Religious Conservatives Face New American Reality

At churches across the country, Christian pastors are deeply concerned about the future of religious freedom in America. After the devastating ruling from the Supreme Court, many religious conservatives see dark times ahead. “Welcome to the new world,” said Roy Moore, Alabama’s Supreme Court Chief Justice on Sunday. “It’s just changed for you Christians. You are going to be persecuted.”

While it’s tempting to wave off this kind of talk as hyperbole, the facts are unmistakable. In the blink of an eye, things have changed. Despite the fact that the majority of religious conservatives oppose gay marriage, their position has become one of bigotry and hate in the eyes of the media. And it could be only a matter of time before the law sees it the same way. Clergymen themselves are safe for the time being, protected by the First Amendment. But when it comes to faith-based schools and charities, there is a decided chill in the air.

In writing his dissent to the ruling, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said, “I assume that those who cling to old beliefs will be able to whisper their thoughts in the recesses of their homes, but if they repeat those views in public, they will risk being labeled as bigots and treated as such by governments, employers, and schools.”

That’s not some old kook preaching fire and brimstone in a church basement in Florida; that’s a Supreme Court justice telling us that this decision on gay marriage is about to change the country in a big way. This isn’t just about whether or not states can enact bans against same-sex marriage. This is about whether or not it will be permitted for anyone to oppose the institution without being treated like a social pariah.

Think about how far we’ve come and how fast. To liberals, of course, the speed at which this has happened is a good thing. They see it as the culmination of a generation’s worth of work. They see it as a grand step forward for civil rights. To them, Friday’s decision was as monumental as anything that happened in the late 1960s.

To conservatives who believe in the traditional definition of marriage, however, Friday’s decision was the biggest slap in the face since Roe v. Wade. Rather than use the Constitution as their guide, the Supreme Court decided to put their stamp of approval on the trend of the day. Sure, the assent came up with all kinds of legal gobbledygook to justify the decision, but this was a decision made for political purposes alone. It was a finger in the face of traditionalists, Christians, and Webster’s Dictionary.

In a country where five men and women can change the definition of marriage with a snap of their fingers, what can’t happen? What can the Constitution protect us from? How bad will it get?

These are the questions that America’s Christians and conservatives are asking themselves this week, and there are no easy answers. We’ve been cast as the villains in the grand LGBT morality play. The “heroes” smell blood, and they are ready to finish us off. Let’s show them that we will not go quietly into this rainbow night.


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  1. let justice roll

    Anyone who could not see this coming was a fool. This was the game plan from the beginning. This was never about equal protection under the law, it was always about finding a way to attack Christians and the Supreme Court made up a law that did not exist to help the LGBT cause. Every Justice who went along with this travesty should be removed from office.

    • You are so right. The writing was on the wall, and too many chose to ignore it.

      • Too many fear the title of bigot and/or racists…….too many were silent……..we LOST.

        • we havent lost yet, we will loose the fight against them, but their are still souls to be saved, as long as we save souls, expecially the ones who “think” they are christians but are homosexuals, well then we are winning in Gods name.

        • Yes. People need to realize that those allegations are false, and are made for the sole purpose of trying to get us to shut up. They know they’re lying.

    • I wholly agree.

    • Wait a minute…….

      The fact that the Supreme Court made up a law that didn’t exist and the fact that the Court doesn’t have the authority to make the laws, that should still give us some leverage. If the court is going against the laws doesn’t that then make the ruling void and of none effect? We shouldn’t think this is done yet, because the court itself went against the rules. Let’s find out about this. Let’s not just give in so easily.

      • so how are you going to stop them that bastard Obama is leading the way and no one has done anything to stop him and no one is going to do anything about this latest attack on Christians and America. except sit around and bitch about it like always

        • we can fight first by voting agianst the dumbocrats, then when things get bad we can join together. if we fight them one on one, we will actually be fighting them one on one hundred, if we form ranks, the obama administration will send in feds to silence imprision us or murder us. lets start first by voting.

      • we are about the last christians on earth who still can fight. I agree be outspoken and spread the TRUTH!

      • No, I don’t believe that there is any provision set for if the Supreme Court decides to legislate with rulings except that they must take cases they are presented with rather than inventing cases to rule on.

      • Yes, I agree and its says in Chapter 6 of Corthians 1, verses 11-14 about homosexual acts being a sin, detestable at that.

    • Shofar threading

      Obama is no Christian and the Supreme-less Roberts and Kennedy are no Catholics.

      “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” Psalm 127:1 <

      • obama claims to be christian, we all know he is not, he is a closet muslim who is out to destroy this country, all our alliances, and the world, he and hillary are truly satans servants

        • Shofar threading

          Personally, I think he’s coming out of the closet more and more. And in every sense of the word, if you get my drift, dude.

    • yes the homo’s moved state to state to sway the votes, and a couple homosexual politicians won over the supreme court who sold out. they are liberals who support Satan

    • Sometimes there comes a day when a people deserve to lose all that God has given them. Perhaps our day is right around the corner.

      God, of course, is the ultimate authority on the rise and fall of the world’s kingdoms. We fight primarily for hope that God will see fit to not let our sacrifices be in vain.

  2. You know, the supreme court up held the law banning alcohol. Remember how that worked out. The fight isn’t over. There is now way a minority (1.6% of our population) can rule over the majority. It just won’t work. Keep your powder dry.

    • Unfortunately that 1.6% is likely somewhat larger as others do not want to cause their family, friends, neighbors or coworkers to be judgmental of them. Homosexuality was treated as a mental ailment but because of money I think someone decided to just ignore it. That is probably what led us to now.
      A brain defect has now become a ruling segment of our society.

      • your right, they are only 1.6% but too many people support them and those who dont, are worried about their jobs because Satan has totally taken control of the US Government

    • Don’t give up!!!! They are not God!!!

    • satan gives them power, and in the end times the majority will turn to satan even if they dont know it, like the new socalled christain faith movement who accept anyone because they changed the bible, and it says in the bible, those who change the words of this book will burn in hell

  3. The SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES has bent over for the homosexual
    deviates of the world and exposed themselves as corrupt, dysfunctional idiots who
    have forgotten their oath of office and their law training. Based upon a touchy
    feel good mentality some of them bastardized the legal system to their personal
    way of thinking. A Judge is supposed to put all personal feeling and emotions
    out of the picture and make rulings purely based upon evidence presented at
    the time, they are not supposed to try to be mind readers and have séances with
    the dead to understand what they think they meant when the wrote laws. They
    have bastardized their oath of office to do so recently as they have made rulings
    that follow that line of though. Only the most corrupt, or criminally insane individual
    could justify their ruling on homosexual “marriage”. There can be no such thing,
    Marriage is a contract between one Man, One Woman and GOD, if the homo’s
    want to form a civil union go for it no one will deny them that right. But that is
    not now and never will be a marriage. At no place in our Constitution is marriage
    addressed since that is a religious experience that is recognized in our court
    system and by the Federal Government under their TAXIATION codes. It is
    just as easy to include Civil Union contract in there also.

    • James, you are so right and the “Supreme Court” has gone down he same path as this Country under Obama and his Cronies!!!!!!!!!!!

      What a “Terrible” thing for this “Once Great Nation and it’s Good People” .. we’re Doomed unless the “Bad People” wake the “F” up in 2016!!!!!!!

      • Bill in the upcoming election cycle our only hope will be that we
        can find a good candidate to run for the Presidency and then
        pray that voters will realized the danger we face if they, as in the
        past, just sit home. Even if you are not 100% behind the
        candidate we must get the vote out to try and save our Nation.

        • Hey James, Anyone of the GOP present Candidates would be World Beater’s compared to Oblammer and Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton!!!!!!!!!

        • I agree with you wholeheartedly. I will vote for whoever gets the nomination. But I sort of hope Ted Cruz gets in there. He has said that he will rescind every executive order that obie has signed. Pretty sure he would do something about this, too. No matter what, we have to get as many obiecrats out of office as possible so we can finally get some positive things done for these United States.

        • Only God can save our Nation and it could be through our voting for the person who will honor Him and our Constitution.

    • stanley moscariello

      james how right you are( OBAMA ) he halft to go i dont think he is a good family man ether

    • Corrupt people without the knowledge of God’s wisdom or even establishment principles cannot make good judgment when it comes to understanding the Law of the Land. They start making laws and destroying everything we have stood for since our Nations beginning. Only God can deal with our problems, man cannot. Our Nation is in deep trouble and there needs to be masses of people turning back to God, learn His ways and apply them.

    • I agree Marraige is a SANCTITY! Sanctified BY GOD between a MAN and a WOMAN! this country is just selling itself out one brick at a time until the foundation this country was built on will no longer exist and then the Sodomites, the Satanists, the False Christains will put us into the one world government where Satans son can take control. We all know Satan just LOVES making a MOCKERY of anything God created like Marriage!

  4. t is time to revolt before it’s too late. 1776 will reign again.

  5. Dexter L. Wilson

    I am still waiting for the Congress to back bone up and impeach this president and because of the two dishonest Justices having presided at same sex weddings who failed to recuse themselves according to federal law, to be impeached as well.

    • Also questions over John Roberts adopted children should be aired. He may be subject to blackmail if their circumstances are indeed illegal.

    • There are not enough people in Congress to do what is right — they want to keep their power. We no longer have Statesmen – maybe a handful but to no avail. They cannot win over the greed of our reps.

      • Dexter L. Wilson

        As a Christian, it is your duty to be salt and light. Did you ever attend a Republican or Democrat Precinct or Caucus at your state’s Primary? You need to find out more about these. You can take resolutions to the meeting. Then get yourself elected to go to a county or parrish convention. Then get elected to go to your state convention. That is where we can be salt and light. That is why I like the TEA Party because you can get educated there and then get involved in politics on a grass roots level. Ever wonder why Texas is so conservative, when it existed The Christian Coalition taught Christians these things. Christians took over the Republican Party of Texas. Ever wonder why they have conservative leaders in Texas? That was how.

        • At 75 years of age and physical problems I am not active as I once was. I do all I can online. Also, as a Christian, it is none of anyone’s business what another person does or not. I am from Texas and would love to move back but can’t. My family is involved and they are all Christians. But what does your post have to do with what I posted?

          • I believe people are free to believe what they want, but they do not have the right to run it down other peoples throats, and begin to destroy the moral backbone and fiber of our lives, they want to live this life style, just leave me alone and I will live my Christian values and morales, it is their eternal souls that will be hurt by their decisions.

      • your right its time to rebel, but if we do we will be crushed militarily

        • Hey, dude, where did you get “time to rebel” from my post? I believe in being prepared against our enemies within and without but not to start the fight. I believe we also need to be prepared with the knowledge of God’s Word to be able to depend on Him when the disaster comes and it will either personally or nationally.

          • they have already started the fight, and they are persecutiong us more and more every day, you dont have to take up arms to rebel, you dont have to cause violence or physical harm to rebel, but it is time to rebel and NOT BOW to Satan’/s Army

          • Agree but put God first in our lives.

          • Amen

    • just a minute..i heard Ginsburg presided over a same sex wedding yes …but i didn’t hear about any of the other Justices doing that …maybe i’m confused 😕

    • We all wait……..for action from RINO land.

    • the same president who only talks about gun control when a white kills blacks but does and says nothing when blacks kill innocent whites, and that president who wastes our tax dollars on his families royal vacations only support black churches that are anti white what do we expect from him?

    • Impeachment is not the answer. He must be arrested for treason, tried, convicted, and imprisoned. That way every single EO he has signed can be made null and void; every appointment he has made can be reversed, including Supreme Court appointments. In other words, absolutely everything he has done can be deemed illegal and done away with. Impeachment implies that he was a legal president, which he has not been, and everything will stand. He must be taken out of the WH by the proper authorities and hauled off to stand trial. Nothing less will be sufficient.


  7. The “Supreme Court” has become the same as this Country under Obama … Distain Politics through “Disinformation” from every aspect of the Left, Muslim’s and Foreigners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whatever happened to “Majority Rule,” duh … to all the “Minorities and the “Prick’s” backing them, thinking they can make their BS “Stick” with “Real Americans” … “You can go to hell because we’re coming after your double crossing asses!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  8. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    LMAO look at all the pathetic and pitiful hysteria. Oh and don’t forget Obama is still coming for your guns. He has been doing that for 6 years and hasn’t taken a one.

  9. Sculptorofbabies

    Nothing to do with Americans.. Everything to do, with the Democratic, agenda…..

    • It has everything to do with all Americans who have rejected God through the years and are now willing to accept emotionalism, entertainment, humanism, Atheism, socialism, communism, relativism, sports-ism and all the other isms that exist in our world today. Too many people no longer even know what the Bible teaches and are willing accept whatever comes along that makes them feel good about themselves.

  10. Sounds like Alito has got it right. He evidently knows prophecy, and he knows how out of hand even the Supreme Court is going to get in the future. And he should know, having a seat there, right in the midst of them.

  11. This is selfish to say but I am glad I no longer work and not out in public very much anymore since it would be hard for me to keep my mouth shut if confronted by the lefties and their way of thinking.
    Under a Constitutional Republic, it is one man, one vote and the Country operated under the RULE of LAW AND THE MAJORITY RULES.
    Under a Democracy, it is more or less mob rule with those who have the loudest voice and the most money ARE OFTEN THE WINNERS which means that it is the minority who wins out over the majority. This is why ONE person can end school or public prayer and why a FEW can win gay rights.

    • I reigned MYSELF in a long time ago, and stay close to home so that I will not inflict myself on others! LOL

  12. After reading some of the posts below, I see fears that may not be all that valid. I am not sure the decision was a bad thing. In approving the rights of the LGBT community we all have the right to demand equal protection under the Constitution. Turn about is fair play. If I am going to honor the LGBT rights, they will honor mine. Or else!

    • Accepting and honoring are two different things. I refuse to do either.

      • peanut butter,
        Obviously our founding fathers did not see such an unscriptural concept becoming an issue. But it has. Under the First Amendment these folks have their rights. Notice I did not include any other amendment. Under the same First Amendment, Christian have their rights as well. We are struck with the LGBT rights. Now they are stuck with Christian rights. If need be, it will end up in the Supreme Court again. I do not intend to give up my rights to my belief in the Bible. The Romans tried to use force. They lost.

        • I think the First Amendment covers freedom of religious practice, and freedom of SPEECH, not actions. Somehow SCOTUS made it OK to burn or desecrate flags, now everybody thinks they have the right to do anything they want to do. Desecration of the American flag should NEVER have been allowed to happen, much less be backed up by SCOTUS. Freedom of speech pertains to just that… speech. And since obie’s been in office, we’ve had some of that true kind of free speech taken away. All to keep from ruffling feathers.
          And nowhere in there does it say that same sex marriage is permitted, or anything else about any other kind of marriage. This law was illegally instated in soooo many ways. Therefore it is not Constitutional. I will not honor it. That doesn’t mean I’m going out looking for trouble, but I WILL NOT bow down to anything that is so offensive to god.
          Everything else you said, I agree with.

    • They don’t want to honor you but only CONTROL YOU.
      And what rights does an addict with a disgusting, un-natural & un-healthy lifestyle have? The right to raise your taxes due to their un-healthy lifestyle is a given.

  13. If anyone was listening to what the Supreme court based it on, they have also made all gun laws nulls and void, because those are an infringement of our rights under the Constitution. The Liberal nuts can no longer place restrictions on anyone’s rights, under their ruling. Justice Roberts is also wrong on trying to force anyone to do anything, under the grounds of what he used to base same sex marriage, as that goes against our freedoms of religion and our other basic rights.
    All the States, Churches, and gun owners should hit the Supreme Court with the same bases they just used to grant same sex marriages. It is in the Constitution.

  14. I just don’t know. It’s all in God’s plan isn’t it? I wonder many things about why God allows such things to happen but I know he is in control. Perhaps this is all part of the plan-the beginning of the end?

    • You’re right. Everything is on God’s timetable and Israel is God’s timepiece.
      For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
      For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts(Isaiah 55:8,9).

  15. Joseph O Morrow

    New reality?

    Reality never changes! But our relationship to reality can and does.

    As we see what is happening in the courts, in the executive branch, in Congress, and out here among we-the-people, we can wonder whether or not we’ve ever really been in touch with reality all along.

    “And the great dragon was cast down, the old serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who deceiveth of the WHOLE inhabited earth…”

    Now let’s at least suppose some kind of truth to this. That would mean that nobody on this whole inhabited earth is totally free from deception! Now is the time to stop taking anything for granted and to reexamine everything. Since mass-identity crises have now become much more legalized, let’s start with our own national identity:

    Who are we, really? We obviously didn’t just appear suddenly out of the blue as a great nation. Everything must have a cause. What was our cause?

    How old is our national identity, really? Two hundred years? 395 years? … How about 4,000 years?!!!

    There is a high-quality book which has been freely available for decades now, which has been requested by millions. It is called The United States and Britain in Prophecy, written by Herbert W. Armstrong. Search for it on-line. I really mean that it is entirely free, whether read on-line, downloaded in various formats, or a hard copy ordered through the mail (no shipping charges). There is no insert page asking for donations.

    Examine stuff that will seem incredible at first, but which can be confirmed by your own personal research. How important is it to realize ones true origins? Let’s say that it truly is a matter of life or death!

    • Look at Daniel 7:4. Seven as the 7th month of July and verse 4 as the 4th of July. You see the lion as England. The lion had eagle’s wings(USA) and the wings were plucked and lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man(Uncle Sam). Just a thought.

      • Joseph O Morrow

        Yes. It’s a thought. And there could very well be something to it.

        However, before pulling apart bits and pieces and forcing them into a likely context, one must first take in the entire view of the original context. The book I recommended in my prior post is a great one for getting started at this. There are also other materials available through the same source, much of it concerning the Book of Daniel. In that context, maybe you can find whether or not your Daniel 7:4 idea fits into a larger (more practical and useful) picture.

        I DO appreciate your “just a thought”.

        • Thank you. I like to use the book of Daniel when responding to scoffers of the Bible. Daniel didn’t have a clue what he was writing and God told him it would be a closed book till the last times(Daniel 12:4) and so it was.
          If God was not the Author how could Daniel write about the rise and fall of nations before they existed? And then he writes how knowledge and travel would increase. If that doesn’t make an atheist think they’re brain dead.

          • Joseph O Morrow

            One can be much more effective in dealing with fellow human beings by discarding those little mental boxes labeled “scoffer” “atheist” etc. It’s good to know every possible way of avoiding bigotry.

            Those who folks label “scoffers” are often those who are bitter after having been abused in the name of religion. Before such can be open to any Scripture verses, they must first experience just as much or more genuine Biblical behavior in their direction as their prior negative experiences. There is no such thing as instant-coffee evangelism! God Himself spent years preparing Daniel to faithfully record those things he had no clue about. We should also be prepared to allow God to spend much time working on us. Then, we should be prepared to offer our lives for our friends before we can expect such to receive our words.

          • Joe, if you stay on these blogs any length of time you’ll see the mockers and scoffers as is in 2Peter 3:3-5).
            I’ve never been abused in religion, in fact I was heavily involved in drugs and outlaw bikers decades ago when the Lord saved me. Overall I agree with your post.

          • Joseph O Morrow

            Mocking and scoffing are easy to identify. Seeing the intents of the hearts of those through whom they come forth is a different matter.

            I make no attempts to second-guess the life-stories of others. I’ve had to heed the admonitions given to the brother of the prodigal son rather than being the prodigal son myself.

            Decades ago, the Krishna Temple moved into a house on my block. So you can imagine what we all heard early every morning for several years. Soon after they relocated elsewhere, the leader of a motorcycle gang moved in next door. So drums and chanting were quickly replaced by dozens of revving-up cycles early most mornings.

            My parents had taught me very early in life that each human being is an unique individual person. Use of labels was discouraged, lest I fall into bigotry.

            My family was thus treated with respect by Buddhist monk and motorcycle gang member alike, and many more in between. Then, on various occasions we were asked to reveal our “secret”. “Glad you asked . . . “

      • Edwin, the biggest problem with your “thought” is that the ancient Hebrew calendar started with the last half of March or the first half of April, when the Jews celebrated Passover. Secondly, since their “months” often started/ended in the middle of our current months, your “4th of July” would fall in late August or early September. When looking as prophesy, you HAVE to remember that it was written TO Jews, FOR Jews, BY Jews (except for St. Luke).

        • I don’t know much about the Hebrew calendar. A Bible teacher brought Daniel 7:4 out and commented on it which I thought was pretty neat.
          In Christ there is no Jew or gentile(Galatians 3:28) so prophecy is for both Jew and gentile though so much speaks to Israel.

  16. Christ said I have told you everything. We are told we would be persecuted for my name sake. We are told it will get a lot worse before Jesus returns at the 7th trump. All prophesies WILL come to pass and they are. We are told all of these things in the bible. Have you not read? I say Hallelujah GOD!!! COME JESUS COME!!!


  18. our church welcomes anyone. Of course, they are also reminded weekly that we are all sinners, that we each need to repent at the foot of the Cross & seek Jesus as Lord.
    With this LGBT foible now “law”, we are talking seriously about not doing ANY weddings – none at all – send everyone to the Justice of the Peace. Then, I understand that any of our pastors would be more than happy to pray & worship with any couple that comes to them & asks. Just be ready for what you’ll hear! They don’t hold back very much when the Word of God is involved!

  19. Alleged Comment

    It is lieberals and Congress that should be prosecuted. Don’t you ever let them think YOU should be prosecuted. You broke NO law, THEY DID! Broke vows and oaths too.

    They all should be hanging for what they did, but God has a bitter idea. They will be FRIED instead! Our battle cry should be, Sodomy & Gonorrhea, Fire & Brimstone!

  20. You don’t have the time you think.this is on

  21. Predict all REAL Churches will have to issue photo ID and screen those entering for Services…..or face unending HATE SPEECH law suits from the LGBTQ/NAMBLA, ACLU, PP, DOJ, and Feminine-Nazi’s.

  22. I saw it comming years ago, I also see the future, If christains speak their mind the devil will counteract, it has already been written. I was just kicked off facebook because of my chrisitan beliefs and unwillingness to accept the homosexuals. yes I got mad and said vulgar things to them, I shouldnt have done that, it gave them strenght, isnt it amazing how 1.6 % of the population can have so much power? that is the work of Satan. but the Bible says we will be persecuted, but in the end God will take vengance on the Sodomites

  23. They are definitely coming for us. This article is titled… LGBT Leaders: Gay marriage is not enough. This is just one group… they believe they are Christians. 🙁

    • I believe God has sent this powerful delusion.

      2 Thessalonians 2:10-13New International Version (NIV)
      10 and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

  24. Using Rainbow as an indication whatsoever of homosexuality is a slap in God’s face. God made a promise to all of mankind that he would not send another flood. Homosexuals just think they own the rainbow. The reality, however, is that the rainbow is for all of mankind.

    If anything, the homosexual use of the rainbow is just a taunt from them to God saying that they can sin however they want because they do not have to fear a flood to destroy them.

  25. Freedom is often assaulted by those who wish to take it away.

    The way you fight for freedom is to fight those who would seek to take your
    freedoms from you.

    You prepare to defend yourself and exercise your
    freedom anyway, and then when they assault you for having the audacity
    to disagree, you fight with every bit of strength you have.

    Enough people do that, and the freedom to dissent will not go away.

    Religious freedom laws are already being made to protect those who would dissent and follow their God in defiance of the law.

    Conscientious objector laws are already being discussed to protect justices of the peace and others who might be forced to acknowledge and participate in granting marriage to homosexual unions.

    If we have those, than we can be protected because we will not be forced to acknowledge nor participate in helping this abominable union and assault on the institution of marriage.

  26. American People, history is definitely repeating itself. Third Reich!!! Anybody remember? Nuremburg Trials? Anybody remember? Now, there’s a new wrinkle, Islamism (and or, Sharia Law), religiosity and the Qu’ran. It’s already at America’s doorstep, a la, European Union. Anything over a 35% threshold in a wholly (insular) Muslim/Islamic community, in foreign lands, is “Sharia Eligible.” Talk to any mosques IMAM. Granddaddy of them all? Saudi Arabia. So, what happens to the successes of the LGBT movement in the USA? As a niche political “wedge” issue (Like LGBT, one of many in the USA)designed solely by the OBAMA administration PK’s (philosopher kings) to decimate Historic US Constitution and Bill of Rights will ultimately themselves, be decimated by the hand that ‘fed” these “niche” political ‘ front line’ groups. History is a great backdrop towards understanding how, time and time again, it (history) has a nasty habit of raising its head, repeating the same old tried and untrue mantras only to discover, their ultimate demise and ashes, requires the rise and start trying the same old tried and untrue mantras all over again. LGBT was and is a “throwaway” niche issue. It’s purpose has risen and now will die in the trash heap of historical government failures. Enter a new wedge “niche” political issue….Sharia Law. (or Muslim/Islamism). Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible.

    • most of your comment is …interesting ….but the philosopher Plato argued that the philosopher king is the best form of government, the last i remember at least…oh and I’m still not sure what you mean by “throwaway issue” 😕

      • Will try to be specific, without being pedantic.
        PK’s (Philosopher- Kings) in both historic context and modern day applications have identical meaning and root systems. Having said that, We American People have one sterling example of this thought, word and deed when recalling Herbert Hoover’s mentioning American Individualism.
        See, Mr. Hoover had already morphed to a “progressive” mind set, coining the term ” progressive individualism.” Unmasked, this is individualism in name only. He flatly rejected (as do most PK’s),Laissez-Faire. Mr. Hoover, a PK’er par excellance, said, “every man for himself and the devil take hindmost” contended “Individualism cannot be maintained as the foundation of a society if it looks to only legalistic justice based upon contracts. property, and political equality.” See, progressive individualism augments these with legislated “social and economic justice.” And we all know where this takes us…”a fair division of the (economic) product!!!” Which brings us to present day We the Elite People of Culture of corruption in all of Washington DC (or PK’s). Lest We The People forget, Herbert Hoover (1929-1933) followed:Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson, Harding, Coolidge and(alas) Hoover, mastermined the “Great Depression.” So, are PK’s really the best form of government? This has “PROGRESSED” to today’s full blown PK’s, Progressive agenda and Mr. Obama’s administration. Pray. Amen. Read a Bible. Follow the Money…always.

  27. No I will not go quietly in the rainbow night, I believe in God and he has put me in two situations using me as his instrument to save their lives, (the doctors could not believe what I told them what was wrong with two children…guess what they are alive today because I spoke up and out for their lives. It took many many years to realize what had happened in that particular span of time, but I feel blessed God chose me for their battle. Everyone thought I was crazy, until the results came in on both of them, and they they wanted to know, how did I know about their conditions, I smiled and told them that God spoke very loud to me with each of their names during prayers, their names kept getting louder and two horrible thoughts were placed with their names, one was a brain tumor (my son) and the other was kidney cancer ( a little girl of an ex-friend now), The little girl had an 8 lbs Welms tumor reemove and her left kidney and the tumor was attached to her back bone, my son had a CellaBellaTumor that was the size of a gold ball and spread out like spider legs, growing through his brain stem and under it. The doctor came out and after surgerycame out and wanted to know how did I know about it, because my son only had two days at the most to live, so yes I believe in God very much, and this old Christian Woman will fight for God, he died for us and this is the least can do in his name. God gives us challenges in our lives and heaven knows I have had mine to climb and deal with, So guess what, I will fight for what is right and just.

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