Republicans Double Down On Democrats With Shocking Move

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, Rep. Chuck Edwards (R-NC) brought forward a bill that would cancel the House recess in August if it did not manage to pass the 12 appropriations bills. 

The “Do Our Job Act” would only allow for August recess to start if the bills have been passed. This is the longest Congressional recess in the year. 

In his remarks on the House floor, Edwards argued that Americans were not going home before finishing their job, and questioned why this was something that they should do in Congress. In the last five decades that the House has dealt with this appropriation process, Congress has only managed to pass all 12 appropriations bills on time four times.  He continued by arguing that the American people have shown patience and that it was time for lawmakers to work to keep the government running and represent the people’s interests. He added that it’s time for them to work to pass the appropriations bills and ensure that they pass every year. 

House Republicans have claimed that it is their priority to pass all 12 bills before the August recess. This is particularly important as this process was a main contributor to the ousting of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) last year. Currently, there is increasing discontent with Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) within the party. 

Johnson has not managed to reach a government funding deal with the Senate, and with the funding deadline in September swiftly approaching, it could result in another year where a conflict erupts regarding the appropriations process.

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