Republicans Declare War On The NFL

Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

( – Former Arizona gubernatorial contender Kari Lake expressed her discontent with the NFL on Thursday evening, just as the Kansas City Chiefs were preparing to play against the Detroit Lions.

During the pre-match events, a community youth choir presented “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, often referred to as the Black national anthem. This performance was followed by “The Star-Spangled Banner”. Lake shared her objection to this sequence on X, the platform once known as Twitter.

Lake commented, “It seems the @NFL continues to push this polarizing agenda. I refuse to support it. To clarify, America recognizes only ONE National Anthem, which transcends race.”

Her statement was accompanied by an image of her seated during the performance of the Black national anthem at Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona. This particular rendition led to a slew of reactions, both from Lake and various other individuals online.

The NFL had previously played “Lift Every Voice and Sing” during Super Bowl LVI and the 2021 draft in April. The song was performed by Mary Mary before the Super Bowl match featuring the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals the prior year.

The decision by the NFL to incorporate the Black national anthem commenced in the 2020 season in response to George Floyd’s tragic death due to the actions of Minneapolis law enforcement. This unfortunate event initiated a series of movements opposing racial prejudice in America.

Recognized as the Black national anthem by many, the NAACP started endorsing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” in that capacity in 1917.

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