Republicans Demand Biden Secure Border

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, a group of Senate Republicans, spearheaded by Florida’s Senator Marco Rubio, addressed a correspondence to President Joe Biden, pressing for an extension of the southern border wall construction. They called on the President to present a revised supplementary funding proposal to Congress to secure the necessary finances for this initiative.

The 13 Senators, while recognizing President Biden’s recent decision to recommence building a 20-mile section of the border wall in Starr County, Texas, emphasized the necessity for further measures to curb the ongoing surge in unauthorized immigration.

They acknowledged the current administration’s partial continuation of the previous administration’s border wall project as a measure against heightened illegal entry rates but insisted that the efforts need scaling up.

Earlier on October 4th, the Biden administration had declared an exemption for 26 federal statutes to facilitate the wall’s construction, pointing out the dire and pressing demand for tangible barriers. This move, however, was met with criticism from progressive factions. Subsequently, the administration clarified that it wasn’t adopting a fresh stance concerning border walls, attributing ongoing construction to allocated funds during President Trump’s tenure designated explicitly for this purpose

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has stated that the administration envisions effective border control as a multifaceted strategy, encompassing advanced border monitoring technology and upgraded entry points. For these initiatives to materialize, the administration has emphasized the necessity for targeted congressional funding.

Nevertheless, Senate Republicans hold a differing view.

They argued in their letter that while technology holds value for border management, it cannot replace the tangible hindrance a physical barrier presents, a requirement they believe is legally and practically essential amid ongoing border challenges.

The collective of Senators is essentially appealing to President Biden to reconsider his funding request from August 2023, advising an explicit inclusion of extra funds earmarked for construction.

They pointed out that the current plan only accounts for roughly 20 miles of new border wall, which they deem insufficient in addressing the unprecedented scale of unauthorized immigration. They contend that erecting additional lengths of the border wall is imperative for safeguarding American localities.

The communication was endorsed by Republican Senators including Rick Scott, Tommy Tuberville, Mike Braun, Kevin Cramer, Dan Sullivan, Cynthia Lummis, Katie Boyd Britt, Bill Cassidy, Mitt Romney, Steve Daines, Deb Fischer, and John Hoeven, alongside Marco Rubio.

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