Republican Voters Ditch Trump

Former President Donald Trump’s midterm failures have led to his support within the GOP waning. According to news reports, many Republicans want to see him face criminal convictions.

Trump has been teasing a potential 2024 presidential campaign for months now. Many have even argued that it is possible he is using the campaign in order to fend off any potential prosecutions as he currently has a number of investigations against him. According to reports, Trump had been hoping that he would be able to announce a candidacy following the midterm elections where many of his endorsed candidates would have been successful. However, this 2022 midterm election has been particularly good for Democrats, while Trump’s candidates underperformed in many key races. This has led to Republicans doubting whether Trump would be a good 2024 candidate.

On Sunday a report was published by the Daily Beast in which multiple current and former attorneys and general legal experts discussed the legal situation Trump is facing. Most noted that he probably wanted to use the 2024 election in order to avoid facing any criminal prosecution. They also continued to say that as many of the investigations are too far along, Trump might not be able to avoid them. According to some reports Attorney General Merrick Garland was going to seek to indict Trump after the midterms. This was to avoid any claims that the indictment was used as a way of swaying voters in the midterm elections.

Despite all the criticism, Trump is still expected to announce his candidacy on Tuesday.

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  1. I think this is the modern example of the BRIT HUMES of the world to deny Trump his third shot at the Presidency! I agree there are a lot of “Naysayers that predict Doom & Gloom!”
    BUT, who among us had paid a higher PRICE THAN TRUMP?
    I think condemning the man that Got the USA a Vaxcine 1st before ANY OTHER COUNTRY, deserves just a little bit of RESPECT!
    Good Luck on performing His Crucifixion! It may NOT GET DONE?

  2. Sure, the Daily Beast is where I go to get all of my news about Republicans. In the end, I do not believe that the Democrats retained the House and they didn’t pick up much in the Senate. Merrick Garland and the Biden administration will always appear to be prosecuting the opponent. Wasn’t Trump impeached for something that looked like that? and Joe Biden wasn’t even running at the time.

  3. Children may…adults don’t.

  4. How is this “TRUMP’S FAULT” when the PROOF of RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD (AGAIN) by the DEMOCOMMUNISTS, their “deep state wealthy elite CABAL” , “handlers” and their foreign operators that AGAIN RIGGED THE “voting machines and changed the “algorithms” to “favor” the democommunists, was right out there in “REAL TIME”, and in the open for all to see, if they actually CARED?
    CLUELESS BRAINWASHED SHEEP seem to think our RIGGED, STOLEN, “elections” are ‘free and fair” when the EVIDENCE and PROOF are right there in front of their “lying eyes”?

  5. The Leftist media is pushing the “blame” for midterm elections on President Trump, but I believe there are others that are much more to blame than he! The RINOs and the Dims are afraid of the man and do not want him in the driver’s seat again, but that goes to show you that is exactly what we need! Like others have stated…the man has endured more than any president should have to and he still wants to work for the betterment of the country and the people.

  6. He’s got my vote!!!!
    In fact if we get rid of all the CROOKED ELECTIONS we wouldn’t even be having this RETARDED discussion!

  7. I am writing to your site and other conservative sites that are writing this garbage!  Knock off the BS on Trump!  You better get your “S” together as the media and stop trying to push Trump and DeSantis into a fighting match.  They are both excellent but if you conservative media and Republicans had any smarts and strategy you KNOW we need Trump in the White house with DeSantis and Abbott to keep their states strong and Red while Trump fixes the disaster caused by the democrats, liberals AND RINOs to this country!  

    Trump is the right one to deal with this crappy country right now and fight back with the current moronic administration.  There is only one place for people like the Bidens, Harris, Pelosis, Waters, Schiff, Warren, Nadler, Schumer, the squad, Obama’s, Clinton’s, Hochul, Whitmer, Newsome, BLM andANTIFA followers belong; in prison or facing capital punishment.  

    Trump can spin circles around anyone to get things done quickly, push to get things done aggessively that would take others years to attempt to get done and he needs you ALL as Republicans behind him 1000%.  Quit bitching and whining about mid terms and get in there to help him.  If you wanted better results you all should have fought harder for it!  People like Pence, Murkowski, Collins, Bush, Kinzinger, Cheney, are examples of those afraid because they are in bed with the Democrats.  You Republicans except for a few are really starting to act pathetic.  This party CANNOT be run by a few people!

    You are doing what the regular media and democrats do, throw others under the bus and implode on themselves.  Murdoch HAS billions and if he was so worried about having the right candidates or the candidates getting in, he and other Republican backers should have put more money out, like Soros or other liberal elitist do for the Democrats to ensure those candidates get in.  I can’t believe you people STILL HAVEN’T LEARNED A LESSON from the tactics from the Democrats.  GET IT TOGETHER REPUBLICANS! You want to win any more elections you better fight fire with fire and NO ONE else has that like Trump.  He is ALL strategy and works at a level NO ONE ELSE DOES!  Trump is NOT afraid od Democrats, liberals, and RINO’S and you Never Trumpers are afraid.  You should be because he can do what no other President can, Fight and Fight hard!  We need this country back and NOT run by the gutter trash of society which includes NEVER TRUMPERS!

    You can kid yourselves all you want but Trump is the right person to put back in the White House and he tells you exactly what he thinks whether you like it or not, GET OVER IT!  He makes the BEST decisions!  You all are starting to sound like whiney liberal snowflakes rather than having the balls to get behind Trump.  He didn’t fail us, the country and Republicans failed him!  Shame on us for also letting this country go to hell by allowing corruption, fraud, and poor values to lead this country!  Poor babies got offended.  I am sick to death of adults acting like children.  Maybe you shouldn’t be so thin skinned and act like adults!

    You and others want this country back take control at the Presidential level AND the state by having the other Republican governors step up to manage their states like DeSantis and Abbott have.

    You “F” around like you are now, you will see us lose election after election.  The democrats are stealing ballots and committing fraud.  Go and fix the problems not throw the best President we have had in a long time under the bus, what’s wrong with you all?  I am so disgusted at the stupidity I am hearing within the ranks after mid terms.  By all means go play the victims rather than be the solution.  The Democrats excel at it and part of the Republicans are acting just like them!

    A very STRONG message to the country and Democrats would be for all candidates to step back at the RNC and say I stand behind TRUMP, EVERY SINGLE ONE, so you have one mind and one candidate, TRUMP!  

    DeSantis has years where he can be the next Trump to continue that Legacy once he has groomed someone to continue that Legacy in Florida, or Abbott, or any other STRONG candidate!  

    Pence is definitely not an option and needs to retire.  He screwed Trump at election time and January 6th due to caving to pressure.  Trump wouldn’t have! Time for them to go!  Cheney shouldn’t even be allowed to be in politics anymore.  Keep thos non options out!  Be smart Republicans NOT stupid!


    • Thank you I’ve been trying to get all of that across to the Republicans myself. You should plaster this all over the place wherever you can. Now is not the time for maga to divide, we are so many and without the underhandedness of the Democrats and the media we could win hands down. He’s mentioned keri for VP DeSantis can run in 28 and he’d also win

    • This “Patriot news” is nothing but a plant. It exists only to discourage real Americans. I’m blocking it from now on.

  8. How is this ‘patriot news’? Who are the people writing this garbage? Do NOT listen to this crap! Trump can’t be convicted because he has NOT committed any crime! I am unsubscribing from this lying ‘newsletter’. Republicans better WAKE UP and see that the Dems want us divided!! It’s the only way they can win, other than by cheating which is what they do.

  9. What a bunch of nonsense. Those who failed the American people are McConnell and most of the sitting members of Congress and the Senate. Mitch “The Moron” McConnell actually spent most of his time criticizing and attacking our candidates and the majority of the GOP already in office just sat on their hands and did nothing to help those we had running. Trump, on the other hand, spent his own money and got out to support all our candidates and no matter what the RINO idiots in Washington have to say about the results, we still took the House, which is all Trump said we would probably be able to do. He never predicted a Senate win. In fact, he said that winning the Senate would be a very difficult task to achieve. Anyone who doesn’t believe that needs to go back and listen to his speeches.

    In closing, for all those attacking Trump for our mid-term results, how about taking into account that the majority of those he supported actually won their races. Not a bad record, considering that the only ones who supported them were Trump and a handful of others in the GOP. Every other Republican in Washington should hang their heads in shame or preferably plan to retire when their terms expire to allow some real Conservatives on the ballot to take their places.

  10. This is Fake News being spewed like poison by swamp globalist Republicans like Paul Ryan, a Never Trumper on the Newscorp/Fox News board of directors, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence and other scorned and disgraced politicians with plenty of skeletons of their own including financial ties to communist china

  11. He is a looser not fit to lead our country

  12. Trump cares about America. He loves America.

    Biden left a lot of expensive military equipment overseas that can be used against us if they choose to do so. Trump would have never done such a thing to our country.

    I am glad to see Hunter is finally being investigated. I can’t wait to see the outcome of this investigation

    Trump would have never opened up the border and let all these people into America without some kind of log on everyone of them. He would have sent qualified people to their country to help them survive by showing them how to work and make
    the products they needed to survive. I feel sorry for all these displaced people. It is really sad and you can see the pain in
    thier faces for fear of what will happen to them next. Pitaful, really pitafull!

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