Republican Refuses To Stand Down In Investigation

Photo by Matthew Bornhorst on Unsplash

( – Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) on Sunday refused to pledge that there would not be a new House committee focused on the investigative probes into the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack despite the fact that the Department of Justice also has an ongoing inquiry on the matter.

Perry told ABC’s “This Week” that there is no reason for him or anyone else to be limited just because some accusations have already been made. As he noted, “Everybody in America is innocent until proven guilty.”

During his discussion with host George Stephanopoulos, Perry was asked if it would be a conflict for him as he was “also part of the investigation?”

Perry however countered this argument by saying that in Congress there were always people who disagreed with each other, but that does not stop them from having the right to exercise the oversight and investigative powers that the position gives them. In fact, Perry argues that it is their “charge” to do so and that it is appropriate for members to investigate regardless of what accusations are being made against them.

Newly elected Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has also indicated that while the GOP held the House majority they would look to investigate the work that the House select committee investigating Jan. 6 had undertaken in the last year, as well as probe into the federal investigation.

In connection to the riots, Perry’s phone had been seized by the DOJ as part of their investigation. Email exchanges between Perry and John Eastman, former Trump attorney, have also been part of the investigation.

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