Report: Obama Waiting for Right Time to Challenge Trump

In the final weeks of his presidency, Barack Obama downplayed the idea that he would criticize his successor from the sidelines. Noting his appreciation for the way George W. Bush stayed silent during his own presidency, Obama said he would try to extend the same courtesy to Donald Trump.

He made it exactly 10 days before giving in to the irresistible impulse to jump back into the fray. After protests erupted as a result of President Trump’s executive order on immigration, Obama released a statement through spokesman Kevin Lewis:

“President Obama is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country,” the statement said. “Citizens exercising their constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when American values are at stake.”

As far as statements go, this one was pretty mild. If it were made by someone else, it would hardly get any attention at all. It didn’t mention Donald Trump and it only offered veiled criticism in the last few words. If Obama had released a statement like this a year or two into Trump’s presidency, we might have even applauded #44 for his restraint.

According to Politico, though, Obama is merely biding his time:

Obama knows there are many much more drastic measures that he might want to speak out on, and he’s saving more direct intervention for maximum impact, people familiar with his thinking say. He knows he only gets one chance at it being the first time that he takes on Trump himself.

“He’ll know the right time,” said one person involved. “He will have the best sense of when he needs to do it directly.”

Seeing as how he couldn’t even make it a month before releasing a statement through his spokesperson, we don’t imagine we’ll have to wait long for “the right time” to arrive. Free from the constraints of the presidency, Obama is getting back in touch with his community-organizer persona and, undoubtedly, his Marxist roots. After pretending (badly) to be a moderate Democrat for eight years, he’s itching to let his true colors fly.

In some ways, we hope he grabs the microphone early and often. The more air Obama sucks out of the room, the less will be left for the next big Democrat star. That bodes well for 2020. On the other hand, President Trump seems to have taken a liking to his predecessor, just as Obama became friends with Bush. That kind of relationship can prove invaluable; after all, there aren’t many men who know what it’s like to sit in the Oval Office. There are plenty who can sit back and criticize the president.

If we’re counting on Barack Obama’s best judgement, though, we are bound to be disappointed.


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  1. He’ll be hanging around like a beer fart, same as Clinton. None of these Democrats have class enough to shut tier damn mouth.

  2. He’ll be lucky to hold onto his wife.

    Body language doesn’t lie.

  3. He has enough experienced people to help him. Obama needs to get on with his life and move on.

  4. The narcissist Obama just can’t keep his big mouth shut.

  5. Obumma is nothing but a Thug! He was a thug as a teenager and he never changed his ways. Instead of being a decent person it’s claimed his mom was he decided to follow in his fathers footsteps as a closet radical Muslim . He lacks Class and therefore will stick around supporting terrorists like blm , cair , and all other thugs .

    • He does love thugs and thug rights.

        • oh oh !!!! DIC BUMP

          • I know, right?
            S/he shouldn’t have worn clingy clothes and s/he could have tucked that in better on general principle.

          • well you are wrong on one thing she ain’t a she she is a he …or was borned one anyway …that’s why a queer like obama would marry it…looks legit doesn’t it …go TRUMP get rid of this sick crap

          • Absolutely

          • And she shouldn’t stand and haul it out when she pees like a race horse. She embarrasses the secret service. CNN should report on that.

          • The Communist News Network? Never!

          • Total ha ha moment. They CNN are JUST like HILLARY. Stand for nothing fall for everything. Especially when she topples from too much booze.

        • Did they meet in the Chicago bath house, is that why Jarret liked both so much .

        • Michelle Obama and her husband put life in my soul. It is unfair for you photo shop like that. I know you hated them to be Black in the WH. But God put them there for US to be born again. I guess now you’re happy a guy of your race is in the WH. But he is divorced 2 times and may divorce the present wife. He says he is happy alone in the WH. But after people started questioning him, he changed his mind. The guy does not even wear wedding ring. Let’s pray he does not divorce the foreigner now. God Bless America.

          • Oh. NEW YORK TIMES your fact sheet? You must be pitiful if Obamas gave you life. What a dick head! Thanks for sharing what a dumbed down American looks like!

          • If it took a Muslim, anti-American, illegal prick to “put life in your soul”…then your soul is still dead. I HATED him because he tried his best to DESTROY this country. I don’t give a rat’s ass about his race. I HATE his Muslim teachings and the way he let Muslim Terrorists run roughshod over innocent people that only wanted to live their life. God put Bath House Barry here to wake up America about the direction the country was headed. In case you really are as stupid as you seem to be…that means the direction (straight to hell). If you will keep YOUR racist hatred in check (which liberal communists can’t seem to be able to control…I AM MORE than happy that PRESIDENT Trump is in the White House, because we finally have a LEADER instead of an idiot that “leads from behind”. Speaking of rings, have you taken a close look at the Muslim ring Bath House Barry wears?? I’m just curious…with the hatred in your heart…how do you justify saying God bless America? Aren’t you afraid your savior will strike you down? (I am referring to Barry of course, because the vast majority of Democrats don’t really believe in God.)

          • We know you are a racist and bigot. You could stand having Blacks in the WH. You were raised bad – thinking you were better than Blacks. That is why Obama woke up us all to see one another as people in this Big USA. I know you had stomach cramps for 8 years. Now maybe you can be happy that the family in the WH is your color. But at least Trump has promised to federalize the Health care system to be “One-Payer system. Funding for the federalized health care will come from check-out at point of sale. Non-food items purchases will add another .01% as health insurance. So you rich morons who buy jets, expensive car, trains, trucks, clothing etc. will pay for our health insurance. I hope Trump appoints me to work out on this program. We love Trump for expanding Obamacare. Long Live Trump!

          • pmbalele@Do you really think you so smart? As you put it that for 8 years we all had cramps? Now it’s your & yours turn! And stop lying that Trump want one payer system aka dead panels, he never said it! And he is not the moron, like your Obama – Trump do not lie, but you do, useful idiot! EMBACILE!

          • Wait a minute. So you do not know Trump is going to insure every American whether they like it or not. Read what I have suggested to Trump. Trump is not going after your pay-check. He will fund his one-payer system through check-off at the counter except for food item. So you rich morons will pay for us the poor. If you purchase a jet, train, copter, cruise, expensive clothing etc. you are going to pay another 0.01 above the price. You will not feel it because it will part of your purchase. Just call Trump admin they will tell you what I have told you. I can help Trump set up the system.

          • He has been in the White House less than a month and has done more for the USA legal citizens than BOZO did in 8 years……..You don’t know “JACK” about what will happen in the next year and like a liberal, unwilling to wait & see…….Too bad you are one of those brainwashed sheep…………BOZO & HILDABEAST ARE GONE……THE WERE THE CORRUPTION & EVIL OF THE USA…………..

          • Obama & Michael were the racists…….they caused the chaos…….they are muslim lovers and would do anything to make sure the mooslums & illegals get to stay in the USA…….

            However, they can choose to leave on their own accord, or go home in body bags, because they are killers, terrorists, jihadists, rapists, and drug dealers…….

            The blacks have set themselves back 6 decades for their actions in the last 8 years….They were accepted & treated fairly before BO ever sat foot in the WH, and yet in those 8 years have done nothing for the blacks……..only the muslims & illegals……..

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Well said

          • Larry Christopher

            Did your parents have any miss that weren’t born brain dead? You seem like a fairly intelligent individual…sorry…you seem like you’re not a racist…sorry…lets Just say you seem like a typical leftist communist that is a racist, bigoted homophobe. Too bad you never get any up votes. EVERYONE knows you don’t have 2 brain Ella to run together for an intelligent thought. Crawl back in your sandbox while the adults talk.

          • AMEN to that LARRY……….

          • your a fucking idiot

          • I see by your limited vocabulary that you are a top notch liberal communist. Thanks for your sordid input. Maybes you should run for office…you fit the liberal mold. Stupid…low educated…and anti-American.

          • Jackie Welytok Urbanski

            You think God put a Transgender and a Gay man in the White House? More like Satan did
            that. Michelle’s real name is Michael. Obama slipped several times and called Michelle, Michael. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Obama’s time is coming and proof of the truth will come out. I just hope they can just void his existence in the White House

          • It has nothing to do with them being black. It has to do with policy, and the lack of respect for anyone who wasn’t black. Just remember, most of us are American Citizens. We may be different colors, but that is not what divides us. People divide us with their words and actions.

          • That is all racists say. There are still Whites and Blacks in this Country who cannot stand working with Blacks. I have evidence that too. That is why I said the Obamas brought life back in souls of every American. Anybody now can compete for the WH job regardless of color or religion. We wish Trump the best.

          • It did not take “Obama” (or anyone) to bring “life back” in my soul. It has never left. Are you for real?

          • Yes, I am for real. I had never been happy in my life that long – 8 years of happiness because the Obamas were in the WH. I still enjoy the time these two were in the WH. They brought back life in my soul. Yours too.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Well guess you are his Muslim friend. Because that’s the way he ran the White House. If he was a true black man he would have done something for the black community but he did nothing for them .He’s a Muslim that’s how he tried to make America a Muslim country. GO TRUMP GO

          • I have never read such a dumb reasoning like yours. First, I am a Catholic and I respect people of other religions. Second your point that “true black man he would have done something for the black community” is the stupidest racist and observation I have ever read. Do you expect Trump, as a White male, to do something special for Whites alone? President Obama was not elected by Blacks alone; he was elected by people of all races; maybe you the racist voted for him too. I am Black, I did not expect President Obama to come to my door and give me money, a job or government entitlement or talk me to go or stay in school and learn. I just enjoyed my freedom because President Obama made possible for every American to advance their life regardless of their race. Please stop reasoning like an old racist that Blacks are incapable of advancing themselves because they are waiting for hand-out. You are racist, bigot and you stereotype Blacks as not capable of controlling their lives given their freedom in this country.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            This had nothing to do with you. my very best friends are black. I just stated a fact what did Obama do for the black people I say he did nothing!! I know you thought he was great but he didn’t do anything for the senior citizens of the United State’s. I don’t expect Trump to do anything for me but I know he’ll something great for every American. Obama said he’d change America and that’s just what he did he changed to a worse state. He’ll go down in history as the worst President. I’m glad you think he was great I dont and that’s my opinion. If you don’t like my opinion I really don’t care.

          • What – You said: “I stated a fact what did Obama do for the black people I say he did nothing!” You just repeated your mistake – Stereotyping Blacks that they had to depend on President Obama to do something for them. President Obama was not president of Blacks Alone-He was president of all Americans. The same with Trump. I know Trump has more Whites around him; but he will eventually mature to appoint people of other races. As one person said: “We do not want a teenager in the WH.” Teenager =Trump. I am sorry for Trump – I think it’s his bringing that is betraying him-too many women and too much money around him. So, let’s give him a chance to grow-up from teenager to adult. I do not want Trump to quit until he expands Obamacare. That is the time he will show he is a grown-up.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            You are an idiot. Trump is going to make America Great Again. Something Obama never. Goodbye

          • Thanks. Think of what you posted and call me in April if you agree with that I posted.

          • As long as moochelle didn’t put anything IN YOUR brown spot….PMBALELE…

            THANK GOD we now have PRESIDENT TRUMP that loves his wife (she is a woman), who is classy, good looking, and dresses like a great 1st Lady should…….

            Funny thing moochelle can wear a $50,000 dress………….But then put the same dress on a male pig……….and its still a male pig………

          • There is something wrong with you, GOP and TPs. I would advise Trump to stop tweeting; stop listening to you but focus on his job as President. You and GOPers are wasting his time and energy. In fact, I do not trust them to be near Trump. I would not trust you, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. You are snakes waiting to trap Trump and then strike. Thank you Trump for your intent to expand Obamacare.

          • Why would you even invoke God’s name? Your sords label you a racist. Get real.

          • *words

      • Heschelle is as well!

        • Wonder how Michael ever had those 2 daughters……..LMAO……….They obviously adopted to get more political pull………What a shame that they taught them racism and how to roll your own marijuana…….


      • Love it I had not seen that before!

        • Are those photos real? Could they have been doctored? I do know BHO used to hang out at the gay bathhouses in Chicago and Michelle is very masculine-looking. But those photos, they really prove a point. Always wondered where the daughters came from as well. The marriage of convenience was arranged to give him enough respectability to run for president. He is truly the Manchurian president – created every step of the way.

          • When Obama was running for office a news reporter asked the girls what kind of father he was. They did not know because they had not known him that long! Instantly gone!

          • Seems that POINT keeps coming up.

          • Yes, they are real. I saw a video that showed all the same things when she/he appeared at some event. The video was posted by an African American man who added his own commentary and it was not very complimentary to Michael Robinson at all. But the poster was totally irate.

          • davesnrakleberger

            I think the man you refer to is E.T, Williams, the doctor of common sense.

      • After seeing this pictures I am begining to believe some of the storys we heard while he was in office. I just wish he would fade away like an old pair of Jeans.

      • It is unfair to label my Angel like that. I know you’re a racist and bigot. But i do not know what you get from being so. God will punish you and your family.

      • So true. Who but a homo would dress like this but that is what was on the internet way back in 2003. I thought he was an unknown but was surprised to find all sorts of perversions he was into in addition to drugs while in high school. Disgusting as well as pathetic.

      • I find faggot more demeaning.

      • He’s a queer thug

      • LORD………..he sure is disgusting………….

    • A pansy. He’s going to tell his mommy on us! Obama is a weird one.

    • Nothing I have read would even imply his mother was a “decent” person.

    • Virginia Hornibrook

      Good answer

  6. I couldn’t stand listening to the man when he held office and it’s no different now. If he starts showing up again on the news I’ll go back to my old habit of watching old movies.

  7. he needs to be arrested and jailed with no access to internet of media as part of sentencing so he can not continue being an instigator in protesting



    Obama is a muslim protester. He can blow it right out of his ass!!!

  10. We should have a recall election for Trump and his whole klan. anyone can make better deals without WW3.

  11. Bathhouse Barry is merely a human hemorrhoid, he needs a dose of prep euthanasia….

  12. Hussein Obama, shut up, and move to kenya so you can live with your muslim family. We don’t like you, your racist staff, or Hilary. You belong in prison for letting in so many of your muslim brothers, while leaving the non-muslims to their fate in muslim countries.

  13. Didn’t Obama literally ban critcism around him?

  14. Hearing anything out of Obama is about as welcomed as a groin injury.

  15. Well I have a different viewpoint. The more Obama “Helps” the democrats the deeper they sink. Perhaps by the next election in 2020 there won’t be a democrat party. It’s no secret that over the past eight years the Democrats have lost a massive portion of their power. I think Obama’s track record is a major influence in swinging the voters to Trump. That and the fact that Hil-liary really represented as continuation of Obama’s policies as an Obama third term. It is heartening to see that the voters do have a collective brain. Trump is not influenced by anything the media says. Further, Trump is not influenced by what occurs in the beltway. Lastly he is right and these mis-guided protesters are wrong; it’s not a ban on all Muslims and you know what, I kind of wish it was. Keep on interfering Barry you are only digging a bigger hole for your crummy party.


  17. He is gone, long gone, and anything he says – much like his entire presidency- will carry no weight.

  18. Ob, you lost, now get the f**** out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. His time came, he messed it up royally. Now the further away he is the better. He could be the court jester in Putin’s palace.

  20. Wait a couple of years he is going to be voted the worst president in our history and the president who ran the biggest criminal organization our federal government .

  21. Knowing him he’s enjoying the riots sitting with popcorn and snacks while watching it like it was a good movie. Him and Hillary inciting violence, she recently said we can’t stop now. They need a good hard legal beat down and prison solitary confinement no TV computer etc

  22. STFU you anti-American, communist prick!!! Stick your nose into this, you might get it bitten off!!!

  23. Obama’s self inflated ego is addicted to the spotlight and is as dangerous to the future of our Republic as one of his many mentors, comrade Vladmir Lenin, who used early Democracies in the early 1900’s to come to power. He and Bernie Sander are the two most dangerous politicians in America. I do believe though he is putting his life in his own hands if he stays too visible and continues to attempt to create chaos and mayhem. There are too many unstable and unhinged people in this country that may seek their 15 minutes of fame.

    • Are you one of them, the unstable and unhinged seeking 15 minutes of fame? Vladimir Lenin was a communist. Many of the ideas that have been promoted over the last 8 years follow the communist ideals far closer than the avid capitalist that Trump represents. It is the left global liberal progressives that endanger our republic. One world order, global economy, great ideas, ask the European Union about that after Greece and others went under.

      • I’m sorry, what didn’t you understand? I know the history of Lenin and the progressive movement going back to Marx. I was a Marxist Socialist as a smart ass young college student many years ago, that thought he knew everything. And then I grew up, matured and set childish things and thinking behind. That is why I knew Obama’s agenda when he ran for the presidency in 2008…..I heard the same Marxist socialist line and knew by his proclamation that he was going to “fundamentally change America” and he surely has tried and succeeded in many ways. Both the Clinton’s and Obama have been students of Saul Alinsky and his Marxist outline of how to create chaos and mayhem to take down a Democratic government in his book “Rules for Radicals” taken right from the writings and philosophy of Lenin. Trump is a pragmatist and a Nationalist Populist and not a true Republican and the very reason that he was able to catch the attention of the forgotten in our country. I applaud his efforts and I’m trying to alert the American people to our corrupt and colluding mainstream media that is bought and paid for by globalist corporate mass media and our corrupt government. And as I said, with the liberal progressive media fueling the fire of revolution, there are risk to Obama if he continues to help fuel the fire of anarchy. I’m certainly not unstable and unhinged but I do see a potential nightmare unraveling.

  24. FUCK YOU obama. I don’t talk like this as a rule, but I can’t hold back. obama is a big mouth scum bag gay fuck wad . Some one will get him soon. The whole world hates him but no one worse than the US citizens he screwed over.

  25. Michael Dennewitz

    I’m still trying to figure out how this little faggot son of a bitch and his partner, the Benghazi bitch are still free and walking around. Come on Mr President, you swore before you were elected that you would see them both in jail..>>??

    • I agree in spirit, but we have to give him time. He’s done an awesome job already from the moment he took the Oath.

    • Obama protected her so he could not be implicated!

    • Give him time. He has only been in the White House about 2 weeks. He still doesn’t have a full cabinet, he has had a few Obummer minions to escort out. He’ll get to it. Let things settle down a bit.

  26. That’s a damn joke Trump will expose him for the wimp he always was.

  27. Won’t he ever go away? I’m sure he didn’t want to hear the voices and have those who opposed him assemble to voice their opinion. That would have been racist. He was elected by racists. People who in order to be politically correct, voted for our first black president. Nothing more racist than that. Now he is encouraging these left wing radical progressives to protest, knowing full well from past experience they will become violent riots. He is a shameless excuse for a human, regardless of his color.

    • What’s funny is that he was only HALF-black, but both his white and black halves were pure communist. He wasn’t exposed to islam until he was around 7, and then he was raised as a muslim.

      • His mother was a Communist. Hated America. If you haven’t seen Obama’s America 2016, its a must!

      • After his father, mother and stepfather, all commies, sent him to live with the radical communist family of radical Bill Ayers in Chicago, a communist breeding ground, it gave the elite commies a chance to complete their task, grooming him for the POTUSA.

  28. Instead of being a puppet why don’t you look into where Barack and Michelle and the girls are today?

  29. Why don’t he challenge that obnoxious wench that he is married to????????

  30. Just like Obummer encouraging people to ignore constitutional laws and open borders for his Islamic America.

  31. The Guy who ruined our country should move back to Kenya and take his racist wife with him. Never to be heard of again!

  32. Who cares what this kenyan president. do,he will not succeed,he better braze himself because sooner or later he will be receiving awful retaliation.

  33. After 8 years of nothing what has Obama left to offer, Nothing

  34. Trump won’t put up with Obama’s BS

  35. Obama is now a joke and always has been. He is also a has been, he needs get with Hillary and take 10 or 20 trips around the world starting in Iran, Iraq, Syria without the Secret Service, since he hated law Enforcement and Military. He also placed us 8.6 Trillion dollars in debt, left 30 million without insurance and continue to lie to everybody all the time. I’m not sure if he Taught Hillary how to lie or is Hillary Taught Him, They both do it so well.

    • Hillary’s almost 2 decades older than Obama, but he got “advice” from a lot more people than just the Clintons.

  36. Before he mentions one thing, he needs to come clean on who he is, where he was born, his application to College as a foreign student and his claim to U.S. Citizenship!

  37. Some of us are just waiting for the right time also, Scumbag Obama. Your future is not what you think it is.

  38. The ONLY thing this FRAUD deserves is a jail cell to await punishment for treason and being a traitor to the American people. (along with many of his minions that are still sitting in congress.)

  39. Folks, we are in trouble and I am firmly convinced that George Soros has everything to do with it. Trump won the Presidency fair and square and these people with Soros as one of the leaders are bound and determined to take our country down. I have to believe that many of those people that are in the Streets really don’t realize just what could be the results of their unlawful behavior. I am afraid that the President will have to get very tough with these people. There has been enough innocent people getting hurt and their property damaged. Some of this talk to me is out and out ANARCHY, freedom of speech is one thing, but calling for violence and the overthrow of our government is another. We are supposed to be a country of LAW AND ORDER so I ask that we start enforcing our laws. Please, continue praying for our country and President Trump. God Bless

    • A heartfelt AMEN!

    • The ‘kids’ are the DESIRED END RESULT f 60+ years of INDOCTRINATING Americas Children K-16 or longer.

      They have no brain and are easily led by their professors.

      THAT does NOT MEAN they are not GUILTY!

      But, the instigators that hide in the middle of the mobs and incite them to riot are the ones that need to be dropped before the violence starts.

      The cops should take the high points, identify and video them for court, and put a round through their heads, all at the same time by a team of snipers.

      When they drop, the morons will fumble around and brainlessly wander off wondering what happened.

      No riots, no violence, no damage, and soros saves money on his payroll budget.

      He also begins to have serious problems recruiting new agitators.

      • +Hi Crusty, just a great reply to my comments. You are so right about the professors, but I am sure you know, just as I do that this has been going on for a long time. You are absolutely right about identifying the agitators and keep track of them and when the time is right nail them all. I would be surprised if they aren’t doing that already, sure hope so. You know Crusty, we conservatives put up with crap from O’Bama and his administration for eight years, we never did what these jerks are doing. I am firmly convinced that the reason we didn’t do that junk is because WE BELIEVE IN OUR SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT, and MORE than ever THEY DON’T. We need to crack down HARD of these people SOON!! Thanks again for your remarks. God Bless.

  40. People still listen to this creep…seriously? He needs to crawl back under that rock with the Clinton’s, he’s not even close to being good enough to give President Trump advice!

  41. Probably Obama will ask his buddy Bill Ayers how to make a bomb, it is what social organizers do.

  42. Obama is just showing his lack of respect for this country and our Republic. His lack of class just shows that he still wants to marginalize anything exceptional in our country.

  43. Enjoy life, play golf and shut the hell up. Keep working on that 16 handicap!


  45. This queer mulatto muslim POS needs to go away. He has done more damage to the race relations in the past eight than anyone!

  46. If Obama were REALLY concerned about “climate change” he’d shut his pie-hole and stop blowing hot air.

  47. Ever the community organizer and faculty lounge lizard. With every President Trump success, Obama will rise on the list of America’s worst presidents and the progressive liberal democrats will be exposed for the failures they are. Four years from now, people will claim they never voted for Obama.

  48. Obama makes a statement within only ten days into President Trump’s office- Really? Obama in my opinion has nerve to question our values of our country! It’s only been ten days and already we are on track to getting our America back on track- I take exception to Obama’s statement about our values due to the recent pause on taking in refugee’s which in fact should have been conducted long ago in order to keep all Americans safe! However, Obama’s admin. failed to keep Americans safe! PERIOD!

  49. Sores grip must be tightning !!!1

  50. Trump needs a special prosecutor to look into Obama immediately!!!! It will help keep Obama off his back and more worried about what he needs to do to stay out of jail!

  51. How can we say we’ll miss you
    When you just won’t go away?

  52. Obozo doesn’t have anything to say that needs to be heard but anyone with a brain. Only the left libral progressive morons will listen to him.

  53. Obama is clearly a liar waiting for the right time to do harm to Trump and the U.S.A.!

  54. Regrettably the first amendment extends even to obastard. Jon

  55. Obama is, and ALWAYS has been a LYING sack of low life liberal donkey turds. He should head BACK to the GAY bath houses of Chicago and practice getting down on his knees as in the past.

  56. Hate to see his name on any news story!!

  57. I think people are going to be shocked at Barry’s lack of engagement. It’s ‘cash in’ time for he and Moochie. The ‘iron’ will never be hotter than it is now. Their goal is to make Clinton, Inc. look like pikers when it comes to raking in the dough. Momma needs shoes and the latest wig hats.

  58. Why does he have to wait? He can put his foot in his mouth any time he wants. He’s had lots of practice. In fact, the only time he opens his mouth is to change feet.

  59. Who gives a crap what this nigger Muslim has to say.

  60. He misses Micheals dick which is longer than his! Now at least he is not compacted. He is the drizzling Craps! He is just another of Soros’s Thugs!

  61. The Daily Stupid Editorial. Thanks for the chuckle, you anonymous dumb ass.

  62. Obama needs to take a page from other former president and remain non divisive and support our government! He’s making it on a personal level and is losing any respect he may have had. Don’t forget sir, Americans voted trump in, like they did you, now back off and have some class and show that you are concerned for ALL Americans, not your Islamic ideology. We don’t want it and it is incompatible with our constitution.

  63. Just like Elephant Dung. Once he’s out the only thing that has any use for him is the Vermin.

  64. The only thing obama needs, or derserves, is his very own spot on a court docket, right behind hillary and bill..

  65. Barrack Hussein Obama is an IDIOT and once again wants to destroy America.

  66. Anyone to comment on Obama at this point in President Trump’s Administration might need the ‘couch’? More to the point is a residual Obama, and the state of our Country, and why?

  67. Obama is still tripping over his own ego. He just can’t get over the marvelous opinion he has of himself. This country has never been so divided as it has been since Obama became president and that’s part of his legacy along with the fact that he was the worst President in the history of the United States. His lack of class continues to show because no other ex-President has attacked and demeaned the new president as Obama is trying to do to Dona has attacked and demeaned the new president as Obama is trying to do to President Trump. Hillary Clinton didn’t need any help to lose the election because that was her own failure but the abysmal failed policies of Barack Obama certainly aided in that defeat. .

  68. “President Obama is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in
    communities around the country,” the statement said. “Citizens
    exercising their constitutional right to assemble, organize and have
    their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect
    to see when American values are at stake.”

    He is of course talking about the voices that HE ignored as president! What Obama says is unimportant because he has no judgment!

  69. I still wonder why EVERY birth certificate he posted , from his Illinois Senate days to the long form Trump demanded in 2011 has been a forgery? The details on each BC varied but the last one posted on the White House web site was 377 kb in size and was supposed to be a PDF. A PDF should be a single image of a completed document.
    I downloaded the PDF file to my computer and saved it, with no changes.
    Then I right clicked on it and selected Photoshop Elements to open the PDF file. Photoshop asked if I wanted to see the PDF or the image.
    I selected the image. I have that image below. The White House merged all the visible layers before the 2012 election.

  70. Obama is and always was a traitor. He needs to take a long walk on a short pier.

  71. He’s a has been, and not a good one at that. Who cares what the punk OBAMA says

  72. Go back to Africa, maybe you can clean the chief’s tent.

  73. OBAMA NEVER INTENDED to be classy and do what all past presidents did release a smooth transition, he showed he has no class, and showed he truly is a Muslim, obama for 8 yrs caused complete division among Americans, that was his goal and he succeeded

  74. He should remember that there are NO Statutes of limitations
    For Murder or Treason so be careful of what You wish for there
    O Bongo.

  75. I wouldn’t give Obozo credit for being any more intelligent than a door stop.

  76. he has fooled this country (lefties and radicals) (NOY INTELLIGENT PEOPLE) into believing HE IS THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT HE IS IN FACT AN OREO! and never was the first black president what he is , is a traitor, thief and criminal that needs to be stomped on like a bug!!

  77. Traitor at work. Obama should have been impeached years ago for the damage he did to this country. Everything he did was against America and legal Americans. He wasted a 113 billions dollars a year taking care of illegals and Quran reading Muslims.

  78. When is that thin skinned, bone headed IDIOT obama going to get it through his THICK SKULL that he IS NO LONGER our president, and THAT HIS OPINION NO LONGER MATTERS???????????

  79. I want to know what “values are at stake”? BECAUSE, when I Do A YouTube Search of “Images of Muslim Immigrant Violence”, I get 709,000!! Child after Child! “3 moslim MEN! Rape a 5 year old in Twin Falls Idaho”!!! I get 37,800 HITS, when I Search:, “U.S. Citizens MURDERED by illegal Immigrants”!!! Would mr. obam like to invite any of these people into his home, with “his girls”? OR how about the HUNDREDS of “Lifers” he cut loose before he left!? This is WHY+++ I. Don’t! Watch! CNN,–CBS–NBC–ABC–MSNBC– They are misleading OUR Young Americans!!!! THEY DO NOT REPORT WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON!!! LIKE “SHEEPLE” to the Slaughter! Like the msm is STILL expecting the NWO, where they/Hollywood were promised POSITIONS, while America gets peared down by 90% of our PEOPLE!! Don’t believe that? Read ALL of “Agenda 2030”, They have been working towards that for YEARS! It used to be Agenda 21!!! +++Get INFORMED, OR STAY Ignorant, and PAY A HIGH PRICE!+++Which one of your family/friends, are YOU willing to TRADE so Travel won’t be INTERUPTED?? OH, Search: “Immigrant TERRORIST Training Camps in the US”, If you REALLY want to BLOW YOUR MIND!
    Mr. Trump has been to a Gathering of Families who have HAD LOVED Ones MURDERED….That’s HOW President Trump KNOWS! WHAT! HE’S DOING!!

  80. Obama should realize that there are archives full of his past statements on every matter that affected his tenure as president. That said, the “then and now” comparisons of statements and speeches need to be the source material used to effectively stop this kind of perpetual, partisan dung at which the democrats are the hypocritical experts.

  81. Michael Dennewitz

    I’m still trying to figure out WHY this little halfbred faggot is still walking our streets!? Come on Mr President, lock the little bastard up at Gitmo, and put the benghazi bitch with him! ??

  82. Lots to go on – Thanks Eddie and Dee. Why does he like Muslims so much since they hate fags?


  84. Obama is no longer President and the continued reference to all EX-presidents as President is getting tiresome. When they leave the office they become ordinary citizens.
    Obama has the same rights to speak out as a private citizen, but he has no right to use his past position as a bully pulpit, because he no longer has one.
    Obama’s cheering on the current violence and riots is not helping at all. While people do have the right to protest and speak out, they do not have the right to destroy private property, riot, commit physical harm to others, disrupt the flow of traffic.
    Obama is once again showing his total hatred for America and instigating further violence. At some point the arrogant bastard will cross the line, perhaps “with his direct intervention for maximum impact” transits into an act of sedition against the government.

  85. It is clear that this mongrel socialist illegal alien pothead does not just pine for a third term, he has actively planned a return to power and aims to rule as a dictator, although a puppet dictator under his paymaster and controller, Nazi collaborator Soros. Obutu has called forth a long-term insurrection aimed at driving his legitimate successor from power, just the way it was done in his beloved Cuba or on the old continent where he grew up. This will obviously be a violent revolution unprecedented in American history and possibly vicious and bloody on a scale to rival the uprisings of Mao and the Khmer Rouge. It is going to be necessary to provide more than the proverbial whiff of grapeshot to a verminous coalition of marxists, anarchists and perverts, and the majority of Americans who are not decadents, dependents or degenerates need to steel themselves for a long struggle against Obongo and an increasingly deranged and violent party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe.

  86. Obama lies about everything, is anybody surprised?

  87. Get lost obama! Nobody cares about what you have to say!
    Do America a big favor: flap your big ears and fly off to Kenya!
    They are missing their IDIOT!

  88. B.O. needs to be kept busy, I’ve read there is an old Arab curse, ‘May your life be filled with Lawyers’. May this apply to him.

  89. Obama is crying in the dark watching his Liberal Empire being flushed every day since Trump took office and there is nothing he and his bought and paid for Communist Buddies can do to stop it. All I can say to this 13 black POS Muslim is sit back and watch your so called Legacy disappear. LMAO at these cry baby Liberal and their safe spaces and wearing diaper pins.


  91. Obama dug a hole for the democrats and the more he intervenes, the deeper the hole. It really doesn’t matter what he says or does—he’s powerless. While in office, he used the news media and public options to keep the masses misinformed; welcoming us to the world of Mobocracy; wielded by a cynical, ideologically-driven press, distort the news and change opinion, targeting a largely ignorant populace are used to supplant thoughtful, reasonable debate, and where, all too often, pollsters and the art they practice were shrouded behind a cloudy curtain of clever wording, data manipulation, and hidden agendas. Never before in the history of our nation have public opinion polls played such a central role in the way policy is conceived, molded, and enacted. And at no time have there been a more dangerous and misleading abuse of public opinion than now. When Trump was elected, the entire liberal base shattered into a billion pieces. Neither mob-rule, the unscrupulous- Jezebels in Hollywood, or Obama, will be able to put the Democratic Party back together again.

  92. dude is strange and he needs help ,,,,,,that is Obama I am talking about it,,,,,,,

  93. That dumb nigger just doesn`t get it! Michelle is even worse. Someone will shoot them in Chicago, most likely. Blacks like to shoot blacks in Chi-town.

  94. The first time Obama opened his mouth would be the last time if I were President Trump. As a matter of fact I would have already had my AG open an investigation into all the CRIMES that the POS that just left the White House aginst the American people and the Constitution of the USA.
    The very first thing I would have them look at is , did Obama illegally release Enemy combatants back to the Battlefield to continue their Terrorist activities against American forces. That in itself is a Treasonous acts that is punishable by Death.

  95. LMAO!!!! …..Its like this ” I’m gonna kick his A**, I’ll show HIM………uh………maybe later…..uh…..when I am ready…….LMAO!!!! the true colors of a SOCIOPATHIC COWARD….Notice that he will do it when HE IS READY……its all about Me, I,Me, I…etc….Narcissitst sociopath………

  96. If I were someone that half of the USA hates with a depth, intensity and bitterness, that has no depth, I would be very quiet and just hope, that they forget about him.
    He wont though, the narcissist can’t stand not being in the spotlight.
    He only has 6 SS agents now, he had better invest in some security.

  97. Where i come from this type of crap is called sedition and they shoot you in front of a firing squad.Treason no less.Let’s see if your ink pen get’s you out of this nimrod.

  98. Obama is over with and a forgotten failed President….has lost his mojo with America,

  99. There will be no right time Father Trump needs to deport this Illegal Muslim.

  100. He would be the first ex president to be so crass as to speak about the president that followed him. This egomaniac has a vision to make the United States a Muslim nation because he is belongs to the Muslim brotherhood. As for being a thug, did anyone notice that he wears his cap with the bill to the back just like the hoods. Of course, the current Democrats in congress, people who claim to be loving and caring are acting like dumb asses being led by Shurmur and Pelosi. I hope that their constituents are becoming upset with their stupidity and will chose to remove them in their next election cycle.

  101. Tell him to go back to Chicago and keep his mouth shut

  102. Who cares what a worthless POS thinks or says? O’muzzies is without a doubt the
    worse person ever elected to the Office of President, hands down and did everything
    he could to turn us in to a third world socialist hell hole. He did pretty good in those
    cities controlled by the Democrat Socialist like Chicago, New York, San Francisco
    and a few others. But even the people who live there are realizing that he did
    zip to improve their lot in life and only did his masters bidding by weakening our
    Nation Financially and by making trade deals and promises that have set us
    back and threatened out National security as well as the health and well being
    of all Americans. He promoted racial hatred, divide and diversity across the
    board and attacked our Police and Military. The number of lives lost due to his
    corrupt and incompetent actions are higher than some wars we have fought
    in the past and did even less good for our Nation or others. He enriched his
    base with stolen money from the TAX PAYERS and took his “share” in the
    process. Ever time he opens his mouth he proves he was never qualified
    to even hold a dog catcher license in Chicago much less any political office.

  103. barack obama is inconsequential nothing he has said or will ever say means anything to anyone now. He is now and always has been useless. He lies, cheats, and is corrupt to the core. The fact he was elected president not once but twice will have historians scratching their heads for centuries to come wondering how America ever elected such a useless piece of crap as he is. His ignorance knows no bounds. His worth is none existent. He has no value!

  104. Obama -Stick to improving your golf game & stay out of messing up the government as you have done so well in the past!

  105. this piece oshit sick my stomach he and hechele go trump real American president. thank god for president trump

  106. Ogayarab needs to carefully think about his mouth running.
    He no longer controls the apparatus for stone walling investigations into dark corners of his past or the crap he pulled and than stonewalled delving into what happened.
    Having a ex prez in club fed would be a hoot.

  107. Yeh, obama is waiting for the right moment just like he waited for Syria to cross the red line. He just needs to disappear from the face of the earth and give the other side a chance tp prove themselves though it looks like they are already doing that.

  108. Obama just HATES the fact that he no longer is in charge or the fact that he commands the spotlight. He will continue to butt in and comment because it is in his nature. And the more he does like the article says it will retard the succession of leadership in the Democratic Party. So it seems the snowflakes will have a much longer time to cry and America can continue to return to greatness.

  109. When they go low, we go high. When Muslim black gay OBAMA decides to go on PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. We the people can go on the illegitimate president. We must insist President Trump expediate an investigation complete on OBAMA. All his illegal activity. He must be locked up.

  110. Ovomit needs to shut his lying pie hole

  111. Obozo has been bought and paid for by old commie Puppet Master Georgie Soros and his UN and EU minions and sheeple. The commies have been around ever since old Karl Marx penned his Communist Manifesto in the 1850s. JFK was murdered in 1963 when he purged the some 300+ communist from our federal bureaucracy. They came back in the late 1960s with their commie enabled riots and protest against the ‘Nam war. So, are we surprised that they are still in our top demowitic government post ?!?! Hell NO. Now is the time to protest against these anti American arse holes and use old Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals on them. Sic’em Trump. TRUMP 2020 !!!

  112. Foxtrot this vermin excrement, go back to kenya and find a new goat to fornicate with.

  113. If coconut-head has any intelligence, he will keep his head down, practice a low profile, and make arrangements to move to a country which does not have an extradition treaty with the U.S.–Like Iran for example.


  115. Obama is as true a fake and failure as one individual can be and now that he is nothing and a nobody, who besides the fuching Dumbocrats give a dAmnn what he has to say.

  116. If Obama tries to walk back into the WH, he best give that up as he will not like the results which may result is something he cannot handle.

  117. This SOB needs to be fully investigated and all his collegiate papers released to the public. He’s spent millions of dollars covering his tracks. Lets see what he’s been hiding. I’m still willing to bet that he applied for college financial aid as a citizen of Indonesia.

  118. hey obama did you not get the big fuck you notice on election night, if not here it is ( FUCK YOU AND YOUR TRRANY WIFE) now be a good little nigger, and go away………………………………….P.S go look for some cotton to pick.

  119. “Obama waiting for right time.” The King of opening his pie hole on everything he should not, waited NO time, like two days, to run his suck on the Trump immigration bit, and, “encouraged protests!”

  120. I just cannot wait for Ogayarab to start the hissy sissy fit roitine

  121. I know that Obama is ashamed of himself because President Trump is working to make America great and Obama had his chance and did nothing and the Democrats have to work now and when Obama was in office they didn’t have to do anything but now, who can Obama blame now no one but himself remember he had the opportunity and blew it. He can’t cry over spilt milk.

  122. Donna C. Heitkoetter


  123. Dennis B Anderson

    I think we need to put him in a tu – tu with make up, and let our republican women bitch slap the fagot. Lock him up in a dark cell with non stop reruns of Hillary lying to the american public.

  124. Dennis B Anderson

    We will let all his illegals stay in the USA for 1 week extra provided he pay back all the money he gave away to them.(*^%&* What? Such rude muslim ghetto language

  125. He needs go about his new life as past president and mind his own business.

  126. Where was Obummer born? His mother was from Kansas and his father was from Kenya. Where was he born, if not IN THE UNITED STATES he cannot be a legal president. His birth certificate was illegal, but he has never provided a legal one!!!

  127. Isn’t there someone out there that can convince Ovomit that the American people no longer wanted his inept presidential performance to survive any longer by not electing Clinton to continue them ad nauseum. You should be like the other real presidents before you and quietly leave center stage from the position you should have never been a part of to begin with.

  128. The last line, “if we’re counting on zerobummers best judgement though we are bound to be disappointed”, and then some. What a joke #44 is!!! Sick joke at that.

  129. I would bet all the money I have ever had that if these “protesters” across the nation showed at his home and attempted to hurt his family members or destroy his home. He would be deep in the swamp if that happened because his “major supporter” and main “money-man”, George Soros would then be offended and Obama would have to show his real colors and throw his home and family to the dogs to put a smile back on Soros’s face!

  130. dba_deplorable_trader

    So noble for GW Bush to stay silent as America was gutted. Tells me who is in charge here.

  131. I don’t see odumbo as a challenge to President Trump because all he is now is a retired private citizen. My feeling is when these scumbags like odumbo leave office they should have to hire their own security like the rest of us do if we want it and quit being a drain on the taxpayers.

  132. NO ONE wants to hear what that Race baitor has to say. We had 8 lousy rotten years of putting up with his crap and his Muslim Brotherhood! My only hope is that I NEVER AGAIN HAVE TO LOOK AT THE MORON’S UGLY Face!!! He helped destroy this country and the only reason he is staying in DC is too keep sticking it to Trump and all Americans that he loathes and hates.

  133. What makes you think that he hasn’t already been working with whoever (Soros?) has been pulling his strings for the last 20+ years to help discredit Trump? He certainly left behind plenty of tricks and traps.

  134. I’ve seen a recent poll on the people who think Mr. Obama could have been re-elected and/or did a great job–and the poll showed apprx. 95% of the people voted against him.

  135. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    They might be above the law here on earth but not under GODS LAWS

  136. I already knew that Obama would not have the class of George W. Bush and keep his treasonous opinions to himself. He had eight years of screwing up this country and he still does not get that he is the most hated of all presidents. We do not care what he or the Clintons, Hollywood, etc. think, we elected the man we wanted to lead this country. Shut up, sit back and let him have his chance, he can’t possibly do worse than Obama .

  137. Maybe,just maybe some of obamas supporters with very little or no common sense will wake up tomorrow morning and realize what a big freaking mistake they have made supporting this scum sucking,low life bottom feeding make believe ex sub president.

  138. Like a deadly snake waiting to strike its victim..

  139. We are waiting for that right time, Scum Obama, when you are finally arrested, convicted, and hanged as the worse president we have ever had to tolerate. Of course, you could help initiate a new civil war to move things along a bit quicker.

  140. This barry character did absolutely nothing to make our country better in the eight years that he was in office,what in the hell makes him think that he can do anything positive now.Deport him as an illegal ALIEN.

  141. American military were killed when they went to arrest obama for crimes against America, he stated the reason why they were killed was they were carrying the wrong flag. When has an American soldier ever carried a wrong flag ? The sergeant at arm’s stationed at the white house that was suppose to arrest him did’nt, have him removed and court martialed. Trey Howdy told obama he was going to arrest him on inauguration day. Contact Trey Gowdy and demand Obama’s arrest and to include treason, being a muslim, unseal his birth certificate and school records, Michael obamas arrest for fraud in having Americans pay for a designer pay for his clothes, medical procedures for transitioning, their so called children’s private schools, chefs while American children starved, both of them for being racist.Don’t believe me ? The new black website had a list of members and the obamas and muslims were on it. When I told people about it they removed it and nobody could retrieve it. If your’re a hacker retrieve it and put it on the internet. Trey Gowdy can have obamas biirth certificate and school records unsealed.Demand his secret service lay down their weapons and Trey Gowdy arrest them and freeze their assets. Their are several news articles and utube videos where obama stated it was good to be at his place of birth when he was in kenya africa, where he called michelle michael, where michael said all this for a damn flag, obama said Americans are stupid, and on and on. Look them up. Contact Trey Gowdy and Trump !

  142. Does the former airhead in chief recognize that Trump is implementing the very same policy that he did?

  143. Hopefully his plane has a problem crossing the ocean and drops in the middle , bye, bye you African muslime slime who is trying to Islamize America!!!

  144. Obama needs to go away and keep his mouth shut. Forever.

  145. Traitor, is the only word that can discribe Obama. He milked the Presidency for lavish trips and vacations. Became…rich during his 8 years. Divided this country, black versus white, hoods into heroes, violent destructive rioters into protestors, opened our borders, made Illigal alliens welcome guests. Condoned cities, that harbored Illigal alien criminals. Gave Iran Billions of dollars, so they could Build a missal that can blow us up. Only a few of the destructive things he did to destroy this country.

  146. Bring it on Ovomit. Will be fun watching you “Uh” your way through another delirious rant.
    Dumba$$ maggot retard!
    Hope Oturd brings tranny Mooch with him for this veiled threat.

  147. Obama?

    The problem is—and has always been—the so-called, “media.” It’s their apparent, selective filtering of the “news;” and their omissions, as to what they deem “newsworthy.”

    It’s always been, what they want you know. Or what they do not want you to know. Their crafted version of, “Fake News.”

    But—anymore—what alleged, “Fake News”? It’s all just plain Lies now. It’s war on Americans. It’s, “Death To America.” It’s, “Kill Trump;” It’s “Kill Trump Supporters.” It’s clearly the inherent insanity of liberals revealed—and they take pride in it.

    Where is law enforcement? Isn’t it time to get serious, when threats are serious?

    Can you imagine this sort of attack having been done on Obama, or his strangely angry looking wife? Or his strangely somber looking children when they were 10 years old? Like the insane media now do to Donald and Melania Trump and their children, and especially to 10 year old Barron Trump—the diseased media’s latest targets?

    It’s almost everywhere: “don’t buy their CDs or the products they hawk on TV, don’t go to their inane movies, don’t visit their stupid sites, don’t listen to them on the radio.

    “Don’t watch them on their Fake News TV—their Lies—don’t buy tickets to see them do ANYthing, and especially don’t watch or attend their dumb, leftist-activist ‘shows.’

    “Don’t believe any lying word they say. Ignore their lies. Defund them; block their plots. 

    “‘Find them; fix them in place; isolate them; and ridicule them;'” paraphrasing their sly, tribal, cabalistic, luciferian leader, Saul Alinksky ?

    Breitbart: “It is well past time for the ?? government, or conservative legal foundations, to pursue the donors behind groups that proudly and deliberately prevent others from exercising their civil rights.

    “And it is time to shame them: the black masks of the Black Bloc and so-called ‘Antifa’ activists should be regarded like the white hoods of the Klan — as the uniforms of extremist hatred.”

    “Nazi, Nazi, Nazi!” Comes the constant, lying wail from the demented, lying left.


    “If the shoe fits….”

  148. Only a moronic demoncrap gives a flying fig regarding anything obutthead has to say. He’s nothing but a lying socialist POS who should be arrested for the fraud he is.

    Open all of the records he’s spent MILLIONS to hide and lets see how legitimate he is. Lets see his college transcripts and his financial aid forms. Who spends millions of dollars to hide this information? Only someone with something they don’t want publicly known because it could seriously damage them.

    Yep, lets bring out all of obutthead’s records to the public and see exactly what he’s hiding. Could it be he applied for financial aid as a foreign student and citizen of Indonesia? Hmmmm??? I’m guessing he was also just as big a failure in college as he was POTUS.

  149. not a good thing for Ogayarab to do. He and his wife have code names of Tuttu and Scowler, The trumps are Badass and Centerfold

  150. Tell Kevin Lewis the Muslim Mutt’s Title is no longer President it is The Great Pretender !!

  151. After Eight terrible Years We Americans still do not have a clue as to just Who Barrack ( Barry) Obama (Sotoro or Davis) really is. Before He starts opening His mouth We want to get His D.N.A. and check it along with the papers He wrote and school records. If We do not get these things He just needs to “shut up”.

  152. That muslim bastard need to have his plane drop in the ocean! he is now just another African! Take a peoples pole and see how many want him gone from America!!

  153. Why doesn’t somebody send this Dweadful Person a copy of Emily Post?

  154. “President Obuttlick is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in
    communities around the country,” the statement said. “Citizens
    exercising their constitutional right to assemble, organize and have
    their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect
    to see when American values are at stake.” of course the rag loving communist illegal alien ahole is happy at the rioting…that is why that african ahole forced different law inforcement agencies to let his “boys” “demonstrate”…this racist pig has set the clock back 100 years on racial harmony having any chance of continued improvement…The darkies out there burning, looting, and murdering are taking us way back…and that commie inspired racist ahole and the democrapo party are the guilty party to this reversal…add the scum sucking pigs at racist party halls such as the cnn headquarters and you have not only the guilty, but the promoters of the crime…

  155. Given the fact that he was an illegimate and illegal alien President he should just be happy for his undeserved status and wealth. President Trump should look into this creepy perverts past and maybe dredge up something on his husband Michael. I am sure Obongo will either be in jail for a long long time or swinging in the breeze as an executed foreign agent if ever his past is investigated.

  156. I suggest to Obammy the he’d best not wait too long for his bombshell! LOL
    Soon the Conservatives Democrats will have seen and heard enough from the Liberal’s behinds and join sanity with the rest of We the Decent People of America.
    Then the Libs will become totally irrelevant!

  157. Obama biding his time that’s what he did in office for Eight years ,now all of a sudden he wants to do something do what you do best sit on your ass and do nothing.


  159. Henry J. Gilbertson

    The stinking half breed chimp ears will rear his ugly head some time when everyone least expects it like causing a riot some where

  160. Dennis B Anderson

    Someone should look into his banking accounts. I read on the internet that Lindsey Faggot Graham was making money setting up illegals coming in from south of the border. I understood the fee was $5,000.00 a wetback, I didnt write the information? California wants to turn into a monastery for the Mongols & Mexicans. Instead of picking the money tree they will have to go back to picking fruit in their monarchism state called California. When it falls off into the ocean they can get Iran & Mexico city to help

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