Republican Party Locks Down Entire State

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

( – Following the three runoff races in Louisiana, the Republicans will have full control of every elected statewide office in the state, including the secretary of state, treasurer, and attorney general.

This is a major win for the GOP as Louisiana has had a Democrat governor in office for the last eight years. The GOP has not managed to have control of all the statewide offices in Louisiana since 2015. Additionally, they also have a two-thirds supermajority in the Senate and House.

The newly elected secretary of state is Nancy Landry, the new treasurer is John Fleming and the Attorney general is Liz Murrill. This is the first time that women will be holding those two positions.

The election on Saturday has meant that Louisiana’s executive branch is fully reshaped following the decision of many incumbents to seek reelection. It has also allowed for new leadership to emerge in some of the most powerful positions in the state.

In October, during the gubernatorial election, Republican Jeff Landry won the election with the backing of former President Donald Trump. Current Gov. John Bel Edwards was not able to seek reelection due to the term limit. Previously he was the only Democratic governor serving in the Deep South.

While the election had a very low voter turnout, former President Donald Trump had gotten involved in the race by endorsing the three Republican candidates in all three of the elections. In a statement that the Louisiana Republican Party had received, Trump praised all three for being “outstanding.” He added that the three candidates had his “total endorsement.”

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