Regressives: California Aims to Turn Back the Clock on Racial Hiring Practices

On the ballot in California on Tuesday: Proposition 16, a measure that looks to roll back the state’s hiring laws by once again putting affirmative action into practice. As a state, California moved beyond this racist, discriminatory practice in 1996 with the passage of Prop 209, which made it illegal for public colleges and other government agencies to look at an applicant’s race, gender, or ethnicity in making decisions about their fate. This was an essential and positive step towards a colorblind society – the legal realization of MLK’s fabled “dream.”

But of course, we’re in 2020, not 1996, and certainly not 1966. And today’s leftists think that the notion of colorblindness is ITSELF racist.

From Fox News:

California Democrats have placed Proposition 16 on Tuesday’s ballot, a measure to reverse Prop 209 and which would “permit government decision-making policies to consider race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin to address diversity.”

In an interview with Fox News, Peter Kirsanow, a commissioner on the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, said that if passed, Prop 16 would result in more discrimination, would further exacerbate the country’s racial divide and would do more harm than good for those the initiative aims to help.

“Prop 16, by allowing discrimination by elites on the basis of race and national origin in color, would actually harm Black, Hispanic, all students, the very individuals that it purports to help,” Kirsanow told Fox News.

The good news: Prop 16 only appears to have garnered support from 40% of California voters. The bad news: Prop 16 has garnered support from 40% of California voters. In other words, this is trending in the wrong direction – not just in California but across the country. It’s reflected in cable news guests who say that there is systemic racism throughout government and police. It’s reflected in protesters who wave signs saying things like “Silence is Violence.” It’s reflected in articles that tell us that it’s “problematic” that the New York Philharmonic holds blind auditions because they should be going out of their way to choose black musicians. It’s everywhere, and it’s disturbing.

To hear it from the left, white supremacy is worse than ever in America. Think about that for a second and come to your own conclusions. But that’s the thing: The left doesn’t want you to think for yourself. They want to upend “thinking” altogether and replace it with something they call “lived experience.” Put simply, then: If you’re a white person, you don’t get to have an opinion. You haven’t lived the life of a black person, so it doesn’t matter how many stats you throw out, how much reason and logic you use, or how much your arguments make sense. None of it matters. You’re privileged, and that’s that.

We’re going backwards on race relations, and we’re going fast. We’re not optimistic about where we’ll end up.

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