Religious Freedom? Not in Obama’s America

President Obama came into office with a vision for (all together now) hope and change. In practice, this vision has been realized by stealing liberty from Americans one small pinch at a time. A little bit from the gun column, a little bit from the free market. A little bit from the school system, a little bit from the healthcare sector. But no freedom has suffered under his regime like the freedom of religion.

Last year, Obama issued an executive order requiring all federal contractors to include protections for gays, lesbians, and transgender applicants. The order was an amendment to a Lyndon Johnson decree that forced federal contractors to adhere to non-discriminatory practices. Obama’s addition was enough to inspire strong concerns from faith-based groups that provide contracting for the federal government, but it was nothing compared to what’s coming down the line.

According to a report from The Center For Human and Family Rights, Obama wants to go a step further. He now wants any organization that accepts federal grant money to adhere to the same discrimination policies. This move would put hundreds of faith-based groups in a prickly position, forcing them to choose between their religious beliefs and grant money. Many of these groups cannot survive without federal support, and the work they do provides immeasurable good for the community. But if they aren’t willing to employ the latest freak-of-the-week, then Obama is shutting down their allowance.

This is a decisive turnaround from the Bush days. President George W. Bush actually added an amendment to the Johnson order so that religious groups were exempt from the discrimination policies. But according to C-Fam’s sources, Obama isn’t interested in going the executive order route this time. Instead, he is placing political pressure on federal agencies to revise their own policies. In other words, he wants to do this quietly. No fuss. No legal challenges. While that makes it easy for a Republican president to go in and reverse the policy, it could have disastrous effects in the meantime.

These are dark days for Americans of faith. This country was born on Christian principles. Yet every day, it is becoming harder for Christians to obey both God’s word and the law at the same time. The United States was never meant to be a theocracy, of course, and there have always been conflicts between the law and the Bible. But never before has there been a concerted push to criminalize Christianity. We are throwing away hundreds of years of tradition and freedom in service of a miniscule portion of the population.

Change is here. Hope? Not so much.

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  1. highwayman1955

    It would be so easy for me to tell anyone why there is possibly no help available. There are no fish to walk down to the water and find money in them but the God I know does not desert those that keep his commandments and covenants. He said he would not. we have to obey the word of God first before obeying the word of man. You try to find away to help every one . I do but in a quiet way without people knowing it., if churches want to be Christians they they All must start acting like those that can be helped and believe in your faith and act upon it. Stop wining about what evil is or evil does for eveil will always do what it does best and that is be evil. To beat evil you do all you can to do right , love one another as God Commanded and tell people like Obama who is evil,, He will not win. Treat him and his kind for what they are,, pure evil and show no quarter to them as a church of faith or belief in the Most high God. Act upon your faith and stop complaining about it .. Complaining is a weakness and the devil will use it to weaken you more. If you truly believe in your faith ,, then use it to do your work. But never deny it for dollars. When you do,, on that day you should do such a thing,, you sold your soul because you became weak and took your eyes off what you should havr had your faith in. A soldier of God never looses their spiritial eye sight. Give unto God Always what belongs to God and to Man what belongs to him. Our belief, our faith, our God and the love for our Lord and his holy directions for us each day as christians is not something for sale. Not Now or ever. amen!!! IHOPE YOU ARE READING THIS OBAMA!!

    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      LMAO yeah the President of the United States is reading your crap and becoming oh so concerned that you are insane and unhappy. I have seen ego trips but you belong locked up in a nice padded room

      • So you’re an Obama lover. You’re both azz holes you and obammie.

        • Al,
          Now wait a minute. Everybody loves Raymond. But let’s do make this one an exception. I am still looking for the unhappy and insane he refers to. He responded with a negative to a positive post. Hmmm. And this guy is referring to sanity? That is the old saying about the pot calling the kettle black.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Hey you need one more idiot to be called a herd. Any Turd Potty volunteers here?

          • Raymond,
            I am tempted to respond in like kind but I will not. It is obvious that your only agenda is to bash Christians. Welcome to the club. We have been bashed before so you are nothing new. But we read the back of he book and we know who wins in the end. Your comments suggest you are not one of the winners. I hoper I am wrong.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            OK Jerry show me where I said a word about Christians? Oops huh?

          • Raymond,
            The article is about Obama wanting to shut down Christian rights. The author is warning against that practice. You called it crap. Maybe you better explain yourself. Did you mean Obama’s intentions are crap? If so, most lo us did not understand that.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            So according to your limited comprehension skills the article can not be crap without Christians being the same? Remedial all your life?

          • I have found over my many years that communication skills are sadly lacking and your post is a good example. Either clarify yourself or stay off the Internet. You leave yourself wide open in your original statement whether you are referring to the author or the proposed actions by Obama..

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Your thickness astounds you can not indicate where I said what you claim and you know it. Please stop embarassing yourself further

          • Raymond,
            I see by your two latest posts that ranting is your thing. You seem to be a committee of one. Therefore I am going to focus on the issue as it is a very important one.
            To be sure, the liberals seek to push Christianity to the back burner by trying to keep them silent. That is nothing new. It also does not seem to work. But the liberals have no corner on bending or breaking the Constitution. We fail to see that all with too much zeal are also doing the same thing.
            Specifically, people are running for office and are supported without anyone looking at the qualifications for office. Without judging any candidate here, We have begun a path of error in our selection of candidates without checking the Constitutional guidelines for candidacy. This began in recent times with the candidacy of John McCain. He was born outside the US because his parents were specifically out of the country and could not return to the US long enough to have their son born in the US. So we overlooked that issue due to the fact that his parents were US citizens. The issue came up again with Obama and is still being questioned. Now we have to candidates on the GOP ticket who are in question and they are still being backed and financed as if they are legal candidates. I have no issues with the candidates themselves, only the qualifications. Per the Constitution in more than one place, qualifications are spelled out. Any candidate for a federal position mush be one born or naturalized IN the US. That is based on the qualifications for federal positions in Congress. Finally, the qualifications for President are spelled out in the Fourteenth Amendment All federal candidate for office must be born or naturalized IN the US.
            So, the question is, are we going to follow the Constitution or not?

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Your posts are getting longer but you simply fail to point out where I said what you claim, hence this little meter I have which indicates BS is so loud I have no recourse but to say good you

          • I am a liberal and a Christian. You have a problem with my faith? Obama has a US birth certificate. He was born in Hawaii. You have any evidence to the contrary? Of course not. What has Obama done to Christians in this country that fills you all with vitriol? And how are you going to vote for Ted Cruz? he was born in Canada.

          • pitpaul,
            My issue is not any specific politician but with the abuse of the Constitution. Obama was cleared by the state of Hawaii. However, there are some holes in the information that create some doubt in my mind. As for Ted Cruz, he is not even a legal senator based on requirements in the Constitution. He is a Canadian citizen by birth. He has said he is seeking a nationalized citizen and I suspect he will. But he is already an elected senator. Look a the requirements for a US Senator. I have not seen anything on Rubio so I do not know his exact status.
            The fact that you are a liberal and a Christian is fine with me. I am a moderate Republican and somewhat an independent. I am neither far right or left. I do tend to have issues with both.

          • You cannot support the murder of innocent life and be a Christian. You an call yourself whatever you wish in this world. But when God separates the goats from the sheep, we both know which side you will be on pittipaul.

          • Dorie,
            You are correct. Abortion is murder and no Christian will condone it. But forgiveness is possible if the woman truly repents and does not do it again.

          • Murder is not the unforgiveable sin, but God declares that it cannot be forgiven in the flesh. That we must send the murderer to Him. Thus, murder cannot find salvation in the flesh, even if you repent. We should repent, but we should also expect God to have us delivered to Him for His judgment. Read Leviticus with under standing. God makes murder and rape both crimes that require the culprit to be sent to Him Immediately.

          • Dorie,
            So, Jesus died for nothing? I don’t think so. We are all judged in the final judgment if that is what you are referencing. See I Cor. 3:13-16

          • No one said He died for nothing. Murder is not forgiven in the flesh. Neither is the sin of rape. These crimes are considered too severe, as to make them require a need to remove the individual from those around him. Then those will see and not commit the crime. If the sin is forgiven, it is between God and that soul. Christ’s death was as the lamb was of the OT. Murderers were put to death in the OT, as were men who raped women. Thus, there was no lamb killed for that soul who committed that crime.

          • Dorie,
            Jesus made it quite clear that we awe now under grace for salvation and not under the law. That does not mean we forget the law as we are all told by Jesus to obey the law. As Christians, we are all born of the Spirit and are guided by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not go against the will of God as He is a part of the Godhead. Jesus told us instead that we need to love our neighbor as we do ourselves. Therefore, we have no business interfering with our neighbors. That includes any crimes against them that are not according to God’s laws. But the scripture that I gave you is that all are judged at the proper time. Those works that are favorable to God will receive recognition. Those whose works were in opposition to God will have their work burned up. But the person who se works are burned up will still be saved if they have accepted Jesus and the Holy Spirit into their lives.

          • Do you understand that God knows what is in the heart of each soul? And that is why this earth age was created, so that God can test us, to see if we do the right thing and abide in righteousness. A person can claim to have accepted Jesus, but their works, actions prove to God whether they are lying or truth.

          • Dorie,
            I just posted on our last post but I will repeat the last part. I Corinthians 3: 11-17 spells out the issue of where we stand with God or not stand. Read also Rom. 6: 1-23 and Rom. 8:9-14

          • Jerry, only God has the power to forgive a murderer, and He has stated in Leviticus that the murderer must be sent to Him, that no murderer can have forgiveness in the flesh.

          • Dorie,
            Did you see the response I made before? I Cor. 3:10-17 states what happens to our works, good or bad, as Christians. Remember that in Old Testament times, we did not have salvation by grace.

          • Our works are the only thing we can take with us when we go to God. He will give us robes of pure white linen based on our works. Thus, to believe is not enough if you wish to be clothed in eternity. There will be millions naked for all eternity

          • Dorie,
            Jesus made it quite clear and so did Paul that we are saved by grace and not works. Our works are worthless. Re-read the passage of scripture I gave you. It is very specific and it is not the only reference to that issue.

          • I never said that we were saved by works. But without them we would be naked in eternity if we make it at all. God expects us to demonstrate our belief, in our witness to others. If we do not witness, as evidenced by lack of works, then He could reject the entrance into eternity as well. Those who make it, might be naked. I am well versed in what is required to make it into heaven.

          • Dorie,
            I am glad you are well versed in what God expects from us. But I prefer to stick to the New Testament viewpoint. God made his point about the Old Testament Law. We cannot hope to attain righteousness through following the law. But we do not gain favor by telling ourselves we are above the law. We are not. Of course, that is why we have the Holy Spirit in our lives as Christians to turn us away from that path. While it is an ongoing process just like physical birth, it is a process that causes us to follow the commandments of God because it is now a way of life.

          • Only God can forgive a murderer, and it is stated that no one can have salvation in the flesh if they committed murder. Murder is not the unforgiveable sin, but one cannot get the free passage that Christ offers through His sacrifice. Why do you think murder is so heinous? Because it denies other souls the chance to make a choice just like you have, between God and Satan, between good and evil. The murderer has to be sent to God, whereupon they will face the soul that they killed. The NT does not change anything that was stipulated in the OT. Christ states that He fulfills the prophets and the laws. Mat 5:17-18

          • Dorie,
            I would also add verses 19-22 to your reference scripture. That certainly makes a complete statement.
            So, what happened to Moses, who committed a murder. Did he get into the promised land? What about David, who committed a murder in order to obtain the man’s wife? Did he not get rebuked? Did not both appear in Heaven? What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah? Did those cities not pay a price for all sorts of crimes including homosexuality?
            Let’s go to the words of Jesus in Matthew 18: 21-35. Again we have a complete statement by Jesus on forgiveness. What was that all about? Did forgiveness buy the sinner anything? Or was it the one who forgave from the heart?
            What matters to the sinner? What gets them into Heaven or not? Faith and trust in God, namely Jesus, not their crimes. I think I answered this once before. Read –
            I Corinthians 3:12-17. Salvation is Not based on human physical deeds. It is based on faith and trust in following God.

          • However, one cannot have salvation in the flesh if they commit, support, vote or agree with a murderer. Only God and the victim have the say in the dispensation of the murderers soul, and that only happens once the murderer is sent to God,
            The OT not done away with. Christ came to fulfill the law. You can interpret the forgiveness in your own way, but a repeat offender, God knows whether they are sincere or not.

          • You are correct in the sense that God deals with murders.

          • That birth certificate has been proven to be a phoney. And if he had a certificate, it would not be one online. Also, his social security number was of that of a man who died in Hawaii. Taking on someone else’s number through fraud is what ilegals do. And Obama has never allowed his educational records to be open. The reason is that he received financial help as a foreign student. Taking the money is either fraud if he was a citizen, or he had no business being president if he committed fraud to become president. Either way, he would be eligible for prison for 20 years. And his family would be as guilty as him in the fraud. Including the children if they knew and did not turn him in.

          • Obama only produced a copy online that has been proven to be a fraud. He has no legitimate social security card number. He stole his social security number from someone who died when Obama was an adult. Thus, Obama had no social security number when he was young. He was not in this country in school until he applied for foreign aide to go to college. Cannot get that unless you are not a citizen. No one remembers him under the name of Obama, nor is there anyone who can claim to have seen him while he was in college. Thus the man has sealed his school records, and Hawaii will not allow the records to be examined that prove he was born in Hawaaii. With a fraud online copy, one cannot conclude him to be a citizen. And he and his wife have alluded his birth place to be Kenya on numerous occasions.

          • I agree, that as much as I like Ted, he cannot qualify, because one of his parents was not a citizen of the U.S., and he was not even born here. Both parents need to be citizens of the U.S. at the time of birth, and the person who runs for presidency, needs to be born in the USA.

          • Dorie,
            That is what the constitution says. Born in the US, period. as a senator he can become a naturalized citizen but that takes 14 years before he is eligible for office.

          • Ted was born in Canada. How did Canada become part of the US? One of his parents was not a citizen at the time of his birth, so like Obama, Cruz sets himself up for claims that he is not a natural born citizen.

            Obama went to school in America under the financial help for foreign students. In other words, he declared himself to be a foreign student to get financial help. He also got his social security card the same way criminals do, by taking a deceased persons number and claiming it to be his.

          • Dorie,
            I understand. The Constitution was written long ago based on some specific documentation on how a nation should form its government. That was done and the Constitution says what it says.
            Cruz, by his own words, said he was born in Canada. The last word I go on him was that he had not completed his naturalization process. Without naturalization he is not even a candidate for Congress.
            As for Obama’s birth certificate, it is not an original. But in searching this issue I found no evidence that Obama is not a US citizen. But I am working on something I learned a few weeks ago that throws some doubt on the whole story of what hi mother did in august 1961. however, I cannot say anything on this issue yet as I do not have all the pieces to the puzzle.
            I have become very disturbed that both parties have gone down the path of not following the Constitution on more than one issue. So I am now pretty particular when it comes to our following the Constitution.

          • Excuse me, I meant that Cruz was not a naturalized citizen. I believe in the constitution, but like all man made things, it is fallible. Like when the Muslims become a majority in this country, they will try to change our laws. And they can be changed, through our legal system. So women would be the first losers, then homosexuals, and then anyone who does not worship as the majority faction of Muslims. As I said, no thing man creates is perfect. But the Constitution was created to demonstrate that man has rights that God gave man, and no other man can take away. But they must be fought for. You cannot be free, if you are not willing to work and labor to stay that way. God hates lazy people. And we have a whole generation growing up that is very lazy.

          • Dorie,
            Well said. Cruz himself aid he was working on the naturalization process but has said nothing more since. I do not know what he has done since. I like him a lot and I would hope he would speak out on the issue so that we know.
            No one could see the future when the Constitution was written. That is to be expected. Certainly we do not advocate sharia law in this country. While I do not hate anyone including Muslims as I have Muslim friends but I am very wary of he extremists in the world today.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            There is a common denominator in what you post. You and your inability to comprehend . Thanks for confessing that.

          • The issue is that your comments were directed at those who support the Christian Faith, and your comments were negative. Most liberals are miserable wretches, who can never derive happiness unless it is at the expense of someone else.

          • His comments suggest he is the one who is unhappy, and must derive his pleasure I trying to hurt others. He must be part Arabic.

          • Dorie,
            Reality is an atheist. We have had some long discussions on the topic. of Christianity vs. atheism.

          • But you, the cheese, can stand alone.

      • You are exactly right. Obama could give a rat’s ass about this brainwashed piece of turd. LOL!!!

    • Annette Margaret Blanco

      I agree. Evil will always be on this earth till the Lord returns, however, the President of the USA should NOT be against Christians. Christians are what makes this nation great! I believe Obamination is trying to make our nation a hostile nation: martial law/muslim. WE Christians need to stand up and pray and work toward his impeachment. If not, we are going to be sadly in danger of a hostile nation till the next president takes over! God bless and help America!!!!

      • Sheila Ladmirault

        @Annette, I agree. Let start in pray against the impeachment. We need to find a way for all of us to come together. Let start a Blog and we all meet at the blog for a certain time and begin to pray. If you truly wants to pray email me at in Jesus name.

      • Annette, it is too late for impeachment…it just won’t happen with all the idiots in Congress. We all know that Obama has broken the law and violated our Constitution multiple times. He has also given aid and comfort to our enemies! For all this, he should have been put away for treason a long time ago!! However, no one in Congress has done anything about this at all!

      • There may not ever be another president. If Obama has his way.

    • Sheila Ladmirault

      @higheayman1955, I agree with you 100 percent. The people that does the work of Satan always thinks they win, but in the end they are the losers. My God, My Father in Heaven has already said “Touch Not My anointed” for he is our revenger. We pray and watch God move!

    • I’m sure Obama has better things to do with his time than read your religious bullshit!!!

  2. Oblamer has to go!

  3. Freedom, he only conveys to his beloved Koranderthal brothers…

  4. The Kweer Muslim needs to be taken OUT !!!
    Head first, or feet first !!

  5. I am more inclined to believe what Rand Paul says than ANYTHING the president says. He promised change , BUT , it is not the change we were hoping for . He has changed this country , but not in a good way . He needs to be gone .

  6. oblamo’s Amerika will only allow religious freedom for mud-SLIMES.

  7. Has our country been changed? yes! Everyone has the religious freedom to become a muslim. All other religions, except for Christianity are tolerated, but Christianity has been demonized and Christians are on this governments watch list as suspected terrorist.

    • Under Obama’s illicit reign from 2008; American has shown nothing but a complete 180 Degree turn against Christianity and the Primciples of the American Founders in 1776 and its credo of live and let live for whatever anyone else’s religion might be, Obama’s espoused and preferred intolerent religion was devised as a slavery system in 7th Century Arabia- where it remains still locked in ritualistic repressive torpor based on nothing but terror to those of other faiths and even its own adherents..

      • Nothing elicit about Obama’ ‘reign’, as you call it Holy Joe. He was elected by a majority of Americans, unlike our previous President.

        • @pittpaul – If, by “…a majority of Americans…,” you are including the pets and corpses who voted for an illegal candidate, I can not but agree with you.

          Sic semper tyrannis.

          • Where’s your proof Drawer22? Give me a shred hee besides what you read on wacko Prepper news feeds.

          • @pittpaul – Other than agreeing with you, the implication of truth is with my ability to comprehend and communicate in the English language.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • There was over two hundred in Pennsylvania alone. Many states refused to check on those names and addresses challenged in the election. Illinois was one state that after finding inconsistencies in their books, decided not to have anyone prove who they were or where they lived. Thus, end the ability to check on those who were not legally allowed to vote.

          • And no republican would accept a cheat to vote for him/her. So we know who are the liars.

        • …. Go finish your Kool-Aid …………

        • Elected by the majority of Americans? This election was the MOST rigged election if ever there was one. Obummer should have never been allowed to run for president in the first place. The government is so corrupt that they allowed a muslim, who hates Christians and our American way of life, to take the presidency seat in place of their personal gains! They sold their souls for money/power! And also sold us americans up the river!!

          • Are you a Buddhist? You are a Buddhist because I called you one. No matter what you say, in my eyes you are a Buddhist. What did you say? You are a Christian? No you’re not, you’re a Buddhist.

          • Are you nuts? Just because of my post, now I’m a Buddhist? You need to get a life. No, you need to get a KJV bible, read it, repent and ask the Lord to come into your heart and live as a true Christian, not a true idiot!

          • It is getting late, and those who do not work for the Lord may get into heaven, but they will be naked as a jaybird, because all you can take with you when you die in the flesh is your works.

          • Karen – where is your proof that the election was rigged? Just because you repeat something 1,000 times doesn’t make it correct. Obama won by 3.8 million votes. He won by 136 electoral votes. And the Dems rigged all that?Why would anyone vote for Romney? Have you ever heard of the scientific method? Do you remember geometry? WHERE’S YOUR PROOF?

          • There was enough proof in that illegals voted in my state, and we could do nothing about their vote.

        • You mean ILLEGALS …………Not Americans –
          Your tinfoil hat is slipping ………..

        • Come on, pittpaul, Obama was not elected by a majority of registed Americans. He was elected by illegals and criminals and Muslims who never became citizens. Now, we are set up to defend ourselves on a daily basis, and sooner or later, they will come for you too.

          • Dozie – what is your proof? you throw these statements out there like its a fact. The states with the most illegals (Texas and Arizona) voted Republican. How can that be? It’s like the Repubs passed a voter ID law in PA but they couldn’t provide even a single example of voter fraud. Show me the facts, Dozie. And Muslims have just as much right to practice their religion as do Christians and Jews. Ever hear about freedom of religion? You people are nuts. The repubs got us into a war that almost bankrupted us and were in charge when the banks ran amok and you’re telling me Obama is the problem? you got some nerve. Quit being so xenophobic and paranoid. Either that or dismantle the Statue of Liberty.

          • Wrong. Pa did not have a voter id law, it was rejected before the election. And many inconsistencies in the Pa voting were brought to light, including one woman who voted numerous times for other people. That is against the laws of voting.

          • Have no problem with any religion that does not go against our government. But Islam does go against freedom, and to enforce their belief, they put people to death. They throw homosexuals off of roofs, to their deaths. If they wish to practice their barbaric beliefs, they should have stayed and fought for their own land in the Middle East. I am a woman, and as a woman, Islam would personally affect me and my female children. There will never be a place for Islam in a free country.

          • Dozie – we put people to death in this country too.

            There are militant Christians just as there are militant Muslims. Are you throwing Kareem Jabaar and Muhammad Ali under the bus? They’re Americans, too.

            How long has it been that women had the right to vote in the US? Not long. So it is with every society that embraces women as equals – they come to it as their culture matures. At one time, there was a lot of bias against Catholics in the US too. But we’ve found that they are no more harmless than Methodists.

          • The only souls that should be put to death are those who have committed murder. God declares that they are to be sent to Him. If you are speaking about the murder of innocent life, then I agree with you. Mankind does not have the right to take life. God will hold the people who vote for those who advocate the murder of innocent life, as responsible as those who actually commit murder.

          • Actually, the most illegals are in California. And the Statue of Liberty stands for freedom, not illegality.

          • They were not allowed to use that voter fraud bill, so you are wrong about Pennsylvania. As for Muslims having a right to practice their religion, their religion is based on the murder of anyone who chose not to be a Muslim. No they do not have a right to practice their religion when it goes against our laws, which it does.

          • ” No they do not have a right to practice their religion when it goes against our laws”

            You are so right. And neither do Christians.

        • The previous president was elected by a majority, and the votes were counted three times in Florida. We know you would contest anyone on the right as ever having been elected fair and square, because you’re own intentions are to cheat and steal through phoney people, dead people, and ilegal people voting. May God curse anyone who commits fraud in this up coming election. Oh, that’s right, you on the left, democrats, are already condemned for your stand on murdering infants in the womb.

  8. The thing is, it’s not “his” America. We and our ancestors built it. He and his ancestors didn’t.

    • His ancestors are his white mother and his black, communist father from Kenya. Being his father was not a citizen of the US, and he was not born in America, he has no right to be in the White House.

  9. with “Christians ” like the bigots on this site maybe muslim aint so bad certainly cant be more hate filled or narrow minded.

    • Jimbo: Showing pity for the liberal-retarded is not a sign of a bigot not is it hate…..IT is truly Hope & Change and straight to a mental asylum.

    • Hang up your 0bamaPhone, and LEAVE, Lib Licker !

      • i see your posts on many sites and have never seen even one post were you said anything at all concerning the topics of discussion or anything pertinent to what the conversation is about at the time. You MR. hater are what is wrong with America. hate and prejudice and ignorance . to stupid to join the debate so you jump in with hate and name calling. you even call out against vision and change for the better future. pity you and your hate filled life. GOD be with you

        • FUK-OFF and DIE you Commie Lib ….
          I served 13 Years fighting the Enemy …… Like YOU!!!

          • kiss my ass Nazi I did 2 tours of viet nam and have 2 purple hearts protecting the country so assholes like you would not start more wars and send innocent people to fight them. and once again you still fail to post anything relevant -enlightening- intelligent – purposeful- or of consequence to anyone with a brain. More of your stupid hate and ignorant ranting. growl like a dog now and act tuff, LOL cuss so more show your ability to exercise your brain power and limits of your vocabulary–We the true patriots need to protect the American people from crazys like you

          • Mac Boy is certainly off his rocker. He might be suffering from PTSD. His language shows just how fucked up he really is. Why would he call you the enemy, when you served your country just like he did ? He really needs help before he hurts himself or worse somebody else. He served 13 years. Probably 13 years too many.

          • Ah, but was either of them a volunteer who actually signed up on their own? There were millions who were drafted to fight in Viet nam. The point is, did they fight because they believed in what they were fighting about, or were they just there because they were forced to be there? There is a difference. Yes they still could have died, but it is sadder to have someone die for something they never believed in.

          • usually ignore him hes on all the time never says anything just cusses and calls people names. typical conservatroll no ideas just hate and venom.

          • You are so right about that. He doesn’t have much to offer, does he ? Just hate & bigotry.

          • So, in other words, you were a volunteer? Or just one whose number came up? I supported our country in any action that we take. Right or wrong, God did too. But choosing to support murder of innocent life, and going against God and changing what He created in order to save souls, well, he will not support this nation. He will protect those who are His, and that is all.

        • James, you spent a lot of time saying exactly what you were blaming others for. The point is this, we as Christians are not obliged to accept sin, not in you or anyone. And God does not have to accept it in us, if we fall, and do not repent. Thus, we cannot accept sin in others, for which there is no repentence for since they are not willing to change. It is not being hateful, but saving ourselves from losing out on eternity. It does not bother me if you or anyone else choses to live their lives as they wish. Just do not try to force me to accept it.

    • Then join them and live the life of peace beheading women and children. Sounds like a nice religion. You should fit right in with them.

    • So rejecting sin is being narrow minded? Clearly, you are the one who is going to be in serious trouble since you have no protection from yourself.

  10. Obama believes only in ‘Freedom of Religion’ only for his own Shia Muslim Sect. He believes in nothing else. To check his beliefs just check his political actions in Lybia, Egypt, Syria, Iraq & now Iran.

  11. Stand up for your Judeo-Christian values people and DON’T BACK DOWN.The president CAN NOT tell us what
    to do or how to think.The leftists are trying to pervert our nation and we don’t have to stand for it!

    • Annette Margaret Blanco

      Yes we should pray for our president, but I agree we are not going to back down from our beliefs in God Almighty, the One True God! I don’t understand why this Obamination has not been impeached by now? Someone please tell me what is going on and why he isn’t impeached. thanks

      • I’m with ya Annette Obama begone.

      • Anyone who votes against ovomit in congress has been advised that they could die of a heart attack just like Andrew Breitbart did. Oh and Andrews doctor died 2 weeks later when he verified the cause of Andrews death. A frozen dart when fired from a weapon and enters the blood stream causes a heart attack, This weapon has been used by the cia since the late 1950s. Americans we must take our Republic back. Search congress communist and you will find at least 80 confirmed communists in congress.

      • Annette…it requires both Republicans and Democrats to bring about an impeachment. In addition, impeaching the first black president would be viewed as being racist, and with that card in his hand, he stands little chance of being impeached. Though God, I wish he could be.

        • Not to be too flippant, but Bill Clinton once said that HE was the first African-American president – go figure…

          • There are a lot of things I can think of to call Clinton (him or her) but African American isn’t one of them. LOL

          • Yeah, peace, prosperity, and budget surpluses are hard to take…

          • Especially when Mr. Clinton was forced by a Republican congress to abide by a balanced budget.

          • And Clinton’s successor had the same Congress and ran the country off the rails. Tax breaks for the rich, a 10 year unfunded war, record deficits, America invaded. Nice work W.

          • He is not an African American because he is half white, and without a proper document that is not phoney, we do not even know who his father was.

        • God will impeach him.

          • God will impeach him ? You’re just as loony as your Christian buddies. There some really good medications on the market that can help with your delusional thoughts.

          • The only loonies, are those liberals who cannot accept rejection. Thus they go around trying to bring havoc into the world. They are the ones who suffer. The only joy you get is in trying to hurt others, and like Obama, you will face the Father, and pay for your evil ways by being destroyed permanently. Not my judgment, but the warning from the Bible, when you mess with God’s children, you will be destroyed, both here, and At the end of the millennium.

        • He might be impeached by God, and thus we will not have to see his ass in eternity, because he certainly would be naked if he made it. Only those who serve God, earn their white robes. Those who try to go against God only put their feet in cement for the lake of fire.

        • Would prefer God takes him out. That way, no chance of him being heralded as a martyr. And his whole family with him.. They have taken more money than any other president. Most presidents go to their homes and vacation there. These people are robbing us of our future.

      • Patty Williams

        Matthew 9:10-13 is best suited here.

      • I read recently that John Hagee, Franklin Graham, and several other prominent Christian pastors and leaders, signed a joint letter to the government stating that any Supreme Court decision in favor of homosexual marriage will not be accepted by America’s Christian community (which is around 70% of the population). Their letter advocated civil disobedience against this outrage, and I for one am proud of them for standing up for what’s right. Ronald Reagan stated in his “A Time for Choosing” speech (1964) that there is a point beyond which we will not be pushed (not an exact quote but the meaning is clear). Christians must obey God before men (Acts 5:29).

        • Kevin, you are absolutely correct!! I, as a Christian, would gladly stand up and refuse to follow this Socialist government’s laws. I pray for God’s help in giving me and all Christians guidance, courage, and strength to unite and stand up for God’s laws.

          • Israel is socialist. Christianity is socialist.

          • Julea, What makes you say that? Please explain. Where do you stand when it comes to religion?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You’ve been smoking far too much of that stuff!! Watch, and you shall see! Israel and its people are God’s chosen! NO ONE will ever completely destroy Israel !! (and I’m not even Jewish!)..

          • Jesus was a Jewish socialist.

          • Hardly. He was God in the flesh. And God did not create us to be lazy or useless. In fact, those whom He calls His Elect, are the six thousand who fought with Him against Satan and satan’s six thousand and the one third of all creation that went astray joining Satan. It was for the two thirds who did nothing that we are even here now, because they were lazy and useless during the first earth age battle. God is fair and is giving every one a chance to prove their worth. It matters not to me which end anyone ends up, since we are all responsible for our own choices and end result.

          • God in the flesh = God made man. He was born from the womb of Mary. He was a human. He ascended into heaven as a human.

            Do you know the story of the Good Samaritan?

          • 2nd reply: Are you going to explain your answer?? How is Israel “socialist’? How do you figure that Christianity is “socialist”/

          • When I have time tomorrow I will quote you several sources, but in the mean time it is very simple for you to google it yourself…Israel as Socialist. Ever heard of the Kibbutz? There is Nothing Wrong with Socialism. Israel new that the only way to make a strong solid Group fast was using socialist principles they had always lived under for best Survival. The Group surviving and staying strong by Helping Eachother together is the Jewish Way. It isn’t for Self, but for the growth of the Group. Public Health,Housing, Farms, business etc with some private property nowadays but not like ours. Caring and raising everyone up is the goal of Judaism and real Christianity. It’s the Big Family system with everyone at the dinner table. No Islolation of any member because that makes weakness of society.

          • No, you are wrong. When someone is in sin, you do not get into bed with them. While a person choses to continue in sin, they are to be put aside, and not have anything to do with them. Thus, there is no raising up of everyone. And there is isolation of those who chose to be sinners. Most of those who voted for the democratic party became murderers, and thus will forever be put aside. You cannot be in good standing with GOD, and still be a murderer, and you cannot get salvation in the flesh if you supported in any way the murder of even one soul.

          • “whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”

          • If you are a progressive, democrat, or liberal who supports Obama and the democrat party, then you are no brother to Christ or me. But then, the devil tried to quote the Bible to Christ, and misuse it for his own purpose as well. Seems you are in bed with the wrong side.

          • You can ramble on but not one time did Christ or God of the OT, say that we must befriend a murderer.

          • Dorie – who said anything about a murderer? Trying to talk to you is like talking to a door. You are as dumb as a box of rocks. LISTEN. READ. UNDERSTAND. Do your kids talk to you? And screw you if you think a Democrat can’t get to heaven. At least we favor helping our brothers and sisters out. THAT is what faith is about, not hate.

            If you haven’t heard there’s a big religious leader coming to Pennsylvania this week to talk about mercy. In fact, he’s declared 2016 as the year of mercy. Without mercy and forgiveness we are not human. Forgiveness and mercy is about 90% of what Jesus said.
            Show me in the Bible where Jesus said homosexuality is a sin. What do you know about the New Testament? I don’t think you know anything about anything. you just make sh!t up. I am done with you.

          • Jesus is God in the flesh, thus what He said in the OT is as valid as what He said in the NT. that His presence does not destroy the law or the prophets, which means, the OT.

            Mat 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.
            Mat 5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled.

            Thus what laws stood in the OT are still valid in the NT. The only thing that has changed is who is the lamb that is sacrificed for sins.

          • I only know what the Bible says, and it says no murderer can have salvation in the flesh. And a person who supports the mursder of innocent life or votes for the democrat party that supports the murder of innocent life, cannot have salvation in the flesh. You can argue with man, but it is God who makes the laws, and He is the one who makes the decision on who gets into eternity.

          • I do not decide who goes to heaven. God does. But He gave us the Word which spells out clearly what we can and cannot do in order to achieve the right to be with Him for all eternity. When you tell someone that supporting murder of innocent life is a sin that cannot be forgiven in the flesh, that does not imply that a person cannot be with God. But a lot has to change, and a lot has to be done to rectify the crime of murder. And supporting murder is the same as committing murder to our Father.

          • Not casting stones. But I do not have anything to do with someone who is committing a sin, and is not willing to repent and change. All of us fall short, but the difference is in what we do about that sin.

          • Israel is a socialist country and Judaism is a socialist religion. Early Christianity was too. There is no way to survive without it.

          • Actually, they were living under a family type of lodging. They formed a family sacred unto God. They fought as a family would, looking out for one another. There is nothing socialist about a family.

          • whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            You have no concept of socialism whatsoever.

          • Raymond, you are so smart, why don’t you explain what Socialism is???

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            One of the best examples of Socialism in the US is the NFL. Chew on that for a bit

          • Tell me how do you figure that the best of example of Socialism is the NFL? I would like your definition of Socialism!

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Socialists believe that everything in society is made by the cooperative efforts of the people. How many stadiums are built with tax payer funds? How about the very roads you drive on? I know your definition is of course not the same but it is what it is.

          • Technically, the roads and stadiums should be built by the states and not the federal government. But then, the federal government should have only been vested in protecting us, and instead, this government is letting in our enemies to settle around us so that they can rise up against us when it is time to cleanse this country.

          • The interstate highway system was built with 80% federal funds, the balance from the states. Eisenhower started the program in the 1950s as a national defense strategy. Jeez, do we progressives have to come up with all the facts? And you want to CLEANSE the COUNTRY? Who are you getting rid of? Sounds like something Stalin would do. Dorie, get a brain.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Where did the Funds come from? I would guess that now pittpaul you will get some spin answer from Dorie that makes no sense at all.

          • Can’t read? I do not intend to cleanse anyone or thing. Obama is the one trying to change things, thus to wipe away the past. But then if you are a progressive, you are dead already in this time, and cannot have salvation in the flesh, so what you think does not even matter.

          • Dorie, I am looking for salvation of the spirit, NOT of the flesh.
            Here are some Biblical quotes that even agnostic Progressives should be comfortable with:
            Daniel 4:27 (ESV) “Therefore, O king, let my counsel be acceptable to you: break off your sins by practicing righteousness, and your iniquities by showing mercy to the oppressed [poor], that there may perhaps be a lengthening of your prosperity.”
            James 2:5 (ESV) “Listen, my beloved brothers, has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he has promised to those who love him?”
            Galatians 2:10 (ESV) “Only, they asked us to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do.”
            Proverbs 22:9 (ESV) “Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor.”

            Luke 10:25-37 But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”
            30 In reply Jesus said: “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead. 31 A priest happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the man, he passed by on the other side. 32 So too, a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side. 33 But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. 34 He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him. 35 The next day he took out two denarii[c] and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.’

            36 “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”

            37 The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.”

            Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.”

          • If you read the passage, the man HAD something some else wanted. The robbed man worked to put clothes on his back, the robbers stole that from him. He then was destitute and was helped by the good Samaritan. Today, we are given a free education to better ourselves, so that we can be productive citizens. If needed there are MANY programs available to give someone a HAND UP(funded by “we the people”). But we as Christians, are NOT suppose to perpetuate a HAND OUT! God abhors someone who is lazy and refuses to help themselves and leach off of others and complain while doing it!

          • The KJV is closer to the original texts, so when reading these current changes in the wording, it does change God’s Word. Therefore trying to converse with someone who does not even comprehend what God expects of them, is way too difficult.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            No matter what you now try to spin to the fact remains a socialistic format was used to build the roads Dorie so sit and spin your tales facts remain.

          • Every team has to spend the same amount in salaries.

        • Please do not speak for me. I know nature makes mistakes all the time. Our bodies are just part of nature. sometimes mistakes happen. I accept Gays. Judaism accepts gays. Gays are accepted in Israel. Do not speek for me when you say Christians will not. You cannot speak for me.

          • Please read Leviticus 20:13 and see how favorably God sees a man who lies with another man as though he were a woman.

          • Wikipedia “LGBT rights in Israel have generally been seen as the most advanced in the Mid East & Asia. Same sex couples was legalized in 1988 with unregistered Co-habitation & adoption rights.” There are several levels for this. Israel does not require all citizens to be Jewish. Within the Jewish Religion there are also levels of old ultra orthodox who prohibit the act For their Members. Then there is discussion about the Type of Homosexual…curiosity, bi-sex, pure Hedonistic, or, as modern science is revealing, the actual male or female Brain in the wrong body. This last type is being discussed as perhaps Respectable in Judaism (but WiITHOUT anal Sex) Their is no Religious Marriage at this time. Only unregistered cohabitation. Reformed movements of Judaism are in discussion regarding possible future legal Marriage. Gays are still required in Military service. However, any of these types of relationships is Legal and cannot be discriminated against in Israel. this is considered an absolute must in Israel as compassion and understanding is the Rule. A State monument has been dedicated to gay victims in the Holocaust 2014.

          • julea,
            According to my Bible, those who engaged in homosexuality in Israel in the past did not fare very well. But I want to get back to the socialist argument. Social cooperation and Socialism as in countries such as Russia are not the same thing. Most of us are aware of the system in such places as Russia to be undesirable. Therefore it is a stretch to say that we operate in a socialistic society. But that is how liberals like to define and justify it. We are a Republic that relies on the rights and votes of the people. It is we the people with the right of choices, not the government. As for roads, I have many years on that issue.
            Roads are built by the states but federal money is used as well as state resources. However, if the money is not there, we do not do roads or anything else. States have to live with a balanced budget. Such work cannot be done without the will of the people. The same goes for the NFL. What is done is done with the approval of the majority. In short, the government cannot force any of those expenditures without the consent of the people.
            As for Jesus being a socialist, that is a real stretch. He built no churches and called for no offerings. He directed his disciples to spread the Gospel and nothing more. Church finances developed over time in the First Century. Yes, that comes from the Old Testament idea of the tithe. But it is also not mandatory.
            When we think of socialism we think of government mandates without the consent of the people. Big difference.

          • israel is made up of human beings, who guess what? sin. Even their government like ours makes mistakes when it goes against God’s Word. So using the Jewish nation as an example is not relevant. God did not choose Israel because they were better than everyone else. He chose them because they had a pedigree that was pure. And God had chosen Noah because his pedigree was pure. At that time, satans Angels had infiltrated the human race, which affected the knowledge about the first earth age. Read all of Genesis 6.

          • KEVIN – I hope you don’t eat shrimp! Leviticus 11: But all creatures in the seas or streams that do not have fins and scales—whether among all the swarming things or among all the other living creatures in the water—you are to regard as unclean.11 And since you are to regard them as unclean, you must not eat their meat; you must regard their carcasses as unclean. 12 Anything living in the water that does not have fins and scales is to be regarded as unclean by you”

          • Yep. Many of the old things in the Bible are meant to Health, cleanliness ect and Not “SPOKEN by Gd”
            Like No pork was first and foremost because of Tricknosis. (SP?) Also from one of Noahs 7 laws not to eat animals with blood. (Till some got the bright idea to drain the blood first…like that makes it OK)

          • So we shouldn’t take everything written in the Bible as Gospel? So some of it is dated?

          • Do you even know what a shrimp looks like? It has a semi-hard scale over its body and its tail is a fin….so explain yourself again! Anyway, before Christ we lived by the law, after Christ made atonement for our sins, we live by belief. We as Christians are suppose to love homosexuals because they are His creation BUT we are NOT to love the sin of homosexuality, just like God loves us, but can’t love our sin WHATEVER it is! Homosexuality isn’t the ONLY sin that mankind is guilty of, there are so many and the sad part, the sin is ignored as sin but has man’s approval “as long as no one else is hurt by it!” What a crock of sh**! If you live in the world (worldly Christian), you live by man’s word, if you live in the spirit (spiritual Christian) you live by God’s word.


          • Karen, Christ did not change the laws of the OT. His life was to replace the animals that were sacrificed for sin. All laws are still in effect. If you live by belief, then you would not want to break the laws that are still in effect. Christ said that He did not come to change the law. Mat 5:17-18

          • The food laws are there to help you from injuring your body. They are not a sin against God, but will cause your health to deteriorate sooner if you eat things that Gos did not put here for consumption. On the other hand, if you are stranded somewhere that has no healthy animals, you eat what is available to stay alive. Becoming a vegetarian is not a bad idea, if weather permits.

          • That’s only true if you really believe the bible is true, which I don’t. It’s nothing but an old ancient Science Fiction book full of fairy tales, written by men, That’s it! End of story.

          • Faye,
            Fortunately for us Cristians you are not the end of the story. Christians read the whole Bible and we know how the story ends. You best read it. But that is your choice. I like mine better.

          • God does not make mistakes. However the actions of those who continue to sin and consider it right, are what is wrong.

        • Annette Margaret Blanco

          Kevin, thanks for this awesome video of Ronald Reagan’s speech! being born in 1960, I was too young to hear him and understand. I never knew all he stood for, but thanks to this video, now I know! He was a wonderful man/president who stood for our values not only as a Christian nation, but an honorable nation. It is so sad what is happening in America today. Sorry it took me so long to respond back!

      • He has not been impeached because we the people have become to lazy to get up and demand it all we do anymore is BITCH WINE & MOAN then take whatever they dish out if I wasn’t stuck in a wheelchair I would already have headed into the mountains and left this whole mess behind

      • Thank you for your post Dear Annette. I agree.

      • .. WE DON’T HAVE A PRESIDENT !!!!

        • You are absolutely correct…. we have a pile of dung… sitting pin the sun too long and stinking to high heaven!!! Congress is rapidly becoming overripe also!!! Let’s vote OUT any one who supports Odumbass!!! Start with boehner… what a loser he has proven to be!!

      • Because he is black. And clearly, no one in Congress wants to start a race war. So Mr illegal Kenyan will have a pass here. But will he have a pass with God? He has brought about most of the change that will put this country vulnerable to satan and his minions. And to fell millions of Americans to charges of murder and sin without repentence. So, he would be responsible for doing much evil. He is more evil than even Hitler was in his time. Hitler was like Obama, ashamed of his background, and thus persecuted those who were like him. Obama is also ashamed of his background and is destroying not just those who are white, but also those who are black. He is destroying all for the sake of pleasing satan. And it will be interesting to find out if he is given an opportunity to the millennium.

      • He is not impeached because the Republican Party is full of cowards. Thus, there is no person in Washington worthy of your vote. Christ is the only one who deserves our loyalty.

    • Would you also stand up for someone’s religious freedom to abortions if that is something contained in their religion? How about If a religion believed that it was the only one of value, and that all others needed to convert, and thusly refused to employ or provide service to anyone who did not share the same faith? What if you have a religion which states that you must have a certain skin color to even be considered human? Would you support all of those as well under the idea of supporting freedom of religion?

      • There is a religion that believes in murder, and no a Christian cannot support the right for them to practice their belief. Muslims believe it to be okay to murder those who do not believe as they do. We cannot allow them to carry out their practice. Eventually, they will be doing so to us.

      • And God put us here to be tested, not duped. Please, your scenerios are ridiculous.

    • Judaism accepts gays in their State.

    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      How about since you are so Bible oriented you tell us where exactly it says you will have a nation in this life? I can show you where it syas you will have something when you die if you wish?

    • Too late, the left won the battle decades ago. our children have been declawed and defanged. they have been indoctrinated. What happened in Russia will happen here. The left wills it. they will get it. Are we going to let them? its up to us. the time isn’t here yet to take up arms but its rapidly approaching. Lord, give us courage.

      • The real battle is the spiritual one coming. And satan will come first, proclaiming to be Christ. He as the anti-christ will pretend to be rapturing or flying out of here, all the suckers who fell for that false doctrine. And when Christ comes, they will have lost their salvation. But the saddest part, is the majority who voted in the last election, voted for murder, and by doing so, caused themselves to be considered murderers by GOD. We have been told that we cannot accept another’s sins, and if we do, then we are as guilty as they are. Murderers cannot have salvation in the flesh, and will face those who were murdered, thus, the millions of souls who were denied entry into this earth age, will be at the trial of all those who chose to accept the right to terminate life.

      • The problem is that the children will take up arms against their parents and grandparents. That is what socialism does, destroy the family unit.

  12. There is a difference between religious freedom and freedom to be a bigot. What would Jesus have said? Do the so-called Christians on this site even read the Bible??? Love thy neighbor. Blessed are the poor. Forgiveness, all of the characteristics of real Christians are now being replaced by right-wing nut jobs that use religion to persecute others. What a damn shame…

    • Just like you are doing here now! So, you must be a christian, right?

    • It is a damn shame… Most Christians on this site are false Christians. They don’t even follow the teachings of their lord & savior Jesus Christ. They have become religious bigots & can’t tolerate anyone who doesn’t share in their beliefs. Their hypocrisy is overwhelming.

      • You do not sound like you don’t even know the Bible. Christ never taught us to accept sin. So, unless you are coming at this from another angle, you are completely wrong.

      • Who u do not even know the Lord, so why would we listen to a fool? God never told us to accept the sins of our brethren, but to warn them of their impending destruction. That is our obligation as Christians.

    • Wrong William. No one is persecuting except those who are trying to force Christians to reject GOD. God is against sin, and we must not give in to it. So, to reject someone who is sinning is not persecuting them. We are rejecting their trying to make us a part of their sins. That is our right.

      • Excuse me, but I beg to differ. The people you want to discriminate against, if they did sin, was in the privacy of their bedrooms, how they dress, their stance on abortion, and a litany of other sins Christians agree are against the word of God. What happened to love thy neighbor? Would Jesus act in the same manner as right-wing Christians?

        Furthermore, and most importantly, “Judge not lest you be Judged.” How can you find the nerve to play God yourself? Doesn’t the final Judgement come from God after Jesus returns for the second coming?

        Evidently, you and the rest of your right-wing brethren have forgotten what the United States stands for. Instead of misinterpreting the Bible and judging others, how about reading the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If you cannot understand the basis of our democracy perhaps you should find a country that shares your beliefs in allowing Christians to use religion to persecute others. Please, explain to all of us how you differ from the Taliban or Radical Islam. They too persecute and kill people who do not share their beliefs. Finally, whose God is the one and only God? I’m sure you will say it is the Christian God as you believe, however, the bulk of the world’s population would disagree with you.

        • There is way too much to answer since you brought up much that you are wrong about. The issue I will take is that homosexuals did not stay in their bedroom. They brought their sin into the lives of everyone, forcing it upon all of us. They had the government rewrite our Bible and change God’s plan of Salvation. They are deliberately trying to force their lifestyle to be accepted, and if you do not agree, you will go to jail. So this country is no better than Iran for putting someone in jail for not adhering to what you want us to accept. God comes first in the life of a true Christian, and God does not accept homosexuality. It goes against His Plan of Salvation. So if people like you will persecute a Christian, in order to protect a pervert, then you are the one who is the evil in this land.

        • William, careful there. You sound like a liberal who does not know what he is talking about. We do not owe You an explanation as you are with Satan and doing his work. When you have accepted Jesus as your personal savior, then much will become clearer to you. Not much time left.

          • Dorie N.,

            First of all, I have no need to be careful. This nation, by and through the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights, supports free speech. I am at liberty to state anything that I want.

            Second, your ignorance is astounding. You know nothing about me and my belief system, and I choose not to disclose it to a bigot such as yourself.

            Third, you “assume” that I am in league with “Satan” because I disagree with using religion as a basis to discriminate against others who do not share your beliefs. That comment is so absurd that I will not reply to anything that you choose to assume about someone that you have no knowledge of rather than my defense of the core beliefs of our founding fathers. If you choose to make a fool out of yourself, by all means, that is your right. I have no obligation to respond to those who have made the decision to follow man’s will rather than whatever God they choose to worship. Perhaps it might be you who should worry about your eternal life for defying the word of your God, and I prefer to believe that if he is the Father of Christ, he will be extremely unhappy of how you choose to interpret the words of Jesus Christ rather than taking his teaching at face value. “God” does not need an interpreter.

          • First of all bill, you do not know what a bigot is. If you did then you would have to admit that you also were one. The term cannot be supported without being supported in the opposite as well. In other words, you also are not tolerant of my beliefs, thus, you are a bigot as well. I do not hate anyone, nor do I advocate trying to cause anyone loss of job, wages, or life. So your analogy is wrong, in that a belief in not accepting someone else’s life style does not make you evil, wrong, or a bigot. Do you accept the life style of an ISIS Muslim? Do you think they have the right to murder someone who rejects their belief? I do not accept their lifestyle either. No, you are the one who needs to learn to accept that people have the right to believe as they chose, and to refuse to be coerced into living how you think is acceptable. You may find you are wrong, yet you make such an issue about something you know nothing about as well.

          • Please, tell me where in the Bible it tells you to judge others. It doesn’t, and all that have read it know that but defy the written word of “God” on a regular basis. I have no problems with your belief system as long as it does not interfere with the health and welfare of others who no not share your beliefs. ISIS? Personally, I’d like to see those animals exterminated to the last man standing, but that’s my opinion and one that I am entitled to. You were the one that warned me “to be careful.” Careful of what, pray tell?

          • We are to judge each person for our own life on those laws that God has established. You need to read Leviticus if you are so ignorant about God’s law. We do not judge if a person goes to heaven, but we do judge whether we will be their friend, or accept their behaviour. When a person sins, they can get right with God if they repent, and no longer do the sin. If they chose to live in that sin, then, it must be their sin and not ours. Whether they do it behind closed doors or not, they are still trying to force the acceptance of their sin. And no, we are not obligated to accept them or their sin. Jesus has told us that we are not to judge whether a soul is heaven bound. That is between God and the individual, and homosexuality is not the unforgiveable sin.

          • No, I am not ignorant in regard the Bible. You are quoting from the Old Testament. Correct me if I am wrong, but the New Testament written after the Birth and death of Jesus Christ, superseded much of the Old Testament. You are quoting from a version of the Bible that for all practical purposes, was replaced by the teachings of Jesus Christ. If you are a “born again Christian” as you claim to be, why are you attempting this subterfuge by quoting from the Old Testament? “Let thee who has not sinned cast the first stone.”

          • You are wrong. Christ never changed the laws. Mat 5:17-18. The OT is as relevant as it always was. And because our laws change does not make our laws right. For your information the laws and the prophets are the Old Teatament.

          • The OT is just as viable today as the NT. Christ did not change our laws, but fulfilled them. And He quoted from the OT numerous times showing it’s relevancy to today. Matt 5:17-18

          • The OT is as relavant for today as the NT. Christ did not replace the OT or God’s Laws, but He came to fulfill the laws and the prophets, which is the OT. Mat 5:17-18

    • Just what do you question? God never told us to accept sinners. So if you are expecting us to bend over and kiss the feet of a sinner, you are a fool. We do help those who are in need. And we do not try to harm someone who does not agree with us. That is what liberals do

      • “Judge not lest you be Judged.”

        • As usual, a liberal tries to interpret the one book they do not live by. God expects us to follow His commandments and even if they will make us unpopular. Today, there is the one third who rebelled against God living in this generation. That is why they are so evil. And why they think they can tell others how they should live their lives. I will live mine based on what God expects of me. That is not judging, but you are.

  13. What is truly sad is that so many Americans have no idea of the spiritual warfare that has been and is raging around them. That goes for many of the foolish members in Congress! Some of them have an inkling that there is a problem, but they attribute it simply to “religion”! It goes much deeper! The war is between good and evil, and the battle is for men’s souls, but the moment you say this, there are those who snicker or mock the messenger! The truth is that there has been an overt effort in recent decades to remove God from the American culture [a la ACLU at. al.]. It has already happened in the US military. The movement includes the removal of the Ten Commandments, Crosses, Christian holidays, ridiculing Christian students in the universities, indoctrinating children in grade school, and the list goers on. Anti-Semitism is also on the rise again. Perhaps when America collapses socially and economic ally [soon] and anarchy takes over which will be shortly replaced by a violent Islamic takeover with massacres. Obama’s legacy is becoming clear! The Democrat/Progressive/Liberal/Atheist/ Communist goal has been attained! Now comes the promised “judgment” and listen to the idiots complain and try to blame everyone else for their own stupidity!

  14. William Matthes

    Barak Obama=King of Liars!

  15. Obama is still in my mind, the thought I had first time I heard him speak back in 2007-2008, I thought he was the Anti Christ, and everytime I listen to him, that thought comes to mind. We must pray for our nation.

    • rosebud, if I was a believer in your 2000 year old fairy tale I would be praying for your sanity.

    • I also listened intently to his campaign speeches even the ones in front of all black audiences. I noticed how well he can change his whole demeanor and presence depending on his audience. If voters had really listened to how he said what he said maybe our country would not be in this deep hole. He said what he was going to do in a round about way. Hope and change?

    • If you truly believe that Obama is the Anti- Christ, then you belong in the looney bin.

      • You “Progressives” belong in Belvue…… with No fruit cup ……….

      • Obama is just led by evil, and thus is an evil man. But he is not satan, and satan is the anti-christ. There is no place that can hide you when Christ arrives.

    • The anti-christ will be satan. It will not be a flesh being, but a spiritual one. And he will pretend to be CHrist, proclaiming a rapture. Which is bogus. We are not leaving and we will have to endure for five months from the moment that satan’s minions arrive. Since they are described like locusts, and locusts are only here for five months, we only have to endure them and satan for five months. If you put your trust in Christ, and use the whole Word to protect youself, you will not be harmed. GOD protects those who are HIS. The end times is not about physical death, but about spritual death.

    • The antichrist is not a man in flesh. It is satan, who will come pretending to be Christ, thus the title, anti ( Instead of) Christ.

  16. Folks in the end the people who believe in the God Head will be the winners here and in the here after. So let not your hearts be troubled, and put your fears on the shoulders of our Lord. But do be prepared to protect yourselves from the despots of our world.

    • Annette Margaret Blanco

      Burton, I agree. Whether we live or die, we are with the Lord. But why is America tolerating Obama? Why hasn’t he been impeached by now as many have wanted?

      • Michael Dennewitz

        This country has but TWO possibilities remaining. Either an expertly trained sniper takes him out or a full scale rebellion! But this country has to, helloo, WAKE UP and smell the bacon.. We are a stone’s throw from becoming Ovomit’s kingdom!!!!

      • In my opinion Annette its the fear that the color of his skin is the reason that reasonable people won’t go against him in this manner. As for me I don’t see how our nation can survive with another such person colored or not in the office of Potus. So keep the faith, and there is hope that the simple minded voters will awaken to the misadventures of his totally messed up gov., and vote for conservatives , and hold them to their promises.

      • Sheila Ladmirault

        @Annette, Obama is not impeached yet because America has turned their backs on God!. So in saying that all of God’s Christian need to come together in prayer and as the “Lord Our God” to step in and pick up our cause. We have to come in unity and ask the Lord Our God to take charge over Obama and let him not have his way but the God has his way, and that we must pray without ceasing. Remember it is already written and already told through Revelation that these days will come, but I don’t believe it will end with Obama, because God is the King of all Kings and the President of all Nations. Believe in God up above that he can do it, that he can pick up our cause and rid the lies and deceiving of Obama of all the unjust laws and the unjust ways that is against our Lord Thy God. God promise us if we would humble ourselves and call upon his name he will heal the land, he also promise that he will give his people the desire of their heart. Believe in God and pray day in and day out, call upon his name to turn all these things around that Obama has done in the Name of Jesus. My Christian fellows lets agree right now in Jesus Name that Obama will not have his way but that God will have the final say, in Jesus Name we pray. Have faith and this shall come to pass.

        • Sheila, God is waiting for us, His Faithful, to stand up against this tyranny and evil spawned by Obama and his minions! My belief is that all Christians need to pray for God’s support, strength, and courage to unite and stand strong against the evil that is occurring everyday!

        • God will protect us from satan’s tribulation, and since God loves those who love Him, we have nothing to fear of God’s tribulation. Just remember, satan comes first, and he will be pretending to be Christ. If you can pinch yourself and feel pain, then you are still in the flesh, and the spiritual being pretending to be Christ is satan.

      • Because, many in the Republican Party are really liberals in disguise. Like satan, they lie and deceive in order to get their way. They are power hungry.

    • Oh, Please! Take your religious propaganda & go sell it to someone else who actually gives a shit.

      • FOAD Kweer-bait !!

      • Bitch! You are a big part of the problem America is in! If you don’t like Americans who beleave and trust in the Lord, go to some 3rd world hell hole country……Get your ass out of our country…..

        • So, I’m a bitch because I don’t beleave ( sic) believe in an invisible sky daddy ? Who the hell do you think you are to tell me that I should get my ass out of your country? This is my country too & I’m not going anywhere. Got that, ASSHOLE! Since when did it become a law that a person had to believe in a false god or belong to any religion so they would be allowed to have the freedom & right to live in America? Maybe it is YOU who needs to get your ass out of MY COUNTRY, DICKHEAD!!!

          • No, I believe that he called you a bitch because you preach for others to accept your lifestyle, yet you reject the right of others to believe in what their faith expects of them. Devotion to God above all others in our lives. That is why homosexuals and lesbians will never be considered Christians, because if God were first, they could not put their own desires first, and go against God’s Plan of Salvation. Hence, they would not be homosexuals or lesbians.

  17. He wants to abolish Christian morality and ethics, the things on which America was founded and set us apart from other Nations. Basically we were a Nation of good, honest and decent people who trusted each other and our Government we were respected by other Nations and welcomed immigrants from all over the world to take part in our prosperity………but thanks to the horrible little Muslim liar Obama and his promise of “Hope and Change” America is almost unrecognizable from what it was just six short years ago.

    • Actually, we did it to ourselves, we were given the bible, which gave us a blueprint of what a Christian should be. We totally blew it. We started accepting sin as a way of life and now we are paying for that sin!
      In the end times, we will see “what is good is bad and what is bad is good!” We are on the cusp of the end times now and woe to the ones that are against God! They may think in the beginning that they are winning the battle, but we Christians KNOW who wins in the end!!

  18. Religious freedoms may wane, and persecution may increase, but you can’t stop people from praying silently for the protections of our Creator. And a silent prayer is heard more earnestly than a prayer that is shouted at the top of one’s lungs.

  19. One Nation Under GOD… Jesus was a bigot, He offered forgiveness and salvation to all…”if”. GOD is a loving god but HE is a just god…HIS way and an eternity in Heaven or any other way and an eternity in Hell! The current liberal/socialist agenda kinda reminds me of the little mouse giving the finger to the eagle as it descends with its talons open…stupid is as stupid does!

    • Actually, the part about an eternity in Hell is wrong. Hell is death, and once a soul is destroyed, they are destroyed for ever and ever. Thus, they have no more existence. God is not only fair, but a loving God, and would not persecute anyone for an eternity. If you ever study the word, you will learn that many of the terms in Greek can be construed in a totally different manner. Anyway, God is fair and loving.

      • Well…I have to admit that depending on ones interpretation of scripture it could go either way. After much research I still believe that Satan and all of his followers will suffer everlasting torment in Hell, and God’s people will abide with Him in Heaven. So, in the future I will remember to state that as “my interpretation”. =)

        • Well, in ps37′ God states that the souls are burned up (in the Lake of Fire) forever and ever. Now, when the fat burns, the smoke goes up into the space. Thus, they are destroyed forever. The NT also has passages that imply burning in the lake of fire, which God is a consuming fire. Stands to reason, that God would take unto Himself, that which He created. My interpretation.

        • I would not tell you that you are wrong, but I happen to believe the Bible, where it says that those who are destroyed, their souls will be destroyed in the fire. And God being fair and just would not be vindictive and mean spirited enough to want us to see someone tortured forever. Come on. He said that our memories would be wiped of these past events, and we would never cry another tear. Could you watch someone suffer and not cry? Anyway, God has His own plan for those who are against Him, and to me I only care about what His plan is for me. Read Psalms 37

    • There is no eternity in hell. Hell is a place a temporary place. But death of the soul is permanent, and forever.

      • Why will GOD call many up from the grave only to terminate their soul? Disagree on this point Dorie…but not worth arguing the point because there are many scriptures supporting both sides… Have read nothing thus far that even tempts me to change my attitude!

  20. At 18 trillion in debt and still climbing, we need to get the government out of the grant business all together. These grants and the convoluted tax code are just two tactics that the government uses to control the American people.

  21. Michael Dennewitz

    Well, what did you expect? George Soros sent the order down to the AIC and HE has to obey his communist bosses, no?

  22. I have a feeling jail cells are going to be filled with Christians before long for daring to challenge the ape in the white house. I don’t know how much more God will take before He delivers a warning, and I firmly believe He will.

    • Don’t hold your breath. If there is a god, which I highly doubt, you won’t be seeing him anytime soon. I’m pretty sure he retired & went to Florida a long time ago. He loves the warm weather & plays golf most of the time. He is also an avid reader. His favorite author is Richard Dawkins. LOL!!!!

  23. Obama the very worst thing to ever darken the steps of America, is a devout Muslim, most of the time in the closet, and will never allow Christianity to prevail in America! He cannot even legally vote in this Country, but is being allowed to destroy it ! Shame on our politicians who promised great things with a majority of Republican in both houses, What the hell happened to that??

  24. Patty Williams

    But wait, SCOTUS just sided with a muslim in her case for religious freedom! I wonder, if they allow Gay Marriage as the “norm” will Christians be protected? I suppose we will find out soon.

  25. Simple…, don’t take money from the government.

  26. If we all stand together, and vote together we might make it back to a Free Nation status. If there is no America, there is no freedom.

  27. Raymond J Ambrozaitis


    Men wrote the Bible,specifically male humans wrote the Bible. Men wrote the Bible based on their customs in a patriarchal society, very limited scientific knowledge, their folklore and the superstituous beliefs of their times. Men wrote, edited, re-edited, copied, recopied, translated and re-translated the Bible many times over thousands of years. Now they are re-interpreting it it as well. They are fallible, they have personal agendas.

    • If you actually did a study of the Bible, you would find that you are incorrect.

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        Care to point out one place where I am keeping in mind the various editions and how the books were selected by some and not all?

        • I would presume that you are challenging now the books that did not make it into the BIble. Many of which did not co-exist with the books that are included. The Word runs smoothly from beginning to end, and the theme is the same. It is about the Plan of Salvation, that God had intended from the beginning of the fall of His creation.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            First you presume to speak for God with your response . Second I can summarize what you just posted. There were some excellent editors who worked on the Bible and still there are different versions

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • This issue is one that you have a problem with. I do not have a problem with the men that GOD chose to write His words. And God is capable of making sure that His message comes through even though there are multiple editing and translations. God had six-thousand who are His Elect, and some of them have come down through the ages to pass on the Word of GOD, for mankind. Just because you are not one of them does not challenge their purpose or existence. And for your information, if I were creating a ficticious account, it would not have been so elaborate. God in His infiinite wisdom, has put forth His Plan of Salvation and offered it to everyone, even those who rebelled against Him. It is their problem if they fail to make it.

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        And they all lived happily ever after. How can you not see what has been done to the these men?

        • What men? and yes, a Christian is happy. The only time I have been unhappy is when I am not in tune with God. Once I repent and get right with Him, I am happy again.

    • If that is your rationale for not believing, that is your choice. However, I have had way too many proofs that God is real, and that there is an eternity. Too bad I cannot prove it to you, or my own relatives who are unbelievers. But then, it would not be faith based if you saw the truth. God has His Elect, who are working in the field (world). And they are the only ones who deserve to know the facts. They fought with God against satan and His minions in the first earth age, so they already earned their justification then.

  28. It exists, though it’s reserved for non-Christians only. It should exist for all groups, not just a select few.

  29. What do you suppose Odummer is going to do when he realizes that his favorite religion (Islam) is not going to allow him to complete this plan when it comes to Islamic owned contractors, businesses, etc.? With our modern government it is not a freedom of religion. It is a freedom from Christianity and the Book that this once sovereign nation was built upon: The Bible (The Innerant Word of God).

  30. William G. Lyons

    I fully agree about the Religious freedom issue. We are living in dark days and I believe they will get darker. In every empire (if you wish to call the US an empire) has fallen starting with the loss of religious morals. This causes the falling apart of the family then it’s everyone for himself…ergo the empire falls. There is no real choice…If one is a Christian in more than name they must choose Christ and HIS laws over that of mans’. Remember it is “In GOD we trust.” We need an honest president and congressmen and we need them to be Christian.

  31. it is time for all Christians to stand up and hold there ground for the Christian faith and not give in to his Muslim bull crap and all of his cronies in the senate and the congress should be voted out without any time wasted. our nation was founded by Christian values and that is in the archives in DC. Semper Fi and and take a stand and not give in to a corrupt administration that has destroyed this nation and the past ones who also have lined there pockets with money and scum bags like George Sores should be tried for treason. for wanting to bring this nation down.

  32. We will not accept this anti Christen edicts and this traitor should know that, and probably does, but doesn’t care. Will you not stand for God?

  33. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    I have been pointing out the similarity between the ideals of the Turd Potty and The American Nazi Party for some time now with no one on that side being able to do more thna deny, They have provided no substantive proof to the contrary. Now I have the perfect candidate for yall. Well actually not the person himself but someone espousing all of his ideals would surely walk to victory in the GOP. Emulate Timothy McVeigh and you are guaranteed to be the right wing candidate without question.

    • Who would answer someone who is so out in left field with their comments? The Tea Party is comprised of a majority of older folks, who are seeing their country being torn apart by a man who is so messed up by misfits for parents. And his loyalty to a group who claim to be loyal to a god, but who cannot prove that there is a god behind their inhuman tactics. If your parents were screwed up, it is a fair chance you will be also.

  34. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Jamesowens, Muslims ain’t so bad? Beheading non muslims and bragging about it “ain’t so bad?”
    Burning non muslims to death “ain’t so bad”?
    Kidnapping women and raping them “ain’t so bad”?
    Going back a bit, flying airplanes into the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon wasn’t so bad?
    Muslims are no different than Nazis!

    • No, the Nazis actually believed that Jews were to blame for the death of CHrist. But the real culprits were the Kenites, who are the true sons of satan. They took over the Levitical duties back in Ezra, and became the leaders of Levites who had Jesus put to death. That is why, Jesus said that there is only two churches who know who those are who pretend to be Jews and are not, and will only honor those who know the difference.

  35. Mark Veenendaal

    Of course, Obama is at his core, a Muslim. Nothing he like better than to diminish Christianity.

  36. As soon as some Patriot deletes this clown, then America can start the healing process.

  37. Since all of this is illegal to ask or put on an application, how does he propose to enforce it?

  38. no, no, no you got it all wrong. Federal means Government means Constitution. Religion cannot interfere with the Constitution. A religion is free to BE but not to step on the rights of Anyone else. (Not even the rights of gays.) Religions doing there thing on other people is going to be a BIG Problem with Islam sooner than later and what Christians do opens ALL doors to them. No Religion makes rules for our country, Period. Just because Christianity is a decent, Loving, Tolerant Religion does not mean all out there are. Even ISRAEL accepts that nature sometimes misses the mark and male persons is in female body. Judaism accepts Gays! Nature makes mistakes ALL the time. All the time. Just watch your own actions and lay off others and when the time comes, Tell Islam They Must do the same. And Members of that Religion who do not want to follow Home Sharia don’t have to in America and they will get help and protection if they want out.

    • God makes no mistakes. His intent is to put into each soul, what they deserve based on how they acted in the first earth age. If you deserve to be separated from GOD, and being gay will separate you. Then of course GOD allowed you to be born with issues. The point is you make a choice to love GOD or yourself. IF you love yourself more than GOD, you do not deserve to be in eternity. You cannot love anyone else more than GOD, not mother, father, son, daughter or wife or husband. Thus, it pretty much is proof that you do not love God if you go against His Plan of Salvation.

      • Sounds like BS, I’m sorry to say. I never read that in the Bible OR Torah. Something must have happened to Christianity on its way to America somehow.

  39. Michael Dennewitz

    And NO ONE in congress will lift a finger to do ANYTHING! No balls. They’re scared to death of Soros! Congress is made up of females!!

  40. The end of this article says we are throwing away tradition for a small portion or the population. Why would we as Americans want to keep a tradition that excludes other Americans. All of the men and women in is country are deserving equally. Tradition is out dated, we live in an entirely different world now. You are still very much free to practice any religion you feel, but not on my tax dollars.

    • You are the one who has it wrong. You have the right to believe as you wish, so long as you do not infringe onto my religious rights. My beliefs do not force others to live as I do, but yours do not have the right to force me to accept you, if you are committing a sin.

      • I did not call anyone wrong. This article says federal grants are being used to fund faith based groups. The choice is simple, if you want to discriminate against people based on your beliefs it’s time to stop taking federal welfare. What do you know of my beliefs? I don’t want anyone to anything they don’t want to. Granted federal money is not being used to support something that discriminates or promotes hate.

        • It does not promote hate. Sin is sin. You refuse to acknowledge when you do wrong, and soon there will be no laws to protect anyone. The way I see it, when you can change the laws of perversion, you can change all laws. And that is when God will intervene.

        • Churches do not take federal money. They do not pay taxes. And why should they? They are a non-profit organization. You keep calling the religious belief that homosexuality is a sin a discrimination, and hate. Tell me, do you think child molestation is a good thing? Just like the plan to get homosexuality accepted, they will work on getting all evil things to be acceptable. Either you will be on the wrong side of an issue eventually, or you will be on God’s wrong side forever. I have no interest in what happens to you nor would I tell you what to believe. But you are trying to do just that to me and others like me. Discrimination goes two ways. As for hate, you re the only one who has expressed that feeling. Perhaps you should reevaluate your own personal ideology. No one should be forced to accept anyone who is doing something that they do not agree with. And that is why this country was formed in the first place. To stop people from trying to force their ideology onto others. Even communism and socialism are a form of religion, when it tries to force the ideology behind them onto others.

  41. America must rid it self of this Muslim heathen, named Obama !

  42. You have the wrong headline. There is religious freedom for Islam. There is no CHRISTIANITY freedom.

  43. HECK in Barack Hussein OBHOZO World, only MUslims can Vilfy, Threaten, Commit Acts of Violence, Decapitate against ALL OTHER FORMS of RELIGION…That is hIS plan and is Sticking with it Until the REST of US Get off the COUCH and KICK SOME ASS!

  44. Not the muslims though. They don’t have to answer for anything as far as Obama is concerned. The scary thing is, they shouldn’t be covered under the first amendment. Thy are a political entity, not a religion!

  45. Obama is not against freedom of religion. Like most (or maybe all) liberals, he is against freedom of Christianity. He is perfectly at ease with freedom of Islam and any other religion except Christianity.

  46. It is increasingly clear that, perhaps in reaction to centuries of being derided as weak and effeminate, organized homosexuality has signed on as the Waffen SS of the communist transformation. The crucial difference between the current fourth attempt at Leninist revolution and the unsuccessful ones that have gone before is that this time they going after the religious tradition that has always been the basis of American exceptionalism and our strongest bulwark against tyranny. They have realized that the First Amendment ties free speech to the free exercise of religion, so it is necessary to remove the constitutional protection of religion in order to disable to constitutional protection of speech. Once religious speech in general and expression of Christian belief in particular is “hate speech” that can be repressed, the Jade Helm trains can start running and the “camps for adults” that the Crown Princess envisions can begin to receive dissidents. We are closer to national destruction than ever before in our history, and are as much on the precipice of totalitarianism as Russia in the fall of 1917 and Germany at the beginning of 1933. Any American not prepared to bend the knee to an established religion of metrosexual secular humanism and worship of the state had better get ready to emigrate, secede or fight.

  47. The president’s “nope and re-arrange” vision is slowly destroying the moral fabric and freedoms we all love and enjoy. The only religion he embraces are the ones that fit his particular cause at the moment, and communism is a horrible religion.

  48. I strongly dislike Bisexual communist Kenyan imposters whom are also Crack head’s

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