Report: High-Level Intelligence Official Unmasked Trump Names

The story behind the Obama administration’s surveillance of Trump Tower, the subsequent “unmasking” of Trump associates picked up by said surveillance, and the peculiar saga of House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes got a little stranger on Friday.

First, the New York Times named two White House officials whom they say met with Nunes and gave him the information – information that partially confirmed Trump’s claim that Obama had “wiretapped” his New York offices.

But then Fox News reported that the Times was wrong – that Nunes actually came by the information through an entirely different source. The channel’s Adam Housley said that Nunes had learned of the information’s existence in January, but he’d been unable to get his hands on it. He’d been blocked, in fact, by the intelligence agencies themselves.

“Our sources, who have direct knowledge of what took place, were upset because those two individuals, they say, had nothing to do with the outing of this information,” Housley said. “We’ve learned that the surveillance that led to the unmasking started way before Trump was even the GOP nominee. The person who did the unmasking, I’m told, is very well known – very high up, very senior in the intelligence world and is not in the FBI.

“This,” he reported, “led to other surveillance which led to multiple names being unmasked. Again, these are private citizens in the United States. This had nothing to do with Russia, I’m told, or foreign intelligence of any kind.”

Citing the report in a tweet on Saturday, President Trump said, “If this is true, does not get much bigger. Would be sad for U.S.”

Housley said that people within the various intelligence agencies were beginning to speak out because they are “frustrated with the politics” now clouding law enforcement at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

“We’re told that the main issue here is not only the unmasking of the names, but the spreading of names for political purposes that have nothing to do with national security and everything to do with hurting and embarrassing Trump and his team,” said Housley.

Part of this we already know. Obama officials have already said there was an effort to spread some of this intelligence around the various agencies, although they claim it was done for noble purposes.

But this makes it clear that there is still a war going on within these intelligence agencies, and we don’t yet know where the truth ends and the political agenda begins. No matter what, Trump is right. This is very sad for the U.S.


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  1. Strange is how this article has no mention of Susan Rice, Clapper, Brennan, and Oblowma. Get with The Program And Report The News!

    • I noticed the same thing. Half assed “reporting”, at it’s finest.

    • Correct so I mentioned her in my reply. If what Susan Rice did is not breaking the law congress needs to pass whatever laws are necessary to make it a felony. Punishable by at least 20 years in federal prison at hard labor with no time off for good behavior and no parole. Congress has not done it job correctly for decades if not a century or more.

      There should be little doubt in anyone’s mind obama is at the bottom of this. But so far he has managed to keep clear.

      • Obama’s a clever “snake”.

        • A Snake indeed, just like all the rest of the N.W.O. Elitists in Washington. They all or most belong to the same Secret Sorority, Skull & Crossbones Etc. They all look out for each other and they call U.S. Infidels, just like the Muslims do. So who’s side are they on?

          • Concerned American Citizen

            Very few US citizens believe the truth about the illuminati and the N.W.O. much less know about it! The world needs to take heed and wake up!

        • Actually a snake is being insulted. POS is suitable.

        • Yea a poisonous snake.

      • Arizona, no Soros and other evil elites are at the base of this and Obama was just a choom fried brainless puppet. Where do you think got his multi-millions. You can be sure he didn’t have much when he as a senator for Ill and when he entered the WH. Now he is rolling in big bucks. Got to thinking that since he did a very poor job, he just might turn up dead one of these days. I like thinking t his because it lifts my spirits.

      • Craig Vandertie

        Rice is going to be a complete brain dead bitch and just like Ollie North fall on her own sword, you can’t take the untouchables down with you, even if the president was the president illegally.

  2. POTUS is correct about the News Media. No matter how this whole expose’ turns out, they will help the Libs in pointing the finger at Trump.

  3. The whole Obama administration was loaded with people who had no regard for laws. They were schooled by rules for radicals and everything was acceptable in bringing America down. The end justified the means, the mantra democrats have used for years. Republicans better get with the program. This is not the America of our fathers. We are in a war for the heart of America and rules followed by lawmakers in the past are gone forever. Some republicans are worried about using the nuclear option, but they are wrong if they think democrats wouldn’t do the same thing. Harry Reid already did it. Grow up republicans. Win the war.

    • You are so right!!!

    • I am the Northeast Regional High Comissioner for Clan Stewart Society America.

        • What’s so funny about that? Thru DNA, I have traced my ancestors to the 4th High Steward of Scotland. It was the 6th High Steward who started the Royal Stuart line. I am of Clan Stewart of Appin, one of 5 major families of Stewart.

          • Hey, Firehawk…what does this have to do with the subject? And I am also royalty. I am a child of the King – Jesus Christ…so all who place their trust in Him are grafted into the vine of the royal line and become “royalty.” No matter where anyone comes from biologically. Isn’t that nice to know? All who know Him can have the confidence to hold their heads up high…You are loved….and you are royalty! (My Bible tells me that…)

          • I am not of Scottish royality. The person I was replying to is a Stewart. I thought perhaps he would like to gather info on the Stewarts or perhaps join the clan society. I make contacts where I can. I am also a child of God in whom He is well pleased.

          • Hallelujah! I get it now. Now I can sleep. Thanks for the input.

          • He is another Deranged “COASTAL” SNOWFLAKE!!!

          • Sorry! Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam war. Avid Trump supporter!

          • IN that case SEMPER FI Brother .. 60-65 …but what’s with the Tartan talk???

          • SO….??? WHAT!!!

        • he’s a COASTAL…So….

      • Bragging or complaining??? about being a “coastal” ……hehehe …LMAO

    • Yes, Bob….I agree. We need to share with everyone who will listen – how bad the democrats have sunk. This is why nothing gets done in Washington….too much red tape….it should be called “blue” tape with the Dems ruining progress. I wouldn’t put it past them to do some wire-tapping… surprise that they are desperate.

      • You should see the red tape that has been put on Dr. and Pharmacy

      • Before the dems. turned into a liberal party there were “Blue Dogs”. They were the ones that republicans could work with and could come up with a plan that both parties could agree on. I don’t think there are any more “Blue Dogs” left and that is too bad but they were probably run off or could no longer go along with the liberal ways any longer and to see what was happening to their party.

        • Elizabethpmatthew

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        • You are right about the Blue Dog democrats. I don’t think there are any today. The Dems seem to vote as a part block and no one thinks for themselves. I have voted since 1952 and it has all been pretty much down hill since then

        • sadly Obama and KOMRADS have turned the REAL DEMOCRAT party into the Current( D) Party of ANARCHISTS…and Soros is FUNDING IT via his many Subversive Organizations….along with MSM PRESSTITUTES in Print, TV and Radio

      • Craig Vandertie

        Do you realize that unless those who engineered the F-22 Raptor are still alive and agreeable to recreating specifications for the aircraft’s most vital parts in 15-20 years they will all be garbage, apparently the specifications to those vital parts of the Raptor disappeared during the illegal presidential administration.

        At present there is no way to repair those Raptors too badly damaged to fly, or build anymore new ones.

      • Not just in Washington, but in the Heartland of America, where even children are forbidden from selling lemonade without local and state licenses, and kids under 18 are not allowed to mow lawns, work in the fields, or even bag groceries. It’s denying children from learning a work ethic while they are still at home, and the raising the minimum wage to a ‘living wage’ also prevents teenagers from entry-level jobs.

    • You are totally wrong and a victim of the right wing rumor mill. If you think trump is for America and the working man, you are in for quite a surprise. Trump is as crooked as they come.

      • George Hilliard

        You could really benefit from an education.

      • You are very blind–drinking to much kool aid

      • Concerned American Citizen

        Please explain your rebuttal… why do you think Trump is so crooked? Back it up! Just to tell someone they are wrong and listening to a rumor mill, does not substantiate your argument. Maybe, you are the one listening to the wrong rumor mill. Inform us as to what you know that the right wing may not know.

        • She can’t explain her rebuttal because she is just a brain damaged liberal who repeats what the “party” tells her. She is the type that votes for every one with a D next to their name regardless if their stance on any issue. She is also one of those people who resorts to using insults and throwing around certain words when she is about to lose an argument, which I suspect is all the time. Words like, bigot, homophobe, anti-Semite just to name a few. People like her are not worth any one’s time. She is damaged goods, useless.

        • I will if you will.

      • Carol you are full of crap just like the hillbitch and rest of you Loonies.

        • Hi Tom. I bet you’re a Christian. PTL!

        • Craig Vandertie

          How frustrating and irritating you can type out a rebuttal but until 1 logs in through Disqus they can still read posts by those they have personally blocked.

          I was trying to reply to Carol’s Lamestream media bs, but when I logged into to post I discovered I had blocked her, why does not Disqus wait until your signed into compose?

          But then again I always have to voice my opinions to details of NewsMax or comments to other people’s opinions through Facebook, because there is something about the NewsMax software that is incompatible with Mobile devices.

      • I could send you a list of all the Murders, Criminal & Treasonous Acts committed by obama, Hillary, Holder, Lynch, Lerner, Comey, Rice, Reid, McCain and a slew of others but it would be longer than a roll of Toilet Paper.
        Barack Michelle
        Antonin Scalia Joan Rivers

      • Been a liberal pussy moron long carol?

      • Time will tell but there will be some that no matter what Trump does will be wrong. They will never believe they lost the election and no matter how hard they stomp their feet it won’t change the fact that Clinton lost and nothing will change that.

      • Carol Smith, Go hug a tree crack head, You and your ilk are trying to ruin this country but President Trump is not going to allow that and we, the true Americans have his back. So why don’t you wander off and lick Hillary’s ass hole.

      • I’ll defend Carol. Trump is a liar. It’s easy to prove using his own words. He’s a hypocrite. That’s easy to prove using his own actions. Bringing jobs to America for example. All of his manufacturing is done in China. Where to you think those lying caps came from? He promised to clean the swamp. Instead, he has filled the swamp with Wall Street billionaires. He promised health care reform on his first day in office. We all know how that went down. He promised to “cover everybody” yet the plan he was pushing would have resulted in millions losing their health care. He promised to have only the best people in his administration. What we got was his family. He complained that President Obama played too much golf. He’s already been on the golf course more times in 10 weeks than Obama was in a year.
        Trump has over 4000 lawsuits against him for not paying his bills. He’s done everything in his power to divide the nation. He hasn’t uttered a single unifying word. If he cares about any of us he has a hell of damn way of showing it.
        You are absolutely right, Carol. Trump is for Trump. The rest of the world can go to hell.

        • eric for president. lemmings unite

        • Eric you too are a brainless fool.Your post is not factual in many instances.He is not dividing the population.Its on record what Trump has achieved in 60 days which is a hella lot more than Obama achieved in 2880 days.You are a pathetic sore looser.

          • Get real. Trump’s entire strategy is us against them. His every word is designed to divide.
            The only thing he’s achieved in 72 days is to further divide us. Trump is terrible for you, for me for the country, for the entire world. How do you feel about his signature on the law that allows your internet provider to sell your personal information without your consent? Is that an “achievement” you’re proud of?
            My views have nothing to do with President Obama or Secretary Clinton or the election. If John Kasich or Jeb Bush had won the election we wouldn’t be having this discussion. I think Trump will most likely serve less than a 4 year term. Any hole he’s in, he’s created for himself. The newest poll has his approval rating at 35 percent. Another says that 52 percent of all voters are embarrassed that Trump is president. I wasn’t included in either poll, so it’s not just me who feels that way.
            If you like and support Trump, you’re part of a significant minority. That suggests to me that you have a problem.

          • Eric you are living in a dream world.Your polls that you referred to are the same polls that said Trump has a 16% chance of winning.Sorry to inform you that you are a sore looser. PERIOD.

          • When Obama was inaugurated, this are the statistics, 59% of Americans thought race relations were good by the time he left only 34% thought so. Trump inherited a very divided Nation. Since I arrived in the USA, all I see if Democrats inciting race divisions and class warfare. Hateful and divisive politics. The history of the Democrat party is a history of racism, hate and violence from slavery to segregation to KKK to BLM

        • Chinese proverb says when you dig a grave for another, be careful you don’t fall in. I believe the best thing Americans did for America was to vote in an outsider. He is doing what Americans wanted, investigate what and who is corrupt. seems the snakes and gators have no idea to just how swampy things really are. but don’t get discouraged, I’m sure the democrats are coming up with a new playbook/party line that you can espouse, when clearly, you are wrong. Think Sue Rice. a thinking person understands how yellow the journalism is with what party is being discussed. If it was a republican, well I bet you would be hissing in delight, now that a socialist national security head democrat is being called out, you cry foul.

          its funny that a 1%-er is cleaning it up. and FYI Presidents are, by law, exempt from many things, including frivolous lawsuits, and “showing” tax returns. BTW why isn’t the demo leaders showing theirs?

      • Carol, you need an enema!! You are so full of shit it’s flying out of your mouth…lol

      • You are making claims, but I see no proof or background story. As your statement stands, it is just some words strung together that have no real meaning.

      • Carol you are a brainless idiot having been brainwashed by leftist ideology.

      • You wish! It will be pretty humiliating to have Trump be a saint compared to Obama!

    • No Prisoners!!!!!!!!

    • jackiehuntrnpsyd

      Yes, I agree. The evil is pressing on, the Dems are blinded to ethics and true freedom of our fore fathers of America. They cannot reflect and are paid for their biding. So you young survivors must fight the good fight of our protection of our sacred Constitution. The best generation was seen in WWII. My father fought in WWII and Koren war, both in the Navy and Army. I am almost 70 years old. I know what the meaning of courageous is and what the opposite can produce, such as our young people today; being entitled and unethical, (like most of our young people today, they drank the kool-aid)!!

    • BULLS EYE….we need to get MORE Spines in the GOP in order to “Win” our Second war for INDEPENDENCE! we finally got our second GW , now we need the WILL …



    • We did live in a dictatorship for eight years at least obama thought he was a dictator. He certainly acted like he was.

      • Fake news…! No attribuition, no where or when, no evidence, no tax forms, no IRS confirmation. Beware, folks…!

    • Charlene we put these politicians in power by electing them to office. Now they are abusing that power for their own selfish agendas. We will never get answers. Washington is corrupt. Trump is finding that running the country is a whole lot different than running a large business. In business there are no politicians. Washington is full of self serving politicians and others high up in the FBI, CIA, and all of the other branches of the Federal Government. Many of them are power hungry and corrupt. They will fight Trump at every turn.

  5. This is typical Obama tactics. He didn’t care about the legality of anything as long as he got his way! It is more clear every day his administration was an ugly clouded illegal mess and he thought he was and his hand picked gangsters thought they were above the law of our country.

    • Maybe they were time will tell. Guess it depends on what happens now. It ain’t over till its over.

      • Trump should go after Obama and the Clinton Crime Foundation! They are going after him with fake news and accusations!

        • I Agree. Like I said it ain’t over till its over. And it ain’t over yet.

          • I certainly hope your correct!?

          • Well I’m no fortune teller. However President Donald J Trump is a rather smart guy and he knows what he is doing. He, I’m sure you know, is not a typical president. President Trump knows if something is not done about the obama reign of terror it could happen the next time a progressive communistic so called democrat is elected. Make no mistake that will happen again and next time maybe America will not be so lucky. Perhaps the next one will actually be smart enough to succeed. Obama was only good at a couple things. Vacations and lies.

          • And stirring the pot against cops and whites.

          • Of course he is the most racist and prejudiced person in he nation who ever held such power. He nor the first lady ever loved America or white people. She at one time made fun of respecting the Flag!

          • And both Obamas not only hate whites but Christians and Jews.

          • I know. Both are worthless.

        • Letterman007 that would be a waste of time for Trump to go after Obama and Hillary. It would just be more fodder for the liberals and the liberal media to blow way out of proportion. Trump already has his hands full.

          • Yes but he said he would in his campaign! I realize not all things get done, but if they broke the law they need to get punished! Also Sorros needs to have the same fate here as in Russia and his home country of Hungary! He can’t conduct business or set foot in either of them. It would make things go easier on the President!

          • George Hilliard

            They need going after. All of them.

          • Soros is an evil pig. Can’t wait until the old SOB drops dead.

    • And our republicans allowed and/or helped Obama to do the dirty and break our laws. I can expect this as a matter of course with the democrats, but our elected republican employees actually were helping Obama.

      • Some were and I could name a few like McCain and Graham! There were a few more. But the Dems were the leaders and took orders from Odummer and Sorryass! But them helping made them rich like it did Ovomit!

  6. because of the extent, gravity, and violations of civil rights, all parties involved in the unmasking ans dissemination need to be lined up infront of Ogayarabs place and shot on world wide news as a message that this will not be tolerated

  7. Rodger K. Shull

    were are the names, of those that did the wire tapping . ???????????? an who did the wire tap ???

  8. Send Obama and the whole crew to Gitmo

  9. Our best weapon to protect Pres. Trump and his administration is daily prayer right now. More extreme means later if needed.

    • Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. WWII.

    • The best weapon is putting pressure on your elected and party Members fighting everything Trump presents . Stop you Major News papers . Get rid of paid TV . Then you Might see a change in the media.

  10. If what Susan Rice did is not breaking the law congress needs to pass whatever laws are necessary to make it a felony. Punishable by at least 20 years in federal prison at hard labor with no time off for good behavior and no possible parole.

  11. So, if 16 alleged National security agencies have the said dirt on Trump and his appointees or whomever, isn’t there a large cadre of disseminators that should do 10 years in Federal prison?

  12. The truth is the Obama administration was more of a banana republic than a democratic republic .

    • Magik, I am NOT a fan of Obama but what proof do you have that he stashed millions in off shore accounts in the name of Barry Soetoro? If that could be proven that would be huge! I wouldn’t put it past him.

    • Fake news…! No attribuition, no where or when, no evidence, no tax forms, no IRS confirmation. Beware, folks…!

      AJL below is correct to doubt this story.

    • That would not be a surprise . Remember the Panama Papers and how quick that became silent ,I wonder why and who all was involved .

  13. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    We must back our President TRUMP all the way if we’er going to make our COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN. GOD COMES FIRST AND THEN IRASEL AND HIS PEOPLE THEN US.

  14. Obama led the radical liberal movement to destroy all that is good and moral abt our Nation. But that’s to be expected from an underworlder -a.k.a. demon.

    Our world has been corrupted by evil producing subcultures of wayward souls, lost and demented. Obama relished these subcultures and pushed for more radicalism creating another subculture of transgenderism. This sickness is something the parent forces on a child and the parent should be incarcerated for child abuse. But instead, bho ran with it and forced very young female children to share bathrooms with fully matured grown sexually disturbed men. WRONG OBAMA YOU SICK TWISTED PEDAPHILE!

    President Trump is trying to fix all that is broken. It’s going to take more than a few months to do this. We sane Americans far outnumber the liberal idiots who think they know how to run “our” country! So stop whining and let’s show them “WHO” the Real Americans are!

    ★★★Support our President and let him know when you think he needs help addressing America’s bho era. We can do this! WE MUST DO THIS!★★★

  15. The left loves tabbing the word “noble” to anything Obama has done, or does, during the course of his political life. It’s about time he is hauled before a congressional subcommittee on intelligence oversight and once an for all exposed as the traitor he is.

  16. How many of these “captures” were the result of the Obumo ADM giving the Trump people a heads up on who to talk to. Meetings the Obumo Adm had suggested to these they could be “captured”. AG Sessions meeting with the Russia was set up by Obumo…. then these Dems blew it into something it is not. Seems like Harry Reid’s rules are the Dems playbook. Lie/distort/invent faux character assasinations… then who ever is their victim of this slime is suppose to prove it is not true. Not the Dems. who created it. So exactly when did you stop beating your wife.

  17. At least I’m sure of one thing.
    I will never see another Democrat president in my lifetime.
    People are fed up with their anti america rhetoric and tearing down of whites.

    • As much as I would like to agree with you on that statement,we still have to screen Republicans nominees to keep out rinos like McCann. Apply Term limits and don’t allow them to get paid till they produce results. No more granting self pay raises. Use a Scorecard to keep track. Treat them like a contractor. Should be fired for poor results immediately. Put the pressure on them and off Americans

  18. I will be surprised if somebody, “ANYBODY”, suffers any consequences over this! It seems that old Barry ( and crooked Hillary & his ” minions” are still operating with impunity! I am sick of them all and the “do nothing system” that only operates for certain people in this country!

  19. Why can’t the press come up with a story that is believable. Do these folks have any integrity at all? Its like reading ‘Bloomberg Businessweek or ‘The Week’ ragazines. These along with NY Times and Washedup Post are an embarrassment to great journalism. They put in flaky articles so you think it is straight news and then they trash someone using words like ‘possibly this’ or ‘maybe that’ or ‘its likely’ or infer important stuff with no facts to back it up. ‘Apparently’ this is today’s journalistic student education we have colleges for. Ya’no, just maybe its possibley likley! Could be.

  20. Obama escaped impeachment. The GOP sat on their small hands after we gave them the majority in both houses of Congress that they’s clamored for.

    Bot BO will NOT be able to escape justice. My best guess is that he will never return to the USA to face the music, and will live out his life flitting between several of his Soros-financed foreign palaces around the globe.

    Good riddance.

  21. I didn’t say nothin’ to nobody – Susan Rice imitating James Cagney ” Top of the world, Ma, top of the world “

  22. This is all Obummer, and he and a lot of other people know it! Round ’em up and stick in Gitmo for the remainder of the Centtury, that otta do it, and will even make others thinkin about it, THINK TWICE! By the way send Schumer, Pelosi, and all other Obstructionists on down to Gitmo as Well !!!

  23. Most of these comments are so unbelievably ignorant I can’t get my breath…even basic spelling is foreign to most. They are indicative of the caliber of voter running in packs like wild invaders from some prehistoric tribe of knuckle-draggers, swinging their homemade clubs defiantly as they swarm in blood-thirsty, glassy-eyed stupidity, mesmerized by Bannon’s scowling, spoiled, Daddy-rich puppet!! It’s like watching a really bad joke unfold!

    • I would guess that you’re one of the chillerysuckstwat supporters, what with her being one of the BIGGEST CRIMINAL POLITICIANS in modern history. I guess that makes you one of the biggest IMBECILIC SUCKERS and here, eh ?

  24. Michael Dennewitz

    These dumbasscraps will be running this shit in the ground for the next damned 50 years.. Mr Trump, would you PLEASE find a way to get rid of all the little queer’s holdovers, thus, cleaning all the shit out?? ??

  25. Trump right again! When will the haters, losers, idiots or bought and paid for intelligence creeps be outed and hanged as traitors to the American people. They keep thinking that they can snow Trump but find out he is already way ahead of them. Karma won’t be nice.

  26. When is the AG gonna start the jail sentencing from obama to lynch including holder and obamas crooked administration? All scum bags!!!

  27. This is one more example of a political party and a presidential administration that has no regard for our laws or our constitution. The Democrat Party should go ahead and be truthful and call themselves the Democratic Socialist Party. During Obama’s time in office they managed to politicize almost all of the Justice Department and many of our intelligence agencies. I put no dirty trick or crime being beyond the pale for these people to reach their ends. The Republicans need to unite put petty differences aside and bring all Dems guilty of crimes to justice no matter how high ranking they are, an example needs to be set as to what happens when a politician thumbs their nose at our laws.

  28. Typical democraps.

  29. Do we have Trumpgate?

  30. George Hilliard

    We can’t divulge the name, but it rhymes with… Rusan Sice.

  31. The Dem-ons are trembling in the light now and scrambling for any crack to hide in. This will be fun!

  32. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An
    enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner
    openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly
    whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government
    itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to
    his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the
    baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation,
    he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the
    city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer
    is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    Roman Statesman, Philosopher and Orator

    Attributed. 58 BC, Speech in the Roman Senate

  33. Wow, I hope the Republican’s have enough courage to go after these rats and get them in prison. For a long time, as traitors to our country! Start with Susan Rice. Get her convicted with no immunity and a very stiff sentence. She either sings or lives out her days in prison! Some of her sentence can be reduced for good testimony!

  34. I would not believe one thing the NY Times prints. It’s just a lying gossip rag just like all
    the democrat controlled and owned gossip rags. Many say that the law and order of past America is gone forever. They are true IF everyone believes this. The closer we get to Satan’s coming as Christ the farther away from law and order the world gets. America must stand as a beacon of light of law and order. IF the Christians of America (80%) stand up and fight to remove the democrats from every position they hold and replace them with honest Christian men. Men that can’t be bought or controlled by lust and greed offered by Satan. Such as the professional politicians of today are. We can no longer allow our government to be ran by professional politicians. We cannot allow our schools to be taught by liberals. We can no longer allow our courts to be laws of precedence. We the ethical, honest American Christians must regain control of this nation. Then it can be the Beacon of light that it must be. Remember GOD is in charge and we haven’t seen anything yet. GOD will use anyone He will to achieve His plan. I have read the back of the book GOD and His elect win. GOD bless America.

  35. What in the world happened to the America I am so proud of? Corruption everywhere. Did it all start with the obummer administration? I am beginning to believe it did and if so he should be convicted of crimes against America.

    • I know what you mean I feel the same way. As a veteran I even willingly fought for this one time wonderful nation. However, when the democrats won control of both the House and Senate in 2006 is when I think this country started down hill. This is not a per chance happening it has been planned. That is also when the bubble that burst in 2008 began. They were out to do exactly what they did with the economy. Control cannot be gained when things are going well so havoc must be started. They did that quite well. Every coup ever done was done with the approval of the people because better times were promised by the coming dictatorship. Study how hitler took over Germany or Stalin gained power in Russia. Stalin was, by the way, a community organizer. Sound familiar?

      The same time (in 2006) the main stream media began pressing hard the hatred of Bush as a set up to get a progressive elected president in 2008. However, at first it was to be hillary and then obama came along and ruined it for her. But they reached an agreement he would go first and she would follow in eight years. Then along came Donald Trump and ruined it again only this time he stopped the progress of the main goal.

      Can he get America back on track with all the distractions? We should all hope so. We were on the verge of a fundamental transformation that I think was into a communist state. It is just obama failed to reach his goal so now he has formed a deep state to run interference on the Trump administration. But the problem is no one is watching right now because of all the planned distractions. And the beat goes on!

    • Obama happened. He is as crooked as they come.

  36. Henry J. Gilbertson

    Obuttheads whole administration should be arrested and brought up on charges of treason tried and convicted and imprisoned for life or the death penalty no b.s. about it

  37. Get rid of all obama appointees fire them, if not possible because of the unions, transfer them to their new open air tent positions, in Death Valley.

  38. Obozo, Hillary and their teams are all profesional crooks and profesional liers, look at Lynch, Rice, Brazil’s, Podesta, Huma, my God they should all go to jail!!!!

  39. I’ve never read Saul Alinsky. Does anybody know if this is the sort of sabotage he commended?

  40. Rice is no uneducated N**ger, she used a double negative on purpose ” I didn’t leak no information to nobody” She is an attorney She cannot be accused of lying as there are two interpretation as to what she said. Grammatically the double negative says YES I gave out information. But on the surface it is a denial. Jon.

    • You’re right she is not stupid.

      Actually to the uneducated perhaps there is two interpretations. However, two negatives she did not leak to nobody means she did leak to somebody.

      This has to also be interpreted as being intentional. Consequently, she is admitting leaking. But doing it in such a way many, who support the progressive communistic mind set will defend her. Stalin named those type of people “useful idiots.”

      However, I think we may be falling into a trap here by following so many distractions from the real story. They are masters of deception(s).

  41. These whites that voted for Obama are the whites that Obama and H.R.C. lapped up to , woman and minorities.
    Pitting people against one another is what their good at.
    His and her supporters could care less that they were racist against whites.
    The only thing that mattered was they had to win and at any cost.
    Cops shot to death didn’t matter to Obama’s administration , whites labeled as racist from everyone in that party.
    They should be ashamed of themselves.
    Disgusting people libs!!

  42. Elizabethpmatthew

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  43. The first thing to do is to make public the people known to have put this illegal information in play. These are very likely Democrats, i.e. politicians, who are generally evil and are even in a lower class than liberals. These are really true scum that need long prison stays, as in treason!

  44. Maybe Joe McCarthy was right all those years ago.

  45. Obama lives 2 1/2 miles from White House………

  46. The mark of Islamic culture is its inability to coexist with any other culture. The mark of the new liberal left Democrat party is the inability to coexist with any other party or nonparty. BO’s OFA-ANTIFA makes America ungovernable at any cost dogma dovetails with Islamic culture ideology, Sharia Law, supplanting America’s constitution. With the deep state avowed too, half of our government is based on the Islamic-koran-Sharia law-culture. The Jihad is done and the Islamic-colonization is in progress. A civil war has been in progress. BO’s coupe is out in the open with half the nation calling it “denial” when it really is war. We play by the rules and they have no rules except to win at any cost. The ANTICOUPE has been in place and continues to frustrate BO’s agenda, the replacing of America’s constitution with Sharia Law. We will bury the false prophet in unhallowed ground. Letting the hoves of history obliterate any existence of that ideology.

  47. Clap-per, Brennan, LYNCH, Rice, an Rhodes HAVE SOME BIG ‘ XPLAINING TO DO…………..Hopefully followed by INDICTMENTS …. Come on Jeff Session get GOING ! and while at it REMOVE ALL O Vomit’s MOLES planted all around GUMNIT Hallways

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