Report: Trump Insiders Overjoyed to See Democrats Embrace Socialism

According to a new report from the Washington Examiner, President Trump’s campaign operatives are more confident about his re-election than ever. The reason? They are watching the Democratic Party trip over themselves in an effort to prove which candidate is the furthest to the left. And in so doing, they are leaving the vast majority of voters – even on the left – behind.

From the Examiner:

With a midterm election rebuke and disastrous government shutdown in the rear view, Trump’s 2020 campaign team and constellation of key outside supporters are sensing a turnaround. The president hasn’t changed his controversial ways. But Trump’s top lieutenants believe that newly empowered liberal Democrats — in Washington and across the country — plus the sometimes peculiar spectacle of the Democratic primary, are causing uneasy Republicans to reconsider their opposition.

“As the House Democrat caucus is increasingly dominated by extreme left members, and as Democratic presidential candidates work to outmaneuver each other in embracing socialist policies, the choice will become increasingly clear,” Trump campaign spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement provided to the Washington Examiner. “Support for the president is already on the rise.”

In Washington, the Democratic Party activist wing has proposed a “Green New Deal” to overhaul U.S. climate policy, aggressively redistribute wealth via the tax code, and greatly expand government influence over energy usage and transportation. In the states, Democratic-controlled legislatures have moved to ease restrictions on late-term abortions.

On the campaign trail, Democratic presidential contenders are competing for progressives by endorsing these policies and more. Suddenly, Trump looks less problematic to Republicans uncomfortable with his character and belligerent behavior.

It’s hard to see why Trump’s campaign insiders wouldn’t be confident at this point. If anything, we’re surprised they aren’t more confident. Midterms or no midterms, this has been a presidency filled with one win after another. The economy could literally not be doing better. Tensions with North Korea have plummeted since the president had his historic first summit in Singapore. The tax cuts have been a major boon to reversing the trend of corporate inversion. The list goes on and on.

We’ll grant that a lot of low-information voters just see “Orange Man Bad” on the TV all day long, and they don’t know much more than that. But that’s where the Democrats and their insane policies come along and make things all too easy. Green New Deals, over-the-hill democratic socialists, extreme abortion laws, open-border policies, and gun-grabbing nuttery? This stuff doesn’t feed the dog in the United States of America. Unless the liberal base can swallow their pride and find their way to a halfway-marketable “centrist,” we have a feeling that Trump is going to sail to an even bigger win than in 2016.

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