Republican Drops Out After “ISIS Bride” Affair

A Republican U.S. Congressman from Texas has dropped out of his re-election race after it was revealed that he had been in an extra-marital relationship with a woman dubbed the “ISIS bride” by the press.

Rep. Van Taylor apologized Wednesday after ending his campaign.

“About a year ago, I made a horrible mistake that has caused deep hurt and pain among those I love most in this world,” Taylor wrote in an email. “I had an affair, it was wrong, and it was the greatest failure of my life. I want to apologize for the pain I have caused with my indiscretion, most of all to my wife Anne and our three daughters.”

Taylor had garnered only 49% in the Republican primary campaign and would have had to fight it out in a run-off election.

The stunning revelation was first reported by Breitbart News just one day before the primary election.

Taylor became a target for pro-Trump Republicans after he voted for the creation of the congressional committee to investigate the Jan. 6 rioting at the U.S. Capitol by protesters trying to overturn the official results of the 2020 presidential election.

The report accused Taylor of having an affair with a woman named Tania Joya for months. Joya provided Breitbart News with a screenshot of explicit communications with Taylor and also evidence that he had allegedly paid her $5,000 to keep quiet about the affair.

Joya is referred to as the “ISIS bride” for her former marriage to an ISIS commander and her activism against Islamist extremism.

The runner-up in the primary election, former Collin County Judge Keith Self, will likely win the seat for the 3rd District of Texas.

Taylor is married with three children.

Original Article: Republican Rep. drops out of congressional race after his affair with a former ‘ISIS bride’ was exposed

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  1. Taylor is now paying his “wage” for sin and the cost may go much higher than this loss of anticipated political office.

  2. A RINO repub. We have a lot of them. Brain dead Mitt Romney comes to mind fast.

  3. Excellent! One RINO down let’s get the rest. They are nothing immoral garbage just like their buddies they get into bed with, the democrats. Hillary is saying Teump should face trials for treason? Oh sweetie, you should be firrst un line for all the crimes you have committed over the years. Take those hideous pantsuits with you. Take Harris, Waters, and Pelosi with you. You are all discusting c–ts not worthy of the name woman.

    • Dwight Hasbrouck

      Judge not lest you be judged
      Tragic that this world is beyond full of still lost sheeple like you
      You hold your eternal burn notice tight in your hand just like all the people you slammed in your comment posting
      I hope that you and all still lost sheeple will turn to Jesus ASAP!
      If not their & your one day final eternal spirit realm will be hell
      Check it out and lean how not to end up in hell

    • I wish scum like Mitch McConnell, Romeny, Liz Cheney, Murkoskey, and the rest of them RINO Immoral Scum see the inside of a prison cell soon with they disgusting vile like liberal progressive demoRats buddy’s who they kiss their ass so much

  4. What abt getting after the non rinos that are and have done the same?
    Starting with your favorite ADULTERER “d.j.t.”.

  5. Another real live rino bites the dust.. Self inflicted.. Keep them coming…

  6. Sorry to hear this, is this not funny .Put he took the bait. this is the easiest way to take a person down
    Put remember a person in Washington was sleeping with a chinese spy ,what as happen to him , he was given
    a better job , why it works for the people to take this country down .but one day be careful what you wish for ?

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