Religious Groups Vow to Defy Supreme Court

A collection of powerful religious groups joined forces this week for a full page advertisement in the Washington Post. The coalition, consisting of the Liberty Counsel, the Common Good Foundation, and Vision America Action, used the space to vow allegiance to God above the law of man: “We will not honor any decision by the Supreme Court which will force us to violate a clear biblical understanding of marriage as solely the union of one man and one woman.”

At reference, of course, is the impending decision on the legality of state gay marriage bans. A ruling is expected by the end of the month, and the legal community believes that the conclusion is all but foregone. Gay marriage will effectively be legalized in all 50 states, changing the definition of that union permanently. The Christians behind the ad say that won’t keep them from abiding by the old definition.

“We implore the court to not step outside of its legitimate authority and unleash religious persecution and discrimination against people of faith,” the ad said. “We will be forced to choose between the state and our conscience, which is informed by clear biblical and church doctrine and the natural created order. On this choice, we must pledge obedience to our creator.”

Among the signatories are some of America’s most prominent religious leaders. Included are Franklin Graham, Alveda King, Bishop E.W. Jackson, and Dr. James Dobson.

God’s Law or Man’s?

While it’s unlikely that the ad will have any affect on the court’s ruling, it does spotlight an interesting dilemma for conservatives opposed to gay marriage. The rule of law has been central to conservative thought for as long as it has been around. Conservatives often eschew the concept of civil disobedience, preferring to change things through the system rather than create chaos on the ground. When it comes to gay marriage, though, many Christians are torn.

This divide has even shaken the Republican primaries. Mike Huckabee has gone on record to support state officials who disregard a ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. On the other side of the coin, Rick Santorum has said that the way forward should be legislation and voting. And of course, this ad indicates that top Catholics and Protestants prefer Huckabee’s approach.

When you force people to choose between their religious beliefs and the law, you create unnecessary strife. There are plenty of ways we can accommodate same-sex unions without changing the definition of marriage. By taking this route, the Supreme Court is not just overreaching, they are actively stomping on traditional Christian beliefs. With that in mind, one can hardly blame the faithful for standing against injustice.

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  1. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land. It is not God!

    • God wrote it in stone and you will find out someday soon at your age just how ignorant spiritaully you have been when God bows your knees to Him! He runs this show if you like it or not!

      • You have radically misinterpreted the thrust of WVF’s comment. Your automatic, knee-jerk right wingnut mindset is clouding your ability to deal with reality.

        • The statement of WVF can be taken two different ways….. he could have made himself a little clearer. “The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, but, it’s not God.” or “The Supreme Court, not God, is the highest court in the land.” Many statements are confusing and we often take things wrong…. that’s just part of contributing and judging “comments.”

        • headonstraight,
          Loving America and WVF were referring to the Bible. That is the supreme law for all Jews and Christians. It exceeds the Constitution or any other man made law. I am a strict adherent to the Constitution. I am not an adherent to the federal court system. I am well aware of the First Amendment and I support it. Christians in general have no hatred for gay people. I for one do not hate or disrespect any gay person. But the Bible says what it says in both the Old Testament and the New Testament on the subject of homosexuality. The reason is simple. Homosexuality cannot create future generations.

        • I agree that Loving America probably misinterpreted WVF’s comment; however, the last part of the second sentence shows that you are a liberal who automatically resort name calling and slander. Your mindset is definitely clouding your ability to hold a civil conversation.

        • Absolutely. Problem with a lot people commenting is that they don’t even know the laws of the god of the Jews, Christians and Muslims. And, yes, it is the same god for all three religions. You want to follow God’s laws, then a father has a right to have his daughter marry her rapist, providing that she is not already engaged or married. Parents have the right to kill their children if they talk back. We should reinstitute slavery in the US and follows God’s laws on the proper treatment of slavery. And, of course, women are first the property of their fathers, and then the property of their husbands. Gay men are to be put to death (no real mention of Lesbians). And, for anyone who turns away from God, they should be executed.

    • Typical Leftard confusion of facts , first the Constitution is the highest LAW in the land , if the SCOTUS is unConstitutional in it’s actions , it’s unlawful …. the Supreme court is only Supreme if it abides by the authority of the Constitution otherwise it’s Constitutionally irrelevant as the TRUE power in America lies in the hands of it’s PEOPLE , not the people’s servants ….. A Fact Leftards don’t comprehend …

    • And God also hears you so keep saying man is the higher court, see what happens.

    • You got that right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Obama and his cronies aren’t either!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • And we are not governed by God.

  2. Moral of the story is no one with religious values or brains will respect the Supreme Court. It is going the same direction as the rest of the corrupt federal government – – – down hill! This is just not about politics, it is about destroying America and everything it stands for. Our forefathers would call for a revolution!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      And although I FIRMLY agree with you, this country is being run by the general of ISIS, GEORGE SOROS, and I doubt any Americans will get off their asses and do a single thing about it. GOD HELP AMERICA !! :-((

      • The Bible says, “If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray…..”
        We are required to do nothing more, God will see that the “problem” is taken care of. Some of the elder, extremely liberal judges on the Supreme Court might need to be reminded; God gives life and He can take it away just as easily.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          That’s good to know Bird.. And when some Haitian breaks in my door, decides he wants what money I might have and threatens my grandchildren, I’ll just look up and say, “Take care of it God,” right ??? NOTTT! He’s going to feel metal up his backside, mainly that of a .357 mag…

    • I haven’t respected them for a while now.

    • No, forefathers would have considered you an idiot. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Although, I don’t know how you can equate the institution of marriage with happiness.

  3. Is Marriage a “Right” or a “Priviledge”?

    Actually it is BOTH, the same as driving an automobile and doing many other things! Everyone has a “right” to drive but we all have to QUALIFY for the “priviledge”. To drive an automobile we first must apply for a license. We must meet the age requirements, next we must pass a written exam to prove we know the rules of the road, pass an eye test and finally we must prove to a representative of the DMV that we understand how to operate an automobile safely and efficiently on the road. Meeting ALL of these requirements gives us the “priviledge” (license) to drive.

    Everyone also has a “right” to get married provided we QUALIFY for the “priviledge”!

    The same can be said that EVERYONE has a “right” to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Pilot, Engineer, Architect, or anything else that life has to offer but we must first EARN the “priviledge” by proving that our qualifications are worthy of that particular license! Imagine what the world would be like if people were able to “REDEFINE” the qualifications for the above (or any other) profession to simply meet their selfish desires. We would simply live in a chaotic world!

    We must live by the word of God, and not by a liberal minority that would like to redefine society to simply suit their own personal agenda.



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    • Lol…uh..we do live in a chaotic world…have you been to a doctor or lawyer recently?.. .many of them,(doctors) cannot speak English well enough for you to understand what you have been diagnosed with,(which may be a good thing) and there are some real horror stories out there where the treatment of veterans are concerned, and they definitely send you for tests you don’t need…as for of two occupations listed not approved by God…the other is usury and we certainly have that…Isn’t it amazing that Rahab, the harlot,(prostitute) and her family were the only people God saved out of a whole city that was destroyed for their wickedness… Our thoughts are definitely not His…as for homosexual marriage, I believe the Apostle Paul covered the subject by calling it ‘unnatural’ and doesn’t nature itself teach us this”…animals if left alone, will kill a ‘gay’ animal after awhile….didn’t have to read up on that one, I lived on a farm for many years….saw it first hand on a few occasions…kind of reminds one of that same line…doesn’t nature itself teach one these things….

  4. The Supreme Court has sold God out for sure and We The People need to take back America and put an all New People in the Supreme Court and take these wishy washy little black robes out of their senseless jobs!

  5. i think even an idiot knows that marriage means a woman and a man when it comes to marriage the idiot part would include obuma that also includes our supreme courts if most of them are not homos and i do mean most i think it is time to clean house and that means washington the part where the halfbreed resides

    • Nice to see your racism showing. Now, originally it was a man and multiple wives, with wives being the property of their husbands – you want to go back to that? Or, they way it was originally here in the US, that the husband would gain possession of his wife’s property when they were married – you want that again. And of course, originally marriages were arranged between the two families, not on whether the couple love each other. Perhaps we should go back to arranged marriages?

      • Please!!! The new libTURD word for racist is “white privilege”. Try to stay current.

        • Racism is racism. Just like what the kid who did the shootings in Charleston said. I want my country back. All of you are criminals and rapists.

          • Your lack of English and writing skills are confusing. Did you just call all of us readers here, murderers and rapists, or is that what the kid called the black victims? Just askin’!

          • No, that is what the kid said. But, his words about taking the country back from blacks who, he claimed are taking over the country. That kind of talk you find with a number of Republicans and right wing extremists. The talk about all blacks being rapists and murderers – that reminds me of Trump and what he said about Mexicans crossing the border.

          • “That kind of talk you find with a number of Republicans and right wing extremists.” Really??? Who said what and when, and then I’ll post the vapid spewing of your ilk. Don’t follow the D.N.C stupidity and paint others with a brush tainted with the paint of a 21 year old psychopath. …God bless those churchgoers that this vermin killed.

          • How many Republicans talk about taking back the country – from who? If they said the Democrats, that would be fine – but quite often it is all about minorities and having an African American president. Remember Trump talked about all those Mexicans who cross the border – they are all murderers and rapists. He assumes that some of them might not be. I’m not saying that about all Republicans. And treating Obama as if he is not an American. I do see a lot of pathological hatred toward Obama, he’s a Muslim or he is Christian but his Christianity is anti-American, he is a socialist but also a fascist. He supports al-Qaeda, and of course, he wasn’t born in the US. All of that is really hogwash. If he was Muslim, he is the worst because he doesn’t follow any tenets of that religion. Is he anti-American, but is he critical of what we have done in the past? Yes. Is he a support of Al-Qaeda and ISIS? No; but he doesn’t want to send ground troops back to Iraq. He doesn’t want to follow into the trap of Viet Name. He is a bit cautious, but we are talking about 25 years of continuous warfare, and how are we going to pay for that?

            By the way, the same pathological hatred of Obama is similar to how a lot felt about Lincoln during the Civil War. I actually have cousins, very distant cousins, who believe that Lincoln was a mass murderer and a tyrant because he invaded the South, and that they claim that Lincoln was worse than Saddam. And, many in the South, talk about the Civil War as the war of northern aggression. I almost forgot that in SC they still celebrate their secession from the U.S.

          • “but quite often it is all about minorities”…Never, ever have I heard a main stream Conservative say that in regards to any minority. But then again, I don’t listen to msnbc or the like. They are referring to leftist, socialists that are bankrupting this country. Just look at the pie-in-the-sky social programs that have failed for decades. Trump??? Look at what your beloved vice-president says! Both idiots. As for your cousins, I can make up stories too.

  6. American Citizens of every color and race should get together and stop the takeover of the likes of the sinners who are pushing their agenda off on us and put them in their place for good! Be armed with the Word of God in the hands of the
    Christians and a loaded gun in the other hand!

    • Will you join with Islam and bring back stoning people? I never knew how scary you people are who miss the SPIRIT of Jesus and go for literal OT stuff Just Like Muslims! My gosh, I thought they were the big danger. They WILL do whatever you do and I do not Want Sharia in a FREE country. Its unconstitutional!

      • Don’t blame Islam for this one. Since the 1950’s there has been those Christian leaders who were paid by corporations to make the claim that this is a Christian country. The reason for corporations doing this was because they didn’t like being taxed and other policies. Because of that you have those who claim that are laws are based on the Bible or based or Judeo-Christian principles, but that is pure hogwash. Some of our most important leaders, such as Washington, Jefferson, Franklin were Deists in beliefs, but for political reasons appeared as Christian. Thomas Paine was an atheist. And the whole notion of democracy doesn’t come from the Bible but Athens and ‘pagan’ Greeks.
        To be sure, our so called wall of separation between church and state has holes or a lot of doors in it, but we yet have an official religion of the US. There is no national church. There is not requirement that citizens must be Christians. Yet, that is what we have heard from some Christian leaders since the 50’s. And of course, we have some conservative commentators claim that only Christians are intended to have freedom of religion and no one else.

      • tell me the difference between the muslims stoning people and the supposed “CHRISTIANS” on this site calling for death and ruin to others who do not believe the way they do.

        • Not much. But remember, that when it comes to the history of all religions, they eventually reject all or some of teachings of their founders to significant leaders.

          • only when it breaks from the sins they want to commit

          • That’s not the reason. Some teachings are rejected due to influence from society. Thus, the Buddha taught that men and women were equal spiritually, but that was rejected by Theravadin Buddhist. Zarathustra taught that there is one god, one god only, but that was rejected by Zoroastrianism following his death. Daoism was China was originally a nontheist religion but now it is noted for its polytheism.
            According to God’s laws, if a woman doesn’t cry out while being raped, it is not considered rape. Or, if a woman who is not engaged is raped, her father can decide to either have her marry her rapist, or the the rapist remunerate the father since the daughter is now damaged goods. Those laws were eventually rejected by Judaism.
            Other teachings are rejected because they are misunderstood. But also, all religions evolve and develop, and with that even some of Jesus’ teachings were rejected because what he taught was not in sync with current Christian beliefs. And this includes how his earliest followers originally understood him were rejected by later Christians.

        • The difference O’ learned one is, the be-headings, stonings and atrocities against the civilized world ACTUALLY happen today. You twits should not parrot the D.N.C. talking points. Use your own words.

    • Their are so many liberal denominations today that the Word of God isn’t even much of a guide line today! The left that say they are Christian do not remotely accept ANYTHING in the Bible unless it is convenient for their agenda!!! Queer marriage and gay pastors and replacement theology and the “black” liberation doctrines just bring to mind the words of Jesus when I return will I find faith??? Keep looking up!

  7. It is always the right thing to be on God’s side. Scripture is clear that we are to obey the laws of man unless the contradict the laws of God. I for one will follow the clear dictates of God.

  8. Appears that our Supreme Court Justice needs to enforce and follow our Constitution and get their Opinions out of their decisions?

    Sad we are stuck for Life with these Clowns!

  9. It’s obvious the supreme court is now part of the tyranny and therefore not a Constitutional court , rendering itself irrelevant …. In case you don’t understand the Constitution , the Power lies in the People …. not the Government or Courts , they are our servants , once they try to make us subservient they are no longer Constitutional they are tyrannical ….

    • I’ve got an idea. Infiltration. Let’s get our militia together and go to the White House. We’ll tell obie we want to join him. When we have our first meeting, we’ll arrest him. Then we go for ANYBODY not loyal to the Constitution.
      A home-grown military coup of a tyrannical government.
      And if you’re reading this, obie, it’s Constitutional, all that I just said, so roll that up in your blunt and smoke it.

      • great idea

        • Better idea – vote for Trump – that would do it.

          • Sorry not with Oprah as his VP, not a go Here!

          • What’s wrong with Oprah?

          • Here we go with the libTURD mantra……Racism.

          • At least Trump has a business savy, but alas, no Nobel Peace Prize.

          • But no sense when it comes to government. A lot of what he said in his speeches, a president cannot do. On the whole, I don’t think he is going to be real candidate, and actually he isn’t one yet. He has filed to be a candidate, and his financial disclosure is a joke. Previous times he has told reporters he is talking about running to renegotiate for his tv show.
            I met him once, a long time ago, 1983 at the Brooklyn Museum Ball, and he was less of a blowhard then, but that is what he has become now. I’m not all that keen on his business sense, which has led to bankruptcies; not in his personal finances but in his business dealings.

          • New Yorker huh? That explains all! Maybe if he was a community organizer he’d be more qualified to run? You twits would have a problem with God himself if he ran for office as a Repuklican.

          • Actually no. I was at the Ball because my ex-father-in-law was a SVP with Mobil Oil and the company had bought a table at the Ball. We kind of had to go. Community organizer – do you know what they do? When it comes to God, Jesus was a community organizer. Besides God would be neither Republican or Democrat. Not a libertarian either. LOL. When you think about who wanted Jesus dead? Religious and political conservatives – the one percenters of his time – the Sadducees although the it was the Romans who killed him.

          • Got get back to work. Took enough time off. ‘Talk’ to you later. Have a good night.

          • Ah! Sounds like you are a 1%er that your ilk froth at the mouth about. Yes, I know what they do, they school the slovenly on how to take advantage of the system. More than one third of Americas children 5 and under receive welfare. Really?

          • Nope. Sorry about that. Not even my ex-in-;laws. I am middle class to lower middle class, although we are losing the middle class. Just a college teacher.

      • And none of you weanies are going to do anything like that.

        • And what are you, weenie, going to do.

          • Absolutely nothing. I gave up doing anything because of people like you. You weren’t worth the effort of defending you.

          • Well if you’re anywhere around where I am when the bottom falls out, I will STILL try my best to defend you. So be happy.

          • I doubt that on both counts.

          • Defending?? LOL!! Libturds only want to be defended, fed, kept warm and safe, their women satisfied…………..

          • If there weren’t any liberals, there would not have been the US. The conservatives wanted to stay with England. By the way, the track record on liberals, for example, in Congress – more of them have served in the military than the Republican members. That might have changed a little bit in the latest elections but not by much.

          • Have you heard of Historical Reconstructionism? Liberals are very good at it. Redefining “CONSERVATIVE” it what Liberals have been doing the last several years to confuse and separate low information people. Like true Conservatives, they catch on, can’t say that for Liberals though.

          • Not when it comes to politics. I have seen it used by some fundamentalist Christians have issues with modern Biblical scholarship. Now, how is it being used when it comes to conservatives, etc?

          • By redefining into groups(divide and conquer) As far as fundamentalist Christians, sad to say, there are bad apples everywhere, predominately less compared to the world as a whole. In all cases should be NONE, the flesh does exist. In regards to modern Biblical scholarship, we are in some great times of knowledge at are fingertips, unfortunately, many who claim the name of “Christian,” are not and send negative messages to the ignorant and willfully deceived. What do you expect, we are in a spiritual war and Satan is a great tactical advisory who has been defeated by the Cross. Of course, if you were and knew you were defeated
            what would you do before the end. Hint, He would pull a “Saddam Husein” scorched earth policy. Ring any bells?

      • hey PB dummie the subject was the buying o the supreme courts and their sell out “NOT” the president . in case you didn’t know the president was overruled by the supreme court and the MAJORITY of Americans and now allows corporations to freely spend money to buy politicians to vote their way. Trying to blame this on Obama is absurd, what you auditioning for a job at fox or to be the next sarah palin

      • If we were living in a time of tyranny, you would have been already arrested and shot.

        • In the Constitution, all I said. And it is also freedom of speech. But those are concepts you don’t understand.

          • When it comes to Freedom of Speech – it is about political speech and the government can’t arrest you or through you into prison. But Freedom of Speech does apply in the private sector – so you can be fired. Now, when it comes to Freedom of Speech you can say anything you darn like – whether it is true or not or inflammatory. Now, some people complain about the IRS checking the tax statuses of political organizations, but they are required to do it by law. The problem is that there are a lot of political organizations on both sides that are identified as charities and thus become tax exempt. And when it came to the IRS, it was the liberal organizations that got slam dunked.
            Now I am saying all of this because I am not quite sure as to what I said previously to you about Freedom of Speech.
            By the way,I oppose the stance that corporations have the same rights of people when it comes to Freedom of Speech, and also that money is a form of speech.

    • REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION to the tyranny, like it or not! mInr, NSA!

      • I like the way you think . Just like ME

      • i am up for that

      • But when SDS wanted a revolution, people like you opposed it.

        • Big difference toots! SDS-left wing radical group seeking to overthrow the republic. Kind of like what the turd in the Oval Orifice is doing today!

          • No he isn’t, but a lot of right wing extremists are.

          • Why don’t the leftist, puke media ever refer to the Rev. Wrights, Bill Ayers etc. as left wing extremists? Nah, only Constitution loving, Christian, tax paying, family oriented, working, Americans are called extremists.

          • They have when it comes to Ayers, and as for Wright, he represents a form of Black Liberation Theology. Now from you statement, I take it that if you pay your taxes, are family oriented, work hard, but are not Christian (i.e. Americans who are Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.), are not Americans and they don’t love the Constitution?

          • You mean this Rev. Wright?…,”Sen. Barack Obama’s pastor says blacks should not sing “God Bless America” but “God damn America.”
            “Black Liberation Theology” Gee, I didn’ think that blacks were still slaves. If anything, they are slaves of the libTURD welfare state.

            “Americans who are Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.), are not Americans and they don’t love the Constitution?”…Gosh Moass, you got me there, congrats, I messed up.

          • Sure. for those who belong in Wright’s train of thought – sure there was the end of slavery with the Civil War but then you get segregation. The US won the civil war but lost the reconstruction. Think of the decades, almost a century of Blacks being denied employment, good schools, the right to vote, wouldn’t that make you angry? Does Wright go to far? Yes, and so do a lot of religious and political leaders, both liberal and conservative.
            Don’t worry about that mess up about Americans whoa re not Christian. Most people don’t think about the roughly 28% of Americans who are not Christian. You can blame that on the lazy media but also nationwide ignorance. Media just always talks about Christians (and only those who are Catholic or fundamentalist) and then atheists, and forget the 28% who are neither. And that number, by the way is growing in this respect, more American are becoming nonreligious.

          • “wouldn’t that make you angry?” What makes ME angry is continually being blamed for every wrong done to others. I didn’t own slaves (that were abducted by other tribesmen), massacre American Indians, or put the Japanese Nisei in internment camps. What makes me angry is my tax dollars wasted on feel good “programs” that CONTINUALLY FAIL to raise up folks too lazy to do for themselves. But I digress.

          • You are right on that. There are a lot of programs that are failures. But a lot of people who need those programs, don’t stay permanently on the dole. So, yeah, I can get angry too. By the way, I don’t believe in reparations other than for those who entered the concentration camps for Japanese Americans. But I also see my tax money wasted when it comes to military spending on weapons programs that are unneeded and even the military doesn’t want them, but they are ‘jobs programs.’ I get angry when politicians on both sides ignore dealing with problems or real solutions because a lot of people won’t like the truth of the matters. Or politicians saying one thing although believing another, but they are paid to say what they say.

          • Dang, I agree!

          • Sorry about that. Had to reply to this. Now, I got to get back to work. Have a good night and hope to ‘talk’ to you later.

        • I’d hope so.

        • That’s because your beliefs are evil and dangerous.


        It’s coming people so get ready!!!!!!

      • and weenies like you will sit on your asses in your mommas basement and watch it on tv.

    • It’s only tyranny if you disagree with a decision. I am sure you liked Citizens United, right?

      • I’m sure you LOVED a.c.o.r.n.

        • Nothing much in the way of scandal about them.

          • Sarcasm doesn’t do you justice…..”Last July, ACORN settled the largest case of voter fraud in the history of Washington State. Seven ACORN workers had submitted nearly 2,000 bogus voter registration forms. According to case records, they flipped through phone books for names to use on the forms, including “Leon Spinks,” “Frekkie Magoal” and “Fruto Boy Crispila.” Three ACORN election hoaxers pleaded guilty in October.”….Tip of the iceberg Moass?

          • What sacrcasm? You are right seven ACORN employees are guilty of bogus voter registration forms, and that was due to lousy hiring and training practices. Not a deliberate attempt by the organization itself. So, I stand partially corrected. Now, was there actually voter fraud? Nope. Was there a deliberate attempt by the organization? Nope.

          • And you know this to be fact?? Fact is, there was voter fraud, the scope of which will never be printed or exposed.

        • So you do agree with SCOTUS on Citizens United, that corporations are people and as such have freedom of speech and since money = speech, corporations can spend as much as they like, including rich people who are actually humans.

  10. Fables and Fairy Tales do not run my life. I think for myself. The reality, whether I like it or not, is we will have same sex relationships with us as part of the human social experience. For me marriage is more of a legal process than spiritual, mush less religious. Although I find a same sex “marriage” to be unusual at the least, I find it hilarious to see so many folks opposed to it on religious grounds, when religion unto itself is an abomination with the fear mongers making a living off others through superstition and fear. What a bizarre species we are.

    • We will also have child molesters, murderers, thieves, dangerous gangs run by thugs, drug cartels, rapist’s, perverts, ….. which of these will be deemed “conventional” after centuries of everyone KNOWING they are wrong, disgusting, vile, and worthy of judgement? That’s the very status that being a sodomite, homosexual, bi-sexual, or lesbian has held, for eons of time. We all KNOW it’s twisted and vile, but according to you….. we just need to suck it up and accept it?! How else would you get your jollies if you can’t belittle, make fun of, and bully every Christian who doesn’t see life as you do?

      • Bird I agree with you . I would like to add one more thing though Obama wont be in office that much longer so fewer of the groups you mention in your first sentence will be allowed free access to our boarders. The welcome mats will be removed and the people you refer to will be exported back to their country of origin. Those who were born here of American parents can be dealt with thru the court systems. I believe the Holy Bible and try to follow its commands as closely as possible. I went to Vietnam in 1969 and again in 1970 to defend our and the people of South Vietnam’s right to be free. I believe that entitles me to be free to choose what I believe and do what I believe is right. There is no higher authority than God (Jehovah , Yahweh, I am , yeshua, Jesus – no other God )

        • Michael Dennewitz

          What makes you so confident that the little QUEER won’t be in office long??? Once he divides America enough and declares martial law, it’s all over! He will abolish term limits and declare himself a dicktater. His boss, Geo Soros will accept nothing less!! A SERIOUS revolution is needed, along with one highly accurate sniper!!

          • What makes me confident that Obama wont be in office that much longer is that enough Americans are armed and will not stand still while he tries to take over. He has already pissed of enough of the armed forces to make a sizeable force to overtake the dictator. Besides he doesn’t have enough balls to try it.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Well taken Tom, but you’ve seen how the little QUEER acts when he goes overseas. He BOWS to these fools, and he’s been giving every country in the world the impression that the US no longer has any balls. The little mooselum bastard represents NOTHING GOOD in this country. I’m actually hoping that a well seasoned sniper takes his ass out!

    • How about if this Christian puts it this way? The Bible tells us that marriage is between a man and a woman, and God tells them to be fruitful and multiply, so that type of marriage I will accept. The only way that I’ll accept same sex “marriage” is if a man can get pregnant through anal sex with another man, or if a woman can get pregnant through oral sex by another woman. Until then I’ll will not accept same sex “marriages”.

  11. When the Christian heterosexual community does a much better job of respecting the sanctity of marriage and the related Biblical precepts, then the Christians in the heterosexual community will gain some much-needed credibility in their opposition to same-sex marriage. The highest rates of divorce are found in states in the so-called “Bible Belt.” Many, if not most, of these divorces are un-scriptural.

    I too oppose same sex “marriage,” but I would feel better about the matter if more of the professed Christians who oppose it would respect and practice the teaching of the New Testament on marriage.

    • Headon, I seldom agree with you on much of anything but I have to admit you nailed it on this one! One must “command” respect to attain true credibility…we Christians tend to “talk the talk”, but fail to “walk the walk”! Sad!

      • That is one of the sayings I use. “Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk”. I try to do both and I can tell you right now sometimes it’s not that easy, but I keep on truckin’ for the LORD. 🙂

        • Amen! My heart is in the right place but too often my tongue wags before my brain engages…kinda puts a dark cloud around my halo! Anyway, God Bless You!

    • I believe that this if the first time I ever gave you an up vote. I believe that the institution of marriage has been trashed a long time ago. At least when the gays break up they wont leave behind a brood of kids for the taxpayer to support.

  12. I answer to my LORD, the supreme court is nothing, no one will ever tell me how to live, how to speak, how to pray, and what to say, the supreme court can go straight to hell and make sure to take obummer and his cronies.

  13. Marriages was started by God, not the state. It isn’t even mentioned in the
    Constitution. Homosexuals have a right to “sin” if they want to. But they do
    not have a right to force you to not follow your Christian beliefs and make you
    participate in their sin. Marriages were taken care of by the church
    until it was decide that the counties need to issue marriages licenses to make
    money for the counties. Before that, separation of church and state meant that
    the church took care of marriages. God have been kept out of the schools and the military since Madalyn O’Hare, an atheist, was successful in 1963 to getting
    school prayer banned and now in the military. I have a question for the
    Supreme Court: Have you as a group, become so important and powerful that you
    can change God’s laws? If so, does that mean you are greater than God and we are to worship you rather than the God of the Bible? When anyone or any group
    challenges God’s laws and decide that such laws can be changed at their
    discretion, they are trading on dangerous ground.

    • Gay marriage doesn’t violate any of your religious rights.

      • Absolutely correct. Religious institutions have always had the right to discriminate, such as in employment, etc. The same is true for any church or Christian denomination to refuse to perform gay marriages. Just as some Christian denominations refuse to perform a wedding for anyone who has been divorced.

        • God created and defined marriage in Genesis 2:23,24 and anything outside of that is fake and bogus no matter what man or the courts say.
          Gay or perverted marriage is a sin like all sexual sin outside of God defined marriage and if I were a pastor I would never agree to marry them.
          While you would call it bigoted or discrimination I call it being true to my Lord and NOT being a partaker of their evil deeds(2John 11).

      • That’s the lie that you atheists have to tell.

    • Yes, they can ignore God, because the US is a secular country. Lots of things are not mentioned in the Constitute, such as the Air Force. Now, the way you talk about God’s laws sounds like you want a Christian Shari’ah for the US. By the way, separation of Church and State is that no religion should dictate laws and interfere in the running of the US. Roughly 70% of Americans claim to be Christian, but we are not a Christian country.

      • Morgan,

        First, NEVER insinuate any degree of a compatible comparison between God’s Law and Shari’ah law. One was given to us by our Creator, the other by a self-proclaimed pedophile false prophet.
        If you don’t realize the gravity of such a comparison, then my advice is wasted.

        Second, you have the intent entirely wrong on the separation of church and state, as do most others. The separation of church and state verbiage was intended to keep the government from interfering in the church’s business, not the other way around. The church was always involved with the governing of the country in some manner until the definition of the intent of the constitution was completely turned upside down. After that it has been used as a political tool. If you disagree with that, what is Reverend Sharpton hangin’ around the WH for and considered to be the WH ‘official’ religious adviser? Just to advise the occupants on their “non-political” interests? Every president has had one to some degree or another.

        Read up on it and research it through good constitutional scholars like are found at Hillsdale College and you will find this to be true. Read the Treatises concerning the matter also.

        • Both Shar’iah and the Torah (God’s Laws in the Hebrew Bible) are claimed to have come from God. In fact, neither was has. When it comes to the latter, the laws of the Torah were created by Israelites at their covenant renewal ceremonies for centuries. For Shari’ah, they are also the creation of human beings. Now there is a difference between the Torah and Shari’ah and that is God’s laws in the Torah are only for the Israelites and then by extension to the Jews. They are not meant to be held by others; and in fact, the vast majority of the laws of the Torah are rejected by Judaism since the 18th century and by most Christians beginning in the early second century. Shari’ah is meant for everyone The argument from Islam is that there is only one God, there are only one set of natural laws, and thus there should be one law for all of humanity. That goes along with goal that all should be followers of God, preferable by being Muslim. That goal parallels the goal of Christianity that every must convert to Christianity. All of that contrast to Judaism, which claims that one need not convert to Judaism to be saved but to live an ethical and moral life. And for those Christians who claim that everyone needs to follow God’s laws, that is the same claim made by Muslims.

          By the Muhammed was not a pedophile. Aisha, the daughter of Abu Bakr was nine years old when she married Muhammed, Nine would be seen as criminal today, but nine or 10 years old at the time of Muhammed was different in that people at that time only lived normally to their 40’s. So, you are dealing with a different cultural and chronological context. However, there are some states that allow marriage at the age of 13 and under certain continues earlier than that, provided that the groom is no more than four years older than the bride.

          When it comes the separate of church and state, the founding fathers recognized the history of religious tyranny in Europe. So it does go both ways: freedom from religion as well as freedom of religion. Now a part of the early history of the US is that at the state level religious discrimination was allowed, the idea being that the First Amendment applies on the federal level (a view held today by Scalisi and Thomas, in some state constitutions, there are laws that affirm only Christians can run for office, although they are never enforced). So, in Massachusetts, in the 19th century you had to be a member of the Church of Christ to hold political office and while Jews could not build a synagogue in Connecticut until 1849, because it was against state law.

          To be sure for people of faith they want to live their lives according to their beliefs, but as for public officials they cannot force their beliefs into the laws. And of course, there is the problem that when its come to laws based on Christian beliefs – you are going to have to define which form of Christianity will call the shots: Catholics? Russian Orthodox? Greek Orthodox? Protestants? Fundamentalists? Baptists? Seventh Day Adventists? Quakers? The Amish?

          • You have cults listed at the end. There is ONE faith(Ephesians 4:5) and faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God(Romans 10:17). Therefore the ONE faith is the Bible faith.
            TRUE Christianity IS NOT religion, but an eternal personal relationship with the living God, Jesus Christ, by calling upon His name(Acts 2:21, 16:31; Romans 10:9,10,13), ask, and receive Him into your heart(John 1:12) by faith alone(Ephesians 2:8,9; Romans 4:5).
            Nobody converts to true Christianity. Through the foolishness of preaching(1Cor. 1:21), the convicting power of the Spirit(John 16:8) and the drawing of the person by the Father to His Son(John 6:44) the Holy Spirit QUICKENS his or her spirit(John 6:63; Ephesians 2:1) and baptized he or she into the body of Christ(1Cor. 12:13). He or she is then BORN AGAIN(John 3:3).
            Anything ADDED to the finished work and shed royal blood of the Lord God Jesus Christ becomes mere man made satanically inspired religion satan has been using as a weapon of deception for centuries(2Cor. 11:13-15).

          • Gibberish. Christianity is a religion, which was originally a Jewish sect, like the Pharisees or Sadducees, but at a smaller scale. It becomes a religion all on its own by the end of the first century, or, more likely, the beginning of the second century because the Jews rejected Jesus as the Messiah, but pagans, nonJews, became interested in the ‘Jesus movement’ and so when Christian appears in the second century,m it is primarily made up of gentiles, not Jesus’ fellow Jews (You did know that Jesus was a practicing Jew? Kept kosher, paid is temple tax, celebrated Passover, and thought gentiles were ‘dogs’ because they would eat nonkosher food?. By the way don’t quote Paul out of context.

            I really enjoy conversing with people who are completely ignorant when it comes to religions, including their own.

          • You’re completely CLUELESS what’s its like to know the Lord Jesus Christ. And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch(Acts 11:26).
            The true Christian church was birthed by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost in Acts 2 and had NOTHING in common with man made filthy religion.
            The Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled the law and nailed it to His cross(Ephesians 2:15; Colossians 2:14) and now at the moment of receiving Christ by faith alone, Christ is the end of the law for righteousness(Romans 10:4).
            Do you call your relationship with family and friends…religion? I don’t call my relationship with my Lord and Savior religion neither.

    • NO! Worship of Progressives is to be directed to His Most Highness, The Imperial Messiah Mahdi,
      Twice Elected Ruler & Lawgiver of the 57 United States of Haveing -no -Exceptionalism.

  14. The whole government needs a complete and total overhaul!!!!
    We really need to trust God to intervene.
    God is in control.

      • The One and Only God. The God of Abraham Issac and Jacob!! The Creator.
        And Jesus Christ His Son The Savior of the world!!!
        This is one nation under That God!!!

        • So, what about those of us, born here in the US, but don’t believe in your god? I’m not talking about atheistics, but those of us who are Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Daoists, Confucianists, etc? All born here but not Christian. Don’t forget those Amercians who are Jewish. To be sure, they believe in the same God, however, they don’t believe that god as an illegitimate son. Should all of these Americans be ignored? Discriminated against. Do you believe that only Christians should have U.S. citizenship? What about the Founding Fathers who didn’t believe in your god?

          • Salvation is narrowed down to the Lord God Jesus Christ who said, I am the way, the truth and the life and nobody comes unto the Father but by me(John 14:6). Jesus Christ is the ONLY mediator between God and man(1Timothy 2:5).
            George Washington said, No man can rightly govern a nation without the Bible. Before he died he was definitely a born again Christian. For how short the Declaration is the name God is in there four times. They got the 3 branches of government from Isaiah 33:22 and their faith is all over the place if you look for it.

  15. TeaParty Patriot

    There is a simple solution to this dilemma. Every state should stop issuing marriage licenses and recognizing marriage in the least. No marriage license/recognition and the queers will have nothing to bitch about. The church instituted the marriage rite and it should remain in the church. They can marry whom ever they want and conversely refuse to marry anyone.

    • Those queers are some real sick puppies.

    • If someone refuses to accept an offer of marriage, wouldn’t this be discrimination? Makes as much sense as filing suit against a florist or baker that refuses to serve someone. Marry whoever you like but don’t make me participate.

      • No it wouldn’t. If you are talking about a marriage proposal, how could that be discrimination. If you are talking about a religious institution refusing to offer same sex marriages? Well religious institutions have the right to discriminate, such as a Roman Catholic school only hiring Roman Catholics. Or, Church-related colleges refusing to hire nonChristian Professors or instructors. They have a right to do that. The problem that we have with marriage is that while many marriages begin with a church or synagogue, wedding,etc., the state has an interest in the marriage because it is a contract, and therefore contract law all that goes along with that.
        By the way, who is going to make you participate? If you are invited don’t go? But this whole thing about bakers or florists participating in a wedding – they are hired to do a job. They are not members of the wedding party. At my wedding the caterers, musicians, etc., were all strangers to me. Just hired help.
        Now, what about those who refuse to service black people because their particular Christian church teaches that blacks are the descendants of Cain and thus inferior? How about Christians refusing to offer their services to Jews because they consider them killers of Jesus (although it was the Romans) and that Jews use the blood of Christian babies to make the unleavened breat at Passor? Or for Orthodox Jews to refuse to work for Reform Jews because they don’t consider them Torah-observant Jews? Or, you have a pharmacy owned by an Orthodox Jew, and he refuses to honor prescriptions for those who have received organ transplants because that goes against his beliefs in resurrection from the dead?

        • You missed the point.

        • Morgan,
          You are trying to pour gasoline on a fire to put it out. Businesses are free enterprise. Hiring them is an option but no business has a mandate to do what someone desires if they do not wish to do so. How about someone DEMANDING that a swastika be placed on their cake? That can be as insulting to a businessman as a gay couple on top of the cake. Besides, anyone can go to a different business for service. The LGBT community want to get back at Christians for opposing them.

          • Excellent!!! Anybody remember the signs that read…”We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”?

          • Osama Obama,
            That sign has apparently become discarded by the “politically correct” liberals. The “intent” is that we all have to jump through the LGBT hoop. I’m sorry but I do not subscribe to that bull.

          • No but I remember the right to refuse service to colored (sorry about the use of the world). My parents remembered signs which stated no Irish or Jews need apply.

          • Again, don’t blame us for the past!!

          • I also read about the “Okies” being turned around at the Calif. border during the depression. GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!

          • They should do the swastika. Part of free speech, whether you like the speech or not. Now, what if a businessman is offended when, let’s say, a Jew wants to hire them for their services? Shouldn’t we just get rid of all laws that prohibit any discrimination when it comes to house, services. Should we feel free to discriminate on the basis of gender, race, etc?

          • Or bake a cake??

          • Mogan,
            I am saying that I will support your rights until you decide to step on mine. That is where your rights end. I have rights as well.

          • But which rights are we talking about? If we are talking about refusing to do business with someone because of their sexual orientation then why stop there? Why not refuse to do business with someone whose race is different, or religion, or even gender? The talk today is about freedom of religion – but this is only discuss within the framework of gay couples, etc. Doing so opens a Pandora’s Box. Take for example the NC law that was just passed allowing public officials not to do their duty if its goes against their religious beliefs. For some people, they have been taught by their religious institutions that Black people are the descendants of Cain and thus inferior. So, such a public official can refuse to provide marriage license to a black coup, mixed racial couple. Or, it could be for an intra-religious wedding, or they don’t want to provide their services to nonChristians because they believe that all other religions are false, cults, etc.
            I think of Dr. Charle Drew, the inventor of plasma who bled to death right outside a hospital because the hospital wouldn’t admit him because he was black. So whose rights should prevail.
            But getting back to our issue here – religious institutions have the right to discriminate against anyone, but secular businesses do not, unless, perhaps, you are dealing with sector of the public that are not protected by anti-discrimination laws. So, for example, I know of a pharmacy that will not honor prescriptions for those who have received organ transplants – why? Because it goes against the religious beliefs of the owner of the pharmacy because he is an Orthodox Jew, and Orthodox Judaism opposes organ transplants. So, you would agree to that?

          • Mogan,
            The issue here is the fact that the Bible explicitly condemns homosexuality and defines marriage as a uniting of man and a woman. As such, no Christian is going to accept homosexuality or gay marriage. There is no such Biblical foundation for discrimination against any race.
            As for the Jewish man, if he is stating some Biblical issue, and I do not know of any in the Old Testament, he would have to justify his belief with Biblical proof.

        • thin gruel.

      • ( “refuses………discrimination?)” Good point, Dave; it’s the first time I’ve seen it.

  16. I am a Christian, and I am not “torn.” I know my duty, and it is to God. I am also a patriotic, law-abiding American, but I support the America of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt (Theodore), and Reagan. I DO NOT support the “Amerika” of Clinton and Obongo.

    • then you are in the minority and America is a democracy ruled by the MAJORITY so you are now anti American

      • Since 70% of Americans self-identify as “Christian,” I would say you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. You DO know that anything over 50% constitutes a “majority,” right? Or are you a graduate of Common Core?”

      • Our laws were created to protect the minorities. If we went by majority rule, we would still have segregation and a ban on mixed racial marriages. However, the majority of Americans are in favor of same sex marriages so go figure.

        • I wonder if people really voted on same sex marriage the numbers would show that those in favor would be in the majority. How many states were there that voted to proclaim marriage was between a man and a women and how many was same sex marriage made legal by judicial decree?

      • Wonder what school you went to. America was not formed as a Democracy but as a Republic. This was done to prevent the majority from running rough shod over the minority. Benjamin Franklin stated when asked what kind of government we had said, “You have a Republic, if you can hold on to it.”

      • Could be You are correct, since it is a common failing of man to be seduced by easy money (welfare, etc) , easy virtue and willingness to follow leaders who will reward their followers at the expense of others. I imagine You have already been seduced by one of these or a similar tool of Satan.

    • TeaParty Patriot

      That’s spelled clintoon

    • Haven’t notice that there are some historians who suspect that Washington and Alexander Hamilton might have been gay?

      • ahhhh ; historians with an agenda, What would Progressives do without them & their revisionisms.?

        • Historians, if they are doing their work correctly, have no agendas other than trying to figure out what had actually happened concerning a recorded event. Historians should never make judgments, but should just state the facts as they are presently understood. But history continues to change due to recently recovered information, better techniques in determining the validity of a claim or a document, etc. Now, there is a recent book out dealing with the question of the sexual orientation of our founding fathers. Some of the evidence is compelling, but not all.

          • Wonder where these “historians” get their facts???? I do! I also question their motives.

          • It depends on what they are writing about and doing their research, if it is something conemporary, let’s say the Viet Nam War, then you make use of government records, journals, personal interviews. If it is dealing with something that is not near contemporary, then you make use of written records, journals, letters, chronicles, and also archeological evidence. Having collected your sources, you then evaluate which ones should be used. Quite often contemporary sources of a long ago event might not be accurate – due to the ignorance of the author of that source, additional information that a historian now possesses. There are historical figures who have lied as well. But the historian makes the determination as to which sources are true or not. Having done that, the historian attempts to reconstruct how he or she believes what took place.
            Now any historian who has agenda of supporting any sort of political agenda, is not being a true historian. But history does change because of the discover of new sources, new techniques and new questions. So, for decades, for example, biblical historians ignored the role of women in the history of Israelite religion and also in the history of primitive Christianity. But that began to change with changes in society and then a focus on the prominent roles of women. So for exam, what was discovered was the women were apostles in the first century, that they created churches and presided over them. And, also the prominent role of the female disciples that followed Jesus. So for every generation of historians, new questions are asked because they are new times.
            Again, historians they have an agenda other than the pursuit of knowledge are not true historians. They can have agenda after doing their research, but it should not be part of their actually doing the work. But I do have to say that there are a lot of authors of ‘history books’ that are not actually historians.

          • “Now, there is a recent book out dealing with the question of the sexual orientation of our founding fathers”…..Compelling?? How about FACTUAL! And what “org.” put out this tripe?? Reeks of LGBT agenda.

  17. I don’t care what anybody says about the fact that they think the courts will rule in favor of this (I think they are just trying to force the issue into existence by saying this). I’m STILL praying and hoping that our Creator will be benevolent to us and not allow this plague to fall on our Nation.

  18. It’s going to be an interesting time, moving uuummmm…. forward. As anyone who has read & studied history, there has never been a civilization that has survived “sexual revolutions” & the removal of civic norms.

  19. The SCOTUS is just a group of 9 politicians that have been appointed by other politicians to do the will of THOSE politicians. There is two justices sitting on the bench as of today that abide by the Constitution and those two are Justice Thomas and Justice Scalia the rest are just willows in the political wind.

    I actually heard the Dean of the Burkley School of Law say that the 2016 election is pivotal because whoever is elected will probably appoint 4 new justices to SCOTUS. This Dean is a known liberal and what he said is that if Hillary is elected the court will be packed with socialist who, like Ruth Bader Ginsburg believes they should take Sharia and foreign laws into consideration when deciding a case in this country. It is pretty sad when what you have always suspected is actually confirmed by one of the elitist who have influence over what happens in the country.

    A Constitutional convention should be held and the constitution should be amended to put the supreme court answerable to the people. There should be a remedy when you know a justice sits on a case where you know they hold and have argued for one side or the other as is the case with both Kagen and Sotomayor and the gay marriage case as well as the abortion and ACA cases.

  20. The constitution does not establish any thing to do with marriage, thus the SCOTUS

    should nullify the district fed. court rulings and turn this back to the states for special elections. Let the people make the decision.

  21. Do you know how STUPID this is! Every Muslim in USA will follow this example to take over and it will be helped by You! Its Unconstitutional and THE REASON America was formed was to get away from Dictation of any one group. All People do not feel like you do and DO NOT HAVE TO. Other people have other ideas of what Gd/Jesus wants from us. (and so does the totally misguided group of Islamic thought and what you do and give legitimacy to, THEY will be able to do. DON’T let that happen. STOP)

  22. Christians, or Buddhists or Hindus for that matter, can simply refuse to perform civil marriages, saying that they can only perform a Christian (or other such) marriage between persons of opposite sexes. “I am not authorized to perform a civil marriage,” they can explain. The religious organizations themselves can put this language in their ordination services, thereby protecting their ministers.

  23. Joseph O Morrow

    The key to this is right under everybody’s noses in the Bill of Rights. It’s called the Ninth Amendment:

    “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

    Notice the word “others” as in “other rights”. Yes, other rights not enumerated (directly expressed) in the wording of the Constitution. Haven’t we-the-people been retaining the right to keep our families and society intact by keeping the institution of marriage intact according to its original definition first established thousands of years ago? According to the Ninth Amendment, such non-enumerated rights cannot be denied or disparaged by any that are enumerated!

  24. The entire controversy began with two things: 1. States began licensing marriage (mid 1800s – originally to prevent inter-racial marriages) and 2. The government began granting special privileges (e.g. tax status) for those who had participated in the religious rite of marriage.

    Both those actions are in violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution, “Congress shall make NO LAW respecting and establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” The proper solution to the problem is to recognize that the government has no right to control marriage in any way, and is not permitted to grant benefits for having participated in a religious ceremony.

    Once we negate those laws, two things happen: 1. Churches will be the sole arbiters of who may marry. If one church isn’t to your liking, join a different one. And 2. Because there are no longer any civil benefits for marriage, people will only marry for religious purposes, thereby eliminating this entire conflict.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      NEVER HAPPEN ! Not as long as Geo Soros is alive!! GOD HELP US !!

    • I kind of agree on your position. But there will be a problem when it comes to divorce, division of property, parental rights, etc. And by the way, churches are not the only place to get married – there are also synagogues, temples, etc.

  25. If the Supreme Court does like it did involving the taxing of the people for not buying Obamacare decision Then the Federal Government has bought off the Supreme Court by intimidation on the gay marriage issue. The Supreme Court and the Federal Government are like two peas in a pod…They will scratch each other back to get what they want. Need I Say More?

  26. So – where are all the other so-called Christian pastors in this big country? This is exactly why I have a hard time going to church – because the majority of pastors in this country can only think of the money they will lose if they have to pay taxes on the tithes. Where is Joel Olsteen of Houston, Pastor John Hagee of San Antonio, Max Lacado of San Antonio, Rick Warren in Southern Calif, Charles Swindoll, Ted Haggard, Joseph Simmons, Pat Robertson, Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, – should I go on?? Oh and don’t forget Al Sharton (ugh). It makes me sick.

  27. Obama is completely deceived – he is a devil in sheeps clothing. Almost every word out of his MOUTH is a lie. The Congress (Reps and Senators) have a lot of blood and guilt on their hands – they are also deceived completely. Either our military fights for the tyranny that is domestic or they will answer to we the people.

  28. Evil rules all three branches of the US government, which is now brazenly warring against Christianity openly. We must stand with Christ to the end.


  30. the court can rule what they want but i will not comply
    i ama christian and ruling in favor of gays is a sin to me so i will not obey

    Jesus will be my judge
    he will be the judge for all humans evil or divine.
    they will all bow

    • You don’t have to comply. And, I don’t have to comply with your religious beliefs.


        No you don’t have to comply with religious beliefs but your time is coming where everyone will answer to God even you!!

        • Providing that this god exists. And which beliefs are you going to be judged by? I take it that you are a conservative Christian, so you already believe that the bulk of humanity will go to Hell for not being Christian.


            Have a great day!!!!!

          • The heavens declare the glory of God(Psalm 19:10, but the FOOL has said in his heart there is no God(Psalm 14:1).
            God is not willing any should perish(2Peter 3:9) but the Lord God Jesus Christ will not force Himself onto anyone but stands at the door of the heart and knocks(Rev. 3:20). It’s an individual CHOICE to open the door and ask Him in(John 1;12).
            Salvation is a FREE GIFT(Ephesians 2:8,9; Titus 3:5) and heaven or hell is an individual choice on receiving or rejecting Jesus Christ(John 3:18,36).

      • So you’re against the US Constitution and you have to make up rights that don’t exist in it while you support eradicating rights that do exist in it.

    • You have the freedom to do that. So, what.

  31. Apostasy!!!!! Get ready it just gets worse but it IS temporary!!

  32. I agree a marriage can only be between man and woman, but this is a slippery slope. What is the answer, then, if a Muslim violates man’s law because the Koran states, for example, to cut off a person’s head for some perceived slight?

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Mooselums are SICK people. They worship a pedophile named moohumid and they rape little girls and think it’s okay. When they no longer can find little girls to rape, they hump goats!!

  33. Michael Dennewitz

    Bless your heart, Franklin Graham. Billy will be VERY proud of his son.. Hope you and your family are blessed. Billy is supposedly my 4th cousin… PRAY FOR AMERICA BROTHER!!

  34. The SCOTUS has a lot to answer for. They no longer look at our Constitution as law. and are breaking our laws by ignoring them, allowing the POTUS

  35. Message to the Supreme Court: If you force us to make a decision between our God and the State, we will choose our God every time, even if it means breaking the law. We will rally with all the strength in us to end the tyranny that is demonically and maliciously being spewed out by secular Judges, knowing that the original writers of the constitution predicated the terms and conditions therein, on principles taken from the Holy Bible. Their sole function is to interpret the law, and not change it. (Laws can only be changed be Congress.) Choose Wisely, or prepare for a religious insurrection.)


    Watch this important video to know how to respond to this crisis!

  37. They would not have to violate their beliefs no matter what. The Supreme Court has no jurisdiction in this matter no matter what anyone tells you. Their duty is to uphold and defend the constitution. They have no legal right to rule on marriage as it is not covered in the constitution. Marriage was ordained by God not man and it was and will always be one man to one woman. I believe that these judges know they cannot change what God has ordained but will they be smart enough to act accordingly? Continue to pray for these judges as they struggle with their own conscience.

  38. Eternity sure is a long time to pay for “dissing” God’s law of marriage between one man and one woman. If those Supreme Court judges vote the wrong way on marriage, on Judgement Day, they will stand in front of God HIMSELF and HAVE to answer the question “Why did you “diss” my law of marriage between one man and one woman?” After that, it’s the express elevator to HELL, cause that’s where they are going.

  39. I never said or implied that. However, God is not willing that any perish but all come to repentance the choice to believe or not to believe is up to the individual.
    Jesus, God’s only begotten Son said, “I am The Way, The Truth and The Life, no one comes to the Father but through me, and yes that rules out all other false man made religions, You see God is not a god of religion but a God of the heart. It’s never been about ones chosen religion but all about a personal relationship with Him. As for atheists, well they sure foolishly waste a lot of time trying to disprove a god they don’t believe exists. I tell you what they can only hope He does not because as heaven awaits those who believe and faithfully follow the Lord, hell awaits this who do not. As for the Jews, there are thousands that have already recognized and accepted Jesus Christ as their Messiah. All they have to do is ask God sincerely from their hearts if Jesus is Their Messiah and He promises He will reveal that truth to them. God is merciful, God is Love, men are evil are evil, corrupt and in need of The Savior. It is surely your prerogative to believe as you wish, but I do feel sorry for all those foolish enough not to believe.
    God knows the heart, yes, even yours.

  40. The U.S. Supreme Court is, in effect, the Supreme Soviet Kangaroo Court. They have violated the spirit and letter of the Constitution and the Declaration Of Independence, time and time again. Our Founding Fathers clearly wrote that our gov’t. is based on the Laws of Nature and of nature’s God. God created marriage, not people, and especially not the gov’t.. The only reason why the gov’t. marries people is to acknowledge their vows in the public in general, to assist in the foundational structure of society. The gov’t. cannot legitimately annul a marriage by clergy, or legitmately force clergy to proclaim a bond that is immoral to be a marriage.

  41. well they can pass all the laws they want I guess i’ll just become a criminal …cause I will never ever be ok with fags or lizzies or trannies or any of that sick mental junk… one man one woman that is the only marriage that GOD will recognize so thats good enough for me…the rest will be in hell soon enough anyway

  42. No real Christian is ever going to accept homosexuality. The GBLT community should be grateful that Christians do not hate them as people, just their sexual choice. As such we have no part of gay marriage since we have a Biblical statement of marriage being between a man and a woman. That is for the sake of procreation. I know the old time worn argument by the LGBT on that issue but will not elaborate here.

  43. thefatefullightning

    The Supremes have no business meddling in Religion. The Freedom of Speech ideal is to keep just a thing from happening.

    Andthe Pope could, with respect, keep his miter out of politics, even if he thinks global climate change will have a harmful effect in the long run. Better he look at militant Islam and the report from our own Office of Budget Management that says our economy will be DEAD in 10 years. It’s that $13 TRILLION debt thing we’re running. Either one of those will dry up the collection plate quicker than Al Gore’s insecurities.

  44. When the three branches of Government no longer follow the Constitution or the will of the people, we have the authority to replace it with a Government that does, by any means needed. As a soldier I swore to defend the Constitution of the USA against all enemies foreign or domestic. Washington D. C. has become an enemy of the Law of the Land and must be replaced. As a Christian I abhor violence, but real freedom requires real sacrifice. We must act before it is too late. Now, as Hitler did to the Germans, the Feds will find a way to disarm us so that we can not resist their tyranny. Wake up America, it may already be too late!

  45. The Supreme Court, if allowing to make law that homosexuals can partake in “marriage” will be in violation of “We the People’s” civil rights. The Supreme Court has no authority to make such a decision, in deciding to open “marriage” to homosexuals the Supreme Court would be effectively re-writing scripture. Freedom of religion does not extend anyone the right to change another’s gospel.

    Marriage is the exclusive bond between a man and a woman, if the homo’s want to be further bound by the laws of the land they can pursue a “CIVIL UNION”. They can then enjoy equal tax benefits as well as realize the misery of divorce, everything that homo’s could hope for. What you won’t have is a marriage, no matter how delusional the Supreme Court might get.

  46. Marriage is not in the purview of the Federal Government. It is not a right given to them in our Constitution. The Supreme Court should not be ruling on this matter. They should not be defining marriage. If gays want to marry, they should make it a civil union. They cannot and should not expect the government to FORCE a religious institution to change its ways. That is wrong. Government is not superior to the Creator or Natural Law. As long as the government does not discriminate against gay couples in any way (taxation, legal matters etc.), then that is where it shold stay. As far as religious people and companies upholding their beliefs….that is protected by our First Amendment. This is something our misinformed and ill-educated liberals do not understand.

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