Republicans Evacuate Blue States

A new Trafalgar/COSA national survey shows that many Republicans and independents have been moving to different states whose policies align with their beliefs.

Mark Meckler, President of the Convention of States Action, noted that since the CIVD-19 outbreak there has been a large number of citizens who have left from blue states and moved to different areas. This is further evident in the results of the 2022 election, where many of “the red states got redder, and the blue states got bluer.” The survey was conducted by the Convention of States Action in partnership with The Trafalgar Group.

He added that this pattern is going to accelerate further as the focus is shifting from national policies to state and regional policies. This is more similar to the way that the country functioned in its founding.

According to the survey, around 4.1% of independents said that they had relocated in the past 3 years to a region that was aligned with their personal beliefs, while 4.4% of Republicans said the same. In the meantime, only around 1.1% of Democrats disclosed a relocation for a similar reason.

The survey also showed that 9.6% of independents are currently planning to relocate within the next year to a different region due to it aligning further with their personal beliefs. This is something that 10.4% of Republicans are also planning on doing.

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