Refugees Using Welfare to Vacation Back Home

Thousands of refugees are taken in by Switzerland on an annual basis, granted asylum in the country due to war-torn conditions in their home countries. But while Swiss residents may be okay with their government taking in the tired and poor, they may not be too happy about a recent report in the Basler Zeitung.

According to the Swiss newspaper, thousands of refugees head back to the African nation of Eritrea every year, despite the fact that it is supposedly too dangerous for them to live there. The paper reports that many of these refugees have been rejected for asylum status in Switzerland, but Swiss authorities are unable to deport them back to Eritrea due to the dangerous conditions on the ground.

The paper said that as many as 50 Eritreans a day are traveling from Switzerland back to their home countries for vacation. To compound matters, many of these refugees are wards of the state in their adopted land. In other words, they are using Swiss welfare dollars to return at will to a country that is, by government policy, too dangerous for them to go back to.

We’ll leave it to the Swiss to get a handle on their own refugee problem, but this is a reflection of a growing problem across the Western hemisphere. In Europe and the United States, liberal governments are being taken advantage of by countries that cannot stand on their own merits. Remittance payments, welfare checks, and direct humanitarian aid come pouring into these countries; criminals and ne’er-do-wells come pouring out.

It’s not that we don’t have sympathy for the plight of true refugees, and it’s not that we want to see the U.S. and Western Europe turn their backs on those in need. But there comes a point where kindness turns into idiocy, and we are rapidly approaching that point if we haven’t crossed it already. Terrorism is only one facet of the danger. Cultural degradation and economic instability cannot be ignored, either.

There has to be a middle ground. We can send aid to failing countries without making their problems our own. We can provide humanitarian assistance without laying out the welcome mat to every displaced wretch in Northern Africa. We can fulfill our international obligations without putting our security at risk.

The Western world is slowly but surely waking up, and it’s not a minute too soon.

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  1. Agreed! We can help in their own country. Do our best anyway. If they want to succeed in their own land fine. Turning our land over to someone else is not very wise. Check history. Once established the degradation begins. God help us to help them in a proper manor.

    • I agree with you 100%. There are alternative ways to help other foreign people. Until we are GREAT AGAIN in safety, finances and unity, we should not allow free flowing open gates without extreme vetting.

      • We can help in an honorable fashion without selling our own out. Population and security to large of a homeland issue now a days. Take care Julie

      • Stop Bush and Clinton

        Completely open borders can work only between countries that are similar enough to have just about the same number of people moving from country A to B as people moving from country B to A.

        Open borders between the US and Canada would likely work. Open borders between Germany and Austria would likely work. But as soon as you add a country with significantly worse or significantly better living conditions into the mix, it’s not much of a surprise that country A will empty out (potentially causing severe problems in the country’s supply chain) while country B will have problems accommodating all the people.

        That’s not xenophobic, that’s simple math. (And I’m not saying borders need to be closed completely – SOME immigration even between very different countries can be beneficial.)

        • Hence, Brexit. The eastern Europeans were coming to England in droves, not finding jobs, and being put into public housing (and given food, I imagine) at the expense of the locals.

          • Stop Bush and Clinton

            Indeed. And Brexit is good for other reasons too. Centralized control? No thanks… And it’s even worse if the control is largely in the hands of unelected officials as in EU commission.

            I’m open to the idea of *a* European Union of some sort in the future (most problems are best solved at a local level, some other problems are best solved at a more global level), but certainly not *the* European Union the way it is now.

          • I agree! NO ONE can determine what works for somebody else better than the person himself. How can a person in a different country know what’s going on in your neck of the woods? Local control is best. Isn’t THIS why most of those European countries got rid of their kings? He was giving orders and didn’t live in “your neck of the woods.”

      • Safe places for peoples in their countries of origion

    • Rosemary L Nasralla

      I believe that facilitating politically-distraught peoples to remain in their own country/culture is more humanitarian. The Red Cross or other helping agencies can create safe zones. No need to create even more trauma with a continental uprooting and the expectation of a 180 degree cultural assimilation.

      • “can create safe zones.” No they can’t! Would you agree to making say Oregon, a “safe Zone”?
        They are sovereign countries, you or “NGOs” have no rights there.
        Look after your own and let others look after theirs.
        You may not agree with them, I am sure that most do not agree with your norms and values.
        Go home, stay home, not your problem and certainly not your solution.

    • Jeffrey A Douglass Sr.

      Some of these people are most likely here to sell drugs. America should not help them. We can help the good people by allowing them to go through the same procedure all of our ancestor went through to become citizens and the drug salesmen will be sent back home to Mexico.

  2. The libs refuse to admit that asylum and refugee programs are being abused in the states. Worse yet, they refuse to investigate or study the extent of the obvious problem.

    • Does this shock you? No one has the courage to investigate how Obama screwed this nation with everything from illegal immigration to covering up Clinton’s pay to play scandal. Your a decent guy, trying to understand liberals, that task is impossible. Remember you cannot fix stupid.

      • I would guess that if anyone is an expert on stupid, you’re qualified. Your comments and your misuse of words here scream “stupid”.

        • Am I suppose to insult you back now? We all cannot be as brilliant as you think you are? Who gave you the authority to judge others? I am not going to waste my time on you, your a pompous ass.

          • That’s “you’re a pompous ass”. And thanks for not insulting me, Einstein.

          • You got to get the last word just like the bitch you truly are.

          • Trolls are paid to be obnoxious and rude

          • Look at your grammar, trouble maker, and you trying to judge mine? Stay out of other people’s conversations, unless you want to contribute a counter opinion in a civil manner. Your a typical liberal, you start trouble then cry like a baby, or get upset when people fight back.

          • EP She’s probably a tranny troll. Very low education.

          • Eric is a paid troll. Ignore him. He didn’t like the truth you posted and he’s paid to attack and make you look stupid in the eyes of others. Don’t even bother to respond to him and others like him.

          • Thanks for the word of confidence. Ever notice a liberal always has to have the last word? They insigate trouble with an insult in other folks conversation, they get pissed with you counter attack, yet always must have the last word. There are decent liberals that offer a logical sincere not ignorant counter argument. Best Wishes

          • Progressive Republican

            Oh, I’m sure he’ll have something else stupid to say.

            Let’s watch…

          • You’re psychic! Lol. Yeah, I expected that ridiculous response.
            Thank you for having the ability to think and express yourself in such a coherent way here in this sea of utter stupidity.

          • Progressive Republican

            Sorta like fishing in a barrel with explosives.

          • Not even third grade mastery and command. Either very young, or old with dementia

          • FC’n sore loser!

          • It seems you don’t shine very brightly in the eyes of a liberal, bet you have trouble sleeping at night just thinking you don’t have their support, ha, ha.

          • Glenn,
            I actually enjoy and polite-fully carry political arguments with liberals. That is an excellent way to share views and see how others think. There are polite well mannered, and civil liberals in these discussions. I treat them with respect. Others, are only here to cause trouble, and enter into others conversations not to contribute oppose views, but hurl insults. Their grammar queens, they think everyone who thinks different is inferior to them. I appreciate you comment. Respectfully,God Bless President Trump. Moe

          • You’re constitution is stronger then mine when dealing with liberals as find very few that will even listen to what is said that doesn’t agree with them.

          • Where are they? This is a rhetorical question…..

          • I rather expect the conservative Democrats will be soon joining us in our quest to bring the real America back.

          • I agree there are moderate and conservative democrats, I have read of D-congress members agreeing that ObamaCare must be fixed or removed for a more fair plan that eases the suffering if the working class to pay for their insurance. Do not give up hope, the gamble is can Trump get enough supporting Congress to get companies to return their manufacturing plants back upon our soil. He has the ability to put this American nation first, and help the middle class.

          • Thank you for encouragement. I have more hope for America NOW than I have had for years. I like the peace that having hope gives me and will NOT give hoping.
            D. Trump will face much interference from Libs & sob sisters over declaring to apply our EXISTING laws to our illegal alien influx. I think he is very tough, but might find some compromise necessary. Consider the “dreamers.” Just how far should we go? I really don’t know myself how to handle that problem.

          • I agree, Dreamers are here to stay, yet it was Obama whom threw all categories into one sum lump to prevent deportations of the two million he brought in here prior the election. I never once blamed illegal aliens they simply answered his invitation knowing catch and release plus free money, free housing, and free transportation was their reward for escaping poverty. Most of the civil unrest, anarchy, and violence goes back to him, the world in turmoil due to the vacuum created in Iraq by as hasty withdrawal, with no troops left behind. It will always be someone else’s fault not his. He was given a free pass to do as he pleased, and he did. Trump is not a monster, he requested we honor existing laws, yet delayed entry for 90 days of folks coming out of seven states that suffer from terrorism, why? To investigate backgrounds of them to protect the innocent. The left is hungry for excuses to bring down this administration after giving the other an open check to break the law, and violate the constitution. They now use the constitution, and never did want to follow it in Obama’s case. Trump pledge to deport illegal aliens with criminal records released into society by Obama. Conservatives are to busy working to protest, riot, and make anarchy speeches, that is the job of entertainers, loonies that believe the media, and those whom live off the system. Soros bought and owned Obama, now he is financing anarchy is our nation.

          • All you say is so true. And We the Decent People who have awakened must keep up the momentum and do our part.
            After eight years of President Trump, then eight years of President Pence, the hard left will be whimpering and looking for holes into which to crawl.
            A new America will dawn, and our progeny will have a future!

          • Nothing meth or crack cocaine can’t cure EP must think.

          • That is probably what may be necessary if I continued to try and deal with the liberal left.

          • If the Libs become enough of a nuisance on a comment forum, I just block them.

          • It is too bad that is what has to be done because just don’t understand why it can’t be a civil debate between different views instead of what they turn it into.

        • How rude crude insolent and unqualified to make such judgements Eric Pearson. Your post screams how ignorant you are. Primary level. You are either very low education or are foreign to America.

        • Eric you are the Tunnelvisioned Moron here, you probably lust for Hilary.

        • lol….Eric, that’s what you folks do best, is guess.

        • Eric Pearson,your words scream stupidly stupid for it appears you resort to “sound bites” and don’t research the issues.

    • Jeffrey A Douglass Sr.

      It could be that if we had no welfare services for them, they wouldn’t be here anyway. But even if they came just for the jobs, that can be stopped. Give every business a week to eliminate every illegal immigrant from their payroll. The states should know who these businesses are and who owns them. If they don’t comply in the time given, close the business, which will effectively accomplish the same thing; self-deportation.

      • So you are suggesting that a company that employs 1000 employees of which 50 are illegal give the business a week to get them off the pay roll and if they don’t comply close the business. So what do you do with the 950 legals that you just put out of a job by closing the business? Sentence them to 10 years of hard labor for being employed at a company that employed illegals? God help us

        • Maybe we should just demand ICE do the job they’re paid for…………..or send them pink slips.
          No doubt we could find americans willing to do the job

        • No, you just call in the illegals and tell them that they’re fired and goodbye. Just like they do when they pink-slip employees on Fri afternoon.

          You are a typical liberal, Bobby Harris. There’s only one way to do something and it’s always in the law-breaker’s favor. God help us!

          • So what do you call the guy who suggested they close the plant and put the law abiding people out of work? Are solutions like this typical of conservatives ? I believe I read at least 3 comments that were similar

          • No, FIRST you call in the illegals and fire them. IF the company fails to do that, THEN you close down the business as a last resort. There are intermediate steps such as heavy fines and/or jailing the owners/board. If you don’t hold the employers’ feet to the fire, they won’t take action, will they. Once the law is passed, it’s up to the employers to comply or face the backlash. Believe me, they’ll comply if they know how harsh the punishment is.

            Conservatives are law abiders; hence, my name.

          • Your reply shouldn’t be too me but to the guy who suggested they close the plant. .There are adequate laws on the books to deal with this. I don’t believe it will ever come to the point where a company would fail to comply until the extent the plant would close. That would be just as ludicrous as the suggestion to close the plant

          • I have been on so many of these threads that I have heard it all. I know that most of us say fine the employers AND put them in jail because if there are only fines at stake, those costs will just be passed down to the consumer and we want the consumers protected. Our intent is to force employers to obey the law and give these jobs to American citizens, certainly NOT to put Americans out of work.

            I can see your point in being alarmed over what you have read, but to us “old-timers” – those of us who have been writing about illegals for years – this is second nature and I think we forget that there are newbies here who aren’t used to our “over-enthusiasm.” I’m certain that Mr. Douglass would agree with me. I’m hoping he sees your concern and addresses it.

      • Trouble is when you have mayors like they do in Chicago that states we will protect all you illegals that in itself stops businesses from doing the right thing.

      • How are businesses (especially small businesses) supposed to confirm citizenship when ICE will neither ‘confirm or deny’ their status?

      • Mr Douglass….There is an answer here from Mr Harris who is concerned over citizens losing their jobs if businesses were forced to close due to disobeying the law. Could you please expound on your stance regarding this? I have given him my point but I think he would feel more accommodating to your statement if you were to reply to him yourself.


    • Because no welfare office gives bonuses for STOPPING fraud, only for expediting it.

    • Bruce, I might be wrong, however, I myself respectfully believe the former President Obama secretly brought in up to two plus million illegal aliens to form a stronger voting block, then encouraged them to vote to be able to remain inside the nation they entered illegally. Never once, have I blamed the illegals, they are pawns of the anarchist, communist, and democrats that brought them in by opening up the borders to create a change in political ideology with another poverty stricken government dependent subgroup, a change in demographics, since obama’s hate whites, but most of all to kill conservative views of USA entering bankruptcy under liberal executive orders voters. I wonder how can protestors be on the picket line everyday and support themselves by holding down a job? Most Trump supporters except the folks retired, are to busy at work to protest, and to law abiding to harm police officers they respect, to concerned for others safety and well bring to block major roadways endangering lives of the innocent to make a point. It is Obama, not Trump that created the mess we witness daily now. Respectfully

  3. Stop funding it all together until they know what’s going on you bunch of idiots! If they leave the country and return…So be it you’re done. Pretty freaking simple except dems and stupid liberals want to exploit them for illegal votes. That’s why they don’t want Trump to investigate voter fraud cause that’s thier dirty little secret to cheat. Along with dead people voting. They’ve been hiding that too. Typical dems and liberals. Win at all cost and screw morals

    • Jeffrey A Douglass Sr.

      Ken I don’t know who you are calling a bunch of idiots but I recommend you don’t call your friends idiots.

      • Not you guys the ones giving funds away to illegal immigrants in first place when it’s needed right here…Poor families with kids,vets,elderly. The list is long for Americans that should be helped 1st before outside people

    • Thankyou for clarifying who you are calling idiots. Your idea is very good.

    • When Gov. Scott of FL attempted to clean our voter rolls, he encountered resistance from Obammy!
      But, NOW states are free to do just that.

  4. Stupid liberals. Just stop the money!

  5. Good……………..the answer is simple; don’t let them back in! They’re essentially self-deporting!!

    • BornAgainSouthernPride

      That right there is the correct answer. If it is safe enough for them to return on their own, it is safe enough to stay there. Once out, you are done.

      • Gets my vote ~~~~~~gone is gone

        • You approve of criminal behavior? Trump’s ban is illegal.

          • FC’n A He has his pen and phone!

          • The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 banned all discrimination against immigrants on the basis of national origin

          • Apparently it did not ban those countries from being unstable and hot spots of terrorist activity, so much so, that even Obama designated them as such. From Obama’s list, the list of countries with unstable governments which cannot even keep up the people in their borders, cannot help us vet those coming from the countries was compiled.

          • You see only what you want to sew, and twist the rest.

          • And the pot calls the kettle black!

          • Not on using government monies to defraud the Americans ! That law like others to protect Americans can be changed.

          • It can be changed, but it has not been changed.

            The method for changes the Constitution are very specifically stated within that document.

          • What are you referring to?

          • It’s time to pull the pistol out of the American citizens’ mouth and point it at the real tyrants?


          • U.S. Constitution, Amendment I

            CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

          • Apparently U KuntKaps and the rest of the world don’t understand assimilation and invasion, or treason or patriotism???

          • Get a Job! Moron!

          • You must have failed to adequately prepare for retirement.
            That would go fart to explain why you are so angry

          • Gave your ignorance away.

          • Heal the anger, else you will have a heart attack.

          • Hey, Lib Fool, your own idol, B. HUSSEIN O., banned refugees from Iraq for six months. WAKE UP!!!!!!!

          • HUSSEIN tanslates as “beautiful”, “handsome”… If you are intending that as an insult, you as missing uir mark by a long shot.

          • Yes, and dear HUSSEIN damn near drove this country to complete destruction. I think you’d better but your burka back on and STFU!

          • Mein Trumpf

            Vol. One: A Reckoning

            1.The The Hispanic Peril
            2. Arab Peril
            3. The Black Peril
            4. The Female Peril
            5. The Liberal Peril
            6. The Democrat Peril.
            7. The Refugee Peril

          • Obama did not ban Iraqui refugees. Obama’s policies never approached anything like the breadth, cynicism, and incompetence of Trump’s executive order.

          • After fifty years The FC’s are too FC’n Lazy to even become citizens, because the benefits outweigh citizenship, U liberals are too much!

          • Christopher Kirby

            So is protesting that turns into riots and looting.

          • Suggest you refer to the 1st Amendment.

            The Boston Tea Party was a riot, complete with destruction of property.

          • Shut Up ! They do destroy the American fabric when they use US American tax dollars to vacation in these so called war torn countries. Americans don’t get free vacations, some don’t even have jobs, are homeless because of businesses downsizing and sending jobs to foreign countries. Stop All foreign aid.. Americans need this money to create manufacturing companies.What do you have against Americans prospering ? Dam the amendments that provide for illegal immigrants until America can afford them.

          • The US Code dating back to 1790 and George Washington’s first Administration states that the President can pick and choose which non-citizens and which class of non-citizens to allow into the country, and which non-citizens or class if non-citizens to arbitrarily deport. The only thing that got Miss AKLady’s drawers twisted up in a knot is that President Trump’s Executive Order may make America a better place

          • The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965

          • Ak is a real whack job isn’t she?

          • You used the correct verb, WACK, but you should have included the preposition OFF following wack so as to better convey AKLady’s family tree.

          • True that brother.

          • Nothing is illegal about it. CAIR has sued. Let’s see what the court says. Federal law is with Trump. Only U.S. citizens are guaranteed return or travel to the USA.

            Like Al Sharpton, the acting AG, and the rest of the Democrats, you need mental help.

          • No ! Let it come directly out of the democrats money, pay checks, sue to put liens on their businesses, homes. Change the i.r.s. laws now ! See where obama had the nerve to go on television and say Trump is denying based on religion ! He broke all kinds of constitutional laws and put muslims against christians, invented the blm against whites, Racist, Trey Gowdy told Obama he would arrest him on inauguration day. Tell him to do it.

          • Why do you lie?

            Trey Gowdy is a well-known racist. South Carolina’s Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties are known for ignorance and bigotry. South Carolina’s public education ranks last of the 50 states.

          • Your a real JOKE! You are very mentally challenged and have nothing of substance to make.

          • You cannot write a complete sentence … and you talk about others?

          • Go back under the bridge where you came from! Troll

          • Name calling …
            Thank you for proving my point, yet, again.

          • AKLady,
            You are the liar in chief along with your other deceitful socialist friends. It would be unbelievable except we know you all hate this country and have no morals or character. Oh yes the same old socialist lines he is a racist what else would we expect. You socialist divide people down to every difference you can find. Any normal thinking person ask themselves why would anyone do that. There is only one logical answer. Try to think now I know its hard for socialists!!
            I guess you don’t even realize our country is not what it was 100 years ago and many people from the North live in the south now. And for our public education system you socialist are to blame for the young people young children in the North or South. The citizens in this country have been raising this issue for at least 60 years and it keeps getting worst. Look at where in stand for education in the world!!!! The young people that made it out of those propaganda places are only due to the parents. These so call teachers are not places of higher education but propaganda mills. I see they did a good on you
            Trey Gowdy is a moral person which you would know nothing about. He will not take the socialist lies so of course your tactics is to discredit and destroy anyone with moral and character.

          • Yu might want to run your statements through a grammar checker before posting then online.

          • AKLady,
            Yes that would be your comeback, when you have nothing of any value to state.

          • Two federal judges put the brakes on some of it.

          • And you studied this where?

          • M.D. Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences

            MBA, Cardinal Stritch College, Wisconsin.

            CEU – U.S.D.A. Graduate School.

            CEU – University of South Carolina, School of Medicine

            CEU – University o Wisconsin

          • The only thing aklady has studied is how to be ignorant. She thinks she’s an expert in everything and claims to be among other things is she’s a veteran and she’s dyslexic which if she really is I seriously doubt she would’ve been able to make it into the service to start with. She’s her own personal fictional story.

          • Read the constitution you idiot!

          • Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • Suggest you read the applicable law:
            The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965
            First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

          • Trump’s ban is not illegal. In 1952, a law went on the record, that any person associated with any organization whose intent is to overthrow our government and destroy our way of life, can be denied entry here. It is not based on religion. It is based on that law. The Koran mandates that that is what they MUST do, to overthrow and infiltrate our government, get their laws passed, while ours would be nullified as inferior. We would be the spoils of war, and be divided and given to their ‘warriors’ as slaves. Their choice would be to own us themselves, to kill us, or to sell us at the periodic “infidel auctions”. His action is not criminal, his ban is not illegal. The law that backs him up has been on record for like 65 years, and he has the right and responsibility to enforce it. And besides, he made it temporary, at this point, to give the government 90 days to figure out how to get these people vetted, so that we have some assurance they are not secretly terrorists. If it were me, I’d have announced I would be enforcing the law permanently. Deal with it. Trump was much more Presidential in his handling of that. And the protesters are being paid to protest, so why should I believe they are even opposed to it??

          • That 1952 claim has been worn out. Get a new excuse.

          • The presidential order that Trump signed was written by President Obama and members of the Democratic Congress prior to his inauguration. This same presidential order has been signed by 3 other Presidents. These orders come out when the intelligence services determine that there is a credible terrorist threat to this nation from the nations mentioned. Unless your saying there are no muslim terrorists fanatics in these countries, theres nothing illegal about it…comrade.

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • You obviously are not monitoring the White House web pages! It said as much about that executive order. Get informed from the source not the propagandist.

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?

          • You apparently have not read the Constitution. Every President has the right to ban people from coming into the US. Obama did it, but very quietly. Jimmy Carter banned Iran. Bill Clinton in 1995 gave the same speech as Trump did this year. It is the President’s duty to protect Americans first. If you listened to CSPAN and when they questioned Home Land Security under Obama, they stated they were not able to vet. Democrats just keep on saying they are vetted. How about if we fund safe zones for them in their countries and then they can return when they want.

          • There is war and there is peace.
            There was this thing about Iran taking hostages…
            I suggest you learn the difference.

      • Now if the US would only do that .

          • Jeannetteaschultz

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        • The only person with any possibility of a chance to do that in the US is Trump!

        • Retired,
          We,the United States citizens are the most stupid and idiotic people on the planet.We’ve allowed our elected representatives to usurp our laws and scrap our Constitution in order to further their political ambitions and to appease and concede our sovereignty to enemy foreigners (U.N.) We’ve allowed and are subsidizing the largest un-armed invasion of enemy forces (without retalliation) in the history of the world!

      • If they can safely go home and come back they are not legitimate refugees. If they go back they stay.

        • Is that anything like the Jews who were forced to wear armbands, could not own property, were not allowed in stores …

          • Oh, but it is.

          • WTF U talking about kuntcap!

          • Ignorant, liars, bigots, fools … like you.

          • U like ‘em so much go live with ‘em for a couple of years, let’s see how long U last kuntcap?

          • Sewer language. You would not make it 24 hours.

          • The key word is “peaceful “rioting is not protected, or discriminating against the American citizen over radicalized foreigners.

            The idea here is to see if you’d last 24 hours since U like ’em so much?

          • I’ve served in Muslims countries. Obviously, I’ve lived to say so.

          • It’s always a good day when U escape with your clitoris!

          • You confuse religion with culture — 27 African countries, Indonesia, Iraqi Kurdistan and Yemen—had undergone the procedures

            Why do you lie about Islam?
            Did you escape with your foreskin?
            Oh, right, circumcision is also performed in Christian countries.

          • Believe what U want


            its your kuntkap!

          • Well, you obviously do not bother to even read what you post. It has the word “culture” all over it.
            And Barnhardt is a religious bigot, as are all Catholics that I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. Religious hate and bigotry is something that is taught from the time of birth. I was born, raised and educated Catholic.

          • So U were raise an educated Bigot, It’s never too late to change KuntKap, U just have to go under a programming to get feminized!

          • Religious hate and bigotry is something that is taught from the time of birth. You may not be Catholic, but the hate you are filled with is published for the world to see.

          • In other circles it called grouping with family unites communities, church, religion with the same goals for basic need to survive, to keep out of slavery.


            When an outside force invades your home you’re allowed to be bigoted, there for U pizz on the bad and destroy the aggressor, and reward the good!

          • Religious hate and bigotry is something that is taught from the time of birth.

            You have allowed yourself to be taught to hate an wntire group of people — the second largest religion on the face of the earth — because a few use religion to do evil.

            Why don’t you hate Christian’s?

            They are ever busy. Killing people as well — yes, today. +

            Yes, also in the past: The Crusades, The Inquisition, The witch hunts, The Peasants War, French Wars of rebellion, Massacre at Vassy, The Thirty Years War, Pope Sixtus V, Irish Rebellion, Democide in the Americas, Democide in Africa, Democide in Australia, The papal bull Romanus Pontifex – 1455, Slavery in the Americas, Leopold II, King of the Belgians – butcher of the Congo Free State 1885-1908, The Holocaust, Catholic Nazi State in Croatia, Lebanon War, Sabta and Shatila Massacre, Serb Orthodox genocide, Protestant death squads in Ireland, The Rwandan genocide, Zimbabwe — Catholic protection of Mugabe, Lord’s Resistance Army, Central African Republic Catholic murdering of those who won’t convert …, Americans killing physicians and bombing medical clinics, Americans killing church congregations; America – the KKK murders (they are now international terrorists).

          • Some people are suicidal U can’t help them no matter what U try doing!


            But then there’s other’s that try convincing U to commit suicide because for every suicide, they get a couple of cockles !

          • Just block her.

          • How can you block someone so intelligent?

          • Funny…

          • Christopher Kirby

            That wasn’t in America but Nazi Germany. You’re a crazy liberal

          • As usual, you missed the point entirely.
            It is what you, and yours are demanding to take place right here in America.

          • No, he’s a known troll who has taken on all of us who have fallen for his tripe. I’d advise you to steer clear of this one….

          • The way that the NAZI’S acted towards Jews is the way that AKLady wants to treat Conservative Americans. Especially Conservative White Americans.

          • AKLoser is a known troll. Block her.

          • Thank you. Childish name calling says so much about you.

          • I prefer to get right up in her, his or its laying face and show patriotic Americans who their enemies really are. Blocking her arse is only running away.

          • After a couple years of her cut and paste childish tactics, I had to block her. Or he, or it…but have at, my friend.

          • Why do you lie?

          • Where did you learn English? In Moscow?

          • How immature.

          • Adolph Hitler 1924: Make Germany great again.

            Donald Trump 2017: Make America great again.

          • You are using totally different laws from way back. America has the Right to deny.

          • “Laws from way back”.
            Yes, the U.S. Constitution is from “way back”
            Oh, yes, foolish little girl, America has a right to deny — in accordance with the law.
            Presidents don’t get to make up law as they go.

          • No, the Jews would not have returned to Germany on vacation. Use some common sense. IF they can freely come and go from their own country, they are not refugees, and need to apply in the regular process, NOT refugee status. As a refugee, they get money, that is why many want refugee status.

          • However, they did. This round is not the first of your lies. You tell al lot of them about the poor, the sick and as your have here, immigrants.

          • Come on aka Defend America! The house members took an oath to defend AMERICA from domestic and foreign and they’re making America UNSAFE!

          • Not one of the banned countries have acted against America within our borders.

        • Sweden invited tens of thousands of Muslims into their country who claimed they could not live in their own country any longer due to war. When they were settled in Sweden they received full welfare and took that welfare to pay for vacations back in the “war torn” countries they came from.

        • Exactly ! They don’t feel threatened if they go back. 50 years ago America fired congress, but it’s up to Americans, if we don’t do it nobody will ! The house democrats are going to block everything Our President wants for Americans. Petition, email , Tweet Trump. Contact Steve Bannon, Tell them you are an American and they are making America Unsafe, they took An Oath to protect America (that’s US) from both domestic and foreign and the federal judge that blocked Trumps executive order stated she did’nt know or read all the facts and in doing so did not defend America but illegal immigrants, terrorist and allowed liberals to cloud her judgement ( A Judge) , defend liberals, again Not America,and aclu, Not America ! When are liberals going to defend America ! Members of House, Federal Judges, Mayors, Governors, Military ALL took an oath to defend AMERICA, NOT DEFEND IMMIGRANTS THAT AMERICA VOTED PRESIDENT TRUMP TO REMOVE FROM AMERICA ! The list of all the liberals who signed the petition for aclu should be open to the public. The Mayors who stated they stated they would defy a Presidents executive order should be fired ! Please everybody email, text, twitter, phone, President Trump or Steve Bannon and demand he start firing . If they get enough American Voters messages he can do his job of protecting America !

      • The ban Trump has imposed has been illegal for over 50 years.

        • BornAgainSouthernPride

          Did you even read the article or do you just get stuck with your comments and it doesn’t matter what the article actually says?

          • She /it is one sick individual .

          • I could care less what someone spends their welfare benefits on, as long as the purchases are legal.

            If they want to return to their nation of origin to visit family, they are more than welcome to do so.

            Would you be whining if they traveled from California to New York to visit relatives?

            How about Canada? Cuba? Mexico? …

            You are simply a hateful, selfish bigot.

            You are probably one of thode who whine because someone with food stamps buys some candy or potatoe chips.

          • Besides, this is not about the US; it’s about Switzerland — and it’s none of our business.

          • Oh, watch out! AKLady (and I say this loosely because I think “it” is really a man) is a known troll to all of us. My advice to you would be to just ignore it….

          • Is that supposed to be an insult?

          • .The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 banned all discrimination against immigrants on the basis of national origin.

          • Yes she/it is a known agitator. She also uses different names too and thinks she knows everything but in reality she’s a sad person with no friends or much of anything to do in life and will give a thousand excuses for her ignorance.

          • Hi, Munge–

            Since I’m always on these threads, could you list out some other aliases that AKLady uses? I’d like to know so I don’t fall for his tripe some other time. I think others would like to know too.

            Thanks, L.A

          • Sorry can’t recall the different names me and several others have found out from the exact same things being said that she says constantly and after calling her out when she uses other names she goes silent real quick. In the future I’ll keep track of the names she uses.

          • Law Abider this is the first time I’ve run across this idiot and already I’m pissed off! Unless this person knows what the hell they’re talking about I wished they’d STFU.

          • Yes! If you’ll notice “its” replies, they are all common tripe; just the sort of language that trolls use. “It” doesn’t go out of “its” way to explain “its” reasoning. This is how you can tell. “It” repeats “its” refrains over and over. Most of the left’s champions use typical put-downs: cheeto, orange man, racist, xenophobe, etc. Nothing too deep. This one uses a bit more exotic reasoning but it makes no sense. I’d advise you to just ignore “it.”

          • Yes, just liberal claptrap. AKLady accuses everybody else of being childish with their comments but can sure put them out there with the best of them! You’re so right Law Abider I’ll just ignore the bullsh*t that comes out of their mouth

          • The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 banned all discrimination against immigrants on the basis of national origin.

          • The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965

            First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

        • Only by international law and it does not fit. Countries are allowed to fet.

        • Why don’t you get your head out of your ass and wake up to what’s happening? Or you are a libtard who enjoys seeing the havoc that is being brought against this country! Go live with your Muslims AKLady and see what happens to you.

          • U.S. Constitution, Amendment I

            CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

          • Some of the crap that I’ve been seeing on TV is not peaceful assembly it’s rioting which is against the law and terroristic threats against the president which is a crime and can land somebody in jail!

          • The Boston Massacre was a riot. The Boston Tea Party was a riot with destruction of property.

            Madonna did not threaten the President.

            Then, right-wingers can be brainwashed into believing just about any propaganda.

          • The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965

          • Stuff it will you?

      • I believe the only reason for them to go back, is to get training as a terrorist and return to rape or gang rape your wife, daughter’s, mother’s and kill you and blow up anything. Doing any of these democratic, liberals,progressive’sand communist,(DLPC) every think about there women folks being rape or gang rape and be killed by these animals.

    • Great Idea.

    • Jeffrey A Douglass Sr.

      The illegal immigrants will self-deport even faster if America shuts the doors on businesses who hire illegal immigrants. Those businesses could possibly reopen after the boarder wall is completed and partially paid for by those business. Just the threat of closing them and taxing them the amount they saved by hiring illegal immigrants will create jobs for America citizens. If any of these businesses refuse and go out of business, another entrepreneur will start the same business anew especially because of lower regulations.

      • We desperately need E-verify!

        • We have E-verify the problem is, it is not enforced. Our last 5 Presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws, leading up to the mess we are in now. It truly was a silent invasion. Far to many of our elected officials sold their soul and their country for money, power and votes. WE re-elected most of them ! We are going to pay a VERY high price for doing so.

          • HILLARY would have compounded the problem, America, in her view is just fine. Dark she called PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP because he could identify problems and works toward solution.

          • Trump has already violated the Constitution three rimes.

            He has violated a 50 year old law on bans by national origin.

            There are already two lawsuits before the Supreme Court.

            He has already been blocked by two federal judges.

          • You just keep proving how nuts you are.

          • IT is a known troll. I would just ignore “it.”

          • HA, HA, HA still crying are U?

          • You Might Be A Fascist If…

            by Russell Madden

            1. You believe in rule by the few, in which a few powerful wealthy people control how the country is governed and decide what the population as a whole can or cannot do, often making rules that infringe upon the personal liberties of others just because you believe a certain way.

            2. You are obsessed with national power and pride and believe your country doesn’t have to follow the rules and shouldn’t ever apologize for doing things that are wrong. You think your nation can do whatever it wants without criticism or consequence.

            3. You consider homosexuality, birth control, contraception, prostitution, and pornography deviant sexual behavior and seek to outlaw all.

            4. You disrespect women and think their place is in the home. You believe women are weak and cannot do things that men do. You make every effort to make sure you get to control women’s bodies and make reproductive decisions for them. You believe that sexual harassment or assault is no big deal and that the only thing women are good for is cooking meals and having babies.

            5. You are obsessed with national security and war. You feed this obsession by spending trillions of dollars building up an over-sized military force and are willing to sacrifice domestic programs your people count on to keep your military huge. You start unnecessary and costly wars and you are paranoid of other nations.

            6. You are driven to indoctrinate others into your way of thinking. So much so, that you try to re-write history, change the way school children are taught and you brainwash the ignorant.

            7. You fear and demonize intelligent people who have a higher education because they are the ones who can thwart your effort to brainwash people. You then attempt to prevent others from achieving a higher education because you want the people as ignorant as possible so you can convince them that your way is the right way.

            8. You have a deep hatred and fear of communists and you instill your followers with hatred and fear of others by accusing your political opponents of being communists. Any person or policy you don’t like is branded as communism so you can convince your supporters to oppose it by playing on the fears you instilled in them.

            9. You use the media as a political propaganda machine to target a specific audience and to push your agenda on others. You make sure your media machine demonizes your opponents and takes your side on nearly every issue. Your media machine disregards facts in favor of flagrant rhetoric and misinformation. You use your propaganda machine to generate fear and hate towards others, especially those you disagree with.

            10. You strongly align yourself with corporations and you support corporate money and influence in government. You despise government regulations that keep corporations honest because you believe everything should be controlled by the free market and that corporations should be allowed to do whatever they please.

            11. You are obsessed with your perverted brand of Christianity. You seek to declare a Christian State and to impose religious laws on all the people across the country and the world. You believe other religions are inferior and that those who practice them should be converted, destroyed, or have their lives turned into a living hell.

            12. You believe your race is superior and seek to disenfranchise or humiliate other races. You believe in legalized discrimination and fantasize about a return to times when the races were separate or when those of color were enslaved. You use code words in an attempt to hide your racism and you make laws that weaken the influence of those of color. Immigration and voting laws in particular.

            13. You absolutely despise unions. To you and those like you, labor unions represent the empowerment of workers. Since you believe corporations can do whatever they want, you see organized labor as a threat because they fight for higher wages, health care, safety regulations, less hours, vacations, sick days, and holidays off. This obviously threatens the amount of money corporations can give to you and your cause so you brand unions as proponents of socialism and make laws that severely weaken them so that corporations can have a cheap, powerless labor force they can abuse.

            14. You are obsessed with crime and a major supporter of punishing those who commit crimes. So much so, that you don’t care about the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ You are proud of executing people and aren’t bothered if an innocent person is killed. You seek to make harsher laws, especially laws that target specific groups of people such as immigrants, women, and people of color. You even defend a militarized police force that uses heavy-handed tactics. You also try to insert religion-based laws into the civil law so you can persecute people who haven’t adopted your strict moral code. You also oppose Miranda rights and using humane interrogation tactics and you seek to undermine the independent judicial system.

            15. You believe every election should go your way and to reach that goal, you push voting laws that disenfranchise those who traditionally vote for opponents such as people of color, the elderly, college students, and the poor. You even stoop to fixing elections in some cases, especially through gerrymandering to guarantee you’ll win every time. And you complain when your opponents challenge the vote counts.

            16. You believe in rewarding your friends with positions when you gain power and you reward those who support you with government contracts and money, especially corporations. You also do your best to aid your supporters in any way you can, such as repealing undesirable pieces of legislation and regulations.

            17. You create scapegoats to blame when problems arise. Whether it’s communists, liberals, minorities, homosexuals, the poor, immigrants, or non-Christians,. One thing is for certain, you and your propaganda tool will blame each and every one of those groups for bad things that happen even if you were the cause of the problems in the first place.

            18. You take advantage of a national disaster such as an economic collapse or an attack to demonize your opponents and push your agenda, especially agendas that include huge military forces and less regulations for corporations. You use these events to strike fear into the population in an attempt to scare people into voting for you and your cause.

            19. You believe in survival of the fittest, an every man for himself social mentality that causes you to believe that poor people and sick people are weak and must be punished. You think rich people are strong because they are wealthy and that they should rule us, which also ties into rule by a few. You also believe your race is superior to all others and you work diligently to keep it that way.

            20. You hate liberal democracy and dream of a single party state where you have perpetual control and your opponents can no longer stand against your agenda!

          • This is a good description of the kuntcapz they believe in Soros and fat azz Mikel Moore, but then again they’d probably spread for any John! The kuntkapz are practicing wearing the hijab! Dumb idiots, must have been sold at whole sell?

            Where are all the FC ‘n Demo reTards when all the businesses were fleeing overseas? OH yeah, the FC ‘Rs were giving them incentives$$$ to do so! FC U and your Facist bull cett I an’t buying your anti human bile so swallow it!

            Once a hypocrite always a hypocrite!

          • Sewer mouth.
            Ignorance can be cured, but you have to want to be cured.

          • Tell me all about it KuntKap, try not destroying the sheets!

          • Your sewer mouth is n now blocked.

          • Let’s hope U actually learned something KuntKap class dismissed!

          • Where is your proof.

          • U.S. Constitution, Amendment I

            CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

          • Christopher Kirby

            Obama violated a lot of unconstitutional laws.

          • “Obama violated a lot of unconstitutional laws.”
            Well, if the law was unconstitutional, then the law was not valid.
            What is your issue with not following invalid laws?

          • NOAKLady@ Just shut up already! Are you 11? Stop repeating yourself like a child: GET THE PAPERS, GET THE PAPERS!!!
            PARAKEET! An annoying LIBERAL- moron!

          • In contrast, you are a rude, ignorant child.

          • That’s insulting parakeets! Lol!

          • Exactly right!

          • Truth be known the Country is probably already lost sorry to say.

          • Very possibly true! Still, now we at least have a fighting chance.

          • A COUNTRY is only “lost” when the majority of its population believe….they are lost!!!

          • I am not sure that 50% of the supposed Americans care about the Country anymore, globalism is now their god and Country be darned.

          • Yep, the liberals hate the USA just like BO & HC did.

          • How dare you assume that liberals hate the USA! Consider this: Liberal, from Latin meaning free. How do you stack that up against American values?

          • I stack it up against American Values that we are not Latin Language…Liberal is Liberal and we all know what that means.

          • You will see that the OWO/NWO is going down the tubes like Hillary went. The next place of change will be the EU and far east countries.

          • Let us hope and pray you are correct.

          • You have been well-brainwashed.

            Isolationism went out the door with WW II — over 70 years ago.

            I suspect at least 70% of what is in you shopping cart was made in a foreign country.

          • You can buy American online. Some things are hard to impossible to find but that is not my choice, people like you made sure that happened. Look on the bright side, when CA succeeds from the union, you can laugh at the commoners all you want.

          • What does California have to do with this discussion? I am a resident of Alaska.

          • So you do not remember the last time we talked? Too many glasses of wine between then and now I guess. You had explained to me how CA gave the rest of the Country food and money from silicon valley and that the U.S. would fall apart when they left the union. I have written to you many times in the last 6 months.

          • You do make me laugh though, I had a instructor say I was taught very well once.

          • AMEN…….

          • The ones voting for the Clinton proved how lost they are. The Clintons are still working in the background to try and destroy Trump through David Brock . Brock held a closed door meting in Miami with big money Democrats. to destroy Trump on Jan.20 2017

          • Well, America list a long time ago. Ignorance tool over.

          • You still out spreading your garbage ?? You are past due for your meds it is showing in the posting.

          • 90 percent of the E U population is self-loathing, and R getting raped out of existence!

          • or let the outside Jews run their government! Thought EU, NAFTA, TPP, World Reserve, and Federal Reserve, Welcome to their OWO!

          • You sound like a dooms day expert………WOW

          • No just old and have seen this happen before. Years ago a guy I still work with called me Gloom and another fella Doom, he now believes as we did back then.

          • Our last president is the one that has brought millions of “refugees” so he said, but many of them were criminals that he let out of prison or the Cuba prison. We cannot afford the welfare, meds, education, food stamps & cell phones that are being provided to them free, month by month. SEND THEM BACK AND LET THEIR OWN COUNTRY PAY FOR THEM.

          • Let’s see, 8 million Jews died before we permitted immigration.

            How many people will bigoted, racist America allow to die this time?

          • Did you forget the boatload of Jews that the US turned away ?? It is in our History but not brought out much . Where did the extra 2 million come from??

          • Christopher Kirby

            This has nothing to do with Jews that are also hated severely by Muslims. As I recall we wiped out the Nazis and won that war and saved millions of Jews.

          • You missed the point, entirely.
            Religious persecution is wrong, no matter what faith is being persecuted.
            Not all Muslims are terrorists.
            Not all terrorists are Muslim.

          • Christopher Kirby

            Apparently you have never read the Quran. It says for ALL MUSLIMS to kill all the infedels. That is anybody that is not Muslim. They are instructed to lie to anybody that is not Muslim. Islam is a cult and ideology not a true religion. Whenever there is a terrorist attack not one Muslim speaks up about how bad the incident was or feels sorry for the victims. Muhamed Who wrote the Quran used to rape children and kill innocent people. The Quran instructs Muslims to not acknowledge any other religion like Christianity or Judaism therefore they cannot coexist with anybody that is not Muslim. They especially hate Jews and I know that because I used to work with one. Islam is not a religion of peace whatsoever. They would love nothing better than to kill everybody in America that does not conform to their ways and customs. In the Middle East where they all come from they were not killing other Muslims but only the Christian Arabs. A Muslim will not harm another Muslim unless they try to leave Islam just like typical cults do. They won’t let there members leave. Islam is not a peaceful religion. You should really get more informed before you make comments on things you don’t know about. I don’t think you live near or around any Muslims. I live near Dearborn Michigan who have the highest population of Muslims in the United States. You can defend them all you want but deep down inside they hate you and would like nothing better than to see you deceased.

          • Kill infidels in the Bible:

            Deuteronomy 13:6, Deuteronomy 13: 13, Deuteronomy 17:3, 2 Chronicles 15:13, Leviticus 20:27, Matthew 15:1-9, Romans 1:20-32, and

            Matthew 5:42-44.

            There is more, but that should educate you a bit better.

            Nowhere in the Quean did God say to kill innocent unbelievers.

            Bottom line is you do not know what you’re talking about.

            Provide proof for your claim

          • Their wasn’t even 3 million Jews at that time because they were all in Russia killing Christians!

          • Where did you get that bit of information?

          • Jew Can’t be in two places at once


            U can also look up the six million Jew hoax on YouTube

          • The only hoax is the lie you are spreading.

            Lies such as yours will allow genocide to takw place again.

            I grew up with people who survived the Nazi death camps.

          • Why would they worship certain death?


          • The only hoax is the lie you are spreading

          • Do you have something against the Jews?

          • Not at all, most Jews are as ignorant as the Gyom!


          • With this nitwit, delusion has achieved a new nadir!

          • Only the best for my groupies!

          • Why do you lie?

          • I know the Truth hurts, but I’m sure you’ll get over it!

          • Why do you lie?

          • Don’t tell me, you’re not a nasty woman???

          • Why don’t YOU shut up!?!

          • Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          • Christopher Kirby

            Muslims want to kill you just like they want to kill all infidels. Our government should take one of our states and put all the liberals and Muslims together and we’ll see how long it takes for the Muslims to wipe out the liberals and they would too. I used to work in factory with one that pulled a pistol on a friend of mine and threatened him with and when he called the police the Muslims Arab hid the gun and got away with it because he lied about it and they didn’t find the pistol.

          • Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
            I suspect you claim to be a Christian.

          • U.S. Constitution, Amendment I

            CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

          • Just the ones that deserve it…like the murderers, rapist, assualters, etc.

          • Then refer to them by what they are.
            Do not insult the innocent.
            Do not insult the world’s second largest religion,

          • NO AKlady@ “How many people will bigoted, racist America allow to die this time?”
            As long as there is the morons like you in USA,, people might die, so stop writting your liberal nonsence, you, useful idiot!

          • “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

          • Where did you learn that these people are getting all these freebies. Do you have certain proof here?

          • They have bragged that they don’t get work because they make more money on welfare. .i.e. you know the freebie game.

          • “Thou shalt not bear false witness again st thy neighbor” Exodus 20:16

          • You know what really sucks about that? I was born here, worked here and I was born with a spinal deformity that needed surgical correction and it took me a long time to get my Social Security disability. Illegals just get handed stuff. Good grief I have an Associate’s Degree and am working on a Bachelor’s Degree and am having a hard time finding work because I want to be self-sufficient not dependent on the government. These lazy pigs just want to sit on their fat asses and suck the teat of the government. If you’re able bodied get out and get a job!

          • It all over the net, at least I don’t have a hard time finding it, I punch a few keys and



          • Our economy will crash if Trump’s deportation game is played out.

            The idiot child does not have an ounce of common sense,

          • librasign 1 AKLady
            NOAKlady@”The idiot child does not have an ounce of common sense”
            Look who’s talking? An useful idiot yourself! Judging by your liberal nonsense, you don’t even have an half an ounce of common sense, like he got! He’s smart famous businessmen, and you are…NOAKLady !
            An jealous to boot!

          • Maybe you should learn the difference between a salesman and a businessman.
            Trump is a glorified real-estate salesman. Nothing more, nothing less.

        • Right after all immigration is suspended for at least 6 months to prevent more bodies from coming here.

        • Birthright law.

        • Need? It has been in use for several decades.

      • Whatever happened to the green card that allowed for temporary entry for work?????????????

        • Did you forget how many million Obama had printed up in his second term??

          • and then thousands of them came up missing.

          • They will appear in the Friends to Obama from his native land. Don’t forget about Jarret and Huma , they still have family back home.

          • Deport them forthwith.

          • Like the billions of dollars.

          • Also remember the 1,000 that went missing

          • Ask Jarret – Huma and Obama what happened to them.

          • We try to forget OBAMA yet his incompetence comes back to slap us in the face.

          • It wasn’t incompetence. It was deliberateness!

          • A thorough investigation of OBAMA is called for. You probably are right, he was just a puppet manipulating us by his boss GEORGE SCHWARTZ SOROS.

          • Also we still don’t know “Obama’s” legal name or nationality.

          • ASK Nancy Pelosi….she knows!

          • They ought to try water-boarding on her and see if we could get any truth out of her.

          • She will do anything for money…………

          • AND THAT IS A FACT……..

          • The last I heard she called him AL Sharpton!

          • If you dig hard enough it seems that his legal name should still be Barack (Barry) Soetaro. Since his mother moved to Indonesia and married an Indonesian man who legally adopted her son. He had to be adopted because that was the only way he could receive an education. After Indonesia she and the boy returned to Hawaii. There were no records showing the boys name was ever legally changed but there are records in Indonesia of his Soetaro name on a Muslin School student roster. In Hawaii his grandmother who worked in a government office where she had access to personal Social Security information. That is why he has a SS number that belonged to a Connecticut resident who had lived and died in Hawaii. The boys grandmother knowing he was not born in Hawaii searched for a deceased male that had died before they could apply for SS benefits. This meant that the records on the person actually born in 1890 named Jean Paul Ludwig would never be analyzed by SS since no benefits were claimed. There are answers all over the place if one looks. His own African grandmother even admitted she was present at his birth and she had never been out of Africa in her life time.

          • That is true…….as his real father (an african) was already married….However, that african wife stated that it was alright for him to have 2 wives according to African Law at that time..Barry was born in Africa & then they went to Indonesia….His paternal grandmother stated that bit of info…There are actually affidavits that prove he was never born in Hawaii.

          • Barry Soetoro, born in Kenya…….His mother’s grandmother was also black, so Barry’s mammy had black blood also……

            Barry’s paternal grandmother stated he was born in Kenya as she was there at his birth. Makes you wonder if he ever graduated from college…..his records are sealed…….Never knew there was anyone that was not proud to have graduated from college…..

          • Not being a citizen probably will not allow him to be charged with treason and be executed.
            Of course the multitude of crimes that he is guilty of should keep him confined for the rest of his life.

          • The mooslums on his staff were BO’s puppets……They were the ones that leaked USA secrets……That is how they knew that our ships were on their coast and prepared for anything that could occur…….

          • Don’t forget B O was a UN puppet just like the Clintons.

          • WILLFUL & WANTON, at that!

          • You are absolutely correct about that. When he first appeared on the scene pre 2004 I had never heard of him but when the “media” went crazy over him I did a lot of research. I was shocked to find an enormous amount about him on the internet despite the fact has was virtually an unknown. There were red flags waving all over the place. I found so many things that said “this is a very bad guy” that I totally rejected him. The volume of information about him and his family made it pretty obvious he was well known by the body politic. Somebody was working very heard and grooming him for his assault on America beside George Soros.

          • I still have the film when he was running for Senate in Illinois….He was speaking in front of a woman’s league and stated “I WAS BORN IN KENYA”…….I sent a copy of that to Sheriff Joe, and to D. Trump before he started thinking about running for CIC…..Also sent it to Bush, and my Governor……..Both Sheriff Joe, and Trump were called liars when they stated he was an illegal CIC…..Closet Dem Bush or my governor, never opened their mouth about it……….

          • It’s for the dummies who refuse to see the damage he has done. You see what the ACLU did this weekend thanks to the Democrats that influence them.

        • Plenty of fake ones out there that are being used. Just like a phony ID when kids want to drink before they are 21.

        • They never go home and somehow get lost………There is no follow up with the green cards……………

      • You need to be specific though as it should be “knowingly hire” as the everyday employer is not normally able to discern whether a Green Card is real or not and the same with Social Security cards and even Drivers Licenses. I know as we had to deal with IRS when my ex-husband and I had a business. Not that easy to verify one way or another and they switch names all the time.

        • Maryland and California allow illegals to get drivers lic.

          • I’m sure there are many other states doing it, especially if the governors and legislatures are mostly democrats.

          • There are illegals that drive vehicles without a license……

          • Granny we know we were talking about states that give anyone a drivers lic. If someone can’t read English how can they understand signs on the roads. Many drive and don’t have insurance like we all have to carry. When people get drivers lic. they are also and can reg. to vote this is where voter fraud comes in.

          • Most that drive without a license are wanted by the law for probation and other illegal activities.

          • So they can turn them loose again in the typical Sanctuary fashion!!

          • and without insurance and Drunk , killing innocent Americans .
            If you don`t believe me Check The Remembrance Project .
            You can search : Americans killed by Illegals .

          • That is so they can vote.

          • I am thinking that was a wasted effort to “document” the undocumented immigrant which is not really that bad of an idea…only thing is that documentation should come with no rights or concessions to being ILLEGAL!

          • They should not be allowed any Gov. asst. or SS, or SSI , food stamps , public housing

          • But how else can the Democrats lure them here? wink, wink

          • Check this out DC wants to give non citizens the right to vote. This is how we lose our country .


          • I read this article! I’m disgusted by it especially by the mayor’s threat to fight Trump on making DC a non-sanctuary city. Where do these people get off thinking they can do this? I guess having Obama in office for eight years emboldened all of these cheaters.

          • Yea and now the ACLU is taking on Trump on the ban. The ACLU needs to be sued when the first refugee kills an American. If they represent them they have a liability for that person

        • Yet CLINTONS got by skirting laws regulations of the little people

          • Muslims are not people……….nor are the hispanics……..there are as many hispanics in prison as there are blacks………Our tax money feeding them along with their $$$ they get each day they are there………

        • When someone comes in to fill out an application and needs it to be in a different language than English, that’s a red flag. When someone with a very deep accent that is not prominent within the US, that is a red flag. There are a dozen ways an employer can use to ferret out illegals if they really want to.

        • That’s why we need pictures on all forms of ID. It wouldn’t solve all the problems but might help solve some of them.

        • In Mexifornia, the muslims/illegals do not obtain Drivers License but still operate a vehicle……There are some that have one, but even the women wear a hijab & cover their face for the picture……& it is allowed….But then other states do the same….Will be so glad when they are ALL GONE……..

        • Again, E-verify allows you to verify that information with the government!!

          • And it is Free . That Government information will Specify if that S.S.# is Authentic or Stolen or Manufactured or purchased at a local ” Mercado ” ( local Mexican market that sells just about everything )

        • Janet what they should do is put a special logo on the genuine green cards so they can be distinguished from the phony ones, like credit cards have.

      • Yes, but they need to close down the welfare and the other freebees……There are some that have their own business, and guess what……they do not have to pay taxes for 7 years after arrival ….

      • America passed a law against hiring illegals a couple of decades ago.

      • BoundlessExistence

        Yea, right! Many thousands of American citizens would rush in to work in the fields picking fruits and vegetables if illegals were shipped back to Mexico. Huge numbers of citizens can’t wait to start bending over a thousand times a day to pick up a food item that grows on the ground and put it in a big box.

    • Vert good idea,but that’s not how the system works.It protects these peoples .

    • i have to agree with you seems too many people seeking freebies from governments

      • Yes like we now have 50% on some type of government handout here in the U.S.

        • I am told that S.S. benefits are included in that percentage! That isn’t fair, for workers were forced to pay into that fund. But, apparently the “govemint” put the funds into the general fund and spent it, rather than let the fund build its own interest.
          Today, S.S. doesn’t give one enough to live halfway decently. The seniors who it would and didn’t make other preparation for retirement are in dire straights.

          • What’s sad is that I’ve worked all my life and now disabled, I get told I am to healthy and go back to work. I would love to be back to work but can’t. SMDH

          • Have you gotten a lawyer and persevered your standing? Some will help you and wait to be paid when you get a lump sum from the back pay from the time you entered your case. I have known several that used that path.
            It took three years for a man I know that worked many years and paid in. I actually saw the images of his back, and the damage was obvious and horrible. I don’t know how he survived the awful pain he suffered before he got care. But it was too late to care for a lump on his face before it became cancerous.
            We were forced to pay S.S money from our salaries, so it really is sad that many can’t get adequate help from that forced insurance we paid the gov. I have even heard of law abiding folk that committed a crime to be put into prison so their health issues would HAVE to be addressed.
            I do wish you the best, but YOU must be pro-active in getting the help owed you.

          • Yes I finally broke down and retained an attorney. He can’t believe they have been denied I many times. I go in front of a judge next month.
            Our elected officials don’t pay a dime into the system. They are set for life after 1 day in office. Our system needs a major overhaul. ?

          • I am glad you are fighting for your rights!
            Yes, our system does need a major overhaul! It is maddening to me that a prisoner gets better health care that one that paid the required money for insurance but now has to work so hard to access that health care.
            Right now it seems that the best course is to support our President in hopes that he is serious about making serious changes.
            If you remember this conversation and want to post, I would be interested in learning just what the judge says to you.

          • Will keep the email for the post. Thx Mary

          • Thank you! I like fighters and am believing you will win!

          • Hi Mary, well I went to court and they finally made a decision. In a nutshell I get no back pay 72nd they didn’t classify me as disabled till I turned 55. I won’t get my first check till the end of June. We are appealing the start date of my disability but I will finally be able to start paying bills soon

          • I have never known anyone to not get back pay starting at the date they first filed.
            I think your lawyer will fight hard on that if he is getting a percentage of that back pay for his fees.
            Or were you just paying him out of your pocket now?

          • He was getting a percentage or 6000 whichever was less. I have seen these people do this to more than just me on not getting back pay. I’m not sure why they think they need to screw with people’s lives like this but I’m still fighting them

          • For some reason your reply of ten days ago just showed on my email either yesterday or today! Although it is true that we have been having reception problems off and on.
            What is the total amount of time it took you to even get some money? I mean when was your first contact date with this issue?

          • Well Mary the hearing was more hurry up and wait. Judge didn’t hand down a decision today

      • It wouldn’t be so bad but, seventy percent are foreign!

    • Yeah, the humanitarian thing to do would be to revoke their passports and put them on permanent vacation back home….

    • America must do the same.

    • michael schimanski

      You beat me to it . I was going to say the exact same thing . But I would go one better and deport them all .

    • Freedom of religion is guaranteed by our Constitution.

      The ban Trump has imposed has been illegal for over 50 years.

  6. just 3rd world countries GREEN DOLLAR SUCKERS. these are dis honest people. they were born an raised to be dis honest.

  7. Is this unusual? Millions crossed our border illegally were given amnesty upon request a travel ticket plus cash, then once at new location get SSI income to supplement a low paying job, while millions of veterans live in the street as homeless begging for food? As you read this Obama and his Queen of vacations are laughing their asses off.

  8. Cuban refugees, under the Wet Foot Dry Foot U.S. Policy, for years did the same thing.

  9. Stop taking people in. Orphaned children ONLY

  10. In happens in this country also. In the Gulf Stream casino and race track you will find hundreds of the
    people from Haiti, Cuba and other Hispanics countries gambling away all of the money that the government
    gives them, supposedly for support. They are there every single day. I think that all of these people who have invaded our shores since the time of Castro be rounded up and sent back to where they came from.

  11. Amen, politicians seem to always spend taxpayer money with no regard they love to back all kinds of projects but then no one is held accountable to see the project doesn’t waste or misuse the money. And that’s because politicians think they can continue to loot their own taxpayer without being held accountable. So I guess all these countries and ours can afford to give money away but always claim they need more taxpayer funding to fix problems in our own countries. Is that how you operate your household budget?

  12. Supporting these people is disgraceful…yet each one should be reviewed in case there are cases of people escaping abuse. But… to take vacations back to where they came from? Crazy! The US hopefully is done with using our tax money to support illegals!

    • Rose, Rose, Imagine yourself being forced from your home taking only what you can carry, arranging passage on a crowded raft and eventually landing in Switzerland in an over crowded camp with thousands of other refugees. You and your families’s existence is depended on the welfare of your host country, rather than using this money to buy the necessities to sustain life or use it to try and better your situation you use it to go back to a place you were forced to leave for a vacation and you have the adacity to tell reporters that you took the welfare money given to you and paid for this vacation. Please say it ain’t so Rose

      • Bobby, in reply to your reply….I may have come off sounding like I am not a compassionate person, however, I am also outraged over the people who would take advantage of the hospitality shown to them. I am also compassionate toward those tax paying people who are forced to watch their tax money wasted. Of which I am one. Enough is enough. I am particularly disturbed by those who cross our borders illegally. And also by the way we are forced to support more than one child born to a woman. After the first one is supported by welfare…no more! (And I do not support abortion…but rather teaching women to have the dignity to say NO sex outside marriage. No expecting the nation to support all of their children.)

        • There will always be people in the world less fortunate than others and there will always be people who take advantage of the systems and the goodwill of others .I personally believe that the majority of the people seeking help actually need help so if my tax dollars help the 8 who really need help and benefits the 2 that’s gaming the system It won’t influence my decision to give. What is happening in the world today is a prelude to the holocaust when the world stood by while over 6 million people were slaughtered simply for existing.

  13. BornAgainSouthernPride

    Removing refugees from their lands and relocating them to a foreign country is wrong.

    • Roger that. Obama was stuck on stupid or he did it by design? It would make more since to kill ISIS and leave them in the Middle East. They will. never fit into civilized societies. Hello– these people want all non Muslims dead— read their Koran ( it instructs them to kill all non Muslims). Only Stupid people let these people into their countries. That’s why these people have been isolated for over 1400 yrs. Soo dumb to bring these problems to the US. SEND THEM BACK SOON!

  14. Amen brother. Stop all refugee asylum programs now! Aid — ok short term. Settle in Europe — ok if that is what Europe wants. Settle here — No. They will be an ongoing burden with more family members to follow. Let the follow Obama wherever he goes. He brought the problem here. Let him deal with it.

  15. This is happening in the USA. If America don’t think all the 10’s of thousands of Muslim immigrants that hussein obama let into America are going back to vacation & visit using the $ gained thru welfare are nuts.

  16. sounds no different from what the freaks who cross back and forth over our southern borders everyday.

    • Stop Bush and Clinton

      It’s different in that people from Mexico make no claim that they’re being persecuted for something that isn’t a crime in Mexico and would be killed, tortured or imprisoned if they ever returned there (which is what asylum seekers in Switzerland essentially have to claim – those aren’t regular immigrants and they aren’t even wartime refugees).

  17. Our new presidents been in office one week. Given a little time there’s no doubt he will do something about this very big problem.

  18. panchoVilladeltren

    African will continue to show their criminal side.

  19. You would have to be an idiot to believe this, they may be returning home but I can assure you it’s not for a vacation, give these people some credit for intelligence. Who in their right mind would return to a war torn place where there is still fighting for a vacation . People spend thousands of dollars to vacation in Switzerland but here we have refugees in Switzerland on the taxpayers dime and rather than take a vacation to explore what’s outside the camp they live in they opt to vacation back home and run the risk of being murdered, kidnapped, denied permission to leave, denied permission to re enter Switzerland . This is the straw that breaks my back. I will not allow anyone to think I am so guillable that I would believe such ridiculous nonsense. Unsubscribe !!!

    • I understand your feelings and many of us may be way older than you that remember there was a time that although we may have wanted to travel to our originating country – we just couldn’t because there was not enough money to do so. Being on welfare was not an option. In fact, I’m a third generation Asian and even myself, when I was a foreign student studying in Japan – my parents could not afford for me to return home for every major holiday. Although I returned earlier, I had accepted that I would not see my parents for three years. My parents worked very hard and that was what we all had to do. So hearing that there are refugees who are subsidized by the government, taking trips back to their motherland country on vacations – is a bit hard to swallow. Perhaps we should use another word instead of ‘vacations”. However, you are right that there may be very important reasons why someone would risk returning to their homeland, taking all the risks involved, just to return. From the outside looking in, we may not be able to see the real reasons.

      • This site knows exactly what it’s doing with articles such as this, you will not find this anywhere else except for similar sites or a comic strip. From the comments you can see their mission was accomplished.

    • Maybe it is because they are not who they say they are and the Europeans are caught in their own self delusion. I’ll bet you most of them are able bodied young muslims with an agenda in mind. I cannot see families going back into war torn countries either. There is more to this than meets the eyes. The NWO elite wants the destruction of Western civilization (and all other civilizations) and they will achieve this with Islam. Hell, we all know that communism was sponsored by the US Capitalists for cheap labor! The end game is the total enslavement of the human race (s) and an endless supplies of mindless consumer/workers. It is the game they play with humanity, endless conflicts and poverty. When you own all the wealth of the world, what’s next? Life and death commodities. We will neutralize these elitist monsters once and for all so that humanity can have a chance so that we are not all destroyed and so that this place can house a new species in a new realm of activity.

    • [“give these people some credit for intelligence.”] then you go on and say; [” they opt to vacation back home and run the risk of being murdered, kidnapped, denied permission to leave, denied permission to re enter Switzerland.”]

      Now I ask you Bobby, is this contradiction a sign of intelligence?

      • It does not surprise me that my comment went right over your head. My point is this article is asking me to believe that a sane person under the conditions described would opt to take a vacation ,first of all, but not only take a vacation, take it in a place you were forced to leave. Forgive me if that is still beyond your comprehension but that’s as simple as I can make it

        • the only thing went over the head was the dirt on the grave of the people killed by people from these countries. I also bet that you’re a Democrat because you went right from being uncivil to calling people names

          • Just like a republican facts be damn. In each instance you have made this claim my response was to someone who first called me an idiot and implied that I lacked intelligence. So your claim that calling names and being uncivil knows no party lines.

    • Stop Bush and Clinton

      It’s actually true. Look at the details. This is not about refugees from Syria or Afghanistan. It’s about asylum seekers from Eritrea. Eritrea is neither war-torn nor a very dangerous place.

      The sole reason why Switzerland and some other European countries don’t consider Eritrea a safe country (which would give them the grounds to reject just about any asylum request from Eritreans) is that they imprison people who refuse to be drafted into the military (and they don’t offer an alternative to military duty for conscientious objectors).

      This gives Eritreans the possibility to claim they’re being persecuted for their views, which is a ground to be granted political asylum. (And Switzerland has no way to verify whether or not they actually are conscientious objectors.)

      Swiss asylum law gives someone whose claim for asylum has been accepted by the government more or less permanent resident status. With that status, the country has no legal way to not allow reentry even after a vacation in the alleged persecuting country.
      There’s no risk involved in traveling to Eritrea (unless you actually are wanted there) and coming back.

      FWIW I’ve worked in Switzerland for the better part of a decade. I know how the country’s immigration system works.

      • Now you are reading something into the article that I fail to see. The article says refugees from war torn countries not asylum seekers, it also says Switzerland believes the country is to dangerous, on top of that I would think if they left to avoid the draft and imprisonment to return for a vacation borders on insanity. I would think the authorities would still enforce the law. I know when the draft was in effect here and you went to Canada to avoid being drafted you didn’t come back for vacations and if you did come back and were apprehended you didn’t get to go back to Canada. Your explanation is just as flawed as this article .

  20. they need to be made to stay in their country and straighten it out. Leaving and setting up shop with their buddies only turns where they settle into a third world cesspool like they left

  21. It is all part of the NWO agenda. The destruction of nationalism, cultures, history and racial diversity is what is necessary for their plan of totalitarianism to come to fruition. The last element of the agenda implementation is Trans-humanism, when the family unit and human birth are totally forgotten and replaced by pseudo individualism (the drug of the masses) and cloning. Human sexuality and intimacy will only be allowed with cyborg entities. Only the elite will enjoy enhanced life span, non GMO food and human sexuality. Thank God we got President Trump, and with President Putin cooperation, we may have a chance to neutralize these NWO monsters once and for all.

  22. Jeffrey A Douglass Sr.

    What do the liberals, socialists and university indoctrinated fools expect? First, the immigrants know what you think of them, IQ just below Republicans. They know your minds are messed up from the drugs you buy from them. They know you think very highly of yourselves because of your condescending attitude. They know you want America to keep paying them to keep the cheap drugs coming and they know you hope that money will appease them so they don’t hurt you. But it is OK, even encouraged to take out your hate on Patriotic Americans; who are the lefts, socialists and drugged college students worst enemy.

  23. This is another facet of why President Trump is so hard on this issue. I would think that if switzerland knows they are traveling back into war torn countries to visit, it must not be that bad, and they would immediately revisit the issue of giving welfare.

  24. Not funny, if something stupid is going to happen, it has a history of happening here in the U.S. because it makes liberals feel good.

  25. That kind of crap has been happening in the US for years . Welfare cheats have flat screen TVs and air conditioners, microwaves and SUVs. The Dumb A$$ oc RATS redistribute working tax payers money to pay those welfare recipients for their votes.

  26. Such a useless banter of total horse biscuits.

  27. Think: If the welfare payment is only a low $1000. a month. Are the welfare people poor???

    With $1 million in the bank at today’s interest of 0.1% it would pay much less than the welfare payments. Therefore the welfare hoards are actually like very rich retired people.

  28. Do not let them back in as they are probably MUSLIM TERRORIST. They can’t live there but they can vacation there kind of look at the lies here and stop them. MUSLIMS who read and worship the Qoran and SHARIAH LAW can not assimilate as the 2 ways of life can’t mix.

  29. They were never refugees in the first place . They were liars and came to get all free stuff.. l Do not take them back and cut off all funds / If thye should come back make them work and pay it back

  30. And, CA is not entirely DEM! Allow us to to fight this Immigration issue also. I live in San DIego, and DO NOT want
    folks coming across our borders to take advantage of our good nature, tax $$, social security, Welfare, medical, education, and lack of jobs for our own residents that NEED work!

  31. People are encouraged to take dangerous risks when they know that another country will take them in if things go wrong. (Same thing happens within alliances. Being a NATO member means that you don’t even have to TRY to get along with Russia, because the USA is obliged to keep your back – no matter what.) Then refugees expect to be able to do the same thing in a host country. By the same token, tho, host countries also expect refugees to tolerate abuse as a price for accepting generosity. (Must be even worse to know that the host country is at the bottom of one’s misfortune to begin with.)

  32. If you are being sponsored by the People and you leave for no good reason, never come back, period!

  33. Quick fix if you can visit there you can live there Visa cancelled. The same goes for U.S. citizens that visit families in countries like Iran, if you get jailed shame on you for being dumb enough to think that you are not a bullseye for political blackmail. Here’s a thought, have your relatives meet you in a neutral country like Canada or Germany this way everybody gets to go home.

  34. Welfare money should be different than normal money and banned from being used outside the supporting Nation. No outside banks should be able to cash it in, no over the border stores allowed to accept it.

  35. There are humans and then there are Muslims. Muslims are Monsters whose goal is to annihilate all non-Muslims.

  36. It amazes me that the bed-wetting liberals totally ignore these types of problems associated with having a open border. Rather than examine how our country suffers–financially as well as security-wise–they become pseudo- compassionate morons. If an “illegal” wants to become “legal”, then take the necessary steps to do so!!

  37. Progressive Republican

    Basler Zeitung

    The InfoWars of Switzerland.

    The Onion is more credible.

    Man the ‘stupid’ gets deep here. As proof, look below and see how many ignorati talk as if they read the article while proving they didn’t.


    Send all muslims back they are an evil people , let them kill each other , we in the USA do not want the muslims, the only good muslim is a dead muslim

  39. LOL. “Educated” people are such Idiots. Just look what they have done to the World.

  40. Anyone who does not see that the Third World invasion of Europe and America is intended to bleed us and divide us, then conquer us when the time is right, is not using his or her head now and will probably not miss it when it is chopped off. The sniveling and pants-wetting of the marxist-metrosexual left in this country about the poor refugees trapped at the airports and unable to get the korans and the Kalashnikovs out of their suitcases is another manifestation of the hijra which Nazi collaborator Soros arranged and paid, for which last week’s marchers fell hook, line and vibrator.


  42. when a”refugee” goes back to his homeland, do not let him return. if it’s too dangerous to live there, it’s to dangerous to go there. The “refugee” made the decision to return then let’s make the decision to let him stay in the homeland.

  43. What is the purpose of the UN? Is it just an international “travel agency”?

  44. Humanitarian assistance should include food, clothing, housing, and medical supplies, NOT MONEY. If these people go back to a place from whence they flee they should be barred from the country. Most likely there going back to get thier jihad orders and provide firsthand information to isis.

  45. Save the money to deport and block them coming back as your funds are funding their nation not yours. Wise up, they are leeches destroying your economy and nation.

  46. I love it when these self-righteous nations get taken in like fools. I thought the Swiss were smarter than this, but maybe it’s the plague of the EU that forces them into this situation??

  47. That would have been OK with the Illegal Muslim but It won’t be with Father Trump get them out !


  49. That is what is going on in the USA. Trump is right ban from the terrorist countries until we find the millions that are here now on over stay visa’s .

  50. These are fraudulent cons that are working our system . They hold us responsible for the health and welfare and we have those gullible enough to fall for it. Like Tucker Carlson said church people have come up with this idea and the American taxpayer is held responsible for the continued support of aliens. Like we are held at gun point to give money in the offering plate and that should get us a blessing from God–not. Once again OBAMA/CLINTON have created a crisis that lines their pockets, and leaves Americans at risk.

  51. We absolutely do not need people with their own governance to be allowed in our country. We have our constitution and our laws to abide by. Muslims have their own ideological they want to bring and change our country. WE DON”T NEED THEM HERE!! GO HOME NOW!!

  52. Have you wondered why the Globalist elites of America and the Socialist EU are committing national suicide by importing murderous Muslim people? Two reasons, complete culture change and eventual martial law. The Globalists have a plan and they are working hard toward enslaving us with their United Nations Islamic/Fascist/Socialist NWO. George Soros is financing much of this evil. The Globalist/Elitist powers and their puppets aka our leaders Examples: Barack Jihad Obama and Hillary Benghazi Clinton intentionally inflicted this mass Muslim invasion on the western world by turning the middle east into a greater hell. The Globalist elites demanded the overthrow of Saddam and Qaddafi so they were disposed of by Globalist puppet Bush and Globalist puppet Obama. The Socialist Fascist leaders of America and the EU have destroyed stable regimes in the ME and created the vacuum now filled by ISIS. Obama and Hillary armed ISIS and turned them loose on us and the world. The ME instability is causing the Muslim exodus, some are coming to escape & many are coming to kill. Why are the Globalists doing this to us? Culture change, more left wing voters and to cause civil upheaval and fighting. Why? They want a reason to step in and declare Martial Law thus seizing total control of our populace. That’s why Obama and Hillary wanted our guns. If we are helpless, then their dream of a UN fascist, socialist world government can be shoved down everyone’s throat. The NWO is called UN Agenda 2030 and it is scheduled to be fully implemented in just 13 years. Obama and Hillary were implementing UN Agenda 2030 in increments so Americans wouldn’t know or feel the coming impact on their lives and freedoms. . This nightmare world government erases our nation’s borders, voids all American law. Our US Constitution will be worthless paper under this UN world government. The Globalists have made Islam the official NWO religion because it demands total control and that’s what the Globalists want, TOTAL CONTROL. Believe me, there isn’t any spiritual beliefs held by these creeps. Some of these NWO Globalists pushing this NWO insanity are David Rockefeller, Barack Obama, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, the Clintons, the Bush family, the Pope, Michael Bloomberg, the Rothschild’s, Bilderberg group, members of the Council On Foreign Relations and members of the Tri-Lateral Commission. These people control our money, their propaganda news media’s instill constant fear and they keep us in constant wars. Educate yourself on this very real threat to our freedoms! We must get out of the UN Now! We must stop the Globalists or the Republic Of America is finished. Hopefully, President Trump will end this insanity. Let your voices be heard.

    • CCblogging is “on the money” absolutely right in his assessment. Ripping each others throats out is exactly what our enemy (NWO) wants. Division. Don’t give it to them. We have to unite against them.

  53. Thank the Good Lord that we have Trump now to resolve these types of problems. No sense in arguing and fussing over what might happen. Already he’s done more in the first 100 hours than Obama did in 8 years (but of course, anyone who owns an ounce of common sense knows that everything he did was not in the interest of the country and did it deliberately).

  54. What should be done, Is to let only those who have lost loved ones and those who have lost their jobs to refugees and illegals make the decision. This also goes for the rules of engagement. Only those on the front lines should decide how to protect themselves. Not some bureaucrat sitting safely in his comfortable office.

  55. In the US non citizens (green card holders) get welfare and use the food stamps/money to fill shipping drums that they ship home. We not only support foreigners in our country but support people in other countries with tax dollars that should be helping Americans

  56. Kenneth Schoonover

    Yet another reason why we can’t let in unlimited numbers of refugees! If they’re using welfare payments to go on vacation back home, we can just slam the door on them so they won’t come back into the United States. That would be great!

  57. The second paragraph says it all. They have a suicidal death wish, Oh they might not get killed. their women might not get raped. They might not get robbed or beaten. Ah well there’s lots of money to give the grubbers.

  58. BigC, that works for me. And remove them from the welfare program. they just deported themselves.

  59. Be honest, the majority are not escaping anything but want to be given freebies, nothing more. They are not REAL refugees, but spongers. My spouse escaped communism with only the clothing on his back and a few coins in his pocket. Now, that is a REAL refugee. What we have been seeing are those saying they are refugees but come with clothing, backpacks, cellphones, and money. They are just invading or pleading something that is not true. Why are they allowed to leave and visit their supposedly dangerous home country and blocked to do so is beyond me. This is just plain ripping us and those countries off, and I don’t trust anyone of them either. I am compassionate but I am not stupid! Now, since Switerzerland’s people are to carry weapons, is this true for the “refugees” as well. Damn scary!

  60. This is not only happening with refugees living in Switzerland! Lots of these refugees are going home on vacation; sending funds to relatives and encouraging them to migrate; and building huge bank accounts so they can buy up blocks of real estate together and develop NO-GO zones to keep non-Muslims out of places in their adopted nation. Part of the answer is when they leave, never let them return and confiscate all they’ve left behind!

  61. Don’t tell me this is a fact when all liars say it’s all a bunch of camel dung.

  62. If it’s safe enough to vacation it’s safe enough to live there. Send them all back to their homes!

  63. These are not refugees these are foreign invaders being instructed by liberals at how to get away with the crime of the century. Their own countries are hell holes that they helped create. Now they want to move somewhere else because they don’t like what they helped create. Stop all immigration altogether. Refuse to accept any refugees from the UN Resettlement Program. When the hell did the UN become the NWO telling the US what it must do?

  64. Stop having babies in these 3rd world countries. There’s their aid! ADVICE! Very good advice. Stop dumping out children into your already poverty stricken selves! Idiots!

  65. This just about the same in US. Mexicans send money back to family in Mexico through the mail. And if things were checked, it would mostly be welfare users. The money should stay in the US, more than likely sent to IRS instead of Mexico.

  66. The Swiss are a gentle and peaceful people, but after those “refugees” they helped purposefully return to their supposed war torn dangerous countries, you’d think the Swiss would wise up.
    This seems to be the plight of our World today. Foreign refugees taking advantage of the good hearts of a amiable country, but spending their gift of money in their own countries? WRONG. This is unstabilizing in the gift countries and must stop.

    If the refugees return to their own countries, then refuse admittance back to the rescue country. It’s that simple. Do NOT be taken in by their pretend flight from danger because there is no danger in their countries…it’s a ploy to get stable countries to accept cultures diverse from the country’s own nationals.

    THIS IS A KNOWN GLOBALIST ACTION RUN BY GEORGE SOROS TO DESTROY EUROPE’S INDIVIDUAL COUNTRY’S NATIONAL POPULATIONS. Refugees are being “USED” by the Globalists to change the National populations of each European Country. All you have to do is research the Globalist Agenda to see what this group of billionnaires are doing to our Mother Earth. May each of those Globalists be “DAMNED TO THE ETERNAL FIRES BELOW” for their greed and avarice!

    Our world is so upside down with issues – because this Society is creating chaos so they can step in and take charge of the world arena of poverty and countries with destroyed economies. Don’t be fooled by what is happening. Globalists feel nothing for the refugees because the Globalist created the refugee state…refugees are their driving force to change our world. Each Country MUST BE SMART ENOUGH TO FACE THIS FALSE EXODUS AND CONFRONT THE GLOBALIST AGENDA.
    The refugees need help, but any action needs to be well thought through before starting. Help the refugees by helping stabilize their own Nations so they can return to their homelands where they really belong. That goes for ALL THE MUSLIM REFUGEES TOO…Stabilize their countries and send them back home. That is better for the Countries and their people as well as the Word. The Globalist can play games with their own lives if any Country will actually let them live there!

  67. Out of sight out of mind!

  68. Liberals are more concerned about refugees than our own citizens.


    • We must stop all immigration until the US gets cleaned up and back to producing products and parts. The circle of spending money must stay in the US and not go out to foreign countries whos only interest is the US dollar.

  70. I used to think Robert Redford had good taste………but YUK……..Streep………

    Maybe it was a shot gun wedding………lol

  71. Many countries are becoming aware of how the foreign imports are just using them……They want $$$, so they go where they can find & get it………..

  72. Michael Savage says it Best. “Borders, Language, Culture!”. That’s what Defines a Country.

  73. Can’t fix STUPID with libturds but our politicians love to give away our tax dollars to criminals and people that hate US citizens!!!! Time to cut off welfare!!!!!!!!!!

  74. That’s been going on in CA for years with many foreign people on Welfare.
    Many only cone back every 3 months to pick up Welfare checks. One baby and stolen address. Post office box. Go TRUMP

  75. Thank you very much for exposing and writing the truth for people to read and understand! There is not enough true facts being published and much too many deceitful lies by those who have their own personal agendas against this country, USA!

  76. Tell us why undocumented immigrants or illegals are granted taxpayer benefits in any country–Switzerland or the USA? Foreigners are waiting patiently to enter countries as bonafide immigrants after going thru the process of becoming a citizen and this has been the way of entry for generations until now. There is no way this can change without a total breakdown of the laws of any country and the resultant anarchy and terrorism with destruction of any nation!

  77. This is why the illegal immigration and refugee problem in Europe and the USA needs to be cleaned up. The USA has $20 trillion in national debt trying to support untold millions of immigrants and refugees, with no end in sight, yet you have millions of American citizens struggling and receiving no support, yet getting stuck with the bill. I recently received an e-mail that reported that currently each American adult and child owes $66,000 based on our current national debt. Yet, we have the bleeding hearts who think we are wrong to close our borders and want to start setting limits on who comes to America. If it’s no problem for the bleeding hearts, then I think it’s time for you to come up with that $66,000 portion and pay for each of us to help cover that debt. If not, then shut up.

  78. The posts in this blog explain how 8 million were allowed to die before anyone acted.
    Christian hate for Jews then,
    Christina hate for Muslims now.
    How many have to die this time before Jesus’ commands are followed?

  79. Don’t let them back is right! If it’s safe enough to visit, it’s safe enough to move back and stay!

  80. Jeannetteaschultz

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  81. America is full, stop all immigration and commit to population control, the planet has 3.2 Billion more people than it can properly support.

  82. With all the freebies illegals receive from this country, free schools, free medical, being paid in cash and paying no taxes, you know they’re doing the same thing here. They’re going back to Mexico to visit relatives, and then coming back to this country for all the goodies.

  83. The swish are pretty FC’n stupid, the EU is retarded.

    Good BY Europe you deserve your cultural extinction!

  84. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    Don’t you mean ABUSING welfare?

  85. There is no shortage of criminals in the world. There is also no shortage of fools or enablers in this world who support the criminals. Both groups are a plague on humanity one is like a buzzard and the other is like a dead jackass.

  86. got the same here , remember the boston bomber and familys living on welfare

  87. And then of course there is the dreaded Boogeyman.

  88. Liberalism is a mental disorder and Liberals mistakes (that make Them feel good about Themselves) do hurt others.In short : the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

  89. Stop All Aid To Foreign Countries ! One way or the other America is paying ! Americans have’nt had vacations much less jobs !

  90. It has been in the past one had to be able to prove an ability to support one’s self and family to gain admittance to this country. We have enough paid Democrat professional voters on the government gimme programs funded by IRS extortion of the U.S. workers. Now the Dems are giving money extorted from us to so called refuges hoping to add to their voter base. It is time to go back to if you can’t support yourself you don’t get in.

  91. I believe, under Trump, this practice will be limited, if not curtailed completely! Then we will hear the liberals cry “foul” for weeks afterward!

  92. Well, I see the that troll “AKLady” is on this comment section. It claims to be a medical doctor, but unlike the many doctors I know, they do not have time to be Soros trolls. “It” would like to be like obamacrap, a disfunctional constitutional scholar. God, please bring back the Mafia.

  93. Let the large, very rich, corporations send money to Jordon, to house, feed, give medical care, and schooling, to the Syrian refugees. Dr. Ben Carson went there last year. He said Jordan had wonderful facilities,including a hospital for the Syrian refugees, but no money for the Doctors, nurses, food etc. He said instead of sending the refugees here…keep them there, and help them with donations. He said the people told him, they did not want to come to the USA. They wanted to stay near their homelands.

  94. This ‘story’ first surfaced – in this form – in Great Britain in the 1950’s, “The Irish” were using Dole money to nip back to Ireland – presumably to dig up the praties. GB’s motorways presumably built themselves.

  95. Once they leave our country to vacation on our welfare money….they should not be allowed to return!!!

  96. Simply put, we’re living in a socialist/communist country now. Simply put WHITE Judeo/Christians in this nation are supporting the world. It’s about time, the third world peoples start helping themselves in their countries.

    STOP immigration from third world nations, that we have nothing in common.

  97. Depart the whole lot of them, than they can apply, be vetta, an enter the U.S. legally, They can work, pay for there own house, food, health insurance, etc, etc, etc and save there money and vacation any where they want to, but don’t take a vacation on my penny. That the way many true America do it, I now you free loader don’t like that, everything and anything is free, “Right”….No Wrong.

  98. Since I really don’t believe they should be on welfare to begin with, my suggestion is to have their passports confiscated when they try to come back, and shut down any visa they have. I don’t leave the country, so I’m not real sure how all that stuff works. But I would say, just don’t allow them to return, or have them advised that if they use the passport to return, they will have lost all public assistance upon their return, and should immediately begin looking for work, and negotiating with their rental agency about how much their housing will cost without the subsidy funds.

  99. I have a question for everyone. If there was a major violent war in your country would you leave? Or stay and fight on whichever side you deem reflected your beliefs.

  100. Fine with me as long as it the “Point of No Return”

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