Reporters Smear Friend Who Doesn’t Believe Christine Blasey Ford

Irony, thy name is New York Times reporter Kate Kelly. Moments after chiding conservatives for attempting to launch a smear campaign against her and the New York Times for their reckless reporting on the latest nonsensical Brett Kavanaugh allegations, she turned around and did the same thing to Leland Keyser, a longtime friend of Christine Blasey Ford, who has steadfastly refused to corroborate her story and had, indeed, gone on record saying she doesn’t believe a word of the supposed assault is true.

On CNN with Brian Stelter this weekend, Kelly said that right-wing critics should be ashamed of themselves for coming after her reporting with (extremely justifiable) attacks. Namely, that Kelly and the New York Times should have mentioned that the supposed “victim” of the latest Kavanaugh allegations has no memory of the incident ever taking place. Only after widespread criticism did the Times put that relevant information in a footnote at the bottom of the story.

“It’s really sort of an attempt to discredit the messenger and avoid the conversation about the facts, about the evidence, the type of thing you’ve been talking about on your show. How the media becomes this punching bag,” Kelly whined, failing to note that there is exactly zero evidence for ANY of the Kavanaugh allegations, much less this latest one.

But speaking of “discrediting the messenger,” Kelly then turned her attention to Leland Keyser, who was supposedly at the same party where Kavanaugh attacked Ford in the early 1980s.

“Keyser’s claims really don’t rebut Blasey Ford’s claims,” Kelly said, bafflingly. “And also, Kaiser has memory issues that are discussed in the book as well, which relate to the way memory functions for all of us. And also because she has a history of substance abuse, which she acknowledges.”

Uh-huh. And what about Ford’s memory issues? What about the fact that she has no idea where this party actually occurred? What about the fact that she can’t even really pin it down to a specific year? How many substances has she abused?

And how about Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer, who now admits that the threat Kavanaugh poses to Roe v. Wade was among her “motivations” to come forward?

Somehow, when witnesses say something that flows against the liberal media river, they get discredited as substance-abusing, alcoholic, dementia patients. But when they agree with the narrative, they’re sharp, honest, and to be “believed.”

Funny, that.

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