Republicans Build Election Army Before Midterms

The Republican Party has recruited more than 45,000 poll watchers and workers who are stationed in key battleground states ahead of the November midterm elections.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said that the RNC was focused on creating the space in which November’s midterm elections could be “free, fair, and transparent. This bipartisan poll observation is meant to help safeguard the elections and it is a move that many pollsters have said they would like to see.

She also added that GOP lawmakers wanted to ensure that confidence in the American election process would be restored, which is partly why they have recruited 12,000 more poll watchers and workers since July.

According to the report published the RNC has invested in 17 states along with election integrity directors and 35 in-state election integrity councils. These moves are a response to the unfounded allegations of widespread voter fraud during the 2020 presidential elections. No evidence has ever been found to support these claims.

For weeks now Republicans have been leading the polls and many were expecting a landslide win. This was also supported by the historical evidence that the ruling party tends to lose their first midterm elections. However, in the last few months, U.S. President Joe Biden’s approval rates and overall popularity have begun increasing.

In part, this is because of the lowering of gas prices, and the relief provided to cover some of the high cost of living. Last month Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s leader and a key figure behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks, was announced to have been killed by a U.S. drone strike in Afghanistan.

Many are also supporting the Democrats in light of the recent Supreme Court decision to overrule Roe v. Wade.

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  1. They are not unfounded allegations. Quit supporting the fraud the establishment is putting on the American people.

    • Amen, who is the idiot who wrote this. Youd have to be a worm under a rock to not have seen numerous cases of fraud which were later prived. But liberal judges wouldnt allow some of the evidence in.

      • There was no evidence. That was the problem!! All the lawyers kept announcing in court that “we will get you the evidence as soon as we have it.”
        2,000 Mules: innuendo, fuzzy options, couldabeens… still no evidence.
        “The cheaters did such a good job that we cannot find the evidence…”

      • There has been many cases of voter fraud many states stood up in front of biden to present their findings but biden refused to hear them because he knew he was caught he stole votes from michigan he said there were no mail in votes in michigan for trump when 4 of my family members did mail in voting and they voted for trump plus 10 of my sisters friends and me and my fiance voted for trump in person so we would like to see if our votes were changed

    • That statement was a joke, wasn’t it? Who could write that with a straight face?

    • The deep state is in full control of the misleading media.

  2. watch the gas prices skyrocket after the midterms. you can’t buy votes, or can you? same for the illegal maneuver of pardoning debt for debtors, and placing their obligations on those who chose to work for a living instead of incurring insurmountable debt to party in college. those “poor” college kids are making twice the money of those they pawned their responsibility off on. one woman lives in a 900,000 mansion, is worth 1.6 million at age 62, and has many high end degrees. she publicly stated she would not repay the balance of 71,000. she wrote an op-ed on this which was published on msn weeks ago. many in the current administration and congress owe 100,000 or more. one Georgia congresswomans husband owes 250,000. I refuse to pay for this.

  3. We need all the support and stamina to overcome the ruthless democrat communists!! No pussy footing around ANYMORE!!!

  4. No evidence of voter fraud? Scratch you off the useful source list.

  5. There is no evidence of these stolen election allegations? Is that just because no one was willing to investigate or report them? Common sense alone would tell you that an elderly man suffering from dementia and campaigning from his basement was not going to get a lot of votes. The rallies he did hold had very little attendance. Common sense would tell you that when there’s proof that votes were taken from President Trump and given to Biden that there was cheating involved. The Dominion machines were not secure; Germany knew what was happening before we did. And look where this has gotten us now. Into an unbelievable debacle never before seen in the United States. Garbage programs with no plans. Spending out of control. You know, we supposedly vote them in; there ought to be a trial period where if they don’t meet the job duties we can get them out.

  6. “No evidence has ever been found to support these claims.” That is a ridiculously biased and untrue statement. Apparently the writer is not aware some election officials have ALREADY admitted guilt in these affairs. Patriot News Daily is apparently looking to trim their subscription list.

  7. Unfortunately the Republicans have been asleep at the wheel and they’ve been out foxed by the dishonorable Dem’Rats who will lie, cheat, steal or kill to stay in power.they’re goal is to destroy the middle class so that they can enslave us. Socialism is just another name for Communism, there’s no difference because Dictators will always find a way to take over socialists. Beware America!

  8. Your right about the gas prices after the election, they will sky rocket up when Biden shuts down the strategic oil reserves he’s been tapping into and selling to the Chinese. I can’t believe the whole fucking DC is corrupted this badly. He should be arrested for treason and every other thing else crime has has committed.

  9. You are sooooo right.

  10. Are you a secret DIM organization??? You talk out of both sides of your mouth. Most Republicans KNOW what the left thinks, and we on the right could give a damn about there lies and thinking, so don’t waste time with a counter-narrative.

  11. Why can’t elections be done on the one Tuesday in November like before? There is absolutely no reason to have any voting 2 months before election day. Every legal citizen has months or even years of advance notice when voting happens, plenty of time to plan your ride or what you need to get to your voting precinct. This early voting is only helping the cheating Dems. Same with mail in votes. Update the voting rolls too so dead people cant vote!

  12. Our over supply is due to Obiden is releasing and selling the oil reserves Trump built during his time in office!!!

  13. Unfounded allegations of election fraud in the 2020 elections? Get real. The person who wrote or made that statement must be one of those television commentators who kept repeating the mantra about peaceful demonstrations while we watched buildings being burned down, police officers being pelted with rocks and bricks, and looters hauling away goods from stores. The 2020 election was stolen and any sensible person knows it.

  14. As soon as the Midterms are in and we take over the House and Senate we need to elect a new Speaker of the House who will take charge and lead the way into impeaching Biden AND Harris and getting our nation back under control with this foolish spending and Democratic spending that is out of control. Many, if not most of those spending bills must be repealed! Understand that this Speaker will end up being the POTUS for the next two years so he must be a great pick. I am not sure that Jim Jordon is the best choice for that job. Choose well people, Choose well. Additionally, Mitch McConnell hast to go as well. He is a RINO at best and totally unfit to be the Senate Majority Leader. Might I suggest that Sen. Ted Cruz that that position.

  15. We need an election army to deal with as Biden himself said we have the biggest election fraud put together and he was absolutely correct. Let’s win big, the polls are underestimating the red tidal wave. So many are completely fed up with Democrats rule

  16. Joey is still the same old vindictive joey that he always was,nothing has changed.After midterm elections this entity will return to the same old corrupt vindictive entity that he has always been.

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