    No to Desantis
    No yo Biden

    We need somebody that is neutral not someone that wants to continually fight the republicans or the democrats. Right now that is what we have, the 2 sides constantly fighting over everything and talking trash about each other. The country will never get better like this. Im so sick of seeing this as I’m sure most people are. This country needs people in office that truly have the peoples best interest in mind and that are willing to compromise and work together as a strong positive Government to make America strong again. It is not going to happen the way things are now and these tree guys are definitely not going to make it better.

    • good luck finding someone with those tributes in politics.

    • Yeah……good. Luck with that! Let’s get the country back in good shape with Trump I don’t like the fighting either but I want the country to be in good shape and Trump is the one that can do it because he’s got guts and he’s got balls

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