Report: Bill Clinton Threw Hillary’s Book in the Trash!

From the Drama Department, we have this juicy story about the Clintons. Apparently Bill and Hillary have stopped speaking to each other, with resentments flaring in recent months over the latter Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign and, more specifically, the book she wrote to explain her loss to Donald Trump. According to the Daily Mail and author Ed Klein, former President Bill Clinton actually threw the manuscript of “What Happened” in the trash after his wife ignored his advice to rewrite the book.

From the Daily Mail:

Bill had red-penned the book in an attempt to improve it, a friend allegedly told Klein, but flew into a rage when Hillary refused to read any of his notes.

According to Page Six, the friend said: ‘He told her the book made her look bewildered, angry and confused, and that those were poor qualities in a person who aspired to be a world leader.

‘He hated the title because calling it “What Happened” would only make people say, “You lost.”

‘He urged her to postpone the pub date and rewrite the book, but she yelled at him and said: “The book is finished and that’s how it’s going to be published”.’

According to Ed Klein, who has written several books on the Clintons, Bill accused Hillary’s campaign managers of running a ‘tone deaf’ race and ignoring the effect the flagging economy was having on millions of working class Americans.

To be a fly on the wall, eh?

We don’t doubt the veracity of this story, because it closely matches the quiet tales we heard last year about Bill Clinton being kept out of the inner circle of the campaign. Here’s one of the most popular Democrats in decades, and the campaign is ignoring his advice? We’ll ignore the cost-benefit analysis of Slick Willie’s presidency, but when it comes to actually being a POLITICIAN, the old boy from Arkansas is one of the best to play the game. His wife, one of the worst. So it’s simply amazing that she wouldn’t lean on him for advice, instead trusting people like Jennifer Palmieri and John Podesta who thought – like she did – that Hillary would simply win the election by default.

Otherwise, this is a portrait of a political dynasty in tatters, and it’s a reflection of the Democratic Party as a whole. Somehow, we find ourselves fresh out of tears to shed.

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  1. Bill beat me to the punch.. I wanted to be the first to throw that thing in the trash.

  2. The pressure of going to jail could split up even a good marriage.
    These criminals deserve each other.

  3. Yes, Bill got into office on a campaign of economic appeal. In ignoring Bill’s advice, she once again showed why she lost-her need for ego gratification is exceeded by her hateful and spiteful personality. Then again, Bill helped create this monster…a woman scorned.

  4. Tossed into the trash was best bet to get rid of a total falsehood so the plumber does not have to come to remove it from a plugged POT!

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  5. Hillary’s book and her long list of whiny excuses for why she lost the election show just how stupid she is and illustrates how fortunate the American people are that she did lose. This woman was probably the most corrupt, inept person to ever seek the office of President and she wonders why she lost? What a moron.

    • Calling Hillary a “moron” is being too kind! ;-D

    • Two possible corrections…” woman” Is it really?? Even putting Lipstick on this Thing it is still a “PIG”

      • Indeed, Hillary’s NOT a woman by LGBTQ “standards”.

        • nor by ANY normal standards

          • Now that was some funny crap there… thank you… I needed the laugh.. Been so mad at the Democratic Party and who they have become. they now care more about criminals and illegals over Americans. They are hypocritical when they say they are behind women’s rights and concerns about all the abuse, all the while fighting to keep the females bathroom open to anyone who claims they are a different sex that day. Nope that is their way of looking out for our women and children. But then again, they are the party of division and Corruption with a lot of treason added in for shits and giggles.

        • Did one notice Libs R Loons that on Fox every now and then they show a clip that this is LGBT Month and they show those individuals that are. Wonder why the dropped the “Q” ?

      • Have you noticed, how much hillary & michelle are two of a kind? There masculinity shows through, no wonder billy boy & the other guy look elsewhere! but there is NO EXCUSEE, FOR ANY OF ALL 4 OF THEIR ACTIONS!

    • You said it, hillary is a MORAN!

    • Please don’t offend the morons

    • They need lock her up with the rest of her cronies especially with the Russian ordeal all that was started by the Democrats and they were all blaming Donald Trump for something that was started by them what goes around comes around and it will bite you right in the behind

  6. If ‘Slick Willie’ trashed Hillary’s book, that was probably the wisest thing this serial sexual predator ever did!

    • Obviously the stupidest thing that Hillary’s done (among many things) is failing to heed the advice of the man whose coattails she clung to for decades for political relevancy.

      • In reality, she was politically tone deaf from the beginning. She, like Obama, was a huge follower of Saul Alinsky, the original community organizer and radical revolutionist, whose political philosophy was incompatible with our Constitutional representative republic, free market system of governance.

        • I posted a few years ago that Akinsky offered Hillary a job once she graduated college because she wrote her thesis on him, but she and Bill had already met by then and formulated their “plan”.
          One stupid liberal chimed in and claimed that Alinsky was already dead before she graduated, which of course was wishful thinking on that troll’s part.

          • Maybe the Troll meant Brain dead ???

          • Hahahaha….the troll was lied to about Hillary’s AGE!

          • Yes, and what a plan it was! How best to lie and cheat your way to political relevance. Back in the mid 90’s William Safire, syndicated political columnist for the N.Y. Times, after interviewing First Lady Hillary Clinton referred to her simply as a “congenital liar.” Since then Hillary proved him right in every respect.

    • Should have trashed her as well !!!

  7. Will libraries be forced to offer this ‘trash’ to the public??
    Will it be filed under ‘TRASH,’ or ‘BULLSHIT’??
    Where are ovomit’s books filed, never cared to notice??

    • She thinks this trashy book is going to bring in millions for her. This is a woman who is so money hungry that she has no shame. If she was embarrassed by the bullcrap in her stupid book, she wouldn’t be speaking on late night crap shows or going on a book tour. She should be in prison and I doubt even prison-inmates would care to read this stupidity.

      • Since Hillary got a solid $17 million up front before she ever wrote that fiction book, she’s already made out like a bandit even if the sales projections aren’t met.

        • Is she paying the publishers to her books or are they on the hook for some crooked things they have done that she knows. This is not the first one she has written that flopped! ‘course the hollywod crowd will buy it to help her out & all her lesbian lovers!

      • Anyone, ( ZERO) who bothers to read her TRASHY BOOKS, is just as TRASHY AS SHE IS!! (the publisher is one example, money will dictate TRASH NO MATTER WHAT, weinsteen is another!)

        • Definitely agree. The Trashy Bitch is making millions on that trash she wrote. Can you imagine there are stupid liberals who love her – they must be buying her hypocrite bullcrap as usual. She’s a money hungry, selfish, power hungry bitch, but the liberal DemocRat women don’t see it. They still stand behind her. Even her predator husband threw her book in the trash which is where it belongs. I wouldn’t give two cents for anything she has to say – can’t stand her and I wish the media wouldn’t give her any coverage, but, of course, they’re probably on her side too because they’re all liberals who do nothing but spew their fake news.

    • Yes, but most libraries will be offering it VOLUNTARILY, without being forced. My source for this info is a friend who, after more than 15 years of service, was actually fired from her job in a large, highly rated library in Ohio because her “conservative, Christian values are no longer a good fit for the liberal, progressive vision of the library system”. While the organization, claiming not to believe in “censorship”, refuses to filter their public computer access for porn they do absolutely monitor and censor the beliefs of their own staff.
      The ALA (American Library Assoc), governing body of libraries has totally been hijacked by the far-left extremists, so beware–the library is no longer the benign, safe place we like to remember.

      • The teachers in the
        government controlled grade schools and high schools in this country are allowing students to learn about Islam but Christianity is taboo. Don’t be surprised in the near future to learn there are mandatory courses concerning the “religion of peace” I’ve already heard “this would benefit the non Islamic students” and much more B.S

        • Its time to RECLAIM our country while there are still more of US than “them” otherwise we will be living in a police state or under sharia law!!

          • I have been warning people about this Fascist ideology since early 2000 and the number of muslims in America has grown immensely. There are now many well funded alphabet Muslim organizations in America today, working as one to grow Islam including Sharia. For almost 1400 years Muslims have been committing atrocities on innocent men women and even children

      • Notice how the left facists have their tentacles everywhere. They need to be stopped, buy who is going to stop them because President Trump can’t do it alone and there are many two-faced Republicans who are more with the left.

  8. What’s the difference between the Panama Canal and Hillary Rotten Clinton?
    The Panama Canal is a busy ditch, and Hillary’s a dizzy b**ch!

  9. There can now be no doubt that this alliance between a satyr and a sapphite was a political and business alliance from the getgo. The United States was spared marxist transformation in the 1990s because The Rapist, as a southerner, was more conservative by instinct than The Drunken Lesbian Witch has proved to be. He has also been motivated more by pleasure (but also by money), while she has been all about power (and money, too) from the getgo. The frightening spectacle of her fortunately unsuccessful grasp for power in her own right, and the subsequent dissolution of their cynical partnership, makes it clear how narrow a miss this country has had from socialism and dictatorship, and that we can never let either or these two or their lieutenants in the party of Resistance, Revolution and Rape anywhere near power again.

    • You’re so right. This also goes for Joe Biden who has aspirations of beating President Trump in 2020. A do-nothing, know-nothing former V.P. who slept for eight years under the muslim we had as President who nearly destroyed the United States. Anyone who votes for Biden should think twice – he’s no better than BO and HRC. They’re determined to bring this country down and so far, as far as many of us are concerned, the Liberal Facist Dems and Fake Republicans should be shut down and booted out.

    • Indeed, Hillary was the driving force behind many of Bill’s worst decisions, including the murders of women and children in Waco.
      The Clintons weren’t bothered by the fact that the Branch Davidians was a religious cult, but by the very fact that they owned all their firearms legally.

  10. To bad billy didn’t throw her in the trash with the rest of the trash where she belongs. Actually that’s not true, she belongs in jail with the rest of the criminals.

  11. They are such a sweet pair.

  12. Should flush her down the toilet at the same time,but then again she would probably clog it up with her fat head

    • Don’t worry, her day is coming. She has a serious health issue and has to constantly wear a catheter. It’s always strapped to her left leg, well hidden by her ALWAYS wearing pant-suits!!

      • The joke from back when she was First Lady at the WH was that Hillary doesn’t wear mini-skirts because her balls would show.

      • I don’t think that’s the only thing she has strapped on

        • Hehehehe…just ask Huma Abedine!
          On that note, it’s easy to see why 2 straight guys who married lesbians for political expediency went on to look for “love” outside their sham marriages.

          • As dirty as he is he may be a switch hitter (billy boy) as obama is he had a reputation for hanging around the bathhouses of chicago

          • Yep- that was Obama “paying his dues” to the old white communist political movers-and-shakers in Chicago to get their endorsements to run for political office.

          • I was assuming he was there because he’s a fag

          • You’d be assuming correctly, because Obama’s never had a female girlfriend despite his claims or the claims made by the ghost-writers of his books and the claim made in his most recent autobiography.
            He had a gay Pakistani lover and roommate while he attended Columbia as a foreign student.

          • Look at his wife moochelle! Has too be transgender for sure , built like a man and ugly as sin

          • S/he has shoulders that are each as wide as he/r head (a real woman’s shoulders are each only 3/4 the width of the head, he/r man-bits show under tight pants and dresses (Bigger than Barry’s too), and he/r index fingers are the same length as he/r middle fingers.
            S/he still has part of he/r Adam’s Apple, even though s/he had surgery to reduce it.

  13. The Clinton’s are liers and trash,how can anyone support her book.

    • Word has it that many of the people standing in line to pay $1,000 for her signature on her book were in fact her own staffers planted there to stage a “popularity” coup.
      No doubt she gave them each that $1,000 to hand right back to HER.

  14. Careful Bill. She wears the pants because she brings in the only money that isn’t allocated. You guys have been hanging out almost 50 years, you won’t be missed. She’s cut that way.

  15. I suspect that the Clintons each have their own secret service detail to keep one from killing the other.
    They went from a marriage of political convenience to one of mutual blackmail.

  16. – – – – – – – -Hillary lost her election without any help from others. – – – – – – – –
    It was her long known habit of lies, it was her voting as a U S Senator on bills without reading them, it was her promises made to us to add a million jobs into our (New York economy) when she ran for the senate (when she left office there was not one job added she could accept credit for), it is her lies about fighting for women and children’s rights (as a U.S. senator she NEVER wrote, cosigned or supported ONE BILL that had anything to do with women or children’s rights)! Following 911 she became responsible overseeing federal funds channeled into New York for recovery – millions of that money was never accounted for), when she was Secretary of State it happened again (millions of dollars disappeared and could never be located), she was advised by “a friend” to put security at Benghazi (she ignored the advice because in her words, “it came from a friend”) and again when she was directed to do so by an official directory sent to her and several other associates (this time she claimed she never got the message – all others received their copies), when she made nuclear deals with Russia turning over a large percentage of our own nuclear materials to Russia, as she spent more time visiting other countries (average a different one every third week) and ignoring her duties, responsibilities and obligations to the State Department; when she was caught using an unauthorized and none-cleared Unauthorized personal server to communicate not only daily business over but some of the nations highest kept secrets – then tried to blame it onto her aids, it was because of her theft from the White House when her and Bill left at the end of Bills administration; it was because of Hillary and her campaigns use of “thugs” to interrupt Trumps campaign efforts, it was because of Hillary’s use of spies at CNN to collect the questions programed for Clinton/Trump debates, it was because of Hillary’s short temp and tantrums reported by those working close to her.
    She worked to convince the voters she was the only real choice for the White House – and she drew a lot of followers – BUT – those who truly knew and understood Hillary made the difference – the Electoral College showed the value of having some oversight by the men and women truly familiar with the candidates, their backgrounds, their honesty, American values and “correctness” for office; Hillary lost in spite of her billion dollar campaign, because she was to well known for her lies and failures.
    And it never stops – – Hillary, just like Obama, is always quick to blame others for their faults. Even finds it necessary to write books, set in front of TV cameras and point fingers at everyone she can conger up as being the reason why she lost; as usual – not being capable of accepting responsibilities for her own failures!
    No book, no signings, no appearances on any TV network nothing she can say – will ever hide the fact she was the worst candidate to ever run for the White House. Her Loss was all in her doing – BUT – she will always blame everyone else for her failures, as a first lady, as a senator, as Secretary of State, as a candidate for the White House, for her thefts and lies!

  17. Come on SLICK !!! Get her Locked up in a Padded room and Throw away the KEY… We have had it with that WHNING PIG! MAN UP FELON!!!

    • I found a youtube video where someone snuck and recorded Hillary being led out the back door of a psyche ward in Philly by Bill and Chelsea when she was released after spending time there after having a nervous breakdown while dodging the Benghazi Committee’s subpoenas.

  18. OMG can you imagine for an instant how terrible it would have been with her as a President??????? People would have to pay admission to get in the WH, pay for attention,pay for favors, pay the bitch for life…..gee she is getting lifetime salary for Senator/SOS, all the perks already from Bill………how much more $$$$ does she want?????????

    • To take it a step further, people would have to pay to stay out of the 300+ FEMA camps that Obama built to incarcerate up to 10,000-13,000 people EACH.

    • how much more $$$$ does she want?????????……..enough to hire a pack of OJS level attorneys, because if the Clinton mafia is ever indicted it’ll be harder to acquit when the glove does fit……but since it’s likely she’ll never be indicted she needs enough to reside indefinitely in a five star resort style insane asylum……

    • Had this Communist got elected the Lying Marxist Media would be giving Corrupt “I Don’t Recall” Hillary praise on anything and everything 24/7, had this corrupt egoist won the presidency it would be Obama all over again.

  19. OOOOHHHHH, when Chelsea took money from the foundation to pay her wedding and living expenses isn’t that what legal experts call FRAUD, EMBEZZLEMENT????????? Then Bill and Hilabeast knowing and condoning it called Conspiracy????????????

    • Not to mention that the wedding was held on the Astor Estate in NY, currently occupied by one of George Soros’s sons, and the Clintons barred the media from it so they couldn’t record the names and faces of all the commies and muslims on the guest list.

      • I didn’t know that but I’m not surprised, it’s sad and scary that this Communist got as many votes as she did,which just shows that someday there will be more “Useful Idiots”/lovers of Socialism/Communism than those of us who love the Constitution. The very reason Democrats want open borders is they know that the vast majority of these people will become “Useful Idiots” someday, “humanitarian reasons” sure it is Idiots.

    • That depends on the Communist party AKA the Democrat party and the Marxist Media, these hypocrites usually give their own a free pass.

  20. Gonna pay for that damn book Billy!!!!….. OR ELSE!!! LMFAO!!!!

  21. That books belongs in a latrine, or in the toilet. A trashcan is entirely too good for such claptrap.

  22. What annoys me, to the utmost, is that other failed candidates in the past have had the good manners to just fade into the woodwork and go away, but NOT HILLARY.
    She just rambles on and on, ad nauseam and who really gives a s**t what that angry hag has to say?? She’s DONE. On that note, why don’t her colleagues notice that Nancy Pelosi has been showing signs of dementia–its high time to retire her as well. “We, the people” must rise up and demand TERM LIMITS immediately!

    • Being the sociopath that she is, Hillary will never “go quietly into that good night” as long as she lives and breathes.

    • Elevator Stuck In Basement Pelosi, John Song Bird Rino McCain, Barbara Racist Boxer, 84 years old Dianne Pace Maker Feinstein and Immigration Stay The Way It Is Paul Lying Ryan, Guam Might Turn Over In Ocean Hank Thompson, to mention just a few of the do-nothings with questionable intelligence, that should get out as of yesterday. These people are the very reason why we desperately need Term Limits. I think if enough people wanted such a law we could scare Congress to act but as usual most people are either sheep, “Useful Idiots” or just don’t care.

  23. Bill may have been a charming scoundrel, but Hillary completely lacks the charm.

  24. God I wish she would just go away.

  25. Pamela Hieronymus

    If I were willing to spend the money to buy Hill’s book, I would throw it in the trash too. I wish she would get the point: we don’t like her and want her to just shut up and go away. Maybe she could go search for some integrity, but I doubt she would recognize it if she found it.

    • Buy it and write under certain lines and the end of paragraphs pertaining to “what happened”, then mail the book to her, of course doing this might get you on the Clinton dead pool list(|}:-)

  26. Bill threw Hillary’s book in the trash – as they used to say – “Game knows Game”.

  27. They should both be behind bars.

  28. What’s trash never changes!

  29. I wish we could just go “poof” and she is gone……FOREVER!!

  30. Truck stops are giving them out to be used as wheel chocks!

  31. Even her own husband know she is pathetic idiot

  32. The only thing ole Billy Bob mighta dun of interest, would be if he had force fed the wretch the entire book a page at a time. That might have taken her “out of the headlines” for at least 20 whole minutes! What is that lamenting refrain, how long oh Lord how long are we to be visited by this wretchedness? WHY, in God’s holy name, is this “criminal” NOT in prison?

  33. Didn’t Chelsea marry Soros Nephew?????????????

  34. Who cares what the rapist did? I used the copy I found as kindling for a bon fire.

  35. I guess Bill throwing Hillary’s book in the trash is better than using it for toilet paper

  36. Frankly, these two deserve each other. Not sure which is worse!!!! Speaking of trash!!!!!!!!!

    • I think his wife is, I imagine he would have divorced her but his career came first,same with her. From what I’ve read and heard from people that had a close working relation with them, including some of Bill’s mistresses they weren’t a loving couple. As far as being the worst president, Obama gets my vote, he has done irreversible damage to this country and continues to work behind the scenes with the “Shadow Government” to bring about the one world government.

  37. Well, Costco the liberal market place has Hillary Clinton’s book front and center on their book table. I was tempted to buy one just to throw it in the trash or burn it in their parking lot, but I did not want to waist my money and her egotistical, self aggrandizing attempt at justifying her loss as being something it was not.

    • They probably put Michael Savages’ books under the shelves. “The Liberal mind;The Psychological Mind Of Political Madness”written by a well respected forensic psychiatrist Doctor Lyle H.Rossitor an expert witness for the government with almost 40 years experience, he came to the diagnosis of many of his liberal patients had a mental illness, so much so that he named it: “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” there Really is something wrong with people that support politicians that would turn America into a Venezuela or North Korea, and it can be proven by history over and over, again and again, that their ideology leads to Communism and it cannot and does not work. Another thing about liberals as a group, they mock Christians but take the side of Fascist Islam, Muslims throw homosexuals off buildings head first with their hands tied, just as the Qur’an says to do. In reality, if it had to be, Muslims and Liberals Would Mix Like Oil And Water and Liberals say we Conservatives are bad, the highly political Muslims in America support Democrats only because the Islamic agenda is moving forward under Democrats, Obama saw to it that Muslims got high positions in the government.

  38. Couldn’t happen to two better SCUMBAGS!!!

  39. Hey, Hillary’s book achieves one VERY important thing. It ELIMINATES any possibility that she might have even a very small chance of running again and doing better next time! There is NO way the American people — even many who WERE Hillary fans — would vote for the whiny crybaby she revealed herself to be. There WON’T be another Hillary for President campaign — that’s for sure!

    As for Bill, that must be a really fun marriage these days. BILL WON TWICE (sad to say) and Hillary LOST twice. Can you imagine the bedroom talk on the rare occasions when they actually might WANT to spend the night together (instead of Bill being out chasing some model)? One guy who thinks NOBODY could ever beat him; and one gal who will ALWAYS think somehow she wuz robbed. What a happy couple! (NOT)

  40. what’s with all the trashy mouths, why can’t people have a conversation without the use of bad nasty words. you say things because you can get away with it. you say things that can be malicious gossip called slander.

  41. I have to agree with Bill on this. Time the Clintons rode into the sunset.

  42. For some reason, this article made me think of something that (I think) Michael Medved once said, “There are three kinds of people in the world: 1. People who make things happen, 2. People who watch as other people make things happen, and 3. People who wondered what happened.” Apparently, the Hildebeast falls into category #3.

  43. It’s too bad the book is the only thing Bill threw in the trash. Hillary would have made a great companion for the book!

  44. He should have thrown Killary in the trash, and kept the book to use as a wheel chock!

  45. He only did it when he realized that there was no Centerfold!!!

  46. He should have thrown Hillary out.

  47. Well, I never had much use for Bill Clinton. But throwing his hag wife’s book in a garbage can is one of the most sensible things he’s ever done. LOL

  48. It’s about time bill cut this beeech loose from his coat tails ——and the only place this book belongs is in the trash or to start fires in people’s fireplaces…..

  49. krishna shrivastava

    Will never read WHAT HAPPENED, however, the question comes to mind- Did HRC want to be the President to get even with WJC by having her own “hide and seek” games in the White House. BTW, coming from HRC the book should have been titled “WHAT HAPPENED?” since she is still clueless.

  50. She’s obviously still clueless if she has to satisfy her frustration by writing a BOOK about her loss of the presidency to Trump… what kind of ego maniac writes a whole BOOK about something that’s already obvious to the entire nation?! I think she’s still so humiliated and furious that she’s grasping for straws… and it tickles me to visualize Bill tossing her book in the garbage. I wonder what her reaction was! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

  51. Yall Don't Listen

    Bill, please screw the Book, throw Her in the Trash can!! Put the Lid on tight and secure and off to the dump it goes.

  52. Should’a threw that scank in the trash!


  54. How much longer do we have to hear about these disgusting people? Their day has come and gone.

  55. She is a control freak & she has controlled her husband for so long that she thought she could control every one else the same way. she thought it was her right to be Queen bee, But the sensible American people finally woke up & stopped her. The trouble with some of the branches of government it that the men in it were controlled by their women who were running for power government positions funded by the HRC crew & Democrats Just look at what has just happened to Comy, McCabe & a few others. You do not have to be a Rocket scientist to figure it out

  56. He should throw her in the trash!

  57. I glad she wrote a will give her something to read…in GITMO….WHAT HAPPENED ??? !!!GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE 82ND AIRBORNE

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