Reporter Sues Justice Department for Illegal Surveillance

Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson has become a right-wing media darling in recent months, even though she is hardly a conservative herself. Simply by being one of the few American journalists willing to investigate the Obama administration, she has endeared herself to millions who are sick and tired of the liberal news conglomerate covering up for this president at every turn. Now Attkisson is moving beyond reporting and book-promotion, bringing a lawsuit against the administration.

The suit seeks $35 million in damages, but Attkisson insists that the money is the least of her concerns. For her, this is simply another step in a personal inquiry into how deeply the Justice Department compromised her privacy. She is accusing Obama’s hounds of hacking into her computers to conduct illegal surveillance, and she has three independent forensic examinations backing her claim.

These aren’t new accusations. The Justice Department actually responded to the charge in 2013, denying any involvement. But according to Attkisson, hackers with a possible Washington connection installed software on her computers at work and at home. That software was used to steal data, cull passwords, and monitor her work. She hopes to use the lawsuit as a means of further investigation, relying on the discovery process to force the Justice Department to tip their hand and answer her questions.

A White House Shrouded in Secrecy

Attkisson left CBS News last year after working for the network for more than 20 years. She claims the head honchos in the news division circled the wagons around Obama, responding negatively to her inquires into several administration scandals, including Eric Holder’s “Fast and Furious” operation and the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi. Liberals looking to discredit the Emmy-award winning journalist claim she abandoned impartiality to pursue an agenda.

This leaves observers to make their own conclusions, at least until this lawsuit gets moving through the court system. But while outlets like Politico and the Washington Post are already taking sides against Attkisson, sensible readers must ask themselves: what seems more likely? Did a veteran CBS reporter up and decide one day to become a conservative extremist, chasing down conspiracy theories to secure herself a blogging gig at Breitbart down the road? Or did the Obama administration – long touted as the most closed-off, secretive White House in modern history – go to illegal lengths to shut down uncomfortable inquiries into their scandals?

Keep in mind that Attkisson is taking aim at the same DOJ that was pinched for secretly obtaining the phone records of Associated Press reporters and editors in 2013. At the time, AP President Gary Pruitt said the revelation was nothing less than a “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into the news business. It’s the same Obama administration that USA Today‘s Susan Page said was “more dangerous” and “more restrictive” than any other administration in history. It’s the same administration that named Fox News reporter James Rosen a criminal co-conspirator in an overzealous investigation into their own leaks.

That anyone in the press would take sides with the administration in this kind of climate goes to show how thoroughly vapid the liberal media has become.

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  1. Yes, she seems to have an agenda; truth. It’s understandable that would bother the liberal presstitutes.

  2. Future “heart attack”?

    • How about this for a future B.S story from the MSM “Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson was involved in a fatal accident today when the car she was driving suddenly exploded, foul play has been ruled out according to federal officials who investigated the accident determined that a faulty gas line was the cause of the explosion. Obama sent his heartfelt condolences to her family, stating that we had minor differences on some issues but I had the utmost respect for her, we shared and agreed on the most important thing and that is Truth and like myself she wouldn’t accept anything less than Truth”.

  3. You Go Girl, but watch your back.

  4. She pursued the truth the msm is covering up and that’s why she left. msm cannot be trusted to tell the truth since they are the lapdogs of the administration.

  5. RedRiteandRue2015

    It’s called “the bully pulpit” for a reason ….

    I am sure that the alleged FBI spying has NOTHING to do with the fact that CBS News Director David Rhodes’ brother, Ben Rhodes, is on the National Security Team at the White House and heavily “involved” in the Benghazi attacks coverup, er aftermath, etc.

    I hope that your federal income taxes are “in order” Ms. Attkisson. You may be hearing from the IRS shortly too. The timing with your federal lawsuit is just “a coincidence” though.

  6. HELLO SHEEPLE ??? She wrote a book and is doing this to drum up PR You people are so stupid and so gullible. Seriously, do you fall for every scam and trick that comes your way?? Marketing 101

    • Blind, stupid or drunk…or all 3??? Start your post by saying you support/vote for Hussein and are an anti-American Democrat….try to be honest.

      • Jackyass, I did not vote for the president. Funny how you morons never respond to a post intellectually, but rather attack the person who posts. Maybe one day soon you’ll have something worthwhile to post, Nah, I doubt it

    • You are the sheeple!!!

      • HAHAHAHAHAH Juststupidity…Classic Why didn’t you just stick your fingers in your ears and say “I know you are but what am I” Just when you think you’ve seen the dumbest person on here, someone dumber comes along and tops it. Thanks for the laugh

  7. This woman should be hailed as a hero. Sharyl Attkisson is presenting the dark side of the Obama regime that nobody else will speak about. The American people should be standing and shouting in unison with Mrs Attkisson about the lawless Obama regime.
    God bless you Sharyl Attkisson,
    Watch your back.

    • This is a lady who should be touted as to what our Media should be but I doubt that this lawsuit will
      go very far especially since Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate and Barack Obama have effectively
      stacked the courts in the District of Columbia where this will have to be filed.

    • Sharyl Attkisson is feeding the beast. All of the Obama haters.

      • You mean books like “dreams of having a father”, “It takes a village idiot”, “hard choices” for the village idiot, Mein Kampf and such?

  8. Might one wish the lady Good Luck persuing her legal action.

  9. That, and instead of being reporters and reporting the news and the truth, they are a bunch of cowards

  10. Sharyll Atkisson, you have the couragemany do not. Watch your back. This is an administration and main stream media that does NOT like the truth.

  11. Sharyl Attkisson, trying to make a name for herself. I saw her on C-Span nothing new here. Oh yea she has a book out. bla.

  12. Imagine how she would be lionized by the New York Times if she were suing a GOP justice department for the same crime.

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