Republican Warns Biden Is Doomed

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. has said that he is confident that the GOP will manage to gain control of both the House and Senate in the midterm elections.

Graham discussed the upcoming elections with Ainsley Earhardt on “Fox & Friends”.

Graham said that he believed they would manage to get at least 25 pickups in the house. He said that the Senate is a bit more complicated with 5 key races that he has his attention turned to, specifically he said that Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia will prove to be important races. He also added that in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania results appear to be tied.

The Senator also disclosed that all of the donations he receives through his website will be given to support those five key races.

He then added that he believed they would take the house and that they would manage to be around 52 or 53 in the Senate. And that if they win the first bill will focus on securing the border and the second bill will be focused on domestic gas and oil. He also added that the country should focus on gaining energy independence.

Graham also said that the 2022 midterm elections are a “backlash election to the most radical agenda in American history.” He also continued to say that the reason Biden is not actively present is that his plans and ideas are not working. This, Graham says, is why Biden is “so unpopular”.

The Senator also added that Americans would vote against having a broken border and extremely high inflation rates. He added that this has also caused fear among Americans who are worried about the state of the economy.

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  1. Bemused Berserker

    Most people I’ve talked with who voted for McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants are mad. They feel like they were sold a bill of goods by the DNC, that has become more obvious with each passing day. Nearly 50% of those I’ve spoken with expressed regret within a month of Biden’s installation into office. Especially after the slew of XO’s that no one in the DNC even considered what the Cons of each would have (Biden’s War on Domestic Energy Production a real good example).
    More than half of those I’ve spoken with have finally realized Biden’s Pathological Lying.

  2. Biden has always been a pathological liar and an idiot. That being said this country is doomed and it will take years to undo the damage the democrats have done to the country in less then 2 years if the republicans don’t win.

    • the present-day republican party especially the election deniers. Technically, “fascism” doesn’t apply to any movement after World War II. People who share similar beliefs today are usually called neo-fascists. (The American Nazi party would fall into this category.) There are also “post-fascists,” or people with fascistic beliefs who participate in electoral democracy, instead of trying to enforce the one-party rule. It’s certainly appropriate, though, to identify modern political leaders and parties who borrow ideas or tactics from fascism as “fascist,” even if they don’t swallow the ideology whole. Best describes what’s going on in the Reichwing republican party of today, Republicans in name only that want to control the ballot box like the election deniers which will lead to a dictatorship of our election process is what is going on in many states putting Sec of states who are election deniers in many states where they could send electoral college slates that would vote to the Sec of States and legislature own desires which is how the Fascist operate. Todays Reich-wing republicans are not your fathers Republican party.

      • That’s funny! Considering your party is funded by George Soros, who admitted on 60 Minutes he loved Adolph Hitler and his ideas. It’s typical for jackasses you to project your own beliefs on other people. Soros does it too! Pathetic really but that’s all dems got that and a lifetime of failure. And I guess your dumbass forgot that Hillary still hasn’t conceded the 2016 election. And Stacy Abrams just got around to it last week. Al Gore did it too. The plain fact that the corrupt FBI worked with social media giants to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop truth just before the election is an indirect cheat itself. .
        What we conservatives do know is that democrats that like killing babies, that democrats that want to defund police and let murderers out of prison. That democrats that support grooming and mutilating children for their sexual pleasure, all the above, goes to motive. People that have such twisted beliefs are definitely capable of cheating.
        So Glen you are either really very ignorant or you are guilty of all the above.
        I’m thinking both.

    • Biden has not told the truth on anything for as long as he’s held public office, and probably before that. His word can’t be trusted on anything.

  3. Graham is simply a robotic clone of Trump, who did absolutely nothing to support seniors. This absolute BS.

    • Well 1.6% inflation would be a good place to start? Tax rate reduction and 2 page tax return? Low interest rates? Secured the border which has now been overrun? Taxed the rich with a &10k limit on property tax write offs? Gas prices were lowered with his energy policy? Asked NATO members to pay their fair share. Reworked NAFTA to make it more attractive to Americans, Bowed out of the Global Warming Accord due only US was held accountable, Chinese tariffs instituted. Dang the list is long

      • And then we had a pandemic that he mishandled big and the Democrats and Biden are putting the country back together which has been a real challenge the way Trump screwed it up.

        • Brainwashed fool,UNAMERICAN MAGGOT POS

        • What are Biden and his cronies doing to put the country back together? He ruined our economy by shutting it down and flooding the country the printed money, resulting in double digit inflation. This was compounded by shutting down energy production. He is in Xi Jinping’s back pocket. Don’t tell us that he is putting the country back together.

  4. I see not every one here is a Patriot? Trump is the only way to save our Country our freedoms our rights to vote and not be cheated by the left (Demorats and lying Liberals) and money backers , that want the USA USA to go down the drain, one way or the other! Time to stand up and be counted True Americans! Save the future for your children and grandchildren, so vote wisely or kiss your ass good bye! God bless The USA USA!

  5. The GOP Reich wing republicans have put forth a slew of candidates that are not only not qualified but are hell-bent on destroying democracy in America, ref. the election deniers that are running in many of the state legislatures and Sec. of states. Walker and OZ are prime examples and many other states where the democrats have superior candidates and the GOP candidates with their flawed candidates are actually running close races, tells you what Trump has done to the electorate and the Republican party. Why are so many people so blind as to what’s happening is what is so scary. “I don’t believe there is a Republican Party at this point. I think we have a Trumplican party, and like many other Republicans, I consider myself politically homeless,” said the woman, who identified herself as Brenda. “There is nothing that I see in today’s Republican Party that even remotely resembles the values, you know, the ideals, everything that I believed in that led me to join the Republican Party, all of that’s gone. Where is the honor? Where is the integrity?” Brenda and many others like her place the blame for the GOP’s descent into darkness squarely on the actions of Trump, his vitriolic rhetoric, and his Make America Great Again movement’s exploitation of right-wing racial animosity toward American society. “What Trump did,” Brenda explained, “is he took the hate, he took the ugly, he took the bigotry and the racism, and he laid it out on the Resolute Desk and he stamped it.

    • Who is Brenda??
      Your whore wife?? Maybe one of your blowup dolls??
      Your making stuff up just like Hillary’s fake dossier.
      That’s sad. Typical but sad.

  6. Glen, you are a sad, strange little man and you have my pity. It’s hard to comprehend that you actually believe the garbage you are espousing. Do you seriously believe John Fetterman is a qualified candidate? Go back and watch the debate. Dr. Oz was composed, articulate and professional. Fetterman was a bumbling fool, just like all of the other Democrats running across the U.S. I would be proud to change the name of the Republican Party to the Trumplican party. Now that man is a leader who gets the job done right. I hope and pray he gets re-elected two years from now, along with a slew of your so-called unqualified Republicans. It’s scary to think that about 35 % of people who call themselves Americans think like you. Thirty years ago, the kooks only represented about 10%. That’s what today’s colleges have done, indoctrinating the impressionable minds of teenagers who become left-wing, bleeding heart socialists/communists. We’ve got to change that and right the ship before it’s too late. All you fellow patriots out there should support PragerU and other organizations like it to promote a conservative, rational viewpoint on political, economic and sociological topics. That is how we can Make America Great Again and save our beloved country, and gets the kooks back down to the manageable 10%. Let’s go Brandon and God bless America!

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