Republican Attorney General Brings Biden To Justice

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Florida’s chief legal officer has taken legal action against the current federal administration in response to objections related to a newly enacted state law concerning union regulations.

Florida’s top legal official, Ashley Moody (R), initiated the lawsuit on Wednesday, accusing key figures in the administration, such as Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and acting Labor Secretary Julie Su, of unlawfully holding back a significant amount of federal funds in response to the new law.

The lawsuit argues that the federal government is trying to use ambiguous conditions tied to federal grants to deter Florida from modifying its collective bargaining practices.

Central to the legal challenge is recent legislation enacted in Florida that impacts the state’s public workers. This legislation provides options for union members to terminate their membership whenever they choose, mandates unions to disclose the count of members paying dues, and stops public employers from directly taking union fees from workers’ wages.

The legal document highlights that these changes aim to ensure Florida’s public employees consciously decide about their constitutional rights regarding union involvement. It also seeks to ensure that when a union represents a group of public employees, it does so with the backing of a significant portion (60%) of those workers.

This regulation doesn’t affect police officers or firefighters, indicating that it might most influence unions associated with educators.

Moody commented, “Florida implemented these laws to safeguard workers from undue influence by unions. While the federal administration seems to be working against state interests, I’ll ensure that decisions about our state will remain local. We’re standing up against this intervention for the sake of our state’s independence and the welfare of Florida’s workers.”

The lawsuit contends that the federal government is holding back funds meant for transportation projects until Florida complies with conditions deemed just and appropriate by the Labor Secretary, particularly those safeguarding employees’ rights, especially concerning collective bargaining.

The legal document asserts, “Florida faces a clear choice from the Department of Labor — either roll back the changes made through the recent law or forgo a huge sum in federal grants.”

It adds, “Given that this demand is based on an unconstitutional condition tied to funds and goes against the law, Florida is pursuing this lawsuit to secure its right to vital funds and its inherent authority to oversee collective bargaining.”

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