Republicans Look For Senate Reset

Republicans are hoping to hit the reset button of their Senate midterm campaigns as current poll numbers and stories show that the Democrats are gaining momentum. Following the primaries, many Senate GOP candidates are struggling to gain the momentum that they had hoped for.

Some GOP leaders have also expressed doubts about the “candidate quality” and have questioned whether the party would be able to win a majority. To assist in key battles, the GOP appears to be shifting funds around and trying to change the message as they try to increase their chances of winning.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) also led his fundraiser for three candidates in a critical state. The fundraiser showcased Republican Senate candidates Mehmet Oz, who is in the Pennsylvania race; Herschel Walker, in Georgia; and Rep. Ted Budd, who is seeking a spot in the upper chamber representing North Carolina.

All three of these candidates have previously been endorsed by former President trump. However, in recent polls, they seem to be lagging behind their Democratic opponents. Oz and Walker are having a particularly hard time as they are surrounded by controversies.

Democratic Senate nominees currently appear to be leading Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin. This has shifted the Republican optimism that they would be able to win the Senate. McConnell even noted that they might be more capable of flipping the House rather than the Senate.

According to a poll, Democrats are favored in the Senate race in a 33 percent to 34 percent ratio.

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  1. psst Staff writers — never in my 92 years have i seen our Country in such a divided dissaray and i lived as a kid through the Depression of the 30’s —and had to eat out of garbage buckets to survive through grade school—lol

  2. The problem is called ‘Ranked-Choice’ just another way the demons can swing an election. Alaska legislature voted for this, that is why Sara Palin lost her election. There are other states that have passed this ‘loco’ legislation.

  3. The GOP Republicans, the RINO Republicans and the “Never Trump” Republicans are the PROBLEM! Even when the Republicans have a clear majority, they never seem to do anything to control the damage the Democrats do to this country on a daily basis! They are just weak tea Democrats, and only serve themselves, much like the Democrats… You want to see improvement in our government and country? TERM LIMITS FOR ALL Government employees, especially CONGRESS! CANCEL the new 87 thousand IRS Agents! Our government has been doing just fine without them! Stop all the pet projects, and Pork! Damn, Folks, we can’t allow the “Business, as usual” attitude that is so prevalent these days to continue…

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