Republicans Fighting to Keep 1619 Project Out of Public Schools

According to a new (extraordinarily biased) report from the website “The 19th,” Republicans in several states are taking legislative action to keep the 1619 Project out of public schools. The curriculum, developed by using The New York Times project as its baseline, is dedicated to reimagining American history through a lens of racism. Republicans say that this form of instruction is closer to activist indoctrination than actual history, and they want to defund schools that perpetuate the lies.

From The 19th:

Lawmakers in several statehouses this year want to stop lesson plans that focus on the centrality of slavery to American history as presented in the New York Times’ 1619 Project, previewing new battles in states over control of civics education.

Republican lawmakers in Arkansas, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri and South Dakota filed bills last month that, if enacted, would cut funding to K-12 schools and colleges that provide lessons derived from the award-winning project.

Some historians say the bills are part of a larger effort by Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, to glorify a more White and patriarchal view of American history that downplays the ugly legacy of slavery and the contributions of Black people, Native Americans, women and others present during the nation’s founding.

Oh, is that what “some historians” say? Got news for you guys: some historians regard the 1619 Project as a tragedy of fake news, and they include some of the most prestigious, learned scholars in the field. They come into conflict with the project’s creator, Nikole Hannah-Jones, who is not a historian of any kind and can be found on any given day acting like a spoiled brat on social media.

On Tuesday, Republicans in the Iowa legislature moved forward with a bill that would cut funding to any schools that teach Hannah-Jones’s propaganda to students.

“The 1619 Project seeks to tear down America, not lift her up,” said state Rep. Skylar Wheeler. “It seeks to divide, not unify. It aims to distort facts, not merely teach them. It does so as leftist political propaganda masquerading as history.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. If the purpose of an American history class is not to teach the facts, as well as we can gather them, in as straightforward and unedited manner as possible, then that class is betraying its students. We have it from Hannah-Jones herself that the 1619 Project was not meant as a “true history” but rather a vehicle for racial activism. That may meet the standard of the New York Times, but it has no place in our schools.

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