Republican Moderates Reject New Healthcare Bill

It appeared at one point that President Trump was optimistic about getting his healthcare bill through the House of Representatives, thanks to some tough negotiations between the two disparate factions of the Republican Party: The conservative Freedom Caucus and the moderate Tuesday Group. The two factions could not reach an agreement on an earlier version of the American Health Care Act, but a rewritten bill – supported by Rep. Mark Meadows of the Caucus and Rep. Tom MacArthur of the Tuesday Group – made changes that could bring the two sides together.

However, even the leaders of these respective groups are on board with the revised legislation, the Associated Press reports that they may still be shy of the votes needed to pass the bill on to the Senate:

Some lawmakers and GOP aides suggested leaders were less than 10 away from the 216 votes Republicans will need to prevail. Others were more cautious, and there was little overt indication of new support from the party’s moderates.

Many of them oppose the legislation, citing its cuts in Medicaid, its less generous federal subsidies for people buying insurance and estimates that 24 million people would lose coverage.

“I still think there’s a lot of work to be done” before a vote can be held, said Rep. Steve Stivers, R-Ohio, a member of the House GOP leadership.

One sticking point for moderate Republicans is a feature in the bill that, while still mandating that insurance companies cover people with pre-existing conditions, would allow those companies to charge ill customers much higher premiums. Critics say this could easily make coverage unaffordable for those who have such conditions, making the mandate essentially worthless.


Donald Trump was attacked by his Republican challengers in the primaries for coming back, again and again, to his plan to erase “the lines around the states,” but it may be time to get back to that basic concept. Expanding the competitive marketplace nationally could solve a lot of the problems that Republicans seem unable to address in a coherent bill. It would take the pressure off insurance companies when it comes to covering pre-existing conditions, ramp up the level of competition, and give the American people much, much more choice when it comes to securing coverage.

What Republicans don’t seem to really understand is that the current Obamacare situation is untenable. It can’t go on. Insurance companies are pulling out of the marketplace left and right. Soon, there will be many areas in the U.S. where Americans will have – at best – only one insurance option. In some areas, they won’t even have that. Obamacare is failing right before our eyes. At this point, doing ANYTHING would be preferable to doing nothing.


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  1. We need affordable healthcare! Well how do get it? 1- Take some personal responsibility to eat healthy and exercise, so you will be healthy. 2- Get the fraud, waste and other inefficiencies out of the system; 3- Make someone else pay for it because it is too much for you to handle!

    I vote for #1 and #2. You are your first line of defense! Take positive steps for yourself and badger you representatives unmercifully until they correct the fraud and abuse problems.

    Are there people who are in situations where they cannot help themselves? Sure. Should we help them? Absolutely.

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      • Word has it that you are the center of a sandwich – Something that is positioned between a Mister and a Mattress! Now put your clothes back on and go away!

    • We may want to think about banning
      these idiot “Ask Your Doctor” commercials from the airwaves as
      they have a tendency to lure the weak-minded to make unrealistic
      demands of the their doctors.

      If you are suffering from rough skin, ask Your Doctor if XYZ is right for YOU
      – Side effects may include vomiting, diarrhea, irregular heart
      beat, difficulty swallowing, loss of appetite, some forms of lymphoma
      and other cancers and sometimes even premature death! So if you want to get rid of rough skin ask your
      doctor if XYZ is right for you.

      Yeah right! Right after you telling me
      that it is right for nobody! Ah, but they’ll argue that they have
      pills to help with those side effects!

      This is not how to manage costs and make healthcare more affordable!

      • You can thank the Bush administration for legalizing commercials for prescription medicines. The only question is how much Big Pharma paid to make it happen

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      • Not having health insur forced me to take care of myself i would like to make up and pay for my own insur package.

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    • Well stated, Justin! Thanks

    • I know part of the problem where I live. I checked out the cost of a surgical procedure in my city and found out that it was more than $3000 more here than in the rest of the country. Outpatient at that. My friend decided not to have it.

    • Well said Justin, need more like you.

    • organic granny

      Absolutely correct.
      I don’t need any govt meddling in my medical business.

      • You don’t need them meddling in your drivers license!!! Or you auto insurance!!!

        • organic granny

          Auto insurance laws offer EVERYONE ‘protection’ from careless, stoned, idiot, or just plain bad drivers. Victims are not responsible for damages caused by these jerks, and victims should be compensated for damages.

          Each person is responsible for how he/she takes care of his/her health and well-being. I should not be forced to pay for medical care for people who live recklessly and don’t take care of themselves…and who typically run to the ER for every scratch and hangnail.

          • Just how STUPID are you people???? First of all taking care of yourself is no guarantor of!!! I have been a lupus nephritis patient since 1992 (my lifetime coverage was nearly at an end UNTIL Obamacare) when I got sick I was running 4-6 miles 3 days a week and doing 100 pushups, 200 setups, 100 dips, 200 crunches, 1000 3/4 knee bends, 1000 toe raises, broken down into 4 sets of 25,50,250 and jogging 30 seconds in between each set two days a week!! I was on a low carb, low fat, low sodium 3000 to 5000 calories diet a day!!! Secondly just who do you think pays for the knucklehead who goes to the ER without insurance???We do!! That’s why they insist that you use their medication rather than our own, which runs me 200.00 a month, using THEIRS cost me that much per day!!!

      • So then why did you vote Trump and Conservative.
        Their about to dump you like a cold fish out of your medical business.

        • organic granny

          My “medical business” means my personal business concerning my personal medical care. The govt has no place there.

          I can think of nothing better than to abolish every shred of obamacare.

          • Here is the typical conservative bullshit rhetoric used by evangelicals that haven’t a clue about Health Insurance.

            “My “medical business” means my personal business concerning my personal medical care. The govt has no place there.”

            That is a pure bullshit buy line for conservatives who know nothing.

            organic granny you can’t even give us all… the definition of insurance…how possibly could you know what to abolish.

            Now go read your bible and nit a new sweater.

          • Oh shut the hell up we don’t need your BS here so go away.

          • iamtrue = shithead

          • Typical result to name calling

          • Nope…just a time saver…task complete.

          • “My “medical business” means my personal business concerning my personal medical care. The govt has no place there.”

            Why haven’t you explained to us all how the Gummmermint is in your personal business.

            Watch no response…

        • Paige Erickson

          Did you think hillary would have had the answer? Then we’re back to the question, Are you People stupid?

          • Paige Erickson AntiGOP • 4 hours ago
            Did you think hillary would have had the answer?

            Absolutely YES SHE WOULD…

            It was shitheads like you that chanted Death Panels…

            Death Panels…that never materialized.

            All that is needed is to fix ACA Obamacare.

            Obamacare has saved 1000’s of lives.

            Healthcare cost were on a downward trajectory until Nov 8 2016.

            Then you chanted…Kill the mandate…

            You fucked Yourselves and America…

            And to fucking ignorant to know it…

          • Paige Erickson

            And your speech pattern shows your age but mostly your ignorance. Ignorance always resorts to name calling and swear words. “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience” – Mark Twain

          • And your response was some Wango Tango intellect…yeah right.

            Oh look mommy…somebody read Mark Twain…LMAO

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself…

    • So your solution is don’t get sick? Or better yet don’t get hit by a drunk driver? You better not come to Florida then, cause with the humidity you can die from an infection you get from just walking around!!!

      • Stop acting like an idiot.

        • Idiot y’all are a bunch of idiots!!! Y’all voted for a man who made his fortune screwing the little guy!!!

          • Bla bla bla bla

          • That’s real mature!!!

          • Takes one to know one.

          • Not really!!!!

          • And you voted for a man who made his fortune putting one group against another.

          • How so??? If anything Trump rose to the White House by pitting one group against another!!!

          • Obama’s Get in their face comment, among others; Occpy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter (social and racial division); politicizing the IRS to deny conservative groups a fair review (silencing political opposition). For goidbess sake, the man’s background in community organizing / agitating.

          • And exactly what do you call what MLK etc did during the Civil Rights movement if it wasn’t community organizing??Black Lives Matter hell they don’t matter UNTIL we start raising hell then all of a sudden ALL LIVES Matter!! This is why all Black men carried guns when I first came to Florida and why as I drove through the Deep South from Florida to NC on my way to and from college with a shot gun on the front seat beside me determined to run if possible but NOT to die handcuffed and helpless as I nearly did one night in 1973 at the hands of Palm Beach Sherriff’s Deputies!! All of these problems between the races have existed since we came here in chains!!! Every time Black folks in this country made one step forward, there has been a white backlash!! Don’t take my word for it Google Race riots BEFORE 1960!!!! The incident above is just one of HUNDREDS!!!

          • TheRealPatriot

            Boy your are a real dumbass aren’t you ! No one in 2017 is trying to hold you back accept for other brothers that do not want to see you do good. Driving across state lines with a loaded shotgun in your front seat is a sure way to attract attention. You are supposed to put them in a gun rack in the back window !

          • Boy??? Careful your hood is showing!!! First it’s you’re not your!! Second I was a young Black male driving a silver and black 67 Olds Tornado— I was gonna attract attention from Rednecks like you an way, that’s the reason PBSO and tried to disappear us in the first place!!! Third that’s why I hit the road as soon as it got dark!!! By the time the sun came up I was usually back at school!!Fourth it was sawed off short enough so that a beach towel covered it with room to spare!! Fifth: I wasn’t gonna stop and the Toronado had been bored out and was so hot I had to run pure coolant!!! So I was pulling maybe 400+ horses, so between that and my CB I could outrun most local yokels anyway!!!!

          • TheRealPatriot

            Sorry I did not mean to put an r on the you. Why would Rednecks be after you for no reason if you were just driving by ?

          • Because I was a young Black male driving a nice car!!! Same reason why PBSO tried to disappear us!!! Same reason why Florida led the nation in Lynchings per capita pre 1960!!! These people figure that a Black man isn’t supposed to do but so well! Same reason when I picked up a couple of White Boys hitchhiking when I was driving my father’s Mark 4 from Florida to the CIAA tournament I put them in the backseat so it would look like I was their driver!!!

          • I am talking about Obama using the presidency to divide groups — all groups — to create victim groups. I see all these groups Obama created as divisive which is sad, he had such an opportunity to bring people together and, in my opinion, he squandered it in favor of identity politics.

          • You are either delusional or ignorant!!!Exactly how was he supposed to bring redneck racist like Trump to the table who have questioned his religion and his citizenship knowing that as long as his mother was born in America he is by law an American citizen?? By shuffling grinning and telling them what they want to hear like Herman Caine, Adam West Sherriff David Clarke and company? And as for victim groups??? They existed for hundreds of years before Obama ever came on the scene!

    • Justin Seine I’ll make this easy for you…Healthcare

      Is not a subject you need or are qualified to blog on.

      Never the less thanks for the blather.

  2. Republicans are forgetting who elected them. Becoming just as bad as the liberals who could care less about helping Americans. When will this BS stop?

  3. All of the Republicans in Congress and the Senate don’t have to worry about paying for health care…. so what’s it to them. The Republicans had 8 years to come up with something better than Obamacare. Why hasn’t anyone looked at other countries where health care is affordable…. both through private ins. and single payer systems. How do they manage to keep costs down?

    • They don’t have populations of 300 million. They don’t cover illegals. They use the money intended for its purpose and don’t dip into it for their politicians pet projects.

    • Most of them have what they refer to as “two-tier” systems. Those with money get to take advantage of better doctors-hospitals, etc… than the masses do. Even with that, Canadian officials used to fly to the United States to have surgery and other complicated procedures without having to wait months… Check out the real reports on patients lining hallways in English hospitals, waiting lists in Canada. And that’s with a tiny number of people. What would it be like here?

    • Countries with national healthcare do not have governments obsessed with destroying the world, and tax welfare for the rich and big corporations. We dont get what our taxes pay for, insurance companies take it instead. Oats are cheaper after they’ve gone through the horse.

  4. Time to vote out these damn RINOS!!! Americans want that damn job killing Obama care repealed NOW!!!!!

    • Exactly, these scum got power and money from Obamacare and don’t want to give it up. Once power is given to Government it will never be returned to the people. They’re doing what they always do, STEALING from We The People and not batting an eye while they do it.

      • I totally agree with you; … also, it seems to me that the Repubs are doing what they always do—fight and split whereas the DemoNazis all stick together in order to defeat the Repubs. These crumb-bum RINOs are just as bad as the DemoNazis.

        • Trump is what is organizing Democrats now. And we thank you. In 2018, we take the Congress and hamstring Trump. If he is not already sitting in prison for Russiagate.

          • how can that happen? trump will still be the pick for the voters you can stick that russiagate between your back pockets but you have to put your head off to one side to fit

          • Trump will not even be on a ballot in 2018. Unless he runs for cell block captain in his prison.

          • we will see that you are wrong again

          • I meant 2020. But the bloodletting Repukes see in 2018 will be on trump.

          • that’s o.k. you probably won’t be here then to see anything

          • I feel the tingle up my leg…who’s got the kookade?

          • Ben, Please bend over and Pull your Head out Slowly, You Have Lost Way too Much Oxygen…

          • TheRealPatriot

            That Russian crap is demoncrap sham because that is the best they could come up with. To anyone with average intelligence it is obvious what they were trying to do. It looks like a bad joke !

          • You are a moron and an anti-American!

          • Thank you for noticing.

          • How could you be missed?

          • No lol i mean your post to benny not me.

          • benny, do you practice being stupid or does it come naturally for you?

          • As with all of the brain-dead PC culture, socialist loving, left, a.k.a. democrats, progressives(not), or, whatever they call themselves these days, it definitely “comes natural!” Forest had it right, “stupid is as stupid does!”

          • Ben, in you dreams and hope, the looney left just keeps shooting them selves in the head with their unhinged stupidity. What a joke the demoRATS have become!

          • The entire world is laughing at Trump, as they shit their drawers fearing him inciting WWIII.

          • Ben, you are either playing dumb or not paying attention, the global economy is getting close to bankruptcy. It’s the deep state that will get us in war as the economy continues to contract. You can thank Wall Street, bankers and liberal politics for the mess they have made and the cover up via war.

          • Ben,
            Ps the entire world is shocked and laughing at the looney left and hoping the crazy left does not prevail. Remember How Britain just voted and hopefully France will see the light. Past rino/liberal direction in America is over.

          • Such a lovely little parrot you are, going from site to site spewing the same tired foolish small minded lines. Did you think them up all by yourself? Does it make you feel proud to say your biggest accomplishment for the day was to try and annoy another person? Job well done. Too bad Obama is done, there would have been room in his administration for talent like yours.

          • I blocked Bennie, can’t change his mind on his view, so not wasting my time on him.

          • I like to challenge small minded, absurd, little trolls to debate me if they feel they have the mental capacity. I haven’t heard back from good old Ben as of yet, so I’m guessing he isn’t feeling up to the challenge. Most of the Trump bashers are Obama admirers, which shows a severe deficiency in their ability to think logically right from the start.

          • No silly just u and nobody notices sorry.

          • I’m thinking you are ‘delusional.’ Ck any American cultural stat, from birth to death – since Johnson’s “Great Society” (yours, and your (non)thinking comrades’ society), EVERY number is in the toilet!

            Allowing for your limited faculties and acumen, here are but a few examples: In 1960, barely 2 percent of all American children, from all racial and ethnic backgrounds, lived with a never married parent. By 2008, 41 percent of black children, 18 percent of Hispanic children, and 7 percent of white children lived in a home with an unmarried parent.

            Over this same period of time, from 1960 to 2008, the percentage of white adults that are married dropped from 74 percent to 56 percent, Hispanic adults from 72 percent to 50 percent, and black adults from 61 percent to 32 percent.

            That, my maladjusted, member of the PC fraternity are the results of a “declining America!” An America asleep at the wheel, incrementally being transformed to NOTHING like the America anyone with any remaining common sense grew up in…. Go away, take the common filth, the Judd, Madonna, O’Donnell, Behar, et al, whacko contingent with you!

          • If there was a shred of evidence don’t you think with all the illegal wiretapping that went on under the Obama Admin said evidence would have been leaked as quickly as possible to the media arm of the Demicrat party? Fake news buddy.

        • It’s all part of the show.

        • Yep what u said true.

        • These “crum-bum RINO’s” live in Districts that weren’t gerrymandered in 2010 and as a result are evenly spit or lean Democrat. They want to get reelected so they vote the way WE want them to!!!! You know; the democratic process!!!!

          • Mildred Bradway

            The need to pull everyone in the Government their healthcare away from them like they took our healthcare away from us. See if they like paying the high cost of medical insurance. I get pissed off. I am now retired. I worked hard for my Retired benefits. My medical insurance got dropped just because I live across statelines. We as Americans should be able to live anywhere within the 50 USA States. & Not be given the boot. I had full coverage now I have to pay 2 premiums for 80% coverage between 2 insurance plans. I worked hard 60 hours a week. Then there are those that get welfair to sit on their Asses because of drug addition.

        • No Parking Hare! I have counselled Trump as how to expand Obamacare. Just ask Congress to add 0.01 sales tax for all purchases except food. Funds received from the 0.01 check-out should be enough for people not to pay premiums and no deductibles.

          • You’re delusional. Ask your doctor for a new medication. Your current meds aren’t working.

          • We do not want obamacare at all.

          • What you don’t want is Obama anything!!! Just like the PO white trash who fought to defend Slavery an institution that kept them poor and uneducated; you’d cut off your nose to spite your face!!!

          • Sorry u r the lefty loon not me.

    • Do not portray the 30%ers as indicative of the wishes of all Americans.

      • where do you get that percentage from? another one of the poll that said hitlery will win the election

        • Without the Putin vote, she did win.

          • then how come she’s not the president? the people didn’t want her

          • Putin got votes for his puppet.

          • hitlery got votes from mexicans that came over the border

          • Prove it. Prosecute them.

          • It’s been proven that Russia was on Killery’s side not Trumps. Even with the Mexican vote and the dead people vote she did not win. Even the people that were bussed around and voted in 2 or 3 states didn’t get her the win. Think what it would have been if she had been a legal candidate.

          • Who proved what? Let’s see the evidence.

          • Lets see the evidence from you that she was not helped. In case you didn’t know, snopes has been proven as a liberal site now so you can’t go to them for any truths.
            You have to do the research yourself so get busy.

          • Benny boy, what planet are you from? Pull your head out of the fog and pay attention, as you have no clue of what you say. Good grief you are clueless!!

          • Phyllis Schultz

            You haven’t been paying attention. It has come out that Hillary and Obama were in bed with the Russians, not President Trump. I wonder how many Legal votes Hillary got. Obama denies voter fraud, but there are 1.8 million deceased voters still registered to vote ,and there were 226 counties in 42 states that had more voters than they had registered to vote. I guess all those deceased people rose from the dead, or maybe all those who are here illegally had to become one of the deceased to vote.

          • WHERE did this supposedly come out? Which fake news? Link me up.

          • More “Real Fake News” from that Orangeutan in the White House!!

          • Oh shut up u lefty loon go else where to spit your BS out.

          • Benny boy, you are out of touch with reality. You really do fit the profile of the looney left. You need a basic civics course!

          • Oh wow now that’s funny thank u.

          • And without the illegal alien vote Hilary did not win the popular vote. The election is over, how about moving on?

      • Well do the math u r the 30% and the 70% is for President Trump who do u think is going to win ?

    • I 2nd that

    • Uh I hate to tell your dumba** this but we were losing 800,000 jobs a month when Obama first took Office and had 75 straight months of job GAINS!!! So much for job killing!!!

      • U r seriously backwards with your info let me guess u r full of fake news.

      • If you’re going to act like Mr. Facts, at least try and get yours straight. We were not losing jobs at 9.6 million per year as your first sentence suggested. Secondly, it is useless using the government’s base employment numbers, as they include part time jobs added. Many people who are considered employed by the BLS are actually very much under employed. Next, wages have seen severe stagnation under Obama’s watch. Many who lost jobs, finally replaced it with a job paying far less than their original job. Finally, public sector jobs are not the best way to stimulate an economy. These are paid for by taxes, which take money out of taxpayer’s hands instead of letting them spend their own money, and stimulate local businesses in the process.

      • Do you actually believe that crap you wrote?!?!

        • Yep!!! You would too, if you weren’t getting your news from faux news!!! As John Adams said: “facts are stubborn things”!

        • Absolutely!!! You would too, of you didn’t get your news from faux news!!!

          • Thanks for admitting you are deranged or at the very least a liberal socialist basket case. Please try to seek help if you are the former. If you are the latter it’s hopeless for you, please try to not reproduce we are hoping your species becomes extinct and dies off…for the better of the country.

          • Liberal??? Deranged??? I watched Bloody Sunday on TV with my Daddy a Long Range Recon Ranger in 82 nd Airborne who from 1962 to 1968 who had 18 combat jumps ( 1 behind the Iron Curtain) supposedly defending freedom when he couldn’t vote WITHOUT getting lynched in his hometown!!F*k you and the racist horse you rode in on!!! I’ve survived 3 (guns drawn) runins with your Aryan/ Klan/ Law Enforcement buddies!!! Can break my nine down and put it back together BLINDFOLDED and put 48 out of 50 in the left upper body at 15 yds!! For your information the first gun laws in Amerika we’re designed to disarm Black folks so they couldn’t protect them selves from racist like you!!! Sorta like the first police departments originated as Slave Patrols!!!! If I’m deranged cause I actually do some research b4 I open my mouth; so be it!!! Cause you can’t tell me sh** about being a Black man in America and yes I have reproduced and they are both highly intelligent, perceptive individuals who are prepared to continue the fight for equal rights in this Country!!!

          • Dumbass you better DO your research the ones who where keeping blacks disarmed…were DEMOCRATS, the Klan was created by DEMOCRATS, the party that is keeping blacks oppressed today and living on meager assistance, providing them with inadequate schools, destroying jobs in this country with stupid over regulation were the DEMOCRATS! Once you have done your research and find this ALL to be true hit me up with a post and let me know why you support a party that has been spitting in your face for almost two hundred years!

      • Hate to break it to you, but there never was 75 straight months of “job gains”, please feel free to stick that lie right back up your ass where you got it from. Unemployment , especially in the black community was the worst in the history of this country under the Odumbo years, the lowest level of black home ownership came under the Odumbo years. Racist groups like BLM that did nothing but destroy the very communities that blacks live in where created, nurtured and protected by Odumbo during his years. So I ask you what the hell did Odumbo do for the black communty?!?! I’ll tell you like the rest of the democrat party he spat in your face!

  5. The government has no business engaging in health care issues! Obamacare is wrong, and Trumpcare will be, too! Government has far exceeded its original purpose, which is national defense. It has become a nanny state, and that is wrong, too!

    • So the Government has no business subsidizing Big Sugar either?? Then why do they subsidize big Sugar to the tune of 300,000,000.00 per year keeping sugar prices artificially high to the tune of 3 dollars to 1 more for Americans than on the world market?? Talk about a nanny state for big business!!!!Further in the face of the diebetes crisis which directly effects the Health care costs of all Americans why is the sugar industry NOT required to put the percentage of daily sugar intake food products contain on the label???

      • Don’t take your hate of government subsidies out on me! I’m not for much of anything that government does! I certainly don’t want the government stealing my money (through taxation) then giving it out to the rest of the world in many ways!

      • A nanny state for big business would be better described by the “Green Energy” initiative championed by the Obama administration. The Washington Times reported that American taxpayers were on the hook for over 2.2 billion dollars in defaulted government loans. That would pay for 8 years of sugar subsidies that actually have kept American workers employed, as opposed to going belly up like the fuel companies have.

  6. Just repeal Obama(Doesn’t)Care. Then work on a potential replacement… a lot more cooperation would be fothcoming.

  7. You say moderate republicans, I say establishment RINOS.

  8. Don’t blame the Democrats or Republicans, “YOU” and people like “YOU”, have been voting for these same people for the last 30-40-50 years, and “YOU”, all the while crying for “Term Limits”,

    But Term limits begin in the voting booth, Most of “YOU” have ignored politics in the past until the economic situation in the country got so bad it went home with “YOU”, then “YOU” started your “Crying”.

    Guess spilled milk is another one of those things “YOU” don’t know anything about.

    Most of “YOU” didn’t vote for Trump because “YOU” are a Republican

    but voted “AGAINST” the Democrats because they were in office when the economy went sour.

    And if Trump doesn’t perform to your expectations, “YOU” will vote “AGAINST” him.

    For the last 30-40-50 years “YOU” have been voting the way “YOU FEEL”.
    Information/Knowledge about Who/What “YOU” were casting a ballot, really didn’t matter,

    “YOU” felt good about your vote, that is if “YOU” even bother to vote at all.

    Well Mr intelligence, it’s taken 50 years to get this country into the mess it’s in,

    and it will take 50 years to get it back out.

    But that will never happen,

    Because people like “YOU” just don’t have the “intelligence” to govern a country like this and that has been proven by the people “YOU” elect to manage it for “YOU”.

    And too “Stupid” to recognize that the real “MANAGEMENT” problem is in “YOU” and the “Voting booth”,


    50 years of warning about the chickens coming home to roost, is about to come to pass.

  9. For God’s sake. Support the bill. It has to be better than Obamacare. You are acting like Democrats. You are in charge! Act like it.

  10. Maybe they should vote on it before they read it as Pelosi pulled!
    I am really tired of the Republicans that are obstructionists!!!

    • It’s been reported that 12 of the the establishment Republirats are taking money from Soros to fight Trumps’ agenda, Ryan has taken over 10,000 bucks, McCain, McConnell, Schumer, etc. And who knows how much the corporations and lobbyists are paying these dirt bags!
      These scum need to be outed and booted to the street.

    • Name them.

  11. Republican moderates? You mean Obama ass kissers?

  12. Co-op the everyday medical needs, a medical group takes care of most medical needs for $50.00 a month while, catastrophic needs are met by insurers…and get rid of state lines insurance offerings…done.

  13. Rinos, you campaigned on repealing the insurance rape and building the wall at the border.
    Suddenly you are talking about repairing or replacing the insurance rape and no money for the wall.
    Do we have to leave the republican party lying in the weeds, bleeding after the next election?
    Is that the only way , that we can get rid of the RINOS

    • Please try it. You 30%ers can help by destroying your own party over silly shit.

      • that’s what the democraps did when they put hitlery. in and you still don’t have anybody to run

        • She got more votes than any presidential candidate in history. The only problem was Putin’s votes for Trump.

          • that’s not what the voters said and she got most of her votes from mexico , like trump got his from russia and the united states trump agains outsmarts the democraps again

        • There are plenty of Democrats who can beat any Repuke. By the time Trump is bounced out for treason, the RepubliFascist Party will be like a cancer to anybody with a brain. (Yes, I know that will not include you.)

          • Fascist describes a government that doesn’t allow dissenting opinions. Sounds like Dhimmicrats to be.

      • We are not going to try it RINO C-sucker, we are going to do this.
        No point in having a republican party if they act and vote like liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical scum.
        Apparently the only way we can get rid of the fing RINOS is to kill off the republican party.
        Okay, so be it.

    • as long as a democrap doesn’t get in

  14. Louisiana Lady

    Repeal, repeal, repeal. The RINOS refuse to understand the clear message sent by the election.

    • Go ahead. The extinction of the RepubliFascist Party is coming thanks to Trump organizing Democrats. Repeal would bring it closer.

  15. Simple solution is to get the government out of health care. Everything the government gets involved in they screw it up.

  16. How many Americans have to die waiting for their healthcare needs to be met? (OH…but is that their ultimate goal? Population control?) Why does the US allow drugs and preservatives, chemicals added to our foods, etc. that other nations do not? What gives? We need some real doctors who have a heart for the people – not the drug industry – to be involved in making health decisions for us. THE SOONER, THE BETTER! This is a matter of life and death.

    • Obamacare works. We need to arrest the saboteurs who are intentionally breaking it down… Repuke governors, congresscritters and senators who oppose it solely because Obama is black.

      • and he’s not the president anymore

      • Most of the people I know on Obamacare exchanges can’t use it because the co-payments and deductibles are too expensive.

        I know … I am a racist.

      • No ….I could care less if he was striped or polka-dot….He tried, I’ll give him credit for that but it was not well thought out. And I will acknowledge that I would not want to be the one to connect the dots. Let’s all pray this administration will learn from the mistakes of the past.

        • Trump is failing worse than I ever dreamed. There is not a single accomplishment to his credit.

          So bad, he had to include a no details, one page tax welfare for corporations and the rich draft on his 100 day report card. Not one serious economist sees the pipe deam of huge growth it relies on to bridge the loss of revenue as remotely possible. .

    • It appears that congress is owned by Monsanto, Big Pharma and perhaps Mexican drug cartels, among others. We really need to get out the career politicians and elect those who would work for the good of the country rather than their own pockets. It’s difficult because of the money those who buy politicians are willing to pay.

  17. Vote all of these Rhinos out I am so sick of these pansy republicans they are a bunch of wimps with no back bone. I will give the dens credit for this They Stand Behind Their Party

  18. Francisco Machado

    The Republicans gained control of the government on the sworn promises to prioritize certain actions that got them the votes. Like the 2014 election where they surrendered to the Progressives immediately after the votes were counted, they are once again demonstrating that they are Big Government Progressives only nominally different from Democrat Progressives, that campaign promises are no more valid than brightly colored packaging. The contents of the box WILL NOT look like the picture on its front. Well, it certainly isn’t a matter of just the Republicans doing it – the tradition belongs to the Democrats even better than the Republicans.

  19. gideonrockwell

    Ryan and McConnell need to be removed from their positions. Ted Cruz needs to be the Senate majority leader and find a good solid conservative for speaker of the House. It’s time for Trump to lay daown the law and advise all Republican members of Congress to either get on his team or not receive his support when they come up for re-election.

    • What in the motherfucking hell makes you think Senate Repukes want Trump’s support? He is at 40%. Unless he finds some magic beans, the Congress is gone in 2018. And Trump himself is on thin ice with the Russia treason charges forthcoming. Enjoy it while you can Repukes, the extinction of your party is coming very soon. And you will have Trump to thank.

      • you got that confused, it’s the democrap party that’s killing themselves with all the crying they do about the election, people are getting tired of it

      • What’s up with the trash talk if u can’t speak respectfully get off the site.

    • ryan and mcconnell needs to go period.

  20. The solution is for Trump and Repukes to stop sabotaging Obamacare. All the false rhetoric they throw around chases away enrollees, which in turn increases premiums as the risk pool is limited. Repukes already stopped Obamacare advertising, held 60 repeal votes, and staged a phony lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court. If Repukes continue to sabotage healthcare, they should be arrested. Action is being taken toward this. It is long since time to stop playing games with peoples’ lives.

  21. Ernest J. Helm

    Medicare works for me .Put all people 40+ on Medicare, were all paying into it. If you want something special ,pay for it. I can tell you if you allow the states to work with health ,we all will be up the creek with out a paddle. This latest bill is another republican disaster. Doctors don’t want it and the average person does not want it. Dump the narcissist in the White House, and the country will indeed be great again!!

    • You are correct. The Trumpcare plan as it is today is to let the states opt out of various coverages. It will end up in the courts and that will get stopped. Trump is a miserable failure. He should resign over Russiagate in the first place. If he chooses impeachment instead, so shall it be.

      • obambie wasn’t any better, he didn’t get impeached with his crapy obambie care that’s dying as doctors are pulling out

        • The only thing wrong with Obamacare is a direct result of 7 years of Repuke sabotage. They intentionally undermined it from the start with the intention to limit enrollment. Limiting the risk pool is what increased premiums and caused insurers to pull out. Arrest every Repuke involved in the sabotage.

          • if this is true then why didn’t the democraps do something about it instead of sitting on their butts


  23. Are
    you and other citizens cognizant of the elephant
    (Modern-Day-Aristocracy) in the room? The elephant represents the
    metastasizing cancerous growth of a Modern-Day-Aristocracy as applied to
    medical care in America.

    current political choice is either to return the medical community to
    sanity ”Market-Based-Precepts” or continue muddling through the
    convoluted contraption of nonsensical bureaucratic idiocy called
    Obamacare! Most sane folks would proclaim the following, ”replace
    Obamacare with Market-Based medical care precepts common in the USA
    before LBJ.” Medical care was affordable or market controlled in the
    early 1960’s. Why? In the early 60’s and previously, nearly every
    family or individual paid cash for their medical care. Why? There
    were very few reasons to even consider possessing a medical insurance
    policy previous to the 1960’s, because most every medical procedure and
    drug was affordable.


    THE NOBILITY’S MEDICAL CARE SYSTEM or the most self aggrandizing
    medical-insurance-coverage available in America since the 1960’s.

    Nobility’s or government employee’s (bureaucrat or elected officials)
    medical-insurance-coverage’s is the prerogative of status within
    America’s Aristocratic Society. The Nobility or government employee
    receives 100% of their wages and benefits from the government’s general
    fund. The Nobility’s or government employee’s April 15 paper work
    submitted as taxes paid is, in reality, just a negotiation over their
    net take home money’s. Nothing was or has ever been contributed to the
    general fund by the Nobility class or government employee, be they
    city, county, state or federal employee.

    THE VASSAL’S MEDICAL CARE SYSTEM or the second most
    ill-conceived-type-of-medical-insurance-coverage available in America
    since the 1960’s.

    first class medical insurance coverage’s are economically affordable or
    available to employee’s of large businesses or corporations (the
    Vassals). Probably due to scale, size or whose-bread-got-buttered by
    special deals in Congress (the Nobility), these same loop-holes
    seemingly are not available to smaller enterprises or individuals (the
    Subjects). I am quite sure those loop-holes provided to large
    businesses and corporations and their employees (the Vassals) resulted
    in inflicting extra and unknown burdens upon the
    less-politically-connected family businesses and smaller scaled private
    enterprise employers and their employees (the Subjects).

    THE SUBJECT’S MEDICAL CARE SYSTEM or those who ended-up-getting-screwed
    trying to achieve the goal of obtaining affordable healthcare? Who
    represents the most important and productive portions of the economic
    society in the USA.

    It is those hard working Subjects or independent individuals, family businesses, small scale entrepreneurs and their employees.


    to ”Market-Based-Medical-Care-Precepts” as fathomed in our
    constitutional system of free markets (capitalism). We fought the
    Revolutionary War to escape aristocratic precepts.

    instance, no one should be allowed to obtain medical insurance or
    medical care from a third party, such as an employer, whether that
    employer be private enterprise or government. Instead, mandate that
    everyone possess their own private medical-care-savings-account with 5 %
    (or ?) taken out of their salary, commission, contract or whatever.
    There should be, absolutely, no mandate that anyone has any kind of
    health insurance coverage, nor regulations on who, what, where or the
    amount of insurance coverage. Nor, should government mandate a single
    payer or socialized or nationalized medical care systems upon its

    majority of single folks will, by nature, have no medical insurance
    coverage. The non-insurance-policy-holder is the singular mechanism
    that could ever re-apply a market force between the provider and the
    patient in order to actively bargain for the most equitable price. The
    mere fact, that a majority of working people possess medical insurance
    coverage, via 3rd party, in 2017, has created a near zero market force,
    being applied, in the negotiation for an equitable price between
    provider and patient.

    the majority of the citizens, did not possess, a 3rd party purchased
    medical insurance policy, then and only then, would market forces be
    asserted, resulting in an equitable price. Of course, within or under
    ”Market Based Precepts” most families with children will have
    catastrophic or hospitalization insurance coverage. Under, ”Market
    Based Precepts”, practically no one will possess, the now most commonly
    held, comprehensive-medical-insurance-coverage because this type of
    coverage does not foster or encourage the application of market forces.

  24. Pre existing coverage at an additional cost sounds OK as long as it is still affordable;;;;;;;Like anything else ,say car insurance ,,,,,have an accident ,premiums go up and that is how insurance co. figure premiums………If they had insurance company’s for just the high risk the premiums would be VERY high,so having them up mixed some what with all the other insured means we all are paying our premiums including part of the high risk. That’s OK

    • When has an insurance company ever not raped the people? Get rid of them and go single payer.

      • What? And let the gov’t run it? I’ll take my chances with private insurance where I can go elsewhere if I don’t like it.

  25. Didn’t take long to get back to the same old nonsense. If Congress were forced to participate in Obamacare, the results would be different.

  26. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    Thought the government was supposed to be run by the people—revolution is at hand like the Colonists did to the redcoats

  27. There is no such thing as a “moderate” Republican. They are RINOs!

  28. If republicans fix it they will get blamed no matter what happens. If republicans let it fail they will get the blame no matter what happens. They don’t have the nerve to put the blame where it belongs. Right on the democrats doorsteps. I say let the democrats fix it. Its there puppy. Of course we all know where that would go, just throw more money at it and raise the national debt another trillion dollars.

    • That was the Democrats plan from the beginning. The ACA was not meant to be the end product. A single payer, government run, controlled, and meted out health care system is their ultimate goal.


  30. gideonrockwell

    Sounds like the snowflaky libertards are still delusional about trying to get something on Trump. All intelligence agencies have admitted there is nothing there to qualify for treason or any type of improper conduct. Just because that moonbat Waters keeps yelling impeach 45 doesn’t mean it going to happen. She’s just hung up in some alternate universe libertards slip into when they can’t deal with reality. Take another hit on the bong and an eight year nap, the adults will straighten things out.

  31. Keep insisting on all you want and keep settling for nothing. Idiots.

  32. According to what I have been able to find, there are only 6.4 million signed up under Obamacare individual plans. How can you then have 24 million lose coverage?

    • Those getting it “FREE!” Want to see how FAST it would disappear, MAKE all members of our erudite government sign on and ‘pay’ for it! These pols have the creme de la creme health care.

    • Exactly another lie spit out from the dems.and ok some rep. also

  33. Ben Totu: Do you get paid by COMMIE George Soros for your stupid Rhetoric! take a hike idiot!
    YOUR DEM-O-RATS DON`T HAVE A CHANCE OF WINNING IN 2020! Donald J Trump will continue to be our GREAT President!

  34. It’s business as usual at the Republican Party. They make me sick!

  35. organic granny


    Let those who want to keep their current coverage keep it.

    If GOP are too stupid and lazy to write their own new bill from scratch then they are too stupid and lazy to continue in their jobs…after all, writing legislation IS THEIR JOB.

    If they had followed the above suggestion on Jan 21, and removed state limitations on insurance buying, we all would be waiting in line to craft our own personalized, inexpensive policies.

    Congress just loves the smell of their own excrement so much that they’ve forgotten that once in a while they have to flush.

    • That “laziness,” “incompetent,” “duplicitous,” “democrat lite,” GOP was on full display when, after over seven (7) years of ‘voting’ to repeal and replace this monstrosity, they had NOTHING ready when, surprise, surprise, Sergeant, they were handed the reins of power!!

      • U r right but it isn’t all rep. I would like to change the name to the conservative party after we get rid of all the rhino smucks.

  36. “At this point, doing ANYTHING would be preferable to doing nothing.”

    Wrong. Anything but full repeal will leave the door open for future progressives to eventually force us into “single payer” socialized medicine. All the R’s are auguing about is how long that process will take.

    • organic granny

      They ignore the elephant in the room…the fact that we DO NOT NEED OR WANT GOVT INVOLVEMENT IN HEALTH INSURANCE.

    • Which is, of course, UNSUSTAINABLE. What part of America is ‘already bankrupt’ do these “spenders of other people’s money” NOT understand? Have they any ‘comprehension’ how many zeroes it takes to make up 20 Trillion, let alone the unfunded liabilities that run to over 100 TRILLION?

  37. “….The conservative Freedom Caucus and the moderate Tuesday Group.” Wut in blue blazes is going on in that puzzle palace? That “swamp” is actually becoming more ‘putrid’ on the “Grotesquely Outdated Pols” side. How many opportunities to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” should these whack-a-moles be given? This being NOT the first time these reprobate GOP(non)legislators have been handed the reins of ‘total power.’ FAILURE to exercise this “gift” effectively is as assured as finding a ‘prostitute’ in a house of ill-repute! Time is NOT on America’s side, actual “revolution” may be our last and only recourse. There are few in our esteemed halls of government that are not related to lice and mice!

  38. It is all about “POWER”, and neither party controls power over “Special Interests, Lobbyists, and the Deep State Political Bureaucrats that have reigned in DC for decades. The results of every election (local, county, state, and federal) demonstrate that most of the electorate are either ignorant, misinformed, uneducated, and in many cases just plain stupid. Subsequently they vote for political candidates who will lie, cheat, steal, and do anything to get elected. They will pervert the truth to a level of psychopathic liars just to join the population of the DC crowd of “POWER”. The swamp will continue to get larger, and there is nothing short of a civilian population to take the “POWER” to its demise.

  39. Free market! It will be just like the mandate of auto insurance! Competition for customers. Auto insurance actually became cheaper. How many commercials you see on TV for auto insurance. They want your money and they adjust their prices accordingly!

  40. sandraleesmith46

    JUST REPEAL obamacare and THEN we can talk sensibly about what is or isn’t wise in the way of health care reform!

    • When you want to cover everyone weather they can pay or not,it makes the rates high for those who can pay.That is what is wrong with Obamacare.They are sucking the life out of American Families to pay for those who are to lazy to work and pay their own way.Simple as that.

  41. A lot of moderates are going to be looking for other work when this next election cycle rolls around.

  42. I have said this before and will repeat it once more..Give everyone 6 months to buy their own health insurance,like it use to be.Then just dump Obamacare.
    It’s hard to believe that after 8 years of talking about it that Republicans didn’t have a Healthcare Bill ready to go that had been approved by all republicans in congress.What the hell were they doing for 8 years?Probably very little just like now.These guys disgust me.They talk a good game but when it comes down to getting the job done they can’t handle it.What a bunch of losers.President Trump is doing his best,but these idiots are refusing to support his policies.We must vote them out at our first opportunity.

  43. The reason a self proclaimed “Moderate,” can’t come to an agreement on any particular thing is because a self proclaimed “Moderate.” doesn’t believe in any particular thing. Lying to their constituents, is their method of self preservation. Primary the B’ tards.

  44. TheRealPatriot

    We can get cost down by using the lame horse treatment. Also, by letting insurance companies do business across state lines. Every dumb ass knows competition lowers prices so my question is how much are the insurance companies paying for their monopolies in those States they are in. I have a feeling some of the ones in good states may not want to give other companies dibs on their territory.

    • marilyn policoff

      I really doubt that selling across state lines will really make that much of a difference. The main reason for the dramatic increase in costs is the coverage for serious preexisting conditions and the elimination of benefit caps. Prior to the ACA insurance companies just denied coverage and capped benefits. Now premiums and deductibles must reflect the cost of supplying benefits to everyone. Untill 2016, the government provided subsidies to insurance companies if their claims exceeded 102% of estimated claims to make sure they didn’t lose money. With this ending, insurance companies had no alternative but to increase premiums and deductibles, or both, to maintain their profits. Selling across state lines does not change the economics.

      • TheRealPatriot

        While I appreciate your informed and fact filled reply Still disagree on the state line issue. More competition always improves products and brings pricing down over time. Thanks for your exchange ! ?

        • marilyn policoff

          I agree that cpmpetition if any type brings down prices. My point is that insurance companies are in business to make money and will not sell indurance beliw a certain price point. It cost a lot of money to insure the sickest of our citizens. Higher rates are simply the result of this fact. We entered a new world when insurance companies were told they had to insure everyone with no benefit limits. Too many people forget this fact. I am not sure how much competitiin can actually bring down rates. I would hope a lot, but i am pessimistic.

          • TheRealPatriot

            Yes the pre-existing clause definitely drives up cost. That is why in the new Health Care bill they had made it to where individuals with pre-existing conditions would have to pay more for their insurance but at least would get coverage. A lot of people crying about that and one reason it did not get through maybe. Fact is nothing is free and they were just trying to make the people with the pre-existing conditions pay more instead of everyone paying more. That is a very tough issue in and of itself among many other complications. Not sure what they have done about it in the second iteration but I believe they left it alone this time. That being the case then yes while prices are higher because of it now and will be in the future it looks like. Then the best thing that could happen is to get as much competition as possible and that will create innovation in problem solving, better plans and lower prices. It works the same no matter what the product is. So while there are factors that have driven up prices by covering certain people and prices are higher than they were before the change the laws of capitalism will still be in effect here as they are in any free market business. I just hope they keep working on it until they get it right and was glad to here Trump say he did not want to rush this thing now and wanted to get it right even if it took longer. He just said that in his interview with Eric from Fox News.

          • marilyn policoff

            I am not sure what innovations will reduce costs. I have been involved with corporate health plans for much of my business life and the normal responce by insurance companies to high claims experience is to raise premiums. They are not very innovative because they have a captive audience. There may be some negotiation on premiums, but there is normally little flexibility. Innovation will have to come outside of the insurance industry yo effect change.

          • They will if the want to stay in business.

          • marilyn policoff

            They will pull out of markets where they cant make money. That is why so many pulled outcof the exchanges. Many of the people in the exchanges didnt have insurance before the ACA. The corporate insurance market continues to be their primary market and they will continue to charge high premiums because they know that employers will treat it as a cost of doing business and feel pressured to provide insurance to their employees. Many pass some or all of the increases to their employees through higher employee cost sharing.

          • Yea and before obamacare we didn’t have any of this BS we had the best healthcare system in the world all it needed was upgrading and updated not scrapped and totally changed but that was the only way to take control. so if u r not a lefty loon stop acting like one.

          • marilyn policoff

            This is not a right or a left issue. It is a people issue. Before the ACA insurance companies were in control. If you erre seriously ill they denied you insurance. If you had insurance and became seriously ill they capped your benefits. How is that the best healthcare in the world. If not for the ACA, we would not be talking about preexisting conditions and benefit limits. It may not have worked out as well as many would have liked, but at least it has made people look at the issues. Look at the real culprits. It is the insurance industry, drug companies, and our elected officials who are in the pockets of special interests and big donors. They have sold out their constituents (right and left). Their payoff is funds for reelection. I hope you do not have a friend or family member with a serious medical condition who will not be able to obtain insurance in the future. The consequences could be life threatening.

          • The hell it isn’t why do u think it was, it is so important to the dems u think they give a rats ass about our healthcare or us for that matter hell no it’s about controlling us and taking control of 1/3 of our country sure other things are involved but it just comes with the package controlling is the main core of everything.

          • marilyn policoff

            I dont know why you frame this as a left or right issue? Do you believe people with serious preexisting conditions shpuld have access to affordable healthcare? If so, how do you propise we do it. In the past insurance companies just denied coverage or charged so much it was unaffordable. Should we go back to that? That was free market health insurance with insurance companies in control. What do you suggest we do? I personally would accept any solution that provided affordable healthcare for all. I belueve it is a moral imperative. And I am an independent with no party affiluation so dont hit me with rhe lefty tag. I believe there are good ideas on both sides on many issues we are just so polarized today that no one seems to listen to someone on the other side and little gets done.

        • Right. Why can only 6 companies compete in VA? CA? Who do the pay to compete? Why can’t they go wherever they can set up a network?

      • Like i said earlier they r dropping out cause obamacare is no longer affordable for them.

        • marilyn policoff

          Do you want to deny people with cancer and other life threating conditions health insurance? Do you want to limit benefits? Do you want children with life threatening conditions denied or kicked off insurance plans? This is how insurance companies kept premiums lower before the ACA.

        • If that were true, Trumpcare will never get off the ground. Old people can be charged 5 times the rate of younger and healthier people in that bill. Obamacare caps that at 3 times more.

          • That’s not even true so stop throwing lies around

          • It is 100% true, and saying I am wrong demonstrates your ignorance of the Trumpcare bill Congress just passed. Stop watching fake news.

          • Oh please stop the only one demonstrating anything is your arrogance and ignorance towards life and the way u see it sad.

          • Total shit.

          • Have somebody read you the bill, you fucking moron. You are obviously too goddamn stupid to read the piece of shit yourself.

            Pass it. It will be the end for your party of nazis and racists.

    • You can bet your life insurance companies collude to keep profits up. Anybody who thinks crossing state lines is some magic bullet is delusional. They are not going to set up a provider network for a small number of enrollees. Remember, the projection of enrollees is lower than the ACA has. And that is said to be too low to keep premiums down. (Thanks to Repukes sabotaging Obamacare from day 1.)

      • Crossing state lines is mostly to help we the people cause it allows us to shop for the lowest price which forces insur co. to lower their prices to get the customer that’s one reason why it’s called the free market and that’s why obamacare doesn’t offer it.

      • Dimmicrats passed and lauded their victory. It’s as they planned, not been sabotaged. Back that up if you’re going to continue to that nonsense.

  45. Sounds like a bunch of liberals defeating everything. It won’t do a dam bit of good to pass it if something isn’t done to get the price of care to a reasonable level for normal people to afford especially being retired. Such as, I had a cap crack on one tooth and went to a recommended dentist. I have no dental insurance and asked if they gave a deal for cash. They said no plus they said wanted access to my bank account. I said ‘that’s not gonna happen’! I went to 3 appointments for a total of just under 4 hours in the chair. The bill was $3200. That is $800 an hour for 1 tooth. That is plain Criminal!

  46. The practice of forcing people to stay in the confines of each states border is Socialism 101 . This is not free market . Everyone should be allowed to cross state lines if coverage is cheaper in a state they don’t live in ! This concept is called free market .

    • More to it than just that. The insurer must have a network of providers set up in every location they sell coverage for. And that only becomes cost-effective at a certain number of enrollees.

  47. Trump is so full of shit that he can’t keep the flies off himself.

  48. marilyn policoff

    Any bill is not the answer. The right bill is the answer. If you allow insurance companies charge whatever they want when someone has a serious medical condition, without significant subsidies they will price the insurance beyond the ability for most to pay. If you have cancer, for example, you will effectively be denied insurance. Do you really want a family member, friend, or youself, to be in that situation. For some it will bebabdeath sentence. It is good that some sensible congressmen realize this and believe it is important enough to their constituents to take a position against this provision in the legislation.

    • Sorry but “insurance” does not involve an outright income transfer to those who have simply declined to purchase insurance until they get sick. Those who have “done everything right” should not be penalized with higher costs (or taxes) to subsidize those who have chosen to play insurance roulette.

  49. Cheryl Heberle

    Get your act together GOP!

  50. Have you noticed that in some of these articles and some people posting are using the words “sigh” and “sad”? Are they trying to make us feel bad about Trump not getting things done? It is not Trump’s fault so they need to put the blame where it belongs, on the Demorats and the Rino’s!

  51. Why is it such a big deal to allow people to choose affordable insurance on the open market, that suites themselves and their family?
    Isn’t that what people did before the Obama disaster?

  52. Just gut Obamacare altogether and save working Americans.

  53. Democommies and RINOs don’t want to admit that “insurance for pre-existing conditions” is NOT insurance. It’s just another income transfer scheme.

  54. Moderates SUCK and are no different than Democrats or Liberals. I pray for TRUE KARMA to visit them real soon!!!

  55. Medical Care is not health care. Health care is taking personable responsibility by eating lots of fruit and vegetables primarily; and avoiding processed food. 95% of diseases are caused by what is going in the mouth.
    The only ones who stand to benefit from mandatory health care…the entire medical industry and the politicians who are helping to pass it. Unfortunately too many of the American people are not well informed.. They have done no research and are “trusting the wrong people.” Fifty-five years ago my brother-in-law handed me some nutrition books and told me that I was listening to the wrong people and to start reading. He was right. I am alive today, because I listened to him. At 83 I am healthy and active. The advice I got from many older people in the past…if you want to be healthy; keep away from doctors.

    • BarbaraCharis >>> “95% of diseases are caused by what is going in the mouth.”

      And for your next clueless hat trick.!!
      Ah…and my 90 year old mother will tell you the same thing.
      I also classify her as a Republican ShitHead…simply because she is.

      BarbaraCharis >>> “Unfortunately too many of the American people are not well informed.”

      Guess you haven’t a chance to peak in the mirror on that one.


  56. To AntiGOP…I am an Independent and really not into party. I have been reading for 75 years…on many subjects. I ran a holistic health center for over 30 years. I have helped many people and have never had a problem. How many books have you read? How many people have you helped? Where did you get your information? Please tell me the names of some of the books you have read on the subject of nutrition and health. Did you ever hear of Thomas Alva Edison? i like his quote: “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the Cause and Prevention of Disease.”

    • My issue with you is this…this topic is Republican Moderates Reject New Healthcare Bill.

      And you want to babble about Nutrition…in short…don’t worry about Health Insurance or Healthcare just eat eating lots of fruit and vegetables primarily.

      Neither the time or place for that process.
      A Nutrition link would suffice.

      >>>>The advice I got from many older people in the past…if you want to be healthy; keep away from doctors.

      The proper advice is to find a GOOD Doctor.
      And GOOD luck with that.

      Again…Neither the time or place for that process topic.!!

      This blog is really about Health Insurance…which the minority in America wants to destroy to make themselves Rich.

      So Barbara thanks for your advice…however try to stay on topic…so the boys here don’t decide the thread a good one for talking about killing Muslims…

  57. Do you happen to be in Utah!

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