Report: Trump’s Wall Would Save Taxpayers Billions

We’ve all seen the financial estimates. If President Donald Trump isn’t able to get Mexico to pony up the funds to build a southern border wall, construction and maintenance could cost the taxpayers as much as $15 billion. Trump himself has said that those figures should be disregarded – that he will negotiate the price down to a much more manageable sum.

But even if the price stands as some estimates conclude, a new report suggests that the wall would ultimately pay for itself. The Center for Immigration Studies ran an analysis that found that even if the wall was moderately successful in stopping illegal immigrants, it would have a net-beneficial impact on the wallet of the American taxpayer.

From CIS:

This analysis takes the likely education level of illegal border-crossers and applies fiscal estimates developed by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS) for immigrants by education level. NAS calculates the future fiscal balance immigrants create — taxes paid minus costs. NAS reports fiscal balances as “net present values”, which places a lower value on future expenditures than on current expenditures.

Based on the NAS data, illegal border-crossers create an average fiscal burden of approximately $74,722 during their lifetimes, excluding any costs for their U.S.-born children. If a border wall stopped between 160,000 and 200,000 illegal crossers — 9 to 12 percent of those expected to successfully cross in the next decade — the fiscal savings would equal the $12 to $15 billion cost of the wall.

According to the study, illegal immigrants crossing over by way of the land border rarely have even a high school education. They may work once they have arrived in the U.S., but they are not skilled enough to get jobs that pay enough to sustain room and board. Thus, they become dependent on the welfare system, costing taxpayers a fortune throughout their lives. In many cases, they have children, who often continue this cycle of dependency into the next generation.

It’s something to keep in mind the next time Democrats start talking about the cost of the wall. Yes, it will be expensive as hell. Guess what? That’s the price of national security – to say nothing about America’s economic security, which goes hand in hand. What we can no longer afford is to let illegal immigrants stream into our country unabated. That cost – one that grows with every passing year – may not show up in the headlines, but it is killing the U.S. slowly but surely.


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  1. The savings in school tax avoidance alone would be staggering especially if you are in a district where they land in large numbers. The “undocumented enrollees” typically require additional school resources because they do not know the culture nor the language. They also typically qualify for “FREE” lunch because they are dirt poor. The costs are shared among the taxpayers in the district. You can bet that they do not flock to places like Greenwich, CT., or Beverly Hills, CA., or Upper Brookville, NY.. No, they flock to the poorer districts whose schools are already under performing academically because of the absence of wealth in the district and the fact that they have relatives there. It is a vicious cycle. One in which the moneyed interests never get the privilege of experiencing because if they did, more of them would support the ban – especially those self-absorbed celebrities….

    • The national average annually per student is $10,700. For 13 years (K-12) that’s $139,000 to educate one child. That figure does not include free lunch or any federal programs illegals use. Tax credits for children, food, housing, medical. So this article barely touches the surface of the real cost to the US taxpayers. $74,000 over a lifetime for one illegal would be a bargain and really glosses over the real figures!!!
      We need to get a handle on this, yesterday!

    • Dissolute (yep, irredeemably)

      And, consider the billions of greenbacks sent out of our country by illegals to their Mexican families each year.

      • I lived in So. Cal. for a few years in the early 70’s. I worked for a telephone answering service for awhile and at 6:00 pm the Western Union would be turned over to us. We would stay open until 10:00 then lock the doors. Between 6 and 10pm on several occasions I would send upwards of $10,000.00 To Mexico for the farm workers. They couldn’t speak english so their bosses would write down their addresses and who it was to in Mexico. I had to give them a receipt with that same address on it or their bosses would come into see me the next day. I hated sending all that mto mexico so I quit. 2 weeks later I got fired from a waitress job because I didn’t speak Spanish. They gave me 2 weeks to learn. The patrons would point out what they wanted and I would write it down but the cook didn’t speak english and couldn’t read my writing so they fired me. But I did win my unemployment and boy did I use it to the fullest.

  2. Trumps wall would save taxpayers billions…

    And cost Politicians much more. The loss of fraudulent votes.

    I guess we know what the Politicians will fight for.

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    • Good point! Have you noticed how eager the democrat politicians are to keep the borders wide open, allow as many brown, black and Islamic illegals in as possible, and at the same time they play down the necessity of having strong rules governing voting, e.g., photo ID? This is a scam folks, designed to steal the government and hold it in perpetuity. We don’t need weaker voting rights laws, we need stronger ones.

      • Not just democrat politicians… ALL politicians seem to be adverse to securing the borders.

        Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = Liberal Progressive Communists.

        I think the real election fraud is done by the Elites. Not the Russians. Elites now count the votes.

        I can think of no other reason for our politicians to actually want open borders other than to use their fraudulent/made up votes.

        • Where I believe it’s the unspoken agenda of democrats to create hordes of ILLEGAL aliens and chaos (and therefore fraud) in our election processes, the GOP seems to go along to get along. It’s more a lack of cojones on their part than an agenda of deceit, where the dems would plot to steal the gold out of your Grandmother’s teeth if they thought it’d win the next Presidential election. We had Obozo for two terms didn’t we? And look at that cost!

          • I agree, and I think I know how they are doing it. But I am of the belief that the RINO’s are NOT on Conservatives side anymore.

            First off, Liberal Progressives have taken control of both political parties. I now call them elites.

            We the People assume that when it comes to counting the votes. The Republicans are keeping the Democrats honest, and the Democrats are keeping the Republicans honest, and the MEDIA is keeping everybody honest….

            This assumption is no longer true… Hasn’t been for a long time. We can no longer Trust who is counting the votes… All the Elites have to do is sell the public that an outcome is possible (Hillary will win) and they will make it so. That is why Hillary won CA.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          • No doubt we’re on the same page, I’m just not sure the so-called “elites” are all that powerful a force. The Trumpster, an outsider, took them down back on November 8th with his populist message, and the rise of the “every man.” Are you using “elites” interchangeably with “the establishment” ?

          • I pray you are correct and the Elites are not that powerful. BUT I fear the only reason we had a proper and true election was because of Project Veritas and their timely reporting of the DNC fixing of votes and inciting of riots at Trump Rallies.

            I credit Project Veritas for driving the entire voter fraud machine underground for the last two weeks of the election. Couple that with the WikiLeaks information gleaned from the Hillary Clinton emails, the Elites were not able to manufacture the votes that Hillary needed to win…

            Except in CA….

          • I believe the GOP Establishment are the elites and where the majority of the Rino’s hide. They only want to keep their jobs. They do nothing for the conservative base of the (R) party. That is where all the anger came from this time. And Trump knew and used that anger to his benefit. There are no elites in the (D) party they are all just radical socialist traitors.

          • Or, the Elites in the GOP Establishment are Radical Socialist traitors…..

            That is why it is hard to tell them apart…

          • Yep, I still find it hard to believe that a Kenyan born, racist, bigoted, lying, corrupt DICtator was elected………..Worst of it was that many of the politicians knew that BO was not a legal citizen………..Pelosi even stated in a video that she thought “it was a miracle that a Kenyan born person would be elected as Senator”, then, of course they knew that he was ILLEGAL when he ran for CIC……………

          • I like your spunk, Granny. It’s sorta like a blowtorch on an eyeball! And you brought up another name – the outrageous Pelosi! Can you believe she, and those two other cretins -Obozo & Reid running the democrat party for the past 8 years? No wonder we’re in a world of shiite.

          • Pure and simple. Stupid “white guilt” radical liberals, massive vote fraud and a Marxist biased media. It wasn’t the left or right coasts that failed. It was a massively conservative middle America that finally showed up at the polls.

          • We have never had a Kenyan born president. You are a fool.

          • The GOP has been running a “SCAM JOB” on the American public since as far back as the 1960’s when they got into the “liberals social justice movement”. They did it because the democrats told them if they didn’t they would never win an election again. Guess Donald Trump taught them how stupid and wrong they were to turn their backs on conservative Americans. We really are a lot more powerful than the liberals thought.

          • The GOP isn’t sophisticated enough to run a “scam job”. They simply allow themselves to be bullied by the left because they lack the stones to fight back. The go along to get along and are keenly aware of the stats that somewhere around 95 percent of incumbents get re-elected every 2 yrs. But, you’re right, it did take a non-politician, an outsider like the Trumpster to show them the way. And, as you can see, even now they’re hesitant to follow, and both Ryan and McConnell are having trouble finding their gonads.

          • The reason the Repubs vote the way they do is because their big money donors tell them to vote that way. The masses are just here to pay the taxes and fight the wars and do what we are told. Did the Repubs fight for Mr. Trump at all, Kasich, McCain, Graham?

          • Point taken…

        • Yep, we know McCain, Bush, and some others are for the illegals/muslims…….No telling how many more……..Even the FBI, DOJ, and the CIA have corruption………

          SOROS should be going broke by now after putting $$$$ in all those politicians pockets…McCain even admitted to receiving money from BO & hildabeasts benefactor.

      • So we have democrat politicians pandering for “votes” and repuklican politicians pandering for contributions from business owners looking to hire illegals to make more profits. Excellent reason to build the wall and end the pandering from both sides and save the taxpayers all the money these parasites are costing us in illegal government benefits. Sounds like a WIN WIN all around. Then if the repuklican politicians don’t get the donations maybe these political traitors won’t get elected. That makes it a WIN, WIN, WIN.

        • We’ll see how that works out. In the meantime you might want to check your dictionary for the correct spelling of republican. Better yet, if you really want to stop the pandering, we might consider adopting the FairTax. Are you down with that?

          • I do believe it was spelled that way intentionally as I, myself, often use that spelling!
            maxx spelling was meant to say re-puke-litans. Puke as in BARF!

          • Yes, I know, old codger. I was just trying to be sarcastic…being a conservative, I simply don’t believe MY political party has become puke-worthy YET. Close, but not quite yet. After all, we still have Trey Gowdy…

          • Understood! Unfortunately BOTH parties are becoming PUKE worthy! Yes more so the DemonRATZ but even the majority of the RePUKElitans are making it hard on the Gowdy’s!!

          • Semper Fi!

          • I’d always heard Semper Fi was a Marine thing and I was USAF but hey thanks just the same!!

          • Nothing wrong with my spelling if you consider that the work “puke” is what they make me feel like doing when I see or hear from them. Read a lot about the Fair Tax and from what I found the Fair Tax Plan would require the middle class to pay the most in taxes as they do now while the wealthy would enjoy an even lighter tax burden. That is not fair in my mind.

    • This only applies to RINO’s like McCain and the entire Democrat Party.

      • Yep! And it’s the reason I prayed and voted for Trump! He owes nobody anything and sees that this exposes those RINOS that are on the Soros meal ticket so to speak!

        • President Trump is our last best hope, and he is exposing these RINO’s and delusional Democrats for who and what they are–Anti-Americans!

          • And I really love his attacks on the media. He really has them boiling mad. Even Chris Wallace went ballistic on his show on Sunday. If he keeps acting like the rest of the MSM hosts he may find himself looking for work. Lot’s of criticism of his crap last Sunday and he deserves it. He has a lot of people believing he is a conservative but his bias is beginning to show. I would like to see him bounced in favor of Cheryl Attkisson or even John Stossel. Somewhere Stossel is called a liberal but if anything he is a libertarian; big difference.

          • I certainly appreciate your point of view regarding “Weasel” Wallace who reminds me of a yapping Chihuahua. I think Cheryl Attkisson would be an excellent replacement for fraud Wallace, but John Stossel is a little too weird for me.

          • I would definitely prefer Atkisson but Stossel’s saving grace is he is not a liberal but he is considered a Libertarian only not as goofy as Ron and Rand Paul but certainly better than Wallace. .

          • Let’s face it, just about anyone would be better than the Chihuahua!

        • I must admit that I voted against Hillary more than for Trump. But now he is under full attack by the liberal media and we must support him in any way we can.

      • Yes, It applies to the Elites.

        Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA…

        They are the ones counting the votes…..

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
        decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        —-Joseph Stalin

    • why havent they started it yet?

    • If the wall just prevented progressive politicians from getting elected it would save us billions.

      • Well said…. I am all for that wall. 40 ft high… just around progressive politicians, then fill it with 20 ft of water… Lets see if they can walk on their BS…

    • A big fat raise………..

    • But, as I showed, it is a lie.

      • Not sure what you are talking about. You showed nothing.

        • The article is a lie. READ THE ACTUAL REPORT.
          “First-generation immigrants are more costly to governments than are the native-born, but the second generation are among the strongest fiscal and economic contributors in the U.S. The report concludes that immigration has an overall positive impact on long-run economic growth in the U.S. Another National Academies report found that immigrants and their descendants integrate into American society over time, for example, in the areas of educational attainment, occupations, and health.”
          The columnist gets his “truth” from Trump.

          • The article is not a lie.

            You quote first generation IMMIGRANTS.. Which is a complety different group of people from Illegal border crossing immigrants that is quoted in the article….

            This suggests you use slight of hand and the parsing of words to manipulate data. A trick often used by liberal progressives.

            And again, have proved nothing and have shown nothing.

          • What the author of this article failed to mention is that withing three generations, the net positive effect is over 200 billion dollars and continues to increase. We would be very poor if it weren’t for immigrants. The author fails to tell you that.
            We need to INCREASE immigration to make America greater, according to that report.

          • I think if you actually analyze the DATA you will find that within three generations the LEGAL immigrants are NET Positive.

            They are NOT talking about ILLEGAL immigrants. This article is about ILLEGAL immigrants..

            Please try to keep up… BTW, if what you are saying was true, America would not be in debt… The article is not a lie, the author has failed at nothing. You still have showed NOTHING…. Deal with it.

          • First you say it is NOT about illegal immigrants, then you say it IS about illegal immigrants. Please try to be lucid.

          • I will slow down for you…..

            Your article quotes first generation immigrants.

            This article says ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

            Illegal Immigrants are NOT equal to Immigrants (legal Immigrants). You are comparing apples to snake piss. Which proves nothing.

          • My article is the SAME one the author of the article talked about. What article are YOU talking about.
            The economy (money) doesn’t know the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. That is a legal designation only.

          • Illegal aliens are not legal immigrants.

            You can NOT assume that a family of illegals will grow up the same as a family that immigrated here legally.

            As the article above states, illegal immigrants are a HUGE drain on America.

            Just curious, do you even know why you fight for open borders?

          • You might want to slow down and research stuff first.

          • The article falsely says “illegal immigrants”. The study did NOT analyze illegal immigrants separately. The author is a liar.

          • And your proof? You are wrong. Deal with it. Cupcake.

          • The proof is the actual report that the author refers to. The report applies to immigrants and does NOT distinguish between legal and illegal because it does not make any economic difference.
            The proof: Here is the actual report for you to read for yourself.

          • NO and WRONG…. YOU do not distinguish between immigrants and illegal immigrants. AND YOU SHOULD…

            The report CLEARLY says immigrants, and makes no mention of illegal immigrants.

            YOU are wrong in not making that distinction. And you have NO right to ASSUME what the author meant.

          • You clearly didn’t read the report or you wouldn’t say such stupid things. This was an ECONOMIC analysis. Why should the authors consider a dollar spent by an illegal be different than a dollar spent by a legal one??? TELL ME and tell THEM. Please read the report.

          • I clearly did read the report. And what I am saying is not stupid.

            The report clearly states that it followed immigrants…. That is LEGAL immigrants.

            There is a huge difference between those that come over legally and those that come over here illegally.

            instance, immigrants MOVE to the United States and are vetted, they
            must answer questions as to how they will improve the United States, and
            be good contributing citizens. If they want to stay they at some point
            in time pledge allegiance to the United States. There money, future,
            and efforts stay in the United States.

            Illegals don’t have
            that tie, quite often they send what they earn home…. Let me repeat
            that ….. HOME….. Those people are CLEARLY not included in your
            little report….

            I CLEARLY read and understood the report…. You did not.

          • You have restated their report. They said “immigrants”. You lied and said the said “LEGAL” immigrants. They did NOT say that. You made that up. You sound as bad as Trump. He makes things up all the time. A real joke.

          • You lied when you implied that Illegal immigrants were part of the immigrant pool.

            I attempted to clarify our two points by clarifying illegal immigrants and legal immigrants…

            YOU on the other hand can not tell the difference… AND THERE IS….

          • NOTHING in that report distinguished “legal” versus “illegal” immigrants. Find a quote that supports your revisionist statement. You can’t. So why are you desperately trying to rewrite it for them?
            You don’t have to believe me. I just grew up and reformed. Many conservatives never grow up. Sorry about that, and the country is the worse off. Look at us now because we have so many ignorant conservatives. We are stuck with the lyingest president ever, and he hasn’t been in office two months, and he is working very hard to be the worst.
            George Bush should have endorsed him so the title could pass on.

          • NOTHING IN THAT REPORT SAYS THE WORD ILLEGAL. You and ONLY you place illegal immigrants and immigrants into the same group….

            Now I know you are lying about your background…

            Here is the lyingest president ever…. And proof that our MEDIA is in the tank for you liberal progressives….


          • Note that they “THINK” they have 65+ lies by Obama in eight years. Possibly
            Note that Trump has over a hundred SINCE THE ELECTION. That is why he is the lyingest ever. Here is the list.

          • Huff poo stinks… No doubt you love it.

          • But it is accurate. I love accuracy; why I don’t listen to Fox regularly. It does give me some of the more extreme stuff, but a regular diet of it would give me indigestion.
            Note that you would be unable to refute even one of the 100 lies. You might think they stink, but they get their facts straight; something Trump has a LOT of trouble with.

          • Huff poo is accurate if you like propaganda.

            If you actually read that poo, you would have noticed that they are desperate. They can not prove that Trump lied about any one of his comments…

            You too need to watch and try to comprehend this video. it talks about the ideological brainwashing you are a victim of.


          • They have his actual comments. Trump just makes stuff up. He is on tape saying these things. If you believe them, then you are sick also. They proved EVERY ONE of them. Didn’t you read???? I’ll bet you didn’t, You just made up your post.
            And if you think Huffington Post is propaganda, wait until you watch Fox. They are the foremost leader. They are Trump’s lapdog and will only say what he wants. That is why he likes them.

          • There is a HUGE difference between lying and making a mistake.

            They DID NOT prove every one of them. The RAIN, ESTIMATING CROWD SIZE, and AUDIENCE size, all were opinions based on his experience. So the guy was wrong..

            So what? These things are not important. and did you apply the same concern about 0bama’s lies????

            You are a hypocrite. Incapable of making sound judgements because you are unable to process anything that goes against your ideology.. You are only half informed, you are foolish.

            WATCH THE VIDEO AGAIN.. Try to figure out a way so that you are not squashed like a cockroach….

          • Imagine what Trump’s exaggerations did to Fox. They obviously had numerous cameras covering the inauguration. And the inauguration garnered a very large crowd and I am sure Fox was poised to point out the massive support Trump got and had the film to prove it.
            But when Trump grossly exaggerated the size of the crowd stretching down the mall, Fox was left with nothing. It couldn’t show its footage without calling Trump a liar.
            Most times people just ignore his lies, but sometimes his lies come back to bite him.

          • Why imagine anything? Trump had huge crowds if you think that NOBODY within 200 miles of DC showed up….

            Fox reported the news. Crowd size is a diversion, proves nothing.

          • What is this thing about 200 miles. Trump had a huge crowd, and if he hadn’t tried to grossly exaggerate it, it would have had some impact. Trump made it a diversion. He is just stupid.

          • It kind of shows less interest!

          • For those that want to draw that conclusion.

            One could equally come to the conclusion that Trump supporters had to WORK, and had to drive a lot further than 0bama supporters, and watched on TV, or the internet.

            Both conclusions have equal support data.

            0bama’s inauguration was historic, no doubt about that.

          • You mean because they were mostly dumb white trailer park trash – maybe! Pathetic argument!

  3. Remember that massive civilian army that Barack Jihad Obama promised to create in his first term as president? President Jihad said his army should be just as big and powerful as our US Military. Barack Jihad Obama has imported his army’s foot soldiers exclusively from Islamic nations. Has anyone noticed that the vast majority of Muslims that Obama has brought to America are young able bodied men of Jihad age? Are you armed? You should be!

  4. right on point. In a q7a session about taing illegal alins into their home, open boarder supporters were not going to do it. They , naturally , think that these illegal aliens can live elsewhere (nima) and the money should come from someone else

  5. This was part of Omuslimes plan to break America the more that this half breed bastard let slither across our border and those he had flown in to eat up our finances the better for his plan he and his muslim slime want America to break down so they can weasel their way into power and put Christians and Jews under Sharia law and cut our throats . There needs to a TOTAL ban on ALL Muslims those that have been here should be shipped out today with ALL of their families as long as there is one left here the more danger our country is in

  6. Withhold welfare from Illegals and rioters and you will quickly save enough to build a wall.

  7. Cutting money from most of the gov. depts. will bring the debt down. Giving grants to colleges/universities to watch a crawfish on a treadmill and other experiments is a waste of taxpayers money. Included in any money given should be a mandate to update computer systems in our government, get civilian employees to pay their back taxes by a deadline or be fired.

  8. an ounce of prevention always beats a pound of cure in savings and time but try to convince a liberal this is like talking to a wall. Who will be the next person to die because of an illegal?

  9. Make sense to me, with all the social programs we spend taxpayer’s monies on, this will put a big dent into those expenses!

    • Average amount during Obama’s term $17,613.00, giving to Illegals.
      Average amount for retirees $14,772
      Makes sense to the Democrats & RINO’s.
      How about cutting the foreign aid to country’s that hate us or how about kicking the UN out; those two items would more than pay for a wall. Or how about cutting the politicians pay?

  10. We know the wall would not only pay for itself, but that our expenses would be massively reduced in the long run when we deport people who are here illegally and don’t belong here in the first place. These illegal immigrants produce nothing, contribute nothing and are a burden on our society, our culture, our schools, our healthcare system and our courts!

  11. This is sort of a cost-benefit analysis and a very conservative one at that. If a real wall is constructed, and I believe it will be, accompanied by an order from the President to allow border officials to do their jobs, problem solved. I did a lot of research recently on a new novel I wrote, and it’s almost incomprehensible who, how, and how many are illegally crossing the border on a routine basis. This nonsense must stop!

  12. Amen! One example:. Young illegal ladies, get pregnant, walk into an emergency room when they are in labor, have baby, and walk out….Never pay the bill. That alone costs taxpayers $4,000 per instance! One private hospital here in Dallas nearly went broke because of this, so they shut down their OB services entirely!! Trump is totally correct…We must stop allowing them to come to the US illegally and do this anchor baby crap!!

  13. Deadbeats are no longer welcome as we have a 20+ Trillion dollar debt. and no way to pay it with fiat money. Let’s save some money, cut crime, give jobs to blacks and others who were born here and who would otherwise turn to crime for $$. Lots of benefits, few problems.

  14. FAIR showed that in California alone, there are 4.1 million illegal aliens who cost the taxpayers over $25 billion per year. So, there is the money that should go towards paying for the wall. $15 billion is affordable in comparison. Plus, the wall will last for several generations, and be a one time cost. The cost for illegal aliens is ongoing.

  15. Democrat liberals are only concerned about their personal well being and lining their pockets. The wall protects the citizens of the US. and keeps out the illegal. If you want to come to the US legally the system our ever antiquated and needing possible some work is in place and has been used and continues to be used by immigrants wanting to come to the US.

  16. Trump’s wall will save countless sorrow of the families whose loved ones are raped and killed by illegal felon invaders. Trump’s wall will save taxpayers paying for education of illegal invading children, emergency medical care for colds and other simple illnesses for illegals, taxpayer paid legal services provided for all illegals, and the over-extension of social services in small and larger communities. Huge increases in law enforcement costs paid by much higher taxes on taxpayers. And it will cost Democrats numerous elections because without illegal felon invader voters voting, (along with the dead) they have no chance in many communities today.

  17. Even if the President is able to have the dollar amount reduced, we’re still going to pay for it from our tax dollars. I’m not entirely sure the President actually knows the monumental challenges involved here. And I wonder if it will really solve anything.

  18. So, Mexico will not be paying for The Wall? Instead, we are being told to depend on yet another form of “trickle down,” “dynamic-scoring,” and “gee, it’s really OK if a politician says one thing before he’s elected and then does the opposite. Aren’t we tired of typical DC behavior?

    • hey whinny butt. Mexico will end up paying for the wall one way or another.

      The Primary promise was for a wall. Trump is building the wall. Secure the borders first, then we will talk.

      • No need to call me names, MAHB001. I promise to respect your opinions, and I expect no less from you. Mr. Trump has made other promises – not just a Wall to be paid by Mexico. I expect that to happen. I expect $1,000,000,000,000 in Infrastructure Improvements (roads, bridges, airports, railroads, electrical grid, Internet – and I am very willing to use my tax dollars for that. (I also expect that we will use American companies and American workers and American resources.) I expect a tax cut, and I expect that the middle class tax cut will be a “healthy” one. I expect a plan to eliminate the National Debt. (I know he has promised to do that in 8 years. I am willing to cut him a break if he only cuts it in half in 8 years.) I want a health insurance program that covers every American for lower premiums and lower out-of-pocket expenses.
        Are we in agreement, MAHB001?

        • And why should we hold Trump responsible for his promises in the first 30 days of his presidency when the Left turned a blind eye to 0bama’s promises for 8 years?

          When you are arguing for the left, you do not have any moral high ground to stand on, which only makes your name an oxymoron.

          “If you like your Dr. you can keep your Dr. PERIOD.”
          “If you like your Healthcare plan you can keep your Health Care Plan. PERIOD”
          “A family of four will save $2,500 a year.”
          “The violence in Benghazi was a spontaneous reaction to a YouTube video.”
          “There is not a smidgen of wrong doing in the IRS targeting of conservatives.”

          • 1.) Oh, I see how this works: so, Obama supporters say, why should we hold Obama to HIS campaign promises, when GWBush promised the Ownership Society and then crashed the economies of Planet Earth, promised to stomp out AlQaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq, promised to make Social Security healthy by handing it over to Wall Street….
            2.) No, he doesn’t have to make good on EVERY promise in 30 days, but when he starts moving off course (The Wall), he needs course correction.
            3.) WOW, no disparaging remarks!! Good job!!

          • oh, I see, still blaming Bush… How 18th century… I get it, everything is a conservatives fault, in your mind.

            Look, you are a victim of Ideological Subversion. You are incapable of seeing/accepting or understanding any information that goes against your liberal progressive ideology. As pointed out in the video below.

            I don’t have the answer on how to fix the brainwashing you went through, but I also do not think it is a permanent thing as the video explains….. If Conservatives win this war, your life will not end up squashed like a cockroach…. But…. if the people you are hanging with win… That is the Big Government Communists win, they will squash you like a cockroach…

            Sorry for the disparaging remarks… 0bama made me do it.


          • I guess I should have spelled things out more clearly. Sorry.

            I was attempting to explain the terrible CYCLE that we Patriots seem to fall into when we apologize for our politicians. You started (and are continuing) to aplogize for Trump’s moves away from the promises he made in order to get elected by blaming OBAMA supporters.
            So, I went to the next logical step of blaming GWBUSH and his supporters for anything that Obama didn’t do. I should have then continued with Bush supporters blaming CLINTON,

            ETC. ETC.

            See? It’s the CYCLE that I’m trying to underscore.

            WE – we, the People – not just me – you too – have been brainwashed into apologizing for our officeholders as soon as they take command of the reins of power. That’s where we make our Big Mistake.

            One Example: Candidate Trump promised a Big Beautiful Wall the Mexico was going to pay for – “You can believe me!” President Trump is now building The Wall using MY taxpayer money (yours, too, I assume).

            Now, a portion of the population (you?) are perfectly willing to allow him to say one thing to get into office and another thing once he is there. How is this OK? It has nothing to do with Obama or Bush (43) or Clinton or Bush (41), etc. They ALL do it, right?

            If we let Trump manipulate us on this one, we set ourselves up for more broken campaign promises: major tax cuts for the rich, piddly cuts for everyone else. Infrastructue improvements – but contracted to Chinese firms (“they really know how to do infrastructure”). I’m 71 years old. I want my Social Security and Medicare. I do not want to see it handed over to Goldman Sachs – which is one of the reasons I am concerned about Anthony Scaramucci, Dina Habib Powell, Steve Bannon, Steve Mnuchin, Gary Cohn, Jay Clayton, even Jared Kushner….

            The list goes on and on.

            I know Trump promised to “Drain the Swamp.” To me, this is beginning to look like another broken campaign promise. I know he has only been in office less than 30 days, but this is what is happening NOW. These people will be influencing this administration for the foreseeable future.

            Time to stand up now, before they get too entrenched!!

          • No thoughts on what I wrote 2 days ago?
            Are you really OK with permitting our office holders to say one thing to get elected and do the opposite?

          • No I am not OK with permitting our office holders to say one thing to get elected and do something different.

            That is why I brought up the 65 lies that 0bama said to get and stay elected. And I find someone that condoned 0bamas lies not credible to discuss Trumps actions, which they would like to label as lies.

          • Did I condone any of Obama’s lies? Where did I do that?

          • Don’t be a hypocrite and liar.

            The Left not only condoned 0bama’s lies, they covered for him so that he could lie even more.

          • “They?” or “Me?”

            You have gone – in one posting from calling me a hypocrite and a liar to blaming “the Left” for condoning Obama’s behaviors.

            Read Carefully: When are WE PATRIOTS going to stop allowing our office holders (the ones WE ELECT TO MAKE IMPORTANT DECISIONS IN OUR NAMES) to say one thing to get elected and quite the opposite after they take office? (Please read the sentence above again. Thank you.)

            Do you understand my point? YOU seem to be saying that because Obama supports covered for him, Trump supporters should do the same. THAT is the nasty cycle I have been talking about.

            (On the playground the teacher asks Billy why he did something naughty. Billy’s answer is, “Johnny did it.”)

            You seem to agree that we should hold our elected officials accountable for their campaign promises. We are in total agreement. How does that make me a liar and a hypocrite?

          • You represent and argue for the left, therefor you get all the baggage. Deal with it.

            I am NOT saying that just because 0bama supporters covered for 0bama, Trump supporters should do the same.Why be hypocritical and stoop as low as a liberal progressive?

            What I am saying is that Republicans have been holding our Representatives accountable, Democrats haven’t. And until the Democrats start holding their side accountable, we will continue to have the swamp filled with scat.

            Trump supporters are holding Trump accountable. I for one am holding Trump accountable. I for one have said, BUILD the WALL, then we will talk. I for one, believe We the People have ALREADY paid for that wall a thousand times over, and don’t give a rats… arse, who pays for the wall. I just want the borders secured.

            Your entire argument is just one of those Alinsky Radical based tactics that looks for things to divide and not for things to unite, while never giving up any ground…. Aren’t you getting tired of being such a negative person?

          • How is it that I represent the Left?

            I’m glad to hear that you are willing to hold Mr. Trump’s feet to the fire when it comes to fulfilling his promises. I continue to say, BUILD THE WALL – but not with MY money.

            I continue to say: Infrastructure – $1,000,000,000,000 – American workers and materials, etc.

            Tax cuts – for me, especially – middle class

            Save Social Security and Medicare – I’m 71.

            Eliminate the National Debt.

            Those are POSITIVE things, not negative.

          • Your arguments support the left. Go up to the your original post and read it.

            There are liberal progressive activists, trolls, that come down to these posts for the purposes of disrupting and dividing. My original assumption was that you were one of those trolls. If you are not, my apologies.

            Just out of curiosity, what do you feel is the most important function of our Government?

          • So here is my original post: “So, Mexico will not be paying for The Wall? Instead, we are being told to depend on yet another form of “trickle down,” “dynamic-scoring,” and “gee, it’s really OK if a politician says one thing before he’s elected and then does the opposite. Aren’t we tired of typical DC behavior?”

            How does “Aren’t we tired of typical DC behavior” support “the Left?”

            Note that I was responding to the article “Report: Trump’s Wall Would Save Taxpayers Billions.” My comments, which called into question Trump’s campaign promise to have Mexico pay for the Wall (i.e., NOT ME), seem to echo what Trump had been saying for his entire campaign. He was continually on the case of DC-types who say one thing and do something else – not just Democrats, but the Jeb Bushes, the Huckabees, the Christies, the Cruz’s of the world.

            My anti-DC comments earned YOUR response that included your calling me a “whinny butt.” Seems like, by extension, Mr. Trump is a whinny butt when he complains about Establishment Politicians.

          • 1. It has yet to be seen to see who will be paying for the wall. One month in, he has done a lot. My point is, where was your voice against 0bama???

            It is interesting that you focus on who is paying for the wall, and not the wall itself… (goes towards proving all you can see is the negatives of Republicans, and no positives) As a pure business decision, the wall pays for itself. The savings could go towards infrastructure and tax cuts.

            Now that Trump is enforcing existing immigration laws there may be NO NEED for a physical wall. The risks, no amnesty, and poor job prospects may make it not worth the trip across the border to America if they can’t collect SS benefits.

            So YES, we are tired of typical DC behavior, Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = Big Government communists.

            Now you can call me a whinny butt too.

            So you never said what your opinion of the most important function of our Government is. Mine would be to protect the people of the United States…. If that means building and paying for a wall, so be it.

          • 1.) Purpose important function of Government: Protect the American people – agreed. (Even Obama said that, BTW.)
            2.) Where was my voice against Obama? Gee, I don’t have the massive voice on Disqus that you do (20,000+ comments – WOW). I just joined! So, I don’t know where you could dig up my comments over the last 8 years….)
            3.) I repeat (in caps, so you can hear) BUILD THE WALL. (Use Mexico’s money, as promised.)
            4.) So now we don’t even need a “physical” wall? Really? WOW!!
            5.) Agreed – End typical DC behavior – straight talk, no lying, do what you say you are going to do.
            6.) Some people, I’m sure call you a “whinny butt.” I’ve heard that. I would never say that about you, but I’ve heard that. Maybe it’s the Princess….?

          • As you are apparently aware, the left has no credibility anymore. The only way someone can appear credible is to come on the posts brand new and claim they are fresh and know nothing about what has been going on for the last 8 years.

            Trolls are famous for resetting their post numbers as they rarely have upvotes. It is impossible for me to tell a troll from a new person. So I assumed you were a troll.

          • Hmmmmm, there’s a joke somewhere about “assume” and what happens when someone does that … something about u amd me….

            It would appear that you are out of options, cannot come up with anything better than “you (as an obvious member of “the Left”) have no credibility,” you MUST be a troll, and, OF COURSE, I must be a “new person.”

            You obviously cannot DISCUSS the future of the nation we BOTH love in an open and honest manner.

            Upvotes? Is that why you are here? Upvotes? I ran MY numbers: 71% for a “Lefty” on a Conservative site!! WOW – Maybe I am NOT a Lefty, but a Concerned Conservative who is a bit worried about the erratic behavior of the President. Who is concerned that he is in over his head….. and has deceived too many voters.

            I have a prediction about you, MAHB001. Can you “assume” what it is?

          • That would make me the arse… But, I am OK with that. Wouldn’t be the first time, and it gives you no reason to think you have won some kind of argument.

            The left still has no credibility, SSSSOOORRRYYYYY…

            1) Protecting the American People is number one on my list. As for 0bama saying it, he never said it in a way that I believed him… So much hate America in that guy. His actions spoke louder than his words, and his apologies…. They were not from a man that was proud of his heritage or Country.

            2) Lets just say that I was talking figuratively about the Left. Allow me to rephrase my statement so you might understand.. Where was the LEFTS outrage when 0bama lied? I am sure you were in your living room screaming at the TV, because we now know you were not on Disqus venting your anger.

            3) I repeat, I never cared who paid for the wall. Just build it. This is one campaign promise that will be hard to keep track of. After all, Reagan was promised the wall and our politicians have failed us so far. They sure spent the money Reagan was promised for the wall.

            4) i believe we need a physical wall, without the incentives to entice the good Working Mexicans to America, all that will be left is drug trafficking criminals and terrorists.

            5) Agreed

            6) Funny, I appreciate good hummer, But If you have heard that, you heard that from circles that are familiar with my postings, which indicates that you are not all that new to Disqus. Or…. there are massive think tanks generating counter posts to mine….

            I know I have become cynical over the years of posting. I recall how appalled I was that there was no civility on the web… It seems I have put you through the same experience..

            Welcome, God Bless, and try to open your mind to the other side.

          • Well, we will have to disagree about payment for The Wall. Not only was there a loud and definite promise that it would be paid by Mexico, but now that he has (seemingly) backed away from that promise, he is sending a horribly weak message to Mexico (and other nations, too – think NATO & the UN) that he really doesn’t mean what he says. In effect, it’s just so much hot air. SAD!

          • We will just have to disagree about the payment, because that has NOT been settled yet.

            I don’t blame you for holding Trumps feet to the fire on that statement. That is what a good Alinsky Radical does.

            Rule 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

            A brilliant tactic, but not too effective if they do not live up to their own book of rules. So, keep on pushing it until Mexico pays for the wall. It might be kind of like waiting for a tax break from the IRS….. 🙂

            NATO I care about, and believe they will come around and continue to work with us. They are after all, like minded Capitalists with common goals.

            The UN needs to be disbanded, it is just a bunch of socialists and communists.

          • Please read this post with a completely open mind, as though I am NOT the awful LIBERAL you think I am. Ready?


            Donald Trump’s words have meaning. During the campaign his words had implications that primarily related to getting elected. NOW, they have world-wide implications.

            Specifically, about The Wall and the payment for it: Mr. Trump’s words have set up a CONTEST between the US and Mexico. He said, “There’s going to be a beautiful wall, with a beautiful door, and Mexico is going to pay for it.” Mexico (in a variety of ways) has said, “We are not going to pay for your F—ING wall.”

            One country is going to WIN this contest. (Remember also that Mr. Trump likes to WIN and has told us that we are going to win so much again that we are going to get tired of winning.) If Mexico doesn’t end up paying for The Wall, and if The Wall is not big and beautiful, the US will have lost to Mexico. MEXICO – did you hear me?

            What message will that send to Russia’s Komrad Putin? To China? To Japan? To our allies? To ISIS?

            You think this is an “Alinsky” move on MY part? You think that I (as your “supposed” Lefty With No Credibility) am holding Trump’s feet to the fire on this Wall Payment thing?? Conservatives all over the country should be holding Trump’s feet to the fire – on The Wall, on the payment for The Wall, etc.

            If Trump fails to WIN on this signature issue, countries large and small will be steamrolling this administration.


            I know you think of me as a non-credible lefty, but I have to tell you that trotting out the Alinsky Playbook (Rule 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”) is another strategic mistake on your part. You can’t trot out a convenient list of “Obama Lies” and not sound like old Saul himself as you make Obama live up to HIS own rules.

  19. HEY build the wall and if anyone climbs over the wall, TARGET PRACTICE!!! I am a retired teacher in Washington state and got tired of these little illegal kids getting everything free!! The tax payers are paying for everything these kids get, they or their parents pay NOTHING!!!

  20. Personally, I’m tired of being Mexico’s social service and monetary aid source. I don’t really mind the undocumented (illegal) aliens but it does hurt when they consider themselves Mexican citizens first and Americans when the free goodies are handed out. Hey Mexico, why don’t you help support your citizens ???

  21. I would venture that the true cost of illegals in the Country runs into the Trillions of Dollars. HEALTHCARE, ILLEGAL SOCIAL SECURITY PAYMENTS (cashed out of the country) , police and prison costs , all the welfare with food , rent, utilities, and what it has done to the education system that was #1 in the World before 1965.

    • AMEN!! AMEN!! Could you or someone, anyone help me out here? Everybody’s acting like the “Wall Thing” is a BRAND NEW- Trump EXCLUSIVE” thing! I’m seem to recall that the Wall had been talked about and I think(?) authorized years back. Had to be OVER 8 plus years ago as Ole Jug Ears Ovomit wouldn’t have let that get voted on! If I’m correct, why was it NEVER started???
      I’m NOT against the wall regardless of who pays for it! BUT deny EVERY last one of the ILLEGAL ALIENS, F–k PC B.S., ANY freebies!! NO S.S.!! NO welfare!! No free medical!! Put a 50% tariff on sending ANY money back to Mexico or wherever!! You wanna send $10 home, okay that will be $15, $10 to home and 50% ($5) tariff!
      I, personally, am getting God DAMNED sick and tired of ALL talk and NO ACTION!!!! Turn off the “FREEBIE” spigot and they’ll self deport!! If no wall gets built, at least build catapults along the border and “Air Mail” the ILLEGALS back to Mexico!!

      • The way most of the money is transferred to Mexico used to be
        (and probably still is) by Western Union; the same service the Mafia has used for Decades. Follow the money trail.

      • It’s even older than that, old codger. I seem to remember a promise by the democrats to Reagan that, if he would sign that anmnesty bill they pushed, the quid pro quo was they would build that wall. I think the fix was in and the demoncraps knew they would never honor that promise. They haven’t changed a bit. Every time it has come up since, they keep saying it’s an engineering problem. Hogwash. I’m a retired engineer and a wall, three layer fence or what have you can be “Engineered” on the back of an envelope. That excuse only exposes that the NEVER wanted a wall- keeps their voters out. From another old codger, be well, my friend.

        • Thank you charles!!! I knew it was a lot older than 8 years as Ole Elephant Ears would NOT have let it happen! I just couldn’t remember how old!
          My point was:
          #1 it is NOT new, This is NOT a brand new something President Trump dreamed up thing!
          #2 it’s been around on the Merry-Go-Round going nowhere’s for many years!
          #3 It is/ was promised by the DemoRATZ and as is typical of DemoCRAPZ, lied about!
          Thanks again friend, God bless and take care!!

          • Yep. I have always remembered the character in the popeye cartoon- don’t remember the name, and I think it was popeye, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” I always thought of that quote every time the libd started griping about a wall. And you’re right, it’s been around for YEARS. Be well. (Did a quick google and he was named Blimpie)

  22. By delaying the building of the wall the STUMBLING BLOCKS are commiting acts of TREASON.
    The National Guard in the border States should be used at Their borders in lieu of federal forces, and not sent off to fight foreign wars—-that was not what the Guard was originally intended for.The Guard was to defend the Homeland.

  23. It should be quite obvious that if you reduce the number of illegal immigrants entering the country that you will save money. It is only logical that after time the wall/fence will pay for itself, if not more. We already spend billions on boarder patrol and ICE. If we are already spending billions, why would we not invest money to reduce the numbers entering the country illegally. It might allow us to reduce our current costs of enforcement as well sometime in the future.

  24. Send the aliens home and build the wall……….No more sanction cities/towns, jihadist camps, and no muslim politicians for Mexifornia……..Have their own countries give them welfare, free food, housing, $$$$…….It will be a big boon for the deficit too……….

  25. Why do you suppose we never hear of the statistics of the costs of illegal immigration. Because liberals will have to eat sand and you do not have a country without borders. There are two types of brains that support open borders. Those that are basically stupid and those that get rich off your loss of freedom. Because, open borders are your loss of freedom.

  26. Really?

  27. Democrats prefer a society controlled by them through forced welfare dependency! They’v done it with the blacks for decades. Now they see opportunities to enslave more minorities to keep them in power. Conservatives and republicans can never afford to let democrats regain control of the WH and country at any cost! The wall shuts down those they wish to enslave. Therefore with more deported, welfare roles go down, votes for dumbcrats go down and demands to constantly raise spending is removed!

  28. This is a lie. Read the actual report.
    “First-generation immigrants are more costly to governments than are the native-born, but the second generation are among the strongest fiscal and economic contributors in the U.S. The report concludes that immigration has an overall positive impact on long-run economic growth in the U.S. Another National Academies report found that immigrants and their descendants integrate into American society over time, for example, in the areas of educational attainment, occupations, and health.”

    Right wing columnists are copying Trump, saying anything that comes to mind even (and especially) if it is not true.

  29. It is a lie. READ THE REPORT.
    “First-generation immigrants are more costly to governments than are the native-born, but the second generation are among the strongest fiscal and economic contributors in the U.S. The report concludes that immigration has an overall positive impact on long-run economic growth in the U.S. Another National Academies report found that immigrants and their descendants integrate into American society over time, for example, in the areas of educational attainment, occupations, and health.”

  30. Trump is going to be the most expensive four year president in history, not just the lyingest. He is demanding that New York City provide 24-7 protection to Trump Tower, and more when he is in town. So far he has refused to pay for it. New York should tell him to go to …

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