Republican Lawmaker’s Office Vandalized Over Controversial Statement

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

( – Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX) issued a statement to The Hill stating that the sign he had posted outside his office that read “I Stand With Israel” had been taken down by someone the previous night. He further claimed that the U.S. Capitol Police would launch an investigation into the incident.

As he noted in his statement it was not about the sign that was stolen, but rather about the United States being united and supporting one of their closest allies as they “fight against hate and evil.” Williams added that apart from the over 1,000 Israelis who had lost their lives or were missing as a result of the conflict, there were also 35 Americans who had met the same fate. Despite this fact, there was still division in the United States about standing in support of Israel.

The Representative argued that his support for the Middle Eastern country remained unmoved and that he would not be silent in this conflict; instead, he would do everything possible to ensure that Israel is victorious. Williams also pointed out that his office had been in contact with the Capitol Police and had called for them to launch a probe into the incident.

Following the removal of his first sign, Williams put out two new signs that read “I Stand With Israel” outside his office. He also posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, a video of the signs.

The Capitol Police has also confirmed that they have launched an investigation. The Biden administration and the majority of Congress members have put out public statements in support of Israel following the recent attack by Hamas on the nation.

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